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Retire Thin and Sexy. Or at Least Rich. (Quest IRA founder Quincy Long shares how at our August meeting)

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August 2017


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AUGUST 1ST MEETING How to Retire Rich, Thin, and Sexy with Self-Directed IRAs with Quincy Long Ok, Ok, the second 2 adjectives in that title might be just to get your attention, but the first is completely do-able when you understand the power of combining tax-free and tax-deferred plans with real estate. Quincy Long, one of the nation’s most successful IRA investors (and founder of Quest IRA) joins us in August to open your eyes to the most powerful wealth-building tools available to real estate entrepreneurs: the selfdirected IRA, 401K, Health Savings Account, and Education Savings Account. You might be an experienced IRA investor or a brand new COREE member, but either way you’ll get educated and inspired by Quincy’s vast knowledge and experience. He’ll show you: • Why you don’t need to start with a lot of money in an IRA to accumulate massive wealth over time—in fact, cash is the LEAST important thing you can have • Why Shakespeare was wrong: you should BOTH a borrower and a lender be (at least in your IRA) • How you can get massive income, tax free, BEFORE

you’re 59 ½, with an inherited IRA (and how to create one, even if you don’t have rich relatives) • Why you might want to take the hit and convert your traditional IRA to a Roth this year • The top ways that real estate entrepreneurs mess up, and get their IRAs (and 60% of the money in them) taken away by the IRS Whether you use the huge wealth you build in your IRA to get skinny or sexy is up to you; just join us at this meeting and find out your next steps to getting the rich part down pat. H. Quincy Long is the President of Quest IRA and works in the Houston corporate office. Quincy has been a licensed Texas attorney since 1991, specializing in real estate. He received his Masters of Law in 1997. He has served on the board of directors of the Realty Investment Club of Houston (RICH), the second largest real estate club in the country, and maintains the title of Certified IRA Service Professional, CISP. He’s the co-author of 2 courses on self-directed IRA investing.

Early meeting

(combined for active and new investors) The Price is Right, Maybe: A property evaluation workshop Do you ever have a problem figuring out what a particular property is worth? Maybe the comparable sales are all over the map, metaphorically speaking. Maybe you’re not sure how to guesstimate the income and expenses on a vacant house. Maybe you just get confused about how to put all the pieces together. Or maybe you’re pretty good at all of that, but can’t get your brain around what to offer so that you make an



FREE Dinner + Networking

6:00-7:00 Early meeting--evaluation workshop 7:00-7:30 Member Deal Case Study + Buy, Sell, Trade 7:30-9:00 MAIN MEETING Building your retirement plan

9:00-?? “Meeting after the meeting” in the hotel bar; all are welcome.

adequate profit for your efforts. We’re going to try something different at this meeting: a workshop-style session where you’ll be provided with information and asked, with a group of your colleagues, to come up with and defend a value for a given property. This is one of the key skills that every real estate entrepreneur must master; come out and participate. You’re certain to learn something that will make, or save, you money.

CONTRACT OF THE MONTH: Ohio Seller Disclosure Form Ohio Law requires that this for with a statement of condition be filled out with EVERY transaction in the state. You’ll need one of these for every property you sell, lease/option, land contract, and wholesale in the State of Ohio, so pick yours up by coming to this month’s meeting! It’s for attendees only.

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FROM THE PRESIDENT HEALTHY, Wealthy and Wise As real estate entrepreneurs and as human beings, our attention is always being pulled in dozens of directions. We make decisions every hour about how we’ll expend our money, energy, and willpower. Will we get a head start on that project at work? Or tackle the new marketing campaign for our wholesaling business? Spend some quality time with the kids, or try to fix the dishwasher? Get to the COREE meeting, or get caught up on calls to prospective tenants? Unfortunately, in the midst of the whirlwind that is our life and business, we tend to de-prioritize the thing that makes all the other things possible: our physical and mental health. The thing that should come first ends up falling dead last on our to-do list, and that’s not a recipe for success.

yourself, dealing with any emotional or psychological issues that are hobbling you…shouldn’t you be putting those things in front of everything else? Yes, there will be price to pay. Taking care of your body and mind takes time. You might have to wake up earlier, or spend less time on something you enjoy. You might feel like you’re dropping even more balls than usual. Just as some of the people in your life would prefer to see you broke than successful, some would prefer to see you fat and weak rather than slim and strong. And, at least at the beginning, it actually HURTS to give up junk food for veggies and couch potato-ism for lifting weights. But just as the rewards of building a prosperous business are well worth the sacrifices, the rewards of building a body that gets you through your day without pain and exhaustion (and through a longer life than you might otherwise have) are, in the long run, a good trade off.

