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Summer 2014

Enrollment and  Tuition  Contract    

Student Name:    (Last,  First,  M.I.)      

Date: (MM-­‐DD-­‐YYYY)    

Parent /  Financial  Guarantor  Name:   email:    

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Enrollment Agreement   Please  initial  each  box  to  indicate  that  you  have  read  and  agree  

! I/We  agree  to  assist  my  student  to  abide  by  hifdth,  academic,  attendance,  and  behaviour   standards  set  by  ABI.   ! I/We   agree   to   seriously   consider   suggestions   (or   comparable   alternatives)   given   by   the   Hafidth,   Hifdth   Administrator,   or   Academic   Administrator   to   keep   my   student   progressing  at  a  challenging  and  sustainable  pace.    I  further  understand  that  if  our  family   or   student   is   having   difficulty   with   the   pace,   schedule,   homework   or   actual   memorization  that  I  will  consult  with  the  ABI  Administrator  promptly  so  that  all  parties   may  work  to  benefit  the  student.       ! I/We   understand   that   non-­‐performance   in   any   of   the   above   areas   will   initiate   an   administrative  series  of  requirements  that  must  be  met  to  assist  my  child  in  getting  back   on   track   and   that   parents   (and   possibly   siblings)   will   be   required   to   participate   in   this   process.   ! I/We  understand  that  the  decision  to  dismiss  a  student  from  the  program  lies  with  the   Administrator  in  consultation  with  the  ABI  Team  and  Hafidth.  Categories  for  dismissal   are   outlined   in   the   ABI   Guide   to   Success   Handbook   (ABI   website)   and   ABI   Discipline   Contract   (given   the   first   week   of   school)   as   well   as   non-­‐performance   in   the   general   areas   in  the  first  statement  above.       ! I/We   agree   to   bring   my   concerns   to   ABI   Administrator   in   a   polite   and   appropriate   manner  and  to  request  through  the  ABI  Executive  Director  additional  review  as  needed.     I   further   understand   that   I   may   request   the   RCM   Operations   team   and   Board   to   assist   in   this   matter   if   after   consulting   with   the   ABI   Administrator,   followed   by   the   ABI   Executive   Director  and  not  reaching  a  satisfactory  result.   ! An  adult  in  our  family  agrees  to  volunteer  as  needed  and  commensurate  with  our  work,   family,   and   health   situations   in   a   manner   that   enables   an   equitable   rotation   among   families   for   onsite   supervision,   events   and   social   gatherings,   and/or   field   trips.     Those   unable   to   volunteer   during   school   hours   are   expected   to   steward   off   -­‐   hour   events   or   pay   $10/volunteer   hour   per   semester   for   a   total   of   20   hours/semester.   There   are   two   semesters  per  year  (Jun-­‐Dec,  Jan-­‐May).   ! I/We  will  compensate  (within  one  week)  for  intentional  damage  to  the  facility  caused  by   my  student.     Signature  

Parent /  Financial   Guarantor  Signature:    


Summer 2014

Tuition Payment  Agreement   Please  initial  each  box  to  indicate  that  you  have  read  and  agree  

! I understand  that  ABI  is  a  non-­‐profit  institution  and  that  the  fees  cover  the  costs  of  the   program.     I   further   understand   that   it   is   my   right   as   a   parent-­‐partner   in   this   program   that  the  costs  of  the  program  can  be  broken  down  for  me  in  detail  at  my  request.     ! I   understand   that   if   some   unforeseeable   operations   costs   rise,   I   may   be   asked   to   contribute  towards  this  additional  cost.       ! I  understand  that  tuition  may  be  increased  to  offset  unforeseen  operational  costs.       ! I  agree  to  pay  the  $150  enrollment  fee  as  outlined  in  the  acceptance  email.  Money  can  be   placed  in  RCM  Operations  box  located  in  the  wall  outside  of  the  main  Musallah.    The   Failure  to  do  so  or  contact  the  ABI  Administrator  will  be  viewed  as  intent  not  to   join  ABI  and  your  spot  will  may  be  given  to  the  next  applicant  on  the  list.     ! I   agree   to   pay   the   monthly   tuition   of   $350.00   per   child   with   the   first   payment   due   on   June  15,  2014  and  on  the  15th  of  each  month  through  May  15th,  2015.   ! I  understand  that  after  a  five  day  grace  period,  late  payments  will  be  considered  a  breach   of  contract  and  my  child  may  be  kept  from  attending  school  if  an  arrangement  has  not   been  made  with  the  ABI  Administrator.       ! Voluntary   Withdrawal:     If   a   family   decides   to   leave   the   program   for   any   reason,   a   minimum   of   two   weeks   notice   is   required.     Due   to   program   contracts   and   constraints   the  family  will  be  liable  for  tuition  for  the  entire  semester  (Jun-­‐Dec,  Jan-­‐May).     ! Dismissal   From   Program:     If   a   violation   of   the   contract   occurs   and   the   student   is   dismissed  due  to  non-­‐performance,  the  tuition  for  the  entire  semester  must  be  paid.       Signature  

Parent Signature:  


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