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Marketing can seem like a gigantic challenge for a new person looking to make there mark with there business opportunity whatever that maybe. What we need to do is to break down the activities into small steps to achieve recognition on this world wide web we call the internet. There are 3 important things you need to do to become the marketing magnet you want to be. 1 Do Something Everyday To ensure the growth and momentum of your business you need to be consistently advertising and promoting. This does not mean spending every cent that you have and crossing your fingers in the hope someone notices you. It is about understanding what your marketing goals are and setting down a strategy to acheive them. You use all the different marketing medias available both paid and free (social network e.g. facebook, twitter). It is important that you are doing something everyday that will market your business. 2 The Right Attitude A successful marketer in any business understands the "secret" consistent action. A lot of new marketers charge without thinking into marketing campaigns placing a few ads, buy a couple applications and hope for the best. Marketing is Hard Work and there is no secret formula that you can use to avoid this reality. Every successful marketer understands this and have got on with the job. If it were easy everyone would be doing it. Be sensible with your marketing and take the time to think about your target audience, what mediums you'll use, what actions you want to elicit from your potential customers. 3 Common sense and Patience A common theme of marketing failures is the tendency to rush and place some ads on websites, ezines, and social networks. Only, to pull their ads after a short run when they dont see immediate results. A major mistake a marketer can make. Numerous studies have shown that a person needs to see your ad at least 7 times before making any decision to purchase from you. So, consistent marketing and repetition of your ads give you recognition and credibility with potential customers. Be patient with your marketing but also use common sense and evaluate your methods. The internet is constantly changing and that also means how one markets online. Keep yourself up to date with the latest techniques and experiment. To be successful in anything you need time, focus and resources. Give yourself time to grow into the successful marketer your are, focus on your goals and gather the resources you need.

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