“Take care of you FIRST, so that you can take care of business.”

I don’t need to lecture you: you already know that the condition that your body is in directly affects the amount of energy you have to pursue everything else, from an active family life to a thriving real estate business. And your mental health is just as important, and even easier to discount. I’ve watched multiple students through the years try to build active businesses while struggling with anxiety disorders, depression, and other conditions that make the already-challenging process of pushing oneself to do new, scary things practically impossible. What would happen if you made your health your #1 goal? Because if you think about it, I bet you already realize that it should be. Eating right, working out regularly, taking care of

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Take care of you FIRST, so that you can take care of business. Yours,

Vena Vena

MEET YOUR COMMUNITY: ROSALINE MBAE In real estate since: 2003 Full time since: 2007 Last job prior to full-time investing: Management at Victoria’s Secret COREE member since: 2011 Ask her about: Rentals, being an investor/agent How did you get started? I was in a partnership that went bad. I was supposed to be the credit partner, and be handsoff; they were supposed to have the experience and do the management. After we closed, they basically lost interest and said, “congratulations, you have some new properties”. It turned out to be a good thing, though; on my own, I’m not sure I would have jumped in. This way I just had to do it. What’s your favorite type of deal right now? I love prehabbing, where I clean out a property, do a little landscaping, maybe do a little cosmetic work, then sell for cash— usually to investors but also to homeowners who have cash. I’ve done rehab/resales in the past, but I didn’t like running around

after contractors. What I did like was creating value in properties where there was no value before. I get to do that, and also get a higher profit than on my wholesale deals. If you could give your younger self advice, what would it be? I think it would be that it’s OK to fail. For a long time, I kept doing what was comfortable for me, which was being a landlord and agent and retailing. It wasn’t challenging me, though. Being afraid to fail kept me from doing more creative things and taking more risk for a really long time. What are your future goals? I really want to run it more as a business that I can step away from, not as an operator who has to be there every day. I also want to find the right balance between the cash strategies like wholesaling and the income strategies like notes. What piece of advice would you give other COREE members? Real estate is the most creative and innovating business you can be in. It’s also a sure thing; as long as people need to live in houses, they’ll

need what I have to offer. I may need to change the way I think about offering that housing, but it’s always going to be in demand. For new members, I’d encourage you to get advice and get a mentor, but don’t be limited by any one person’s experience. Listen to lots of people and your own gut. You’re going to have to be comfortable with the fact that there are a lot of different opinions and a lot of different strategies and they are all great ones. You have to weigh your options and choose the right one for you. Picking one strategy doesn’t make the others wrong, it just means you can only do a certain number of things.

YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST: A Member Preview of the 2017 OREIA National Real Estate Summit! If you’re new to COREE, you’ve probably heard the rumors about a giant convention coming up in Cincinnati in November. You’ve heard that it’s the biggest in the country, packed with education, and more fun than you can shake a stick at.

Well, you’ve heard right. It’s the 2017 Ohio Real Estate Investor’s Association Summit, it’s November 9-12 at the Great Wolf Lodge and Waterpark near Cincinnati, and it’s the event of the year.

the most experienced experts on the most up-to-the-minute topics to bring to this event. We can’t reveal every single presenter until the contracts are finalize, but here’s a taste of what you’ll get:

OREIA works year-round to find

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Thursday’s All-Day Workshops will include Robyn Thompson on “How to Renovate and Resell for Riches”. Robyn is the undisputed Queen of Rehab, and covers everything from which property to buy to how to finance the deal to the smartest upgrades to make. If you’re more into long-term cash flow than buying and selling, you’ll love our other allday presenter, George Antone, presenting “The Wealthy Code”. This is an incredibly in-depth workshop about how to use debt, minimize risk while maximizing return, and make passive income the main focus of your investing business. And the all-day sessions are just the tip of the iceberg; on Friday,

Saturday, and Sunday, you’ll be treated to these topics: • How to Raise Private Money (with Alan Cowgill) • How to Make Money Buying Defaulted Mortgages (with Scott Carson) • How to Automate Your Landlording Business (with Steven VanCaughenburg)

Block out the dates, get registered, get a room at the Great Wolf Lodge (they filled up by early October last year), and whatever you do, GET THERE. More information and registration at 888-99OREIA. We look forward to seeing you there!

