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44 DEGREES is an online magazine dedicated to the promotion of contemporary Israeli artists. The magazine showcases various artists such as digital media artists, painters, sculptors, and curators, with each issue focusing on a different theme. Artists showcased in the magazine may be contacted via the URL posted. 44 DEGREES is also archived by the Israel Museum in Jerusalem; all information published in the magazine may be viewed in the museum information archive room.

This issue deals with various artistic aspects of Music; how this topic is brought about, and how it is expressed in contemporary visual art.

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TAMMY MIKE LAUFER She created the concept and she's also the Designe Editor \Art director \ Curator \ Producer \ Website Director

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The Magic of Music and Art By: RuTea S. Noy Music and art are entwined, both contain rhythm and movement. In fact, from the early cavemen masters to modern times, visual artists implemented musical methods to animate their work. This bond became extremely visible thanks to new creative streams that revolutionized the face of society and equally effected music and art: Impressionism, NeoImpressionism, Pointillism, Cubism, Abstract, Pop Art. By introducing new tonality concepts, new perceptions of Color and Light, they changed the way we listen, see, experience, think, play, invent, consume, travel, dress, communicate, live. How many people previously heard about photography, film, radio, records, television or digital media? Visual images combined with soundtracks created cinema - the most influential art form of our times. Therefore, contemporary artists and art appreciators are able to grasp the connection more easily through shape, tone, movement and form. Music is always popular. Mark Chagall as well as fellow Israeli artists Yos‘L Bergner, Marcel Janco and Reuven Rubin enjoyed it and since it’s rooted in our Jewish culture, Israeli visual artists are happy to continue the tradition.

• BRURIA PASTERNAK I am an Israeli Artist. My multidisciplinary activities consist of Photography, Video-Art, Documentary, Filmmaking, Objects, Installation works and Music. I had many exhibitions in Israel, Europe, U.S.A., Mexico, Japan, and some of my works exist already in famous collections. I am a guide in art-workshops, and a lecturer about contemporary art inspired by Traditions. I also work as a curator of ethnographic and contemporary art exhibitions. "The color is the keyboard-key, the eye is the hammer, and the soul is the piano with its many strings". Vassilly Kandinsky Since I am dealing with visual art and music, one can sense the reciprocal influence of both media in my works. I am creating under the inspiration of musical realms, expressing musical feelings out of my associational world. A special empathy I do feel towards my musical unstrument - the guitar. I chose to present here works that were exhibited in several international Guitar Festivals. TRIO - Photographs, 60cmX40cm each

• FRIDA E. ABRAMSKI Born in Peru 1950 During 2001 Cancer was discovered in my body. While chemotherapy treatment I found out that Papier Mache (paper mache) sculpturing expirience helps me to cop the difficulties of my mental struggle related to my sickness. Since then I have turned Papier Mache sculpturing creation into a way of life. Today, in my Atlit studio I creat a unique art by using Papier Mache techniques that I have learned and perfected during the years. As inspiration sources I am using indiscriminately the European sculpturing tradition, Classical music, Far eastern art and the Kitsch art. Years of expirience and vast knowledge of various techniques enables me to teach Papier Mache in my workshop. The learning and creation is done in small intimate groups. Starting with the knowledge and feeling of the material- Papier Mache- while preparing it. In the next stage the technique is acquired by creating simple works. Later each participant develops his personal style and creates any of his fantasies, obviously in Papier Mache.....

• DANIELLA WEXLER Vinyl old records -33- 150x240 Music for all I took all the old records that I collected and made them colorful I love color I love music and I love recycling so I put all of them in this work- I hope that you can hear all the sounds!!!

• SHLOMIT RADAY Sculptures. Metal mesh is a unique, unusual material. It offers an opportunity to investigate not only the relations of shape and form but also those between inside and outside, separation and connection. Metal mesh has captured my heart and in the last few years I focused my work on this art form. The simplicity of the material, the way it surrenders to me, the surprise of creating something from nothing and the transparency within and among the images inspire me. Sometimes it is the material itself, the mesh, that represents the concepts around which the exhibit revolves, as it does here.

