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New Philadelphia News SAFE SANCTUARY AT NEW PHILADELPHIA Over several seasons in our life together, much prayerful thought has been given to plans and strategies to deepen and enrich the faith formation of our children and youth. We are reminded of the covenant we make with each child at their baptism, that we will all be participants in their journey into a durable adult faith. At its heart, our Safe Sanctuary Policy is about developing roots that go deep and wide within the ground of our congregation as it reaches and serves our youngest emerging disciples. It takes mindful parents, behind the scenes volunteers and engaged, committed and trained adult leaders and helpers to do this in safe, responsible and thoughtful ways. What is the Safe Sanctuary Policy? Bottom-line, it is a policy developed by our HRAC, Elders and Trustees to help us be mindful and intentional about how adults and children are in healthy and supportive relationships with each other during times of study and fellowship. It sets an expectation of 2 adult leaders to be present with any group of children or youth. It asks all adults who are in close contact with children or youth on a regular basis to do three things: undergo a background check, drug screen and participate in training on topics relevant to their volunteer assignments. Throughout this Summer and into the Fall, with the help of a Safe Sanctuary Coordinating Team, the HRAC, Elders and Trustees, we will be coming into compliance with the policy. Our first places of focus will be the Youth Mission Trip to Jamaica, Tribe Leaders for VBS and Sunday School leaders. We are among the first Moravian congregations to adopt a Safe Sanctuary policy and our recent Synod has recommended that all our congregations follow this lead. Many of our larger sister denominations have been taking these steps for many years. Why? It is a commitment to ensuring that every volunteer feels supported and ready to do their task. That they know what our expectations are of them and

what our expectations are of the children. That volunteers have an awareness of where their work with the children fits into the larger whole of our programming. It takes a village to raise a child. Studies have shown that children need lasting relationships with at least 5 faithful adults other than their parents to grow into an adult faith. We are setting an expectation of more adults being with our children, giving them more adults with whom they can form these relationships. It gives parents and leaders peace of mind. Everyone can enter into our programs for children and youth knowing that someone is paying attention, is there to support them and wants them to feel comfortable and empowered as they share their faith and knowledge of the Bible with our children and youth. It means there is a relationship and all its interwoven strands of connectivity between all of what is happening. It takes more than parents. We have a host of places where our children and youth need nurture, engagement and interaction with the adults of our church family. Most of our parents volunteer in several capacities, but we need more than them to support our program. Where? A Safe Sanctuary is also a nurturing Sanctuary, so we’ve taken a good look at all of our programming for children and youth. Where might you fit in? We need the participation of more adults in every aspect of our programming. Worship Nursery for Birth to 24 months - A quiet place of nurture that is available during our worship services and the Sunday School hour. Nursery for 2 - 3 years - An active play space for the toddler into the early preschooler years. Children’s Worship - Children age 4 through the completion of 1st grade are invited into their own worship experience at the midpoint of our congregational worship. They learn about the

New Philadelphia Moravian Church - June elements of worship (liturgy, singing, scripture and proclamation), seasons of the Church year and have opportunities to creatively respond to the Bible through the Godly Play curriculum. Kids of Faith - Children in 2nd through 5th grades have an occasional opportunity to continue learning about what happens in worship and hear important Bible stories from the Church year in this worship experience. This also happens at the mid-point of our congregational worship services. Sunday School 2 & 3’s Sunday School - Our first introduction to Sunday School, where we share a core series of Bible stories that follow the seasons of the Church year. Each session offers multiple hands-on play centers to reinforce themes of their lesson. 4 & 5’s Sunday School - Learning a core set of Bible stories continues while they experience hands-on activities at a deeper level. Kindergarten - 5th Grade - Drawing from the core Bible stories, children begin to hear the Church’s story unfold in this curriculum that follows the readings for the Church year. Elements of worship, Bible exploration and forming faithful responses to what they hear are part of every lesson. 6th - 12th Grades - Youth continue to explore the intersection of worship and Bible study using the same lesson order as our elementary school children. As they move through the Church year, Christian creeds, prayer forms and more historical information is introduced.

