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45/7 - ETIS IB MAGAZINE March 2018

Edvin Ingman:



University advice from 15IB:



COLLECTION OF STORIES THAT TRAVELED THE WORLD. Skรถne Collection products are made of recycled sails. Together with premium materials, the products are luxurious and durable. Handmade in Finland, always.


Skรถne & Co NY - design from sails with a story -



ey guys!

I wanted this issue to show others what I witness on a daily. 15IB has achieved and will continue achieving great things in this lifetime. To show some of their success our main article is a university special - “The World Conquerers” and will reveal where we can expect to see these IB survivors in the future, and why.

I would like to welcome you to another great issue of the beloved 45/7!

With spring approaching our IB2’s are well on their way through mocks, and soon the dreaded finals. (Yikesss) This time is both stressful and challenging but comes with great rewards in the end. As their last days are quickly approaching, I decided to take a step back and admire the work they have done so far, and will continue doing after graduation.

This beginning of the year has been a busy time for our editorial staff as well. We’ve been everywhere, starting from dances, parties, movie marathons and study sessions. Not only will we be praising the graduating class but we will also educate you on the issues our generation face, what movies to watch, what to cook and how to study. We had a lot of fun creating this issue and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!

This issue is dedicated to the graduating class of 2018. So, here’s a letter to you: I have been here since Pre-DP to witness you grow into the amazingly talented and kind human beings you are today. Everyday I admire your persistence and knowledge, and your strength to conquer any challenge thrown in your way. My closest friends are in this class, and through them I have seen it all. I’ve been through the stress of meeting deadlines, heartbreaks, moments of joy and success. I have seen all the hard work that’s gone in to everything you’ve done, and for that I salute. I take this time to tell you how much I appreciate each and every one of you. There will never be a day when you are not missed. You left a mark on me and many others.   Thank you! xx

Love, Henriikka

Henriikka Kurunsaari Editor In Chief


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Wanhat 2018

University special: "The World Conquerers"

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anhat is a traditional dance

the other dancers from our school. We got to dine,

ceremony for the upcoming

go through the performance and laugh at our

seniors of the school. We

mistakes together. Our school went to a restaurant

practice various dance styles, and learn different

called Töölönranta, which was booked just for us. In

choreographies.The different dances are joined

my opinion the food was absolutely delicious, and

together to create a show, which we present at the

was worth the cost. We also got the opportunity to

end of the course. In addition to the several

attend one of the official after parties that were

traditional dances, the students also choreograph

organized for wanhat dancers from different high

their own dance that finishes the performance.

schools. The party was fun but in my opinion did not top the actual dance. People tend to worry too

Wanhat is something you shouldn’t stress about too

much about what to wear to the after party but

much. A little nervousness is good, but it shouldn’t go

word of advice: you shouldn’t. The place is dark and

beyond that, or you might forget to enjoy the event.

crowded, and by next morning no one will

During the first performance, dedicated to family

remember what you wore anyways.

and friends, I found myself stressing too much, and forgot to enjoy the first half of the show. After the

In my opinion the event was definitely worth the

halftime break, I got more relaxed and realized there

time. Even though a 75 minute dance practice at

was no need, and more importantly no time to be

14:45-16 on a Monday afternoon was not exactly

nervous if I wanted to get the most out of the

ideal, I feel like Wanhat is going to be something I’ll

experience. The performance on Friday morning was

always remember and look back to with a smile.

a lot more casual and I felt like the atmosphere was more fun rather than official. Everyone seemed happier and more confident in their dance. In addition to the actual performance, we were able to attend a fancy dinner; “Wanhojen illallinen”,  with


University special:



5 IB is quickly approaching the end of their three years here in Etis, and the future awaits them. To give credit for all their great accomplishments so

far we interviewed some of our beloved graduates and got an exclusive look into their upcoming plans. They revealed where they’re going to study and what their dream work areas are. Here’s the questions we asked them: 1.

Where are you going after the IB?


Why did you choose that specific university?


What is your major or what are studying


back at the three years? 7.

there? 4.

Any tips for the people who are applying for their dream universities after you?

Tell me something cool about your university?


How do you feel about the IB now looking

In what area do you want to work in or what are you specializing in?


