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44 DEGREES is an online magazine dedicated to the promotion of contemporary Israeli artists. The magazine showcases various artists such as digital media artists, painters, sculptors, and curators, with each issue focusing on a different theme. Artists showcased in the magazine may be contacted via the URL posted. The magazine may be viewed in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem information archive room and in Tel Aviv Museum Library. 44 DEGREES online art Magazine was founded by the artist TAMMY MIKE LAUFER She created the concept and she's also the Designer\ Editor \Art director \Curator Producer \ Website Director.

Tammy Mike Laufer lives and works in Israel. She is an international contemporary artist and art director. She is graduate from the extension of the "Technion" Israel Institute for Technology in the department of Graphic Design, and continuing education program for designers at Sivan College Tel Aviv. She has been engaged with Digital Media for two decades. Tammy Mike Laufer's digital media works were exhibited in Museums, art projects in places such as Italy (53 Venice Biennale) Greece, Japan, the US, Portugal, Lithuania, Warsaw, Israel and more.

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The artwork on the cover is dedicated to the memory of my mother - Edna Mike. Who passed away on 4 in January 2017. I loved and respected her very much. Tammy Mike Laufer

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Art on front of the magazine by Tammy Mike Laufer

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RuTea S. NOY



























GILA MILLER LAPIDOT Ceramic artist, member of The Israeli Ceramic Artists Association, participating in exhibitions, residencies, competitions and symposiums in Israel and around the world. My passion and love for clay is rooted in the mud box of my childhood in the kibbutz. Texture, sight, smell and taste of mud, accompany me in my work as a clay artist and connect me back to the inner child within me, which plays, investigates and gets amazed at every discovery. I create out of my inner processes, as well as social and cultural, local and global events. My works are characterized by simplicity of form. Usually I let the clay manifest without paint and glazes coating and sometimes I combine it with other natural materials as metals and soil. I create with clay and clay creates in me, together this is a constant growth process. gilamiller@gmail.com www.gilamiller.com "Creates worlds and destroys them" Hand built coils, stoneware, 200x100x70 cm. Participated in the 8th Biennale for Israeli Ceramics (2016) Photography - Leonid Padrul Kwitowski

"Shelters" Hand built slabs, stoneware, each one approx. 10x10x8 cm. Photography - Ran Erde "Shelters" Hand built slabs with iron chips, stoneware, 55x45x30 cm. Participated in the 2nd Cluj International Ceramic Biennale, Romania (2015) Photography - Ran Erde

LEA WEINBERG Artist semi abstract Sculptor I am creating sculpture in wire mesh with mixed media as well as bronze, in my sculptural installation I am also using mixed materials and found objects. Attached works from my ongoing project MOTHER-SURVIVOR inspired by my mother’s personal story, about finding 8photographs of her family in 1944, while working as a Clothes’ Sorter in Auschwitz- Birkenau. She was hiding the photos inside bread until Liberation day, before her passing gave the originals to Yad- Vashem, Israel. I am using copies of those photos, with real bread slices, used metal hangers- a reminder to clothes that were taken from innocent victims… and broken barbie dolls- for lost childhood and broken life, I am tearing photos as a symbol to ‘Kriah’ and in memory of families that were torn apart. In memory of my optimistic mother Paula- with Hope for a better future! leaweinberg@gmail.com www.leaw-sculptor.com



RACHEL ROTENBERG My goal is to engage the observer in this moment. My sculptures are muscular movements with intimate, provocative, mysterious, sensuous and even humorous moments. A single piece represents an amalgam of relationships. The sculptures speak through association and metaphor, awakening and stimulating imagination, mine and I hope yours. I begin my creative process with pencil drawings. They narrate my interior dialogue. I work the ideas until a leading image emerges. I commit and begin to cut, glue, and join wood beams to one another. I often return to my sketch book to solve issues that arise, in this way I navigate through each piece. I build and I grind and I sand to further articulate form, texture and detail. Surface and color are high-ranking. . I made Aliyah in 2013. I look forward to sharing my sculpture and becoming an integral part of the Israeli art community here in Israel. My primary material is wood lumber. sculptor@rachelrotenberg.com www.rachelrotenberg.com

Untitled/46" x 47" x 5“/2015/ Cedar, Oil Paint

Untitled/28'' X 20'' X 10 '‘/2015/Cedar, Oil Paint Untitled/50'' X 49'' X 9 '‘/2017/ Cedar, Cement, Wire, Oil paint