and Church have in their lives as they make decisions about their future. Summer VBS - July 28-August 1, 9:00am - 12noon We will be journeying with Moses and the Israelites through the wilderness. Information available in the VBS article! While we need adults willing to rock an infant to sleep in our nursery, lead preschoolers in active, hands-on lesson plans, guide tweens and teens in exploring the Bible, we also have many behind-the-scenes places for organizing, putting together resources for our classes, dropping off materials in our classrooms - even woodworking and carving tasks to be done for our Godly Play storytelling sets. Prayerfully consider where you might hear God calling you to get involved. Our children and youth are curious and they need others who can be engaged and curious right alongside of them. Their questions will undoubtedly deepen your journey with Christ and deepen the roots of faith for our congregation’s life together. To get involved, please make contact with Christy Clore (, 336-765-2331). If you have questions, the Safe Sanctuary Coordinating Team is happy to talk with you. Members include: Toni Bigham, Bruce Bradley, Patrick Linville, Cindy and David Daggett, Brad Underdal, Jessica Beaver, Beth Gerringer, Jack Shore and Kristen Prevette. In Christ’s peace,

Worth Green, Bruce Bradley, Lynn Thrower, John Rights, Christy Clore

Fellowship New Philly Kids - Our children’s fellowship opportunity that meets monthly with a focus on applications of our faith, both in caring for self and for others. Fun and games are often used as ways to talk about this. Youth Fellowship - Our fellowship programs for Middle and Senior Highs embrace elements of fun, service and study together. From mission trips to weekly Bible studies, youth have the opportunity in less formal settings to think about what place faith

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Volunteers are always appreciated to assist and lead Children’s Church, help with Sunday School classes, Vacation Bible School, etc. Contact Christy to see how you can help!

New Philadelphia Moravian Church - Junr

1 Brianna Burris 1 Megan Davis 1 Mark Kinney 1 McKenzie Pennington 2 Jimmy Redman 3 Joshua Brophy 3 Clendon Newsom 3 Zachary Parks 4 Kathy Johnson 4 Tina McSwain 4 Jim Morgan 5 Roger Bonnett 5 Debra Senter 5 Tina Spach 6 Thomas Barber 6 Suzanne Beauchamp 6 Emmaline Daggett 6 Betsy Idol 6 Tim Taylor 7 Matthew Dull 7 Butch Fearrington 7 Bain McConnell 7 Alex Saunders 7 Austin Saunders 7 Ainsley Williams 8 Carrie Boudousquie 8 Sara Ebbers 8 Bruce Flynt 8 Michael Madigan 8 Troy Smith 8 Dean Tickle 10 Walter Craver 11 Christopher Bolen 11 Dave Madigan 11 Cranford Raper 11 Patrick Wood 12 Betty Bricker 12 Holden Farrar 12 Elliot Mabe 12 Zach Pearsall 12 Marilee Runge

13 Bill Buchanan 13 Kent Jones 13 Noah Kiger 13 Reagan Stanfield 13 Stella Vickers 14 Richard Bovender 14 Cecilia LaMontagne 14 Shiloh LaMontagne 14 Lori Nifong 14 Angela Trogdon 15 Bill Carter 15 Cynthia Daggett 15 Meda Pearsall 15 Bryce Renn 15 Ray Sutcliffe 16 Aidyn Beauchamp 16 French Bolen 16 Mason Eckard 16 Bridget Johnson 16 Lib Neal 16 Pamela Southard 16 Rick Vestal 16 Kim Wagoner 17 Lisa Palmer 17 Brenda Peoples 18 Sheila Newton 18 Tate Pratt 19 Amanda Fleming 19 Sally Holt 19 Melissa Vickers 20 Lauren Carroll 20 Jamen Senter 21 Austin Holloway 21 Marcia Nelson 21 Nita Saylor 21 Hannah Touby 22 Henry Langston 22 Jessica Livengood 22 Marlene Miller 22 Ruby Saylor

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23 Carolyn Barber 23 Richard Beauchamp 23 Betty Wise 24 Becky Beeson Moravian Birthday Hymn 24 Jerry Howard With your presence, Lord, 24 Marlon Johnson our Head and Saviour, 24 Weston Reynolds bless us all, we humbly 25 Benny Proctor pray; our dear heavenly 26 Lori Bates Father’s love and favor be 26 Leanne Cartee our comfort every day. 26 Betty Pettersen May God’s Spirit now in 26 Bill Rogers II each proceeding favor us 26 Chris Thore with his most gracious 26 Steffany Whiting leading; thus shall we be 27 Kathy Doyle truly blessed both in labor and in rest. 27 Elizabeth Long 27 Stacey Stephens 28 Tim Atwood 28 Griffin Smith 29 Emily Johnson 29 Ethel Nail 29 Connie Reynolds 29 Katherine Whittingham 29 Ruth Wynne 30 Andy Barber Jr. 30 Zach Dease 30 Robert Geis 30 Billy Grant 30 Win Greenwood 30 Susan Jones 30 Ernie Sapp 30 Jane Shore

