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44 DEGREES is an online magazine dedicated to the promotion of contemporary Israeli artists. The magazine showcases various artists such as digital media artists, painters, sculptors, and curators, with each issue focusing on a different theme. Artists showcased in the magazine may be contacted via the URL posted. The magazine may be viewed in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem information archive room and in Tel Aviv Museum Library. 44 DEGREES online art Magazine was founded in 2013 by the artist TAMMY MIKE LAUFER

She created the concept and she's also the Designer | Editor |Art director |Curator Producer | Website Director.

Tammy Mike Laufer lives and works in Israel. She is an international contemporary artist and art director. She is graduate from the extension of the "Technion" Israel Institute for Technology in the department of Graphic Design, and continuing education program for designers at Sivan College Tel Aviv. She has been engaged with Digital Media for two decades. Tammy Mike Laufer's digital media art were exhibited in Museums, Art projects in places such as Italy (53 Venice Biennale) Greece, Japan, the US, Portugal, Lithuania, Warsaw, Israel and more.

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LIAT LIVNI My art examines the relationships between nature and the urban environment; specifically relationships between landscapes and architecture, arts and crafts, and what is man-made versus what is machine-made. Through continuous exploration in residencies around the world, I specialize in using local materials and dynamic sources for inspiration. With meticulous manual work, I create images that are full of formative and cultural contrasts. Emptied of its realistic volume, the image creates an iconic language that unites the different layers. Like a culture alchemist who fuses art with life, works with everyday materials, and brings together seemingly distant cultures. livniliat@gmail.com www.liatlivni.com

I am a lighthouse, 2010 330 Veneer layers, glass and light 28 x 23 x 24 cm

Tornado – Hourglass, 2012 Sand on cardboard 240 x 160 x 110 cm

Small Plate Stalagmite , 2012 Paper plates 71 x 15 x 15 cm

GALIT ALLOUCHE Contemporary issues in our society inspire my work: the relationship between the distinctive social circles, the Individuals’ reciprocal influence on a group and our perceived image of self. I explore the line between perception and reality. I challenge the existence of a certain “balance” between the two and the possibility to find it at the end of a continuous search. Those interactive installations are made from thermoplastics materials. The choice of these supple flexible materials was made to represent the “constant motion” of our search for this balance. Then, even once the balance is found, it will never be definite… galit_ma@yahoo.com www.GalitAllouche.com A trip, 30x 0.3 cm x 40. Collage on transparent Plexiglas.

White on white 600x600x350 cm Wax on wood

DANIELLE FELDHAKER Born 1982, USA. Lives and works in Tel Aviv. My primary practice is painting with mixed mediums on transparent Plexiglas and plastic sheets (such as bubble wrap and PVC) and creating large-scale installations. My installations comprise paintings made of transparent materials with three-dimensional objects and integrate video films and LED lights. The transparent plastic platform facilitates and reveals the stages in the work process, almost like a painting turned around to show the reverse. The transparency gives away the “behind the scenes� action of the work and causes the painted elements to look as if they are hovering above the surface. The paint seems to be able to take off into space.. What interests me is the possibility of taking over a given space, creating an intervention within it which disrupts it or creates a new visual space through the use of plastic materials. They may be rigid or soft and flexible, enabling me to create 3-D space and objects which may be transparent or semi-transparent. Through this construction process, I examine the multi-layered visual information and create painterly superimpositions through which I present the image, while having it partially hidden and other parts of the image are revealed. www.daniellefeldhaker.com daniellebinstock@gmail.com

Danielle Feldhaker, Faceless, 2017, Mixed Media on parchment paper and LED, 20x30x50 cm

Danielle Feldhaker, Untitled, 2017, Installation view 2, Mixed Media on Bubble Wrap Sheets, variable size

