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Writing a descriptive essay With the use of the adjective which describes exactly the type of essay, the meaning reflect the basic structure of writing. The descriptive essay has for purpose describing places, persons, objects and events. The essay does not need to have a specific structure, but it must be organized properly following the basic principle when writing an essay which includes having an introduction, the main body and a conclusion. The writing style of such an essay is to present the context of the body in a vivid manner such that the reader would be actually able to mentally visualize what is being described. A well written essay will use sentence structure that emphasises the features of each element being detailed. This is most achieved through the inclusion of many adverbs and adjectives. Methaphores and analogies work also very well when constructing such essays. The whole purpose is to provide to a reader a vivid mental picture of events, persons, objects or anything else being described. A descriptive essay provides a sense to the reader which indulges them through the same passion that is being conveyed by the author. When writing such an essay, the writer uses a language and punctuation which in turn gives the whole essay a descriptive tone. The essay almost has to stay in context with the subject being identified or described. The reader should captivate the essence of the theme being put forward but vividly. Like all other essays, the introduction, the body and the conclusion need to be coherent. Creativity plays a major factor when writing such essay but it should always be in context to the facts. The element being described is not written as hyperbole but with the intention of providing the reader a clear picture that can be re- imagined through the five senses. The introduction of the essay should have the reader interested in continuing reading. Each paragraph must build a climax of ideas which as a whole depicts the whole picture of the element being described and the point being conveyed. Knowing how to write a descriptive essay is great as it provides you the skills for writing novels, books and other pieces of literature. It should almost be kept in context and the introduction, the body and the conclusion of the essay should provide adequate information and build upon the main subject that is being dicussed and the idea that is being conveyed.

Writing a descriptive essay