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About 47 Degrees North Marketing 47 Degrees North Marketing is proud to offer cutting edge marketing to our clients across the country. We are an energetic and creative team of specialists offering a suite of services from social media management and digital marketing, to email marketing, advertising, SEO services, and general consulting. 47 Degrees North Marketing is truly a one stop shop offering white glove service.

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Kira Elste & Toren Elste

Basic Package This package is designed to help you increase your presence on social media channels. It includes community management, targeted follower building and custom posting specific to your brand and market. We create “onbrand” imagery and voice as well as a selection of our cutting edge animated posts. This package also offers a calculated blend of outreach posts, key event posts, and SME level industry related posts.

Cost: $950/Monthly

Platforms: • Instagram • Facebook • LinkedIn • Twitter

Breakdown 12 Facebook Posts Monthly Facebook Community Management 10 LinkedIn Posts Monthly 10 Instagram Posts Monthly Instagram targeted audience building 20 Tweets Monthly Twitter Follower B2B Building

INfluencer Package This package includes all of the features of the basic package, but with upgrades to enhance your visibility in a highly competitive market. It includes 2 monthly blog articles, plus a beautifully designed custom newsletter featuring events, content marketing (lifestyle, interviews, key projects, advice, decor/design). This plan offers a higher volume of posting across every social platform with enhanced follower building and targeting to keep you top of mind amongst your desired demographics. This plan also includes 4 quarterly consults.

Cost: $1400/Monthly

INfluencer Package

Platforms: • Instagram + • Facebook + • LinkedIn + • Twitter + • Pinterest • Blog • Email Newsletter • Consulting

Breakdown 15 Facebook Posts Monthly Facebook Community Management 3 LinkedIn Posts Weekly 3 Instagram Posts Weekly Instagram Targeted Audience Building Avg 30 Tweets Weekly Twitter Follower Building + B2B Marketing Strategy Video Conferences Boost and Ad recommendations Custom Designed Email Campaigns Custom Written Blogs- 2/month Rotating URL’s via Social for Maximum Hits on Key Content Custom sized Pinterest Graphics (routing to key platforms)

Concierge Package The concierge package is one of our most popular because you truly receive a marketing partner and dedicated success strategist. Each platform builds upon the other to build awareness and brand recognition. This plan offers SEO services as well as additional creative in the form of email campaigns, promotions and design. It includes 4 monthly blog articles, and a beautifully designed custom newsletter monthly which is built to route recipients to your website and key social channels. This plan also features our highest volume of social media posts with a heavier offering of animated posts. We know that digital media is even more effective when similar messaging is shared across print. This plan allows for up to 12 print designs each year.

Cost: $1800/Monthly

Concierge Package

Platforms • Instagram + • Facebook + • Twitter + •  Pinterest • LinkedIn +

Breakdown 20 Facebook Posts Monthly Community Management 4 LinkedIn Posts Weekly 4 Instagram Posts Weekly Including 1 Video post/week Instagram Targeted Audience Building 8-10 Tweets Weekly Twitter Follower Building Consulting video or phone call (monthly) Boost and ad recommendations Custom Designed Newsletter each month directing users to key platforms and messages

• Blog • Email Marketing • Consulting • Print

Enhanced SEO services Custom written Blogs (4 monthly) Rotating URL’s via social for maximum hits on key content Custom sized Pinterest graphics (routing to key platforms) 12 yearly magazine or print pieces Add-On: + $1200/event Custom planned events per year at cost of $1200 (plus cost of catering/ promotional materials/etc). Subject to availability

Premium Package Our premium package involves full scale execution of email marketing, social media, digital marketing, SEO services, PR, reports, graphic design and ongoing consulting on a retainer basis. This is a full scale marketing program designed to inspire loyalty, foster referrals, build b2b relationships and more. If your goal is to completely dominate your geographic area with strong custom campaigns and snowballing influence, then this is the plan for you. Whether digital, or print, the creative assets offered are generous and evidence the caliber of your business.

Cost: $5500/Monthly Custom Reports

Full Scale Pr Campaigns

Graphic Design

Creative Assets!

B2B Outreach Client courting

Top of Mind Campaigns & SEO...I like it! email marketing

Follower Building & mgmT

Social Media Dominance

Premium Package

Platforms: • Instagram + • Facebook + • LinkedIn + • Twitter + •  Pinterest •  Blog •  Newsletter •  Consulting •  Print


10 marketing requests monthly (eg. Custom design, writing, editing, custom reports) Up to 12 Facebook Posts Weekly Facebook Community Management Facebook Campaigns and Promotions Facebook Ad Design Digital Ad package with Retargeting (12 campaigns yearly) 10-12 LinkedIn Posts Weekly 8-9 Instagram Posts Weekly Instagram targeted audience building 12-14 Tweets Weekly Twitter Follower Building Consulting video or phone calls (Up to 6 monthly) Boosted ads based on budget 6 custom designed newsletter email blasts each month Enhanced SEO Services Custom SEO written blogs (6 monthly) with all images included Rotating URL’s via social for maximum hits on key content and campaigns Custom sized Pinterest graphics for all creative (routing to key platforms) & board developmen 16 yearly magazine ads or print designs Quarterly publications or lookbooks featuring lifestyle + content marketing (up to 24 pages), all custom designed with hosted digital copies plus high resolution PDF’s for print

Contact Us We Welcome your Questions: Contact Co-Founders Kira Elste & Toren Elste 206.849.5774 (O)

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