LEA WEINBERG In my artworks, emotional Layers of past life memories, dark times in history, lost and pain intertwined with hope and the creation of new life. Using layers of different wire meshes, coated with mediums as concrete, paint, glues. Colors mostly silver, light greys to black, or earth colors, and red color- the energy of life, birth & pain, which are mixed together within the layers of our life stories and experiences. Diaspora: mixed feelings of belonging &longing at the same time; semiabstract humans surrounded by dark wave and ethereal wire mesh figures, humans from present life alongside presence of the past. The Separation: a torn wire mesh, looks like an open wound as a symbol to families that were torn apart. Mother’s Gift: A ribbon of blood stream is wrapping the gift package of Motherhood with pain and love. Breaking Away Series: layers of contrasting materials giving dichotomy feelings of strength & softness; a struggling woman’s journey from being a Mother& child leading to becoming a Woman Artist.

The Separation wire mesh with mixed media, size: 28x23x5inch

leaweinberg@gmail.com www.leaw-sculptor.com

BreakingAway3 – Blues size: 15x15x3inch

Diaspora medium: wire mesh powder coated, mixed media, size: 27x27.5x7inch

EINAV BENZANO Most of my work is realized using a fine silver thread. This is intuitive, instinctual for me. I am deeply caught up in this thread, its character, its resistance. This thread is a thread to a long-ago past. My origins, my story. I want to explore and continue lead and be led by this fine silver thread. I feel that the more I work with it more I can “touch” and “be” in this fascinating junction of layers gathering the past, the present and the un known future. This material proposes me a new dimension of space. By the holes, it captures air and emptiness. I can work then on big volumes and keeping the lightness and the fragile impression, it gives A life can spring from a single thread. einav.benzano@gmail.com www.einav-benzano.com

Fine silver thread, oxide necklace

From layer to layer-fine silver thread

NIV COHEN I always remember myself as different. Exploring the interactions between the normative and me being "different" has made possible by using materials and extreme images, which are not acceptable to the traditional environment I grew up in and whom I received values from. Many times I ask myself – are these values still valid for me? Only through my work I validated my appearance in the society. I believe that to have to rely not only on my talent. Through hard, Sisyphean and strenuous work my personal aesthetic is created. www.coheniv.com cohenivi@gmail.com

ORO 38X28cm

DOGO 146X120cm

SHIN 34X34cm

ESHCHAR HANOCH KLIENGBIEL For the last six years I've being exploring "space". My work comes from the naive desire to reach the stars. It expresses a yearning for seeing from "here" to "there"-To those faraway romantic places that are mediated to as solely through machines. Objectively, behind the "aura", there are blurry-images and pixels, not lot more. Working with scientific photos from various space exploration agencies, I create physical images of these worlds using the different layers of paint in the wall. Digging through the history of the material. eshchark@gmail.com www.eshchark.com

22xp, 2015, wall engraving, 80X70 cm

Untitled, 2015, wall engraving, 70X70 cm

Untitled, 2016, wall engraving, 140X110 cm

p 3, 2016, wall engraving, 30X30 cm

TAMMY MIKE LAUFER My works are similar to mental puzzles, where you can travel from one point to another by analyzing a picture’s symbolic objects. There is always something for the observer to discover. I never force my vision or push my philosophical opinion on the viewers each and every one, can give theirs philosophy to my creation. My art is surreal reality, all in my head. The viewer take a journey to places just as real as those you might find in this reality. When I start working on a new scene, it's like enter to a fantasy dream. like starting your new only virtual world. “Everything is possible” and in the majority of my works I am trying to combine visual realities, with subconscious emotions and philosophical thoughts. I create my virtual world, with 3d software and 2d paint software. Using combinations of renderings, lightings, textures and shapes. The images can be printed on any material in any size.

Tammy.tml@gmail.com www.TammyMikeLaufer.com

Re-growth, 3D digital drawing 2017

BETWEEN THE LAYERS Solo Exhibition Gateway Art Center NYC 2017 “I see myself as an artist in this important mission that deals with women striving to smash the glass ceiling.� This exhibit is dedicated to this issue from a personal perspective of the artist, showing different feelings and aspects. Our lives are between physical layers as fabrics, with many obstacles between layers of thoughts. Sometimes a woman wears many layers as obstacles, physical layers as fabrics, as well as layers of thoughts, and sometimes emotional layers. To reveal herself a woman should remove all the layers, not the ones she wears, but the layers that conceal all her thoughts and desires.