Ambit Energy Watch the 5 minute video your utility company may not want you to see!

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• Plus lease/options, promoting your business, wholesaling, turning your rentals into Air BnBs, and more The entire 4 day conference is just $197 for COREE members— unless you register by August 15th and take advantage of the earlybird special at just $157 for 1 person, $197 for 2.

16% Interest Only 6 Month Term

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10 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IRAS There is a lot of confusion over self-directed IRAs and what is and is not possible. In this article I will discuss some of the most important things you need to know about self-directed IRAs. I will explore these issues and a whole lot more when I speak at COREE on August 1st. I look forward to seeing you there! 1) IRAs Can Purchase Almost Anything. A common misconception about IRAs is that purchasing anything other than CDs, stocks, mutual funds or annuities is illegal in an IRA. This is false. The only prohibitions contained in the Internal Revenue Code for IRAs are investments in life insurance contracts and in “collectibles.” Since there are so few restrictions contained in the law, almost anything else which can be documented can be purchased in your IRA. A “self-directed” IRA allows any investment not expressly prohibited by law. Common investment choices include real estate, both domestic and foreign, options, secured and unsecured notes, including first and second liens against real estate, C corporation stock, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, trusts and a whole lot more. 2) Seven Types of Accounts Can Be Self-Directed, Not Just Roth IRAs. There are seven different types of accounts which can be self-directed. They are the 1) Roth IRA, 2) the Traditional IRA, 3) the SEP IRA, 4) the SIMPLE IRA, 5) the Individual 401(k), including the Roth 401(k), 6) the Coverdell Education Savings Account (ESA,

8 |

formerly known as the Education IRA), and 7) the Health Savings Account (HSA). Not only can all of these accounts invest in non-traditional investments as indicated above, but they can be combined together to purchase a single investment. 3) Almost Anyone Can Have a Self-Directed Account of Some Type. Although there are income limits for contributing to a Roth IRA, having a retirement plan at work does not affect your ability to contribute to a Roth IRA, and there is no age limit either. With a Traditional IRA, the fact that you or your spouse has a retirement plan at work may affect the deductibility of your contribution, but anyone with earned income who is under age 70 1/2 can contribute to a Traditional IRA. There are no upper income limits for contributing to a Traditional IRA. A Traditional IRA can also receive funds from a prior employer’s 401(k) or other qualified plan. Additionally, you may be able to contribute to a Coverdell ESA for your children or grandchildren, nieces, nephews or even my children, if you are so inclined. If you have the right type of health insurance, called a High Deductible Health Plan, you can contribute to an HSA regardless of your income level. With an HSA, you may deduct your contributions to the account and qualified distributions are tax free forever! All of this is in addition to any retirement plan you have at your job or for your self-employed business, including a SEP IRA, a SIMPLE IRA or a qualified plan such as a 401(k)

plan or a 403(b) plan. 4) Even Small Balance Accounts Can Participate in Non-Traditional Investing. There are at least 4 ways you can participate in real estate investment even with a small IRA. First, you can wholesale property. You simply put the contract in the name of your IRA instead of your name. The earnest money comes from the IRA. When you assign the contract, the assignment fee goes back into your IRA. If using a Roth IRA, a Roth 401(k), an HSA, or a Coverdell ESA, this profit can be tax-free forever as long as you take the money out as a qualified distribution. Second, you can purchase an option on real estate, which then can be either exercised, assigned to a third party, or canceled for a fee. Third, you can purchase property in your IRA subject to existing financing or with a nonrecourse loan from a bank, a hard money lender, a financial friend or a motivated seller. Profits from debt-financed property in your IRA may incur unrelated business income tax (UBIT), however. Finally, your IRA can be a partner with other IRA or non-IRA investors. For example, one recent hard money loan we funded had 10 different accounts participating. The smallest account to participate was for only $1,827.00! 5) Caution: There Are Restrictions on What You Can Do With Your IRA. Although as noted above in paragraph 1 the Internal Revenue Code lists very few investment restrictions, certain transactions (as opposed