MIRI FLEISHER In my work I endeavor to express my love and admiration for clay and the entire process of working with it. I try to share the clay itself and the process as metaphors of the ideas of life and death - mine, society, the world and nature. Clay is a wonderful soft and sensitive platform for finger prints and marks of organic and inorganic materials making it useful for expressing feelings and ideas. Sometimes I push my works to the limit before they collapse or melt in the extreme conditions of the kiln, taking the risk of losing them or the elements of kiln. It is important for me to make use of and be aided by the natural effect of the fire in the kiln, as it is the final step in producing the object, similar to a volcanic occurrence in a controlled area. I usually think about a name and idea when I work with an object but I have discovered that they themselves have their own power to express general ideas, and although it maybe not exactly what I had thought about I am grateful for that. In my clay art I attempt to influence the attitude towards clay as an art medium and not solely as a craft medium. mirifleisher@bezeqint.net WWW.mirifleisher.blogspot.co.il

"Relics"Clay covered with Lava-like glaze fired to 1200 Celsius degrees 40 cm. w

"The wall" Clay with shards of Palestinian and porcelain jars 180 cm. w "My mother was an angle" Kozo paper- 1.50 cm. h

NOA ALON illustration and muralist currently living in tel-aviv graduated from bezalel academy of art & design, jerusalem. today i do mostly murals, but also acrylic paintings and illustrations. most of my works are inspired by nature, animals, rural landscapes and childhood memories, trying to catch that naive feeling, romantic but still realistic subjects like nature, metamorphosis, death and love. www.noaalon.com noaalonart@gmail.com

Glare- 11X10cm

Discussion- 10X11cm


DONNA MUSAN LEVI For me art is my tool for finding the truth. It is the looking glass that compels me to see through to each and every fold. My works are a personal dialogue with the city of Jerusalem where I grew up, and my relations today with ultra-Orthodoxy. I grapple with a cluster of concrete images etched in my memory that contain my own personal religious experience. Images from the past enter into the work and become combined with my critical vision towards them; they go through the process of stripping and laying bare to remove the sacred wrapping. Curiosity is what triggers me throughout the creative work process. It envelopes me as I struggle with the material stretching its limits. The selection of the material itself is critical and mostly connected to its special form and texture. For me this is a "dance" with the raw material until I reach a point that I cannot ignore - a point of light; I see this as my point of honesty. donnamusanlevi@gmail.com Web site

Six aprons wall sculptures 2016

The skirt, 2016 The skirt (look inside the work) 2016

IRIS FUEREDI As a sculptor, I seek expressions of motion, transition and change. Interactions between motion and its physical incarnations are ingrained in my choices of subjects, materials and imagery. I use rods and plates of steel, processed either cold and solid or hot and soft, granting me versatility and a variety of forms of expression. With "Medusa", the wavy motion of a soft jellyfish is transformed into an image of steel created by using the intense heat of fire. It is also a transformation of the element of water into fire. Another of my works - the "Camera" is about "freezing" the passing moment and the transition of multi-dimensional reality into a two-dimensional photograph. The image of the old, clumsy camera also alludes to the ever-changing times, as today a camera is merely a tiny chip in a smartphone. In my figure sculptures, the motion is psychological - our thoughts, emotions and aspirations forge our identity. irisfueredi@gmail.com http://irisfueredi.wixsite.com/mysite-1

Woman 2014 steel 88X17

Medusa 2016 126X88X80

YAEL SHAVIT Sculpture. i was born in Jerusalem , graduated in the Hebrew university. Sculpturing figures especially out of clay and cast in bronze, marble or polyester. My sculptures subjects are, mainly , women and couples. The sculptures characterized by their body language , clothing and colors. I participated in one person exhibitions and in many group exhibitions in israel and in gallery's in London and Berlin . I am a member of the professional visual artists association. israel ( www.igud- omanim.org) . Yaelshavit3003@gmail.com www.yaelshavitart.com

Couple pregnant, bronze

Woman, bronze

CATHY KERNER My journey as an artist began years ago, and wood art is how my craft is expressed. Sculpting in wood was a real discovery for me: as though I were turning inward, exploring the deep reaches of a forest and its perfumed paths. My search for artistic expression has taken many turns, from abstract forms with pure, fluid lines, to pictorial insets where representation is an integral part of the work. My palette is composed of rare woods. Amaranth is violet, genuine paduk is bright orange. By using them sparingly, I create pictures in subtle shades. I use a specific technique involving very thin cut of wood that allows me to create the lines that shape the picture. I have made very large – actually monumental works (frescos and panels). In my large and small artworks, movement and fluidity are constant features. In the last three years, I have refined and interiorized my focus. My works have become more personal. I have evolved in terms of precision and the amount of detail. I now sculpt figures engaged in daily life. I like to tell stories, at time with a touch of humor but always with tenderness, queries, joys, and doubts. Return to working directly in wood with just a gouge and a mallet has been a source of fulfillment. Today I combine the techniques I have developed throughout my journey as an artist. I spend most of my time in my studio which is not surrounded by forests but by desert slopes whose soft contours are a source of inspiration to me. Cathy.Kerner@gmail.com www.cathykerner.com

Attends (Wait)/50X30cm/Maple The Pianis/28x38x23cm/Maple/wenge

AVIVA EHRENFELD Bezalel student in the sixties of the last century. Also drew guided by Abba Fenichel and Eliahu Gat. I was an art teacher, batik and enamel. Today I am a member of the Israeli Illustrators And group exhibitions throughout the country. avivaeh@bezeqint.net

Leha Goldberg and her book "imaginary journey" 1934

Leah Goldberg and her book "conveyor simulated" size is 70 to 65. Technique - drawing on the text of the first page of the book, and very old postcards.