1. In May I'll crawl back home to Lapland and nurse my

4. Ummmm the vikings still raided parts of England

shattered psyche and fall into a coma or something,

when the uni was young? Or it's older than the Finnish

and in October if I get 39 points Oxford University

written language? The number of students exceeds the

wants me but otherwise it's going to be Warwick.

population of eastern Lapland.

Immediately after the finals I'll go to Tyrmä though because I've never stepped foot in there

5. No idea to be honest. Out of history stuff I like early

Britain (as in what happened after the Romans left)

2. Well, around the end of the summer holiday I was

because much isn't known about it, but if I could

hiking with my dog, and because it had been three days

choose any job I'd be a writer. In ten years I'll most

without seeing all that many people I just

likely be unemployed and in debt.

kind of had a one-sided conversation

6. I wish I hadn't done it but it's kind of

with the dog about where I want

grown on me , Stockholm

to go after the IB. And I figured


I'd look at my grades so far and apply for the "best" place that I

7. Make sure it's not your

could possibly have a chance

dream uni just because of

at. I didn't think I'd get an offer

reputation/social pressure/

from Oxford so I applied for all the other nice places (in the UK because of money) like Glasgow,


Edinburgh and Warwick too, and ended up

wanting a good CV. Only apply for a course if it's about something that is endlessly fascinating from your

point of view. Also works the other way

putting Warwick as second choice because the offer is

around: if people tell you you're not cut out for it,

so low there's no way I could not meet it.

don't listen to them. If you do get an offer the "out of

spite" angle adds to the satisfaction.

3. Ancient history & classical archaeology, which is kind

+ make sure you don't pin all your hopes and dreams

of a useless and niche subject but seems super

on one specific school, because your life doesn't


depend on an individual decision made by admissions staff.


1. After the IB, I’m going to take a semestral break just

5. I want to specialize in neuroscience later on and also

to relax from all the academics that have been plaguing

take a masters in medical physics.

me for the past few years. Don’t get me wrong, the IB is fun, but it can really be mentally draining at times. I’ll

6. The two years of the IB have challenged me to the

probably be working and taking small online courses

extremes. There were certain issues in my personal life

on psychology during that time. After that break, which

that made it harder for me to deal with the workload

is about early 2019, I am planning to attend either of

the IB comes with. But on a positive note, the IB

the five universities, in the US and in Australia, that I

helped shape who I am now as a person. It challenged

will be applying for in the fall. I would then be studying

me in ways I never would have expected, even making

Biomedical Engineering and maybe specialize in

me question things I certainly wouldn’t have thought


about before. Overall, the IB will always be something I’m proud of to have

2. Well, my first reason for

survived (well, hopefully).

choosing those universities is that they are placed in

7. My advice would be to know

relatively warm cities. I’ve been

the most effective way for you

wanting to get away from the

to learn. Different universities

extremely cold climate here

have different class sizes which

Finland, so the states of Hawai’i and California, and city of Sydney


really attracted me the most. Most of

for most of the time applicants tend to ignore. This is essential to take note of as some students work

my other reasons for choosing them mainly

best with a smaller class, while others find it

sum up to the good reputation of those schools.

much easier to concentrate with a much larger class. Also knowing what kind of learner you are before

3. I will be studying biomedical engineering and

attending university could greatly help you in

hopefully specialize in neuroscience later on.

maximizing your use of time.

4. I think the coolest thing for all five unis that I applied to is the amount of diversity in their campuses. Most of them are also located near beaches.


1. I have applied to Sweden (especially Chalmers in

5. I haven't really thought it that far but I'll eventually

Gothenburg). My fate (just like anyone else's) is

see where life takes me.

basically in the hands of the uni people for now. If I were to not get into a uni, I would have a gap year and

6. I feel like despite all the turbulence and stress, now

I would spend it working and probably learning new

that we have gotten through the majority of the IB, it


has been a pretty eye-opening experience. Sure, there has been a great deal of things to do and places to go

2. Sweden because I have always had a thing for that

but at the end of the day I have learned very

country... it's probably one of my favorite countries

important lessons and realized that I can do so

ever. I love the language, I love the

much more than I thought I could. I feel

cityscape (especially Gothenburg!!!!)

like high school hasn't only taught us

and the atmosphere. It just feels

about the educational stuff but

like home already.

also about life itself, which is

But when it comes to unis, I

pretty cool in my opinion. 

just searched for architecture

unis and found that the ones in Sweden had a nice atmosphere to them (+ it’s in a city I was interested in).