to investments) are considered to be prohibited. If your IRA enters into a prohibited transaction, there are severe consequences, so it is important to understand what constitutes a prohibited transaction. Essentially, the prohibited transaction rules were made to discourage certain persons, called disqualified persons, from dealing with the income and assets of the plan in a self-dealing manner. As a result, disqualified persons are prohibited from directly or indirectly entering into or benefiting from your IRA’s investments. The assets of a plan are to be invested in a manner which benefits the plan itself and not the IRA owner (other than as a beneficiary of the IRA) or any other disqualified person. Investment transactions are supposed to be on an armslength basis. Disqualified persons to your IRA include, among others, yourself, your spouse, your parents and other lineal ascendants, your kids and other lineal descendants and their spouses, and any corporation, partnership trust or estate which is owned or controlled by any combination of these persons. It is essential when choosing a custodian or administrator that the company you choose is very knowledgeable in this area. Even though no self-directed IRA custodian or administrator will give you tax, legal or investment advice, the education they provide will be critical to your success as a self-directed IRA investor.

from taxation until a distribution is taken (or not at all, if it is a qualified distribution from a Roth IRA). However, there are three circumstances when an IRA may owe tax on its profits. First, if the IRA is engaged in an unrelated trade or business, either directly or indirectly through a nontaxable entity such as an LLC or a limited partnership, the IRA will owe tax on its share of Unrelated Business Income (UBI). Second, the IRA will owe taxes if it has rental income from personal property, such as a mobile home not treated as real estate under state law (but rents from real property are exempt from tax if the property is debt-free). Finally, if the IRA owns, either directly or indirectly, property subject to debt, it will owe tax only on the portion of its income derived from the debt, which is sometimes referred to as Unrelated Debt Financed Income (UDFI). This may sound like something you never would want to do, but a more careful analysis may lead you to the conclusion that paying tax now in your IRA may be the way to financial freedom in your retirement. For example, one client made a net gain of over 1,000% in less than four months after her IRA paid this tax. This is definitely a topic you will want to learn more about, but it is not something you should shut your mind to before investigating whether the after tax returns on your investment would exceed the return you might otherwise be able to achieve in your IRA.

6) Some IRA Investments May Cause Your IRA to Owe Taxes – But That May Be Okay. Normally an IRA’s income and profits are exempt

7) An Inherited Roth IRA Can Give You Tax Free Income Now No Matter What Your Age. Many people know that a qualified distribution from a Roth IRA is

tax free. To make the distribution qualify as tax free, it must be distributed after the IRA owner has had a Roth IRA for at least 5 tax years and after one of four events occurs – 1) the IRA owner is over age 59 ½, 2) the IRA owner becomes disabled, 3) the IRA owner dies and the distribution is to his or her beneficiary, or 4) the distribution is for a first-time home purchase, either for the IRA owner or certain close family members. Although the neither the original Roth IRA owner nor his or her spouse has to take a distribution (assuming the spouse elects to treat the IRA as their own), non-spouse beneficiaries of a Roth IRA do have to take distributions, normally over their expected lifetimes. However, once the five year test is met, those distributions are tax free, regardless of the age of the IRA beneficiary! Even a $100,000 Roth IRA left to a 6 year old beneficiary may generate as much as $80,496,367 in lifetime tax free distributions if the IRA can sustain a yield of 12%, which is very possible with a self-directed IRA. 8) Tax Avoidance With Permission of the U.S. Government. Most people who understand the benefits of a Roth IRA really want one, but many people have not been able to qualify for this incredible wealth building tool because of income limitations which restrict the eligibility of a person to contribute to a Roth IRA or to convert pretax accounts like Traditional IRAs into a Roth IRA. In 2010 the rules for conversions changed so that anyone, regardless of income Continued on page 10

