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20 February 2013

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Care Team: • Volunteers are needed for our Casualty Response Team (CARE Team). • As a CARE Team volunteer you will be trained to offer emotional support and assistance to Family members of injured and fallen Soldier in our unit. • CARE Team volunteers are not trained as grief counselors, but rather will provide assistance and comfort to the grieving family member(s). • Training date: April 25 @ 1300 April 25 @ 1800 If interested please call the Chaplains Office


Feb 23 (9-1:30pm) – College Access. Open to 10 and 11 grade students and their parents/guardians. FREE food and transportation. Get registration form here. Feb 26 (12nn) - CLEP Fair at McChord Library. Learn about the CLEP process to earn your degree faster, learn about test taking strategies, and resources. Download flyer for more info. Feb 26 (8:30-3:30pm) – Newcomer’s Orientation at McChord Co-Located Club. Call 253-967-3628 / 253-982-3125 for details or to register. Open to all newly arrived Soldiers. Mar 6 (10-2pm) – Passport to Travel at AFC Arena. Talk to vacation experts in person. Get exclusive military discounts and travel and destination info. Mar 6 (1-4pm) - International Spouse Orientation - international spouses who are new to Joint Base Lewis-McChord are invited to attend. Location: Army Community Service in Waller Hall, Bldg. 2140 Liggett Ave. Information includes details on obtaining a job, getting a driver’s license, English as a second language, citizenship and more. For more information, call 967-3633 or 967-3550. Mar 6 & 20 – Understanding Citizenship and Immigration at Waller Hall. Appointment required. Please call 253-967-3628 to schedule your appointment. Mar 16 (10:30am-1:30pm) – Operation: Baby Shower. Free for expecting couples and new parents at McChord Club. Mar 16 (12noon) – St. Patty’s Day Run at the MWR Fest Tent. Mar 19 – Deadline to submit for the JBLM Volunteer of the Year nomination. Anyone may nominate a JBLM registered volunteer for recognition by completing the nomination form or call Ms. Parker, the Installation Volunteer Corps program manager at 253-967-2324. Mar 23 (9-1pm) – Spring Flea Market at MWR Fest Tent. Call 253-967-6772 if you’re interested to be a vendor. Single Soldiers find out your gaming options at the Warrior Zone: Click here for JBLM Outdoor Trips and Tours

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47th CSH Update

Training & Education Feb 25 (9-12nn)- Business Workshop: “Moving Your Business to the Next Level” at McChord. Call 253-982-2695 to register. Flyer Feb 25-28 (9-2:30pm) – Military Saves Week, financial classes at the Stone Education Center. Get flyer here for more details.

“Career Fair (9-1pm) A&FRC, McChord To register call:253-9822695 / 2328 ”

Feb 28 (12-1:30pm) – Scream Free Parenting at bldg 2013, Rm 102. Call 253-9675901 to register. FREE Child care available. Mar 12 (6-8pm) – Family Child Care Provider Orientation - Earn money at home as a Family Child Care provider and make a difference in the lives of military children and their families. FCC providers earn up to $2,000 a month, may qualify for subsidies, and receive free child care while in training and free resources for your business. Learn about FCC at the orientation on Mar 12 at the FCC office in building 2013B. Full-day training classes meet weekdays following the orientation. FCC will provide free child care during the training classes. For more information, call the FCC office at 967-3039. Mar 21-22 (9am-2:30pm) – First Sergeant Spouse Seminar at the Family Resource th Center, 9 Division Drive & Idaho Ave. For new 1SG spouses or those who expect to assume the role in the near future. Helps to identify the information needed to take on the role of an informed, involved, productive, and proactive member of the Command Team. Learn how to develop skills needed to take on this role.

New Parent Support Program (NPSP) – is a home-based parenting support and education program. Services are provided free of charge by home visitors (licensed social workers or RNs) in the home or community to expectant and new parents and families with children through age 3. Call 253-967-2098 to request services and a home visitor will contact you to schedule an initial “For FREE Financial visit. Activities and FREE parenting classes are offered with FREE childcare Services, contact the Army Community Service (ACS). through Hourly Care Centers or through Kids-On-Site. Children must be precontact info.” registered with CYSS to receive care. ♦ Infant Massage ♦ Stress Free Parenting ♦ 24/7 Dad Workshop ♦ Mr. Dad ♦ Common Sense Parenting of Toddlers Preschoolers ♦ 1-2-3 Magic/Effective Discipline for kids 2-12 yrs ♦ Play Morning ♦ Stress Free Parenting

“Military Saves Week Feb. 25 - 28 Call: 253-967-7166 Stone Education Center”

Family Member Employment Readiness - Open to family members with ID cards.  ACS Annex, bldg. 2166 (across Waller Hall) – Walk-in basis (253-967-3538)  A & FRC, McChord, 551 Barnes Road, McChord Field (253-982-2695)

“2013 Base Guide”

Newcomers if you have any moving damage, the JBLM claims office provides assistance when filing a claim or notice of loss or damage to household goods. Be aware that these are two separate actions and both must be filed through the Defense Property System that can only be accessed at To receive payment for damage or losses, the household goods carrier must be notified of a potential claim against them within 75 calendar days of delivery. Failure could result in non-payment. Filing a claim in the DPS database within 75 days of delivery satisfies this requirement. Household goods delivery drivers and movers cannot initiate a claim for damages. The JBLM claims office is on the corner of 8th Street and Liggett Avenue in Building 2027, A Wing, Room 105. Hours: Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For assistance, call 477-1884.

