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Traffic is online marketing gold. Generating large volumes of traffic to your website or blog is the only way to turn your fledgling online enterprise into a thriving, revenue generating internet business. But all traffic is not created equal. Quality Beats Volume: Why Targeted Traffic Is Best To be successful online it's not enough to generate large volumes of traffic -- what you really need is the right sorts of traffic.

You want pre-qualified visitors who are looking for exactly what you're selling or promoting. You don't want tyre / tire kickers You want people who are already prepared to take the next step and sign up / buy / give you their details You don't want people conducting high level searches on generic keyword phrases If you're too general in your traffic generation campaign you'll probably get a lot of traffic... but very few of your visitors will convert to deliver tangible benefit to your business. Without conversion all traffic does is consume bandwidth! By targeting just the people who want what you're offering right now you really increase your odds of success. You'll generate lower traffic volumes, but the visitors who do arrive on your landing page will be MUCH more likely to take action. How do I focus on targeted traffic? You may decide to focus on search engine optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click search advertising (PPC), blogging and social media, a combination of all three or something else entirely to drive traffic to your site. Whatever combination of methods you choose, it's your keywords that help you sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to filtering your online traffic. Do some research, pick your keywords with care, and you'll start generating a steady stream of pre-qualified, conversion-optimised traffic to your affiliate offer, product sales page, e-mail sign-up form, etc.

Brainstorm half-a-dozen or so general keywords related to your business to give you a baseline Take these keywords as your starting point, build out from there focussing on increasingly specific terms Use keyword suggestion tools (SEO Book's free keyword suggestion tool is a great place to start), Wordtracker, etc) to help you evaluate relevant terms with a good balance between search volume and online competition Focus your promotional efforts on the keyword phrases that offer the best balance between search volume, competition and specificity By choosing the right keywords, and focusing on highly effective traffic generation techniques, you'll see your visitor numbers and your online revenue soar.

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==== ==== For POWERFUL and PRACTICAL information about MARKETING AND TRAFFIC FOR HOME BUSINESS SUCCESS please check this out! ==== ====

Targeted Traffic Is the Key to Online Success  

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