7. If you already have a specific


3. Architecture

university in mind, go for it! I don't like to think about life like "oh no, I could never get enough points for that" or "I could never be able to get a

scholarship". You can never know unless you try. 4. I'll take Chalmers as an example. I really adore its

Besides, what could be the worst thing that could

placement in the city, in my opinion it's pretty close to

happen? It's not only about getting in, it's also about

everything. Other than that, it has a reputation of being

the process. Whatever you do, you learn. Even if you

a very respected university!

don't get into a uni in one try, you have learned about the application system (etc.) and can try again next year!


1. First I am taking a gap year then university in

5. International business and economics 

Germany, deciding between Berlin and Deggendorf

6. Should have worked harder 7. I think the most important

2. The education is free even for

thing is don't rush with your

non-EU citizens.

choice, nobody wants to have 3. Businesses administration

regrets after picking a uni. You


really need to take time and

 4. Haven't really discovered anything cool so far, but they just

think what you want to study.


Take a gap year if you can, it is much easier if you're enjoying the stuff you learn.

seem nice and cozy

1. Probably to the US

6. It’s been hard and I’m just thankful for having such good friends to go through it with.

2. I haven’t decided on a uni yet but I’ve studied in the States before and really enjoyed it.

7. Predicted grades matter so keep those up but also

3. Communications/

remember that you’re more

international relations.

than just your grades. Start

applying and searching unis

4. Don’t have a uni yet.


5. I would like to work in the business world in the future.


early and submit the application well before the final deadline!

1. I will move to study in Scotland, the exact university

version of Ivy League schools).

is still open. I applied to and received offers from 5 universities and now am debating between University

5. I actually have no idea what type of media I want to

of Glasgow, Robert Gordon University and Stirling.

do in the future, and that's why I chose to go into

media studies because that’s still a nicely vague choice

2. I knew I would most likely be interested in courses

and I feel like my options are still relatively open.

relating to media somehow, and searched for those on Then I looked into the

6.I think the IB has been very tough and so

universities offering the best looking

much independent, hard work goes

courses and chose the nicest

into it that my national side friends

universities. I also limited the

will never understand, but

search to Scottish universities

though I hate saying it -   it's

where tuition would be free.

probably worth it since I feel like I now have what it takes to

3. All the courses I applied for are related to media studies with differences in emphasis. For example


one focuses a bit more on documentary

survive uni.

7. If applying to UK, start investigating your options already in the fall so you'll

making, one on public relations of companies, one on

have enough time, and if possible talk about the

digital media etc. 

options with friends who have similar interests in unis. A lot of the information that helped me narrow down

4. If I end up going to Glasgow I would be very proud

my choices came from friends who knew more than

because of the school's good reputation and because


it’s one of the Russel Group schools (which is the UK's

There you have it. It is possible to graduate from the

Marianne Lehvilä

IB and get into your dream college, take notes 16IB!

“I like to chill and enjoy life but

We’re going to miss every single one of the IB 2’s

this ib bs is getting in the way.”

dearly as they go on and pursue their dreams. We wish you all the best on your journeys to success!


SOLVING PROBLEMS OF TOMORROW BY INTERGENERATIONAL COMMUNICATION On Friday March 2nd 2018, a group of 10 students from all over Espoo and Helsinki (including Johannes and myself from IB1) met with the energizing Leyla Acaroglu, a renowned speaker and designer. We discussed the intriguing objective that is to efficiently inform youth about environmental issues via designing new teaching materials.

Working jointly with Walki Group OY on a common

Our journey started with a few questions: How do

project, Leyla Acaroglu left the Portuguese sun to

we feel about school? Do we learn a lot about

listen and learn about the Finnish education, whilst

environmental issues in class? If so, do they leave an

requesting to talk to a few Finnish students as well.

impact on us? Will they make us change our habits?

