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44 DEGREES is an online magazine and dedicated to promoting Israeli artists. The magazine deals with the field of contemporary art. Present digital media artists, painters, sculptors and curators. Each magazine will discuss a different Issue. To contact each artist, click on his site, or write to his email. 

The issue of the magazine – URBAN LANDSCAPE Every city in the world has its skyline. Some are better known, some less. Every city has its own atmosphere. The artists bring their own interpretation of the city views. What is the urban landscape that interesting us? Architecture, people, colors, reflections, motion, shades, textures… Enjoy a wonderful art collection of sights of the citys. The 44 DEGREES online art Magazine is founded by TAMMY MIKE LAUFER 2013 All rights reserved ©

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• RUSLAN SERGEEV Design of Landscape Moods Environmental sculpture & landscape design The medium through which he communicates this ostensible "love" has, quite naturally, invited comparisons with the great catalan modernist Antoni Gaudi. To a certain extent, Ruslan Sergeev's influence has profoundly altered the architectural landscape of Israel in the same way that Barcelona became an extension of Gaudi's sprawling imagination. Of course, this comparison goes beyond the mere stylistic preference of both artists' tendencies to use mosaic pattern as a basis for their expression. Israel's unique geographical location, in the very heartland of the Middle East where the cultures of the East and West collide, has had a profound impact on the country's creative orientation, investing a rich diversity into Israel's arts culture. Thinking about Sergeev's sculptures within this context has enthralled several art theorists, such as David Feiffer in his seminal book "Understanding Art", to contemplate the relationship between Sergeev's sculptures and the tradition of the arts in the Middle East and its reflection in European art traditions. While Ruslan Sergeev is now becoming an increasingly popular figure in intellectual circles, and the meanings behind his work are increasingly being theorized about, it is essential that the physical presence of this work and the way it has enhanced urban spaces in a patently unique way in Israel, and indeed the world, remains the central point of interest. 1. "Magic Tree" – 7m x 7m x 5m -mosaic landscape fountain sculpture

1. The Grasshopper – 9m x 25m x 22m Landscape playground sculpture 2. "New Wave" – 1,5 km. cliff promenade with 9 huge landscape mosaic sculptures 3. "Big Wave" – 2,5m x 24m x 4,5m mosaic landscape sculpture

• HILA LAISER BEJA As an artist, I'm trying to see how we can conceptualize or shape and pour of thought, not necessarily the content, into an image registry or a statue. Materials with them I work are basic building materials like steel and concrete, perhaps to represent the building blocks of consciousness. As part of this work over the past few years, I went back to the Basic and the Visual "home" as the kids paint it. Seemingly innocent and structure is standard, but a second examination, this initial experience of consciousness & conceptualization to built-in image ourselves. During years and dozens of images of "home" and found, the sculpture process let me merge ways not reflective thinking in various houses. Christopher bulls, English psychoanalyst, coined the term "deemed" known (un thought known), as the Organization of consciousness which enables us to act in a certain way without we stopped thinking about it consciously. I invite the Viewer to look inward into these homes, emotional structures through which bulk home statue, perhaps through a transforming the House inside of each consciousness. 1- Home Faces -Iron sculpture- H30.30

Homes - iron sculpture - H35,70,15

• AMIR TOMASHOV Far from the architectural practice, I seek the clinical-critical point of view on the urban anatomy of the metropolis in Israel and abroad. I fantasize about utopian space and regard the existing space as something which should be treated with extra care, for fear it too might be swallowed into the architectural battlefield. We are witnessing destruction, be it visible or hidden. All that is left for us is to clear our vision and see that which is hidden behind ideals of political brutality, a heap of built utopias, and the vitality of abundance that bites into our moral perception. The experience I try to convey is of the esthetics of destruction. My work often deals with ruins, which calls to mind natural or man-made disasters. At the same time, my perspective is optimistic, as my attitude offers a rehabilitation master-plan. We are in the age of healing. The transformation of ideas to the media I use offers a symbolic and instant comparison between the process of building and destruction. This transformation creates a perception of architecture in which structures are created and destroyed as if by thought.

