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COREE Member Austin Rutherford’s latest flip looks amazing, right?

Financial Freedom Conveys the Most Precious Thing Any Of Us Can Have, And That’s Choices Meet Your Community


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The First Tuesday of July is the 4th, No Meeting! Enjoy Your Holiday. All focus groups EXCEPT the Wednesday morning meetup will meet as usual

NO JULY MAIN MEETING MEET YOUR COMMUNITY: KEVIN TROJACK they were actually in pretty good shape. I found them by meeting the owner’s eviction attorney in eviction court, and he gave me What was your last “real job”? the lead. When I closed, the seller I worked for the City of Columbus made me use his closing agent, in the refuse department and at the closing the agent told me about another seller who How did you get started? I wanted $8,400 for his house. I started in mobile homes. I’d bought that one for $100/mo for literally buy them for $1,500, 84 months, which I like even then land contract them out for better than the $40,000 package. $500 down and $200/month for 10 years. Then I’d sell the land If you could give your contracts for cash. I did this a younger self advice, what bunch of times and then used the would it be? First, keep some of cash to start buying houses. At those wholesale deals, they make first, I just wholesaled them for good money as rentals. Second, $5,000 or so, but then I realized stay in low end rentals—higher that the guys I was selling to end ones didn’t work for me. were making $30,000 rehabbing The payments are too high, and them, so I started doing that. if they go vacant for a month, Then the market crash came you just break even that year. I along, and some of the houses like the lower cost houses partly I’d rehabbed didn’t sell, so I kept because it’s not such a big deal if them and became a landlord. they’re vacant. Now I just keep buying cheap and What do you love about real renting out. estate? My favorite part of What’s your favorite type of the work is finding the deals deal right now? I love cheap and negotiating the financing. rentals that cashflow a lot. I My favorite part of the whole recently bought 4 houses in business is that the cashflow Hilltop for a total of $40,000, and allows me to live in Florida When did you get started in real estate? In 1986, went full time in 1996.

during the cold months. My tenants direct deposit rent right into my into bank account, and they never know I’m out of town. I could really live there yearround and it wouldn’t make a difference. What piece of advice would you give other COREE members? Pick a strategy that YOU like. Low income rentals don’t work for everyone, but I love them. You should get educated first, take a few courses, learn what’s out there, find your own niche.

Central Ohio Investor | 3

FROM THE PRESIDENT July is the month when Americans traditionally celebrate freedom. Of course, what the founding fathers actually did on July 4th, 1776, was simply to declare that the U.S. was a sovereign nation. Great Britain took a different view, and it took another 8 years of war and bloodshed for our “freedom” to be won. Innumerable battles, large and small, have been fought, and countless more lives have been lost, in defense of that freedom over the course of almost 2 ½ centuries since that day. America was a radical idea, and perhaps the best idea that mankind has ever come up with. The very thought that people were more important than governments, and that they ought to have rights to associate with whomever they wanted, assemble as they saw fit, say and write and think things, even when those things were offensive or hateful or wrong, arm themselves against people who wanted to deprive them of life liberty or property (even when those people were their own government), worship in the way that their consciences directed, all without fear of reprisal from some paternalistic ruling class: that’s an experiment that, for the most part, has turned out to be the most successful in human history.

was unlikely in most cultures at most times that you’d every be more prosperous than a blacksmith could be. Even today, in most places on earth, your chances of becoming more than your parents were are severely limited by your gender, or your class, or your tribe, or the fact that you don’t live under consistent rule of law, or that you live under a regime that can and will take any “excess” that you might produce.

Financial freedom conveys the most precious thing any of us can have, and that’s choices.”

Say what you want about the U.S. and its various political and cultural dysfunctions—I’d still rather live here than anywhere else and now than any other time in history. Because it’s those rights (and the ability to take the attendant risks that come with being the captain of one’s own ship) that have allowed Americans a freedom to pursue our dreams and to succeed or fail wildly no matter what our backgrounds that is still, to this day, unique in the world. In most places, for most of history, your ability to rise above your “station in life” was capped at birth. If you were the son of a blacksmith, it

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It’s only in America and a handful of other countries where we have the political and personal freedom to strive for financial freedom. And it’s that ability that has led the U.S. to be the most innovative, risk-taking, idea-producing, wealth-producing country that the world has ever seen. On a personal level, most people think of financial freedom as “not needing a job” or “not having to worry about money”. In other words, it’s sort of a way of saying, “I’m so rich I don’t have to work (although I might still choose to)”, or “I’m so rich I don’t have to do things I don’t enjoy to get the money I need to survive”.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with wanting a lifestyle, especially one that allows you to pursue your passions and do things you love instead of things you loath. But I think there’s an oftenmissed characteristic of financial freedom that is much, much more important than what you can own or whether you do or don’t have to work for a living. Financial freedom conveys the most precious thing any of us can have, and that’s choices.

