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44 DEGREES is an online magazine dedicated to the promotion of contemporary Israeli artists. The magazine showcases various artists such as digital media artists, painters, sculptors, and curators, with each issue focusing on a different theme. Artists showcased in the magazine may be contacted via the URL posted. The magazine may be viewed in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem information archive room and in Tel Aviv Museum Library. 44 DEGREES online art Magazine was founded in 2013 by the artist Tammy Mike Laufer.She created the concept and she's also the Designer | Editor |Art director |Curator |Producer | Website Director.

Tammy Mike Laufer

lives and works in Israel. She is an international contemporary artist and art director. She is graduate from the extension of the "Technion" Israel Institute for Technology in the department of Graphic Design, and continuing education program for designers at Sivan College Tel Aviv. She has been engaged with Digital Media for over two decades. Tammy Mike Laufer's digital media art were exhibited in Museums, Art projects in places such as Italy (53 Venice Biennale) Greece, Japan, the US, Portugal, Lithuania, Warsaw, Israel and more.

The official website of the magazine A dream about a calm blue sky The drawing that appears on the front of the magazine, by Tammy Mike Laufer is dedicated to the people of southern Israel, who live there several months under Terror balloons. These balloons are burn the forests and the animals. they dream of a blue, calm sky. Technique, 3D digital painting

Tammy Mike Laufer

All rights reserved Š 2013

Art on front of the magazine by Tammy Mike Laufer

Israeli Artists 1






























































Kibbutz Cabri was the home to two of Israel's leading artists – painter Ori Reisman and sculptor Yehiel Shemi, the Kibbutz has over the years cemented its status in the local art scene. The Gottesman Etching Center, Kibbutz Cabri, is known for its high level of craftsmanship which places it in line with similar centers the world over. The artists working in the Center include many top ranking Israeli painters and sculptors as well as renowned foreign artists. Run by a team of expert printers, it produces, inter alia, richly-colored etchings, using a combination of print techniques. Artists must answer two questions before starting their art work: what ? and how? In the post modernism era it is common to say that major part of the message related to the artistic medium. Meaning that artists that choose to express themselves in etching are by definition connecting themselves to the historical context of the etching and intaglio. Alongside etching’s characteristic black color, we discovered that RED is present and dominates the color palette of many of the artists working in the workshop. Like Pablo Picasso said: " Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”

In the current exhibition there are more than 20 artists that worked in the Gottesman Etching Centre over the recent years. They are presented by their reddish art works that were made in different etching techniques. Facebook



Small Heart 2009 etching, aquatint 52x24 cm


The Black Forest 2009, photo etching, aquatint, spit bite 37x119 cm

MAYA ATTOUN Threshold of Hearing, monoprint 2013etching, aquatint, hand coloring 144/52 cm


Model in Red 2001 mix technique, chine colle, hand paint 70x90 cm

Dr. TAL DEKEL, Chairwoman

In this issue we are proud to introduce four of our winning artists who received the prize "artist of the month", granted to members of The Association of Women's Art and Gender Research in Israel. In the next issues we will introduce additional artists, aiming to unfold the rich variety of artists, techniques and themes that women artists in Israel are engaged in. This issue of 44 Degrees is in collaboration with The Association of Women's Art and Gender Research in Israel. The main goals of the association, established in 2015, are to encourage the research of women artists in Israel. We also aim to serve as facilitators to contemporary women artists who are in need – by organizing events, shows, prizes and residencies, alongside helping them with networking, and by supporting scholarship about artistic activity. The association welcomes researches, artists, curators and art lovers of all genders and ages, from any religion, ethnicity, or nationality. Our hope is to have many members join us (please visit our website: I would like to deeply thank the editor, Tammy Mike Laufer, founder of 44 Degrees, for the opportunity to collaborate with the Association of Women's Art and Gender Research in Israel, and we look forward to a fruitful dialogue about women, art and gender-relations in the Israeli arts. Tal Dekel, Chair of Association of Women's Art and Gender Research in Israel Head of Visual Culture Studies & Curatorial Studies, Kubbitzim College


LIORA LEVI Liora Levi creates works that deal with family and histories from a gender perspective. Working through colors, materials and textures she engages in the subject of identity construction processes and the different facets of women's personality and life experiences.

