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ABOUT THE MAGAZINE The 44 DEGREES is an online magazine and dedicated to promoting Israeli artists. The magazine deals with the field of contemporary art. Present digital media artists, painters, sculptors and curators. Each magazine will discuss a different topic. It is possible to contact each artist by clicking on his site, or write to his email. 

 The 44 DEGREES Magazine is founded by Tammy Mike Laufer 2013 The issue of the magazine - Viewpoint Presents an impressive body of work of contemporary Israeli artists. Viewpoint is a very wide subject, and it was my point to Allow a very wide range of perspectives of various subjects.

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• RAPHAEL PEREZ This is the first time we meet an Israeli artist who expresses all of his emotions in a previously unknown strength. The subjects of the paintings are the everyday life of couples in everyday places and situations, along with the aspiration to a homosexual relationship and family, equality and public recognition. Perez's works bring forward to the cultural space and to the public discourse the truth about living as LGBT and about relationships, with all of their aspects – casual relationships and sex, the yearning for love, the everyday life and the mundane activities that exist in every romantic . relationship – whether by describing two men in an intimate scene in the bathroom, the bedroom or the toilet, a male couple raising a baby or the homosexual version of the Garden of Eden, family dinners, relationship ups and downs, the complexity in sharing a life as well as mundane, everyday life competing with the aspiration to self realization – through Perez's life.

• ASHER SVIDENSKY My name is Asher Svidensky - and I am a photographer. Ever since I started dealing the field of photography I was drawn to the field of documentary photography and to use it as a tool of storytelling I think photography is a powerful tool and in a world that almost everyone has a camera - photographers need to rise above themselves and take pictures that can speak to a wide audience in terms of story and technical capability. I hope my stories interest you even in terms of how the picture was taken and for what it is about, and I hope to continue and intensify as a documentary photographer and as a storyteller. For more of my work you are welcome to enter my Facebook page (I have no money now for a personal website because all my projects are self-financed)

• DANA SCHWARTZ As Photographers, we create a reality. We are not merely the ones who stand behind the camera, putting moments into frames; We are also the ones who bring them to life, framing them in eternity. The ability to process a frame, post photography; to highlight or blur certain parts in it, to convert, emphasize or soften, only accentuates the aspect of 'creation' over the aspect of 'documentation' in our work as photographers. My favorite genre of photography is street photography since my subjects are in their natural environment, they have no agenda other than that which brought them to step into the street; At times they are in the light at others in the shade at times they are aware of my camera and at others they are not. They help me in creating my reality. Art to me is a “ticket to immortality”; it transcends the natural existence of any individual, making the individual live on in the minds of others.

• TAMMY MIKE LAUFER I deal with contemporary art. My works are similar to mental puzzles, where you can travel from one point to another by analyzing a picture’s symbolic objects. there is always something for the observer to discover. I never force my vision or push my philosophical opinion on the viewers, each and every one, can give theirs philosophy to my creation. My art is surreal reality, all in my head. The viewer take a journey to places just as real as those you might find in this reality. When I start working on a new scene, it's like enter to a fantasy dream. like starting your new only virtual world. “Everything is possible” and in the majority of my works I am trying to combine visual realities, with subconscious emotions and philosophical thoughts. I create my virtual world, with 3d software and 2d paint software. Using combinations of renderings, lightings, textures and shapes.

• JOZSEF RAZ Jozsef Raz a Digital Artist Photographer. Visual Graphic Design and History of Art graduate . On the way from the Analog world to the Digital world, I went from using direct contact of the materials such as: Celluloid, Steel, Wood, Glass and Canvas to the Digital world where I collect all the materials for my work using the camera and the scanner. The computer's mouse is my main tool to draw and scalp my work of art. My work expresses "searching after the beauty in the ugliness and the ugliness in the beauty" and creates an illusion of the fantasy world

• AVIVA BEIGEL WAR ZONE I am an artist living in war zone. War has always been a part of my life, as a child and as an adult. The main theme of my artworks is the human been, My point of view in this series is to open a small window to the harsh reality that people have to cope with while living in such a place. They have to cope with their fears, with crushed dreams, pain and sorrow.

