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DAPHNE HOREV Engaging in Art to me is like looking into my microcosm self and then down into the human experience here on earth and beyond. While painting, I set myself free from the grasp of everyday perception of reality. In recent years I have found myself increasingly combining gold color in my work. To my feeling and understanding, the use of gold disconnects the subject matter from the realistic context and takes it to metaphorical and symbolic levels. I have been painting for many years. In recent years I combine digital tools in my work.

Winter is coming,digital art, 80X130cm

All Quality print on canvas 1-75 *Each work is originally signed on the back

Magical passes2, digital art 80X120cm

44 degrees 2017 movement  

MOVEMENT is the new issue of the 44 DEGREES online arts magazine. The 44 DEGREES presents, an impressive body of work of contemporary art in...

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