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REANIMATION PACKAGE OF REFORMS coalition of non-governmental organizations

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About us


The Reanimation Package of Reforms is the largest coalition of leading Ukrainian non-governmental organizations which have pooled their efforts to facilitate and implement reforms in Ukraine. The RPR functions as a coordination center for 72 non-governmental organizations and 23 expert groups which develop, promote, and control implementation of the reforms. The number of coalition members is constantly growing. Strategic tasks of the RPR: to turn civil society experts into the subjects of policy-making; to consolidate and coordinate public efforts; to guarantee the quality of reform-related proposals; to advocate adoption and implementation of the developed reforms; to communicate changes to the Ukrainian society and the international community.

Financial assistance


We are working to make Ukraine a state: with fair justice and economic and political competition; without opportunities for corruption and abuse of power; where every citizen knows their rights and can exercise them; where the authorities, the political parties, the media, and the non-governmental organizations are effective and accountable to the public.

Priorities of the RPR for 2016-17: judicial reform

anticorruption reform public administration reform

reform of law enforcement agencies

economic reform

decentralization election law reform

Financial and organizational support



Assembly of NGOs

RPR Board

highest body of the RPR

strategic management body

executive body

consists of representatives of all 72 members of the coalition

includes 12 wellknown and influential persons selected by the Assembly of NGOs

key functions: advocacy, communication, international relations, facilitating activities of expert groups and NGOs

RPR Secretariat

The RPR has a three-tier horizontal governance structure ruled by collective decisions. The Assembly of NGOs-members of the RPR is the highest body of the RPR. These members are authoritative, experienced NGOs with impeccable reputation and have the right of vote at the Assembly. The Board of the RPR is a strategic management body that implements the strategy adopted by the Assembly and develops and approves tactical decisions. The Secretariat is the executive body of the RPR. Key functions of the RPR Secretariat are advocacy and communication support of the activity of the civil platform and its members. Representatives of NGOs-members of the RPR and individual experts work in groups on specific areas. Each expert group works in the form of public meetings and opinion exchange. The aim of the groups is to implement relevant reforms, ensure good governance in a particular area, secure partnership between government and society, and support the possibility of public control over the activities of the authorities.

The Board


The Board of the RPR is a strategic management body that implements the strategy adopted by the Assembly and develops and approves tactical decisions. Co-Chairmen of the RPR Board

Taras Shevchenko

Yaroslav Yurchyshyn

Members of the RPR Board

Iryna Bekeshkina

Inna Borzylo

Igor Burakovsky

Ihor Koliushko

Ivan Lukeria

Vitaliy Shabunin

Oleksandr Sushko

Viktor Taran

Hlib Vyshlinskyi

Mykhailo Zhernakov

RPR Groups

Anticorruption reform Yaroslav Yurchyshyn

Local self-government reform and decentralization of power Anatoliy Tkachuk

Economic development Hlib Vyshlinskyi


Judicial reform Roman Kuybida Mykhailo Zhernakov

Public administration reform Ihor Koliushko

Election law reform

Law enforcement bodies reform

Yevhen Radchenko

Oleksandr Banchuk

Tax and budget reform

Reform of financial sector and pension system Ruslan Chornyi Volodymyr Dubrovskyi Maria Repko Vitaliy Melnychuk

Energy sector reform

Media reform

Viktor Butok

Ihor Rozkladay

Reform of public finances

Sviatoslav Pavliuk

Roman Holovenko

Viktor Taran


Healthcare system reform Zoriana Chernenko

Educational reform. Reform in the sphere of science and research Natalia Shulha

Cultural policy Natalia Kryvda

Volodymyr Bakhrushyn

Youth policy

National memory policy

Environmental protection and sustainable development

Yuriy Yuzych

Ihor Rozkladay

Dmytro Skrylnikov



National security and defence

Oleh Levchenko

Serhiy Loboyko

Valeriy Sadovskyi

Groups’ proposals on the reforms can be found in the RPR Roadmap of Reforms Constitutional reform


Ihor Koliushko

Oleksandr Pliva

Volodymyr Shapoval

Lesia Shevchenko



Artem Myrhorodskyi

Iryna Solomko

Vadym Miskyi

Olena Halushka

Christina Parandii

Head of the Secretariat

Head of Communications Department

Head of Advocacy Department

Head of International Relations Department

International Relations Manager

Inna Nerodyk

Artem Skrypnyk

Andriy Hevko

Olena Prokopenko

Bohdan Yatsun

PR Manager

SMM Manager

Advocacy Manager

Advocacy Manager

Analyst, Advocacy Manager

Iryna Kononova Office Manager

Karina Manzhai Event Manager

Nataliia Vyniarchuk

Ivan Omelian

Fundraising Consultant

Regional Coordinator

Organizational assistance to the RPR Secretariat is provided by the representatives of the NGO “Center for Democracy and Rule of Law�: Solomiya Borshosh, Viktor Artemenko and Natalia Yevchenko.

international relations



Areas of activity 11

NGOs-members of the RPR AgroReformsUA

Charitable Foundation “Right to Protection”

Civil Society Institute

All-Ukrainian Association of Small and Medium Businesses “Fortress”

