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august 2013

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education cristina-maria matei 28/13 Muncii street 540474 Târgu-Mureş RO +40 07 42 82 38 00 13.05.1988/F Romania architect

2007 - 2013 2011 - 2012 2003 - 2007

Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism FAU, Cluj-Napoca, Romania Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Paris - Belleville, Paris, France National college ”Al. Papiu Ilarian” profile Mathematics - Informatics, Târgu-Mureş, Romania workshops

may 2013 july 2012 feb - march 2012 nov - december 2011 july 2011 mai 2010 february 2010 july 2009

Trainings “Public speaking / improvisation / leadership / personal branding“, Bucharest, Romania (coordinator assistant) Summer school Arhitext «5 places for ruining prejudices», Romania International workshop Kep „Architecture and Heritage”, Kep - Phnom Penh, Cambodia International workshop „Chiang Mai Urban Field Operation”, Chiang Mai - Bangkok, Thailand (coordinator assistant) Summer school Arhitext Trans-Architectures, Romania Seminar “Sustainable Design Principles”, Romanian Green Building Council, Romania Graphic design workshop ”re:Presentantion”, Romania International workshop - Erasmus Intensive Program–28263–08 „Concepts for working spaces, health, comfort and prevention of professionals risks„, Bucharest - Cluj-Napoca. Romania

professional experience nov 2012 - april 2013 march 2012 july 2011 july 2010 2009 - 2011 july 2008

Internship Atelier Zündel Cristea, Paris, France Active participant Fragile - International Student Conference Sint-Lucas Architectuur, Gent, Belgium Internship ESTUDIO - Architecture and Design, Cluj - Napoca, Romania Practice on 6 sites, organised by FAU, Romania Collaborator architecture magazine Arhitext and Arhitext Design Foundation, Romania Internship DOMUS - Architecture, Târgu - Mureș, Romania

volunteer 2011 2010 - 2011 2009 - 2011 2009 - 2011 2009 - 2011 2008 - 2011 september 2010

Editor Art Out magazine, Romania Coordinator Exhibitions section at Architecture Biennale „Architecture Days 2011” – „Speaking Architecture”, 4-7 may, Romania Active member, Secretary 2009-2010 and Vice-president 2010-2011 AStA Cluj – Architecture Students Association Cluj Students leader of the promotion 2007 – 2013, FAU Voting member of Professor’s Council, FAU Collaborator in architecture and art events, exhibitions and ateliers in Romania Member of the 2676 team in National Day of Cleaning “Let`s do it, Romania!”, Romania

competitions / award june 2013 november 2011 may 2011, may 2013 2010 december 2010 august 2010 may 2010 2010

Title “The student” of the class 2007-2013 Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, Cluj, Romania Top 10 - finalist in Education Awards, Category “Student of the Year“, awarded by Dinu Patriciu Foundation, Romania 3th prize - Student of the Year in Architecture, organised by VIP, Romania 2th prize - awarded by Architects Order of Romania - OAR 2th prize - “Bauhaus” competition organised by Hungarian Cultural Center, Categories: Book cover and Photography, Romania IIDA - Incheon International Design Award – Category: Green Design for Human International VELUX Award 2010 Scholarship for excellents awarded by Architects Order of Romania - OAR

skills / hobby languages computer others

Romanian, Engish good , French good, Italian beginner, German beginner Graphisoft ArchiCAD, Adobe Photoshop/Photoshop Lightroom/InDesign, Microsoft Office, Autodesk AutoCAD , Adobe Illustrator (beginner), Google SketchUp (beginner) Photography, Swimming, Gym, Lecture / artistic, organizational and social skills

dance center cv projects workshops photography other

2013 july diploma project Cluj-Napoca, Romania

site in the city of T rgu Mure / army site collaborator: Andrei C pu an (3d renders) The concept for the building is to use the « hill » as a symbol of the movement, but also an element which would separate, and protect in the meantime, the park from the auto area. Also, the « hill » it is like a response for the bridge which is dominating nowadays the whole zone. After, this « hill » it is separated in more pieces in order to create a pedestrian area – like an urban square – surrounded by the dance center buildings and which is connected to the park. Moreover, this hills would generate also exterior dance spaces, one in the urban square, one would flow into the park, and another one, a little bit far way, would be created under the bridge.


