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June 14, 2013


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Wawanesa School

Good-Bye to Departing Staff and Students We approach this time of year with the mixed feelings that result from the excitement of summer holidays tempered by the departure of staff and students who will not be with us in the fall. We have families who have been posted to other provinces, students moving on to other schools and our graduating students. We wish all these students and their families the best of luck in their new locations. In addition to the students leaving us, we are also saying good-bye to Miss Perreault, Miss Abbott and Mrs. West-Burnham. Ms. Perreault joined our staff for this school year. She is enrolled at Brandon University for September. Miss Abbott is celebrating her retirement after 26 years at Wawanesa School. She has taught many students over the years including some second generation! Miss Abbott’s TAG lunches with “The Foodies” will be sorely missed as they were enjoyable lessons in cuisine, manners and the importance of breaking bread together as part of bonding people together. Miss Abbott is known for pushing students to reach their fullest potential, her love of animals and interesting penchant for naming inanimate objects such as Anderson, the car and Hazel, the bike. A former student of Miss Abbott had the following to say: “Eleven years ago, Mary Jo Abbott inspired me to become a high school teacher. She instilled in me a desire for life-long learning, and I

remember thinking, ‘I want to emulate her example and inspire students of my own.’” There can be no greater sense of achievement for a teacher than to have made a difference in the lives of others. Miss Abbott has indeed been an inspiration and she will be missed. Mrs. West-Burnham joined us 14 years ago as our Librarian. Her love of books, her ‘Books and Brownie’ evenings, her ‘I Love to Read’ tree leaves, her the fish tank and her stuffed animal hand puppets she uses to match the stories she reads have made her famous amongst our young readers. On Thursday, June 13, we celebrated with Mrs. West-Burnham and her family. The gym was specially decorated for the occasion with posters of bookcovers with Mrs. West-Burnham's picture superimposed on many of them. A special poem was presented by Mrs. Kaastra and the Grade 1 class. Mrs. Michele Cory and the Grade 3 & 4 music classes serenaded her with the songs " I Love to Read" and "Teacher". The school presented her with a special "Memory Book" which contained student and staff memories of her over the past 14.5 years. Jan McDonald and Carolyn Cory spoke on behalf of the Division. Mrs West-Burnham presented the school with a parting gift of her own. It is a beautifully quilted wall hanging which she designed and hand-made especially for the library. Thank you Mrs. West-Burnham for helping our students find their magical places in the world, and thank you for your years of hard work and dedication. Congratulations on your retirement.

June 14, 2013


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June 2013 Exam Schedule Thursday, June  13 Applied  Math  40S  [VC] Monday,  June  17 Regular  Classes

Tuesday, June  18     Regular  Classes (Afternoon) French  30  Exam

Monday, June  24 Topics  in  Sci  30S Science  20F Social  Studies  10F

Wednesday,  June  19 Chemistry  40S Family  Studies  40S Geography  20F ELA  10F

Thursday, June  20 Friday,  June  21 ELA  30F ELA  20S Intro  Applied/PreCal  20S Math  10F Science  10F Exam  Con8lict

PM  (12:30  p.m.  ??) Last  day  of  classes  for   Agriculture  30S Grades  9,  10  and  11s Global  Issues  40S

PM  (12:30  p.m.??) Essential  30S Data  Collections  35S

Tuesday, June  25 PreCalc  30S

Thursday, June  27

Wednesday, June  26

Friday, June  28

12:30 start Power  Mech  10/20  

*  All  projects  are  due  by  Monday,  June  24  or  sooner.

1. The day before the exam period is a regular school day. Teachers will go over important information about his/her exam at this time. Staying home for extra study time is not a productive use of anyone’s time. 2 At the conclusion of each exam, students have a choice of an independent study at school or returning home to study in order to prepare for the next exam 3. At the conclusion of each student’s last exam, parents are asked to make transportation arrangements for their own son/daughter. Busses will run on normal schedules. Teachers are available for extra help during the exam period. Students should make their own arrangements with staff to meet at a mutually convenient time. 4. Exams missed because of illness: - All students who have a valid medical reason for missing one or more exams are asked to supply documentation from a doctor; - students who supply medical proof as a reason for absence will be allowed to write make up exams at a later date. The date of the exam is to be determined by the student involved and the subject teacher; - where medical reasons make it impossible to write an exam, the final mark will be derived by the course teacher on the basis of the previous marks in the course. This mark will be discussed with the administration before becoming final, and recorded by the deadline for reporting marks. The exam schedule is also posted on the school website. Students are free to go home in order to prepare for the next day's examination once they have finished writing. Please make arrangements to pick up your son/ daughter if they have no exams in the afternoon of that day.

