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• VERED NAVON I took these photos in New York, at the time when I lived there, between 1987 - 1991. I've never decided to make "Feminist photography", even thought I did consider myself a feminist young woman. I simply enjoyed my freedom to look at other women or men, from my female point of view. I was very enthushiastic in photographing beautiful / interesting people in my surroundings - indoors and outside on the streets. I tried to capture my feelings in my camera. I believe that after so many decades when art was created mainly by men and through men's eyes, women's art is still a revolution, no matter what the subject is.

FEMINISM The new issue of the online art magazine 44 DEGREES  

The new issue – FEMINISM of the online art magazine 44 DEGREES and it free to view. This is a special double edition. The online art magazin...

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