main acces

the zone “under the bridge”


proposing exhibiton spaces context

dance center 2013 july diploma project Cluj-Napoca, Romania

cv projects workshops photography other

elevation to the street

plan dance studios

ground floor plan

dance studio

re-inventing Bucharest shop cv projects workshops photography other

2013 may Romania, Cluj competition 3th prize Student of the year The idea of the project is to have free spaces on the perimetral limits of the plot. This frees space can be used for walkways to the upper floors of differents activities for public like drawing, projections or climbing. This intervetion would allow to have a free ground floor, and also to keep a part of the old elevation.


first floor plan


ground floor plan



site plan open ground floor

social housing cv projects workshops photography other

2012 june Paris, France studio project fourth year, M1 Faubourg du Temple & Bichat street The project follows the idea of the assemblage developed in the previous project. In this case the assemblage is a non line, a promenade which defines public and private exterior spaces. This promenade continues into the interior space, in the corridors and apartments; there is no separation between the day and night spaces, and the form of the appartments is adapting to the building curve.


model - volum

ground floor plan

1st floor plan

kindergarten developed around of the courtyard with a central open air amphitheater which runs into the building

kindergraten in Chiang Mai, Thailand cv projects workshops photography other elevation to the street - zone 2

2012 january Paris, France project studio ASIA M1 Emmanuel Cerise, Cyril Ros ENSAPB and international workshop “Chiang Mai Urban Field Operation� The aim for this project was to develop a social kindergarten for poor families who are living in the center of the city, along the canal. This area is a degraded one, and the plots still belong to the goverment who has allowed the living of poor people here. The project is a part-zoom scale of the urban project which regarded the work along the canal.

model - volum

zone 3 - classrooms concept


zone 1 administration




axonometry of a classroom

3 plan

creative center for children cv projects workshops photography other

presentation panels

2011 may Romania, Cluj competition 3th prize Student of the year collaborator: Ioana Alexa & Andrei Căpușan BUBBLES The project was inspired from the children’s game with «soap bubbles» to develop its pavilionar form. Therefore, the project it is consist of a main pavilion for public events and exhibitions, and 3 small pavilions, simpels or composed, for the workshops.

contemporary art center cv projects workshops photography other

2011 june Cluj-Napoca, Romania studio project fourth year collaborators: Cristina Filip & Andrei Căpușan The project proposed the conversion of the synagogue in Turda, developing a contemporary art center around the building with religious significance.

may 2012 Participation with the project at the exhibition “Synagogue in Turda”, Turda, Romania

first floor plan


ground floor plan

offices towers cv projects workshops photography other

2010 november Cluj-Napoca, Romania studio project fourth year collaborator: Cristina Filip The projected is located on the pheriphery of the Cluj, and its concerning of two offices towers, with different heights, connected on the ground floor. The concept ÂŤcrossingÂť was used to develop the offices floors around the vertical circulations.

site plan concept


floor plan

students center cv projects workshops photography other

2010 januray Cluj-Napoca, Romania studio project third year collaborators: Cristina Filip & Andrei CăpuČ™an The project is situated in the historical center of Cluj. Concerning the dimension of the plot, the aim was to use the maximum of the surface. Therefore, we had prososed a vertical development of the fonctions and leisure, the cafe around the stair becomes a space for interconnections.


under ground floor project published in the Arhitext magazine no. 10 / 2010, pages 18-19


ground floor

first floor

urban restructuration cv projects workshops photography other

2010 december Cluj-Napoca, Romania urban project fourth year collaborator: Andreea Bălgărădean & Cristina Filip The project was concentrated on the restructuration of a zone near the center of the city in the order to decrease the urban pression on the historique center, and to develop new urban centers. Therefore, we had proposed a mix of the facilities - offices and housing, and also a cultural center which would generate the zone. plan




profile for the main street


chair design cv projects workshops photography other

2010 august competition prject IIDA-Incheon International Design Award Category Green Design for Human The idea of the project was to transform a chair of my grand mother. This reconstruction had purchased a few phase using recycled materials. Moreover, besides the reparation of the chair, the aim was to have also a new design.