YAEL BARLEV I live in a society of conflicts and edges, my artworks are trying to bridge between real life and slivers of memories. The works are connected by explicit and implicit stories, just as real and imagined memories do, and they enable me to examine and re-create things time and again. My works create a sort of archive that catalogues layers of memories, each layer expressed in a different manner – twodimensional or three-dimensional and get its meaning by using breakable materials such as paper and glass. I work with several personal images: house, crutches, a girl with a ribbon and animals that are hybridized of frightened creatures. I love works that combine art and craft and that lead me to use embroidery. With red thread I embroider secrets and pieces of life, mine and others. yaelbv@gmail.com

Mix media. 19.5x14x15.5 cm


Mix media on paper doilies. 19x19 cm

Mix media on paper doilies. 19x19 cm

ORNA L.BROCK The Body Maps series. ( The Lloyd’s Bank series) 1996-1997 I have done those works a short time after my return from a long stay in London, U.K. I tried to combine small pieces of paper, my bank account report pages, which I had with me from that period, & pasted it with masking tape. I have tried to arrange those small pieces into a semi organic & semi geometrical shapes & to give it a feeling of a natural rug or a scroll, a texture of a leaf or a sort of a peel’s tree , so that it will have the most natural organic feeling & association. Although the works are two dimensional I have tried to give it a feeling of three dimensional works. The shapes reminded me amorphic objects with no particular definition, abstract shapes, which seemed to me like body maps. The amorphic abstract shapes consisted upon memories of body parts which are like metonymic figures, reminding the absent human figure, functioning like its eco or like an outer & exterior layer or skin, creating an association of under wares which is the basic layer in human clothes. ornalbrockarts@gmail.com www.visualartprog.org

LIDA SHARET MASSAD Childhood experiences, longings for people, present day difficulties, everyday frustrations, protesting existence, people to whom I feel close, governments all these serve me. Everything turns into words, first and foremost words. After that come material, shape and content. The word or phrase echoes inside of me for a time, until I select the material, process, or working technique. My art-making is usually a kind of hands-on laborious process using “masculine” materials (rust, gravel, nails, iron) with “feminine” techniques (weaving, embroidery, paper cuts). In choosing the words, phrases, materials, and technique, I first engage in personal sensations and memories, in an attempt to sharpen the viewer’s understandings and interpretations. www.lidasharetmassad.com lidams@gmail.com

Iron and gold leaves in crystal goblets, 31X14X11 cm

C-Print on archives paper

It's in your hands, 2013, C-Print

VANANE BORIAN My works have not only the visual aspect, but the process of creating and the final product has a value as a social act. It is well known, that women artists (still) are on a lower level than men in art industry, it is a reflection of the society we live in. One of a reasons of such kind a discrimination, for my opinion, is that art is a strong lever of influence on public opinion. In different countries men's privilege looks varying degrees, but patriarchal canons still do not allow to happen complete gender equality. I believe that art can influence on society consciousness, it is necessary to raise the problematic issues, that no one really care about, discuss legislative and institutional level. It is convenient and no one wants to change the prevailing patriarchal abutment. There are many reasons why nothing is moving or is moving very slowly. In my works I try to show stereotypical gender clichĂŠs and stamps, thus to criticize them. The provocation for the sake of a good goal has a value, it helps to catch and attract non-professional audience and thereby convey to him the idea. In addition to practice art creation, I write a theoretical paper on the same subject, I believe that being backed by the theoretical knowledge and practical doing is the most correct way to convey to the viewer the idea and influence on public. vanasik@gmail.com www.vanane.com