• GAYA KONIAK SHARIR "And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music." Friedrich Nietzsche I'm surrounded by musicians listening to and playing at least twice a week and I recently returned to play. Photography and music are a significant part of my life. Digital Phtography

• ‫‏‬SHULA ROSS SCULPTURE AND PAINTER I express my love to my homeland's landscape through my paintings. I am especially intrigued by the meeting between old and new and the light overcoming the shadows. An additional motive in my oil paintings and my bronze and aluminum sculptures is the woman. The feminine experience from childhood until old age when the woman is aware of herself romantically and esthetically. It is reflected in the soft lines and in the expression. A flutist, bronze, 58X21X14

• ILONA BALAGA Listening to Silence- Collage, pen and pencil on paper. A2 size. In this work, I was trying to capture some thoughts regarding different aspects of music. Order, structure, composition, intentional listening VS Chaos, disorganization, natural behavior of sound, natural course of hearing and the absence of silence in contemporary urban world.

• TAMMY MIKE LAUFER My works are similar to mental puzzles, where you can travel from one point to another by analyzing a picture’s symbolic objects. there is always something for the observer to discover. I never force my vision or push my philosophical opinion on the viewers each and every one, can give theirs philosophy to my creation. My art is surreal reality, all in my head. The viewer take a journey to places just as real as those you might find in this reality. When I start working on a new scene, it's like enter to a fantasy dream. like starting your new only virtual world. “Everything is possible” and in the majority of my works I am trying to combine visual realities, with subconscious emotions and philosophical thoughts. I create my virtual world, with 3d software and 2d paint software. Using combinations of renderings, lightings, textures and shapes.

“The trumpet�, digital media, digital painting, printing

• RUTEA S. NOY As a multi-disciplinary artist, writer, filmmaker, voice artist, I find beauty, compassion and hope everywhere, even in grim situations and environments. That motivates me to work hard and make sure every image I create reflects it. My creative journey is intimate. By exploring the boundless dimensions of time, I invite others in to increase self-awareness and see the universe through new, brighter eyes. It results in a dream-like interpretation of music and storytelling. For my digital art, fine art photography, film and animation, I utilize software - while my non digital imagery is mostly three dimensional and illuminated. I work in a nonconventional fashion, with a wide range of materials and techniques: pencil, ink, watercolor, acrylic, oil, wax, gold leaf, beads, clay, embroidery and assorted objects on canvas, paper, leather, silk, wood, glass, metal and stone. Curiosity, imagination and joie de vivre inspire me to create, as well as my love for all art forms, nature, culture, history, Jewish-Israeli heritage, and social, political issues. My goal is to bring a little bit of joy, tranquility and love - make art instead of war.


Music Makers

Piano Variations Piano Variations is a digital series dedicated to composers and piano compositions. The composers are presented by bare piano keys, showing their various styles. Since I started playing at the age of five and progressed from easy pieces to an advanced level, I arranged my visual images accordingly. The plain keyboard symbolizes Mozart for Kids, while the complicated images represent Ravel and Debussy. The compositions are translated to symbols by fusing keyboards and hands. Jazz - Misty, Take the A Train - and classical repertoire - Sonata, Fantasia - inspired me to create a different visual image for each musical piece.


The following photographs and digital images were inspired by New York City based musicians, musical instruments, composers and compositions.


Prelude to A Kiss

Jazz saxophonist and composer Ofer Assaf

I Got Rhythm

Jazz saxophonist and composer Ofer Assaf

Ruth Katz - for Alice

Dulcimer's Dream

A Perfect Duet




Take The A Train



• TZUF PRAG Born in Israel in 1981 A multidisciplinary visual artis : a painter. Photography. Sculptor, performance art - Action Painting. As a multidisciplinary artisan I am very connected to musicians as partners in the creation or inspiration of my work The following photos were taken in Berlin during my stay there. They reflect the diverse and creative world of various forms of street performances or stage. The real art is the art of survival. As an artist you choose not to give up and bring your art to the public at all costs. The Photos are not printing so they have no specificity size. 1-"Peru" 2- “Keith Tynes" 3-”Ofrin"!photography/c102h