New Philadelphia Moravian Church - June

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Financial Report & Attendance As of April 2014 Annual............................................................ $1,038,118 Expenses to date������������������������������������������������� $337,756 Income to date���������������������������������������������������� $300,684 Shortage to date�������������������������������������������������������$37,072 Disbursed in month Pastoral Staff-Salary, Travel, Housing, Pension, Ins.��������������������������������������������������$14,314 Staff-Salaries, Soc. Sec. Ins�����������������������������$29,121 Christian Education/Youth����������������������������� $3,838 Church Resource Supplies.....................................$60 Lovefeast and Communion.................................$208 Nursery������������������������������������������������������������� $703 Library���������������������������������������������������������������� $41 Office Expenses���������������������������������������������� $5,458 Cleaning Expenses........................................... $4,356 Hospitality............................................................. $9 Grounds.......................................................... $3,559 Building/Equipment Repairs............................ $1,439 Insurance............................................................$823 Utilities............................................................ $5,929 Open Door Outreach.............................. $722 (credit) Kitchen/Custodial Supplies................................$513 Provincial Contributions................................ $16,331 Total for month������������������������������������������������������$85,980

Funds Iobst-Gray Missions Fund������������������������������������$11,763 Benevolences���������������������������������������������������������$7,079 Bus�������������������������������������������������������������������������� $216 Band..............................................������������������......$1,927 Music��������������������������������������������������������������������$1,431 Elizabeth Windsor���������������������������������������������� $25,432 Lewis Ministerial Student Aid Fund...��������������������$4,255 Anne Chadwick Band Fund..........������������������.....$10,037 Capital Improvements.................��������������������.....$94,780 Bells of Joy���������������������������������������������������������������$654 Laurels Cabin & Lodge���������������������������������������������$959

Sunday School

Worship 1st


May 4




May 11




May 18




May 25




Nursery 1st Service

2nd Service

Bette, Deborah, and Jennifer Children’s Church 1st Service

2nd Service

June 1

Christy Clore, Sandra Gray

Christy Clore, Volunteer Needed

June 8



Jessica Beaver Sandra Gray Christy Clore June 22 Volunteer Needed Christy Clore June 29 Sandra Gray June 15

Jessica Beaver Volunteer Needed Christy Clore Volunteer Needed Christy Clore Volunteer Needed

**Greeters June 1

Beth Gerringer

Mike Sloan

June 8

Nancy Holland

Frank Nifong

June 15 Bruce Bradley

Zack Rothrock

June 22 Kathy Johnson

Karl Stimpson

June 29 Tara Pitts

David Stanfield

Sound Technicians PLEASE Remember to Lock Up after Your Event!

**Elders and Trustees and Sound Technicians: If you are unable to fulfill your Greeting, Lock-up, or Sound assignment responsibility, please work together to find coverage.

1st Service

2nd Service

June 1

Mike Crotts

Sam Farrar

June 8

Mike Crotts

Brad Underdal

June 15 Mike Crotts

Aaron Prevette

June 22 Mike Crotts

Aaron Prevette

June 29 Mike Crotts

Aaron Prevette

New Philadelphia Moravian Church - June

Reserving Church Property

The Property Use Guidelines are available online via our webpage as well as on file in the church office. Here’s what you need to know about reserving church rooms for private use: 1. Prior to using any of the facility, a facility usage request form must be completed through the church office. The form must be completed at least thirty (30) days in advance of the event date. Ordinarily, outside groups may not reserve our facilities more than sixty (60) days in advance of the event date. Weddings are the exception. In order to better facilitate planning your wedding, it may be booked four months prior to the actual date of the ceremony, but not before consulting with a Pastor. 2. The Properties Committee will act on the request and the Church Secretary will notify the RESPONSIBLE INDIVIDUAL listed on the request. 3. All Non-Member and Members booking space for personal use will pay a key deposit of $40.00. This fee cannot be waived, and must be paid when the key is picked-up. 4. All Non-Members will be required to pay usage fees before a key will be issued. 5. All Members are required to pay cleaning fees before a key will be issued. 6. The sound system will only be operated by a trained and qualified person approved by the church after a proper request has been issued. 7. Caterers employed for non-church sponsored events must be approved by the Properties Committee. 8. The Church Property Manager and the RESPONSIBLE PERSON should visit the area to be used to inspect the space for any problems that may exist. Discrepancies will be noted by the Church Property Manager. 9. All groups or individuals who use any part(s) of the facility shall park only in proper parking spaces. 10. At all approved events the RESPONSIBLE INDIVIDUAL will be responsible for seeing that persons confine themselves to their assigned area. 11. All children brought to adult gatherings must be supervised.