We all want to go out into the light, to break out into the world. The sustained way sometimes takes courage to get up and change ourselves, to do something, to change things as they are in the rest of the world. Sometimes you have to swim against the stream. There is still so much work to be done on the subject of equality between women and men. Although it appears we have progressed, we are still struggling in almost every aspect of life. It is very important to remember to see the light in our lives, even through all the layers. We can close the gap. Never lose hope!

To get high, 3D digital drawing, 2017

Purple flower, 3D digital drawing, 2017

The power to break through, 3D digital drawing, 2017

Freedom of speech,, 3D digital drawing, 2017

To break boundaries, 3D digital drawing, 2017

Against the stream, 3D digital drawing, 2017

Dance of liberation , 3D digital drawing, 2017

It's time to get out of the layers, 3D digital drawing, 2017

AVIVIT BALLAS BARANES The point of departure in my work is one of ideas. In the course of converting an idea into a painting, all sorts of visual, material and verbal imagery emerge. The work is divided into series, each series deals with a certain idea through visual and verbal images that characterize it. Through my work I examine boundaries and definitions of place and identity, as well as borderline and ambivalent situations that are expressed in images such as bridges, houses, boats, fractions, parts of geographical maps, cracks, craters... I Work with different materials and colors. The combined materiality built in layers, is created by means of embedding, engraving, loading, covering, gluing, tearing, cutting and exposure. avivit.ballas@gmail.com www.avivitballasbaranes.com

Burning, 2004, mixed media on paper, 50X65

The call, 2001, mixed media on paper, 65X50

Dynamic Process, 2017, oil and mixed media on canvas 90X120

VANANE BORIAN In my works, I would like to discuss the theme of layers as a metaphor to the hidden history under them and time. The time, as layers which are covering the memories and erasing historical facts and hiding them under. The other aspect of layers is social, traditional and religious canons that are inflicted on an individual. We are covered by layers of stamps, duties and moral demands, which configure to create the average clerical mass. vanasik@gmail.com www.vanane.com

Link to video art: 1. "1915-"

"1915-" (screen photo) - size 20/30 cm

Photograph size 40/30 cm

RACHEL GREENSHPAN My main interests: Still photography, videography & video editing, and graphic design. I am in the arts: A long career in fashion design and modeling, painting and computer graphics. In the past ten years, I've focused on my main interests. My art: Taking artistic images, such as water and glass reflections, portraiture as well as graphic design. My Inspiration: Anything I see (I tend to see the world around me in camera frames). An Israeli artist I admire: Vardi Kahana (photographer – www.vardikahana.com) rachi40@gmail.com Web site

ASSAF MATARASSO In the last ten years I’ve been living and working in Paris. The main topic that emerges from my photographic artwork is identity. The search after this never-ending questions led me to dedicate my life to art photography, and expose in numerous exhibitions in France, Germany, Luxembourg, Israel and the United States. The series “Scares” attempts to reveal one’s true self, which is usually being kept behind social masks and layers of protection, fear or despair. “Scares” relates to the delicate gap that exist between a person and his own self, alongside the shreds that fills it. The creative process attempt to unfold the subject’s external layers and unveil his or hers authentic identity. Each picture discusses a unique shred as well as the way the subject relates to it. • The series was nominated as a finalist at “Luxembourg art prize” and “le grand prix photographic” in Paris, as well as an honorable mention in the international photography award. assafmatarasso@gmail.com www.assaf-matarasso.com