• JACOB ALIVE MACMILLAN David at Musrara school David Orenstein, professional dancer of classical Arab dance was born in Haifa before the establishment of the state. His parents emigrated from Poland in the 1920’s. His orthodox Jewish parents were opposed to their child’s passion for dancing, and so as a teenager he felt he had to hide his ballet dancing outfits and wait until their anger would pass. Miriam, The architect's cousin, was introduced to David during an end of term event which took place at the "Arabesque" studio in a village near the city. Three men one being The Architect, The Doctor and the Attorney, all of whom had studied at the dance school with David together learnt to move their bodies within time to the sound of the well known "Inta Umri" (You are my entire life), sung by Um Cultum, the famous Egyptian singer who performed in 1935 at the "Edison" movie- theatre in Jerusalem. David would say that if you combine the movements of the Architect's pelvis, together with the movements of the Doctor's chest and the propulsion of the Attorney's legs then the "Dancing Prince" will appear. In time and with courage they moved on to dance with groups of women who of an old friend of David, Dorit Yeini, teaches at Hora Yerushalayim studio in Nayot.

Participants: Norma Drimmer, Paula Yerushalmi Tammy Mike Laufer, Sigalit Banai, Nadav Ben Israel. Footage: Nadav Ben Israel. Still photography: Uzi Porat. Design Nurit Agur PROMO: YOUTUBE During the exhibition at the Musrara school of photography, with the presentation of the interior of David's apartment, together with the 5 video art performances, a homage is formed, integrating "Bauhaus and the Orient" together. Each of the 5 artists coming from their own professional field create the weave of the exhibition together: Norma Drimmer, Paula Yerushalmi, Tammy Mike Laufer, Sigalit Banai and Nadav Ben Israel.The starting point being where each artist received identical photographs of the material (Photage) for their own interpretation.

David at Musrara School From: Jacob's Alive MacMillan Dwellings project'‫‏‬-A hundred houses, a hundred gates' By: Albert Swissa Apart and beyond the deceptive splendour and spectacle of what is nowadays known as ‘interior design’ or ‘life style’ rests the profound subject which Jacob Alive MacMillan addresses in his work, that of the ancient question of a man’s dwelling, his longing to receive a share- stretch of land in the world through which to give his existence a higher meaning than that of simply being. For those of us who speak Hebrew there is no need of the Freudian term “Das Unheimliche”, or as it is translated to English “uncanny” or sometimes referred to as “haunted house” in order to see the uncanny and moral contradiction which is ever-present in the actual action of dwelling. In biblical Hebrew etymology there is a direct link in trough the word Magor from which the noun megurim - dwelling stems, as Magor when used as an adjective means fear and terror. And thus Magor in hebrew denotes not only the place of dwelling, the abode in which the physical action of dwelling takes place, the longed for localization in the world, but also the terror and fear which are its ever present companion, and which stand at its basis and is inherent to its structure, both actual conscious. After all, the dwelling and its fragile object-product, the home, is not a given like other natural objects, and as in the principle of the tower of Babel, in each constructed house lies the possible idea of its destruction, and that of the archi-text that built it. Translation: Idit Arad

• GANGI I am a music photographer; I live and work in Israel. I Studied history of art at the Hebrew University, and started photographing professionally about 5 years ago. Being synesthete (synesthesia = mixed senses), I always tried to express my colorful sensations by art . Since music is abstract, it gives me a lot more space to experience the world through my senses; In my eyes, Black & White might carry a whole bow of colors, shapes and textures, and though I understand it is a privet perception, I really would like to share some of this excitement with people who watch my work. What interests me most in the process of making music are expressions, emotions and interactions; I hunt them with great patience, using light and colors to express my impressions. My photos are all documentary and follow the process of making music onstage and backstage - in concerts, rehearsals, recordings, classes, masterclasses etc. Trying to minimize my influence on the process, I never use any additional lightning or flash, and do my best not to affect any of the natural moves. Besides jazz, I also like world music, classical music and rock.

Stranger in the dark

A pianist's dream Chick Corea's eyelashes


• ‫‏‬NINO HERMAN This is a series of photographs which I have taken when happening on street music events. As in all my work, even in my series of street photography, I take pains not to intrude, as a documentary photographer might do, but rather I try to approach these musicians at a different level, more personal, with respect and by developing some sort of conversation with them, getting to know them as individuals. As can be seen in all my themes and images, I find it insufficient to capture the icon, the outward representation of whatever it is I’m working, I need to enter, at least at a certain level into an intimate level of my subject. I believe that only by capturing some essence of the soul, I can be satisfied. Although I cannot actually play the music in my stills, I have tried to express the joy, the ecstasy, the sense of freedom these young musicians feel when making their music. The streets themselves, the surroundings, are the stage. the correlation between this “stage”, the musicians, their music, their movements, the kind of lighting, the weather, all these are caught up and captured into a certain moment. Nili Fink, Kama Vardi and Tamar Capsouto, are the musicians whose events I have photographed here. As Tamar Capsuto, once said:“Nino doesn’t just understand the streets, he succeeds in photographing the real feeling of the streets” . This is what I would like to express in this “music” theme series.