June 14, 2013

The Lions Club Supports Literacy For a better part of our school year, members of the Lions Club have been supporting literacy in the Grade One classroom by sharing books and reading with our Grade One friends. Thank you so much.


                         Phone:    483-­‐6298    or  1-­‐866-­‐422-­‐5118

Swimming Lessons at Wawanesa Waterpark Wawanesa School is excited to be having swimming lessons at the Waterpark. These lessons are underway and the students are having lots of fun. Thank you to Tracy Cullen for organizing this and to Avery Grossart, Hailey Lockhart and Elise Badiou, the instructors. Swimming is a lifelong skill and fits very well into the Phys. Ed. curriculum.

Wawanesa School invites you to join us in celebrating

Class of 2013 Graduation Friday, June 21, 2013 4:00 p.m. Wawanesa Centennial Hall and Undergrad Awards Day Thursday, June 27, 2013 2:00 p.m. Wawanesa School Gym

Please consider this your invitation to join us as we acknowledge and celebrate the academic accomplishments of all our students.

Report Cards We are planning to have report cards ready for distribution on Thursday, June 27 following the Awards Day program. School will be open on Friday for pick up as well.

June 14, 2013

Phone: 483-6298 or 1-866-422-5118

Choral Tour - May 30 & 31, 2013 On May 28, the Wawanesa School Choral class started their year-end performance week with two concerts for our local audiences: the first one for staff and students in the afternoon and the second one in the evening for parents and the general public. Then, in spite of non-stop rainy weather, the group toured on May 30 & 31st to the following schools/ facilities: Treherne Elementary School (Treherne), Samuel Burland School (Winnipeg), Bertrum E. Glavin School (Winnipeg), and Golden Links Lodge (Winnipeg). The choir enjoyed successful shows at each location with many heart-warming and memorable moments at each venue. On Thursday evening, the students enjoyed the water slide and swimming at the Canad Inns. Following their swim, they attended “Johnny B. Goode� at Celebrations Dinner Theatre. Many of our performers ended up performing on stage in small cameo roles along with the professional singers/ actors. Our choristers looked very comfortable onstage and picked up the dance moves very quickly. After a short sleep at the Canad Inns and a 5:30 a.m. wake-up call, the group endured yet another day of loading and unloading equipment in the pouring rain. Many thanks go out to the following chaperones/ equipment vehicle drivers for their time and energy on this tour: Jan McDonald, Paula Diaz, Pam Bartel, Betty Taras, Vonda Hopcraft. Also a huge thank you to our bus driver, Grant Everard, for so capably driving us through all the wet highways and city streets. A sincere thank you to our roadies/sound & lighting technicians for their expertise and assistance: Mr. Friesen, Kyle Moore, Taylor Wilton and Wyatt Moore.

June 14, 2013

Phone: 483-6298 or 1-866-422-5118

Highlights: • the faces that “lit up” when they were presented with candies, flowers and proposals during the boys’ singing of “Sharp-Dressed Man” • the special one-on-one visits between choir members and audience members after the shows • getting mobbed by appreciative elementary students/fans after the shows were over • the toe-tapping and smiles on the residents’ faces at the personal care home (Golden Links Lodge) • the classy attire of our group (suits, ties, evening dresses) for Celebrations Dinner Theatre • the entertaining show and great food at Celebrations • swimming at the Canad Inns • the cameo roles of Richard Heath, Asia Oleson Cassie Power, Jazmin Fraser-Davie, Jasmine Oliver and Raelle Fischer at Celebrations • the “gator” style applause at Bertrum E. Glavin School • the couple married for 60 years who the students met at the Golden Links Lodge. • the couple who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at Celebrations Dinner Theatre. They told Mrs. Borton how much they had enjoyed sitting next to our school’s students during the show as it had helped them to enjoy their evening even more. • Singing “Happy Birthday” to an 8 year old at one venue and then to an 88 year old at the next venue. • coming home - wet and tired, but extremely proud of our group’s conduct, efforts and talents! Mrs. Borton