JOZSEF RAZ A digital artist photographer. Visual graphic design and history of art graduate. On the way from the analog world to the digital world , I went from using direct contact of the materials such as : celluloid , steel , wood , glass and canvas to the digital world where I collect all the materials for my work using the camera and the scanner . The computer's mouse is my main tool to draw and scalp my work of art . My work expresses " searching after the beauty in the ugliness and the ugliness in the beauty " and creates an illusion of the fantasy world. https://www.aicf.org/artist/jozsef-raz-2/ jozsefraz@gmail.com

YOEL TORDJMAN 30 years of development and experience within the world of print, art and design has been the preparation of the art work presented today. Over painting digital art with traditional art mixed technics. Inspired by meditation at nature, i create an expression of a dream and spirit where the reality appears more real than ever. My canvasses give access to joy because through my own self-discovery i show through my art that each human being in his essence is the bearer of divine light, part of the cosmic whole, the unity and the heavenly paradise. In light of the mediums and techniques used the combination of macro photography, digital art with over painting techniques and hundreds of micro layers with coloured medium and acrylic gives my work an exceptional precision, a deepness and aesthetic quality and originality. yoeltordjmanart@gmail.com www.yoeltordjmanart.com

"migration" 90 x 138 cm (canvas)

" the secret of nature" - 100 x 148 cm (canvas)

ALIZA BORSHAK Born in Baghdad .Lives in Be'er Sheva, engaged in art since childhood. I have a degree in art and communications, multidisciplinary artist. Painting, photography, photography and painting exhibits computer processing. I somtime write poetry. I work in various techniques and topics varied works. In recent years, the subject of women in the country and the world of my works stand out. Standing women's rights, violence towards her. I created a series of three-dimensional displays in which the doll representing the woman. So the woman abusing her games and passit from hand to hand (trafficking). The subjects of my works: Bedouin woman Arabic. Women are numbered the same women without a veil behind bars with broken glass. Protest art. Art has the power to change. I belong to the artists of Beer-sheva and Israeli fruit of peace Association, whose members include artists Jews, Muslims and Christians. I introduced eight solo exhibitions and participated in numerous joint exhibitions. Appeared in two documentaries on the artist's works. aliza7b@gmail.com http://alizaborshak.wixsite.com/artworks

40X55 drawing and collage with coral

70X50 drawing on wood with photograph

LIGAL SOFER born in 1988, Shadmot Devora I Now I Lives and works in Kibutz Na'an. The base of my works began by drawing from observation, witch afterwards I continued knitting images of objects surrounding me The concrete cast covers the knitted elements to reveal only pieces of unexplained gentle fibers of wool. The concept of combining concrete and knitting creates a direct link to a home , and contain inside it everyday baggage collapsing under the concretes weight. The blurry knitted images and the narrative are based upon frictions and interactions between materials. The concrete as a massive substance supported by the iron net, and the knitting as a warmgantel material creates a construction combining Israeli architecture and home knitting, that contain a comfort and stable place for me. shinshinligal@gmail.com www.ligalsofer.com

Detail of “Loosing Data” 2016 Concrete, synthetic wool and iron net 244X166 cm

Loosing Data 2016 Concrete,synthetic wool and iron net 244X166 cm

Detail of “Loosing Data” 2016 Concrete,synthetic wool and iron net 244X166 cm

TOVA ELDAD I am a multidisciplinary artist. The objects I create are characterized by the multiplicity of images, media and layers In these works of art I feel that it is like an alchemical attempt in which the result is the reason for the processes of research. A constant experiencing and an inner occurrence which melts together the worlds of the collective unconscious with the personal experiences and impressions that then materialize in the creation. Then the images create a sense of primordial /magical powers.