English by: Jennifer Bloch BLOG

• JOZSEF RAZ "LOVE FROM THE FIRST SHOT" Jozsef Raz - Artist Photographer I first met Zeev Hertz in a lecture he gave at the photograph club in Tel – Aviv . The topic of the lecture surprised the participants in its innovation: " using photoshop to process photographs" . I did not expect such an up to date topic from a man who is one of the last great masters in the world of analog photography. I was captured by the charm of the artist and the man . "your photograph is wonderful but it is missing a human interest angle " – told me Zeev . It was a photograph in which I shot a guitar from a special angle and with his typical kindness and generosity, Zeev instantly offered me photographs of women from his private archive. And the result showed instantly – two photographers on one format. The wonders of photoshop! The love of photography bridges the age gap between us. A pfotographers' comradeship from the very fist shot. Facebook

• NECHAMA GOLAN "She's Only Into Loud Radio" 1982-2011, treated photograph 100/70 lambda print "She's Only Into Loud Radio" is the name of the series of photographs which consisted of my graduation project of the Avni Institute of Art & Design. The title of this series is also the headline of a "hit" song, by the Israeli Rock band, "TISLAM" from 1982. This project was inspired by a five-years old girl who loved Rock Music in the 80s, and used to mimic the moves of her Rock singers idols. about my work: I have changed my lifestyle and I have turned from a secularist person into one who is committed to the ways of the Torah and its commands. This means that my artistic education was obtained while being secular, but when I started applying it, I was following the Jewish religion – my artistic creations deals with women within the Jewish world and culture through plastic images, personal texts, women’s poems and texts from the Holy Scriptures possessing an authoritative status dictated by the Masculine culture.

• EHUD MELAMED I was born in Israel on 1956, married with 3 children. My professional knowledge as a photographer was acquired in the school of geographical photography in Tel Aviv, Galitz photography school , workshops with "Massa- Aher", Contact, and others For the last 30 years my photography is of landscape and nature, animals, people and portrait, modeling and fashion, theatre and dancing. I use today - Nikon DSLR camera D7100/ Pictures were taken in the event "circle of songs" in Jerusalem and in Tel Aviv. Bat Yam festival and in Holon Adloyada.

• GILI AVISSAR In my recent work I created a dozen costumes, which I wore while performing and filming myself, mostly in an alternative studio that I built inside my "real" studio. Picking up on that piece, I focused on live performance and its relation to sculpture/ installation/ dance and costumes design. I was particularly interested in creating time-based events incorporating live music as well as other artists. In the video tou can see the four band mates of Avodot Afar play their songs including four other performers along with myself photographing and dancing, all dressed in special outfits I made for them, all performing on the closing night of my show. Link to the work:

• ELISHEVA NESIS My main interest is looking for signs of mysteries in our life and studying evidences of their penetrations into the real world. Almost all my paintings and books are around this theme. As well I've been trying to detect mysterious penetrations in some border individuals. So it was just natural to me to settle in Jerusalem, the most mysterious place in the world. This town has a great influence at my paintings and texts. In music and art I like the same: drive, energy, ideas, emotions, brightness and movement.

TO FIND THE MELODY - diptych, canvas/acrylic, 70cm x 50cm

SERENADE - canvas/acrylic 60cm x 50cm

ANGEL’S MUSIC - canvas/acrylic 50cm x 40cm

• LIA KAUFMAN My works are divided into series of realistic-figurative painting in various techniques; mainly oil on canvas and metal, as well as an original self-developed technique, using polymeric substances and colors – dubbed "Blups". The "Musicians" series deals with the ability to communicate a sense of connection between the person, the instrument and the music. In my paintings, I take the musician out of a scene without reference to time or place - the focus is on the musician's sounds and their belonging to him, and not on the musician's belonging to a specific space. A close look shows my attempt to assert the musician's personal experience in music through painting. This is similar to the way in which I, as an artist, seek to convey to the viewer an emotional experience through observation. Works from the "Musicians" series were featured in "Stage World" at the Artists House in Haifa, Israel (2014) and in a group exhibition called "Art & About" in Munich, Germany (2014).