Illustration on plywood markers, crayons and graphite 45cm x 60cm

PVC, synthetic paint and cardboard model 50cm x 50cm

Cardboard, wood and linen [details] 320cm x 140cm x 23cm extract from Upside Town solo show 2013

• SHIFRA LEVYATHAN l am an urban photographer. l love the city at all times of the day or the year. The hustle and bustle, the constant movement and sounds are music to my ears. Be it new or old, high-rise buildings or aging and sad corners, new shining facades or old crumbling walls, they all have a story for me. The people fascinate me. Like ants they come and go, colorful and different, which of course makes them so interesting. The camera is my painting brush and the photograph is my canvas: like a painter, l add and subtract from the original photograph. l play with colors and shapes, changing and reshaping, until l create something new. When the result is right in my eyes - it is my new creation.

• ELAD DAVID In my photographs which deal with urban landscape I focus in a number of urban elements, such as graphic images and reflections created in the city, as well as incidental sculpting which made by man one way or another. In this type of works, as well as others, I express by the medium of photography the way I see the world from my point of view. Feelings such as foreignness and emptiness are increased by the images the city provides me as a person and in an ironic way, as an artist.

• EHUD MELAMED Photographer The pictures that I chose were taken in Italy - Venice and the neighbor islands Moreno and Burano during the mask festival in February 2013.

• TUVAL RABINA I am a street photographer in search for the special moments when the chaos of the urban environment suddenly stops and makes sense. During the last 12 years I have been studying the world that surrounds us, finding special places and moments in our habitats and on some of the most extreme places on our planet. Most of my current work takes place in my hometown – Tel Aviv, which never fails to surprise me. During the last couple of years I have displayed my works on various exhibitions, including: Tel Aviv Photo 2011 Tel Aviv Photo 2012 Solo Exhibition at Daniel's Gallery Partsufa Shel Hamedina – Social Group Exhibition XPozito – Group Art Exhibition

• YANIV WAISSA My photographic journeys lead me to explore the relationship between man and nature and the, sometimes absurd, connection and constant tension between past, present and future. In this project I intentionally produce images that are lacking human presence in order to focus the viewer on the magnificent work of art we call a metropolis. During the years that this project is in progress, I often came to think of the duality of this urban landscapes. On one hand these landscapes are impressive and emphasize how small we, humans, actually are. On the other hand it seems to have the ability to help us come to terms with the concrete and steel horrors that surround us.

Pigment prints on Fine Art Photo Rag Paper 60X76 c"m

• TAMMY MIKE LAUFER My works are similar to mental puzzles, where you can travel from one point to another by analyzing a picture’s symbolic objects. there is always something for the observer to discover. I never force my vision or push my philosophical opinion on the viewers each and every one, can give theirs philosophy to my creation. My art is surreal reality, all in my head. The viewer take a journey to places just as real as those you might find in this reality. When I start working on a new scene, it's like enter to a fantasy dream. like starting your new only virtual world. “Everything is possible” and in the majority of my works I am trying to combine visual realities, with subconscious emotions and philosophical thoughts. I create my virtual world, with 3d software and 2d paint software. Using combinations of renderings, lightings, textures and shapes.

• HAGGAI BEN-YEHUDA I have a craving for unusual sights revealed by a building or a street corner. I wander around a lot, usually in the early hours when the first light touches the wall, a tree or a street. In the morning, the wall, for example, go through a color metamorphose and begins to shine. The urge to photograph and carrying a camera on a daily basis, gives me a sense of freedom and freedom is like carrying bombs on the back, that I release while shooting - then something happens, different and detached from everyday life and it's like a new space opens. The reality I photograph is ordinary reality, but by looking from a different point, revealed to me while shooting, there is another reality. Recurring motifs in pictures I take, are geometric shapes or structures in the urban space. Through focusing on part of a structure and not on the whole, new aspects of reality are observed and unexpected relations between details are seen. That way the structure loses its primary functionality. Expropriation of the banal view and the freshness of a new look, invigorate the routine of the street or a building, and give the objects meanings that require opening up to potentials of the look and the seen that extend the dialogue between them.