Homestay Families Needed Study Manitoba is hosting a group of students from Brazil for one semester (5 months) commencing September 2013. These students are a part of a government sponsored scholarship program called Win the World. In anticipation of Brazil hosting the 2014 Soccer World Cup and the 2016 Olympics, many exceptional Grade 11 students are being given the opportunity to study in Manitoba in order to prepare them for these events. This program provides children and communities with an opportunity to learn, share and make new friends. We would like to encourage anyone interested in becoming a homestay family to please apply now. To find out more about becoming a h o m e s t a y f a m i l y, v i s i t o u r w e b s i t e a t If you would like more information or assistance in applying, please contact Belinda West at (204)741-0210.

High School Driver Education Program 2013-2014 Student Registration Information Grade 9 students received a package from the Manitoba Public Insurance office. Each envelope contained one letter and one High School Driver Ed Program Getting Your 5L Driver’s License insert ( h t t p : / / w w w. m p i . m b . c a / e n / P D F s / GettingClass5L.pdf). This information will help students and parents understand where and how to register for a Driver Education course. Manitoba's High School Driver Education Program has a proud history of helping prepare young Manitoba drivers for the road. The program is open to all students who attend a Manitoba high school on a fulltime basis.

June 14, 2013

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2013 Band Trip to Moose Jaw Six o’clock AM came pretty early, and some had to be up even earlier in order to catch our bus for Moose Jaw, SK. It was a beautiful and sunny Monday, and we were off! The start of our trip came with a few challenges, as I had received an email that morning from our venue for Tuesday saying that there had been an emergency and they could no longer host us. These types of things are not preventable, but certainly add some excitement to a Monday morning. I spent most of our bus ride into Regina trying to find us another spot to play on such short notice. With our early morning, and the time difference, this proved difficult as not many of the people I needed to talk to go to work that early! Much to my relief, I had finalized a spot for the next day about two minutes before we arrived at our first stop in Regina! By the end of the day, I had to turn down three other opportunities because we were already booked up. We were a band in demand! We began our trip with a small chunk of spare time at the University of Regina. We used this opportunity to stretch our legs, eat our lunch, and take ourselves on a self-guided tour of the campus. I did hear from a few people that they could “totally see themselves going there”. We then went into a full band clinic with Brent Ghiglione, director of bands at the U of R. Our students were able to see a new perspective on

music, get some additional music tips, and enjoy the expertise of a university band director. After our clinic, we headed off to Moose Jaw.

Our first stop in Moose Jaw was the Bentley Retirement Community. Our playing space was quite small (and cozy!), and we could not fit some of our percussion instruments into the building. Regardless, we still were able to play for a gracious group of people, and even got the residents tapping along. Our band had to work to adapt to a different acoustic setting, while keeping the musical balance between different instrument sections. During our concert we did some short instrument demonstrations, and I asked if any of our audience members currently play, or used to play any musical instruments. Slowly they started to answer… “I used to be the lead trumpet”, “I play the piano”, “organ”. Then we came to a man sitting at the back of the room who said he used to play the saxophone. After our concert, this man came to me and said that he had forgotten the name of his instrument until we

did the demonstrations, which reminded him of its name. After our concert we headed to our hotel, went for supper, and then were off to the Temple Gardens Mineral Pool. By the time we were done swimming and arrived back at our hotel, it wasn’t long before we were sound asleep. Our second day began with a trip to the Moose Jaw Tunnels for the Chicago Connection tour. This tour outlined the history of Al Capone and the risks of liquor smuggling during Prohibition. Our students really enjoyed this tour, and it sure did provide a lifelike experience of history. After lunch in Moose Jaw we were on the road again, headed back to Regina.