www.tovaeldad.com tovaeldad@gmail.com

Mixed Media 2016 10 length 13 cm width 8 cm length 5 cm

Mixed Media 2016 1 diameter 26cm height 18 cm

Mixed Media 2016 9 diameter 15 cm height 2 cm

NINO HERMAN On My Way Home I was born in Tel Aviv,but live in Nataf, a village in the Judean mountains, founded by myself and a group of friends. So I live in a nature reserve, but love the city I was born in, and my photography moves between these spaces. Moving between the human and the abstract, an unplanned, non-directed, unprocessed encounter, with a simple reality and wild nature on my way home In recent years, I have been trying to convey in my work a world of layers, in an effort to express the complexity, much like our world inside, of the reality out there. In my recent work, I try to develop a new way of seeing, one that flows between the figurative and the abstract, towards a point of confrontation that is unplanned and. The landscape photographs taken on my way home are more influenced by the language and abstraction of painting. ninoherman@gmail.com www.ninoherman.com

RuTea S. NOY I am a multidisciplinary artist, fine art photographer and visual narrator. My work is poetic, musical, and entertaining . With brushes, cameras and software it communicates stories to those wishing to explore everyday life in a non-conventional fashion, heal, find strength, hope and inspiration Web site

Trunk Roads. Fine Art Photography

Silent Storm. Fine Art Photography

Sophie's Skirt. Mixed Media 30x28x In

SHOSHANAH CIECHANOWSKI A Multidisciplinary artist born in 1973. My works predominantly with performative action, after which the action is translated into object, video, and drawing that engage with words which become structures by way of movement, rhythm, and sound. My work method is based on three layers. The first layer is placing the actual boundaries of the work itself with external data and my own body. The second layer is ambidextrous writing (parallel mirror writing with both hands) in this process the text shifts and transforms from content into form. The last layer is a drawing action in a meditative state, it takes shape through a performative action, one that has its own rules. www.shoshici.com shoshanah.ci@gmail.com

THE ROUND LINE _ 120x120cm _ ink, marker&pencil on fabriano paper WHO LOOKS OUT WITH MY EYES _ 94x114cm _ ink&pencil on fabriano paper

ELI BASRI Eli Basri, 62 years old, lives in Shoham, a small town in Israel. I started my interest in photography 35 years ago. I am a self-taught. As an amateur photographer, my main interests comprehend many areas especially landscape, nature, abstract, street photography and urban. I always looking for the rare light and weather conditions that enable me to emphasize the subjects in a special way. It is very important to me to reflects the reality as is without any manipulation on my work. I took part in many exhibitions, competitions, and my works have been published in magazines. www.pbase.com/basri_eli elibasri@gmail.com

ARIEH SHAPIRA The ticking of the clock, the passing day, becomes history that leaves layers. Physical layers, of rocks, water and clouds, abstract- man-made imaginative layers of photomontage. In every human being there are also layers of the most profound memories of our personal history: childhood, adolescent and adulthood. We remember the Physical area, the home, school and people. A layer on top of a layer. In many cases when we return to the wonderful physical places planted in our memory, we are annoyed to find places have changed , deteriorated and disappointing. In the physical reality, one might find a rock with layers of sediments of an ancient sea and those , in our imagination, become a map of our planet‌ I am 81 years old. Born in Jerusalem, Israel. I have a Msc.in communication from Boston University, and worked in Public Relations, Advertising and Editing .Now I am a free-lance photographer. My wife is an Artist. We have a son and a daughter and 7 grandchildren. ariehshapira@gmail.com

Lookind down from a plane on layers od clouds

Layers of stone cover an old entrance to a monastery

SHIRA GEPSTEIN MOSHKOVICH : "The heart of my art work is the work itself, the possibility of combining familiar elements into something new. Give the world a new look and raise a debate about urgent and historical subjects�. Sculpturing & Instillation: In my Sculpturing and installation work I deal with the concept of PlaceNo-Place, in architecture and temporary lightweight materials. My action is an act of tampering, defamiliarization, transformation, distortion and delusion. The process of choosing specific materials is significant to me and allows me to emphasize the meaning and disruption, enclosure and connecting images and recharging them with a new context. All that goes through structure layers of material. My paintings: also deal with disruption of figurative paintings, disarranging and discharging of the immediate meaning of images. My oil paintings are intense and filled with layers of various subjects such as: women face reality, Contemporary urban landscapes, planes, nature, soil all compressed into a dense environment. shiradan15@gmail.com FACEBOOK