Dr. AVIVIT AGAM DALI Art Curator The displacement, the removal from context is a vital concept in Kazinitz’s oeuvre, since it engages in the deconstruction of meanings and their re-location, or “re-placement.” The displacement operates on a continuum of signifiers in a relationship in which they are replacements: each sign is represented by another as a chain of infinite elements in proximity to one another. Thus, for example, the artist uses written texts on which she adds layers of meaning which simultaneously conceal and reveal .The covering camouflages and erases the initial identity to create something new, but leaves traces of things that have disappeared or were made to disappear. The act of blurring is a metaphorical denial of what was once there and its previous definitions to create something other, something new, out of them. Natural and urban landscapes appear deliberately as unreal replacements for what is experienced as real. The landscape is an additional paradigm of displacement since its mode of display takes it out of context, deconstructs and places it in a different context. Deconstruction and new placement of signs can be found in Kazinitz’s works also by virtue of her extensive use of print letters as a replacement and additional processing of the experience. The use of print letters can reflect alienation as opposed to the personal and authentic aspects of handwritten letters. Kazinitz uses words in different ways: sometimes they are encoded in the work invisibly, at other times with meaning and sometimes taken out of context and are indecipherable. Kazinitz accomplishes a process opposite to the transformations of verbal expressions into visual imagery by other artists (e.g., Chagall or Sgan-Cohen): she uses words with a common sound. Her narrative is formed around the common sound, demonstrating how each word collaborates in the creation of a new field of meaning. The images are also a type of pictographic language which cannot always be deciphered. avivitagam@gmail.com

Web site

Air Field1, mixed media on paper

REUT WAGNER & KAREN EICHER Reut Wagner and Karen Eicher established Sketch light in 2012. Sketch lighti is a creative partnership of two artists through light painting Light painting is a complex photography technique using long exposure Light painting created in real time captured to the camera in one single photographic frame. Our work is created without the intervention of Photoshop (except crop and basic contrast). We use different tools and lighting instillations, some we have built and custom made. We are the official Israeli representative of ‘lpwalliance’, a global umbrella organization, incorporating the leading light painting artists in the field from around the world. "There will not be a victory of light over darkness, as long as we do not recognize the simple truth which is that instead of fighting the darkness, we must increase the light." -- UD Gordon sketch.rg@gmail.com http://www.lpwalliance.com/database/reut_vagner&2 An ambient light (2)

Burn The Witch

The March Hare

JANE SHEIKO I have been doing photography since 17 years, I graduated from the Belarusian Academy of Arts. Photography - this is my way of communicating and understanding the world. I shoot constantly and all that is possible. Most my favorite genre - a documentary photography and portrait. janesheiko@gmail.com Facebook




ODELIA ELHANANI My artwork is a merger of opposites. On the one hand rational, conceptual and planned, and on the other hand free, random and intuitive .It is on the seam between the abstract and the concrete, between the unraveled and the sealed, between careful planning and free spontaneity. In the sculpture and the installation works, the conceptual side is emphasized. They begin with an idea, carefully planned and based on research and theory. This is the place where I can formulate a statement, a thought or a criticism in a conscious manner. The paintings are free of any formal perception or idea. There is the free world, that makes it possible to be swept away after emotions and passions, touches on the hidden, the subconscious, the world of feeling. www.odeliaelhanani.com odeliaelhanani@gmail.com

Scent of a secret .Installation. 2016 Tapestry 270X220cm

Scent of a secret 2016.Installation Tapestry . Detail.

Scent of a secret. Installation. 2016 Tapestry. Detail.

MAYA HADASH The day after: The fire raged on the 22.11.16 in Zikhron Ya'aqov, Israel, destroyed hundreds acres of vegetation and penetrated into residential neighborhoods. One of the areas that got burned was my parents neighborhood, and their house caught fire as well. The day after, I arrived to see the damage. I walked into the pitch black house, realizing the power of nature. How, in a blink of an eye, it can undermine the sense of security and remind us who really rules the world. Amazed by the aesthetics of the destruction I started to photograph, capturing destruction, capturing left over memories and creating new ones. In the last few months the neighborhood is going through the process of recovery and rebuilding, and my project expands with it. Working on this project is an emotional experience, and hopefully soon there will be no remaining of the fire but the project itself. mayanew87@gmail.com Facebook

TAMMY MIKE LAUFER My works are similar to mental puzzles, where you can travel from one point to another by analyzing a picture’s symbolic objects. There is always something for the observer to discover. I never force my vision or push my philosophical opinion on the viewers each and every one, can give theirs philosophy to my creation. My art is surreal reality, all in my head. The viewer take a journey to places just as real as those you might find in this reality. When I start working on a new scene, it's like enter to a fantasy dream. like starting your new only virtual world. “Everything is possible” and in the majority of my works I am trying to combine visual realities, with subconscious emotions and philosophical thoughts. I create my virtual world, with 3d software and 2d paint software. Using combinations of renderings, lightings, textures and shapes. The images can be printed on any material in any size. tamylauf@netvision.net.il www.TammyMikeLaufer.com

