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Desired the position:

Korean translator

Name:簡雅絃(JIAN YA-SIAN)

Birth:84/08/05 Age:19 Habit:watch tv, listen to the music Future:Korean translator

Background: Hello, my name is JIAN YA-SIAN.I was brought up in Chia-yi.There are four people in my family,including my father my mother, my brother and me. Personality: I think I am somewhat on the shy side and quiet side.When I was in senior high school,I was alone because I was passive person,I didn’t find people to talk or chat and school give me lot of pressure so I decided to own one spent three years in the school.Although I was very hard but it still over .I feel so happy because it was over.In the other eyes I have always been a quiet way. Interests: Despite a pressure,I spend time to listening to the music when I depress

or sorrow. It can make me fell good This is also the best way to get rid of all the pressure for a while, though my sight may get even poor. Hobbies: My hobby are reading a novel and watching TV. In my leisure time, I am watching Korean flim . Ambitions: In the near future, I hope I have a chance to develop my interest and capability here. Then I believe I can bring what I learn into full play in my profession field.

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