Our concert in Regina was at the Salvation Army William Booth Special Care Home. We set up our band in their chapel area. This audience was quite large and engaged. During our performance, we asked for a guest conductor from the audience. The woman

June 14, 2013

Phone: 483-6298 or 1-866-422-5118

who came up told us that she had been a trumpet player for quite a few years until she had a brain aneurism that didn’t allow her to play anymore. After our performance, we joined the residents for juice and cookies. Many stories were told, including one from a 102-year-old woman. She described her life during the dirty 30s as having absolutely no money and very little food. Times were hard, but there was one thing that saved their sanity. She described a friend of the family who owned a few instruments. Sometimes he Day at Spruce Woods The Grade 7 class spent Thursday, June 6th at Spruce Woods Provincial Park for our annual Field Trip. The morning was spent on a beautiful 7 km hike to the Devil’s Punch Bowl. The “uphill” climb on the way in was soon forgotten once everyone got their shoes off and jumped into the creek. We had a

would take them out and the family would play with them and try to make music with them. She said that even though they didn’t know how to play them properly, it eased the difficult times. One of my favorite things about our band is the humble way they interact with elderly people. Our last minute cancellation was just a blessing in disguise for our band. What a great end to our tour! Miss Klippenstein

good time playing in the creek and then by the river before donning our shoes and heading back. We had a lovely lunch at Pine Fort IV followed by an afternoon swimming and playing on the beach. The kids had a blast playing beach volleyball, swimming and playing games in the water. We finished off our

A Gift for You In your youngest child’s report card, you will find the 2013-2014 school calendar on a fridge magnet. You may see our school year in a glance.

day with an Ice Cream treat from the Pine Fort before heading back to the school. We really lucked out with the weather and couldn’t have asked for a nicer day. We would like to thank Hailey Lockhart for lifeguarding for us at the beach. Wawanesa Grade 7s

Field Trips A reminder to parents that those who wish to accompany school field trips are required to have Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse forms completed prior to the trips. We value our volunteers and hope that you will not mind going through this process. If you are willing to complete the paperwork involved, please contact the school office.

June 14, 2013

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Grade 10 Camping Trip The Grade 10s went on a camping trip to Lake William on June 6 - 7. We had a bumpy start when the strap holding down the canoes flew off and one of the groups forgot their tent. Finally, we arrived at the campsite and set up our tents and did a lot of fun activities like fishing, canoeing and swimming. We also went on a hike, although we got lost on the way. We found the lookout tower and could see the Peace Gardens and the beautiful scenery. Mr. Zelmer was the only one to get poison ivy on this hike while he was telling us to watch out for it. All in all this camping trip was a great experience for everyone and

I can’t wait to see if the Grade 10s next year have as great an experience as we did. Chelsea Boisvert

Track & Field Wawanesa’s Grade 4-8 students ran, threw and jumped to the best of their ability at our school's annual track and field meet held on May 23rd, which turned out to be a beautiful sunny day! With the help of the Grade 9 class in charge of the field events, the day ran smoothly. It was great to see all the participants enjoying themselves and to see so many parents come out to observe as well. Congratulations to all on a job well done! New school records: Grade 5 Girls’ 1500 m - 7:38.61 - Bethany Vidler Girls’ Triple Jump - 5.75 m - April Bone (Tied record held by Nicole Kaastra) Boys’ High Jump - 4' 2” - Chris Campbell Boys’ Ball Throw - 38.65 m - Chris Campbell

Grades 5-8 Divisional Track Meet The Wawanesa Grades 5-8 went to the Brandon Sportsplex on May 29th to compete in the Divisional Track and Field Meet. It was a perfect day to be outside with warm temperatures and mostly sunny skies all day. Wawanesa held their own when it came to placing in their events. Wawanesa had student athletes place in the top three in most events across the different age groups. A big thanks to the students and staff who helped run the event smoothly; we couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you Mr. Zelmer, for organizing this trip.

Grade 6 Girls’ High Jump - 3'11” - Kourtney Hall (Tied record held by Ashton Cullen) Grade 7 Girls’ High Jump - 4' 3”- Ashton Cullen

Congratulations to Brian Harris, Cody Shearer, Chris Campbell and Dawson Cullen who won 1st place in the Medley Relay.

