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name Yeh, Ching born Taipei, Taiwan 03.15.1993 address No.6, Aly. 2, Ln. 94, Lijing 1st St., Qidu Dist., Keelung City 206, Taiwan phone +886 916436930 e-mail


2008-2011 Taipei Municipal Zhong Shan Girls High School 2011- Taichung Tunghai University Dept. of Architecture

[competition] 2012 Teamzero National University Students Design Competition 2012 Sakura Design Competition Living Kitchen [internship] [skills]

2013 CitiCrafts Architecture AutoCAD / Rhino / Revit / V-ray / Sketchup Photoshop / Illustrator Processing

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01/Transit Center 02/X-Bridge

Taichung Old Town Building Complex Function

Gongyi Road Footbridge Rebuild

03/Digging Scenery

Kinmen Bed & Breakfast

04/Rome Waterscape

Rome Summer Workshop

05/Private to Public

Student Dormitory

Transit Center | Yeh Ching


Transit Center

[Transit Center] 2014.12 Taichung Old Town Building Com plex Function

The development of Taichung city was originated in the old town in the period of Japanese governance , along with increasing population, the expansion of urban was happened gradually to relieve population pressure. The popularity of transportation highlights the inconvenience of traffic in the old town, so relocation of business activities and population suburbanization intensified the decline of Taichung old town. According to the requirement of the subject and the condition of site, I think that the status of the site is appropriate to be a transit center, no matter what transportation you use, you can transfer here. So “ transit center� is my main concept, and I want to create an attractive space which allow more people here and also be a and friendly area for transit as well in the urban space.


Transit Center | Yeh Ching

First , I make a survey of the coverage of residential and commercial use, then plan the necessary functions in a harmony with the surrounding and which was based on my previous analysis. Furthermore, shows the change of the function gradually in the site. The second, with a specified floor area ratio of the site, it was limited by 4 floors and distinguished by different height. To continue the previous concept, I set it from the relatively lower open space to penetrate into the site, in order to avoid the problem of oppression among the building volumes in the site. Because of the urban development, River Liu passed through the site, but it is partially underground now. I want to emphasize the river passing, so let the building volumes step aside and keep the original river axis. As such, the building angles are able to show the original river path.


Transit Center | Yeh Ching



green belt


Transit Center | Yeh Ching


X-Bridge | Yeh Ching



[X-Bridge] 2014.11 Gongyi Road Footbridge Rebuild

As an art building, during the design phase in addition to the concept of space and style but also need to realize that any interesting concept must resist the weight of the structure through the process of gravity, seismic force, and the wind. If we can master the dialogue structure and space systems, will be more accurately convey design ideas and aesthetic space. According to the surrounding urban environment and activities, set one kind of space can be integrated in the bridge type. In addition to making the bridge traffic function, more variety to further shape the urban landscape. After site analysis found important transportation nodes located at the base, near the campus, there are many activities this area will crowd youth-oriented, but the park has no space on youth activities. In the timeline analysis, children, elderly, and workers








X-Bridge | Yeh Ching

are at different times using this park, only teenagers do not. I think the youth is not no demand, but this site was ignored, so young people will be my main goal in the design, by creating activities to young people in this area, again pull back to this site. Extreme sports skateboarding is very passionate about youth activities, I hope to combine extreme sports and the bridge, so the bridge is not just a function of traffic. The most people can also cross the bridge when they saw extreme sports activities, increase their understanding of extreme sports, become spectators at the same time, so that young people engage in extreme sports and put it into a stage show at the same time.


Digging Scenery | Yeh Ching


Digging Scenery

[Digging Scenery] 2013.01 Kinmen Bed & Breakfast

In architectural design, building relationships with the environment is an important issue. Whether the physical environment considerations: ventilation, lighting to provide a comfortable space; or with the local landscape, echoing the visual, linking activity. It makes the building was nailed to the environment. It is manifested in style and features of the environment. The site is in downtown in Kinmen, it is the crowd gathering and there are old houses, new buildings, and illegal construction stamped around the site which is very closely related. Analyzed layers of vision which can see the kind of buildings, and I hope people in B&B can traditional-style buildings. After layered analysis, results of these analyzes form the basis become the decision of opening window or platform. In the design of circulation, because I want each


Digging Scenery | Yeh Ching

household has its own outdoor deck, the main circulation stay on the second floor, and there are individual platform in the third floor. For residents around, hoping they can have a good vision, so I design the angles, so that they can see good scenery.Dug angled space, try planting as a half-outdoor deck with a platform so you can have a good vision and become other’s landscape in the same time.


Rome Waterscape | Yeh Ching


Rome Wa terscape

[Rome Waterscape] 2014 Rome Summer Workshop

Rome has a deep relationship with water. Lots of water elements, such as aqueducts, fountains, rivers, lakes and pools, are found throughout the city. In the past, they existed for the reasons of function, monumentality, politics or reli gion. We try to transfer the water element for public use. Water element all over the city are collected and re-organized on Circus Maximum and bath Caracalla. The plan is divided into parts with different programs by two main lakes. A curved runway that goes through the road and trees connects two major parts of the plan. The site became a landscape with different forms of pool where people can exercise or relax.


Rome Waterscape | Yeh Ching

1.pondpool 2.lake 3.complex waters swimming pool/deck/ historical site 4.landscape 5.park 6.lake 8.private courtyard 9.private swimming pool







6 8



Private to Public | Yeh Ching


Private to Public [Private to Public] 2014.05 Student Dormitory

Accommodation learning is persistence of Tunghai all the time, and students can learn, stay, behave, and eat in the same place. The most important is it let students and teachers closer, they live in the same area, and increase their exchange. After 1970, Tunghai must expand enrollment to balance the books, and the number of students reach 17,000 now. The concept of accommodation learning has disappeared on campus, and there are no longer as a dormitory design principles until 7 years ago to set up a new college.Reintroduce the importance of accommodation learning, and school begin to pay attention to this topic. Therefore recommends adding an accommodation learning issues in new student dormitory.




public public space

traditional dormitory

new dormitory

new unit section


Private to Public | Yeh Ching

Accommodation learning is different from traditional dormitory, student dormitory is not only for staying but also for learning. I propose a new concept that dormitory changes from rooms to houses. Everyone will have a room and a living room from house. It let the student dormitory like a home. And the function develop in vertical, and I arrange the function according to different from public and private.


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