• BOUCA GRUNFELD The densely populated urban environment in which I live and create is characterized by an immense variety of plastic manifestations. Conflicting visual stimuli of buildings, incomplete structures, images of interior and exterior spaces, glimpses of nature, continuously flood my senses, challenging the artist in me to respond. In the works resulting from these circumstances an effort is made to bring the clashing, co-existing elements to terms. The distinctions and boundaries are emphasized in a manner that enables their mutual existence without conceding any compromises. The materials used for this purpose are not standard canvases fixed on frames. Instead, pieces of wood, metal and large, thick surfaces of overlaying posters removed from billboards form the substrate for the images. In this fashion an abstract imagery is combined with quotations from the concrete environment. A multilayered struggle ensues between the materials and the visual art which is formulated in this combined language.

• MALLY ELBAZ ALMANDINE The concept behind my creations is the perception of objective reality as opposed to subjective reality, which people can experience throughout their lifetime. Both the highlighting and the blurring of events allow fragments and layers of one's life to rely on and touch each other. These life fragments are purposely uncovered and hidden simultaneously. At times life fragments are interwoven into a bead string, a colorful sequence of life's events. The way I perceive the abstract concept of "happiness": it is so momentary and relies and feeds mainly on painful experiences. The stronger the pain is, the shorter and more intense the moments of happiness become, and this pattern functions reciprocally and inversely. The images in my paintings are borrowed from the subjective experiences in my childhood's world, and the means by which I chose to deal with the real world. Through the transition of time and place, both pleasant and difficult experiences are idealized in one's internal world by an existential defense mechanism of survival.

• SHULA ROSS I express my love to my homeland's landscape through my paintings. I am especially intrigued by the meeting between old and new and the light overcoming the shadows. An additional motive in my oil paintings and my bronze and aluminum sculptures is the woman. The feminine experience from childhood until old age when the woman is aware of herself romantically and esthetically. It is reflected in the soft lines and in the expression.

• MEGI ROME Born and raised in Tbilissi, Georgia. Around the stimulation of countless richness in Ballet, Theater, Poetry and Literature, Ancient history and colorful inspirational breathtaking landscapes. Modern cities on the one hand and Villages scattered around, have not changed much from the Middle Ages. My art is a product of my life, adventures, experiences and dreams, containing elements of a strict framework versus freedom. Using musical elements to find a way of translating both languages, music and painting to each other and create a synthesis of personal and general language while looking for the infinite form of sublime beauty and yet accessible. Musical note becomes a plastic image, rhythm and movement characters become formal rhythm and rhythmic tools such as a metronome and a clock Perceptual symbolization. My paintings are filled with love and compassion of our troubled world, People who surrender to their fate or searching for their dreams.

• LIOR REIZEL As a wanderer between worlds, I know that the most magnificent landscapes I've experienced are invisible to the eye; revealed only to those who wish to see them. In my creative work, I grasp the tip of the thread that has been dangled before me from the hidden corners of my consciousness; a gift to be used in "weaving" a work of art. Naturally, this thread undergoes change in the studio. Studio work focuses on a dense, material existence that tries to cloak the magic threads in a physical body. Over the years, the work has become more and more material, and nevertheless more precise. As I blend, paint and sculpt, the crevices of consciousness remain close at hand. Attention is sharpened, vision clears, fear subsides, and I am better able to contain the visions I see and pass them along.!/liorreizelartist

• CAROLIN ARCOS "The main theme in my paintings are big sized women with the point of view on creating powerful and unadulterated womens images. All paintings are acrylic colors on large canvases. The size of the canvas underlines the power of the images. My preference for painting women with a rustic beauty is my answer to picturing women as objects, mostly sex-objects. I'd like seeing women as unworried of main stream beauty, self assured, human and with a smile."

