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The Mill Restaurant at Finley Farms is now open

Treat holiday guests to the tastiest local slices


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on the cover

Pedestal Rocks Loop Trail is a 2.5 mile trail near Pelsor, Arkansas with beautiful views including a waterfall, caves and a natural bridge.

Yellow Rock Trail in Devil’s Den State Park features panoramic views of Lee Cree alley i lu a add a little fun to this family-friendly trail.



SUBSCRIBE NOW Ready for an easy, nearby vacation? We are! That’s why our January issue is dedicated to our favorite 52 weekend getaways. We’ll lead you to all the nearby places to relax, treat yourself, enjoy the sun and get into nature. To get it delivered to your mailbox, head online to 417mag.com/subscribe. 10


Photo by Joshua Beecher, Cover photo by Joshua Beecher

Cool temps, stunning fall colors, wet weather waterfalls... these are just a few of the reasons why fall is the best time to take a hike in the Ozarks. If you’re not sure which trail to hit, we’ve rounded up our favorites to make your journey a little easier. BY SONY HOCKLANDER





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Branson Guide

Head to Branson for a holiday getaway filled with top-notch entertainment, dining and more.


Best Self Best Self 2021 is your guide for an all around better you. We’ve compiled the top professionals for health and beauty in 417-land—they’re all right here.

COMING SOON Faces of 417-Land

January 2022

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HASSLE-FREE HOLIDAY What does Thanksgiving mean to you? a ing ime o find a you re an ul or Spending ime i your amily r rea ing ou in a old ea a e oug o all e oo ing and prep a goe in o e oliday e ery year e er you loo or ard o a


e i e ea or ear i rom one year o e ne , e an elp ead o 417mag.com/blog o find our guide o an gi ing meal and de er a don re uire any oo ing See e li o lo al pro o an a er your oliday ge oge er o you don a e o




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into the

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why: What you experience on the mountain top or in the mosquito-thick woods is likely very similar to what every other person who ever hiked experienced: irritation, discomfort, transcendence, appreciation, disappointment. Often, you leave with gratitude, renewed perspective.” I’m not waiting for my college acceptance letter, but I hold out hope there is still a chance for my epiphany in the wild. The stairs I climb, the fairways I cross and the streets I walk are all man’s creation. My mistake has been seeing a hike in the Ozarks wilderness as just physical exercise without a scoreboard. But it’s obviously more. I realize now it’s not how far or how steep you climb. It’s how deep you go. A time to enjoy the landscape around you while contemplating the landscape within. As naturalist John Muir wrote, “By going out, I found I was really going in.” Nature’s therapy. Positive change can begin with one idea and that one idea can very likely be manifested on a single hike. I hope you find that one here.

Gary Whitaker Founder | garywhitaker@417mag.com Photo by Brandon Alms

F. Richard Van Pelt* & Kay Van Pelt†

’ve hiked cloud forest trails in Costa Rica, rain forest trails in Patagonia and on glaciers in the Canadian Rockies. But like a New Yorker who has never visited the Statue of Liberty, or the top of the Empire State Building, I haven’t done much hiking in my own back yard. It’s not that I don’t enjoy fresh air, exercise and the reward of a great view at the halfway point. I just get lots of exercise in other ways. I run about 10 miles a week. When I golf, I walk. Since I live downtown, I walk to baseball games, basketball games, concerts, restaurants and movies, often climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator. I just don’t hike local trails very often. But after reading the cover story in this edition of 417 Magazine, it’s time to reconsider. The hikes featured starting on p. 74 are nearby—most reached in a couple of hours, so you can be back in your own bed that night. They are labeled by degree of difficulty, and whether they are appropriate for kids and pets. About the only things the cover story on hiking the great trails of the Ozarks doesn’t do is stock your backpack and lace up your boots. Is the appeal of a hike the exercise for hearts, legs and lungs? Is it a chance to be engulfed in the natural beauty of trees, flowers and sky? Or is it just a getaway from the regular routines of life? Hiking is such a ubiquitous activity in the transition from childhood to adulthood that Sara Nolan, a former Brown University college admissions counselor, begged high school students not to write their admissions essays about that hike. She has written: “Every year, I beg students not to bring me that essay—the incredibly heartfelt one about their trip into the woods, or up a mountain. Here’s


actual patient






Personally, I like to quietly enjoy nature. Listening to birds in the trees and small animals in the underbrush—and making as little noise as possible. But there’s also something joyful about experiencing nature with kids whose whoops of joy when they stumble upon a cool-looking mushroom are just as delightful as the water in some laughing brook. If you’re struggling to find that perfect balance of inside and outside time with your own family and are stuck in a rut, this issue of 417 is a good place to look for inspiration. Our cover story features several trails for all skill levels that can help add that little bit of fresh air into your life. Some are super-close to home and some are a day trip away. And whether your hiking companions are bored kids or a group of adults, these trails are sure to help you see the Ozarks in a new light.

Katie Pollock Estes Editorial Director | editor@417mag.com

My Favorite Page, 89 There are a lot of things I love about the green tomato cake from The Mill Restaurant at Finley Farms, but my favorite detail is the little sprinkle of microgreens on top. Greens on a cake? Yes! And honestly that little hint of freshness is such a delightful addition. Have you tried it yet? 18


Photo by Brandon Alms

ometimes it’s a little hard to get my two kids, ages 8 and 5, to play outside as much as I want them to. Oliver would prefer to listen to a Harry Potter audio book and build with Legos, and Eloise’s after-school activity of choice is usually breaking into my bathroom to raid my makeup drawer. (If she’s been quiet for too long, there’s a good chance she’s going to be spending her bath time scrubbing eyeshadow off her entire body.) It’s not that they don’t like being outside. It’s just that they think our backyard is “boring.” When I shuffle them out the door, they look at the trampoline, hammock, gigantic swing, bins of sporting equipment, slackline full of climbing apparatuses and raised gardening bed that they are absolutely allowed to dig in—and then dramatically declare there is “nothing to do.” Did you hear that? I just rolled my eyes so hard something popped. But the second we leave that terribly lackluster backyard and enter the woods on one of our region’s countless trails, everything changes. All of a sudden, they aren’t so bored. They don’t want to dig in our backyard garden, but they will happily plunge their fingers into the muck beside a creek to pluck up smooth stones and look to see what kind of critter is squirming around in the mud underneath. They look at our baseball bats and balls like they’ve never seen anything quite so pathetic… yet if they find a cool stick beside the trail, they’ll be swinging it at fallen Osage oranges and pinecones all day long.




To send us feedback or story ideas, email editor@417mag.com.


A PIZZA OVERSIGHT? You recently wrote the article “Our Guide to the 20 Best Pizzas.” At no fault of yours I’m sure, you have left out a tucked-away place. Café Bridges located at the State Park Marina here at Table Rock Lake has the most amazing pizza, subs, alad , o ee and one in our area e owners are amazing, and so is their story! Go and try their pizzas, and you might feel inclined to write another story. Ian Garrison Uh oh! Looks like we have a pizza dinner in our future to give this spot a try. Thanks for the tip! —Editor

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GOOD READS Did you know there are books for kids written by authors from right here in southwest Missouri? When we saw this article by 417 Magazine, we couldn’t help but share. Our tutors have used some of these books to help their students learn to read in their sessions! Clu o Grea er Springfield Thanks for sharing our “5 Best Kids Books Written by Local Authors” story with your followers! We’re big fans of our local authors here too!—Editor

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417 Magazine is a dog’s best friend! Rocky Galbraith the goldendoodle explored Wolf Creek Pass, Colorado, with his copy of Best Fall Fests.

S a n and Pa y ilge , e and Carolyn ar , and Jan and Chris Vogelsang brought their Guide to the Best Pizza issue on the side-by-side tour at National Elk Refuge in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Russell and Sue Ann Gaddie brought their copy of Summer Like a Kid to the annual Labor Day festival in Vail Village, Colorado.









en, dam, and S eila a on o ed o eir copy of Guide to the Best Pizza while shopping in Destin, Florida.

With their copy of Outdoor Adventures in hand, Joy and Jay Klika had an outdoor adventure of their own in Nashville, Tennessee.

Amber and Erik Hansen celebrated their ten year anniversary with an incredible view at Machu Picchu, and brought their Guide to the Best Pizza issue along for the occasion!






Photos by Designing Indie, courtesy Shutterstock

Each November is Gardens Aglow at the Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden where you can stroll through the gardens light displays with cups of hot cider in hand. Learn more about this event and more local happenings on p. 34.




the buzz

All the can’t-miss events, pop culture hits and our favorite odds and ends from this month’s issue. BY THE EDITORS


HOT LIST seven things we can’t stop talking about this month

Evangel University has announced a big change to its school mascot. For roughly 70 years, fans and students have been cheering on the school as the Crusaders, but last

March it was announced that the mascot would soon change due to the negative connotations of the term “Crusader.” Now, fans can cheer on the Evangel Valor. The new mascot, represented by a horse (now without a rider) and donning the school colors, was chosen after gathering feedback from 800 students, alumni and ool a and a ul y


Christmas, which apparently starts now in 417-land

Taking your sweetie and your pup o e ar ard

4. Hot New Adventure

Springfield–Branson National Airport has two new direct-flight destinations —and service starts this month.


2. Hot Holiday

3. Hot Date Idea

Fly Away Do you have family in Austin that you want to visit this holiday season? Or maybe you are looking for a winter vacation destination to someplace warm and unny i er ay, e Springfield ran on a ional irpor no a you o ered eginning this month on November 19, you can expand your non-stop destination bucket list for easy ra el rom Springfield e au e e airpor has recently added both Austin, Texas, and Pun a Gorda, lorida, o i li o dire ig destinations. That brings the grand total up to 14 destinations. The airport is serviced by American Airlines, Allegiant Airlines, Delta Airlines and United Airlines, and the new destinations can be booked through Allegiant.

Writer and 417-land native Lillian Stone’s essay collection, Everybody’s Favorite, to be released in 2023

Singletrack mountain biking at Dirt 66 by Fellows Lake

5. Hot Shot Spor ing lay e uipmen ren al a ig Cedar Lodge’s Shooting Academy

GET AWAY flyspringfield.com Non-stop destinations are Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Orlando, Phoenix-Mesa, Tampa/St. Petersburg, Houston, Destin/ al on ea , C arlo e, C i ago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Atlanta, Denver, Punta Gorda, and Austin.

6. Hot Sophisticated Cocktail Fig sidecar from Progress

7. Hot Kids Read A Pizza With Everything On It by 417-lander Kyle Scheele

Photos by Grant Dewitt, courtesy Shutterstock


1. Hot Book Deal





We tapped into our holiday spirit to get the perfect shot for our necessities story this issue. Turns out, we can set a truly lovely table.






CHRISTY HOWELL Advertising Campaign Coordinator

COLIN SHEA DENNISTON Engagement Style Editor

HANNAH ALARID Audience Development Director

I lived in Nixa for far too many years before checking out the OTC Richwood Valley Campus Trail in Ozark. It’s shaded, paved and perfect for jogs, walking or taking my toddler to explore.

If the hike doesn’t include some risk of physical harm, I’m not interested. ne o my a ori e i e i e ig lu Goa rail in r an a e narrow ledge keeps you on your toes, and the views are spectacular.

u ie S a e Par i my go o lo al spot for its close proximity to the Springfield area, mul iple rail i ariou degree o di ul y and diverse natural make-up. In the fall, the views are hard to beat.

HANNAH BROWN Brand Designer

LUCIE AMBERG Biz 417 Editor

SABRINA MERRILL Adminisrative Assistant

I hope to get more into hiking this fall as the weather starts to cool down. My favorite trails are at the Springfield Con er a ion a ure Center because it’s where we used to go walking when I was a kid.

I’m always up for a low-key stroll around the trails at Wilson’s Creek a ional a lefield e ground are so thoughtfully maintained—truly like stepping back in time.

I love Sequiota Park for shorter strolls and walks in the woods where you can follow the creek. The mouth of Fisher’s Cave is also in the park, with icy cold spring water to dip your feet in.

y C loe el on, randon lm


P oo

staff poll


what we



“I learned that the popular Jules Jewels line of bracelets, designed and created by 417-lander Julia Evans, have a pretty surprising origin story.” Engagement Style Editor Colin Shea Denniston (read Bangles for Days on p. 63) “As I edited Sony Hocklander’s ‘Scenic Trails’ cover story, I was delighted to learn how many of our amazing local trails are dog-friendly.” Editorial Director Katie Pollock Estes (read Scenic Trails on p. 74) “I’ve always thought I was a simple lover of pies and ne er rayed pa la i a or li e apple and pumpkin, but our local 417-land pie shops come up with some amazing seasonal pies that have made me learn to branch out. ”—Assistant Editor Jo Everhart (read 5 Best Slices of Holiday Pie on p. 28) “ e ore ro e a ou C ri ma ree arm , ad no clue there were so many varieties of pine and fir trees to choose from didn e en really no e di eren e al o didn no a ree arm ad activities like hayrides and light shows.” Editorial Intern Kate Duby (read The Perfect Pine on p. 53)

Photo by Leah Stiefermann

“I learned that even though I’m not a fan of tomatoes or cake, the green tomato cake at the Ozark Mill Restaurant is incredible.” Senior Designer and Photographer Brandon Alms (read And Finally: The Mill on p. 90)


e ea er i ooling o and while some on the 417 team prefer soaking up the summer sun, a handful of us (okay maybe only two of us) prefer bundling up indoors as the rain pours and the chill sets in. Whichever camp you fall into, we can still help you make the most of it—whether warming up with a pie from page 28 or styling your home for the winter seasons with tips from page 58.

417.838.7227 | GarageExperts.com

417-land’s Ultimate Cocktail Party

the presented by



Toast the Biz 100 , a collection of in southwest Missouri.

November 10 at 6 p.m. Reliable Lexus





SLICES OF HOLIDAY PIE Keep your eyes on the pies with these local pie shops offering slices packed full of warm spices and all the flavors of the season. Your Thanksgiving table never tasted so good.

Prairie Pie teamed up with Locust Floral to design an apple pie-centric scene.



Photo by Elise Abigail Photo




(307 S. Jefferson Ave., Springfield, 417-459-8222, prairiepie.com) Prairie Pie is well known for its all-butter, next level, a y ru e au e o i , you an go rong i any of the options whether you’re sticking with a classic pumpkin or pecan or trying something new. If you are indeed looking to branch out from the stereotypical pies you serve every Thanksgiving, we recommend almond plum, earl grey cream pie or sweet potato apple crumble.



(2852 W. Republic Road, Springfield, 417-379-9401, danisflourpotbakery.com) ani lour Po a ery ring a modern pin to these pies in the Pie Wagon, a beautiful food truck hand-painted by local artist George Milne. Not only is the location of the Pie Wagon ever anging u o are e pie a or ou an find baked sweet pies like blueberry buttermilk, sliced quiches, and take-and-bake savory pies like pot pie or pesto chicken and sun-dried tomato.



(331 S. Main St., Carthage, 417-385-5705, facebook.com/thepiesafe.mo) Recently making the move from Joplin to Carthage, The Pie Safe still maintains its loyal following. Per ap i e au e o e dele a le a or or maybe it’s a result of the beautifully designed details in the crust of each pie topped with intricate leaves and perfectly crisp crumbles. The Pie Safe has traditional pies like pecan and cherry, plus bourbon peach and Dutch apple.



(207 Park Central E., Springfield, 417-986-4646, 417europeancafe.com) If you’re looking for fall desserts besides pie, you’ve come to the right place. During the fall, European Cafe serves pumpkin tarts, pastries and croissants, all of which burst with the delicious a or o pump in and a elnu ile i op usually stays away from pies, they’ll shock us each all i ama ing a or li e deep di anilla bean and cardamom apple pie.