Unfortunately, she did not forecast she would have

As all these questions were answered, I started to

to face a group of overenthusiastic youngsters, as

notice a curious phenomenon. The more attention

well as Finnish spring which remains forever a myth.

was given to what we had to say, the more we

Her objective was to know how to design a format

spoke and therefore the more interesting and

which could reach youth, while remaining a learning

precise our comments became. This is when I


realized that Leyla had subtly managed to create a safe place where our age differences with the adults

It is after a light appreciated lunch at the Scandic

present were no longer the judge of our credibility. It

Hotel that we started the herculean task of…joking

seemed easy to share ideas and to be on the same

around. Indeed, the first quarter of our workshop

level, while keeping distance and showing respect on

would have seemed futile to any observer form

both sides. What was interesting was to see the look

outside the window. However, this light conversation

of surprise in Leyla’s eyes when she heard our

at the beginning of the meeting had a very distinct


purpose, which was to set at ease anyone feeling

uncomfortable talking in public. After about 20 min,

Yes, environmental issues were addressed in class, but for many of us, not enough. 

the few reserved and introverted mindsets were no longer there, leaving a favorable atmosphere for hard work.


The rare occasions when these concerns

anyone imagine that taxes could be applied not to

were discussed, they left no real impact.

an organization’s employed workforce, but to its environmental waste? By that, it is meant that the

It was unanimously said that the class-time

organization would not be punished for hiring labor

learning was not going to change our habits. 

contributing to society, but instead be penalized for its damage to the environment. Indeed, this is a

Therefore, how did we learn about these issues if

very summarized explanation of her presentation,

not in school?

with the kind of concepts which should be integrated in new teaching materials accessible to

While the answer could seem obvious (on internet),


it was our role to explain how we were seeking the

However, it remains important to stay critical. Some

information through social medias and Youtube

solutions are not yet ideal, and still quite utopic.

channels. These kinds of formats are indeed the one

Things will not change from one day to another, but

by which most of us entertain ourselves. As the

step by step we can come closer to a better world.

interest of the speaker rose in our choice of Youtube as a learning material, it was made clear she had

After the presentation, we made short groups

reached her objective as to know what educational

where we talked about our ideas for teaching

platforms were preferred among the new

materials. The day was already ending, and so I just


got the time to interview Leyla before we could all get a well-deserved rest.

It was then her turn to talk. She

As a final word, I


do not think we



need to


presentation on

about youngsters



being interested in

tomorrow’s issues

these issues

and how we could

anymore, because

fight them. Some

the fact that most

solutions and

of us go seek the

opportunities were

information already

new to us. For example, it could be possible to add

shows our commitment in environmental concerns.

value on natural elements like trees, making them

However, we are not given enough chances to

more precious and therefore less inclined to be

contribute in the change humanity must operate in,

destroyed. Moreover, macroeconomic concepts

in order to survive. I believe what is lacking is

could be redesigned in order to create an economic

intergenerational communication which prevents

environment more adapted to our needs. Could

understanding between youngsters and elders. It is


more than time for the previous generations to trust

“ I prefer talking to young people because the

us more and to give us responsibility. However,

connections are much quicker and the

youngsters would also be in the wrong if they

communication barriers are often much lower. The

pretended they could wor k without older

older you get, the more stubborn you get about

generations. Time to work cooperatively. How many

what you know. Moreover, there is a panel of

innovative solving solutions could we come up with,

possibilities and creativity most older people do not

if we took the creativity and the experience of both

have, because they tend to become more rigid.

generations? This, only the future will tell us.

There is something about being younger in that you have infinite possibilities thanks to the openness that


I think is natural for youth. Also, elders tend to knock

Why is it important for you to

because they will be like “look at the butterfly “ “and

speak to students from the new

look at this, and look at that!”. As adults, we become


less entitled to be curious and I think this is a tragedy,

out their curiosity, and the younger you are the more curious you are. I like to talk to seven years old

because curiosity leads to courage, and courage “I think that everybody has the responsibility to consider

leads to change. “


things they do with their personal

What would you say to a young teenager who does

and professional lives and how they

not know where he is in his life, and who would

are going to have on impact on the planet. How you

have this pressure of whether acting in what is

can use your career as a pathway to help solve some

socially expected even though it would be against his

of the big problems, not just environmental but


social and political too is important. I think that

“Life is a beautiful experiment, it is absolutely magical

anyone has the power to do that, a 7 year old or a

that we live at this point on this planet at this time

70 year old. It is important to have conversations

with the opportunities and the problems that are

about the opportunities and not just about the

presented to us. Not knowing what your life is going

problems. A lot of education that we have, including

to hold is the exciting part. The most important

the media, as I had said before, scare me. I think we

thing is to have integrity that benefits other people,

should have tools that help to reconfigure these

and that we have a collective agreement that we all

problems into opportunities. This is why I am

are working with this together to benefit all of us. “

working in the education secretary.”