Mother earth – Roots1 / 3D digital drawing

Mother earth – Roots2 / 3D digital drawing

Mother earth – Roots3 / 3D digital drawing

KATARZYNA SIKORA Married to an Israeli and I live in Israel for the last 17 years. Although with academic degrees, I became captivated with photography and the ability to freeze moments in life and show them through my own eyes. I worked with famous photographers and mastered various techniques to allow me the direct and without filter transfer of sight and feeling to the viewer. I participated in many Group exhibitions as well as some single shows in Israel and abroad. I found that same view change with light, weather, time of day and seasons of the year. My aim is to bring out the beauty in every frame and extract the unique values and thus bring happiness and pleasure to the viewer. The timeless hours are rewarded with the pleasures of the viewers. kaskaphoto@gmail.com www.kaskaphoto.com

Callas 2015

Lily 2016

DAPHNE HOREV Engaging in Art to me is like looking into my microcosm self and then down into the human experience here on earth and beyond. While painting, I set myself free from the grasp of everyday perception of reality. In recent years I have found myself increasingly combining gold color in my work. To my feeling and understanding, the use of gold disconnects the subject matter from the realistic context and takes it to metaphorical and symbolic levels. I have been painting for many years. In recent years I combine digital tools in my work. www.saatchiart.com/DafnaHorev dafna.horev@gmail.com

All small edition 1 from75

Pheonix – Reserection Digital art 90X120 quality print on canvas

ENIGMA Digital art 110X110 quality print on canvas

Tropical night – Homage to Vincent 120X100

COOKIE MOON TOP VIEW is a series of digital collages constructed from hundreds of photographs. Photos of landscapes, nature shots and explosions are crafted together and treated with digital texture manipulation to create harmonic visual pieces, each one a colorful, abstract creation of a new world. Inspired by studies of the world’s creation narratives, I create new images out of old, and new landscapes are generated by uniting many locations around the world into one, aspiring to create a universal space, through a distant top view vision. The digital aspect of the work is essential in trying to understand the word "creation" in today's world. The artistic process starts and ends in the computer: the mouse , the keyboard, and the screen are the tools of creation. The series contains 20 pieces, all Digital Collages, 40x40 cm. cookielaimon@gmail.com http://www.cookie-moon.com/

Double splash

Grand Gestures

ALIZA BORSHAK Born in Baghdad .Lives in Be'er Sheva, engaged in art since childhood. I have a degree in art and communications, multidisciplinary artist. Painting, photography, photography and painting exhibits computer processing. I sometime write poetry. I work in various techniques and topics varied works. In recent years, the subject of women in the country and the world of my works stand out. Standing women's rights, violence towards her. I created a series of three-dimensional displays in which the doll representing the woman. So the woman abusing her games and passit from hand to hand (trafficking). The subjects of my works: Bedouin woman Arabic. Women are numbered the same women without a veil behind bars with broken glass. Protest art. Art has the power to change. I belong to the artists of Beer-Sheva and Israeli fruit of peace Association, whose members include artists Jews, Muslims and Christians. I introduced eight solo exhibitions and participated in numerous joint exhibitions. Appeared in two documentaries on the artist's works.

90X75 cm/ Drawing and photo computer

aliza7b@gmail.com Website

80X60cm/Drawing and photo computer

50X65cm/ several picture computer process

REBECCA LEVISMAN I am Macro Photographer. I was born in 1969 in Israel, and hold an MBA and BA in Economics. I became a photographer after I discovered a deep love for exploring nature through my camera. It all started during a lifechanging 10 days in a wild meditation retreat. There, I began to see nature through a different set of eyes and was suddenly drawn to the intricacies of every plant and creature. Since then, I have been photographing the earth through a macro photography lens, attempting to capture the magic that surrounds us that the naked eye can’t necessarily see. During 2016 I presented my work in few group exhibitions, at the Erez Israel Museum in Tel Aviv, the Botanic Gardens in Jerusalem and at the Premio Art Roma exhibition in Italy. I believe photography can help spread awareness about the importance of re-establishing a sustainable relationship with the natural environment around us. https://500px.com/rikilevisman riki.levisman@gmail.com

RuTea S. NOY I am a multidisciplinary artist, visual storyteller/narrator, working with a large range of tangible and digital mediums, forms and techniques. My art is poetic, musical, imaginative, educational and entertaining. It meant to increase awareness, bring joy, hope and inspiration to others. By blending together controversial disciplines I create dramatic statements and hints for those wishing to experience everyday life in a non-conventional fashion. Currently, I am working on Maiden Voyage - a multimedia collection containing art, photography, film, music and movement. It will be dedicated to the memory of artist Idit Burstyn, Jazz musician Avery Sharron and film director Morten Parker. Web site

Woman with Fish 20”x15 Mixed media on parchment

Pomegranate Heart 10”x10 Mixed media on leather

Sea Bride 50”x28 Mixed media on paper & fabric

HAGIT SHAHAL Passion and emotion are the forces motivating me to embark on the journey of creation. Only later is the process set in motion, during which I observe my work from different perspectives: the rational, the ideological, the aesthetic. My most cherished and revealing painting is a portrait I made of my mother. My works explore psychological states and different facets of identity, which I depict via scenes from the world around me. Even when my perspective shifts and changes, the core of my preoccupation remains intact.

