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Composed Geist Fresh Baked

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by Sam Silver & Kelsey Pedersen

Thrift Outsmart unpredictable autumn weather with a chunky cardigan over a simple tee, classic cut-off shorts, ecclectic shoes and accessories.

Shorts - $ Cardigan - $ Jewelry - $

Thrift Looking for a homecoming dress but don’t want to stretch your purse? Search for a velvet treasure with a lacy back. Keep it classy with antique cameos or brass baubles.

Dress - $3.99 Jewelry - $


Designs by Alexandra Hoffman


by Anthony Ayala & Amy Swenson

If you are just starting to find a fitness routine that works, you may think that nothing could be simpler than running. With these proper approaches, you will be on the right track in no time. 1. Posture

While you may be focusing on your legs, your arms also play a large role in keeping a steady stride and controlling your speed. To be your most efficient, keep your arms at a 90-degree angle at waist level. Likewise, keep knees at a parallel level to get an effective stride length. Stand tall, imagine an invisible a string pulling from your head going up. Finally, keep your chest at a happy medium by not slouching and not sticking it out too far.

2. Head Position



Like your arms, your head also determines a proper running style. Keep your head straight and your eyes looking forward at all times. Looking down or up will cause you to lose your good posture, and

Condition probably run into obstacles or other people. It is also puts a lot of stress on your neck.



3. Shoulder Position

Keep shoulders loose, relaxed, and at forward angle. You will expend too much energy and make yourself unnecessarily sore by keeping your shoulers tense.

4. Running Techniques

Many new runners will naturally hit the ground with their heel first. This can lead to shin splints and stress fractures if left uncorrected. To avoid this, try to roll through the balls of your foot, going smoothly from toe, to ball, to heel.

Remember to ease into a running routine. Start with shorter distances, then build yourself up. For more details, click here for the video tutorial!


Hair & Makeup by Christina White


Designs by Carli Johnson-Scott

Fresh Baked With Black Market Pizza

Fresh Baked

by Mikah Wright

Against all odds, friends Greg Harvey and Rick Vanvorhis started a pizzeria that exceeded their own expectations. Six years ago, Greg Harvey and his family were hit hard due to start of the economic recession. As the housing market crashed, they found themselves homeless and decided to move to Iowa to get back on their feet. Harvey found a job right away, where he would ultimately meet his future business partner, Rick Vanvorhis. Two and a half years later, the two were laid off. With nothing left to lose, Harvey and Vanvorhis decided to do the unthinkable during an economic recession; start a business. The optimistic duo opened Black Market Pizza on March 2, 2009. Harvey, though having very little experience in the industry, had high hopes for the business from the start. His mission was to offer quality ingredients and great tasting food overall. What he did not expect was for his pizza and business to become nationally recognized. Adam Richman, host of Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food, got to sample Black Market Pizza for himself in 2010. A customer at Black Market

Fresh Baked Pizza who knew Harvey’s story emailed Man vs. Food. In no time, Harvey received the call. Looking back, Harvey explains, “I was just grateful as hell.” However, timeliness was certainly not on Harvey’s side. A devastating flood engulfed a large portion of Ames, making the water undrinkable. Many businesses, including Black Market Pizza, were not operational because there was no sanitary water to cook or clean with. So, Harvey met Richman and the television crew at the Des Moines location instead. Tasty sauce, freshly-cooked and seasoned beef, caramelized onion, juicy tomatoes, gooey cheese, sizzling bacon, and a few crunchy pickles spread over fresh crust; baked to perfection. This mouthwatering combination is called the Bacon Double Cheeseburger Pizza and is just one of the signature pizzas found at the restaurant. Richman got to sample this tasty blend as a part of the episode and delivered a positive review. So what makes Black Market Pizza different from any other pizza shop? The answer may lie within the crust. This unique pizza joint offers a one-of-a-kind sweet potato crust to customers looking for a healthy alternative. The crust is light,

Fresh Baked flakey, and made by hand, from scratch. “Our crust is not like anybody else’s. Adam Richman told me it’s the best crust he’s ever had. I floated for a couple days after that. I was so excited,” Harvey recalls. The atmosphere at Black Market Pizza is hard to find anywhere else. The restaurant has a creative newspaper-like menu called the Black Market Unformant and a sly and cunning Black Market “Louie” mascot. Chalkboards line the walls of restaurant, encouraging customers to draw and write while waiting for their meals to arrive. A large Chicago flag is draped on one of the walls in the restaurant; a symbol that Harvey says helps him remember his roots. “Part of the reason the pizzas are what they are, is because of who I am and where I’m from,” he explains. Harvey also came up with the idea to sell Kool-Aid as opposed to just soda. The Kool-Aid bar has seven flavors which can be enjoyed separately or mixed to the customer’s satisfaction. “People love it! They say, “I’m going to Black Market [Pizza] for a slice of pizza and a blue Kool-Aid.” Every single one of those [flavors] brings back a certain memory for somebody; a childhood memory,” Harvey says.

Fresh Baked In addition to being nationally recognized on the Travel Channel, Black Market Pizza has also been featured on KCCI and CNN. Even though he has seen success, Harvey tries to keep a sense of humility. “We just like what we do and we’re grateful to be able to continue it,” he comments. “Nobody was going to bet on us a year ago or three years ago. At the end of the day, I’m just happy to sell pizza.”

A One-On-One with Greg 4D: How do you come up with the names of your pizzas? GH: Chicken Ka-Blam came in a dream. Reuben was obvious. Mr. Meaty was named by my wife because she thought it was awesome. The Witness Protection pizza was different. A couple years ago it was called the Unknown Pizza. We held a contest to find a name for it. The contest was an art competition and the winner got a year

Fresh Baked supply of free pizza and $100 in cash. We were really fortunate to be able to do this. 4D: Tell me about your employees. How many do you have? GH: We have about a dozen employees at Black Market [Pizza]. We take care of them. I try to sit down and have a family dinner with the cooks once a week. We let them know that without them, we can’t do this. We know where we came from and it’s on their backs that this is possible. We love our jobs and it’s because of them that we can do it. 4D: What kind of promotions do you have? GH: We have what’s called the Repeat Offender Program. If you repeat offend 10 times you get a small pizza, 12 times you get a medium, 14 for a large and 16 for an extra-large. There are also daily specials. 4D: What are some of your future goals? GH: Our future plans will be franchising within the next couple years. We’re also going to revolutionize the frozen pizza industry. We’re going to change the way the entire thing is done.

Fresh Baked Click here to check out Black Market Pizza’s official website! Like Black Market on Facebook! See the Man Vs. Food episode here! Locate the restaurant at 2610 Northridge Parkway Ames, IA 50010

Credits Hair & Make-Up: Christina White

Hair & Make-up Assistant: Amanda McBirnie Photography: Kate Bell Mikah Wright

Photo & Layout Editing: Sam Silver Kate Bell

Thrift Styling:

Kelsey Pedersen Sam Silver

Fashion Illustration: Melissa Dillon

Credits Production Assistants: Anna Moody Amy Whitman Kelsey Pedersen Fashion Designs: Alexandra Hoffman Carli Johnson-Scott Black Market Pizza:

Greg Harvey & Rick Vanvorhis

Models: Cortney Lindemoen Jennifer Sonner Kyle Jones Katherine Menard Shannon Boyle

Brittany Guzek Callie Blake Jordon Andreassen Mary Ann Gibney

Special thanks to ISU’s Leid Recreation Center

4D Magazine - Issue 12  
4D Magazine - Issue 12  

Issue 12 - September, 2012