Lila Cormier Simola

What do you think are the opportunities given

"If genius is supposed to be 1% inspiration

when talking to students compared to when talking

and 99% perspiration, then I'd rather

to adults?

remain an idiot and enjoy"


Everything seemed great. I had a dream job with contacts to people all around the world, and selling bags that I designed together with Antti and Eeva. I couldn't have been happier. Until I realized something wasn't quite right.





I fell off track with school completely. Posters, business cards, interviews, dinners, hard work and a lot of stress with Hautomo and Sköne made my confidence and mood drop from skies to a round zero. I had so much work with everything else that I had completely forgotten about homework. I talked with ambassadors and forgot to communicate with my teachers. I had dinners with people from other continents but wasn't here for my friends. Some of my grades dropped and then I finally realised that something was clearly wrong.

thought that I wouldn't do anything but schoolwork when I came back from my yearlong retreat in the USA, where I let my brain to rest, got creative and focused on purely non-academic things. Exchange year is a great time to do some soul searching while making new friends and taking responsibility over yourself. I found out many things about myself, most importantly that I can't help but do things that I love. Yet still, I thought I couldn't do anything else but school once I got back to Finland, because I would be too busy with the IB.

I am an overly positive person. Even though last fall was the busiest and hardest time I’ve ever had, I felt the positivity in everything. During my Christmas vacation, I organized many things into their places, figured a schedule and balanced my thoughts. I started exercising regularly again. I’m doing my best to focus balancing the mind and the body, which helps me to deal with excess stress and anxiety. I’m trying the former prime minister Alexander Stubb’s 1+1+1 strategy, where you exercise for one hour, read a book for one hour and only use one hour on social media per day.

I was wrong. While IB is a load of work, I can't abandon the things I love the most. Creativity is in me and the harder I try not to unleash it, the harder it is to focus on the load of homework and projects I need to do. I realized I needed something where I could unleash the creative energy. I joined a school program where you found a company for a year. Myself, Antti AlaHärkönen and Eeva Karvonen founded a company that makes design pieces from recycled sails, Sköne & Co. Before this I had called a great friend of mine, Jamin Hu, who graduated Etis IB in 2017. I said that I’m all in for an association; Hautomo, that we made official in the summer. Hautomo is a platform where high school students learn about their passions through projects. A great example of an ambitious Hautomo project has emerged straight from my class, as Lila and Amelie are set on producing a musical for next Halloween. The interest for Hautomo has skyrocketed since we made it official and I have been into educational conferences and meetings with people from all over the world.

IB is tough, and it is even tougher to do so many things that you are passionate about with it. But when you balance your days right, you can make it, and even have some leftover time for Netflix.

Edvin Ingman “I don’t have a personality, but I wear fancy socks.”


doesn’t deal with the traditional heaven and hell concept, I find that very refreshing. Tahani (Jamil) is a rich girl with a British accent and my absolute favorite. Her remarks on her afternoon, early


evening and evening gloves make me laugh every time. Jianyu (Jacinto) is a Buddhist monk obeying a strict code of silence, but he has some unexpected qualities that will shock everyone. Michael (Danson), the leader and designer of The Good Place is hilariously unfamiliar with the human life. He is intrigued and excited about things like suspenders and has no idea what sweat is or how to deal with it. I loved seeing Kristen Bell in a comedy show as I have loved her roles in many movies. Her character was infuriating yet hilarious and her never ending cursing reminded me of

The Good Place (2016) Cast: Kristen Bell, Ted Danson, William Jackson Harper, Jameela Jamil, D´Arcy Carden, Manny Jacinto Synopsis: Self-centered Eleanor Shellstrop gets mistakenly put

myself. Because The Good Place doesn’t allow cursing it actually made her cursing funny as the words came out as fork and bullshirt. The entire 20-minute episode is spent

in The Good Place (to spend her afterlife there) after her death. In a place filled with people who dedicated their lives to being good, generous and helpful, Eleanor struggles to

laughing, mostly at Eleanor. It's great that for once browsing through Netflix ended up in me finding a great show to watch. The episodes are short as