Detail from Lions gate, oil on glass, Beta, Jerusalem, 2017

ELI GROSS "So many colors on the market's palette hustle bustle and framed in my traveler mind. Before I met the eastern markets phenomenon my world was black and white... I was grey, a colorless hue that represents the lack of self. Yet I shine as if I am the only light. The markets are so colorful, full of life, vibrant. The happiness and anxiety brought me to the colorfully world of colors layers - red, orange and green and there is even more - the blues, yellows, and purples. The new masterpieces can be created…" www.eligross.com eligross@orange.net.il

Kerchiefs seller – Acrylic, 40-50 cm, 2016

Pahurat Textile Market (Little India), Bangkok – Acrylic, 50-40 cm, 2017

LILI FISHER I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina where I learned to love the tango and the creative revolution by Piazzolla, who dared to liberate the traditional music from its chains. Following his footsteps, I recently set out to meet and re-examine my early works aiming to release them from their Latino roots. I rediscovered my earlier paintings and learned to enrich them with a new layer of life that is not afraid to deal with the familiar and the known. Therefore, each and every work in this project is the substance for a daring new image that lands on a former position and creates a new layer. The presentation of my naivety as a young artist is replaced by the representation of the complexity of my current story. www.lilifisher.com fisherl@012.net.il

CAMUFLAGE 2017 Oil on canvas 70 X 50 cm

REAL OR DREAM 2017 Oil on canvas 50 X 70 cm

GRANDMA OPENS ONE EYE 2017 Oil on canvas 80 X 60 cm

SARA PELED My work explores the relations between movement and braking, the exposed and the hidden, single line and complex shapes. I believe that in the course of life, we gather more and more experiences and impressions turning into burdens, some of which weigh down and threaten our serenity. In the attached series, I illustrate the weight of the loads by using scraps of black cardboard in thick layers. The accumulation of the layers affects the movement of the human body I describe, and sometimes even embedded in. In these works, I use a mix of media paper, allowing me to use a variety of techniques. For example, for expressing a line, I use embroidery threads, wool strings, pins and matches, which I paste and compose on my plateform. It fits into the overall texture and cannot be distinguished from the pen line, brush strokes or pencil transitions. www.sarapeled.com sarapeled1@gmail.com

NAOMI SAFRAN-HON In my work I investigate the tension between domestic space and the invasion of outside forces. I combine architectural photographs that I shoot of interior spaces in my hometown, Haifa, with the actual material depicted in the image: cement, fabric and lace. The work becomes more abstract as I focus on the walls, windows and corners that construct a room, a house. The walls are peeling revealing the layers of paint, each new inhabitant washing the wall covering the forgotten history of the previous dweller. In my painting I excavate these layers revealing the past and imagining the stories of the people who once used to occupy these spaces. Thus the layers of paint become a metaphorical tool in the telling of a complex and fragmented history. naomi.safranhon@gmail.com www.naomisafranhon.com

Wall in Four Layers, 52.5 x 73 inches, Acrylic, archival ink jet print, lace, fabric, pigment, gouache, pins and cement on canvas, 2017.

ZAHAVA LUPU I paint, because I have to. It’s a need, a commitment that I can’t control, a way for me to intertwine and weave my inner self into creation. My paintings are large in size and rich in colors, using oil at their basis. The intense expressionism, the spatula work, the fingers and the brush movements over a multiplex of layers, combined with fast drawing, rice paper collage, notes, paperclips and writings into the saturated piece create rich and spiritual interlayers of ideas. I had to share this loyalty for painting with another world that I was part of from early childhood, the world of music, as a pianist (Tel-Aviv music academy). But the touch of material, this form of expression, the ability to create from the music within me were too strong to leave any place for doubt, and draw me deeper into painting. My Résumé includes individual and group exhibitions worldwide, alongside participation in high profile projects. My artwork can also be found in notable private and public collections. www.ZahavaLupu.Gallery lupu.zahava@gmail.com