(904 N. Main Street, Nixa, 417-886-4743, thepiebox.com) The perfect solution to all your pie cravings and a u y edule during e oliday i e Pie o This shop brings the pies directly to you. These pies come with a variety of crusts including the igna ure a y ru , o ola e oo ie ru , graham cracker almond crust and pecan shortbread ru e menu per e ly ap ure all e a or of fall in brand new ways with their old fashioned buttermilk with the warmth of nutmeg, pumpkin crunch with sweet caramel baked in topped with pecan butter crumb and oatmeal pie made with toasted rolled oats and dark corn syrup. 417MAG.COM • 417 MAGAZINE


agenda All the Thanksgiving-themed delights we’ve rounded up this month. BY THE EDITORS



FULL HOUSE Thanksgiving can make your home feel like a scene from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Give Cousin Eddie and the in-laws a place to stay at one of these unique Springfield AirBnBs. HI TORI HOME THE AMP HO E i fi e ed, our a ou e fi up o en peo ple, making it the perfect space for multiple sides o e amily i i one o Springfield olde Victorian homes, at 135 years old, in Walnut S ree i ori i ri e e par e ou e a nine indi idually on rolled C one , o Granny and Gramps can crank the heat without making everyone else sweat. ARTI TI LI ING ENTRAL B NGALOW e led in o e ear o do n o n a ro rom the art museum and Xeriscape Garden, this is the perfect location for families looking to e perien e all e ama ing ing Springfield a o o er i o ed, o a fi our gue with plenty of space to sprawl out in the living room, sun room or covered front porch. 417 MAGAZINE


O PLE HI EAWAY WE TBRI K L RY LOFT Let your out-of-town family take over your house and plan your own escape to this luxurious loft where you can soak up every moment of peace and quiet. With a contemporary designed space y a ard inning ar i e a e u , you ll find i modern oa i o e a glimp e in o lo living. This rental is within walking distance of downtown restaurants. FAMILY FRIEN LY RAFT MAN THE BL EBONNET OTTAGE i o ed, o a fi up o fi e gue making it perfect for small families with kids. i a firepi , ig a yard and a ine ull o games, this rental will keep the kids endlessly entertained while the adults can soak in the serenity of this charming craftsman home. Located in Ozark, this cottage is close to all of ran on a ra ion o e amily an ee e oliday lig a Sil er ollar Ci y HI EN OTTAGE OA I WELLER TREET LO GE The Weller Street Lodge looks like a cottage you ould ee in a i ney Prin e mo ie on e outside with the quaint, cozy feeling of a bed and breakfast on the inside. This spacious home packed full of amenities will leave guests with nothing to grumble about. MORE Visit 417mag.com for links to these local stays.

HY EE hy-vee.com Hy-Vee’s family meal bundles can serve eight or 12 people. They start with your protein choice (a turkey, a ham or roasted prime rib), plus great side options like sage dressing, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole and pumpkin pie. PRI E TTER pricecutteronline.com You start with a spiral-sliced ham or roasted turkey here too, and your meal is rounded out by your choice of traditional Thanksgiving side dishes for the whole family. MAMA EAN NAT RAL MARKET mamajeansmarket.com l oug a a ean i lo ed on an gi ing, you can order their pre-made holiday dinner side dishes, like a farrow and mushroom u ng, maple ipo le ee po a oe or roa ed urnip and ru el prou O T O costco.com Thanksgiving bundles at Costco include turkey breast, gravy and four sides all made in the deli. AM L B samsclub.com While you get a full turkey here too, the side o ering are a li le di eren reamed orn, creamed spinach, and mashed potatoes. Visit 417mag.com for a bigger list of places that can do your holiday cooking for you, including several tasty 417-land restaurants.

Photos by Shawna Talley, courtesy Shutterstock

The Historic Camp House on Walnut Street is the kind of AirBnB your family will enjoy staying at and leave you in peace this holiday season.

While we’re on the topic of holiday house guests: Have you planned your Thanksgiving dinner menu yet? If you’re more into entertaining and less interested in cooking, these Springfield grocery stops have your back with prepared feasts for the whole crew.




getaway to

HERMANN Celebrate the season with a relaxing trip to Hermann where you can enjoy fun events, Missouri wine and a spa experience. BY JO EVERHART



(150A Market St., Hermann, 573-294-2228, hermannwinetrail.com) This annual celebration takes place November 20 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is sure to be a night full of good food and wine. Seven of Hermann’s inerie ome oge er o o er a per e ly paired wine and Thanksgiving dish such as warm apple pie roll up i pi ed oliday ine



(711 Wein St., Hermann, 573-486-4455, hermannhill.com) ermann ill Spa ailor your pa e perien e o e a per onali ed rea men or ul ima e rela a ion on an e ran uili y o end S ay in e om or o a pri a e i er lu Co age a eir lu ury ou i ue o el ere you an en oy ameni ie li e eam o er , firepi and gourme rea a


3600 S. CAMPBELL AVE. SPRINGFIELD | 417-414-6634 | GEICO.COM/SPRINGFIELD-ASTLE Some discounts, coverages, payment plans, and features are not available in all states, in all GEICO companies, or in all situations. Homeowners, renters, and condo coverages are written through non-affiliated insurance companies and are secured through the GEICO Insurance Agency, LLC. GEICO is a registered service mark of Government Employees Insurance Company, Washington, DC 20076; a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. subsidiary. GEICO Gecko® image © 1999–2021. © 2021 GEICO







ine and rela a ion TRIP LENGTH


P oo

our e y

e Piano ar,

urp y


Fellow wine-lovers n oy dinner and a o a e Piano ar ere dueling piano per orm riday and Sa urday nig



3 hours northeast


(101 E. Fourth St., Hermann, 573-539-8313, pianobarhermann.com) ery riday and Sa urday nig a e Piano ar, en oy a e ig ueling Piano i a prime ri dinner in addi ion o e re o eir on emporary casual dining menu. The live dueling pianos not only ma e or en er aining mu i , u a un nig of dancing from 9 p.m. until midnight.



(120 3rd St. #1126, Hermann, 314-6401515, murphysbandb.com) urp y and i e per e po o urn your day rip in o a ee end e ape i pa iou ui e and a rela ing ou door de and pa io, i i e per e idea ay or ra eler a e your ay e en more un and ay in e ine Cellar room uil in y a German inema er




(312 Schiller St., Hermann, 573-486-2017, historichermann.com) o a ed in e German S ool uilding, e i ori ermann u eum ap ure e eau y of Hermann. The River Room features a full-size repli a o an early pilo ou e and oa made y Hermann river boat captains, making it one of the e olle ion o i ouri i er i ory


hy-vee.com | 417.881.1950 | 1720 W. Battlefield Road GC






From live music to holiday festivals, you won’t want to miss these events happening at some of your favorite spots in 417-land. BY KATE DUBY



See e Springfield Symp ony r e ra pops performance this month, featuring mu i rom road ay la i , erner and oe e Brigadoon ey are oined y i ouri S a e ni er i y u i al ea re and an e Program or a memora le nig o Scottish music and dance. $15–50; 7:30 p.m.; Juanita K. Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts, 525 S. John Q. Hammons Pkwy., Springfield. For information visit hammonshall.com or call 417-836-7678.


P oo

our e y Springfield Symp ony r

o en oy o rilling ride and million oliday lig , ead o e ld ime C ri ma e i al a Sil er ollar Ci y al ay , you an watch A Christmas Carol, indulge in oliday treats including wassail and caramel apples, op or oliday d or and gi and more e i year i e road ay yle per orman e o Home for Christmas, featuring singing, dancing, a four-piece band and 28 songs including one ri en e pe ially or Sil er ollar Ci y $69–79 admission, 399 Silver Dollar City Pkwy., Branson, silverdollarcity.com

e ra, S u er o






Treat your ears to some soulful folk music from brothers Chris and Oliver Wood and drummer Jano Rix. The trio is joined on the stage at The Gillioz by special guest Sean McConnell. $29–56; 6:30 doors, 8 p.m. concert; Gillioz Theatre, 325 Park Central East, Springfield. For tickets and additional information about the event, visit gillioztheatre.com.






Fans of classic rock can see one of the originals in concert this month: Chicago. Come to hear favorites from the musicians known for hits like “Hard to Say I’m Sorry” and “Saturday in the Park.” VIP packages are also a aila le, o ering ing li e prime ea ing, band meet-and-great, photo op and more. $60–129 tickets; $375–450 packages for VIP tickets; 7 p.m.; Juanita K. Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts, 525 S. John Q. Hammons Pkwy., Springfield. Visit hammonshall.com or call 417-836-7678 for tickets.










ela i a eam ig a pu le allenge and some great local brews. Admission is free, and you an pur a e drin ile ere Free; 7–9 p.m.; Hold Fast Brewing, 235 N. Kimbrough Ave., Springfield, hfbrewing.com

This Rogers & Hammerstein musical based on e la i Cinderella airy ale i a per e amily nig ou ere a e een many versions of the show, including the beloved 1957 version starring Julie Andrews and an upda ed rema e arring randy Springfield i le ea re produ ion i a ed on e elo ed eleplay $26 kids, $34 adults; 2 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays, 7:30 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays and Thursday December 2; The Landers Theatre, 311 E. Walnut St., Springfield. Get tickets at springfieldlittletheatre.org or by calling the theater's box office at 417-869-1334.

e i al o ig ar o em er i e ayor ree ig ing Ceremony a Par Cen ral S uare er e , you an e plore e C ri ma y ig in o n o n Springfield, in luding e glimmering lig di play programmed o mu i e up a Par Cen ral S uare and ordan alley Par ere are al o oppor uni ie or carriage rides around downtown, free ice a ing a ordan alley Par and o er festive goings-on. Free. Lights are displayed 5:30–11 p.m. daily; Downtown Springfield.



Tour beautiful local homes and support Ronald McDonald House of the Ozarks at the annual Cup o C eer ome our For updated event and ticketing information, visit rmhcozarks.org 36



P o o y randon lm




oin one o Springfield mo elo ed an gi ing radi ion i year, in ead o gathering in one spot on Thanksgiving morning, runner a e e op ion o running any ime ur day, o em er , o Sunday, o em er 28, at a location of their choosing. You can earn pri e y uploading ra e pi and ime Registrants also get a long-sleeved T-shirt and ra e i oney rai ed goe o e elopmen al Cen er o e ar and e Par oard ou Recreation Scholarship Fund. Food donations go to Ozarks Food Harvest. $15–30. Register at parkboard.org/turkeytrot.


P o o y e igning ndie

NOVEMBER 26–JANUARY 1 e al ay eau i ul i umo o apane e Stroll Garden gets even more gorgeous as i de ed ou in more an , oliday lig al roug e garden o ie e lig , and e ure o op y e fire pi o warm up with a warm cup of cocoa. Food and drin endor ill e on and i a y rea The event runs Fri., Sat. and Sun., November 26–December 19, and it is also open Dec. 22, 23, 26, 29, 30, 31 and Jan. 1. $5 adults, $2 kids; 5–8:30 p.m., Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden at Nathanael Greene/ Close Memorial Park, 2400 S. Scenic Ave., Springfield.







ey re a er opping a ory our due o C , ino ie C o ola e i bringing them back starting this month. Get a sneak peek into the ins and outs of chocolate ma ing and en oy a e ample along e ay ou ll learn a ou mall a o ola e, the machines used to create Askinosie’s bars, e ompany dire rade pra i e and more $4 kids, $5 adults; Askinosie Chocolate, 514 E. Commercial St., Springfield, 417-862-9900; askinosie.com.



P o o y rad


e S ear and ady ear a e numerou ome game i mon o oo e rom i you want to spend some time cheering on local teams. This month, in both regular season and e i i ion game a ome, e ady ear are playing i ouri ap i , in oln and or e a , ile e ear are playing Sou ea Missouri State and Alabama State. Visit missouristatebears.com for game times and pricing, and to purchase tickets.

Choose your Brews! Get a taste of the Ozarks this fall

Whether it’s caffeine or craft beer, Springfield, Missouri, is home to some of the most delicious locally made brews you’ve ever tasted. Take yourself on a tour of some of the best in the Ozarks and earn yourself a commemorative prize! No downloading an app required! All you have to do is sign up for the pass of your choice (we recommend both...one for the morning, one for the evening), check in at the participating locations, complete the tour and redeem your prize! More information on each tour and terms and conditions can be found by scanning the QR codes or visiting SpringfieldMo.org. Point your smartphone camera at this QR code to find out more about Ozarks Coffee Trail.



SpringfieldMo.org GC

Point your smartphone camera at this QR code to find out more about Ozarks Tap and Pour.




Come o lue oom Comedy Clu o ee ig names in stand-up. This month, the venue is hosting Bobcat Goldthwait November 5–6, Ed a ma er o em er , Pa o em er 12–13, and Tom Green November 26–27. $20–50; Blue Room Comedy Club, 420 W. College St., Springfield. For tickets visit blueroomcomedyclub.com for tickets.


P o o our e y lue oom Comedy Clu


i e i i pulled Springfield r u eum permanent collection features artist Michael a ur mono ype illu ra ion o e i ine Comedy fir e ion, e n erno ey ere rea ed or an illu ra ed ran la ion o e or y a ur and i poe riend o er Pin y nli e pa illu ra ion o e n erno, a ur or doe no on ain image o an e and irgil, u ra er e ene ey ould a e een Free; museum hours Tues.–Sat. 10 a.m.–6 p.m., Sun. 1–5 p.m.; Springfield Art Museum, 1111 E. Brookside Dr., Springfield. Find event information at sgfmuseum.org.

Here for you and Your Financial success. Member FDIC

3250 E. Sunshine St. Springfield, MO 417.832.9600 legacybankandtrust.com




Christmas at the Cabin A little snow. A warm cup of coffee. Your loved ones snuggled up under cozy blankets while you watch the lights twinkle on the tree. Celebrate the holidays away from the hustle and bustle at Table Rock Shore Resort. Luxury lakeside cabins filled with your happy family, all wrapped up in each other.

“Everything was quiet and peaceful, and we woke up to deer in the yard each morning. Our cabin had everything our family needed to spread out for a comfortable and enjoyable stay!” —Faye

TABLE ROCK SHORE RESORT your share of the shore On Table Rock Lake in Kimberling City Reser ve your cabin: tablerockshore.com | 417.501.0077




The Christmas lights shine brighter in Branson! Take your holiday traditions over the top this year. After all, your family deserves to end 2021 with celebration, merriment and joy. Make time to experience all that this festive town has to offer. From exceptional entertainment and fine dining, to family attractions and cozy accommodations, Branson has all the elements you need to check off your holiday experience wishlist!






Know before you go: Experience Christmastime in Historic Downtown Branson! They are hosting Festive-Fridays—a series of Friday events—featuring activities and entertainment each week. New this year: Included in the new Festive-Fridays are the brand new 30’ Christmas tree adorned with 18,000 twinkling lights in Liberty Plaza, food and beverages, creative photo ops, holiday lights, discounts from downtown stores and a variety of live entertainment featuring carolers and Branson music groups. Grown-ups will love: Enjoy the FREE discovery trolley in Downtown Branson! The trolley is provided by the Historic Downtown Branson Community Improvement District to offer free rides for your convenience between Historic Downtown and the Branson Landing.

National Tiger Sanctuary Photo by Brad Zweerink





Best selfie spot: In Liberty Plaza, Christmas tree!




Plan ahead: Make lasting holiday memories with family and friends this Christmas season and spend one of your Fridays getting festive downtown! Start planning your next favorite vacation at ExploreBranson. com/downtown.


Know before you go: Make plans to shop, dine, play and stay at Winter Wonder Landing! They have a new 63´ animated Christmas tree to see and enjoy. Must see: At the heart of the Landing is a vibrant Town Square terracing down to the $7.5 million spectacular water attraction that features the first-ever merging of water, fire, lights and music. The entire show is choreographed to light and music for a true one-of-a-kind experience. Must shop: Discover waterfront shopping at over 100 shops, live entertainment and exciting adventures! Must eat: Dine at one of 16 restaurants there, like Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen, Guy Fieri’s Kitchen + Bar and—opening this month—Branson’s premier Italian fine dining restaurant Ramata Italian.

Take a walk on the

wild side.

Kids will love: All of the attractions, including the zipline across the lake, balloon ride and arcade! Grown-ups will love: Holiday shopping at Winter Wonder Landing, followed by a luxury stay at the Hilton Promenade Hotel. Best selfie spot: In front of the water fountains that shoot off 120-foot geysers with blasting fire cannons, and the new 63´ animated Christmas tree!

Come for the thrill. Leave with a heart to help. nationaltigersanctuary.org 518 State Highway BB, Saddlebrook | 417-587-3633 417MAG.COM • 417 MAGAZINE






Best photo op: Skip the picture with Santa this year. Get a picture with a tiger at National Tiger Sanctuary instead. In fact, they house more than tigers—see lions, wolves, leopards, Arctic foxes, mountain lions, lemurs and more!