My works often begin with a word or a sentence that sticks in my mind, refusing to let go. It may originate in a book, a movie, or a conversation, and it is usually connected with an unresolved personal issue, which leads to introspection, upon which it clings to related images. I work in diverse materials and media: oil, pastel, and watercolor, industrial paints, various drawing apparatuses, print and etching techniques. hagit.shahal@gmail.com

Lip Contouring/Oil on canvas/2010 /70X80 cm

Ilona with Pijama/Mixed media on paper/2010/70X100 cm


Cinderella-1/2016/ Sugar-lift and spit-bite 32X20 cm

Golden Pumps/2010/Industrial paint on Paper/50X70 cm

LANA LAOR My art is inspired by topics that engage me and conjure images in my mind. My process includes scriptwriting, staging, photography, and painting. This is a cognitive-intellectual-spiritual process, in which creative energy is transferred to a singular completed image. Staging the image prefaces my work on the canvas, where the colors and their interaction with one another give me freedom to express the emotions that surface during the creative process. I delve into each subject and create a series of works for each one. I am guided by two primary creative streams- The first is narrative art, such as works that include the image of a woman in a dream-like environment, expression to fears and dilemmas regarding fertility and continuity of life. The second stream is realistic art, engaging with human social characteristics such as violence, control, passion, and temptation. These are expressed through practical items. I acquired my artistic techniques through my studies at the École nationale supÊrieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, and through classes with Professor Ernst Fuchs in Vienna. I have participated in many solo and international exhibitions, and my work is on display in my personal gallery in Safed as well as the gallery of the Safed Artist's Colony, of which I am a member. studiolaor@gmail.com

1X1-oil on canvas (redshoes)

100X0.88-oil on canvas (red



100X0.88-oil on canvas (green

TALYA TAMIR The subjects I paint are inspired from various sources, such as a fragrant flower that I had seen in my garden or a photograph that suddenly was revealed to me, or a still life composition that I set up to best represent an idea I want to expand upon. My style is realistic and I use oil colors and chalks on different platforms, such as canvas, wood, colored paper, etc. I paint the same image in different artistic mediums because I am interested in seeing how the various mediums affect the result. I started painting twenty years ago, and since then, haven’t stopped. Over the last two years, I have painted a group of twelve sabra cactuses – “Sabra” is also a nickname for native Israelis. talia62@netvision.net.il www.talya-tamir.wix.com/talya-tamir

Sabra cactus 11 No peel

Sabra cactus 3

AMIRA OPPENHEIMER I take pictures in my nearby surroundings: home and the neighborhoods around it. I try to capture the beauty and hidden meaning in the most mundane objects and events, both in their current appearance and in their change over time. All the works attached are from an ongoing project "After Some Time". They are all digital photographs. amiraopen@gmail.com

SARIT ACHTENBERG My works deal with issues of local identity. They juxtapose my personal perspectives and memories with those of the collective, touching upon values of Israeli society, its culture and landscape. The series ”Covering" which was exhibited in the Museum of Israeli art, Ramat-Gan, deals with the subject of women and attire. The works takes us for a walk in banana plantations that are part of the Israeli landscape, where covered banana clusters look like shrouded women floating among trees. The cluster covers are designed to protect the bananas from pests and natural hazards. Women’s garments are designed to protect and cover the body at the same time hiding it for religious rules of modesty. The banana covers are called "skirts" by plantation workers. The word ”bananas” is used in Israeli slang as a belittling term meaning ’girls’, the language indicates the complex relationship between women and attire in Israeli society.

2013 Casing, oil on canvas, 80x60cm

saritzion@012.net.il www.saritachtenberg.com

2012 A Different guise, Oil on canvas, 80x60cm

2013 Uniform, oil on canvas, 80x60cm

RACHEL RAMOT I live in Haifa. I am an artist and have been producing my work professionally for the past 13 years. There is a variety of techniques used in my art that I have acquired over the years such as Oil, Water and Acrylic. Some of which have been created by me with unique tools and some from my studies with some of the finest art mentors. I am also using my experience to continue to develop more techniques which I share with my students. The source of my creative work consists of: Personal and environmental impressions, inner experience and observation of a multidimensional nature! I transfer all of my influences striving for harmony where I express my selection on canvas with realistic figurative paintings in my collection. I show my art at exhibitions in Israel and abroad. ra954@013net.net

Transparent guy/Oil on wood /30X40 cm


Daniel/ Oil on canvas/ 70X80cm

The dancer/ Oil on canvas/ 50X60cm

AYELET BOKER Painting, for me, is a powerful tool of expression and dialogue. The ideas for my painting are inspirations that I get from cities, constructions - its uniqueness as well as from the bible, death, desires, sole searching dreams and from the chaos of uncertainty. I like to create in my painting a sense of roughness which pours and reflects the obvious self on my painting canvas. I draw the technique of oil on canvas in a variety of styles varying from being impressionistic, realistic, surrealistic, depending on the type of dialogue that I create with my experiences. Oil painting allows me to paint the charming richness of colors and the creation of an additional dimension of roughness allows me to work with layers. Enabling me to revitalize my paintings and shape them without compromises, until I come to the conclusion that I have nothing more to add to my painting, and it truly expresses a self-integrated experience. In my work, I often draw casing a conflict between a new life and death, sacred and profane, reality and disillusionment etc.