Sure, part of that idea of choice has to do with how you spend your time. Obviously, when you have a job, your choices are limited: you can do your work and follow the boss’s rules, or you can go find another job. But financial freedom does more than free your 9-5 hours, and let you make your own stupid decisions instead of having to live with your company’s stupid decisions. It gives you choices that other people just don’t have at all. Let’s take your kids’ education. Most Americans can send their kids to the college that the parents can afford, or that the kid can borrow or scholarship his way into paying for himself. Their choices are limited to those things. But with real financial freedom, you can send your children to the best school they can get into, no matter what the cost. You might still choose to send them to state school, but that’s a choice, not something foisted upon you by lack of money. And what about insurance? Every middle-class person I know who pays for their own health insurance complains bitterly that premiums and deductibles keep rising while care keeps declining. But none of the rich people I know are complaining, because they’ve opted out of the whole insurance system. The have cheap, high-deductible policies and giant Health Savings Accounts that they use to pay for whatever care they and their doctors, as opposed to Medicare or the insurance company will pay for. They have that choice. Most Americans don’t. Financially independent people have more choices about EVERYTHING, because their prosperity doesn’t depend as much on what key people think of them. They can express unpopular opinions, refuse to wear shoes, decide to run for office on a whim, move to the south of France for a few months, be big contributors to charities they like, or use all their money to buy gadgets and impress the Joneses.

It’s their choice. Financial freedom having more money than Croesus. It’s having enough money, and passive income, to have lots of choices. And real estate happens to be the easiest way for average Joes and Janes to get enough money and enough income to enjoy the freedoms that our forefathers (and mothers, if we’re being PC) fought so hard to create and protect. Just as the people of the colonies got sick and tired of living under the rules and limitations thrust upon them by Great Britain, so the real estate entrepreneurs I interact with every day are, by and large, sick and tired of adhering to the rules and limitations thrust upon them by their dependence on a job. Once YOU’RE financially free, who knows? You may very will choose to live in exactly the same way that you do now, but without all the worries about how the bills will be paid. Or you may choose to become a different person with different hobbies and different “stuff”. The point is, without financial freedom, many of your choices are made FOR you by your circumstances. So this 4th of July, let’s take time to be grateful to our ancestors who thought and planned and worked and struggled and died for our freedoms—and also time to recommit to making the most of them, by using what they’ve given us to work toward our financial freedom. Yours,

Vena Vena

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Vena Jones takes the stage at COREE to discuss “Making Money with Ugly Houses: Wholesaling and Retailing�.

COREE community volunteers Viktor Jonkoff and Mike Nees welcoming members to the meeting.

Robert Lee, Connie Gargani and Mike Jackson focusing on Matt Reeds presentation on Lease/Option.

Secured Investment Lending Rep Todd Ball chatting with Lenelle Baker.

Tom Duke of COREE and guest speaker Matt Reed discussing wealth building strategies.

Ambit Energy Watch the 5 minute video your utility company may not want you to see!

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Build a Lease/Option Business for Cash, Income, and Tax Benefits with Matt Reed

Saturday, July 29th 9 a.m.-5 p.m. IN CINCINNATI Lease/options have been described by some as the perfect real estate strategy, combining the income and tax breaks of rentals with the big paychecks of rentals. No one knows this better than Matt Reed, who’s done over 100 of these deals in the last few years. In this all -day workshop, he’ll show you his entire business model, including: · · · · ·

How he picks the right houses in the right areas to get cash flow of up to $400 per month PLUS a $15,000 cash profit in the option and resale process How he gets private lenders to fund these deals for single-digit rates of interest, for 5 years How he chooses the tenants who will take great care of his properties, never call with a maintenance issue, and have the best chance of buying How he documents these deals to protect himself, his lenders, and his tenants How you can reproduce all of this in YOUR favorite area

If you’re looking for a real-life, no B.S., warts -and-all look at how this strategy works right here in Ohio, look no further than this workshop when Matt Reed shows you just how to build your Lease/Option business.

Matt has never shared this information before, so take advantage of your chance to get it!

Pre-Registered Members Only $99 for 1, $129 for 2 Non-Members $129 for 1, $159 for 2 by July 27nd (After 7/27 all seats are $159

per person if available)

[ ]YES! I want to learn how to make a fortune in wholesaling houses NOW! Sign me up before seats run out! Name: _____________________________________________________ Mailing Address: _____________________________________________ City: ____________________________ St: ______ Zip: ___________

Register by July 27nd and get: Free Lunch

Phone: __________________________ Email: ____________________ 2nd Attendee: _______________________________________________ Mailing Address: _____________________________________________ City: ____________________________ St: ______ Zip: ___________ Phone: __________________________ Email: ____________________ Please register: [ ]1 attendee after 7/27 ($159) [ ] 2 attendees after 7/27 ($318) [ ]I am member registering by 7/27 , I pay just $99 for 1 or $129 for 2 [ ]I am non-member registering by 7/27, I pay just $129 for 1 or $159 for 2 [ ]I’m an Express Success member, just letting you know I’ll be there! Method of Payment: [ ] Check #_____ (Made out to COREE) [ ] Credit Card #______________________________ Exp. date ____/____ CID #____________________

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee— You’ll Agree that this Workshop was Worth 2x the Cost, or Your Money Back!


To Register, Call (888) 275-8362, Fax this form to: 513-297-0997 , or Mail to: COREE * 3707 Warsaw Ave. * Cincinnati, Ohio * 45205 Or Register at:

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Just 75 can attend! Register NOW!

16% Interest Only 6 Month Term

Same Day Funding Available No Credit Check No Personal Financials

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