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47th CSH Update

Scholarship Opportunities & Deadlines Mar 1 – Frances Hesselbein Student Leadership Program Mar 10 – Space Camp Scholarship. Created in memory of 11 year-old Bernard Curtis Brown II who died tragically on 9/11/01. Each year since that tragic event, the Military Child Education Coalition has sent select students to Space Camp where military-connected children experience science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs in action. Apr 10 – deadline for Ft. Lewis Scholarship Fund application. For high school seniors, military spouses and current college students. For details and to download application packet, go to:

“Vendors Wanted!!”

May 1 – application deadline for scholarships through the AER program.  Spouse Education Assistance program scholarship  MG James Ursano Scholarship Program MyCAA Scholarships – provides up to $4,000 financial Assistance. For details go to: Click here for other Education and Scholarship Resources directory.

Kids Camps

Club and Beyond Calendar of Activities for February 2013:

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47th CSH Update

Kids & Teens

Play to Learn every 10-11:30am at Escape Zone, 841 off Lincoln Blvd, McChord ♦ Feb 27 – Let’s Read ♦ Mar 6 – Alphabet ♦ Mar 13 – Going Green

“COACHES WANTED! The Youth Sports Office is looking for 12 volunteer bumblebee soccer coaches for ages 3-4. Practices begin Feb. 25; background checks will be completed. Call the youth sports office at 253-967-2405 for details”

Homework Help for Grades 6-12. Get help with challenging homework, through Club Beyond, every Tues, Wed, & Thurs from 4:30-6:30pm. Where: On th Ft. Lewis at 12 & Liggett (next to Bowling Alley). Call Bryan Holloman for more info at 913-909-6902 / 2013 Spring Sports Calendar, go to: FREE Youth Cardio & Strength Training – available for teens ages 13-15. Call 253-967-2405 for more details. Teens share JBLM hangouts. Watch the video on how kids in arriving families get connected at Before-School Care at Teen Zone – starts at 5:30am until students take the bus to their respective schools. Call 253-966-2977 for info. For more children’s activities and CYSS information, go to:

28 Feb (6:30-8pm)

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EFMP Update

47th CSH Update

EFMP Enrollment should be updated every 3 years, or as the condition changes, whichever comes first. DD Forms 2792 (medical) or 2792-1 (educational) are needed. For more info, contact Madigan EFMP or for overseas screening at 253-968-0254 / 1370. Click here for more EFMP information and resources.

47th Combat Support Hospital Bldg. 3366 Evergreen Avenue JBLM-Lewis Main WA 98433

What is a Military & Family Life Counselor? Provides FREE, confidential counseling for individuals, couples, or families. If you struggle with issues such as single parenting, childcare, financial stability and frequent relocation or having difficulty adjusting on your move here in JBLM, please call 253-363-6978 for an appointment with a licensed professional anonymously and confidentially.

FRG COMMAND TEAM: (253) 967-7251 FRSA CONTACT NO.: (253) 477-3020

Madigan Update rd


Caregiver Support Group – meets every 3 Thursday of each month from 23pm in the Nursing Tower, second floor, South Waiting Room. This is an open group designed to provide information & support for anyone who is the caregiver or someone with a chronic medical condition. For more info. contact: / 253-968-2303 Volunteers Needed – there are a number of opportunities for volunteering in Madigan. If interested please register through the American red Cross office at Madigan, attend a Red Cross Orientation, and have a current TB skin test. Contact 253-968-1055. Here are the areas needing volunteers:

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Information Desks Patient Escort Opthalmology Department Patient Administrative Division

Department of Family Practice Department of Pediatrics Various other Departments

Return those Feedback Survey! – please return those feedback survey forms sent to you after seeing your doctor. Madigan gets paid for every survey returned and it goes back to you in the form of improved service and/or new equipment. If you don’t return them, it will be an automatic “unsatisfactory service” rating for Madigan, which means no money, less improvements. DoD Mandate Madigan staffs to ask all patients if they have other health insurance. If you have a medical insurance from your spouse civilian employer, please disclose this information when asked during your doctor’s visit. Same thing if you are the spouse. DoD will start billing the other insurance company for their share of service. This will not affect nor increase your out of pocket cost. NO Show – please avoid missing your appointment. It costs Madigan 3 appointments for every 1 miss appointment.

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April 1 - Starting April 1 , TRIWEST will be changed by United Healthcare. st From now until April 1 , no internal PCM change is allowed.

47th CSH Family Update  

This family update is to provide the 47th CSH Soldiers and their Families with information on events, activities, benefits and opportunities...