Must see: Every year the Titanic Museum Attraction has introduced special passenger and crew tributes. Now they pay tribute to the Jewish passengers and crew. Did you know there was a kosher kitchen and chef on Titanic? Learn their stories.

Know before you go: Visiting the National Tiger Sanctuary is more than a thrill… your visit helps to support their mission. They are a non-profit rescue organization that is dedicated to education, environmental preservation and exemplary animal care, providing a permanent home for exotic and domestic animals.

Know before you go: John Joslyn is the co-owner of Titanic Museum Attractions. Thirty-five years ago, Joslyn put an expedition together to visit the Titanic wreck site. His team spent 44 days at sea and accomplished 32 dives to the Titanic. His mission was to produce the first television show from its resting place.

New this year: Both riding and walking tours are available this winter.

Best photo op: Take your picture with the museum’s memorable exterior: the iconic recreation of the original ocean liner. Then, step through

Everyone’s talking about: There’s a chill in the air, and the tigers are frisky and full of energy! Gather your group and trek over to the National Tiger Sanctuary to see them play! You can meet their animal residents up close and personal with guided tours Wednesday-Sunday from 8:30‒5:00.

The Crystal Fish courtesy of Branson CVB

Everyone’s talking about: Titanic is the “World’s Largest Museum Attraction” and a permanent interactive family experience that is a true tribute to the iconic ship and its passengers from the night of its final voyage in 1912.

the artificial iceberg into the museum and receive a passenger boarding ticket, featuring the name of an actual Titanic passenger and the class on which the passenger traveled. During the tour, guests learn the individual stories of several passengers. At the end of the tour, guests are told whether their ticket holder survived. 2022 Plans: Twenty-five years ago, James Cameron’s TITANIC movie made box-office history. From start to finish, this movie didn’t simply go big; it went huge. Colossal. Titanic, if you will. The picture received 14 Oscar nominations and won Best Picture. The film spent 15 straight weeks as the number one movie in the country. In 2022, the Titanic Museums will honor Jim Cameron’s movie.


Know before you go: The Keeter Center® at College of the Ozarks® invites you for a visit this holiday season. Experience unique shopping, fine dining, and special accommodations at this award-winning lodge. Reservations are highly recommended; reserve at keetercenter.edu Must see: Start a new tradition by visiting the gift shop, located in The Keeter Center Lobby. Must shop: Their one-of-a-kind gift shop offers a variety of student-made products from the College of the Ozarks campus, as well as other unique, handcrafted items. Peruse the student-made mixes from Edwards Mill & General Store, including pancake and waffle mix, sweetbread and muffin mix, and more. For a perfect combination, add a student-made fruit spread or select the breakfast box which includes Wisconsin pure maple syrup. You will also find unique flavors of sauces and spreads such as pecan butter, peach pepper jelly, vanilla bean caramel sauce, and many more, available by the jar. Your Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a famous Hard Work U.® fruitcake, made as a time-honored tradition at College of the Ozarks. Must eat: After a day of choosing the perfect gifts for the important people in your life, enjoy farmto-table cuisine at Dobyns Dining Room, The Keeter Center’s award-winning restaurant.





dog friendly

Kids will love: When you stay overnight in one of the suites at the Lodge, the bell staff delivers freshly baked cookies and milk to your room during the renowned turn-down service. Grown-ups will love: Waking up refreshed while enjoying your in-room breakfast and the scenic views of the campus from your own private balcony. Gift cards available: Visit keetercenter.edu or call 417.239.1900


Enjoy the beauty of Table Rock Lake The Overlook Cabins | 417-883-3001 | theoverlookcabins.com 8000 State Hwy 13, Lampe, MO 65618


Gotta get away: Everyone needs a getaway place! With stunning waterfront views, 88 boat slips and luxury accommodations, Jax Creek at Table Rock Resorts is the perfect escape for families looking for a weekend stay, lake home or investment property. Know before you go: At Jax Creek, you can stay for a night or buy for a lifetime! You’ll be just steps from the water’s edge and minutes from Silver Dollar City.





New this year: Waterfront lots available for sale! Kids will love: The new zero-entry saltwater pool, free kayak rentals and swimming platforms. Best selfie spot: On the lake! Jax Creek has five boat docks with fishing and swimming platforms to take in the picturesque sunset and snap that priceless shot.


Know before you go: The Overlook Cabins are for couples and families who want to get away and be surrounded by nature. Located between Dogwood Canyon, Kimberling City and Silver Dollar City, The Overlook Cabins are a great place to unwind and unplug! Grown-ups will love: The peace and quiet in a romantic setting, with relaxed luxury combined with nature. Kids will love: The variety of indoor and outdoor games and activities.


Must see: Breathtaking views of Table Rock Lake and a unique cabin stay.

Table Rock Shore Resort Photo by Josh Beecher




BRANSON GUIDE Best photo op: The lofts offer a cozy spot to snap a pic with twinkling lights. OMG moment: Their cabins are literally pristine. You can instantly tell how important cleanliness is to their family-owned business.


Lakeside Luxury: There’s something magical about gathering with gratitude and merriment. Celebrate the season at Table Rock Shore Resort, away from the hustle and bustle. Their luxury lakefront cabins have large dining tables and fully stocked modern kitchens, plus plenty of room to accommodate your entire crew as you toast, turkey and tighten the bonds of togetherness. Know before you go: The lake isn’t just for summertime. Table Rock Shore Resort is open year round, so you can enjoy your share of the shore.




Kids will love: The s’mores gift basket in every cabin. Grown-ups will love: A little snow. A warm cup of coffee. Your loved ones snuggled up under cozy blankets while you watch the lights twinkle on the tree. Celebrate the holidays at Table Rock Shore Resort. Luxury lakeside cabins filled with your happy family, all wrapped up with each other. Must see: The view of Table Rock Lake from the resort. Best selfie spot: With your crew gathered around the fire pit. New this year: The team at Table Rock Shore Resort has worked hard to provide the best vacation getaway with all of the modern amenities and comforts you deserve while offering scenic views of nature and all the Ozarks has to offer just outside your cabin door. Their team has a passion and a vision for the future and can’t wait to be your host! It’s time! Book your Christmas at the cabin!


Know before you go: The Track Family Fun Park is your Branson destination for winter fun! Make plans now to gather your family to enjoy all they offer this holiday season. You’ll love: The Heavy Metal High Rise go-kart track, classic go-karts, bumper cars and the Branson Ferris Wheel at Track 4. Best photo op: Snap a pic on the Branson Ferris Wheel standing 150´ tall with 40 gondolas, it holds 240 passengers and illuminates nightly with 16,000 LED lights! Everyone’s talking about: Starting in mid-November enjoy ice skating under the Branson Ferris Wheel with the return of the Holidays On Ice outdoor ice skating rink.




Know before you go: Experience The Mansion Theatre for the Performing Arts! From its grand opening in 1993 until today, The Mansion Theatre, located in Branson, has remained a true landmark for exceptional entertainment and world-class theatrical excellence. Best photo op: Capture the theatre’s soaring circular ceiling, and have your picture taken on the magnificent regal staircase in the grand lobby.

You’ll love: It’s an acclaimed state of the art theatre, and with 3,000 seats, they’ve set the standard for theatrical excellence. Everyone’s talking about: Mansion stars have included Wayne Newton, Kenny Loggins, Michael Bolton, Kenny G, Jim Belushi, Jeff Foxworthy, America, Nelly, Johnny Cash, Johnny Mathis, Natalie Cole, Bob Newhart, Rhonda Vincent, Dennis Quaid

and The Sharks and many more! The Mansion Theatre for the Performing Arts is recognized as “The Destination Theatrical Experience” for 417-land. New this year: Now The Mansion Theatre for the Performing Arts begins a new era, featuring “Direct from London: The Simon and Garfunkel Story” Nov. 26‒27; along with Neal McCoy, The Oak Ridge Boys, Jimmy Fortune, Tony Orlando, Gene Watson, The Gatlin Brothers Christmas and more!


Must eat: You must try Level 2 Steakhouse’s delicious Wagyu from Show Me Cattle Wagyu Company! Join them this fall for their popular Pumpkin Butter Cake, Pumpkin Cheesecake and NEW this season Pumpkin Crème Brulée!

Know before you go: There’s complimentary valet parking, which is a huge plus for any Branson destination!

Grown-ups will love: Level 2 Steakhouse offers five distinctive steak knives to choose from while dining there. Join the Kut Klub and have an engraved steak knife all your own. Must see: Their 1600° infrared oven quickly sears the outside of their steaks, producing very tender and juicy steaks.

Don’t forget: They also offer amazing chicken, seafood and pasta dishes, like wasabi sesame seed encrusted ahi tuna, seafood arrabbiata and southern fried airline chicken breast. Save your table: For reservations call 417-243-3433 between 4pm and 9pm, or visit Level2Steakhouse.com. Join Level 2 Steakhouse in the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel and dine a level above the rest.




outside trim the


Turn the page to learn which local tree farms are bringing all the holiday charm this season. You can enjoy hot cider and ride the hay trains, so gather the family and enjoy the fun of picking out your own Christmas tree.





Nashmia RIaz, MD

Magdy Giurgius, MD, MBChB, MSc, FACS



ovember is Diabetes Awareness Month, and Ozarks Healthcare’s diabetes specialists are here to help. Are you having complications or difficulties managing your diabetes? Type 2 diabetes is a growing problem among the American population and worldwide. It is estimated that roughly 30 million people have type 2 diabetes in the United States alone. While you and your family physician may find a treatment regimen that works for you, sometimes standard treatment options don’t work. Diabetes care teams like the one at Ozarks Healthcare can help with difficult-to-control diabetes. BoardCertified Endocrinologist Nashmia Riaz, MD, and Board Certified General & Bariatric Surgeon Magdy Giurgius, MD, MBChB, MSc, FACS, offer a range of advanced treatments for your diabetes. At Ozarks Healthcare Endocrinology, Dr. Riaz specializes in the endocrine

system’s glands, such as the pancreas. The pancreas is the gland that produces insulin, and problems with insulin are what managing your diabetes is about. If it is becoming challenging to manage your insulin intake, it may be time to see this specialist. At Ozarks Healthcare Weight Loss Surgery, Dr. Giurgius performs nonsurgical Gastric Balloon and minimally invasive Gastric Sleeve surgeries. Weight loss surgery has been shown to make a big difference for people with diabetes. For some, blood sugar levels get back to normal after surgery. If you are suffering from type 2 diabetes and obesity, you may be a candidate for one of these lifealtering procedures. For more information or to schedule a consultation with their diabetes specialists, please call Ozarks Healthcare Endocrinology at 417505-7113, Ozarks Healthcare Weight Loss Surgery at 417-256-1774, or visit www.ozarkshealthcare.com

“Board-Certified Endocrinologist Nashmia Riaz, MD, and Board Certified General & Bariatric Surgeon Magdy Giurgius, MD, offer a range of advanced treatments for your diabetes.”

OZARKS HEALTHCARE 1100 kentucky ave, west plains

417-505-7113 417-256-1774

ozarkshealthcare.com 52



OZARK VALLEY CHRISTMAS TREE FARM Tree shopping doesn’t have to be grab-and-go. If you’re on the hunt for holiday festivities that the whole family can enjoy, it’s worth carving out a full day to visit Ozark Valley Christmas Tree Farm (1090 Manning Rd., Southwest City). This farm has Fraser Firs, Douglas Firs, White Pines and Scotch Pines, as well as wreaths and garlands available for purchase. Anyone who visits can hop on the holiday hayride or reindeer train, stop at the gift shop, visit the kids’ corner, have family pictures taken in the sleigh and see Christmas light and nativity displays. Visit ozarkvalleychristmas.com or call 417-762-2276 for more information.

BRIDGESTONE CHRISTMAS TREE FARM At Bridgestone Christmas Tree Farm (9615 County Ln. 251, Webb City), you can choose and cut your own Scotch Pine or choose from a variety of pre-cut White Pine, Fir and Black Hills Spruce trees. If you purchase a tree, you will be treated to free cider or hot chocolate. And why not make an afternoon of it? Your kiddos will love the hayride, the Christmas train and the variety of special events that Bridgestone plays host to throughout the holiday season, including a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus. Visit facebook.com/BridgestoneChristmasTreeFarm or call 417-529-8508 for more information.


Photo by Nichole Smith Photography

It’s a pine party here! At Cole’s Tree Farm (23100 State Hwy. OO, Lebanon), you can cut your own Scotch Pine, Virginia Pine or White Pine. Cole’s is the optimal tree farm for those who know just what they’re looking for––but you might not leave with just a tree. Your front door and mantel deserve some love, too, and luckily, Cole’s has wreaths and garland. Customers can pay with cash or check only. Visit the Cole’s Tree Farm Facebook page or call 417-588-3008 for more information. Cole’s Tree Farm is a hit for the whole family. Cut your own tree or head home with a festive wreath.


The Perfect Pine Whether you’re a fir fanatic or pining for pine, your dream tree is a short road trip away. We don’t want to be divisive, but in the real vs. fake tree debate, there is a correct answer, and you can cut it down yourself at one of these four farms. BY KATE DUBY

You won’t fall down a rabbit hole at Wonderland Tree Farm (14821 Miser Rd., Pea Ridge, Arkansas), but you might fall head over eel or one o e C ri ma ree o ering here. We know this spot is a bit of a drive, but a road trip to Pea Ridge is about to become your family’s new favorite holiday tradition. At Wonderland, you can choose from a variety of evergreens, including Virginia Pine, White Pine, Scotch Pine, Fraser Fir (pre-cut), Leyland Cypress and Turkish Fir. Oh, and did we men ion e gi op efini ely op in e ore you leave. Visit wonderlandtreefarm.com or call 866-235-0863 for more information. 417MAG.COM • 417 MAGAZINE



Each fall, Rutledge-Wilson Farm hosts a holiday lights display that’s farm-themed.

FUN ON THE FARM For a Springfield park that is a wonderful family destination all year long, make time to visit Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park. This time of year, it has all the same fall fun, plus some holiday goodness too.

FOR COZY NIGHTS OUT Who doesn’t love the autumn trifecta: hot marshmallow s’mores, cool fall air and a starry night sky. At Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park, you can make an appointment to book one of the par onfire a eir o y ou door fire pi ou ge ood or e fire and en e o i on, 54


but it’s up to you to bring the marshmallows, hot dogs and roasting sticks.

FOR HOLIDAY FUN SEEKERS Although fall fun like Rutledge-Wilson’s Harvest Fest—with its pumpkin patch and corn maze—has come to a close, the winter holiday fun is about to begin. Every year, the park hosts Candy Cane Lane, a drive-through lights display featuring more than 10,000 lights spread across numerous farm-themed scenes. The event starts next month: December 3–5, 10–12 and 17–19 from 5–8 p.m., and admission is $5 per vehicle.

FOR ADVENTURESOME KIDS Active kids who want to run around can also explore the park by climbing around on the multi-story barn-themed playground. And if

they don’t get all their wiggly energy out there, they can hop over to the area near the visitor’s center that has pedal tractors. Plus, they can re do n o e pond or ome fi ing or per per on o ed i fi , and you an rent bait and equipment at the visitor’s center. e fi ing i a and relea e only o ey ge all e un o fi ing, u you don a e o haul anything home with you.

RUTLEDGE WILSON FARM PARK 3825 W. Farm Road 146, Springfield parkboard.org/farmpark

P o o our e y Springfield Greene Coun y Par

FOR ANIMAL LOVERS This is the heart and soul of Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park. Kids who visit the 207-acre park get a chance to view farm animals like pigs wallowing in the mud, goats climbing around their enclosures, mini horses and mini don ey , u y eep and ea ery riend li e chickens and turkeys. There are opportunities to learn about farming during special events and in the animal barn where they can pretend to milk a dairy cow.






well Photos by Leah Stiefermann


See item information on pages 58–59.

Level up your Thanksgiving table this year with a mix of new and vintage décor. Turn to page 58 to see our stylish spread.