'Blue Seeds', 2011. mixed media, 70 x 100 cm.

HAVA RAUCHER Raucher is a multi-media artist. She holds a M.F.A from the Washington University, Saint Louis, and served as a lecturer at Talpiot College and Key College. She is a feminist artist that deals with the female body in critical ways such as the standardization and beatification of women's body. Alongside issues of migration, violence, sex trafficking and gender fluidity, Raucher deals with the female aging body. She has shown her work in museums in Israel (The Israel Museum; Wilfrid Israel Museum; Hecht Museum) and around the world (Hebrew union Museum, New York; Evansville Museum, Indiana).

The Execution, 2015. Painted plaster and wax. Hight 50 cm

VARDA CARMELI Carmeli is a photographer. The series titled "Deja Vu" is part of the on-going project called "I See Memories" (20042014), created in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. The series deals with women's memory between past, present and future, aiming to give voice and presence to the bravery of unknown women, their experiences and responsibilities. The images convey pain, longing, and despair alongside power and beauty – all though a strong sense of Deja Vu which enables to make way for the personal from within the collective memory.

'D_j_ Vu' (from the series 'I See Memory'), 2013. 50X50 cm

ORA BRILL Brill is an artist and curator, who graduated from the Oranim College (B.Ed) and Creative Education at Lesley College (M.Ed). Brill is an educator, moderator and guide for students and teachers in educational environments. She has developed programs for special design of educational spaces and curatorial processes in artistic projects. Brill exhibited her art in Israel and abroad.

Untitled, 2017. Acrylic on paper, 60X80 cm

DVORA MORAG The drama of the red I have used the "red" in my works ' be it paintings, objects or installation. A few years ago, I created a series of works "In Habit- color separation". I used hyperealistic paintings, which obsessive documented the landscape of homely objects in order to focus attention to the meaning of home. Four-color process printing is a system where a color image is separated into four different color values (called a color separation In printing). In this series, I decided to deconstruct the process and paint each painting (0.35x4/00 meter) in one color only. I feel that red color is tempting and repulsive at the same time. My conclusion of this experiment result in focusing on the drama of the red color. In my red paintings, I use the green opposite color in order to enhance the drama of the red.

The myth of beauty acrylic on canvas 0.50x1.00m

Detail 2 me too ,installation, plates, polyurythean, oil color

ETI GADISH DE LANGE I am multidisciplinary artist, I was born in 1957 and holds a master's degree in art education from ‘’Brighton Holl College’’ University of Leeds. Graduate of the Midrasha Art Academy. My works have been exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions, including the Bat Yam Museum, Beit Shturman Museum in Ein Harod and permanent work at the Sculpture Garden in Tzrifin. Between 1986 and 2013, I curated and produced many large-scale community projects. In 2000, I produced and directed a documentary film, "New Bird Please," in cooperation with ‘’Noga Communications’’ for Channel 8. The film was screened at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque as part of Doc-Aviv. After a long career in a variety of mediums - as a painter, stage designer, interior designer, director and director of community projects - in the past two years I have focused my work on wood sculpture using manual and mechanical techniques. ETIGAD@GMAIL.COM

Fragmentation, wood and tape 50X30X20cm, 2018

MIRI ADMONI In the south of Israel, the Negev desert, you can find my home and studio of glass art and design works. Surrounded by rich and diverse nature scenes, from the Mediterranean Sea on the west to the Dead Sea and the Judean desert on the east, my work is inspired by nature’s textures and colors. My work is an ongoing exploration in different mediums, including prints, glass works and jewelry. This series is photography based, showing different scenes of nature. By digitally manipulating colors and focus, I express myself in a free spirit way, from minimal to complex, from realistic to abstract and from clear to mystery. instagram