Houses 100/100 oil on canvas


www.ayeletboker.com Photo: Tamar Almog

Gili 80/80oil on canvas

ETTI CHECHOVER I graduated from Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem in 1977 Since 1978 I make art. I work in different techniques and different substrates. Sometimes I work on series with a topic, and sometimes I paint portraits‌ I paint on paper, canvas, cardboard, wood, and use techniques like: oil, acrylic, pencil and charcoal. mannic01@gmail.com Facebook

YONA LEVY GROSMAN I live in the Negev which is the desert region of Israel. The spirit of the desert where I live has an impact on my perception of the reality and on all the fields of my art-work. I'm a multidisciplinary artist, my artistic activity comprehends oil paintings, video art, drawings, poetry, children's books, fiction stories and essays. On this page I choose to display some paintings from a series that deals with grains of sand and dune movement. as In my view, the individual grain of sand builds the dune and together become a parable of man and society. www.sand-dune.net yonalg@gmail.com

Oil and Industrial paint on canvas 120X180 cm

Oil on Plywood 80X100 cm

Oil on canvas 47X50 cm

Oil on canvas 45X55 cm

LILY DAVID Being a woman and an artist, I want my art to touch and stimulate the viewers to observe inside their souls and question themselves. My art reflects my own belief and my own truth. I dig beneath the surface of the visually complex works to expose their emotional and thematic foundations. I explore the tactile qualities of paper to reveal the dynamic possibilities within its rips and tears, the hidden tones and moods folded within its multiple levels. These creations, express the interaction between the human inner self and life harsh reality attempting to find the hidden messages. I have developed a unique drawing technique called Fragments, which emerges from the boundaries of the two dimensional and becomes a three dimensional creation, using integration of the artistic elements such as paper sculpture, engraving, coloring, tearing and scribble. lilyd13@walla.com www.all-art.co.il/art/lilyd13

fragments mixed technique 2006 70x33cm

fragments mixed technique 2006 65x53cm

YEHUDIT-FA‘UZIYA ENGLARD "The essence of my work is to disassemble and reassemble missing spaces and situations; and furthermore, to plumb the menacing, empty spaces left within me by the experiences of loss and trauma and their impact on every detail of my life; and to confront the enormous burden they created. On the canvas I process my experiences, and—insistently—ventilate them. At a certain moment I began to breathe again. " I was born in Baghdad- Iraq, and made Aliyah at age four, with my family. I am an autodidact, fan of music and operas and an avid chess player, interested in aesthetics, philosophy, education, art, psychology, medicine, and nutrition. I am a member of the Israeli Professional Visual Artists Association l, and the Women’s Art and Gender Research Association in Israel (RA). www.yehuditenglard.com englard@bezeqint.net

Lost, 2016, Oil on canvas 100x80cm

Given new name, 2016, Oil on canvas, 80x150cm

Memory and resistance, 2016 Oil on canvas,70x80cm

VICTORIA ZLATKIN I was immigrated to Israel from Ukraine in 1992. Soon after arriving in Israel, I studied Graphic Design. I have been working as a graphic designer for the past seventeen years. About 6 years ago I began drawing as part of an internet fan art group. Most of my drawings are realistic style portraits, done in black or colored pencils. Emotions and feelings capture me. I love to feel. When I am filled with emotion, I feel alive. I express this in my drawings. I feel through drawn characters. 72zlatkin@gmail.com/vzinspiration.com 72zlatkin@gmail.com

70x50_colored watercolor pencils

Embarrassment 508_35‫הח‬B pencil A reminiscence-30x44.5__black paper_white pencil

FANNY HOROWITZ I am a contemporary Israeli artist practicing figurative painting. For me, painting is setting out on an adventure. In my work, I use photos I take myself and photos found on the internet in order to examine details which make up the daily and mundane reality of our lives, and I empower their being and the beauty inherent in them. In my paintings, I create a sense of drama. I expropriate, the objects that I choose to paint, from their natural context. I give them my emotional interpretation, losing a sense of external time and place, entering and observing inner emotional worlds. Technically, I bring drama alive through subtly layering my colors and juxtaposing a disciplined classical technique with thoroughly modern subject material. Lately I explore the idiom ‘See the light’, literally and metaphorically speaking. Be it ‘The Shadow Of Light’ on a wall, the reflection of wine glasses in a mirror or spiritually ‘seeing the light’ while focusing on reading or on sports. fanny@fh-art.co.il www.fh-art.co.il