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level, is now eligible to do a Roth conversion. Beginning in 2010 anyone who has a Traditional IRA (including a SEP IRA), a SIMPLE IRA which has been in existence for at least two years, or a former employer retirement plan such as a 401(k) or a 403(b) can convert those into a Roth IRA and can then begin to create tax free wealth for their retirement. In certain situations you can even do a Roth conversion within the 401(k) plan itself. Even if you do not currently have an IRA but are eligible to contribute to a Traditional IRA, the contribution can be made and immediately converted into a Roth IRA. This truly is one of the most exciting tax planning opportunities to come along in a very long time! 9) There Are Millions of Dollars Available to Finance Your Real Estate Deals Right Now. We are in a very exciting time for wise real estate investors. There are a lot of super real estate bargains out there right now, but it can be very difficult for investors to get financing – unless they know the secret of private financing. There are billions of dollars of lazy IRA money sitting on the sidelines waiting for the right

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investment, because many people are very afraid of the stock market. Included among the many things people can invest in with a self-directed IRA are real estate secured loans or even unsecured loans. Shakespeare wrote in his play Hamlet, “Neither a lender nor a borrower be, for a loan oft loses both itself and friend, and borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.” I believe Shakespeare was wrong, but he might be forgiven since he did not have the advantage of knowing about self-directed IRAs. You can benefit from your knowledge of self-directed IRAs either by having your IRA be a private lender or by borrowing OPI – Other People’s IRAs – for your real estate transactions. Networking is the key to success in the area of private lending or borrowing, but there are things you must know to do it properly. 10) Use Options to Dramatically Boost Your Small IRA. Options are one of the most powerful and underutilized tools in real estate investing today, and they work beautifully within a self-directed IRA. The consideration for the option and the property being optioned can be almost anything,

not just real estate. Once an IRA owns an option, it can 1) let the option lapse (which at times is the right answer), 2) exercise the option and acquire the property, 3) assign the option for a fee (assuming the option agreement allows for assignment) or 4) agree to cancel the option for a fee with the property owner, thereby getting paid not to buy the property! Options are very flexible and can be designed to fit almost any situation. One client paid $5,000 from his Roth IRA for an option which he later canceled for a fee of over $35,000. Then he took that money, bought a property at a foreclosure auction for cash, and later sold the property for $70,000 with $5,000 down and a $65,000 seller-financed note. By using the option he was able to take his $5,000 Roth IRA and turn it into a $70,000 Roth in less than a year! The more you know about IRA investing, the faster you can build your own tax-free plan. Learn more at the August 1st COREE meeting; I promise it will make you richer, quicker. Happy investing!



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WHY YOU CAN’T SELL TO EVERY BUYER By Vena Jones-Cox It’s a frustrating thing when you’ve put a wholesale deal under contract, have evaluated it to the nth degree, and then get told by a buyer that “It’s not a good deal” or “I’d never pay that much for that house”. Yet it will happen to you, over and over again, even when you’re a REALLY GOOD wholesaler, and here’s why: Despite the fact that we use the same set of formulae (After repaired value x 70% less repairs for retail deals, After repaired value x 60% less repairs for rental deals), buyers are not some monolithic group that all have the same costs, the same profit requirements, or the same rehab standards. Yet when we make offers, we can’t do so to satisfy the needs of ALL buyers, or of particular buyers—we have to shoot for a number that makes sense to a lot of buyers, but not to the pickiest or to the ones that have the highest costs.

Now let’s look at how 3 different buyers—all based on actual buyers I know—might view this same deal. Buyer #1 is a retailer who buys and sells about 4 houses a year. He uses hard money to close and rehab his deals, an agent to sell them, and contractors to do all the work. He wants to make a minimum of $20,000 per deal, so he’d do his calculations like this: $100,000 sale price -$20,000 profit -$10,000 sales costs (6% commission + 4% for buyer concessions) -$20,000 repairs -$6,000 holding costs  -$8,750 finance costs (15% interest + 5 points on $70,000 borrowed) $35,250 maximum allowable offer. Clearly, for buyer #1, your $50,000 deal isn’t good enough.

Let’s take an example of a single retail house that’s worth $100,000 fixed up and needs $20,000 in repairs. As a wholesaler, you’d want to pay around

Buyer #2 is also a retailer, who buys and sells 6 houses a year. He uses a mixture of contractors and his own labor, borrows private money at 8% interest with no points, and sells most of his houses himself. He also wants to make $20,000, but he’d calculate his MAO differently:

$100,000 X .7 $70,000 -$20,000 $50,000 (your sale price) -$7,000 for your profit $43,000 offer.