MOODY MEETS GLAM From passed down recipes to vintage décor, the holidays are steeped in tradition. This year, try taking an old-meets-new approach to your standard Thanksgiving tablescape. Mix antique heirlooms with glamorous new purchases to create a spread that strikes the perfect balance between old-world charm and modern glamour. WRITTEN AND STYLED BY COLIN SHEA DENNISTON PHOTOGRAPHED BY LEAH STIEFERMANN

3 10





9 6



1. Visage cement vase with planting, $65 at Old World Market 2. Velvet pumpkins, $16–39 at The Thicket 3. Gold candlestick, $26.50 at Harrison House Market 4. Crystal wine glasses (set of 11), $58 at Cottage Consignments 5. Livia white dinner plate, $25 and salad plate, $21 at House Counsel 6. Tableau dot black napkin, $7 at House Counsel 7. Gold pumpkins, $3 at The Thicket 8. Magnolia Home candle, $30 at Old World Market 9. Eau Mineral water glass, $11 House Counsel 10. Vintage chafing dish, $32 at Cottage Consignments 58





17 13 19




14 15

11. Wine carafe, $34.50 at Harrison House Market 12. Gold candlesticks, $15–25 at The Thicket 13. Creative co-op decorative gold vase, $10 at Old World Market 14. Hand forged canapé spreaders, $14 at Old World Market 15. Mini charcuterie boards, $21.50 at Harrison House Market 16. Vintage teacups, priced with set at Cottage Consignments 17. Floral arrangement and vase, $389 at The Thicket 18. Assorted Root candles $3–4 at The Thicket 19. Magnolia Home candle, $25 at Old World Market 20. Six arm candelabra, $69.50 at Harrison House Market 417MAG.COM • 417 MAGAZINE



fashion with a


A designer’s country roots and urban soul combine to create one-of-a-kind looks. BY COLIN SHEA DENNISTON




Lu Knueven started making jewelry as a hobby, but it turned into a business. Lu Knueven is the creator and owner of Artistic Works by Lu. The store features Knueven’s jewelry line and women’s fashions.

ARTISTIC WORKS BY LU 1111 E. Republic Road, Springfield 417-319-5152 facebook.com/artisticworksbyLUspringfield artisticworksbylu.com


For fall, Knueven can’t get enough of the schacket, a shirt and jacket hybrid. “They come in plaids and solids and corduroys, and ey an u ange an ou fi , e ay

The store’s inventory changes with the seasons.

Photos by Leah Stiefermann, courtesy Lu Knueven

n 2002 Lu Knueven moved to Leavenworth, Kansas and began designing and creating custom jewelry as a creative outlet. “It started at my kitchen table and eventually grew to my dining room table that eventually turned into a store,” says Knueven, Owner and Designer of Artistic Works by Lu, a women’s jewelry and clothing boutique located in Leavenworth and Springfield. The original Leavenworth location opened its doors in 2007. Knueven’s sister Carla has lived in Springfield for more than 30 years and is her connection to 417-land. Knueven began offering some of her jewelry at Harrison House Market. “That was my way of introducing my designs to Springfield,” she says. By 2019, a Springfield brick and mortar store was born. At Artistic Works by Lu, shoppers can expect to find clothing and accessories with a twist. “The jewelry is what makes it different,” says Knueven. “That’s where the twist comes in.” Knueven still designs and creates all her jewelry, and a team of three women assembles the creations. When asked where her inspiration comes from, Knueven says, “It’s in the beads. They talk to me.” Once a year she travels to a Tucson, Arizona, bead convention for materials and inspiration. In addition to beads, Knueven designs with stones, chains, leather and mixed metals. In her shop, Knueven combines her jewelry with chic fashions to create her signature free spirited, bohemian aesthetic. “I just love it when women feel beautiful,” Knueven says. “I believe in bold personalities, feeling beautiful in your own skin and loving life. That’s my whole goal.” Knueven designs new collections by the season and rotates her fashions to complement the designs. “Anyone can change a white T-shirt or black T-shirt into something that’s beautiful with just jewelry,” she says.


EXPERIENTIAL BEAUTY ROOM • EXPRESS WALK-IN SERVICES • 30 MINUTES OR LESS acaciaspa.com | 417.823.8318 | 4058 S. Lone Pine Ave.




Jules Jewels can be custom made, but you can also nd them at several boutiques around 417-land.


FOR DAYS What started as a side hobby quickly became a successful business for one local designer whose Jules Jewels bracelets have become a trend for both collecting and gift giving.

Photo by Leah Stiefermann



t was never part of Julia Evans’ plan to break into the jewelry business. She is a wife, mother, Springfield-based physical therapist specializing in lymphedema and cancer rehab and an accidental jewelry designer. Like many others last fall, Evans found herself quarantined to her basement for 10 days due to

COVID-19. With the constant news cycle taking a toll on her well-being, Evans ordered some beads and began making bracelets. “Making the bracelets was kind of a way to turn off the TV at night and get distracted from all of the COVID madness that was going on,” Evans says. Early versions of Evans’ bracelets were heishi designs with words like “survivor” and “warrior” that she would give to her patients at the hospital. She noticed the positive impact they had on those patients and gradually her reach began to expand. By the holiday season, Evans found herself making bracelets for friends to give one-of-a-kind gifts. “I kind of figured that would be the end of my bracelet making. I figured that would be it and it would be over,” Evans says. But Evans kept designing, and in 2021 she began working with her now-signature large, colorful acrylic beads. “Once people started getting out more and socializing again, slowly that acrylic trend kind of just took off here,” she says. “Especially with lake season, the fact that they were waterproof just kind of made it a little more fun. You can pick and choose your color, and it doesn’t matter if they get wet.”

It wasn’t long before Evans’ designs caught the eye of friend and buyer at Springfield boutique STAXX, Tara Hamilton. With the backing of STAXX, the bracelets took off. Now Jules Jewels can be found at several 417-land shops including LUK Boutique in Nixa and June & Beyond Boutique in Lebanon. Evans still takes custom requests through direct messages on her Instagram account and has recently seen a surge in school- and team-themed stacks, perfect for football season. Despite her rapid success, Evans continues to work as a physical therapist. “It’s really just blown my mind how much people love them. I’m just a mom using this as a way to decompress at night,” she says.

SHOP IT Find Jules Jewels at STAXX, LUK Boutique and June & Beyond Boutique. Place custom orders on Instagram at @jules_jewels417.






the new


Knitwear is on the rise this season and is showing up in some refreshing new ways in local shops. BY COLIN SHEA DENNISTON


very year as the temperatures start to drop, we pack up our summer staples and pull the big cozy sweaters out of the cedar chests. But for fall 2021, a new lighter, thinner version of knitwear is taking the spotlight. “This year we’re seeing knits in all areas of fashion– skirts, joggers, ponchos, jackets and more,” says Tammy Kirks, Marketing Manager at The Harem & Co. “The biggest trend I’ve seen are sleeveless mock necks” adds Dena Dill, buyer and manager of Town & County. These styles are perfect for layering—you can put them under a jacket or a cardigan for an effortlessly polished fall ensemble. EASY STYLE According to Kirks, one major reason this trend is on the rise is that they are easy to wear and care for. “Most don’t require any ironing, are easy to layer, easy to move in, and easy to store,” she says. “Most are washable rather than dry cleaning, so that saves time and money.” The comfort factor is a plus as well. “As we transition to life back in the office and attending regular events, we don’t want to lose the ease and softness of loungewear,” Dill says. MAKE IT WORK The options really are endless when it comes to incorporating knitwear into your wardrobe. “Some of the mock necks we have right now you could wear with athleisure pants, or you could turn around and wear it with a pencil skirt,” Dill says. Another bonus: Shed the layers as the temps warm up for a seamless transition into spring. GO NEUTRAL When it comes to colors, neutrals and black are easy to style and can carry you through the year. If you are wanting to take a decidedly seasonal approach to knitwear, Dill suggests trending fall colors like squash or saffron. And remember, the investment is worth it. “With a little care and attention, a good knit will last you many years,” Kirks says. 417MAG.COM • 417 MAGAZINE





What does it mean to you to be your Best Self? Read what it means to the experts in 417-land, how they work toward it every day, and how they can help you to reach p. p.6767 your personal definition of being the best version of yourself as well. Consider this your guide to confidence, from the experts who can get you there!




Q&A with Dr. Abigail Fincel What do you recommend to patients to be their best? Come see us every six months! Also, it’s important for patients to be involved in the treatment process and just as dedicated to their dental care as we are. It’s a team effort. How do you deliver your personal best to clients? I strive every day to deliver the care to people that I would want for my family or myself. I love engaging my patients and educating them about what is going on while explaining things in terms that everyone can understand. Why did you choose to go into your current profession? I chose dentistry because of the combination of interaction with people and modern science. My job is really just about spending time with people and using this unique skill to care for others and help people with their oral health.

Dr. Abigail Fincel


i to o th . ne t 417- 883- 85 1 5 3 2 1 1 E. B attl e f i e l d Road

Su i te 1 00 Sp r i ng f i e l d , MO



Most of iTooth Family Dentistry’s patients by the fireplace, until the time you walk out are striving to be their best selves by en- with a warm cookie and beverage, you are hancing their esthetics, maintaining or treated like family. iTooth Family Dentistry improving function, and is not just about comfort preventing long term and pampering. Their deproblems. Dr. Lance RobTheir desire is to put sire is to put a great smile bins and Dr. Abigail Fin- a great smile on every on every guest’s face and cel understand that your guest’s face and make make sure they have the teeth have many different sure they have the best best oral health possible. purposes that are all imDr. Robbins and Dr. Finoral health possible. portant; the appearance of cel encourage everyone your smile can mean just to get the smile and oral as much as the function of your teeth. health they need and deserve by having iTooth combines the latest technology regular visits. From routine checkups to imwith a welcoming environment and amaz- plants to the latest in cosmetic dentistry, the ing team members. From the moment you team at iTooth Family Dentistry’s desire is walk into iTooth Family Dentistry and relax to put a smile on every face.


Q&A What do you do personally to be your “best self”? I focus on trying to make at least one healthy choice a day, whether that is eating delicious and healthy meals, working out, hiking with my dogs or giving myself an hour to calm my mind by reading a book, journaling or listening to music. —Dr. Erica Bell Do you have a personal motto that you follow for meditation, relaxation, concentration or inspiration? “Never Quit.” I had a good friend lose a battle with cancer at a young age. He was a Marine who gave a speech to his unit while in the hospital, and the message was to “Never Quit.” He fought until the end. He is my inspiration to better myself daily and never give up on my goals. —Dr. Ryan Cleous Dr. Aimee LaBrie; Dr. JT Goins; Dr. James Crawford; Dr. Tricia Clements; Dr. Abigail Emery; Dr. Ryan Cleous; Dr. Steven Loehr; Dr. Erica Bell

Take your health back, and get back to the They also specialize in chiropractic care life you love. Loehr Health Center provides for pregnant women, infants and young chiropractic care that can help you heal and children, athletes, those who have been inhave you moving forward to accomplishing jured or have sciatic pain and more. Loehr the activities that you aim for. Health Center takes a holistic and natural What do you want to approach to your health get back to? Climbing care, avoiding mediLoehr Health Center the stairs? Chasing litcations and surgeries tle ones? Getting back when possible. They takes a holistic and on the golf course? natural approach to your can help you achieve Maybe it’s even as wellness with ease! health care, avoiding simple as going about New at Loehr Health your day without pain. medications and surgeries Center: They are now Beyond pain manageproviding primary care when possible. ment, Loehr’s Doctors as well as prolotherapy! of Chiropractic know These additional serthat correct spinal alignment results in a vices are in an effort to bring Loehr’s misproperly functioning nervous system, which sion full circle, to provide a full range of hoimproves common conditions like allergies, listic health services to ensure each patient’s asthma, indigestion, IBS, PMS and more. needs are met.


4 17-8 8 7-8 0 75 lo ehr health.com 2 1 4 4 E . Repub l ic Road Suite A 1 0 4 Sp r ingf ield , MO





g rove spa. co m

1 52 2 E. Su nsh i ne S t . Sp r i ng f i e l d

417- 881- 8887

The award winning Grove Spa is committed to pampering their guests. They promise to provide the ultimate spa experience. Grove Spa offers a wide variety of services including advanced facials, therapeutic massage, lash lifts, body treatments and more. Grove Spa is the perfect spot to enjoy a day of relaxation. Their luxurious atmosphere puts guests at ease with dimmed lights, soothing music, a complimentary beverage and the warmth of a therapeutic shoulder pillow. All guests are sure to be pleased with the time they spend at Grove Spa.


i nv i k t u s sal o n . co m 212 S. Ca mpb el l Ave. | Sp r i ng f i e l d

417- 840- 01 03 549 E. E l m S t. | Re pub l i c 417- 732 - 2 70 0

Inviktus Salon has new ways to help 417-landers feel like their best selves! They have a new, beautiful spa located above their Downtown Springfield location. They offer botox services from an esthetician and new products, like medical-grade cosmetics from Glo Skin Beauty. They also provide hair extensions, nail and lash services, and their Republic location even offers microblading! The Inviktus team strives to help you understand how to take care of yourself, so you always look like you just stepped out of the salon, as well as the “why” behind the products they recommend. Inviktus Salon truly makes hair and beauty dreams come true. Both locations employ skilled stylists to make your look exactly what you’ve been wanting!





thelashro o mandb rowbar. com 23 19 S. Camp be l l Ave. | Springfiel d 4 17-3 19-5 1 5 5

Go to the experts that make daily beauty easy! The Lash Room and Brow Bar have the best-rated professionals skilled in classic, hybrid, volume and mega-volume eyelash extensions, eyebrow microblading and microshaded ombre tattoos, brow lamination, lash lifts and tints, threading, waxing, facials and stem cell microneedling. With beginner, intermediate, advanced and master level lash artists, you can find a price point that fits your budget with the expert skill level you have been looking for. Trust your beauty to the masters of their craft who care as much as you do about how you look.

Ditch your same-old date night routine with more than $2,000 in couples-inspired prizes from Big Cedar Lodge, Finley Farms, Gastonʼs White River Resort, Hotel Vandivort, Oasis Hotel and Convention Center, Springfield Little Theatre, Sun Tan City, The Keeter Center and The Overlook Cabins!





Trails Scenic




Photo by Joshua Beecher

ake in the sprawling vistas and gorgeous bluff-side views along the meandering trails that wind through the Ozarks. From quick half-day treks on Springfield paths to trips that can span a short weekend away, we found 10 hikes for every interest and level of experience. Use this guide to get out there and start exploring!



Yellow Rock Trail in Devil’s Den State Park is a great family friendly hike with beautiful views.



The Frisco Highline Trail is great for a casual bike ride, a run with friends or an afternoon out with the stroller.



8.75 miles one way between the Walnut Grove and Wishart trailheads


A series of old photo-worthy railroad bridges—including Little Sac River Bridge—are the best reason to run, hike or bike the Frisco Highline Trail north from Walnut Grove. 417 MAGAZINE • 417MAG.COM



frisco highline trail


time commitment

kid friendly Yes

t’s likely you’ve done the enjoyable Frisco Highline Trail between the Springfield trailhead and where the pavement ends in Willard. But if you haven’t done the trail north of Walnut Grove, you’re missing out on a historic and nature-immersive experience. This is where a series of 16 historic railroad bridges begin many inspiring a stop and a photo. We suggest doing a 7- to 8.75-mile section of the trail that features up to eight bridges. On the trail map, this runs from the Walnut Grove trailhead (at mile 16) as far as the Wishart trailhead (at roughly mile 24). The best view (also a turnaround option) is at the Little Sac River from the picture-worthy, 270-foot long railroad bridge built in 1884. From either side of the bridge you get tree-framed vistas of the slow-moving river far below. You might even see floaters going by. The series of historic bridges start at mile 18.25 with the 68-foot Hobo Haven Bridge, followed by

dog friendly Yes


30 miles northwest of Springfield at Walnut Grove

the 55-foot Eudora Bridge (mile 19.25); the 84-foot Venable Spring Bridge (mile 21.25); the 40-foot Revis Bridge (mile 21.75) and the Little Sac River Bridge (mile 22.5). Continue past the Little Sac River to cross the 15-foot Quarry Rock Bridge (mile 23.75); the 41-foot Dutton Bridge (mile 24) and the 193-foot Wishart Bridge at mile 24.75 near the trailhead. If you plan a roundtrip trek on foot or bicycle, you should know the trail decreases in elevation north of Walnut Grove. It’s so subtle at times you feel like it’s level – until you start the long slow uphill climb back to your car. It’s 16-plus miles round trip to Wishart and back, roughly 14 miles if you turn around at the Little Sac River Bridge. If you do the trail with kids or have friends to help shuttle, consider dropping a car at the Wishart Trailhead, then drive back to Walnut Grove for an easy, scenic downhill trek that’s about 8.75 miles one way.

