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• VERED NAVON Before the "digital age" broke in, I used to load either color or black & white film in my camera, usually 400 ISO (a more sensitive, les contrast film). I've rarely photographed both in color and b&w at the same time. The moment I had a b&w film in my camera, I turned to be a "color blind" person, and I started to see the world in black, white, and all the scale of greys between them. This allowed me "re-create" reality in a more abstract way, focus on the subject, and emphasize the drama I saw in front of my eyes. Today, using my digital camera, I don't create b&w images, though it's very easy to do it in photoshop. I don't need this because I don't see reality in black and white anymore, and I show only what I see through my eyes, no manipulations.


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