Red clay 1 50x40 cm

LEA WEINBERG A Sculptor and Installation Artist, born and raised in Israel based in NY. She has shown extensively in Israel, Europe and the US in galleries, museums and public space. Wire mesh is my main medium for more than 2decades. For the last 10 years, the Red color is an emotional addition to my artworks, Red for me is the energy of birth, life, and pain. In each of my sculptures and reliefs at least one of the images is painted red, usually an embryo or a semi abstract figure in motion; in MOTHER-SURVIVOR installations and assemblage I am using found objects, fabric and mixed media, many of the materials are Red; here a few examples: red fabric (“Old Suitcase”, “Not a picnic Sandwich basket”) red wax &electric wires covered with red plastic (“Six memory candles with 6 names”) red pipe cleaners (to create letters) as well as red painted wire mesh in shapes that symbolizing fire flames or blood flow (“Fire Flowers”).

6Memory Candle swith 6names white candles red wax electric wires covered with red plastic aluminum sheets and mixed materials 16x49x21inch

Fire Flowers Red wire mesh steel wires powder coat paint glue 22x26x26inch

NOULI OMER "Every artist creates with his personality in all its layers“ A.B. Joshua I am a multidisciplinary artist who creates from a full, free and authentic inner space. I express myself through visual art, writing, acting and music. Over the years and up to this day, in visual art, my work has ranged from drawing to embroidery, assemblages, lighting fixtures, mobiles, magnets, video, and painting on plates. I am nourished by my impressions of what’s happening around me. The thoughts and feelings that arise in me, whether if they are criticism or, alternatively, full of love and wonder for beauty (the theme of the birds that have accompanied me all my life, for example) - are translated into a very colorful expression, in order to glorify the desire for life. I aspire to translate my criticism into humor, whether it is a plastic or a theatrical work. Facebook

Psyche's poem, oil on canvas diameter 100 cm

Womb, mixed technique 31X23 cm

NAVA GIDANIAN-KAGAN My work investigates our vulnerability and the power of transformation. Painted in layers of encaustic and oil, emulating a memory of the body and its fragility. I am building the skin in a rich, allusive language. In its physicality, it is a re-imagined object. The tender casing for these fitted forms representing parts of the body. Abstracted within the figure; I am stretching the limits between what is seen and what can be represented. These pieces attempt to cope with the fine lines between mortality and beauty. I want to elevate my subject from the personal realm to a universal one and transform it to a meaningful experience. I want my work to be a constant reminder of living in the moment.

Divided ,Cloth, plaster, oil & encaustic on cradled panel, 20 x 20 x 5cm

Skin Pillow ,‫פ‬Encaustic & oil on plaster, 15 x 13 cm

Baredfeet ,‫פ‬Encaustic, oil, cloth on cradled panel, 38 x 30.5 x 4.5cm

Belly Button ,‫פ‬Encaustic, oil, plaster on cradled panel, 23 x 28 x 10.5cm

ZEHAVIT GOLDZWEIG I create with glass due to a gret attraction to matter, form and colour. By combining these three components, one can create infinite possibilities. In my work I explore the object's reaction to the choices and actions that I apply on it. I am inspired by the sea and the creatures living in it. At the beginning of the process, I feel that the art work is a riddle that I have to solve, and during the process I solve it until the object emerges complete from the oven, full of excitement and surprises. I create using the fusing technique, where I lay the glass on a template, from which I acquire the object's shape. Before that, I paint the glass, and give it textures and various bumps and bits. The red colour, which is dominant in my creations, expresses the destructive potential within the raw material. Creating a new object, unpredictable, partially controlled and self emergant and exploring the material's reaction to these actions grant me excitement, motivation and fullfilment. Facebook



LILY DAVID Fertility Goddess Conception, pregnancy and birth are the essence of life. The continuity and survival of all species in nature is a continuous circle. The Venus of Willendorf, the Venus of Botticelli, a mature pomegranate, the pod of a plant whose fruits hatch and burst from it, have all influenced this sculpture. The outcome is: Pregnancy, Ova, Femininity, Fertility‌RED! Red is the only color in my view that embraces the contrast from life to death. Life is intertwined with fertility and infertility, tenderness and strength, the tremendous power of life in contrary to the emptiness of death. Happiness, passion and temptation opposite to war, anger and danger. Red color embraces strong connotations of harsh coarseness but at the same time is attractive and radiant. The Story of the Red for me symbolizes the circle of life ... Facebook