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12. No one is authorized to tamper with any part of the heating or cooling system. 13. Smoking is not allowed inside the church buildings. 14. Consuming alcoholic beverages is not allowed on any church property. 15. All Non-Member functions on church property are to end by 10:00 P.M. The RESPONSIBLE INDIVIDUAL must lock all buildings and turn off all lights. 16. Before an area is vacated, the RESPONSIBLE INDIVIDUAL must see that any furniture that has been moved has been returned to its original place. 17. The RESPONSIBLE INDIVIDUAL should see to it that the area is picked-up, and the trash properly bagged, etc. As near as possible, the facility should be left in the same condition in which it was found. 18. The properties committee has the authority to act as it sees fit concerning exceptional cases. This includes the waiving of fees. ------------------------------------------------FYI: The physical property of the church shall not be for rent to members or non-members for profit-making events or financial gains. Church Member (and Provincial Event) Fees Key Deposit $40 Sanctuary $90 Fellowship Hall $90 Youth Building/Pavilion $65 Parlor w/Kitchen $65 Classrooms $40 Kitchen (Hot) $115 Kitchen (Cold) $65 Banquet Room $65 No fees or key deposits will be charged for church-sponsored functions, such as Sunday School Classes, CE Committee, Family Life Committee, Preschool, Scouting, or other congregational activities.

New Philadelphia Moravian Church - June

Missions Committee News

We hope you were in church on Mothers Day to hear our first of many Mission Moments given by Joe Jarvis. Joe talked briefly about his involvement with the Moravian churches in Cuba. It is our plan to educate the congregation on our committees support, locally and abroad, in a new way. We will have a Mission Moment the second Sunday of each month. If you have ideas on an issue we can help you with,please contact someone on the mission committee. Monies dispersed this month: Kevin and Charity Manous $670, Jamaica exchange (some of their youth come to Laurel Ridge for summer camp) $1000, Rescue Mission $500, Salvation Army $2000. Haley Geis will be serving in Bethel, Alaska this summer for 7 to 14 days. She will be working on the Seminary, helping set up the Bookstore and going out helping with Bible School. Our committee is supporting her with $300 for short term missions. Also Amanda Ketner will be working in Guatemala helping build a home with college students. We will give her $300 for short term missions. Again we would like to thank Cindi Jones for her 25+ years as leader of the Missions Committee. We appreciate all she has done for this committee and the congregation. Jane Wynne will be filling in as interim leader through December. This is an opportunity for YOU to stand up for missions and take leadership come January 2015. Our committee is a vital part of NPMC. We ask God’s direction in all decisions and pray for our missionaries constantly. Please consider being a part of this committee. Our next meeting will be June 8, 5PM in Banquet Room

Women's Fellowship

May 22-July 22: Senior Services; canned meat (chicken, tuna, etc.), peanut butter and crackers, canned fruit/fruit cups, cereal and nutrition supplements (Ensure, Boost, etc.), toothpaste/ toothbrush, denture products, washable or disposable bed pads, adult diapers, cleaning wipes, nail clippers, lip balm. Sunnyside Donation for June - canned meat.

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Chicken Pies For Sale!

First Come, First Serve! There are still a few chicken pies left for sale - if you wish to make a purchase, please call Cindi Jones at 336-7658761 or Bobbie Sapp at 336766-4607.