• DR. NURIT CEDERBOUM Dr. Nurit Cederboum – Artist & multydisceplinary reasercher An active aritst, poet, curator, art consultant, author, lecturer NLP coach and group mentor. Formerly – ''Head of The Interdisciplinary Center of Art Studies'' at Western Galillee College.At present – Academic consultant at an experimental school head of the arts field at an educational institute. Practicing art, research, and therapy at a private studio, 'Nurit Art''. Director of ''ANI'' (Israeli Women Artists Organization) Members of professional art and literature organizations. Board member of ''Shlomi Center for Alternative Theater'' Those works are part of a large collection of works, which I created within the ''Holiday of Holidays'' festival in Wadi Nissnass (a picturesque Arab neighborhood in the heart of Haifa). Those works were formed from collages, which I created from photographs I shoot in the neighborhood. I absorbed the oriental views characterizing the neighborhood, creating a set of collages focusing on windows, doorposts, walls, and balconies. The collages were screened on the walls of the neighborhood's houses. I further arranged the collages in various modes, by digital means. They were printed on large canvasses and presented throughout the Wadi on ropes, stretching from one balcony to another.

• IRITH GUBI Photographer Born and raised in Tel Aviv. In my work I am exploring urban landscapes among other things. The sceneries of the city are like permanent museum displays, the changing exhibits suggest in many cases the local context and add a sense of vitality and uniqueness to the general view . Just as in other areas of interest, I am particularly attracted to ambiguous looking locations, amusing scenes and imaginary places.

• ERAN CAHANI As an independent artist, I often deal in my work with people's issues and urban landscapes. I find that the combination of the two produces the element that I strive to display each time I approach my work - Emotion. Multiple small stories of streets and houses blend in people's everyday stories and create something fascinating that we as, bystanders tend to connect to. Throughout the work process I try to ensure that the feeling and emotion are kept and delivered authentically. I base my work mainly on quick sketches and photos of situations that grab me and I sometimes integrate situations to illustrate the emotion arising in me. I mainly use the techniques of oil and acrylic and like to demonstrate the subtle nuances between colors and shades and the different effects they produce according to my choices. In the creative process I always find a reflection of my life: fears, triumphs, character, difficulties, methods of solution, likes and secrets.

• LILY DAVID The works are characterized with flow of lines, colors and textures. At first look they give the feeling of abstract painting, afterwards turning into Urban Landscapes. The works describe the influence of the modern age. Individuals that live and act inside structured world and surrounded borders.

• EINAV LURIE For millions of years humans did not tried to control their environment. Then slowly, we changed our behavior, no longer living with plants and animals, now we are controlling and reorganizing everything for our comport and decadence. 1. Scottish Reindeer 45*40cm acrylic on plywood 2. Asian lioness 30*50cm acrylic on canvas

• NURIT SHANY The paintings I show you are a number of gates of a yearning in an urban area. What costume does a yearning wear craving for space in an urban area? How does yearning glance into space out of the various garments in the Tel Aviv daily Theater? On the Urban stage I'm moving through two locations. I cross the street on my way to the sea. The Tel Aviv stage locations are two: one is a street, the other is the sea. Both allow my yearning to fly into spaces, fly on through a gate. The gate is an image standing on my way. So I painted it It is obvious to us all that one gate can be found in the sky or in the distant sea horizon. But, is there any other, any tiny gate in the street where my heroes walk alon?. On my way to the sea I see the a Dog walker who belong to Tel Aviv's culture and there are many of them. They all form a group relating to each other in some way. This is a gate. Well I myself, when I belong, I'm flying in to the love of solidarity of all those who are like me. So my yearning has found a gate creating space and proper to the Rothschild Boulevard. 1-A dog walkerin tel Aviv, oil on canvas 80X60 cm 2-flying abouv Tel Aviv tops 30X40 cm oil on canvas 3-yerning to more love or to pain oil on canvas, 100X130 cm 4-"Lets fly up and across the horizon",Tel Aviv Jaffa sea shore oil on canvas 60X80 cm

• SVETLANA BELENKIN The charming of the old small cities - my love since the childhood. I was born in such city… In any country when I get to the captivating atmosphere of such places, be it the small provincial town or ancient part of the big city, I feel comfortably. Pleasure spreads on a body…. It seems to me that I at home and I know everything around.... Hands try to keep step with paper and a pencil - though the sketch for memory... To remember impression... . Sometimes couple strokes a pastel gives the chance to remember color and light. These places often are present at my works, sometimes as a background, sometimes as the main character transferring mood or thought, arisen, looking on a house corner... window... . I don't reproduce the houses and the streets as on a photo - only mood, impression, melancholy or pleasure, tenderness and grief.