hide the truth and her selfish behavior catches up to her. Review: The Good Place is one of the best shows that I've watched

are the seasons so it's a perfect show to binge-watch. The first season consists of thirteen fun and snappy episodes that move the plot along in a fast speed. The ending of the first season leaves the viewers anxiously waiting for the next

in a long time. Of course it's not as good as Friends and Modern Family but it's an extremely entertaining show. Eleanor Shellstrop (Bell) is an inspired main character with a dark sense of humor. All the characters are different and as

season. So far there have been two seasons and the show was renewed for a third season. Unfortunately for the show ´s fans in Finland, the second season isn't on Netflix yet. We´ll

the show progresses we learn surprising features of them. I think that the whole idea of the show is so different as it

just have to wait and rewatch episodes from season one!


The movie is a memorable show with spectacular and meaningful music and an amazing message. The movie heavily addresses discrimination through all the characters and songs. “Rewrite the stars” and “This is me” were some of my

The Greatest Showman (2017) Synopsis: After losing his job P.T. Barnum (Jackman) decides to start a show displaying unique individuals and talents. As he gets interested in appealing to the upper class he befriends playwright Phillip Carlyle (Efron) and asks him to join the

personal favorites for exactly this reason. Rewrite the stars also showed impressive skills both from Zendaya and Zac as they did a trapeze choreograph while singing. Seeing

show. Thanks to Carlyle, Barnum meets Swedish singer Jenny Lind (Ferguson) and goes on tour with her as her manager. This causes a strain on his relationship with everyone he is

Zendaya in something else than a Disney Channel show was great and hearing her gorgeous voice was a big plus. Even though the movie moves through scenes fairly quickly we still

close to, as the others try and keep up the show.

get to experience amazing musical numbers, incredible talents and beautiful stories between the characters.

Review: “The Greatest Show” is not only the musical number that stars the spectacle but it's also a perfect description of

The movie has rightfully received several nominations including an Oscar nomination for Best original song (This is

the film. From beginning to end the amazing musical numbers and the beautiful storyline takes the viewers on a journey to the world of P.T. Barnum and his circus. My absolute favorite thing about the movie is the soundtrack.

me) and three Golden Globe nominations in which ´This is me` ended up winning the Golden Globe for Best original song. Some might say that the movie didn't exactly tell the

The music is so amazingly thought out and the soundtrack shows some serious singing skills. For someone who wasn't aware of Jackman's musical background his incredible voice

story of P.T. Barnum but to me it showed an important desire of his, which was quoted in the end of the movie, “The noblest art is that of making others happy”. I definitely

was a shock. I think he has the perfect voice for musicals and I hope he continues doing musical films. Keala´s voice is incredibly unique and powerful, and it just rose above

recommend this movie to everyone, or even just listening to the soundtrack. It's a movie worth watching over and over again. You are guaranteed to see the greatest showman, wearing a top hat and seeing him sing his heart out with true

everything else. The emotion that her voice carried in the performance of This is me was, I´m sure, touching for everyone listening. And not that I haven't heard Zac Efron´s voice before, because as a High School Musical fan I definitely


Erika Kurunsaari

have, but it was great hearing him in a musical after such a long time.

"So indecisive I can't even figure out if Ross and Rachel were on a break."



Key Lime Cheesecake Crust: ¾ packet / 300g digestive biscuits 200g melted butter Cheesecake filling: 1 can sweetened condensed milk 200g cream cheese 1 tbsp sugar 1 dl whipping cream 1 dl lime juice (lime zest optional) Topping: 1dl of whipping cream / canned whipping cream Directions: Prepare the 24-26 cm cake tin and preheat the oven to 180℃. Crush ¾ packet of biscuits in a food processor and add the melted butter. Pour the sand like mix into the cake tin and press down to form the base. Put it in the oven for 10 mins. After that, take the crust out of the oven and let it cool. In one bowl whip up the cream into soft peaks and set it to the side. In a separate bowl whisk the room temperature cream cheese and sugar. Make sure the cream cheese is soft or it won’t mix well. Add the whipped cream into the cream cheese mixture and whisk until all combined. Finally add the can of condensed milk and lime juice to the bowl. At this stage adding lime zest is optional. Stir the whole mixture and set aside. Take your cooled crust and pour the cheesecake filling inside. Smooth over the top with a spatula or spoon then set in the fridge for 6h minimum or overnight. Once it’s time to serve, add whipped cream to the top of the cheesecake in whichever way you like. Serve!