Photo by Chuck Travers


Easy (but long)



yellow trail Whether you seek to commune with nature or to immerse yourself in fall color, lace up your hiking boots and hit the trail at nearby Busiek State Forest and Wildlife Area.

Photo by Chuck Travers


usiek State Forest and Wildlife Area is so convenient from Springfield. It’s an easy way to seek fall color, take a tromp through the woods and get a big sky view overlooking Ozarks forestland. With roughly 18 miles of trails named for colors of the rainbow, what are you waiting for? For some of the best valley views, we like the Yellow Trail on the park’s east side. The crisscrossing trails can get confusing, so take a map or download a trails app to keep track of your journey. Bring your sticks and waterproof boots. The trails have sections of rocky terrain, and there are several creek crossings. To hike the Yellow Trail, cross a bridge over the creek and start following the path until you come to a fork. Go left to hike the loop clockwise. This takes you most quickly to see the Carter Family Cemetery—a pretty yucca plant-filled landmark where headstones date back to the 1800s. After exploring the cemetery, continue past a pond and some fire rings to eventually encounter the Yellow and Red Trail junction. For a shorter hike, you can take the fork left onto the Red Trail loop and hike that around back to the parking lot. Otherwise, continue along the Yellow Trail, and soon you’ll come to a scenic overlook that’s especially colorful in the fall. The trail continues to another junction, which, if taken to the right, is a Yellow Trail loop shortcut that gets you back more quickly. If you’re game, do the full loop for a more vigorous trek. If it’s been rainy, you might also look for the elusive wet-season waterfall on the far side of the Yellow Trail that only runs after a good soak.

Busiek State Forest has all kinds of trails that vary in difficulty. There are also several water crossings.

difficulty Moderate

kid friendly

Yes, though may be more suited to older kids


4.3-mile loop

dog friendly

Yes, on a leash

time commitment Half-day


30 minutes south of Springfield off U.S. 65 417MAG.COM • 417 MAGAZINE


Be sure to bring water shoes and a flashlight when heading into the Natural Tunnel Trail.




8.6-mile semi-loop

time commitment


natural tunnel trail For a longish hike in a beautiful park, the Natural Tunnel Trail at Bennett Spring State Park provides a good stretch of the legs with a big payoff. 78


Half to full day


kid friendly

Yes, although it’s long

ennett Spring State Park isn’t just for anglers, or a home base for floaters. The pretty park offers plenty of reasons to explore and includes several trails. Its signature trail leads to a 296-footlong natural tunnel with a gravel creek bed that curves through a hill. Tall enough to easily walk through, this geologic feature was carved out by water through dolomite. A creek runs through the tunnel but there are gravel edges to walk along the side. After a rain, you might find a little run-off from the tunnel roof. The trail is family friendly for kids old enough to handle its length, rocky terrain and occasional creek crossings. Spray for ticks in warm weather, and wear footwear that can get wet in the tunnel and creeks as you cross—

dog friendly

Yes, on a leash


A little more than 1 hour northeast of Springfield inside Bennett Spring State Park

some of which can get deep in rainy seasons. Consider taking a small flashlight to illuminate the deepest parts of the tunnel. The main portion of the Natural Tunnel Trail is a semi-loop with an out-and-back spur from the loop to reach the tunnel. It features a variety of interesting natural elements, passing through Spring Hollow and along bottomland. It goes through upland forests and sunny glades. And it features tall bluffs, small and large streams, old farm fields and, especially along the tunnel spur, interesting geologic formations including small caves. You’ll also pass an old cemetery dating from the 1800s where two families from the area are buried. All in all, this trail is a great way to enjoy the outdoor Missouri Ozarks.

Photo by Joshua Beecher


The Pedestal Rocks Trail features impressive rock formations and amazing views from the top of the bluffs.

difficulty Moderate



time commitment

2.5-mile loop


Make it a day trip


.Photo by Joshua Beecher

pedestal rocks loop trail For impressive broad valley views studded with amazing rock formations, a natural bridge and explorable caves, nothing beats the Pedestal Rocks Loop Trail.

kid friendly

Yes, with caution due to high bluffs; may be more suitable for older kids with hiking experience

he Arkansas Ozarks mountain region is chock full of interesting rock formations and caves, and the Pedestal Rocks Loop Trail showcases the best against a backdrop of broad valley views. As one of two hikes in the Pedestal Rocks Scenic Area, the trail is easy to reach with parking off Arkansas State Highway 16 near Pelsor (about 35 miles south of Jasper). For the best views of pedestals—breakaway rock formations that mushroom into large tops—hike when trees are bare in late fall through early spring. Start the hike by taking a short spur from the parking lot. At an intersection, continue forward (the righthand path) to hike the loop counterclockwise. After some easy switchbacks, you’re close to the bluffs and the first pedestals. As you follow the bluff line, look for off-trail shoots to get closer views of pedestals, outcroppings and beautiful broad valley views.

dog friendly

Yes, on a leash; use caution due to cracks in rocks


2 hours and 40 minutes south of Springfield near Pelsor, Arkansas

As you continue along the trail, watch for an area to scramble down to the base of the bluffs where you can explore caves, crevices and tall bluff formations from a different perspective. This is one of the best parts about the hike. Once you’re back on the trail, you’ll wind along blufftops where spectacular views open up before you. One of the last rock formations before the trail starts looping back is a natural bridge. Go off-trail to explore a bit if it’s not too overgrown. If you have time, be sure to do the 1.7-mile King’s Bluff Loop, which takes hikers to a huge stone bluff with a scenic overlook. In wet seasons, a waterfall flows over the north side. Caution: The bluff has a railing but can be slick in wet seasons. If considering a hike with kids, these trails might be more suitable for older ones with hiking experience, given high bluffs and areas with cracks in the rocky ground. 417MAG.COM • 417 MAGAZINE




whitaker point trail With its stunning deep valley views, there’s a reason Whitaker Point—best known as Hawksbill Crag—is said to be the most photographed spot in Arkansas.

difficulty Moderate

kid friendly

Yes, with caution due to high bluffs; may be more suitable for older kids with hiking experience 80


The trailhead is located on Cave Mountain Road, a roughly 6-mile gravel road that includes a steep incline. There is a small parking area across from the trail, and on busy weekends, cars may line up along the roadside. While the trail itself might be kid-friendly for experienced young hikers—even with the more challenging uphill hike back to cars—use extreme caution near the bluffs. Some hike this trail early to catch the sunrise; others wait until sundown for a valley glow. You might find early morning fog fills the valley, slowly dissipating as temperatures warm. If there has been wet weather, take the spur at a trail intersection to see Upper Haley Falls. Try going during the week or start early morning to encounter fewer hikers. Otherwise expect company on this trail, especially when colorful fall leaves are at their peak.


2.9 miles out and back

dog friendly

Yes, on a leash

time commitment

Make it a day trip


2 hours and 45 minutes south of Springfield in northwest Arkansas

Photo by Brandon Alms


hether you spend a weekend in the upper Buffalo National River region of Arkansas, or plan a day hike, the Whitaker Point trail is a must-do for many. The well-traveled out-and-back trail, which is also known as Hawksbill Crag, starts mostly downhill through a forested area with interesting rock formations and an easy creek crossing. The payoff for this trail is the picture-worthy outcrop and incredible view of the Whitaker Creek valley stretching to the horizon. Once you reach the cliff area, pause at a bluff for the best view of the iconic hawk-shaped rock. Once you reach Hawksbill Crag, you’ll find its surface is surprisingly larger than appears from a distance. It’s possible to walk out for views and photos without standing right at the edge. Back on the trail, go just beyond Hawksbill to another cool rock formation for another view.


The Whitaker Point Trail at Hawksbill Crag is one of the most popular photo ops in the area, and the views at sunrise and sunset are hard to beat.

Calendar Plan some fun along the trails this fall.

37 north expeditions

Photos courtesy Shutterstock

RAZORBACK GREENWAY FALL FOLIAGE RIDE November 6 37northexpeditions.com Meet at Farmers Park, then travel together to Arkansas, where you’ll cycle from the Fayetteville square to the Bentonville square before sampling some local beers.

chaumette vineyards & winery WINE & DINE ON THE TRAIL chaumette.com/hiking Reserve a spot along the trail at the winery’s Chaumette Hiking Center, where you’ll get to eat a tasty meal at a private table under the trees to fuel your hike. 417MAG.COM • 417 MAGAZINE


difficulty Moderate


3.1-mile semi-loop

time commitment

Make it a full day trip or spend the weekend

kid friendly

Yes, with caution due to high bluffs; suitable for older kids with hiking experience

dog friendly

Yes, on a leash


2 hours and 45 minutes southwest of Springfield inside Devil’s Den State Park


yellow rock trail This lofty trail at Devil’s Den State Park attracts hikers of all ages for its distinctive yellow rock overhang and big sky views of Lee Creek Valley.




evil’s Den State Park in Arkansas is a weekend-worthy destination. A prime example of 1930s construction by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), the park features an assortment of trails, a lake, a pool, cabins, campsites and even a little store. The park’s best view is found on the popular Yellow Rock Trail with panoramic views of the Lee Creek Valley overlook at its namesake rocky outcrop. The semi-loop trail also includes cedar glades, interesting rock formations, tall bluffs and small caves. After a rain, you might see small run-off waterfalls. You can’t miss the trailhead sign located near a campground where parking is easy. From here, the switch-back trail winds uphill, passing

Photo by Joshua Beecher


Road Trip Put hiking on your itinerary when you plan road trips to these nearby hotpsots.

Photos courtesy Shutterstock

Devil’s Den State Park can be enjoyed on a day trip, but it also makes for a great weekend getaway.

layered rocks, bluffs and small caves. About half a mile in, go right at the start of the loop to more quickly reach Yellow Rock and the overlook. The best view of Yellow Rock can be found at a nearby bluff with sweeping valley vistas. (This is a great place for a group photo!) Once you reach Yellow Rock, enjoy another big view. While this trail is used by families, parents should keep a close eye on kids near bluffs and steep drops. For a complete hike experience, do the full loop and take another spur to the CCC overlook pavilion, the first structure built in the park. The pavilion and trail can also be accessed from Arkansas Highway 170. While the park is near enough to visit as a day trip, stay the weekend in one of its CCC cabins to explore more park trails and features.

Geological Wonders

Otherworldly Rocks

ROCK BRIDGE MEMORIAL STATE PARK Spend the weekend in Columbia, and take a side trip to explore the sink hole and Connor’s Cave at Devil’s Ice Box Trail.

ARCADIA VALLEY Explore trails through Missouri’s highest point (Taum Sauk Mountain), its tallest waterfall (Mina Sauk Falls), Johnson Shut-Ins and the awe-inspiring boulders at Elephant Rocks State Park.

Top of the World

River Views

MOUNT MAGAZINE STATE PARK At 4 hours from Springfield, Mount Magazine is a trek that’s totally worth it for the incredible views from on top of Arkansas’s highest point.

CASTLEWOOD STATE PARK Add a visit to Castlewood to your weekend trip to St. Louis. If you hike the state park’s River Scene Trail Loop, you’ll be treated to a sweeping view of the Meramec River and the woods around it. 417MAG.COM • 417 MAGAZINE




goat trail & big bluff If you aren’t afraid of heights or a workout, you’ll love the Goat Trail to Big Bluff (an offshoot of Centerpoint Trail) for its expansive view of the Buffalo National River below.




6 miles out and back

kid friendly

dog friendly



Ponca on Arkansas State Highway 43. Follow the Centerpoint Trail until reaching a camping area. The Goat Trail spur to reach Big Bluff goes to the right of a firepit. Until now, the trail has cut mostly through forest. From here along the Goat Trail, you’ll start seeing rock formations as you head toward Big Bluff, about a quarter of a mile away. At the bluff, an expansive view of the river unfolds. You can stop here or continue along the narrowing bluff ledge, high above the river. (Some people camp out nearby and go back to the bluff for night sky viewing.) Look for century-old Juniper trees clinging to the rocky bluff. Most importantly, take your time: Big Bluff is a great place to sit back, ponder the world and soak in the view for a while.



time commitment

Make it a day trip


1 hour and 40 minutes south of Springfield, in Compton, Arkansas

Photo by Joshua Beecher


hen you float the Buffalo National River and stop to gaze up at Big Bluff—at more than 550 feet, the tallest vertical bluff between the Appalachian and Rocky mountains—you might notice ant-like movement along a high narrow ledge. Yes, those are hikers along the Goat Trail seeking a different kind of Buffalo River experience. If you can’t do heights, skip this trail. It’s rated moderate as much for the narrow bluff area as for the return-hike incline (take plenty of water and snacks for the trek back up and out). But many say it’s their favorite hike in the upper Buffalo area. The Goat Trail is actually a spur from the Centerpoint Trail, located 3 miles north of

The Goat Bluff Trail is known for its sprawling views of the Buffalo River and the steep hike back to the trailhead.



Plan a trip to St. Louis to check out the Pickle Springs Trail and the rock formations in the area.



trail through time D

esignated as a national landmark in 1974, the Trail Through Time in the 256-acre Pickle Springs’s Natural Area features a “geologic wonderland,” according to the Missouri Department of Conservation. Its unique rock formations, outcroppings, seasonal waterfalls, bluff overlooks, shallow caves and more than 250 plant species attract visitors for good reason. Located closer to St. Louis than to Springfield, plan your visit as part of an overnight getaway. A popular spot for weekend outings, arrive early to snag a place to park and avoid the biggest crowds. Although the trail is roughly 2 miles long, there is so much to see, and you

will want to take your time. Plus, in addition to well-known plants and wildlife, you might see unusual varieties considered glacial relics. The best parts is the other-worldly geologic rock formations condensed into a small area. They include a double-arch, narrow slot canyons, giant boulders, pass-through rock holes and one popular spot where formations look like something in a space movie. There are plenty of overlook vistas, too. While family friendly, this is a moderate hike with some steep climbs and rocky areas, so it might be better suited for older kids. Also, there are no bathroom facilities on site, so plan accordingly.


Collared Lizards

Morel Mushrooms

Find them in Missouri’s glades.

Look under oaks, elms and ashes.

Hunt Pay attention as you explore our Ozarks trails, and you just might find some surprising flora and fauna. 86


Photos by Chuck Travers, courtesy Shutterstock

For a relatively short but wow-packed hike to see sandstone cliffs, a box canyon, stone arches, waterfalls and a spring, you can’t beat the Trail Through Time at Pickle Springs Natural Area.

difficulty Moderate


1.9-mile loop

time commitment

Make it a weekend

kid friendly

Yes, with caution; may be more suitable for older kids with hiking experience

dog friendly

Yes, on a leash


3 hours, 45 minutes east of Springfield, near Farmington

Photos by Chuck Travers, courtesy Shutterstock

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Redbud Trees

Road Runners


They bloom in forests each spring.

Search for them in rocky glades.

This guy is a glade-dweller too.






Photos by Brandon Alms

The Ozark Mill is now open and serving all the seasonal farm-grown produce we love including a green tomato cake. Turn to p. 90 to see which dishes we loved most.





and finally:


After much anticipation from Finley Farms fans who have been dying to see the restored Ozark Mill up close, The Mill Restaurant is now open and offering delicious fare with ingredients grown on the property. BY KATIE POLLOCK ESTES | PHOTOGRAPHED BY BRANDON ALMS

Pictured from Ozark Mill’s menu: Farmer’s board, short rib pasta, signature green tomato cake and the Pepper Blossom cocktail.



REVIEW M REVIE ORE W 417m S AT ag.co m

The short rib pasta is one of the new menu items and pairs great with one of the dishes featuring seasonal produce grown on site.