1."Symptoms1", acrylic on canvas with paint knife, 50cm*70cm; 2."Roofs", acrylic on canvas with paint knife, 50cm*70cm; 3."Evening city", oil and acrylic on canvas, 80cm*60cm; 4."Golden City", oil on canvas with paint knife, 80cm*60cm;

• TALIA ISRAELI My paintings are usually concerned with depicting my surroundings. I use a variety of strategies in order to examine the way we perceive the constant changing living condition. This environment is an outcome of political and cultural remodeling that effects our being tremendously, I believe. In my paintings I wish to this turn the environment that surround us into a mental image that holds the complexity of this post industrial existence. In my recent work, I raise questions about the city's ontological position. I pick scenery that embody the alienation and estrangement in the city. It captures the feeling of loss which follows every city dweller like a shadow. Unlike the realist painting which aims to represent the metropolis while emphasizing the wealth of possibilities, my city comes to its fruition through intentional distortion of architectural details and color tonality. I’m interested in inspecting the dark sides of the pastoral, investigating the details and surroundings which encircle us and in which we inhabit. In my paintings I depict the urban engineered labyrinth as a huge decoration with an artificial lightning. The shaped density, the random presence of elements, the colorful synthesis, are some of the things that fascinates me while portraying a view.

• HAGAY EMMANUEL In case you feel that your loved city is closing over you, its time to look for new views and places that you still feel free there, bring these sights back home in your mind, picture or art put them on and you will feel much better. In my art I try to bring to the viewer a colorful and happy point of view. 1-The Red house100X100 oil on canvas 2-"The lonely light“ 100X120 oil on canvas 3-On the bench 100X80 oil on canvas

• RAPHAEL PEREZ I am living in Tel Aviv, paints urban landscapes of the central places of my hometown. Tel Aviv my town that young couples and families fill the streets, the gardens, the sea-shore, the houses, the verandas, namely every corner of the town. The figures in my paintings are almost uniform, having the same homogeneous shape which intensifies the feeling of big-town herd. The routine day-life of couples, is a way of expressing my private aspiration for family life. My scenes are often the usual activity in public places like a promenade in the park, walking on the sea-shore, or sailing on the Yarkon river.

• NOEMI SAFIR In this urbanic scene I chose to show the lively and colorfull atmosphere in a well known pedestrian mall by the name of ‘Nahlat Binyamin’ in TelAviv. Acrylic on canvas Size 180X135 cm

• YVONNE HELMRICH Part of my daily life I paint and draw urban landscapes, objects and people, mostly from my own neighborhood Hadar, in Haifa, Israel. I have studied art and taking part in workshops with local artists from Haifa. I have always been inspired by urban landscapes and construction sites. I divide urban landscapes into different categories. For example; constructions, intersections, bridges, day and night views, etc. Construction sites and buildings being renovated are in my opinion anonymous. Wrapped with protective sheets and scaffolding they can be from anywhere. I think it is difficult for the individual person to see the urban landscape as one whole picture. That is why I show only “snapshots” of the landscape in my paintings and drawings. Due to that the landscape can sometimes turn into objects instead of a broad picture. The paintings displayed here are made using oil colors on canvas. The intersections are painted from looking down from a roof top or balcony, which gives them a bird’s view prospective. The night painting is the view from my house. The building that is being renovated is from Tel Aviv, Israel.

• ILANA TEMAN Using a mixed technique of collage and airbrush, I express a futuristic vision that is starting to come true, in which fantastic suspended towers soar to the heavens. The skyscrapers I create offer a circular, harmonic and kaleidoscope-like experience - a pleasant and streamlined journey in art. I see the mighty structures as a monument of imagination and enthusiasm, like the skyscrapers present in every major city, playing a key part in the urbanization process. They eternalize human culture, portray an image of success and express technological achievements.

• DINA ZAIFER (LOUZON) I am a painter all my life, Painting for me is a way to get in touch with feelings, the meaning of life and beauty. Mostly I enjoy painting my family end my environment, especially my grandchildren, because my feelings are there. I am looking for points of meaning, and I transfer them using colors. Acrylic and oil

• AYELET BERMAN Tel Aviv, the city I live in, that had always looked so gray to me, suddenly received a lot of colors. Blue and green glass curtain walls of tall buildings,ocher and pink colored new plaster that covers the old dream houses, variety of green trees and colorful flowers on the main streets, and blue eye ecological ponds scattered throughout the city. And wherever you look you see the grid in the towers which have grown into the sky and changed the city skyline. This is the city that is slowly closing on us, and I, who always admired nature and dreamed of open spaces, find myself bewitched, and maybe even a little bit in love with the city of Tel Aviv, which I often paint in oil colors on canvas.