Alt Clarinet 70x105 cm Oil on Metal

Tuning 80x100 cm Oil on Canvas

Accordion 100x120 cm Oil on Canvas

Caja de Musica 100x120 cm Oil on Canvas

• ‫‏‬DAVID LOUIS As a child I was drawn to the art of painting. Yet in practice, I became a trumpet player, composer and conductor. Music became a part of me. I composed in classical music style and conducted orchestras throughout the world. I played American jazz folk and blues and Chassidic Klezmer. Over time I gradually returned to my first love and I began to paint. Whenever I think about my musical compositions, I think what they would look like in painting. To me, the colors of the spectrum, the notes of the musical scale and the Kabalistic Spheres are all one. The challenge is to take supernal ideas and embody them in sensible color, to see how elemental natural pigments are transformed into a mirror of metaphysical thoughts. When a brush loaded with paint touches canvas, the paint is pulled off the brush and leaves a spot of color. This contact is the transition point between the inner thought and the painting which will soon have its own existence. My whole life as a painter has been spent in improving the flow of the thought into the painting with the least possible presence of the brush paint and canvass. Sometimes I paint from nature and sometimes from inner vision. Ultimately they are combined into one, or rather, together reveal the oneness which they hold in common. I think about the Kabalistic meanings of the colors and these crystalize in the natural forms I paint. I see natural forms interwoven with or composed of Hebrew letters. Sometimes these abstract Kabalistic letters appear to my mind as three dimensional objects and thus as subjects for still life.

• EINAV LURIE In the Old Testament Serah appears only twice very shortly in the context of the lineage of Israel. although she appears countless times in the stories of the Jewish tradition and is mentioned as a major mystical figure. According to one Jewish tradition, when Jacob's sons wanted to tell him that Joseph was still alive, they did not want him to get highly excited, and did not know what to do, so they asked smart Serah for help, she started to play the violin and sing that her uncle Joseph is still alive, and so Jacob discovered the good news gently. I was always interested in that there are many women in the Old Testament who did significant things but mentioned marginally, In my work I try to give these women a face, emotions and to tell their story. I paint with acrylic colors, I love the fact that the acrylic has the ability to be soft and gentle like water color, or as rich and alive as oil paint, I can play with the two options as I paint. Serah daughter of Asher Acrylic on canvas, 30*40cm.

• ANNA MANSOHN The world I create by my art is a happy, magical place, full with light, bright colours, different creatures, musical instruments, ancient cities, sounds and notes. I often walk by ancient street of Jerusalem and many people, places I see look musical to me. I can easily picture may people I meet holding a musical instrument: a trumpet, violin, a pipe, a harp… Ancient cities like Jerusalem and Old Jaffo have their special sound. In my art I’m looking for that sound. 1-Yerusalaim, Yoursong and sight, 100X100cm. mixed technique on canvas. 2-The Mermaid at old Jaffa Playing her Magic Flute, 60x50 cm. mixed technique on canvas. Facebook

• YIGAL SAMUEL I love music . Whenever I hear a song or a melody I see paintings in my mind . And it gives me a lot of emotion that also expressed later in colors. The music was very important to me especially when in the army .i used it to escape to a better place of peace and love.!gallery/c3dx

• MEGI ROME As a Painter and Pianist I've was always playing and drawing parallelly until I started to feel an urge to merge between them. Great painters and Composers did it way back but I'm looking for my own way in this fantastic journey.

The flying piano, 120X120cm


Born in Israel Artist and curator, painting and arts lecturer. I mainly draw with my fingers in a unique mixed media, various materials, through a lyrical abstract style. The paintings contain elements of fire, water, air and soil. Subjects are taken from nature, memories of childhood, home, family and associations. Since 2000, organize, produce and curate group exhibitions and solo exhibitions.

• RUTH PALDI This series contains paintings influenced by musical compositions which touched my soul. The uniqueness of this series is by employing the present technology which let us simultaneously enjoy seeing the paintings and hearing the music.