Fertility Goddess,paper & acrilic 145X60X40cm

YAEL BARLEV I live in a society of conflicts and edges, my artworks are trying to bridge between real life and slivers of memories. The works are connected by explicit and implicit stories, just as real and imagined memories do, and they enable me to examine and re-create things time and again. My works create a sort of archive that catalogues layers of memories, each layer expressed in a different manner – two-dimensional or three-dimensional and get its meaning by using breakable materials such as paper and glass. I work with several personal images: house, crutches, a girl with a ribbon and animals that are hybridized of frightened creatures. I love works that combine art and craft and that lead me to use embroidery. With red thread I embroider secrets and pieces of life, mine and others.

Untitle, mix media, 52x40x20 cm

Untitle, mix media, 46x28x9 cm

YAEL LEE ANGEL In my sculptures, I play with the thin line, or rather the collaboration, between fragility and strength. The subjects of my sculptures are mostly women in the midst of a crisis or post-crisis – experiencing the bliss of overcoming it. I sculpt with clay, and since I do not cast my sculptures and rarely color them, the type and color of clay I choose for each sculpture are a highly important part of my decisionmaking. I envision how the clay’s natural color and density would look after the firing process; how they will fall into place and enhance the final shape and subject. By creating sculptures out of a very basic material such as clay, I aim to challenge the conservative concepts of beauty and femininity; to give my audience the opportunity to see that meaningful things can rise out of soil; that complicated ideas can be sorted and receive representation through simple materials. Facebook

The Well, Clay 24X24X21 cm

Lguana Woman, Clay 30X20X14 cm

ORIT ENGEL My main medium is painting but I also experiment with short videos. My works developed tremendously from Hyper Realism into Abstract, but all though the aesthetics and work progress changed, my interests always been the tension between poles: between soft and hard, raw and gentle, inside and outside- in the sense of our experiences as we feel and think it, and the way our body experience it, our inner body and our skin, light and dark, the physical and the abstract, beauty and gore. All of that comes to form by various mediums that usually contradict each other: oil paint and water based colors. Colors that works well with the help of air blown on them until fixed on the sheet, vs paint that is roughly put on the sheet and cannot move. Creating different textures, having formalism works with abstract. Instead of trying to force the matter to do what I want it to do, I let it behave its nature, and sort of forming the painting on its own.

'Europa', Mixed Media on Canvas, 150X150cm, 2018

The Hole, Mixed Media on Canvas, 60X40cm, 2018 No Title, Mixed Media on Canvas & Silk, 50x50cm, 2018

OSNAT WILIAN ZIGDON Painting is my way to express my inner world - my emotions and feelings. It gives me the opportunity to use non-verbal language, straight from my heart, and bring it to my consciousness without criticism Whatever I do and whenever I go, I find myself constantly being attracted to color. Colors are my passion, and my most meaningful inspiration. When I paint, I approach the canvas without knowing what colors to use or what brush. I let it happen and they just jump into my hands. Like a dance to music. And in my point of view, the choreograph of this beautiful dance is my soul.

Untitled, 100X77 CM

Untitled, 100X77 CM

Untitled, 100X77 CM

ETTI CHECHOVER I am a graduate of the Department of Graphic Design at the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. Since 1978 I have been painting. The red color is a significant color in my paintings, it has always appeared in the paintings. The red color, in my eyes, expresses a strong emotion, emphasizes emotions and gives the paintings another meaning. In the paintings which I did about the Holocaust, or the series about a nation disaster, or female exploitation, the red color exist.

Acrylic on canvas. 30X30 cm

ELLA CYMBALISTA NENCEL An artist working in painting, environmental sculpture, videoart, and short film. From a very young age, the act of painting have been a source of joy, and hope to me. My work are autobiographical, The plant paintings are metaphors for my personal experiences, some as a child growing up within the communal education system of the Kibbutz. The characters featured in my paintings are people close to me, linked to each other by an invisible thread. The realist paintings are visited by folktale references and childhood heroes. The process of painting the plants takes place on the floor as a strenuous physical activity that is similar to farming or agricultural work. I view the act of painting as no less important than the outcome, and parts of this process are documented on film and posted on my YouTube channel.