• TALIA BENABU When I paint I try to understand what it is that I see. It is a kind of observation which tries to rid itself from preconceptions in favor of the possibility to be surprised. I sometimes find myself in this state of surprise when travelling to a foreign country. when there is a curiosity driving me to want to discovering what lays behind a street corner, what a view looks like from the very top of a mountain or how a local dish tastes- slowly attaching memories to a place for the first time. Lately I moved to Haifa from Jerusalem. I left the city in which I grew up in favor of a place where I didn't know anyone, and have only scarcely visited. Haifa surprised me. I found myself drawn to its vast views dropping into the sea, to its side streets curving up the Carmel ridge, to the forms created by old ruins from the Ottoman Empire leaning up against modern structures; a great mixture of history and culture that manifests itself in the cityscape. There is something extreme about this landscape. The senses are bombarded with information: Buildings, trees, cranes, streets and cars- all juxtaposed in a most unexpected way. And still, within it there is a wonderful sense of order, something that makes is so visually compelling. Looking at this landscape, I found myself often thinking of Piero della Francesca's fresco Legend of the True Cross from the Basilica of San Francesco in Arezzo, Italy. It is a composition depicting people fighting, stabbing each other to death, horses galloping, flags fluttering- a great warfare enveloped in a sense of precision and harmony. In my work I'm interested in creating a sense of that same orderly mess. I use the visual mess as raw material for creating serenity on paper.

Monotype collage, 70×40cm

Acrylic on paper, 72×50 cm

Oil pastel and pencil on paper, 23.5×14cm

• HEDVA MIZRAHI The Urban Landscape became an integral part of my artwork. Beauty can be found in buildings, poles, roads, which some people trying to escape from. Lights & shadows pass over buildings that creates a formation of a wonderful contrast, this manifested in (Image no.1) I called it: "In my way home". The same beauty in the urban landscape reflected through my studio door. (Image, no.2) The interior/exterior became one. And some days it may be found in a center city, like Hayarkon River (Image no.3), the contradiction between the banks of a river to the buildings in the background. Even common street light find's its place in space. As I see it: "Urban landscape can be extracted into beautiful art painting".

"In my way home“ Oil on canvas, 60x50cm

Lillinblum st. view from my studio Oil on canvas 40x50cm Hayarkon River Oil on canvas mounted on board 50x60cm

• TAMAR RODED In my creation process, each painting begins with lines and color stains, while the images and subject matters evolve from the raw materials. I explore the borders between abstraction and presentation—the investigation of composition, movement, space and colors motivates me while simultaneously images of fantastic urban landscape arise from the painting. I see the city as an entity that is driven by Eros and Thanatos, it's in a state of an ever changing struggle between the self consuming and the self creating. I reflect this fluid state in the way I paint, the painting is occupied by its inner struggle of both creation and distraction; I leave it in an eternal state of becoming. The buildings and objects in the paintings transform, drip, explode, dissolve and become a dynamic force, reaching the peak of its movement. The cityscape changes its daily functions and turns into a spectacle, a single moment in time, before everything dissolves into silence.

• EDNA ROMEM I was born and live in Israel. Studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem - History of Art . I have participated in many exhibitions some of them abroad. I mainly paint in an abstract style, because it offers me liberal personal expression. some of my paintings represent Urban landscape. My landscape paintings are all comes from my imagination, because its drives me in my paintings to distant places and also open to any spectator's interpretation.

Abstract Landscape No.1 Acrilic on Canvas 90x70 cm Mystic City Acrilic on Canvas 90x70 cm Abstract Landscape No.3 Acrilic on Canvas 90x70 cm

• HAGIT KAZINITZ An Israeli artist, works in Tel - Aviv. The creation of Hagit Kazinitz, either the works on large canvas size or works on paper, deals with 'the edge'. The illusive, slippery moment between daylight and darkness. The visible things in contrast with the hidden, latent, secret ones, between reality and revelations or dreams. In an urban environment that is made from layers of human memories, Steps and trail of life, people are appearing and vanishing. The individual is lost in the array of the city surrounds it. Urban swirl - Acrylic on canvas . 120X120 cm. Lost city - Acrylic on canvas . 160X120 cm. Changing City - Acrylic and oil on canvas . 140X140 cm.


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