• ANN GUBNITSKAYA I came from Russia, St. Petersburg. I studied at the Art Academy. I worked as graphic designer in offset printing, taught at the Art Institute in St. Petersburg The graphic design on the computer. This art work is called a "Jewish wedding with klezmers". It is made in oil on canvas. Through music I created an atmosphere of joy and happiness of this moment, entering into a joint union of two young people.

• IRENA SPECTOR-SREBNOGUR Music is everywhere, whether it is played and listened and whether it is muted and appears through the rhythm of images of everyday life. I’m an artist, physician and a very busy mom. Almost every morning I make my way through the inevitable and annoying traffic. Music accompanies me during these hours and so are the images of passing cars, buildings, traffic lights and highways. The morning melody is full of expectation, rush, freshness and brightness. The melody of evening is slow, tired, sometimes indiscrete and punctuated by lights. In my paintings I am trying to capture the mood, the rhythm, colors and the music of these ever changing and so routine moments of my life.

Morning melody, 30x20cm, mixed media (acrylic, black liner, collage) Evening melody, 30x20cm, mixed media (acrylic, black liner, collage)

• RONIT MEIRI-PELED I consider myself as an multidisciplinary artist. I come from the world of Graphic design, Animation and visual art. I deal with art ever since I can remember myself. Usually I paint in a techniques that combine several types of painting materials such as acrylic and oil pastels. I do not limit myself to a certain style and my works are very different from each other. I like to challenge myself all the time and create new things. I don't plan ahead. I paint freely, so My work of art changes several times until it reaches its final result. I paint with a lot of passion and try to paint on a daily basis. I just love creating art. As far as i concern, A day without creation, it is a wasted day.

• HAGAR KADIMA‫‏‬ Often when people look at my paintings, they spontaneously point out at certain musical aspects – either in terms of composition, flow, or "rhythm" of entities on the paper, or in terms of concrete musical images, such as notes and clefs. Again and again I am (positively) surprised by those comments, which actually identify my inner profound relationship with music. Even though consciously I do not set out to paint musical visual images – since I am a professional musician for dozens of years (composer in the classical music domain, Ph.D. in music composition, academic faculty) – it is only natural that music is interwoven in a most significant way in my paintings, and that musical images find their spontaneous expression in my visual art. Looking into a deeper layer, it is both in music and in painting that I search for a dialogue between that precise line, or that clear compositional direction of an art/music creation, and between that absolute freedom of paint stains on wet paper, or that beautifully imperfect natural line of ours human beings.

Ink on paper, When Music is Playing, 50X33

Ink on paper, Weeds Song, 50X35

• ELI GROSS “Aspire to happiness, to calm a tempestuous soul, towards serenity “– that’s the way Eli Gross articulates the nature of his art. In his youth he was a student of the famous artists Jacob (Yoyo) El Hanani and Gabi Ben Zano. Recently after half a century of a demanding carrier, Eli has finally realized his age old dream. He studies art at Avni institute and is an active artist, painter and sculptor. Eli’s longing for happiness is molded into the harmonious movement of his dancer characters. The same ideas are also conveyed in a silent embrace or pastoral landscape. The underpinning notion is one of harmonies stasis and nirvana. A longing for absolute happiness and tranquility for a turbulent soul, for moments of serenity facilitated by silent embrace and harmonious movement of two unique souls and two intimate bodies in synchronized flow merging in body and soul. An interesting path leads Eli’s work that starts as a drawing, then a burgeoning imagery, maturing into a painting and sometimes a multidimensional sculpture all born of a single idea.

The Band

The Saxophonist

Follow the Music

• MATAN KOHN "Music stars" -Hand drawn and computer colored 1000/707 pix. The painting contains some of the greatest rock and pop stars of all time, and is part of a series of paintings that focus on the topics like- cinema, sport and humor. Matan kohn is a graphic designer, animator, illustrator and movie editor.


EINAT MOGLAD - PROJECT Scribble it Down project. In this project artists from all around the world work together to create communal works of art in a sequential process. The artists participating in the project are from all around the world and share their different cultures and points of views. The project wishes to continue on as a yearly event (it is already in its second year) in order to promote tolerance and communication while allowing the artists to express their inherent cultural variety. The project should raise questions about “my place in society? my work in relation to others? What the other can give me and inspire?" The project hope to allow many more artists to participate in the future project and the creation of much more diverse art.