Red sabra acrylic paint on canvas 100x100. 2011 Dad acrylic paint on canvas 50x50. 2008

Red flower acrylic paint on canvas 110x90. 2011

HAVA GAL-ON The color red is a vital color, that represents in my perspective a burst of energy, rushing blood, storm of emotions, the dynamics of life. I painted a bold red background in both of these artworks as to transfer my feelings, my senses, my thoughts and the vitality of life itself to the canvas. One is extrospective, how life is conceived in the community, and the other is introspective - a self portrayed profile of who I am. My artwork can be read as stories created by colorfulness, expressionism and symbolical objects, representing transformation of traits and ideas. I paint using various techniques, with expressive brush strokes and paint gushing straight from the tube. I also enjoy unveiling new meaning from readymade objects. These take on a whole new meaning while dressed up with new context of colour and text.

Neighbourhood. Oil on Canvas 120X180 cm

RONA SHAHAR Living and working in Haifa, Israel, and occasionally elsewhere in the world. Painting in oils, watercolors, markers and pens impressions of the immediate surroundings that are being processed through memory, feeling, judgment and the heart’s wishes. Beauty is hidden everywhere, even in the ugly and mundane. It is my aim to reveal it through my work.

Crane, markers on paper, 21X15cm

A Home, oil on plywood, 24X34cm

AYELET AMIT Born in Kibbutz Kfar Aza (1964), lived as a child and a mature person mostly in rural or pastoral locations. The local social and physical atmosphere takes a main place in her themes using a private and national point of view. She Deals with new orders and old order relationships and longing to old values of Israeli society. Her main Techniques are Oil painting, Screen Printing, and Mixed Media. Owned Screen Print Workshop 2006-2011 B.A. - Tel Aviv University 1988 Political science, M.A. – Open University - Cultural Studies and private studies of painting and printing from 2005-2011., Manager of Ynet e-forum 2006-2008, Manager of Modiin's Artists community 20082010 and Municipal activist in the fields of Art, Environment, Women's status promotion. Solo exhibitions Gedera 2006 Jerusalem 2008 Haifa 2012. Participating many group exhibitions and prints bienalle's. Facebook

Red alert 2012 10X10 unique screenprint

Urban 2009 13X16 unique screenprint

Alert 2009 12X16 unique screenprint

SANDRA SIANO WEINREB Multidisciplinary artist working mainly with mixed media materials Red is the only color surface I need in order to start painting. I just feel Red it is the only reson for me to create. I believe strong emotions find their most expressive ways through significant colors, significant for me at least. Passion, attraction, danger, blood. Taking risks is what we do whenever we want and need to express ourselves openly and fearlessly. It takes courage and strong beliefs to be what you are and show it. Red for me is life itself, wherever the color takes me I follow blindfold. I almost lose myself in it. All paintings are made in Acrylic and mixed media. All same size 50/70

The last night

Porter Parole

DAPHNA MARKMAN-ZINEMANAS It is all about contemplating. Phenomenology of the inside and the outside of my inspiration attracts me. My focus is on colors, form and composition along with the evolving sentiment. Mostly my models are family and friends and painting them is a unique meaningful opportunity. Hopefully, my paintings do convey the essence of the encounter and the model’s emotional and physical portrait. The paintings are based on black and white photos from my childhood and before. Some times I combine few photos and use present surroundings around me. Red is present in most of my paintings.