Chicken Fajita Wraps Ingredients:


add the chicken

8 medium size pack tortilla wraps


1 pckt luomu fajita spice mix 2 chicken breasts

Wait until all the chicken is almost cooked and add some more salt and pepper to your liking.

1 red pepper 1 green pepper


Pour the whole pack of spice mix into the pan and stir for 5-10 mins

½ red onion


1 tsp salt

Finally heat the tortilla wraps and assemble your wrap.

1 tsp pepper


Tip: cilantro, garlic sauce, cucumber and lettuce work best as garnishes!

Steps: 1.

Stir the pan for a couple of minutes then

Dice the green and red pepper however you like. Chop up the onion and set all aside in a bowl


Slice the chicken breast in medium sized


strips Put the pan to a medium heat and add

Maryama Moalim “Me? Procrastinator? I’ll prove you wrong someday. Just you wait and see”

some oil. Not too much! 4.

Lightly fry the onions and then add the diced peppers, salt and pepper



PLZ HELP colours. Some find it relaxing and it can be used as sleeping aid. Due to the amount of different tones of sound being heard at the same time, they all blend together to form one sound which I can best describe as a buzzing sound. Due to this, it is also a very good noise masker which is why it’s effective for concentration. White noise is said to also improve memory, creativity and overall learning outcomes.



How does it work? White noise has an effect on a variety of CONCENTRATION? different regions in the brain and new studies constantly find new benefits of white noise as a Young adults lead one of the most unhealthy learning aid. It has been proven that there is a lifestyles whether it’s the lack of sleep or the stress significant effect observed in the mesolimbic induced by school. Millennials are more likely to midbrain which is associated with reward and forget what day it is when compared to other age dopamine therefore resulting in more attentive groups such as baby boomers. This has resulted in behaviour. bad concentration levels within students. Speaking On the other hand, it can result in more from experience, it can sometimes be hard to stay noise and loudness making it too distracting to focus. concentrated on one task at a time which some This is caused by sudden changes in frequencies. Our studies claim is caused by the hearing is very sensitive to change “YOUNG ADULTS LEAD in sounds which can disturb your excessive use of social media. ONE OF THE MOST concentration. We are reliant on Other studies show that this is due UNHEALTHY LIFESTYLES” consistency so the slightest to the fact that we have disturbance will affect our efforts overestimated the speed in which to stay focused. This is why some teenager’s brain develops into adulthood. The main white noise may not be beneficial for studying or aspect affected is the ability to be easily distracted sleeping/relaxing. You have to be selective and see which is a real bummer when you’re trying to cram which ones work best for you. your whole syllabus into one night. Some students resort to music as a means of eliminating distractions

What factors affect whether you can concentrate better with/without white noise? Personally, I have been using white noise to help me focus as mocks are around the corner. It has worked well for me yet not so well for others. Research states that since the effects are not well known as of yet, it is hard to pinpoint these factors. However, the characteristics of one’s personality, memory ability and the structure of their brain systems could be why there is a difference in results.

that surround them. However, if you are like me, that does not help in anyway and if anything, will only result in more distractions. You may even occasionally break into dance not that I’m speaking from personal experience. Therefore, I have recently began listening to white noise when studying. What is white noise? White noise is essentially noise that contains many frequencies with equal intensities. It is a combination of all sounds at the same frequency which means about 20,000 different tones of sounds. It is called white noise due to its similarity to white light, which functions in the same way but with

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Bmal1 function in skeletal muscle regulates sleep Scientists discovered a new gene to fight insomnia. This is the first evidence that a gene outside the brain controls the ability to overcome sleep deprivation. The gene is called Bmal1. Chronic sleep deprivation increases the risk for heart disease,

stroke, diabetes and other illnesses. Increasing the expression of the Bmal1 in skeletal muscles enabled mice to tolerate sleep loss. It made the mice less sleepy even after long periods of sleep deprivation. Scientists observed no negative effects of increasing Bmal1. In the Scientists may soon use zika virus to treat brain cancer. Zika is future, scientists hope to produce pills that can a deadly virus that damages the brain of developing fetuses. increase the level of Bmal1 to fight sleep Scientists found that it is capable of killing -- “brain cancer stem deprivation. cells� -- the cells that are generally resistant to cancer treatments. Experiments on mice proved that zika can kill cancer cells in the brain. They also showed that it does not infect non cancerous brain cells. For clinical use, the virus would need to be injected directly into the brain. Introducing such a deadly virus into the brain may not be alarming because it mainly infects only fetal brain cells. For additional safety, scientists introduced to mutations in the virus making the mutated virus grow in cell but eliminated quickly in healthy cells with a robust antiviral response.