$100,000 sale price -$20,000 profit -$4,000 sale costs -$15,000 repairs -$6,000 holding costs -$2,800 finance costs $52,200 MAO.

Buyer #3 is a high-volume retailer. He uses contractors to do all of his work, and does a higher level of work than the other buyers. However, he’s also able to sell his finished properties at about 5% more than “market”. He’s a licensed broker who lists his own properties, thus paying a 3% commission rather than a full 6% commission, finishes and sells his properties in an average of 3 months, borrows money, at 12% interest, but has a profit goal of $15,000 per property. His calculation would look like this: $105,000 sale price -$15,000 profit -$25,000 repairs -$7,350 sales costs -$3,000 holding costs -$4,200 finance costs $50,450 maximum allowable offer—right on target with what you’re asking. The moral of the story is, as a wholesaler, you can’t and won’t satisfy all of your buyers with all of your deals. And it’s not because you’re doing anything wrong—it’s because your buyers have different needs and desires. Don’t take it to heart if a particular buyer tells you a particular deal isn’t a good one: what he really means is that it isn’t a good one TO HIM.

For this buyer, your deal looks really good.

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Retire Rich with Real Estate and Self-Directed Retirement Plans Sponsored by COREE and Quest IRA

Saturday and Sunday August 12th & 13th 9 AM—5 PM IN COLUMBUS Finally, a workshop that doesn’t just teach you THAT you can retire rich, but HOW to do the deals that will get you there! You’ll hear from IRA experts and real-life investors who’ve used their self-directed IRA, 401Ks, HSAs, CESAs, and other tax-free and tax-deferred account to earn literally millions of dollars for retirement, health care, and children’s education. You’ll discover:  How to select the plan or plans that best fit your needs, and get them opened cheaply  How to grow a $500 IRA into a $50,000 IRA in less than a year (without making additional contributions Featured Experts:  Why a self-directed 401K might be MUCH better for you than an Quincy Long, Fonder of QUEST IRA IRA and bona fide IRA investing  What will get you into big trouble (and how to avoid it) genius  How to partner with your own IRA to do bigger deals, or partner John Hyre, tax attor ney, and your IRA with someone else’s, or theirs with yours recognized expert in IRA tax  How to wholesale houses in your IRA for tax-free cash profits defense  How to buy defaulted notes and mortgages with your IRA or Bob Dressman, hyper -experienced someone else’s IRA, 401K, and CESA investor  How your IRA can borrow money to do deals Real-Life IRA investors  The pros and cons of owning rentals in your IRA explaining their favorite strategies, 

and so much more it won’t fit!

why they love them, and how you

Pre-Registered Members $197 for 1, $297 for 2 by 8/3 Non-members $247 for 1, $347 for 2 by 8/3 (After 8/3 all seats are $297

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[ ] I’m ready! Show me how to assure a wealthy retirement using self-directed plans! Name: ______________________________________________________

August 12th & 13th

Mailing Address: ______________________________________________ City: _____________________________ St: ______ Zip: ___________ Phone: __________________________ Email: ____________________ 2nd Attendee: ________________________________________________ Mailing Address: ______________________________________________

City: _____________________________ St: ______ Zip: ___________

Crown Plaza Dublin 600 Metro Place North Columbus Ohio

Phone: __________________________ Email: ____________________ Please register: [ ] 1 member ($197 by 8/3, $297 after 8/3) [ ] 2 members ($297 by 8/3, $594 after 8/3) [ ] 1 non-member ($247 by 8/3, $297 after 8/3) [ ] 2 non-members ($347 by 8/3, $594 after 8/3) [ ] EXPRESS SUCCESS MEMBER (free by 8/3) Method of Payment: [ ] Check #_____ (payable to REIAGC) [ ] Credit Card #______________________________ Exp. date ____/____ CID #____________________ Signature:_____________________________________________________

To Register, Call (513) 407-3137, or fax to (859) 422-4916 or Mail to: REIA of GC * 7265 Kenwood Rd Ste 110* Cincinnati * 45236 Or Register at:

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