Part of the draw at the Ozark Mill is the great view of the Finley River. The Mill recently opened after being totally renovated and restored to save its historic charm.


he build-up to finally getting to dine inside the restored Ozark Mill was a slow burn with a big payoff. Finley Farms has been slowly evolving, one charming attraction at a time, as new elements have been added and opened over time. The Ozark Farmers Market moved into the space, then The Workshop opened—with its tall ceilings, scent of freshly brewed espresso and delicious little bites. It quickly became a gathering spot for friends who wanted to join a crafting or cooking workshop or just enjoy a coffee by the fireplace. But all the while, we’ve been eying that historic mill, waiting patiently to see the results of a meticulous restoration. Well now it’s open, and we’re happy to report it does not disappoint. The Ozark Mill Restaurant is a rustic and beautiful space, with tall ceilings and an airy atmosphere that utilizes the old millworks to add a rustic charm. In fact you can see the millworks in the ceiling in certain parts of the space, like in the waiting area outside the bar. Peek up into the hoppers, and you can see all the way to the top. The floors in the space use wood that was original to the mill as well, although all of it was pulled up and restored before being reset. When you arrive, you can browse the little market, which features handcrafted items and lots of fun foodie finds. But the highlight is the dining room, where a wall of windows looks

out onto the Finley River and lets sunlight flood into the airy space. The menu features dozens of ingredients that are grown or produced at Finley Farms, including veggies from the gardens and honey from the apiary. The dishes are modern and creative with a farm-to-table flair you’d expect from a spot that’s so connected to the land it sits on. Take for instance the Signature Green Tomato Cake, which has the spiced warmth of a slice of carrot cake, but a beautiful green hue thanks to tomatoes from the farm. Also on the regular menu, there’s a beautiful short rib pasta featuring wide pappardelle pasta, fresh mushrooms and tender, red wine–braised beef. The Pepper Blossom cocktail is a vegetal and herbaceous addition, with its vodka, jalapeño, basil, grapefruit juice and elderflower liqueur. You can also order from the restaurant’s additional Market Menu, featuring dishes that will change with the season. Try the seasonal salad topped with tomatoes, beets, persimmon puree, pistachios and my favorite cheese on the planet: burrata. I’ve been eying the farmer’s board, too with its mix of grilled and pickled veggies, manchego cheese, and crusty sourdough bread. Next up for The Ozark Mill at Finley Farms is the opening of The Garrison, a speakeasy-style bar with cocktails and tasty eats. It doesn’t yet have an opening date, but will I be back the second it’s ready? Heck yes.

The Pepper Blossom cocktail is just one of the drinks you enjoy on this seasonal menu.


Located at Finley Farms, 802 Finley Farms Lane, Ozark 417-210-6644 finley arm mo om 417MAG.COM • 417 MAGAZINE





from urros, 2348 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield, xurrosco.com

Dipped in white chocolate and rainbow sprinkles


Covered in chocolate and crushed almonds


Dusted in sugar, Barcelona-style


From lattes to specialty brews, here’s your guide to seasonal coffee drinks in 417-land. BY KATE DUBY THE APPLE BUTTER ro Roots o ee Bar (1645 W. Republic Rd. Suite G, Springfield) Locally sourced apple butter meets espresso and steamed milk.


We revisit a local favorite for a breezy patio dinner.


ne of the things I love most about Farmers Gastropub (2620 S. Glenstone Ave., Springfield, farmersgastropub. com) is the seating. There are boxed-in high-back booths that feel like our own private restaurant and tables tucked into nooks that feel cozy and secluded. 92


But in the fall, I like to leave that warmwood-filled space and eat on the sunny patio. That’s what my family did on a recent visit, when I got to dig into the delectable pan-roasted salmon tikka masala. The salmon was delightfully crispy, and the mushroom-filled tikka masala sauce and rice were the perfect complement. My family dug into the restaurant’s fish and chips and burgers (both are always a sure bet at Farmers). Between some great plates of food and an autumn breeze, it was a perfect fall dinner.—Katie Pollock Estes

SALTED MAPLE LATTE ro T e o ee Et ic (124 Park Central Square, Springfield) House-made salted maple syrup (drooling) warms up classic espresso and milk in the best way. SALTED CARAMEL PUMPKIN COLD BREW ro T e Press o ee ice Bar (2710 S. Glenstone Ave., Springfield) Two fall favorites collide in this cold brew topped with salted sweet cream, caramel and pumpkin sauce. SMASHING PUMPKIN LATTE ro assic Roc o ee o. (1900 W. Walnut St., Springfield) It’s a hug in a mug––pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves.

Photos by Leah Stiefermann, Riley McCullough

Cool Beans






ecently, some 417 staffers have been raving about a cocktail from Whiskey Tango (1111 E. Republic Road, Suite 180, Springfield, whiskeytangomo.com) that satisfies your cravings when you want something that puts a floral spin on a classic. The Lavender Martini tastes like pure sophistication—a little sweet, a little bitter, very delicious. It’s made with Tito’s vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup and lavender bitters, and it hits the spot every time.—Katie Pollock Estes




Photos by Leah Stiefermann

The Ozarks’ newest brewery opens for business soon in Battlefield.

Handheld Spice


he Hot Tacos from Hot Cluckers (1450 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, hotcluckers.com) are what you get if you combine three of the most gut-busting comfort foods into one meal.

It’s a taco. It’s fried chicken. And it’s a spice bomb. These tasty tacos come filled with super-spicy chicken, fried pickles for both tang and crunch, ranch dressing to cool everything down and salad greens for a little burst of something fresh. It’s the kind of lunch that requires a nap afterward, but it’s so worth every salty, spicy, flavorful bite. —Katie Pollock Estes

The brewery scene in 417-land just keeps growing, and we are totally on board. We love the neighborhood vibe of some of our local brewing ompanie , and oon e o n o a lefield ill have one of their own. At press time, Wire Road Brewing Company (wireroadbrewing.com) was fini ing up on ru ion and getting ready for a planned opening in late-November. It has an indoor seating area and bar in the taproom, but we’re most excited about the outdoor spaces. There’s an outdoor bar in the covered beer garden, and there will be visiting food trucks available for fresh bites. That means we see outdoor happy hours in our future. —Katie Pollock Estes





GUIDE Restaurant Listings, 94 7 Good Things, 97


AVANZARE ITALIAN DINING 1908 S. Glenstone Ave., Springfield, 417-567-3463, avanzareitaliandining.com. Northern Italian. Pasta is always a hit at an are, a long ime Springfield a ori e eal di e are op no a i alian ea ery, u you ll a e o pi e rig nig , a ey re only er ed on e or i e a ee Cu omer lo e e i e a o emarino ea and e pa a i ea ood in a pi y oma o a ed au e ndulge in e lu iou o ola e or e or de er pen on ri , am pm on u, p m ri Sa , p m Sun , p m $$$ L D M ☎ WIFI K

BRUNO’S IL RISTORANTE 416 South Ave., Springfield, 417-866-0007, brunos-restaurant.net. Sicilian. Everything e e a ed rom runo a een ell do ne and upremely ra ea le ll o e pi a ere are a ed in a ri o en or a ellar ru , and e opping are op no e lo er, rimp and allop ra ioli i o die or ey y in re fi e ery ee , o don e i a e o order e a o e day Ge i i e aru ula alad ere a ine ar up air pen on u, am p m ri Sa , am p m $$ L D K M ☎ WIFI


[ LISTINGS KEY ] $= nder $$ o ly $$$ and up B L D

er e rea a er e lun er e dinner

ou door ea ing

V li e mu i

M mee ing pa e

er e al o ol

re ommended eel air a e i le

mo e ree ☎ = reservations

WIFI ree ifi K o er id menu

e 417 Magazine ining Guide i a ele li o re auran in ou e i ouri mpli i ly, e maga ine edi or re ommend all e e re auran e ining Guide i no rela ed o ad er i ing, and 417 Magazine doe n a ep ree ie in e ange or re ie or li ing i ing are upda ed o en ey appear a ed on pa e a aila ili y e auran a are ri en a ou in ining Guide i em u a re auran re ie , re auran upda e o rie and Good ing are o en y edi or a a er i e o reader

Restaurant owners: If you have news about your restaurant or a correction to our listing about your restaurant, we’re all ears. Send an e-mail to Food Editor Jorge Cespedes at yum@417mag.com.




1620 E. Republic Road, Springfield, 417-8238383. Steak and seafood. e ormer ou e auran y er ar re ain ome and y di e li e a on rapped da e and i en i an in i ne i era ion a C ar S ea ou e y er ar o ned y e ame people , u o ering o aygu ea , lam an and fi di e up e an e ndulgen lo er po a o puree and ri py a ried ru el prou round ou e ide di e , and ra oy er , e i e and one marro pi ue e appe i e a ar er pen on u, p m ri Sa , p m midnig Sun , pm $$$ D WIFI M ☎


ar u erie oard ere are al o ome grea en ree alad op ion on e menu o oo e rom pen on Sa , am p m $$– $$$ L D M ☎ WIFI K

THE FINLEY 206 E. Elm St., Ozark, 417-582-1912, facebook. com/thefinleyozark. Contemporary American. e inley i ou ed in ide a reno a ed ur u o e ar o n uare, and e a or ere are a religiou e perien e no n or i ea and ea ood o ering , e inley al o a a pea ea y ar in i a emen e run i uper deli oo, e pe ially i you an a e i ou on e pa io a unny, pa iou and o o arming o oo un ed ri am pm inner ed Sa p m run Sa Sun a m p m $$$ L D WIFI M K ☎

FLAME STEAKHOUSE & WINE BAR 314 W. Walnut St., Springfield, 417-862-4444, flamesteakhouse.com. American steakhouse. e re auran pe iali e in dry aged ea a are ruly deli iou on mi e lo er ma aroni and ee e e re eriou you a e o ry i u e de er are al ay di ine, and e an ge enoug o e appe i er menu ead o ed oom do n air or iller appy our ood and drin pe ial on mi e urger a appy our ey are o deli iou and u a argain pen or dinner on u, p m , ri Sa , p m ed oom open p m o ar our $$$ D WIFI K M ☎

GILARDI’S 820 E. Walnut St., Springfield, 417-862-6400, gilardisonwalnut.com. Northern Italian ner ame ar in o u e on andmade pa a and re ingredien a i arming li le alian re auran a ma e a onder ul da e nig po on mi e ama ing mea all in red ine ro emary ream au e er ed o er goa ee e polen a pen on Sa , pm $$$ D WIFI M ☎



3044 S. Fremont Ave., Springfield, 417-8870077, harunosushi.com. Japanese e y God roll and e Se and e Ci y roll are rademar ere imple nigiri i your yle, you ll lo e e una ampler e ure o en ure o e u i menu and ry ome o e dele a le en ree a ell on mi e i im ap or e re mango alape o a i una en ree you lo e a pi y i e, ma e ure you ry e ea ood oup Pair i i a li le i o nigiri or one o e po a y ma i roll on ri , am pm, p m mid nig Sa , am pm, pm midnig Sun , am p m $$–$$$ L

815 W. Seventh St., Joplin, 417-206-3474, crabbysjoplin.com. Contemporary American. i oplin o po er e ome an a i ea ood, and e e en oyed e ery ing e e ried ere e C ilean ea a i a pe ial y ry ome o e mall pla e , li e por o ello mu room rie , eamed mu el or a lo ely

8011 E. State Highway AD, Rogersville. Contemporary American. 417-830-3656. ining a ar e e auran i an e perien e li e none o er in land e o ner , Craig

415 N. State Highway 265, Branson, 417-2431777, chateauonthelake.com. Contemporary American C a eau on e a e e or Spa Con en ion Cen er, C a eau Grille o er gor geou ie o a le o a e nd you real ly an go rong i any ing on e menu ere e re auran o u e on up ale, ea onal ui ine, ying in re ea ood and our ing lo al ingredien or e a ard in ning menu pen daily during e regular ea on ee end only during e o ea on $$$ B L D M ☎ WIFI K

D M K ☎V


and amara on oer er, a e rea ed a re auran o u ed on yper ea onal, lo al ui ine l oug e menu i on an ly in u , Craig i no n or i mu room ri o o and allop rio pen u Sa , p m pen Sunday or run , am p.m. $$$ D M ☎

JIMM’S STEAKHOUSE & PUB 1935 S. Glenstone Ave., Springfield, 417-886-5466, jimmssteakhouseandpub.com. American steakhouse. e lo e e a y ea ere ey are al ay pre pared per e ly e u ed Peppade pepper are a mu ry appe i er ru u , you need o a e o e ing e pepper are u ed i ream ee e, rapped in a on and dri led i a al ami gla e nd i you lo e a good alad ar, imm a one o e e you re eeling ad en urou , ry e o menu mo ered ri eye or a li le de aden e e er are al ay a rea ere a ell pen Sunday, am p m on u, am p m ri Sa am p.m. $$–$$$ L D M ☎ WIFI K

KAI 306 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield, 417-832-0077, kaiafterdark.com. Contemporary Japanese and Korean. i lounge li e re auran in do n o n Springfield a an a i u i a e ame o ner a aruno, i i amou or eir in redi le roll o you no i ll e deli iou on mi e re auran la od or ea a en ree i deli iou a a i ri o o ey are u a impre i e a e u i roll ere are ome grea o ail and appe i er op ion ere a ell un on ri , am p m inner on u , p m midnig ri Sa , p m am $$–$$$ L D M ☎

LA GALETTE BERRICHONNE 143 E. Main St., Fordland, 417-738-2112, rolandparny. com. ind fine ren ui ine u minu e rom Springfield in ordland a a Gale e erri onne, no n or mul i our e dinner e en e ure o e or up oming meal and ma e a re er a ion e ore you go e ood i ellar nd o are e pa rie S op y e ad oining and uain a ery and a e e de er alone are or e rip, in luding e ream pu e er a ion re ommended or din ner pen ri Sa , a m p m Sa , open or dinner $–$$ B L D ☎

LEVEL 2 STEAKHOUSE The Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel, 200 E. Main St., Branson, 417-243-3443, level2steakhouse. com. Steakhouse. i ran on re auran pe iali e in ea , u i gooey u er a e de er i gaining a ollo ing ry e an a Ci y rip ea and e egg noodle i ee e you li e o ar your meal i green , e Cae ar alad i a mu ry i ome opped i deli iou ried an o ie l o, don mi e re a aiian a i una er ed on a imalayan al lo delig ul on leep on e prime ri dip and i , ei er pen daily, am pm, p.m. $$$ B L D WIFI M K



METROPOLITAN GRILL 2931 E. Battlefield Road, Springfield, 417-889-4951, metropolitan-grill.com. Eclectic fine dining no n or i dele a le a ried pina , i re auran pe iali e in ea and ea ood e alad are al ay re and deli iou nd e lo e a e menu i al ay anging, gi ing u ome ing ne and deli

Buy a subscription for $27, and gift a subscription for free!

