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Lick Run Spring’s water used to be treated like a nuisance to be disposed of. Now it’s the centerpiece of a patio behind the Ponce de Leon.

at his kitchen table for months, using his daughter’s colored pencils to experiment with various color schemes for the structure’s exterior

art deco designs on the top sides of the building and its columns. These designs now are shades of red, green and gray.

Khan also restored an original wall fountain in the building’s lobby and added an art deco wall clock, a brass globe statue and other vintage pieces from his travels to antiques shops and flea markets around the country. “I wanted it to look like it would have in 1931,” he says. Khan used an old postcard advertisement from the Ponce de Leon Hotel to re-create the original look of its lobby and adjacent mezzanine. Crews tore down walls to create an open mezzanine lounge space off the lobby, with tables, couches and the original wroughtiron stair railings. Residents use the building’s original elevator cabs, complete with the brass knobs. Some of the apartments have original hardwood floors. Apartments vary in size from 450 to 1,039 square feet, with rents ranging from $675 to $1,400 a month. Another unusual feature is an outdoor water garden patio behind the building. It discharges water from Lick Run Spring in a curved brook pattern.

The Ponce de Leon’s ballroom has become a sitting room off the Ponce’s lobby.


MARCH 2015

Top photos courtesy The Ponce de Leon Bottom photo by Sam Dean

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Roanoke Business- March 2015  

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