• AYELET AMIT The local atmosphere - social and physical take a main place in my themes from a private and national point of view. Dealing with the new orders and old orders relationships, and longing to old values of Israeli society. My main Techniques are Oil painting, Screen Printing, Photography and Mixed media.

• HAVA RAUCHER The City Square Dozens of Naked Human Figures in the Square of a Timeless Imaginary City. Raucher’s sculptures are aluminum castings created using the lost wax technique. After the casting is completed, Raucher paints and even draws on them: skin, veins, hair and texture, as if they were portraits on canvas. The lack of eroticism conveys the artist’s mainly existential view of the models; this view connects this installation to the period After the Second World War, when art developed an existential manifest, i.e. abstract art that isolates man from his material environment.

• ARIEL EILON I'm Artistic photographer, I see a story through pictures, focuses on the lives of people around the world, different groups. Black and white photographs I present to the viewers and true reality of other people or in different situations, and practice. I make photography series, reflection of reality and give a glimpse into the lives of people. Lighting is a major thing in photography - without light there is no photo. Frequently use existing lighting and creates dramatic images, using capturing movement. Freezing of the moment is the focus of creative description of the Tibetan monks tea break, the snow in Jerusalem, and the fish symbolize , wealth, prosperity, fertility and love. Conversely The Bell - a symbol of contact between heaven to earth. He plays the voice of God and the harmony of the universe".

• ARIK AFEK The way we perceive reality, that is our very own viewpoint. It is entirely our own, whether it is in SYNC with reality or not. We can imagine who are those people who share the sidewalks with us? What do they think? Are they really what we can perceive through the masks they show us? More often then not, we have no clue about them even if we start a conversation. In order to know somebody, you need a lot of time. But then again, we have no other tools but to create a viewpoint based on what we can see. My portraits (part of my "Talking Heads" series), allow you to take another look at the people you hardly have a chance to see as you walk by, and try to see them beyond the apparent viewpoint‌


• DR. NURIT CEDERBOUM Points of (the) View Those works present my point of view relating to the broad subject pertaining to ''viewpoint''. The work focuses on one's vision, the eyes' gaze. I have selected concepts derived from the visual language, using them as a metaphor. The dots apprearing on those works constitute a part the visual statement. They came to being as some type of graphic signs on an expressive painting. The medium is the message conveyed. In those works, I present further, new viewpoints of reading the painted text, which are implied by its visual appearance. I experiment with the shape as I experminent with the words, thus I perceive the term ''viewpoints'' as not merely a personal philosophy, but various forms of viewing the world, and myself, as the painting's theme is a self portrait. Points of view are also physical points from which the gaze stems, or to which it diverts. Further points are points of the view as well. Dr. Nurit Cederboum

• SIGAL YAAR The question of how I perceive the world has always occupied my mind. As a child I used to walk along the streets and frame the world through my fingers. Since then I've been engaged in the quest of 'framing' my unique realm of humanity and the surrounding environment. This wish, along with my yearning to heal and reveal myself, has been my inspiration. In my works I use objects that I collect, recycle and then discover in them a new meaning & existence. With special techniques and by using the wood texture, I create an 'airy' and transparent environment which inspires the viewer. Sometimes, materials that I collect wait for years till I reveal their true meaning – what they aspire to be. My tendency to combine 3D & 2D, led me to use Assemblage, collage and to develop unique bevel techniques along with illustrative and classical painting skills. In many ways I feel that for me the world is a 'raw material'.

• HILA LAISER BEJA I am an artist experienced in new media art, photography, sculpture, video and drawing. In my work of art, I look for unique places. Places that are around us and within us. Places entwined with the dimensions of time. In my work, I try to understand time as it is experienced in real. The inspiration following -ones meeting with the work is powerful and multi-sensual. It transmits the basic message that we, human (organisms) are subject to greater cosmic processes that are way beyond our comprehension, eventually, trying to control time leads to the loss of the realistic sense of time.