kep expo 2012 cv projects workshops photography other

first part 2012 february-march Kep, Phnom Penh, Cambodia a project of the association Vimana between ENSAPB (France) and RUFA (Cambodia) The project is a multidisciplinary one: photography, architecture, urbanism, cinema, archives. Kep was a famous seaside before the Khmer rouge periode, after which was destroied. Therefore, the aim was to propose a strategy for the development of the seaside.

analyse and urban intervion panels


re: Presentation cv projects workshops photography other

2010 february-march Cluj-Napoca, Romania coordinated by Hugo Costa and Salvador Gilabert collaborators: Anca Crișan & Alexandra Toda The aim of this workshop was the graphic representation. The work consisted of graphic panels of an existing building, using its graphical elements. The emphasis was the development of the graphic concept, based on the theory presented by Hugo Costa. presentation panels

event poester

workshop photo

“resting spaces” 2009 july Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Romania projet atelier ”Working environment design, health, seafty, comfort and pro-

cv projects workshops photography other

fessional risk regulation” ERASMUS Project Intensive Program, coordinated by Pierre - Henry Dejean, Université de Technologie de Compiègne, France

collaborators: Cristian Bădilă, Kristin Borg, Wenuyan Mao, Mihai Şelariu Objective: To improve the quality of the resting space for workers at Dacia Factory by proposing the development of the wood pavilions for recreation, but also for physical exercises. photo of the built project 1:1

photo during the workshop

pavilion concept

photo lab cv projects workshops photography other

2012 second semester ENSAPB, Paris, France professor: Anne Chatelut photography black & white PINHOLE / FILM CAMERA / DIGITAL

portrait experience model Marina Leonardi digital photography

pinhole results

photos / amateur 2009 2012 cv projects workshops photography other

Cambodia, february 2012

site, Romania, july 2012

paris, october 2011 speed. Thailand, december 2012

shadow. Paris, june 2012

photography and collage cv projects workshops photography other

participation in competitions using the photography and collage as a way of graphic representation

may 2010 International Velux Award Studies - utopia use of the natural coloured light collaborators: Simona Crișan, Alexandra Toda, Tiberius Bucșa

december 2010 second prize “Bauhaus” competitionn by Hungarian Cultural Center Bucharest, Romania Categories: Photography

Cover book

exhibition “architecture and fashion” cv projects workshops photography other

2011 may Cluj-Napoca, Romania coordinator «Exhibitions» at the architecture biennale “Architecture Days Cluj-Napoca 4-7 may 2011” - „Speaking Architecture” collaborators: professors architect Dana Opincariu & first year The aim of the exhibitions was to present the works of the first year student at the discipline Shape Study. The works consist of clothing inspired by architecture, using unconventional materials. exposition dèrule comme un presentation du mode. jury forme par: 2 designeures, un styliste, un architecte et un redacteure du mode

prize 1, 2, 3 after the presentation students works. photos Andrei Căpușan & Oana Horincar

research: architecture and hairdesign cv projects workshops photography other

Arhitext magazine no. 4 “Architecture and fashion” / 2010, pages 10-11

article “Houses in Chiang Mai” Arhitext magazine no. 2 “Primitives houses” / 2012, pages 18-21

29 march 2012 Active participant Fragile - International Student Conference Sint-Lucas Architectuur, Gent, Belgium. Presentation / conference « An analogy / a corelation between architecture and hairdesign»

Article «from architecture to hairdesign» ENSA Paris-BELLEVILLE, séminaire FARE 2011 – 2012 director article : Alessia de Biase / assistants : Anne Chatelut, Marion Nielsen Special thanks : Patricia Rameau, Walter Armanno, Adrian Pop, Toni&Guy Academy, Paris

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my portfolio / cristina matei  

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