Center of Reform Support

Civil Society Online

All-Ukrainian Sustainable Development and Investments Agency

Center for Democracy and Rule of Law (CEDEM)

Coalition of Civic Organizations “For Sober Ukraine”

Centre of Policy and Legal Reform

Committee of Voters of Ukraine

Anti-corruption Action Center Association for Community Self-organization Assistance Association for Support of Defense of Ukraine Association “Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine”

Association of Ukrainian Human Rights Monitors




Association on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving

Bureau of Ecologic Investigations


CCC Creative Center

Centre for Economic Strategy Centre for Innovations Development at NaUKMA Centre for Political Studies and Analysis “EIDOS” Centre for Research of Liberation Movement

Centre UA

Congress of Cultural Activists


Cultural Assembly

DeJure Foundation

Detector Media

Chamber of Tax Advisors

Development and Security Association

Civic Organizacion «Center For Economic Research And Forecasting»

DiXi Group

Civil Network OPORA


Easy Business

Internews Ukraine



Interns’ League

Transparency International Ukraine

LEAD Office

Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research


Ukrainian Centre for European Policy

Election Law Institute

Europe Without Barriers Foundation of Regional Initiatives (FRI)


Ukrainian Forum of Philanthropists

Forum “Health”

Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation

Initiative E+

Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting

Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation

Institute of Social and Economic Transformation

Institute of World Policy

National Ecological Centre of Ukraine

Network of Energy Innovations “Greencubator” “No Bribery” Movement

Ukrainian Homeland Defence Support Movement Ukrainian Insurance federation

Ukrainian Science Club

Ukrainian Archaeologists Association

Partnership for Every Child PLAST – National Scout Organization of Ukraine Podolian Agency for Regional Development Regional Press Development Institute

Union of Ukrainian Youth in Ukraine


Youth Nationalistic Congress

Wikimedia Ukraine

Achievements of the Members of the RPR Coalition


Formation of an independent system of agencies in charge of investigating high-profile corruption: the National Anticorruption Bureau and the Specialized Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office. (Anti-corruption Action Center) Launch and maintenance of the online system of public procurement Prozorro. (Transparency International Ukraine) Launch of the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption, introduction of the system of state financing of political parties and public monitoring of the transparency of party finances. (Centre “EIDOS”, Transparency International Ukraine, Centre of Policy and Legal Reform) Introduction of electronic system for disclosure of assets, income, and expenditures of public officials. (Anti-corruption Action Center, Centre “EIDOS”, Transparency International Ukraine) Development of the legislative framework and assistance with the amalgamation of territorial communities, considerable expansion of their financial and administrative capabilities. (Civil Society Institute, Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research) Establishment of the market price for gas for the consumers, which has paved the way for introducing market relations in this field. (Civil Network OPORA, DiXi Group, All-Ukrainian Sustainable Development and Investments Agency, Association “Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine”, Network of Energy Innovations “Greencubator”, National Ecological Centre of Ukraine, Association on Energy Efficiency and Energy) Delegation of the Healthcare Ministry’s functions related to the procurement of medicines to well-known international organizations (UNDP, UNICEF, Crown Agents), which resulted in the increased competition, lower purchasing prices, and savings amounting to UAH 760 million. (Anti-corruption Action Center) Making governmental databases on the owners of real estate, land plots, and transport vehicles public. Formalizing a new EU practice of mandatory disclosure of information about the ultimate beneficiary (controller) of a legal entity in an open governmental registry. (Anti-corruption Action Center)


Participation in the development of constitutional and legislative amendments within the judicial reform, in particular aiming at cleansing the judicial system of professionally unethical judges; establishment of the Public Integrity Council. (Centre of Policy and Legal Reform) Providing a legislative framework to ensure functioning of electronic petitions to the authorities or local self-government bodies. (Centre for Innovations Development at NaUKMA) Launch of the civil service reform: separation of political and administrative offices, introduction of an institute of state secretaries. (Centre of Policy and Legal Reform) Establishment of a public broadcaster – the National Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company of Ukraine – based on the principles of independence from authorities and accountability to the public. (Center for Democracy and Rule of Law, Detector Media) Introduction of annual disclosure of the property structure and ultimate beneficiaries of television and radio channels. (Center for Democracy and Rule of Law, Detector Media) Introduction of a comprehensive system of identification, management, and disposal of seized and confiscated illegallyacquired assets. (Anti-corruption Action Center, Transparency International Ukraine, Centre “EIDOS”) Active involvement in the implementation of reforms within the Visa Liberalization Action Plan with the EU. (Anti-corruption Action Center, Transparency International Ukraine, Institute of World Policy, Europe Without Barriers, Institute for EuroAtlantic Cooperation, Centre “EIDOS”, Centre of Policy and Legal Reform) Unblocking the launch of a competitive market of thirdgeneration mobile technologies 3G. Launch of the system of public finance transparency, assistance with the development and launch of “E-Data”, a unified web portal on the use of public funds. (Centre “EIDOS”)

This publication has been produced with the assistance of the European Union within the project ÂŤEnhancement of the Reanimation Package of Reforms coalitionÂť, and that of the Swedish Government. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of the Center for Democracy and Rule of Law and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union or the Swedish Government.

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