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Zeitgeist Ceremony

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by Kelsey Pedersen & Sam Silver

Been keeping up in the gym this weekend? When indoors, show off those arms in a short-sleeve, button-down with an interesting print. Your friends will be asking, “Dude, do you even thrift?�

Shirt - $1.99

Thrift Cozy up this winter in a slouchy grandpa cardigan, heathered t-shirt, and light-washed jeans.

Cardigan - $2.99

Thrift For a versitle look, keep warm and cool in a well-worn flannel button-down. Layer with a basic t-shirt, dark jeans, and a simple watch.

Shirt - $4.99


Hair & Makeup by Christina White


by Anthony Ayala & Amy Swenson

1. Cobra Stretch

Lay down on your stomach, hands near the chest, and legs out straight and spread apart just a little bit. Relax the lower body and push up to straighten your arms, do not put too much tension in the shoulders, and try to keep them relaxed. It helps strengthen your lower back and a little bit with your bottom. It also gives the abdomen a good stretch, so if they are sore doing this stretch will help a lot!

2. Child’s Pose

Put your knees on the floor and sit back on your heels, then lay the upper body forward stretching your hands out as far as they can go. It helps loosen the shoulders, and relieves any tension in the lower back. You can also get more of a stretch by having a partner push down on your hips.

3. Downward Dog

Start by standing on both feet, reach down towards your feet and walk your hands out a little ways from your feet, but not too far so your heels come off the floor. Keep your head pointed down and

Condition look at your knees; this will help get a nice stretch in your shoulders. It also helps stretch the hamstrings, so if you need to bend your knees a little bit while doing this stretch that is ok!

Warrior I:

Get into a stance with one leg forward and one leg back, with both feet pointing straight ahead, and your front knee should be slightly bent. Start with your hands up in the air and keep your core tight to help with your balance. You can make it more difficult by bending your back leg and moving lower to the ground.

Warrior II:

Easy transition from Warrior I, bring the arms down and extend one in front of you and one behind you. This takes much more balance coordination than Warrior I so more core strength is needed. You also want to bend your knees a little more to go deeper so it’s more of a stretch for your legs. Remember to keep your knee behind your toes and your feet pointing straight forward.

Zeitgeist Designs by Jane Anne Seagren

Credits Hair & Make-Up: Christina White

Hair & Make-up Assistant: Amanda McBirnie Photography: Kate Bell Mikah Wright

Photo & Layout Editing: Sam Silver Kate Bell

Thrift Styling:

Kelsey Pedersen Sam Silver

Fashion Illustration: Melissa Dillon

Credits Production Assistants: Anna Moody Amy Whitman Kelsey Pedersen Fashion Designs: Jane Anne Seagren Models: Scot Stodola Ahmed Almonsouri Sam Mulholland Karla Nally Lauryn Stromberg Yacy YaxiYang Haylee Rascher Special thanks to ISU’s Leid Recreation Center

4D Magazine - Issue 15  

Issue 15 - December, 2012

4D Magazine - Issue 15  

Issue 15 - December, 2012