Circle meetings C1 4th Tues/6:30PM C7 C2 1st Tues/9:45AM C8 C5 2nd Tues/10AM

2nd Tues/1PM 3rd Mon/7PM

Gift Legacy

Last fall we invited you and every member of New Philadelphia to leave your own legacy through our GiftLegacy Planned Giving Program. As a valuable part of New Philadelphia’s stewardship efforts, GiftLegacy aims to support the vital ways we are called to support God’s work by focusing on seven specific funds. To assist you with your legacy gift decision, New Philadelphia is pleased to work with the Moravian Ministries Foundation in America. The Foundation is an interprovincial ministry of the Moravian Church and a one-of-a-kind resource for connecting Moravian values to charitable giving. The services of the Foundation are free, confidential, and without obligation. In June members who are 55 and older will receive more information about GiftLegacy in the mail. If you have any questions as you read through the material, the GiftLegacy Committee is available as a resource; committee members are Joey Transou (Chair), Ron Tedder, Jack Shore, Clyde Manning, Ron Vogler, David Stanfield, and Steve Mabe. You may also contact Paul McLaughlin, President of the Moravian Ministries Foundation at 725.2589 or pmclaughlin@ Imagine how much more ministry our church could do if everyone dedicates a portion of their estate, regardless of its size, in a legacy gift to the church. We all recognize New Philadelphia needs an abundance of resources to thrive, and as those who have been abundantly blessed, we are able to share in and support the vital ministries of our faith community forever.

New Philadelphia Moravian Church - June

Congratulations to our Elizabeth Windsor

Memorial Scholarship recipients for the 2014-15 academic year: Abby

Johnson and Chris Underdal

Pastor John Writes:

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are also invited to participate in Mission Camp at Laurel Ridge from July 25-30, with projects focusing on helping our neighbors in the Ashe & Alleghany County area. Please keep these trips in your thoughts and prayers! May God bless you this summer, and always. In Christ,

What an incredible job leading worship by our youth on Youth Sunday, May 4! I'm proud of all of the youth The Rev. John G. Rights who participated. It was an inspiring and meaningful service of worship, and we're thankful for everyone who helped by organizing, praying, singing, playing music, preaching, reading scripture, leading the liturgy, Plan now to join the Funtastics for an reading the announcements, leading the children's old fashioned picnic message, ushering, and supporting one another. lunch on June 19. We have reserved Congratulations to all of our high school graduates! shelter 3 at Tanglewood Park. Access is convenient This year's graduates include Brianna Burris, Jason with little walking required. For those wishing to Clore, Abby Johnson, Emily Llewellyn, Cody Snow, ride the bus or share a ride, please meet at the Church and Chris Underdal. Best wishes to all of our before 10:30. This is not a pot luck. Everything will be graduates as they move on to new endeavors! As the school year comes to a close, we are thankful for all of furnished, but you must RSVP so we know how much food to prepare. Please RSVP by June 16 by calling the youth and youth leaders who have made this such or emailing Rachel in the Church office. All are an incredible year. In particular, we are grateful to welcome. Bring a friend Daniel Muto and Ross McNeil for leading our Senior High and Middle High Youth. We're already looking forward to a summer full of activities. Be sure to register for a week of summer camp at Laurel Ridge, if you haven't already! Laurel Ridge brochures are available in the church office, if you need one, or you may register through the camp web site at New Philadelphia provides a scholarship of half the cost for church members to attend a week of Laurel Ridge camp; this amount is $187.50 for Middle High and Senior High camps. Aaron and I will be at Senior High, and Christy and Aaron will be at Eco Camp. We continue to raise funds for our mission trips this summer, including our baked potato & salad luncheon on Sunday, June 1. Our Senior High youth will be traveling to the Maidstone District of Jamaica from July 5-12, to assist with building projects and create new relationships with our Moravian brothers and sisters in that area. The group will be working with the Nazareth Moravian congregation, along with Transformation Ministries, a Moravian outreach to the community. Middle High and Senior High youth

Church Family in Care Facilities:

(Please notify the church office if there is a change in residence)

Sarah Bricker (Elms @ Tanglewood) Ruby Byrd (Golden Living Retirement) Kathleen Coble (Clare Bridge/Peace Haven) Margaret Cooke (Trinity Glen) Lorene Crater (Bermuda Village) Betty Fox (Independence Village) Clarence Gabard (Salemtowne-119 Phillips) Lib Greene (Homestead Hills) Betty Holcomb (Homestead Hills) Sue Hughes (Homestead Hills) Robert Johnson Sheila Newton (Kindred Care) Carolyn Robinson (Brian Center) June Smith (Salemtowne) Delphine Thompson (Homestead Hills)

New Philadelphia Moravian Church - June





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break out into their smaller groups for a discussion and response time. They will begin their time downstairs in the Youth Building.