Etude in Color 2013, Oil on canvas, Mixed media, 80x100 cm (Detail)

Fugue in white, Oil on canvas, Mixed media, 90x80 cm (Detail)

BELLE SHAFIR As an individual who has emigrated from one country to another as my parents did during the WWII, I was attracted to explore my identity, on different points of view: Myself among my family and roots, among the society I live in, and as a human being among rising possible developments of human kind, knowing that contemporary science allow such evolution. My works in recent years addresses creation of tiers of recollection and history, and are created from various materials that generate an interesting complex depiction in drawing lines and the representation manners of describing personal experience and narrative through line. All these works of art have direct and unmediated connection with my personal history and private memories that merge into a unified ensemble. www.Belle-Shafir.com belleshafir@gmail.com

Tears – collage 100X30 cm

ADI TIBERG HOFFMAN I live and work in Tel Aviv. I usually start my work from observation. I'm visually attracted to objects that are pressed together, compressed. It can be in a construction site, a ruined building, a sculpture, a pile of elements that I am building etc. The tangible reference is a grounding element for me, though it is not always what the painting is about. Its elements function as suggestions for potential forms and movements in the pictorial space, in an attempt to create a similar experience on the canvas. I use brushes and knives when painting oil on canvas. For sketching and drawing I like to use charcoal. Between the years 2006-2012 I was living in California, in a city where people were often moving in and out of apartments, leaving piles of their belongings behind. I was fascinated with those structures, photographing, researching, drawing and painting them. I think they are the source of my interest in these dense complex situations. adihoffman@gmail.com www.adihoffman.com

untitled 6, oil on canvas, 120X150 cm

untitled 4, oil on canvas, 120X180 cm

YULIA LIBERMAN In "Marginal notes of «the Name of the Rose »"Umberto Eco wrote, that the author should die, having finished the book. Not to block somebody ’s way to the text. I don't claim for greatness of the well-known author. But... I don't want to block the way of your vision, of your understanding. Look! So I feel the world in color, so I see the world in lines. Maybe you feel like me? From my heart to your heart, from your soul to my soul the «thread» will be stretched... and we will become richer in one thought, in one emotion... http://yulialiberman9.wixsite.com/libermanyulia yulia.liberman9@gmail.com

Sun - canvas, garbage, layers of color

DORITH TEICHMAN My art deals with movement and change. Acknowledging that life is in constant change has brought me to express change as I perceive it within the body and outside a story framework, in a realm that is beyond images and words, thus it is abstract. The paintings capture the inner sensation as it rises and transforms. Nothing is planned or known in advance, as in life - the painting unfolds. Brush strokes and paint marks capture the movement occurring within, manifesting through the arm and body gesture on the canvas. Transparent layers of paint show the inner development and strata and the archeology of the process. The white surface is the space for future change. The paintings mirror an inner process and are complete when there is a resolution upon them. www.dorith-teichman.com dorith.k.t@gmail.com

Layers,acrylic on canvas,180x160 cm

untitled,acrylic on canvas,100x120 cm

URI BATSON I'm an Israeli artist playing between painting and sculpture. In the search for a way to combine these two mediums I developed my own technique based on an old school technique called "In-lays" in which I'm working with several layers and reduce it to one almost flat image. In this series I was focusing on mountain and horizon as a metaphor for the relationship between matter and non-matter. I'm constantly trying to undermine this relation by shuffling the composition or by putting horizon in the front of the work. I believe that these actions extract a new way of rethinking about painting and sculpture and about permanent thing vs. dissolving random jesters. batson.carbonmade.com batsonuri@gmail.com

Tree in the sun, Paper cuts 21x29.7cm 2017

Oh! These snowy mountain peaks! Wood, MDF, industrial paint 120x120cm 2017

Over the top and far away. Wood, MDF, slide, spray 120x185cm 2017

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