Grade 8 Girls’ Shot Put - 9.12 m- Kayla Wilton Girls’ Ball Throw - 43.10 m- Kayla Wilton Boys’ 800 m - 2:43.93 - Brian Harris Boys’ 1500 m - 5:36.27 - Brian Harris Miss Morrison

Mr. Lawrence

June 14, 2013

Phone: 483-6298 or 1-866-422-5118

Grade 10 Vision and Ventures Projects Wrap Up

Our Konnex group consisted of four members: Andrew, Kyle, Chelsea, and Patrick. Our goal was to find, obtain and plant trees for the school yard and the community park. We tried to get a grant to help us, but unfortunately we were unable to get it. Lately we have another possible source of trees, and we will be able to obtain some soon and we will hopefully be planting in the near future.

Our group held a family fun night for children ages 4 to 12. In the time we had to do this, we created five different events for the kids: an obstacle course run by Derek; Angry Birds with Murray, where the kids knocked down scenery; Marcus planned a scooter maze where the kids raced around a setup track; Mitch used the rock climbing wall where kids had to spell their name by touching letters on the wall. The final station was a fishpond where they received a goodie bag. We would like to thank everyone who attended. It was great fun. Marcus, Mitch, Derek and Murray

Our Konnex group decided to build cross-country ski racks to replace the worn out lockers that were being used before. We built a prototype to show exactly what we wanted and travelled to Norbert’s to order the product. We would like to thank Norbert’s for donating these ski racks to the school. It is very much appreciated. Reese, Jacqueline, Tylyn, Graeme

Our Konnex group consisting of Brett, Flynn Teegan and Keirra did the Breakfast Club Program. We had a very successful three months with twentyfive students enrolled. We served a variety of healthy food such as peaches, blackberries, strawberries, grapes, oranges, muffins, yogurt, grapefruit, raspberries, eggs toast, oatmeal, pancakes, nurti-grain bars and a variety of juices. We thank those who participated and we hoped you enjoyed it.

June 14, 2013

Phone: 483-6298 or 1-866-422-5118

PCH Memory Walk On Friday, June 6 the Grade 9 students spent a beautiful, sunny afternoon with the residents of the PCH. We participated in the Alzheimer Society's Memory Walk to raise awareness of Alzheimers. After a nice relaxing walk, we all headed over to the racetrack to watch the blast off of the rockets created by the Grade 3 class and the seniors. We finished off this wonderful afternoon with ice cream treats for all! Mrs. Lane Special Food Days Thank you to Mrs. McKinnon for organizing ice cream sales on Wednesdays and a couple of hot dog/ hamburger days. It has been a nice treat with no canteen. All profits from the Early Years Pizza Days and Ice Cream sales has assisted the Kindergarten to Grade 7 class year end field trips. Thank you to the Student Council who provided a hot dog and chips to all students and staff today. The fundraising projects do come back to benefit the students. Wawanesa Minor Sports Pre-Hockey Registration Night ‘2013-2014’ Season

2012/2013 Yearbooks are now in! They can be purchased through Mrs. Lane for $30.00. There are a limited number left. Get yours before it's too late!

Bye, Bye Happy Retirement to Miss Abbott and Mrs. West-Burnham

June 19 June 21

Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at the Wawanesa Fire Hall 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

June 24 June 24

Please pre-register your child for the next hockey season. Minor Sports needs registration numbers for each team and to ensure all our players have a place to play. Pre-Registration fee is $200.00; balance to be paid at the final registration on Thursday, September 5. See you there!!

June 26 June 27

Calendar of Events High School Exams begin Graduation Exercises, 4:00 p.m. at the Centennial Hall Grade 4 Field Trip to Austin Kdgn - Grade 7 Tabloid (pm only) [rain date June 25]

June 25

June 28

Grades 5-8 Class Parties at the Waterpark (1:00 - 2:30 p.m.) Grade 2-3 Field Trip to Sprucewoods Undergrad Awards Program, 2:00 p.m. Reports go home at 3:15 p.m. Admin. Day; No Classes

September 3 Admin Day; No School September 4 First day of classes for fall term, 2013

Enjoy your Summer Holidays!


School news, dates and information


School news, dates and information