Yosy and me, Aquarelle 37X56.5 cm 2017

My toys, Aquarelle 50X70 cm

ELISHEVA NESIS I make art for brainy people. My main interest is looking for signs of mysteries in our life and studying evidences of their penetrations into the real world. Almost all my paintings and books are around this theme. As well I've been trying to detect mysterious penetrations in some border individuals. So it was just natural to me to live in Jerusalem. RED... I love and hate this color. I love it because my blood is red and when I look at the Sun with close eyes it is red. My favorite wineis red and my favorite dress is red. I hate it because I was born in the USSR where red was the official color of communism – red flag, Red army and so on... Facebook 2+1 canvas acrylic 70cm x 50cm

RED WINE LOVER canvas acrylic 40cm x 30cm The Ten Plagues of Egypt. BLOOD canvas acrylic 90cm x 80cm

TAMMY MIKE LAUFER I am an international contemporary digital artist and art director, engaged in digital media and presents projects of video art and digital paintings based on 3D in galleries and museums around the world. My works are similar to mental puzzles, where you can travel from one point to another by analyzing a picture’s symbolic objects. There is always something for the observer to discover. I never force my vision or push my philosophical opinion on the viewers each and every one, can give theirs philosophy to my creation. My art is surreal reality, all in my head. The viewer take a journey to places just as real as those you might find in this reality. When I start working on a new scene, it's like enter to a fantasy dream. like starting your new only virtual world. “Everything is possible” and in the majority of my works I am trying to combine visual realities, with subconscious emotions and philosophical thoughts. I create my virtual world, with 3d software and 2d paint software. Using combinations of renderings, lightings, textures and shapes.

Manipulation of Love 1-2 3Ddigital drawing, 2015

The series is based on a 3D texture made by photograph of a LOVE sculpture I took in Manhattan, New York

Manipulation of Love 3 3Ddigital drawing, 2015

YUVAL GLUSKA As an architect, I search for the fine line between art and architecture while exploring the invisible edge of the city. The work consist of concrete handmade decorative objects, that are photographed and integrated into images of the city. The imaginary urban and natural landscapes challenge reality and order of things by constructing a visual urban fiction. YGLUSKA@gmail.Com Facebook Evacuation and Construction

Red Symmetry

YAKIR POLLAK My passion for photography stems from the relationships created in the process of photography, whether portraits, art or landscape photography. Love for aesthetics and design. I appreciated the power of the scene. Power expressed in the syntax of the aesthetic elements. I find much interest in the details of the whole and its implications in the space, beyond the subject marks. As often said before the final image is sometimes a by product of an encounter. Photography_panorama_macrostacking

RUTEA S. NOY I am a multidisciplinary artist, fine art photographer and visual narrator. My work is poetic, musical, and entertaining . With brushes, cameras and software it communicates stories to those wishing to explore everyday life in a nonconventional fashion, heal, find strength, hope and inspiration Web site

Hot-Hot-Hot, Fine Art Photography

Fantasy in Red, Mixed Media

JOZSEF RAZ A digital artist photographer. Visual graphic design and history of art graduate. On the way from the analog world to the digital world , I went from using direct contact of the materials such as : celluloid , steel , wood , glass and canvas to the digital world where I collect all the materials for my work using the camera and the scanner . The computer's mouse is my main tool to draw and scalp my work of art . My work expresses " searching after the beauty in the ugliness and the ugliness in the beauty " and creates an illusion of the fantasy world .

OMER WISSMAN shades of red gazing at the other, playing with territories, beyond borders. a red ketchup stain can be read as out of bounds substance for sustenance, while also closer to traditional art acts as it may be mistaken visually for a dab of paint. yet it is in itself a mistake, defying artifices of artfulness, being produced as trace of the main process, in which the bottled water is infused with red ketchup wormy streams. this artifact has essentially more affinity to a natural nutrient world. however, in violating transparency with redness it questions the distance between these studium/punctum objects, showing the stain as something that it always ex-x, like a menstrual masturbatorial dye, while the reddened water is reflected as similarly aleatoric, filled by freeflow physical laws unknown to the artist, becoming observer of the reversed commodified naturalness of bottled water and fruit back to a new feral state. Facebook

Read as made Photographed ketchup and water 26.5X19.5 cm

LIOR BEN ASAYAG I am originally from a little southern town and ever since I remember myself, art was of an interest to me. An autodidact multidisciplinary artist, I express my ideas through mosaic-works, hot glass works, plastic art, street art and even music. My works are displayed in exhibitions all over the world and some of them can be found in private collections. "Synesthesia –from Old Greek, is a condition in which a stimulation of one sense leads to a perceptual stimulation of a different sense, causing a multi-sensory experience" As an artist, my ambition is to bring the observer to a state of synesthesia, in which the perceived views will be translated into a rich, mixed sensory experience. Facebook