417mag.com/holiday GC



DINING GUIDE iou o e e i ed a ou er ed in a amiliar pa e e o ail are deli iou , e ine menu i onder ul and e er i e i al ay op no pen on u, p m ri , p m Sa , p m $$$ D M ☎ WIFI K

NICOLA’S RISTORANTE 3631 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, 417-886-3700, nicolasspringfield.com. Italian. i re auran er e a deli iou ea a ry e luma e re nail au eed in garli u er and a ed i Parme an ee e Glu en ree pa a and pi a are a aila le e i en parmigiano i a ig lig defini ely or ordering e i ola pi a ere i al o uper a y, and e de er menu i impre i e n oy e pa iou ou door pa io en e ea er permi , or elly up o e ar or appy our i riend pen on Sa , p m lo e $$–$$$ D WIFI M ☎

OCEAN ZEN PACIFIC RIM RESTAURANT 4117 S. National Ave., Springfield, 417-889-9596, eatoceanzen.com. Asian fusion. ry C ilean ea a or e ma adamia nu i en e par i ularly lo e ordering e a aii i e u i roll i eared rare una and a pineapple al a, i a a y om ina ion o a ory, ee , pi y and re re ing on mi e deli iou op no ea pen Sun u, am p m ri Sa , am p m ar lo e a pm appy our p m and la o our o opera ion $$–$$$ L D M ☎ WIFI K

PROGRESS 2144 E. Republic Road, B101, 417-799-9388, springfieldprogress.com. New American. oa ed auli o er, eau i ully prepared ea ood, dry aged ea and lo o deli iou and eggie or ard di e lead e ay a Progre ere ey en ourage you o ome a you are on mi ou on a a y run e ery ee end, oo e menu ange i e ea on , and i al ay in lude a ne arro di a rea e a or you ne er ne you ould e perien e i a um le orange ege a le Progre al o a a lo ely pa io i ou door dining i your ing, and e e er anging o ail i menu i no n or i arie y o ell al an ed drin a pair per e ly i your meal un ue ri a m p m o go only , dinner ue Sa p m , run Sa Sun a m p m $–$$ L D WIFI M

RETRO METRO 2150 W. Republic Road, Springfield, 417-720-1708. e ropoli an Grill o ner Pa uran a a rea or long ime an a ro a on ep a ring a de ade o old e ropoli an Grill a ori e e ap ly named e ro e ro er e ome o e ropoli an grea e i , in luding a ried pina , Co o Pa a and e ro S ea or o e o oo e o dine in, e pa e i de ed ou in old e ropoli an Grill de or de igned o ma e you eel li e you re epping a in ime e ro a di e are a aila le ia dri e ru, oo pen ue Sa p m $$$ D WIFI

THE ORDER at the Hotel Vandivort, 305 E. Walnut St., Springfield, 417-832-1515, theordersgf.com. New American. Step in ide e andi or o el and urn le or a do n o n Springfield dining e perien e no o e mi ed e a mo p ere i rendy u rela ed ile e ood i an ele a ed a e on lo ally in pired di e ry e Springfield yle a e i en i e , e ur onu read pudding or any o e e ellen en ree or run , ry one o e rea i e a e on egg enedi pen or dinner on Sa p m , Sun p m run Sa Sun a m p m ar open dai ly p m lo e $$–$$$ B D M V ☎ K WIFI

OSAGE RESTAURANT at Top of the Rock, 150 Top of the Rock Road, Ridgedale, 1-800-225-6343, topoftherock.com. American a e in eau i ul ie rom e dining room a age e auran , lo a ed a op o e o , and en oy fine dining a in lude ea and roa ed i en e ried i en i ellar, and e o ail menu al ay o er rea ed and deli iou op ion o n air i e nd o e rail ine ellar i a ine a ing ar and i ey room e er a ion are re ommended pen ue Sa , pm ine ellar and u alo ar open la er run er ed Sun , am p m $$$ BD KM☎

THE OZARK MILL RESTAURANT at Finley Farms, 802 Finley Farms Lane, Ozark, 417210-6644, finleyfarmsmo.com. Farm-to-table. n ide e eau i ually re ored ar ill, you an order up ale arm o a le meal a are made i in gredien gro n rig a inley arm or produ ed in eir on i e apiary on mi e in redi le ri o o ri er appe i er made i ar i o e, au age, mo arella and er ed o er a pi led pepper aioli pen ed ri p m , Sa a m p m , Sun am p.m. $$–$$$ L D M K 96





ANDY B’S ENTERTAINMENT CENTER 1127 E. Battlefield Road, Springfield, 417-883-1234; 405 Branson Landing Blvd., Branson, 417-213-8631; bowlandybs.com. American fare. i i a grea po or a ull nig o un plu ood all in one uilding e re auran a ndy n er ainmen Cen er o er lane ide ood er i e and a menu ull o ear y, a y are li e urger , pi a , pa a and more onu ere a ull er i e ar ere, oo Springfield open Sun u, a m midnig ri Sa , am ran on open on u , noon p m ri , noon p m Sa , am p m Sun , am pm $ L D M K

AVIARY BY LAVENDER FALLS 2144 E. Republic Road, Suite E120, Springfield, 417881-9736; aviarycafe.com. Crepes and bistro fare. i po a long een no n or eing one o e e pla e in e area o ge re ly prepared repe i you an find ere in o a ory and ee arie ie u ere o mu more e ide repe ere are al o eau i ul alad and deli iou en ree a a e a li le i o ren air e ure o ry di e in u ed i a ender all a or , li e e la ender oney and goa ee e appe i er a i er ed i ri p ro ini and re errie ou an al o uy ome a ender all produ , li e la ender imple yrup, a e re auran pen on u am p m and p m , ri Sa a m p m and p m Sun a m p.m. $–$$ B L D ☎ K

BAIR’S SPORTS GRILL 3821 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield, 417-368-5919; 631 S. Kimbrough Ave., Springfield, 417-866-2700; 1644 Highway 60 East, Republic, 417-732-5077; 701

N. McCroskey St., Suite 1, Nixa, 417-725-3777; bairsburgers.com. American ere are appe i er and urger on e menu a air , plu plen y o non urger and i e , grea i en ing and alad e lo e e urger a i opped i ran dre ing and ried pi le or an appe i er, dig in o a pla e o ried green ean or pi y ee e urd our ary y lo a ion $ L D K

BEST OF LUCK BEER HALL 313-B S. Jefferson Ave., Springfield; 417-522-9009; bestofluckbeerhall.com. American. i do n o n eer all om ine a yard arm i iller ood and more eer an you an oun ud aren your ing, ry a ea onal o ail or one o e dra al o oli pun e e e en i e ood menu in lude a or pin on oo ou a ori e , li e ui y eddar ur ra , al y oe ring rie i dipping au e , and im i pi ed ried i en and i e e eer all al o a a au ur la n a aila le or ren or game o o e, ag and more pen ue u, a m mid nig ri Sa , am a m run Sa Sun , a m p m $$ B L D

BIG WHISKEY’S Several 417-land locations, bigwhiskeys.com. American. Springfield go o or u alo i en dip, urger and e aple pu ood a lo a ion preading roug ou e id e an ra e a ou e pin dip oo a ee y on o ion i pina and a li le i o ea on mi e e er popular urger , in luding e pre el urger i or eradi aioli, a on and ed dar our ary y lo a ion a ou run er i e $$ B L D

BISTRO 58 15038 Business Highway 13, Branson West, 417-7731985, vcellars.com. Bistro fare. i re auran i o e ea en pa and o er a ellar ele ion o ine, a a y lun menu and a ea onal mon ly dinner menu ummy and i e fill e lun menu, li e e uper a y S ep and i ea ure a ia a a roll a i opped i roa ed i en, Gorgon ola ee e, fig am and a on or a onder ul al y and ee a or profile l o e ure o e ou e riday nig dinner pen ue Sa , am pm ri , p m $ L D WIFI

BLACK OAK GRILL 601 Branson Landing Blvd., Branson, 417-239-0063, blackoakgrill.com. American i i i a y, a ual po ile you re pending e day opping and rolling around a ran on anding n e menu ere are la i ally plea ing a or , li e e a on ee e urger opped i a ried egg and er ed on a rio e un and mea loa e al o lo e e eared a i una alad pen Sun u, a m p m ri Sa , am p m $$ L D K M

BLACK SHEEP BURGERS & SHAKES 209 E. Walnut St., Springfield, 417-319-5905; 2160 W. Chesterfield Blvd., Springfield, 417-368-0227; 2420 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, 417-351-3595; blaaacksheep. com. Burgers i an y u om or a le urger oin i lo a ed in do n o n Springfield, i ou po in C e erfield illage and on a Sun ine S ree C o do n on e Good ogi o gra ed pa ie are opped i i e eddar, le u e, onion, pi le and aaad au e ou e made ou and land dre ing ege arian la S eep a you o ered

The French onion soup from Jimm’s Steakhouse & Pub has all the cheesiness you crave.

These seven dishes or drinks have passed our taste buds this month and made us rave. They are ranked by level of yumminess.


 It’s soup season, and one of our favorite comforting bowls to dig into is the classic French onion soup from Jimm’s Steakhouse & Pub (1935 S. Glenstone Ave., Springfield, jimmssteakhouseandpub.com). It’s topped with just the right amount of melty cheese for those perfect stretchy bites.


We are forever in love with the Pasta Nicola from Nicola’s Ristorante (3631 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, nicolasristorante.com). The homemade ricotta pasta has a delightful bite and is complemen ed y a oma o ream au e filled i a ory sausage and mushrooms.

Photo by Leah Stiefermann


A great shareable during a night out with friends is the Korean BBQ Nachos from The Golden Girl Rum Club (137 Park Central Square, Springfield, thegoldengirl.com). We order it with pulled pork, and it also comes with mozzarella cheese, kimchi, pineapple, jalapenos and more for a great sweet-and-spicy crunch.


When you want to feel like a kid again, order the root beer oat for dessert at ringfie Brewing Co. (305 S. Market Ave., Springfield, springfieldbrewingco.com). It’s made with Brew Co’s homemade root beer and a scoop of creamy vanilla bean ice cream. Everybody knows, it’s the quali y o e oda a ma e a roo eer oa grea , and Brew Co.’s root beer is second to none.


Retro Metro (2150 W. Republic Road, Springfield, facebook.com/retrometrospringfield) serves nosalgi a or rom pa e ropoli an Grill menu , and we are obsessed with the Clark Pasta. The pasta is full of shrimp, sun-dried tomato, roasted garlic, basil and candied walnuts, and we can’t get enough.


For a sweet treat, we love the ice cream to e a es at Maes Gelateria (334 E. Walnut St., Springfield) rder your a e topped with cookie butter and a scoop of cookie butter ice cream for something sinfully good.


We love a good loaded fry, and the Moody Blue Smoked Fries from Flame Steakhouse (314 W. Walnut St., Springfield, flamesteakhouse. com) hits the spot. The smoked fries are topped with crispy bits of bacon and melted bleu cheese.

7 Good Things is chosen by the editors of 417 Magazine as a service to readers. We’ve tried everything on this list, and we like it. To send us your suggestions, click Contact Us on 417mag.com and then submit a letter to the editor. –The Editors GC



DINING GUIDE i i ippy en e a e are grea ere oo, i o id riendly op ion and gro n up er ion i al o ol or e adul , e re ommend rying e Purple a e a e i la erry moon ine in i pen on u, am p m ri Sa , am midnig Sun , am pm $ LD M

BLACKSTONE GASTROPUB 1521 E. Broadway St., Joplin, 417-553-0665. Gastropub. amien iregol o Cra y Sea ood ar Grill no a ano er oplin ea ery la one Ga ropu ea ure and ra ed o ail and eer on ap along ide ome grea loo ing ea li e e ri py ried i en, grilled almon on a ed o gno i pen ed Sa am p m Sun a m p m on am pm $$ LD

CAFE CUSCO 234 E. Commercial St., Springfield, 417-868-8088, cafecusco.com. Peruvian. i menu i pa ed i un and une pe ed di e a are in pired y e ui ine o Peru and e nde oun ain e andou e la ean uinoa urger i a o ado pread, e omo Sal ado, and a o o deli iou en ree ny ing a in lude e e i e i a ure e ou an ge i a an appe i er, or a a a o filling ou an e en order e e e de igre appe i er o ge your e i e fi i i a o o e i e ui e i o au e and a illed rimp a er pen on u, am p m ri Sa , am p m Sun , am pm $$ L D M WIFI

CHERRY PICKER PACKAGE + FARE 601 S. Pickwick Ave., Springfield, 417-986-5800. Cafe fare a do you ge en you om ine a o ee op, ar, a e and li uor ore C erry Pi er Pa age are mall ele ion o and i e , oup and al ad i er ed daily e re ig an o e o rie or o o rie an r i an en ague e opped i al ed u er pread, inly li ed am, apri o pre er e and a li e o rie er your meal, order an adul e erage a e ar or pi up a o le o ine o en oy a ome n e morning , e o ee drin are al ay ell done, and or de er you an gra a li e o Prairie Pie pen on u, am p m ri Sa , a m mid night. $ B L D

CIVIL KITCHEN & TAP 107 and 222 Park Central Square, Springfield, 417-5018456, civilkitchenandtap.com. Bar fare. i eer on ap and i en and a e on e menu, i i ea y o ee e appeal o i ru i u om or a le re auran and ar Spe iali ing in up ale om or ood, Ci il i en and ap dra in po rom Sou ern and id e ern aple pen ue Sa , am a m Sun , a m midnig $ B L D M ☎

THE COLLECTIVE 1528 N. Main St., Nixa, 417-494-4078, thecollective417. com. American. ide rom a ig menu and plan or li e mu i , e Colle i e al o ea ure emed de or in ea room or e ample, e ou door ar i alled e Silo and ea ure a ilo roug do n rom nor e i ouri and ea ing made rom a er roug e menu ea ure ear y, ri i ing op ion li e loaded ren rie , ried i en and i e , P illy ee e ea , pulled por and a ole ried a fi o name a u a e pen ed Sa am pm, Sun am pm $$ L D






2023 S. Glenstone Ave., Springfield, 417-883-4066. Cafe fare. o a ed in ide ro n er y n erna ional ine Cen er, i ea ery ea ure and i e , al ad , a arie y o ee e pla e and alami pla e , a ummu oard and more e lo e e ar in alad, opped i o en roa ed i en, or e o al Goa alad opped i a oop o i en alad on mi e Pari ian and i i ro emary am, Pre iden u er and gruyere on a ague e pen ue ri , a m p m or lun , ue ri , a m p m or mall pla e Sa , am pm $ L D

2620 S. Glenstone Ave., Springfield, 417-864-6994, farmersgastropub.com. Contemporary British and American. e menu ere ea ure lo ally our ed ingredien ere er po i le and ange regularly e en ree are ell pri ed and a i ying, li e e S o egg and e i en op alad arugula, ale, a age, lue ee e, oiled egg, pump in eed , u ermil dre ing ere al o a grea ele ion o eer, and e urger and fi and ip are al ay deli iou n a ni e day, i ou ide on e pa io run Sa urday and Sunday pen on u, a m p m ri , a m p m rea a er ed on ri , a m Sa , a m p m Sun , a m pm $$ B L D M ☎ WIFI K

DEVIL’S POOL RESTAURANT at Big Cedar, 612 Devil’s Pool Road, Ridgedale, 417335-2777, bigcedar.com. American. ere you an en oy a a y meal ile a ing a gorgeou ie o a le o a e or an appe i er, e mo ed rou i an a i , and o i e orn read opped i ra ed pepper maple u er and mo ed a on e en ree ange i e ea on and are al ay e per e lend o ru i and up ale or run , ry e o nny a e i ried green oma oe run on Sunday pen daily or rea a , a m lun , am p m dinner, p m $$–$$$ B L D WIFI K M ☎ ig ea on

DOBYNS DINING ROOM 1 Opportunity Ave., Point Lookout, 417-690-2146, keetercenter.edu. American e mo ed oma o oup i no your o o deli iou College o e ar uden gro produ e and rai e mea o u e in e re auran , o e menu a a ery arm o a le ual i y ry e i ory mo ed prime ri ur day roug Sa urday on mi e o ola e o ler or de er e ee er Cen er al o a a reamery a o er up ome delig ul omemade i e ream and or e run on Sunday pen on Sa , am p m Sun , a m p m $$ B L D WIFI K M ☎

DOGWOOD CANYON RESTAURANT 2038 W. State Highway 86, Lampe, 800-225-6343, dogwoodcanyon.org. American. o a ed on e ground o e pra ling, pe a ular og ood Canyon na ure pre er e, e Canyon Grill e auran oo e ru i ele gan e and oa a menu in pired y i ear y ur rounding ry e made i deli a e eared rou a e and plen y o i u a on e al o lo ed e margari a made i e uila in u ed i pi y pep per pen daily, a m p m $–$$ L D M

FIRE & ICE 2546 N. Glenstone Ave., Springfield, 417-866-5253, oasisfireandice.com. Global cuisine. i po lo a ed in ide amada a i o el Con en ion Cen er pe iali e in dry aged ea and er ified ngu ee and a a deli iou menu a ange i e ea on Si a e ar or a uni ue e perien e ou an a oo in e open i en ile re ing your drin on e i e ar pen on u, am p m ri Sa , am p m Sun , a m p m $$ L D M ☎ WIFI K

HOT CLUCKERS 1450 E. Sunshine St., Springfield; 417-882-5825, facebook.com/hotcluckers. Southern or i in i en a ll ma e your no e run and your ro ea , ead o o Clu er Ser ing a ille yle o i en, i oun er er i e oin ring a or o enne ee o Springfield C ee y pi e le el allo you o u omi e your mou urning e perien e pen daily a m p m $–$$ L D K

HOULIHAN’S 2431 N. Glenstone Ave., Springfield, 417-862-7777; 2110 E. Republic Road, Springfield, 417-883-3434; houlihans.com. American e fi a o and urger are an a i , and e lo e e enormou na o appe i er along i e a alad ele ion Gra ome riend and are a e o e mall pla e en e ea er i ni e, e ure o gra a a le on e pa io, ere you an ga er around a fire pi ile you en oy your meal pen on u, am p m ri Sa , a m midnig Sun , am p m $–$$ L D M WIFI K