Calendar for Kids of Faith: June 1 9am Volunteers needed 11:10 Volunteers needed June 15 9am Volunteers needed 11:10 Sarah MacReynolds

Beginning May 25th Kindergarten - 2nd Grade - Children completing K, 1st, and 2nd grades will gather and continue experiencing their lessons from Feasting on the Word each week in a slightly expanded group. This group will meet in the “Storytelling” room (#118, across from David Jones Class).

Summer Sunday School During the Summer months, our children and youth Sunday School classes will be combined to allow for the more fluctuating attendance we have during this season, keeping all classes a good size for activities and discussion.

3rd - 5th Grade - Children completing 3rd, 4th and 5th grades will gather in this slightly expanded group, continuing the lessons from the school year. This group will meet in room #303.

Here is what to expect Beginning June 8: 2 & 3’s - Gather in the 2 & 3’s Nursery room (#210) and then come down the hall to their Sunday School room (#214) for a Bible story, simple activity and snack each week. This will begin introducing Sunday School to our new 2 year olds and continue the routine for our 3’s. 4 & 5’s - Gather in the Preschool Sunday School room (#108) for their lessons using hands on activities to reinforce the Bible lesson for the day. Middle & Senior High Youth - Youth completing 6th through 12th grades will join together for a presentation of their Bible lesson for the day and then

Thanks to everyone who helped make the May Open Door Lunch so successful. We raised $1,365 for renovations to Bahnson Hall at Laurel Ridge. We appreciate the outrageously tasty ribs from Big Boy Barbecue, the desserts that were donated, the hard work of volunteers, and, of course, your attendance. We served 125 people on-site and sent out more than 20 meals to shut-ins.

New Philadelphia Moravian Church - June

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Journey with Moses this Summer

as we learn how God guides us and provides for us! Join us here at New Philadelphia for a week of adventure in the wilderness‌ July 28 - August 1 9am - 12 noon Ages 4* - completion of 5th Grade *Children who will turn 4 by September 1. Register online today! Scan QR code on this page or visit

How can you help with VBS? Remember everyone, VBS is one of our biggest community outreach events of the year! We need 75 adult and youth volunteers throughout the week and additional helpers to do the quiet behind the scenes work beforehand. Let’s not forget, there are lots of items you can help us collect to make our wilderness camp come to life, too! Adults can sign-up as volunteers by registering online through the website or by contacting Christy Clore ( or Becky Ward (

Volunteer Needs: Tribe Leaders & Assistant Leaders - Adults and youth who will guide a small group of 6-10 children through their day and lead this group in discussion and games to reinforce the focus of the day. You can choose your age group! Marketplace Stalls - Stall leaders are working with small groups of the children to make craft and snack items each day. Listed here are the stalls of the marketplace: Baker, Butter Churner, Camel Herder, Camp Cleaner, Oasis, Sand Artisan, Sandal Stitcher, Musician, Weaver, Rope Maker Fun & Games Leader & Assistants - Gather the children and lead them in games each day following the curriculum suggestions.

Material Needs: EZ-up style Tents that can be borrowed; Fake plants and trees for props and staging; Large clay pottery containers for props and staging. Be on the lookout for Supply Camels who will be coming soon with more suggested items for loan or donation!

New Philadelphia Moravian Church - June

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Men’s Fellowship Breakfast

Simply faith, food & fellowship Friday, June 6, 7AM Brother Tim Ward, Speaker Friends of Moravian Prison Ministry

The church directories have FINALLY arrived after hours of proofing and editing and proofing and waiting and editing some more. If you had your picture taken or submitted a photo, your directory is labeled and waiting for you in the Commons Area. There are extra directories available in the church office. For those who submitted their email address, you should have received a link to access the directory online or to download it to your computer. You can also sumbit changes online as well.

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The Newsletter Deadline is the 20th of each month. New Philadelphia Moravian Church 4440 Country Club Road Winston-Salem, NC 27104-3516

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Donna Wright ext 302 Business Administrator

Office Hours:

Christy Clore ext 303 DCE

Rachel Weavil ext 301 Administrative Assistant

Clyde Manning ext 307 Pastoral Assistant

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Phone: Fax:

8:30AM - 4:30PM Monday - Friday

336-765-2331 336-765-5536

2014 June Newsletter  

New Philadelphia Moravian Church June Newsletter 2014

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