Biting lips, 60X60 cm

RACHEL EHRENFELD AVNON "In this hot spot, where millions of birds cross the sky, I was born and bred. On the bank of the Jordan River between the Gilboa and Gilead, clouds relieved the heat of the sun for a moment. I, Rachel Avnon, from Kibbutz Tirat Tzvi, an art therapist, and an artist who paints the landscape of my childhood." Facebook

"summer juice� photograph, 2018

ORI LUBIN Art addict since I remember myself , I consider photographing as the link between science, and art by allowing the photographer to use a Science based "machine" to create art. At my photos I'm doing my best to provide my own interpretation to the photographed objects, it can be done by unique point of view , manipulating the camera features and post processing by a dedicated software (it can be done by using one options from the above or combined options from the above). While taking a photo I'm considering few issues such as light (artificial or natural) , object Type , it's relations with the surround of it , the way it's make me feel and the best Interpretation I can make of it. Now days I'm experimenting ways to make daily objects to look interesting. Almost any photo is a test case to learn more about techniques, angle and post processing, Any object can be interesting if you're photographing it the interesting way.

Red Light

Red Water Red Poppies

SVETLANA BELENKIN Any color doesn't give such wide scale feelings as Red. Red is pain, suffering, blood, alarm strong to dizziness‌But red is a love and passion, wholeheartedly passionate dance before loss of forces, to exhaustion. A red subject in composition it always main, conducting a semantic role and loading. The red spot MAKES a picture in FINE ART and design, and fashion... The red handbag to any suit always puts end point.

Flamenco, acrylic on canvas 40cm*40cm

Pain, acrylic on canvas 70cm*50cm

Old Jaffa, acrylic on canvas 50cm*70cm

VERED TARLOVSKY JAKOBOVICH Multidisciplinary artist. My path as an artist started 30 years ago. I started as a sculpture and learned to paint. As I evolved I was introduced to the digital media, and POP ART. My art has been exhibited in multiple galleries in Israel and the world. At this present time, I focus on photography editing in the digital media. Prints can be done on Perspex or metal in variety of sizes, per client demand. Facebook

Washing in the window

SIVAN KISHONY Macro photography is my way of looking at familiar views and everyday surroundings with fresh eyes. Something is always bound to happen. It may be either something in the corner of my eye that draws my attention, or when I create the conditions myself and wait for tiny worlds and landscapes to emerge. Exploring the range from sharp and defined, all the way to blurry and abstractive, discovering worlds within worlds.




TAMAR ISTRIN I was born and raised in Tel Aviv Israel. I am a sculptore. My digital works are photography of my sculptures combined with poetry . The red color expresses the power, fear, and the determination that are exist in that poetry which was written at hard times for the Jewish people. On top of the sculpture's photograph I composed the lyrics of important poets in Israel like Avraham Shlonsky, Yaakov Orland and Natan Alterman. The combination of poetry and sculpture together creates the art work. My works participated in solo and group exhibitions.

Concern, Digital painting

Fear, Digital painting

ILAN MOYAL A plastic artist and thought researcher. I am a graduate of the Midrasha Art Institute in 2006 and a graduate student in interdisciplinary art at Tel Aviv University. Areas of interest combine the work of education with philosophy and the interpretation of thought processes through art and material. The narrative that characterizes my creativity ranges from the realization of the instincts that motivate man and between thought and knowledge which constitute a means of interpretation or castration. A striking motif in my recent work is the expression of the dissolution of the boundaries that distinguish or link the definition of the term "gender" With the passions that cross the boundaries and disrupt the connection between sex and gender. Facebook

“Fetus�, sculpture, Mixed media, 80X30 cm

Gender reversa sculpture, Mixed media, 70X20 cm

DANIELLA WEXLER Time and memory play a key role in my work. by applying a poetic and often metaphorical language i try to take the viewer into to my world. i keep the equilibrium and the interval that articulates the stream of daily events. I depict moments that only exist to punctuate human life in order to clarify our existence. my work is based on formal associations by the use and reuse of everyday objects in which recognition plays an important role. as a multidisciplinary artist i express myself in painting, recycling art, photography, writing (published a book “dropped box�) and video art. participated in many exhibitions. I live and work in Jerusalem.

