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by Sam Silver & Kelsey Pedersen

With plentiful garage sales to peruse, try some of these summer-friendly looks for very little money down.

Keep the heat at bay in a lightweight, printed halter dress. Try some ruffles for a feminine touch. Dress - $7.99


Sweater - $2.99 Pants - $3.99 Belt - Not thrift

During those cool evening outings, stay sophisticated with a well-worn, short sleeve sweater over light tweed trousers. Top it with an interesting belt to complete the look.


Shirt - $3.99 Shorts - $2.99

Show your support for Team USA with a sporty but trendy combination of short and long. Tuck a loose buttondown into some drawstring shorts for a comfotable day at the stadium.


Designs by Amanda Ruden


Hair & Make-up by Christina White


by Anthony Aayla & Amy Swenson

Bring the heat with these effective techniques to tone your lower body. To see these routines in motion, try the video. 1. Mountain Climbers

Get in a push-up position, making sure your back is flat and everything is in line from shoulders to heels. You also want to make sure that your shoulders are directly over your hands to help your body stay in line. You will then bring one knee up towards your chest, then straighten it back out, then bring the other knee to your chest. Continue to alternate your knees for 30 seconds to a minute and then take a break. You may do the motion at a slow or quick pace. If you want to include some cardio, try it quickly.

2. Wall Sits

You may use any stable wall in your home or wherever you are working out. Lean against the wall so your back is flat. Slide down the wall until your legs are parallel to the floor, making a ninety degree angle with your knee while making sure your knees stay behind your toes. After you are in the position, you may hold it for thirty seconds to a minute, or longer if you want to challenge yourself. Take a break in between sets and repeat the same procedure.

Condition 3. Leg Dips

You may use a couch, chair or any thing that is about the same height with a ledge to put your foot on. Place one leg on the ledge while the other is placed in front of you. When you move down, you want to make a 90-degree angle with your leg that is on the floor. After doing several reps with one leg, switch and do the same with the other leg. The most important factor is to make sure your knee does not go over your toe. This is poor alignment for your knee and becomes painful if repeated. If you notice it, then move your foot outward more so your knee can stay in line with the foot. Working out in front of a mirror can be helpful so you can watch for correct positioning and alignment of the body.

4. Two-Leg Squats

Stand with your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart. You can hold your hands out in front of your body, and a medicine ball or anything with weight can also add to your work out. If you have never done squats, it is suggested to not use weight. When you squat down, you can go until your legs are parallel with the floor or slightly less. When you squat down, you want your weight on the heels to help keep you balanced. If you feel like you are going to fall back, you are doing it correctly. Make sure your knees are behind your toes. Do several reps and then take a break, then repeat.


Designs by Maggie Dimitrova


with Caroline Rohner


by Mikah Wright

Self-taught and selfmotivated, Caroline Rohner brings new life to the simple joy of hula hooping. There are people that grow up knowing they have a special talent. Others discover that talent later in life, unexpectedly. Caroline Rohner, commonly referred to as the “Nomadic Twirler,” is one of those people. In 2009, she attended a summer music festival and watched a girl dance with a hula hoop. This sparked her interest and in the summer of 2010, Rohner picked up a hula hoop and began dancing with it for the first time. Rohner is entering her junior year at Iowa State University and holds a major in performing arts with an emphasis in dance. “I wanted to try to incorporate hula hooping into my dancing,” she explained. Perfecting her dancing with the hula hoop didn’t come without a lot of hard work and practice.

Twirl “I knew it was going to take a while, but I slowly advanced one level to the next,� Rohner said. In addition to practicing, Rohner began watching YouTube tutorials to learn different techniques and styles. In May, Rohner and three friends came together to create Hula Hoops and Fruit Loops. The company is owned by Rohner, Katelyn Sonderman, Timber BRose and Sara Pirtle. It is a community where hula hoopers from all over the Midwest and world can stay connected with the latest trends, tricks and news. Their business offers a variety of merchandise for sale from one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories to hula hoops. Rohner makes and sells her very own hoops. To create her hula hoops, she begins by purchasing irrigation tubing to be used as the hoop foundation. She then attaches the tubing with connectors called couplings. This sort of construction makes the hoop flexible yet durable, and the hoop will not kink like cheaply made hula hoops tend to do. Rohner then proceeds to use different colored tape to create a unique, colorful hoop. All of the hula hoops that Rohner makes are completely customizable. She offers hula hoops of all sizes and

Twirl even makes hula hoops that are collapsible for easy storage. So far, Rohner has created around thirty hula hoops for friends, family and customers. They can be ordered through her company’s Facebook page or email. Rohner hopes to make this type of dancing into a career one day. “I’d like to join with other organizations, such as Hooping for Hope and Hooping Hearts,” Rohner said. Hooping for Hope is a non-profit, nationwide organization dedicated to lifting the lives and enhancing the spirits of breast cancer survivors. Hooping Hearts energizes children and communities to engage in physical activity. “It’s a great way to promote weight loss and it’s fun,” Rohner said.


A One-On-One With Caroline 4D: How long does it take you to make one hula hoop? CR: Depending on what the customer wants, it usually takes a couple hours. 4D: Do you recommend hula hooping as a source of exercise? CR: It’s a fantastic way of exercising. It can help strengthen and condition your back and abs. It can also help with balance. During a half hour of hula hooping, you can lose as much as three hundred calories.

Twirl 4D: Have you ever done any special performances? CR: I danced with the hula hoops at the second CD release show for the band Old Road Riot. It’s a local band from right here in Ames. It’s funny because when I was growing up, I was shy. When you’re performing, though, you can’t be.

4D: Tell me about the club that you are starting at Iowa State. CR: In the fall of 2011, I joined with some other students who wanted to learn how to hula hoop. We have a few members so far and they are at all different skill levels. Everything is still being worked out so that we are officially a club, but we hope to really get going this fall. Everyone is welcom to join us.

Twirl 4D: What kind of clothes would you recommend beginners wear? CR: A lot of people think that less is best because the less clothes you wear, the easier it is to hula hoop. I don’t necessarily think this is true. I would wear cotton because the hoop will cling to you more. I would stay away from polyester and synthetic blends because it can be too constricting.

Twirl Like Fruit Loops & Hula Hoops on Facebook! To shop Nomadic Twirlers, go to Caroline’s Etsy store To see Caroline in action, check out our video interview! To contact Caroline, email her at

Credits Hair & Make-Up: Christina White

Hair & Make-up Assistant: Amanda McBirnie Photography: Kate Bell

Photo & Layout Editing: Sam Silver Kate Bell

Thrift Styling:

Kelsey Pedersen Sam Silver

Fashion Illustration: Melissa Dillon

Credits Production Assistants: Anna Moody Amy Whitman Kelsey Pedersen Fashion Designs: Amanda Ruden Maggie Dimitrova Fruit Loops & Hula Hoops: Caroline Rohner

Models: Caroline Rohner MaryAnn Gibney Jordon Andreassen

Anna Snyder Brittany Guzek Michelle Reuss

Special thanks to ISU’s Leid Recreation Center

4D Magazine - Issue 10  

Issue 10 - July, 2012