Elife 2017

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The journal of Experimental medicine


One of the biggest reasons why Counter-Strike has


remained popular, besides the amount of skill and time you have put into the game, is it’s professional side. Every year countless of tournaments are held with professional teams competing for money (prize pool rankings from tens of thousands to over a

Counter-Strike was first introduced in 2000, and has

million dollars) and glory of being the best. Thanks to

remained the most dominant First Person Shooter -

the very high skill-ceiling of the game, Counter-Strike

Game on the market with its over million players

has remained one of the most beloved and popular

playing at the same time. How has a game so simple

games in the constantly growing eSports scene.

remained so popular throughout almost two decades,

“eSport” has recently been noticed by many big

and still keep attracting people?

names in other sport scenes, attracting investors from

Counter-Strike has a very simple principle. Two teams;

all over the world, including well-known Finnish

terrorists and counter-terrorists compete over the

businessman Harry “Hjallis” Harkimo. With a

control of the map. Terrorists try to either plant the bomb on either of two bomb sites or kill the opposite team, while counter-terrorists aim to define the bomb, or kill

possibility of becoming a professional eSport player

on the map,


everyone from the opposing

with high salaries, many players have seen a chance of turning their hobby into a profession, doing everything


team. Counter-Strike is a really easy game

they can to sustain themselves while playing


to learn, but very difficult to master. Counter-Strike is a very difficult game to master due to it being very


tactical, and having a high skill ceiling. Players spend


Being interested in the game myself, I have spent hundreds of hours playing the game, trying to get better and trying to

develop as player. The simple, yet very difficult game

countless hours playing the game, trying to learn and

has attracted me for years now, and I don’t see it

develop their skills in-game. The game has repeated

stopping anytime soon. Unlike in other games I’ve

the same formula of simplicity in every single version

tried, I’ve never experienced the same emotions and

of Counter-Strike. It has withheld any additional perks;

feelings as I have in Counter-Strike; Global Offensive

vehicles, killstreaks or any other benefits, rather

and 1.6. I believe that the emotions and the feeling of

focusing on the personal skills of player’s aim,

greatness while you play the game attracts all players,

knowledge of spray patterns, movement and tactical

and is the reason why the “grandpa of modern

money used in the beginning of each round. In

shooters” is still thriving.

Counter-Strike, you don’t respawn after you die. Your death is permanent until the beginning of the next

Aleksi Luostarinen “You are not my friend, you are my brother, my friend”

round, giving the opposing team an advantage over your team. Every death and kill counts, your skill deciding the outcome of the round, and eventually your game.

the game they love.


CONFES SIONS: Max is a snack I have a crush on a boy in 16IB but I don’t think he likes me đ&#x;˜• I think my boyfriend might break up with me and I don’t know what to do! I gotta crush on an older girl Is it even possible to fail the IB? Valentine's day is for schmucks!

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Inquirers: What am I doing? Why am I here? Where is the way out? Knowledgeable: If I write that history essay on Wednesday night at 800 words per hour, cram math on Thursday night at 10 minutes per exercise, and skip breakfast on Friday morning, I’ll only have to sleep 15 hours on Saturday to make up for this week. Thinkers: Watch your psyche fall apart as eating a carrot sparks a TOK-induced existential crisis. Communicators: Can neither spell nor pronounce ‘baccalaureate’. Principled: No homework before 9 PM. No matter how much of it there is. Open-minded: That’s not the kind of TV show you’d normally watch, but there’s a test coming up and all . . . Caring: Help an injured puppy out of the goodness of your heart. As long as you get CAS for it. Risk-takers: Bet 25% of your grade on your Internet speed as you hit ‘send’ at 23:59. Balanced: I studied for fifteen minutes, so it’s okay to spend the rest of today finding new cat videos on Youtube. Reflective: I should have started writing this brochure three weeks ago.


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