Fiction/Oil on canvas/60X75 cm 2016

The Shadow Of Light/Oil on canvas/90X70 cm 2017

ELISHEVA NESIS My main interest is looking for signs of mysteries in our life and studying evidences of their penetrations into the real world. Almost all my paintings and books are around this theme. As well I've been trying to detect mysterious penetrations in some border individuals. So it was just natural to me to mix actuality and eternity in the series of paintings "MODERN BIBLE". I live in Jerusalem, in the center of this mix. eli7va@gmail.com Facebook


Dyptich "JOSEPH the CAT" (part 1) "JOSEPH the CAT FLEES from POTIPHAR'S WIFE" (canvas/acrylic, 60cm x 50cm)

THE ANGEL of DESTROYING SODOM and GOMORRAH (canvas/acrylic 45cm x 40cm)

MARLEN ISMALON The figurative is a sculptural feast, especially when put on the two dimensionality of a canvas. I'm obsessed with the human figure with all its curves, angles and movements. Through this movement, I seek to express a search and a yearning for the most simple, pure and profound truth. Nature is always there too, archaic and powerful. Roots, twigs, branches, intertwining and separating, dig into the soil and back into the human form. Some years ago, I worked as a massage therapist. This experience was a great help for me since I can "feel" the body from within. I paint only from "inner" imagery. Each painting is a journey into a new unknown.

marlenismalon@gmail.com Facebook

Sunrise-sunset/120X67/ Acrylic on canvas

Procession/100X60/Acrylic on canvas

DEBBIE KAMPEL I am known as a landscape painter. The draw of the rugged Judean hills, the sensuality of the dipping curves of the valleys and the ever changing shades of color, have always intrigued my senses. In my new series, views of the ancient land have given way to the human landscape. Vibrancy, tension, and emotional scenes of everyday life have captured my attention. My paintings reflect the underlying energy and pulse of life, which is an undercurrent ever present in my volatile, passionate country. www.debbiekampel.com kampel@zahav.net.il

Bus stop, oil on canvas, diptych, 90x160cm

Traffic Riverbed, oil on canvas, 75x130cm

ANAT AGAMI I'm an Artist, Born in England and living in Nof -Yam Israel. 59 years old , Married and Mother of 2 boys . I began painting in my late twenties. And haven't stopped since. I've had several Solo Exhibitions and these days some of my paintings are exhibited in the National ICC buildings in Jerusalem. I call my stile Agamizm, I paint from the Subconscious using large canvases , I do not plan or copy anything , I just brush the paint on to the canvas and while letting go I discover the figures and shapes in the paint and bring them out to life . My paintings contain hundreds of small details, situations and stories. In the past I used pens, Ink and pencils and then later I used Acrylics. For the past 7 years I've been using oil paint and loving it. Through time my stile developed into what it is today. I like to compare the process of my art to the riding on my Harley Davidson Motorbike since it's the same feeling of freedom from thought in both painting and riding that allows the spirit of creativity to joyfully blow in (:

Babsi's Dream – Oil on Canvas 120X180 cm

http://www.agamizm.com anat@anat-agami.co.il

The Mess - Oil on Canvas 180X120 cm

Pegasus - Oil on Canvas 180X120 cm

RACHEL NAVON I believe that artistic activity is growing from traditions, influences, but is not bound by them or dependent on them. It Is free, alive and has dynamic of its own. Artwork should contact spectators and respect them. Even if it seems incomprehensible it should bind them formally and colorfully. My goal is to take the reality and move the magical things of it into that work. My works convey optimism expressed in color, form and composition. navon47@gmail.com www.navon.org.il

80X100 Oil on canvas

130X150 Acrylic on canvas

100X150 Acrylic on canvas

SHULAMIT NEAR "See what the sun does to the world" Is an expression I often use when it comes to painting. Light on a landscape, A person an object Makes them break down into mysterious combinations of color and shapes. I paint from observation. Observing the reality that is in front of me Is observing life itself - Always moving, breathing, changing. I draw with charcoal and paint with oil paints. In my work I've been mainly interested in landscape, portraiture and still life with laying emphasis on humanity and beauty. Light , structure and richness of color play an important part in my paintings. "The real voyage of discovery Consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes." - Proust.

Azza road, Jerusalem, oil on canvas 120cm95cm

www.shulamitnear.com painter@netvision.net.il

La-Betita restorant, Dahab Sinai, oil on canvas, 130cm96cm

Jerusalem panorama, oil on canvas, 160cm50cm