The life of Sara my mother the old red ship lantern filled with all her yearly diaries

CAROLINA KARPATI SZTAJNWORC Through art, I try to demonstrate that life can be a path of enjoyment if we are capable of appreciating the beauty around us. My art is an expression of my own reality, as well as the internalization of human behavior and its interaction with nature. I feel my art unique because it wants to transmit the fullness, happiness, and color which could characterize life, occasionally even in a humorous way. Part of my new artworks is digitally designed and made from high-resolution photographs of my original works of the series of faces in vitro fusion. Each of these faces has been artistically crafted with colorful glass pieces and baked. Then, retouched and modified in digital and printed on Plexiglass. My latest exhibitions: Israel, Colombia, Spain, Brasil, National Chateau of Lysice, Czech Republic, Spain, Poland, USA, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, among others.

InsidetheCave DigitalArt 2018

What is Red DigitalArt 2018

DeepRed DigitalArt 2018

NATANELLA AUSLENDER I search for stories, visuals to create autonomous artworks, I consider making art a craft which is executed using strict rules and which should always refer to texts, weather be fiction, poetry or the news feed. By focusing on techniques and materials, which are home-based and female-oriented crafts, I refer to old indoor arts to ask questions of femininity and domestics, furthermore, to challenge the medium to its content boundless limits. By focusing on techniques and materials, I try to increase the dynamic between audience and author and the investigating of the duality that develops through different interpretations. It is essential to me that my craftsmanship would be in the perfect finish and with my skill signature. The current presented works are three portrait versions of a Danish murderer named Peter Madsen, who was convicted this year for killing and dismembering the body of a Swedish journalist named Kim Wall. Facebook

Face phase 2 embroidery on canvas 15X15cm 2018

Face phase 1 embroidery on canvas 15X15cm 2018

Face phase 3 embroidery on canvas 15X15cm 2018

SHEVY LEVY I realize that we might always be outsiders in the lives of others, however, making and watching artwork evolve can help bring us closer to the other and understand what makes and drives them. I see art as the ultimate medium of relationships, where the story of the other can become our own. My work is an exploration and visualization of our layered reality; going beyond that which is visible at first glance. My paintings are narratives that help us deal with those aspects of life that we might find incomprehensible; that help us to make decisions; help us to survive and to connect to our feelings, memories and imaginations, and each other. Encounter is a series that expresses an essential element of my work; it not only marks the beginning of my art process, it is a subject of study in and of itself. During the course of “the encounter,� I am exploring and varying my role and position in relation to the other. At the same time, I am offering the viewer the possibility of assuming my role and becoming part of the encounter themselves thereby connecting their own personal narrative to the one on the canvas.

Passion in Black and Red_mix media on canvas_122cm x 92cm Casual Encounters_Oil on Canvas_76cm x 76cm

HAGIT MICHAELI ARGAMAN For all of my life I have loved to draw and drawing has always been and will be an expression of the mysteries in my heart and my eyes. My drawings reveal my feelings, loves, and fears of things more powerful than words can ever express. Throughout my life, I have painted with different colors and different techniques, depending on my inner mood. Sometimes I mixed paint with coarse materials that added texture with presence on the canvas, while in other periods the color white in all of its minimalism took over, or other times I drew blurred figurative scenes. Nevertheless, the essential principle in my work is always the abstract. If I am leaving a clear visual representation for the viewer to see, I make sure to emphasize the hidden and blurred, and my intention is not fully clear, leaving something that is just mine. Various artists in their different periods have always inspired me like Picasso in his Cubist and Urban periods, or Moshe Castel who used course and mixed media incorporated in his paintings on canvas.

"grenade“ oil on canvas 30cmx30cm Still Life 170cmx50cm oil on canvas abstract


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