• ORNA EIZENBERG It was not my intention to become a painter but it happened-gradually and then very forcefully. Two subjects seem to appear the most in my work - pieces of nature that appeal to me strongly and old objects which I find full of history and soul. I was always looking for techniques that would enable me to be as true as I could to the character and nature of the subjects and finally arrived at techniques that include several layers, each opening and revealing the layer underneath – as it really happens in life – the paint on the wood peels off, the fabric disintegrates, the plaster falls off, the iron gets rusty and I do my best to create these affects. Painting is my world. Painting is not just putting colour on canvas. It enables investigation of both technical issues and issues concerning what one learns about himself, his loves, memories and dreams.

• HEIDI STERN This three smal sculptures resemble the aesthetics of tableaux vivants but unlike the tableaux which populated real people posing as figures in an art scene, I stage imaginary figures in real and symbolic situations. Indeed, I direct the scenes of my installations as in a mediaeval moral play but the problems which in the past occupied the imagination of the middle age, though relevant and touching issues of good and evil as they are, are treated through a contemporary twist. The images deal with the theme of public execution and its uncanny relation with the media.

• RACHEL RAMOT-YENON The paintings that I’m showcasing are from a series of paintings entitled “The Bucket.” I placed the bucket as an object in the center of these works, a tool that looks simple and casual. I chose to present it as an inanimate object with its own life journey, and to show it in its physical state, position and location. In this work and in general, I’m influenced by different styles and trends. The ideas and the approach to a piece come from what I’m realizing and feeling, and leave a mark on me. This series of paintings was done in oil on canvas.

• YITZACK AKI DOTAN-AKIDATANA I sculpt in Hebrew which is the language of the place where I was born, land . I create modern sculpture but I get it from the closed shape of ancient Egypt who believed in eternity for me is a statue to symbolize all force. my art reaches the Canaanite archaeological excavations found in archeological here in Israel. All my composition is actually a monument to symbolize force. I plug the Canaanites with modern art through the African art, Arichpanko, Picasso, Lipschitz, I get a dialogue with them ideas matter I experienced in my dream. the idea that crystallizes into a rhythm and composition is a compromise between what I have experienced in my dream and the dialogue with the material that he desires.

• ELAD DAVID In my works, I deal with imagery from a personal place, relating to events from my past and present, as well as other events and periods in my life. My work touches on various subjects from gender, family and surroundings to boyhood, photographer-illustrated relations and other fields as environmental portraits of interiors and outdoors, a graphic adaptation of elements in the urban space. I often fuse personal texts with my photography as part of my choice not to be limited to the media I use, therefore you can sometimes find in my art different means other than photography such as text, painting, scanning and replication. Many of my photography works are portraits of males, and most of them include artistic male nudity. These works aim to question the relationship between the photographer and my illustrated subject and the willingness of the subject, as well as the photographer, to expose themselves while being part of the same work. Most of my artistic nude works are directed and possess the aesthetics of clean and minimal studio photography.

• SHULAMIT DAVIDOVICH Twelve years ago I started to shoot pictures of the view in front of my apartment window. At first I worked with an analog camera and later on with a digital camera as well. Many of the works were made by applying a number of exposures on the same film. I mixed the external views with views of my workshop, while dramatizing scenes using toys and other objects with the intention to merge them into "one place" and tie personal myths to collective existence. Later on, I also processed photos on the computer. Just as a dream, they take on different forms in accordance with the processing of the photos and my life experiences.

• KOBI AMIEL Regarding "viewpoint" : In the last two years i studied/photographed the subject of different viewpoints in the geography of the beach. This special place, as it brings all gender, race, internationality and more together, I found fascinating in different aspects - image like, sociologically and of course artistically... and as you will be able to see in the three examples i sent (there are many more) it includes the "viewpoint" theme.

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The 44 DEGREES is an online magazine and dedicated to promoting Israeli artists. The magazine deals with the field of contemporary art. Pre...

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