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Who we are

flex4 innovates and applies advanced high-end technology in the field of fabrication, improving manufacturing productivity and leveraging critical elements of the value chain.

flex4 offering constant experts advice and consulting, brought to you by a talented and skilled team with more than ten years of qualified experience in industry automation.

flex4 is a really agile company, ready to react to the changes needed with particular attention to technology and innovation.

Agile methodologies and experience in key areas of industrial automation and manufacturing processes are at the core of flex4 automation solutions.

Ensuring an overall system monitoring and ensuring information is efficiently collected and rapidly exchanged.

high quality solutions for Automation

flex4 Automation flex4 deals with the design and documentation of the electrical drawing of the system, with the choice of technologically advanced components, the creation of the list of the materials, design, development, documentation and installation of PLC software. flex4 primarily uses products compatible with the IEC61131 standard (TwinCAT , CoDeSys) but is able to integrate other systems only as an example Siemens S7 and Omron.

THE flex4 FRAMEWORK : "F4.fwk“ flex4 has developed a set of libraries and objects of communication that enable the supervision named F4.fwk flex4 framework, allows to extend the current monitoring capabilities, allowing you to have total control during the process.

high quality solutions for Revamping

flex4 Revamping The mechanical part of a plant is maintained over time. The control system after 5-10 years is definitely outdated. Renewing with new hardware and software can improve productivity, product quality, while optimizing the efficiency of the resources involved. flex4 through experience gained in recent years in the field of industrial automation machines for production of envelopes, hydraulic presses and injection compression and machine tools is able to service machinery for small, medium and large sizes. flex4 : • • • • • • • •

Design and reviewing current or outdated manufacturing plants. Updating old plants with connect-ready SCADA or other technologies or solutions. Development of customizable components for improved productivity. Re-engineering of existing plants while optimizing resources. Deployment and integration of certified and valid state-of-the-art PLC and HMI solutions. Technical assistance and first-run problem-resolution on site. Monitoring and control. 24/7 guaranteed customer's service worldwide.

Advantages The experience gained over the years in the food, pharmaceutical and medical device not only allows us to develop solutions that are focus to the sustainability and traceability of the product, but also with a high quality of the solutions proposed. Maintenance and support 24 / 7 flex4, in order to optimize the production, reduce the machine stop is able to offer telephone and remote support for continuous production processes. The offer is extended with a planned onsite assistance worldwide. Upgrade and integrate old machinery with new devices ready to connect to scada or other application such as QA and Vision system. Predict when a part should be replaced from the running data and condition, creating a maintenance plan, leading to reduce maintenance cost.

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flex4 - Company Presentation  
flex4 - Company Presentation  

flex4 - Company Presentation