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photographed & edited by ameena rojee

This project is about: being awesome waking up at stupid o’clock shooting rifles overcoming obstacles and making best friends.

“One of the best things about joining the UOTC is the amazing amount of new friends you make. You’re all put in the same shitty situations together, so everyone gets along. Especially among the girls, because we make up such a small number compared to the lads...”

“My favourite part about the weekends a we noticed a pattern; ‘wake up, it’s br now? Okay, four hours ‘til lunch. Oh, n dinner!’ Morning is always the best; th

away is the cooked food. After a while, reakfast time! Oh, breakfast is over now lunch is over? Cool, five hours ‘til he cooked breakfasts are AMAZING!”

“Moralibo - it’s the nickname gi weekend, Haribo has the magical us.”

iven to Haribo. During a field ability to raise morale among

“During our practice section attacks, we were taking cover in a small stream; afterwards, when we were standing around, the feeling of wet trousers and feet in the cold was disgusting. But, when you’re in the moment, you’re jumping to the ground, rifles are going off, people are yelling all around you, you’re yelling at the top of your voice... it’s an amazing feeling. The adrenaline rush is insane.”

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A photography-based documentary of my journey, and the journey's of those around me who joined the Bristol University Officer Training Corps...