24 Downing St, Hollister, 417-320-6106; 1724 Battlefield, Springfield, 417-427-7171; dspourhouse. com. Ser ing ele a ed ar ood and rea i e, ear y en ree , o ning S ree Pour ou e i e rain ild o e a ard inning ar e ue linger o o n Ge in a ed on mi e urger pen in olli er on u a m p m , ri Sa am p m , Sun a m p m pen in Springfield Sun u am p m , ri Sa am p m $– $ $ L D WIFI K

2708 S. Glenstone Ave., Springfield, 417-883-3403, nearlyfamous.net. Deli and Italian egular lo e e ee ly pe ial egg alad on riday , pear and i e on ur day and more e oma o oup i an a i , and i goe ell i u a ou any and i a i riendly po opping a lun ime, and e din ner our o er a menu filled i a y pa a di e ey re a good op or a ee end run a ell pen on Sa , a m p m $$ B L D K M


204 E. Fourth St., Joplin, 417-623-1004, redonioncafe. com. American/Italian. e u edo C i en i a u omer a ori e iner al o lo e e a on rapped rimp, e la ened una and i or a e ried i en alad ry e e and or a o ado yum i e en er ainmen e ery ird ur day pen on Sa , a m p m $$ L D WIFI K

1027 E. Walnut St., Springfield, 417-865-5050. e pi a , urger and ing are op ere, e pe ially e u e urger e lo e e pi a a ome opped i o au e e and u ren rie ere are al ay deli iou i en open daily am pm Pu open daily am am $LD KM





1711 S. 15th St., Ozark, 417-581-6047. American. i pla e i a ery popular angou a rea a ime i grea daily pe ial , and i al o a grea omemade pie , in luding urpri ing one li e goo e erry e ried i en i deli iou a i ea ery, and o are e ried dill pi le and e onion ring a i ally, i i ried a o ie o , you no i going o e deli iou pen on Sa , a m p m Sun , a m pm $

305 E. Chestnut St., Suite C, Strafford, 417-736-0004, eatwildseed.com. American and Indian. ea loa and a arie y o urry op ion are e ig i e i em a i S ra ord re auran e really do lo e e arie y a on e menu, and e pi a are o a y ur a or i e appe i er i e ild eed on on ey are filled i a reamy and pi y mi ure o alapeno , green onion , por au age and our ream e ure o pop in or ome grea morning deal rea a di e ar a u pen ue Sa , am pm Sun , a m p m $ $$ L D WIFI V K


SPLIT SOCIAL KITCHEN 3027 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, 417-755-7155, splitspringfield.com. American. Come or rea i e and eau i ully prepared area le , li e urra a i ru e pe o, a are er ed a eeny re auran pa e a pa a lo o good i e e lo e e ama ing ma aroni and ee e ge ried i en i i a your op ional pro ein nd e C ili ille o i en and i i eriou ly pi y Come on e ee end o ry e a y run menu pen ue ri am p m , Sa am p m , Sun am p m $$ B LD

ST. MICHAEL’S SPORTS BAR & GRILLE 301 South Ave., Springfield, 417-865-2315. American. e urger are op no , and e uge alad opped i deli iou ly ea oned grilled i en rea are a a ori e ry e one i pi y Ca un i en yum Come ungry enoug o order de er e au e e a e are ellar ur a ori e i e dreamy anana a e no ing an ea i pen on ed , am pm u, am p m ri Sa , am pm $–$$ L D K ☎

THAT LEBANESE PLACE 338 E. Commercial St., Springfield, 417-536-6677. Lebanese. e i e i an a i i you li e er a eou ea , and any o e deli iou and mea y e a i a grea oi e e lo e e u ed grape lea e appe i er, er ed i a deli iou a ini dipping au e e ala el mu a al and i i grea oo, i ala el, a a g anou , ren rie , re eggie , pi led ur nip and a ini ere are plen y o op ion or din er i ege arian, egan or glu en ree die or a uper deli iou de er , don mi e a la a made i e ane e ro e a er pen ue Sa , am p.m. $ $$ L D

UNDERCLIFF GRILL & BAR 6375 Old Highway 71, Tipton Ford, 417-629-2869, theundercliffgrill.com. American. i re auran i uil in o a a e Come or ear y and i e and en ree , li e e iner urger or e oom o n ried C i en pen ed ri am p m , Sa , am p m , Sun a m pm $BLD


BUCKINGHAM’S SMOKEHOUSE BBQ 2002 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield, 417-886-9979, buckinghambbq.com. iner lo e e ri and e urn end a i la i ar e ue ea ery e an ge enoug o e iller mo ed almon opped i or eradi au e nd don mi e alape o o le ap you re e ra ungry, ge e a ed po a o a o ered i u a ou e ery ing pen daily, a m p m $ L D WIFI K



CITY BUTCHER & BARBECUE 3650 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield, 417-720-1113, citybutchersgf.com. Come early e au e i e a yle ar e ue po , ere e mea i mo ed in mall a e or op imal re ne , i no n o ell ou iller ri e , pulled por and o er a ori e are old fir ome, fir er ed i a e imple u deli iou ide di op ion pen daily a m un il old ou $–$$ L D M

BEST OF 417 WINNER 2012-2018

CROSSTOWN BBQ 1331 E. Division St., Springfield, 417-862-4646. ry e ri or e ri e e ig Pappa inner i a igna ure di , and i ea ure on o mea in luding ri , ri e and o lin no er u omer a ori e e en oug i no ar e ue i e al ay a y and o o ri py ried a fi pen on u, am p m ri Sa , a m p m $–$$ L D ☎ K

GETTIN’ BASTED 3242 S. Stewart Ave., Springfield; 2845 W. Highway 76, Branson; 606 W. Mount Vernon St., Nixa; gettinbasted. com. Come ere or a ard inning ar e ue in all your a ori e arie ie ri e , ri , pulled por and more e e en agyu urger on e menu are ully loaded, and e app game i rong i omemade pimen o ee e, ar e ue na o and more pen Sun ur am p m ri Sa am pm $–$$ L D K



334 E. Commercial St., 417-344-0085, vangoghseeterie. com. Indo-Dutch. u pan a e , i en i lo and o er ndo u and u in pired ui ine pop ula e e menu a i Commer ial S ree o po rom oe Gidman o Ca e Cu o e lo e e pan a e e pe ially e arm ear u er opped i goa ee e, apple , oney, arugula and yme or ome ing pa ed i eggie , e i a S amppo en ree i per e or ome ing ee , our a ori e i e S arry ig de er pan a e pen ue u, am p m ri Sa , a m p m Sun , a m pm $$ B L D ☎

2931 E. Battlefield Road, Springfield, 417-720-4811, hardknoxbbq.com. Cri py por elly, fiery alape o au age, urn end and addi ing po a o alad are ome o e menu ig lig a ard no e ea ery a opened y Pa uran, o ner o e ropoli an Grill, and e urned i ampion ar e ue eam in o a ri and mor ar re auran an added onu , i you lo e your meal, you an uy ar o eir igna ure au e and dry ru a e re auran or a a or pa ed meal a ome pen ue Sa , a m p m $–$$ L D





MISSOURI MIKE’S BBQ & MORE 2833 W. Chestnut Expy., Springfield, 417-771-5018, momikesbbq.com. n addi ional o ery ell done la i ar e ue op ion ri e , urn end , pulled por , you an al o ge a and ul o grea and i e e ynd ey i a ma urger i pulled por , ri e , ar e ue au e and ole la pen on Sa a m p m $–$$ L D K

firstwatch.com. Go radi ional i a pla e piled i ri py a on, egg and oa r order ome ing more rea i e ir a you an find rea a po er o l li e e one filled i uinoa, au age, mu room , oma oe , ale and egg , lemon ri o a pan a e , a o ado oa , a uper ood o l i ia pudding and rui and lo more on mi e lun rea , oo pen daily, a m pm $BL K

Spina o e omele i pina , ar i o e ear , mu room , alama a oli e , mo arella ee e and omemade Gree ea oning e a au Gri ound in redi le oo un o er and i e , urger , oup and alad en ey are o ering ried green oma oe , ma e ure you na ome pen ue Sa , am pm $B L



1435 E. Independence St., Suite 110, Springfield, 417720-4162; 1301 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, 417-8862535; neighborsmill.com. i ull ime a ery o er a ear y menu pa ed i and i e , oup and al ad on mi e oney pe an i en alad, i ome on ron e oney ea read, or e eu en, i ome on pumperni el rye read ey a e o oup o e day, one o i i ege arian pen on Sa , a m p m $ B L D K

943 N. Main Ave., Springfield, 417-866-8744. e ure no o mi e por pare ri i Pappy ar e ue au e or e ar e ue na o a i long running Springfield in i u ion ra per e e eard peo ple ay a Pappy ell e ery olde eer in o n pen on Sa , am pm $LD


220 E. Walnut St., Springfield, 417-866-5500. e ee po a o a ro n are uper deli ere e al o lo e e ear ug i ui and gra y, oi e o mea , o egg and ei er a ro n or ee ro n you re eeling a li le ri i , ry e ull on y Gailey i no n or rea a , u e re au ran al o a a a y lun menu rea a and lun are er ed all day pen Sun ue , am pm, ed Sa , a m p m $ B L WIFI K


BILLY GAIL’S CAFE 5291 State Highway 265, Branson, 417-338-8883; 1882 James River Road, Ozark, 417-582-2600; billygailsrestaurant.com. illy Gail in ran on a een a elo ed rea a o po or age e ar po and a e ome u a popular Come or ma i e pan a e and o er rea a are e ar lo a ion er e dinner on e ee end ran on open daily am pm ar open daily a m p m and ri Sa am pm $ B LD

THE BRUNCHEONETTE 424 N. Main St., Joplin, 417-781-3447, thebruncheonette.net. e lo e e rea i e a e on egg enedi a e e ound a e run eone e, o e menu ange ee ly u i al ay in ere ing on mi your an e o order a pla e o pou ine, and u rie opped i gra y, redded ee e and a poa ed egg e arro rie are onder ul oo pen ed ri , am p m Sa Sun , a m un il upplie run ou $ B L

EARLY BIRD BREAKFAST PUB 1717 E. Cherokee St., Springfield, 417-885-8088. i po er e up rea i e rea a are and a a ull er i e ar urning ou rea a margari a and e il onu o e rea a marg are made i orange marmalade on mi e a o , urri o , ra di ional rea a are, and i e and more pen on ri , a m p m Sa , a m p m Sun , am pm $ B L

101 S. Main St., Nixa; 417-494-5055. facebook.com/ MDCNixa. o n o n i a ge i morning ol an o orning ay Ca e, a o y, e le i pa e rig on e main drag ere plen y o lo e on e e en i e menu or e ee oo , ry e mu n pla er i a ender, ee mu n rio Cla i rea a are fill e menu, u un urpri e in lude di e e a on, i an in anely addi i e armeli ed Gouda po a o a e pen a m p m daily $$ B L WIFI K

FIRST WATCH 2946 S. National Ave., Springfield, 417-889-0601; 3103 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, 417-633-7094; 100



TEA BAR & BITES 621 S. Pickwick Ave., 417-866-7500, teabarandbites. com. ery ing e e a ed a ea ar ie a een an a i ry e urry i en alad or e yummy ui e i eau i ul, a y ru e lo e any o e menu i em a a e a edi erranean air e menu ea ure plen y o egan, ege arian and glu en ree op ion ere are a y a ed good oo a ional eme dinner pen on u, a m p m ri , a m p m Sa , am pm $ B L D M ☎ V

RISE 105 Park Central Square, Springfield, 417-691-6088, 417rise.com. i po i e rain ild o e ame people o o n uropean Ca e e large and aried menu i in en i e and uper ly e e u ed, i le er di e li e pa lo a in pired ren oa , a la a in pired elgian a ee , o ee and a ory ri e pudding meal , nouri ing grain o l , rea a and i e rom la i o rea i e and o mu more pen on ri a m p m Sa Sun a m pm $ B L WIFI

VILLAGE INN FAMILY RESTAURANT Multiple 417-land locations, villageinn.com. ry e rea a ille , egg enedi and, o our e, e uper a y pie e lo e e repe and o er ee rea a o ering , oo rea a , you an uild your o n meal y pi ing our i em rom a long li o la i rea a a ori e nd o our e, don mi gra ing a li e o pie ile you re ere our ary y lo a ion $ B L D WIFI K ☎

EUROPEAN CAFÉ 207 Park Central East, Springfield, 417-569-6702, 417europeancafe.com. long i o ee drin , i li le a ery er e up lo ely roi an , eau i ul de er , per e pa rie and more ou an e en find ome a ory pa rie , li e e a on, egg and goa ee e ar eir ma aron are o die or, and e pre y li le mou e a e are almo oo lo ely o ea e lo e e ui e ere a ell pair per e ly i e e er anging ea onal o ee and ea drin , i are al ay deli iou pen on ur , am p m ri , a m p m Sa , a m pm Sun , a m p m $ WIFI






BIG EASY GRILL 3641 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, 417-832-0040. e am alaya i an a i , and e li e o order i e ra pi y e oy er po oy are u omer a ori e , and e oudin Ca un au age all are no o e mi ed ry mi and ma di e o rea e a meal ull o your a ori e Ca un a or you an order a ide o red ean and ri e i a po oy, or e ample pen on Sa , am pm $ LD K

BOURBON & BEALE 2639 S Glenstone Ave, Springfield, 417-268-7266. Cajun, Creole and Memphis barbecue. eal are ear y and om or ing a i a ual po a er e a mi o Ca un and Creole a ori e li e ra fi e ou ee and emp i ar e ue li e ome eriou ly good ri e along i ypi al meri an are a a a Ca un i ry e Ca un Pa a am alaya pen daily am p.m. $$ L D WIFI


THE GROTTO 301 E. Battlefield Road, Springfield, 417-886-9600 gogrotto.com. e menu i a e i le o mea ea er and ege arian ali e e uper indulgen arm lue ee e ip are a a ori e appe i er Cu omer li e e pi a and e urger e pe ially e urger i lo o angy lue ee e pen on Sa , am p m Sun , am pm $ L D K

MARKET HOUSE CAFE & BAKE SHOP 113 N. Second St., Ozark, 417-551-4370. ind ome made read and pie and plen y o lu iou rea a and lun op ion ere e an ai o ry e



5 SPICE CHINA GRILL 2058 S. Glenstone Ave., Springfield, 417-799-0215. A modern a e on C ine e ood iner lo e e General i en, e ee and run y ra angoon and e mango i en e really lo e e alapeno a il di e oo pen on Sa , am p m Sun , a m p m $ $$ L D K M ☎

BAO BAO CHINESE BISTRO 2101 W. Chesterfield Blvd., Suite A104, Springfield, 417877-7505. C ine e ood an , i i a mu ry po

DINING GUIDE or you e u eep earing ra e re ie a ou ao ao C ine e i ro i li le po in C e erfield illage a a e o u ed o o n a re auran in S ang ai, o ere are e eral au en i i em on e menu ry e al and pepper por or e iao i dumpling pen Sun u, am p m Sa , am pm $ L D

and lended rappe u ere i more on e menu an u drin e ure o ry e a are er ed ere, oo e ulie e i one o our a ori e and i e rom ig omma i apple , pro olone and reamy pread , and e al o adore e ee ele ion pen on ri , a m p m Sa Sun , am p m $ B L D M WIFI



1369 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, 417-766-6630, corner21us.com. i re auran o er a large arie y o au en i C ine e di e , in luding e eral Si uan yle meal ou ll e en find di e a aren ommon on lo al C ine e re auran menu , u a ri eye and eno i mu room in a urry ro e lo ed e ery ing e ried on a re en i i , e pe ially e lam umin and e Si uan rimp pen ue ur a m p m , ri Sa am p m , Sun am p.m. $ L D

545 E. Elm St., Republic, 417-647-5125, facebook.com/ theblacklabllc 300 W. McDaniel St., Springfield, 417942-7881, facebook.com/BlackLabDowntown; 3541 S. Lone Pine Ave, Springfield. i a ually anine in pired o ee op i epu li pla e o e or a piping o la u ino, and eir e ond lo a ion in Springfield er e all e ame pup in pired menu i em ry e la a , i in lude o ee nu and o ola e, or e Goldendoodle, a igna ure om ina ion o aramel and ro n ugar pen on Sa , a m p m Sun , a m p m $ B L V WIFI

LEONG’S ASIAN DINER 1540 W. Republic Road, Springfield, 417-887-7500. e eong amily er e i original a e i en a i a y ea ery, among lo o o er yummy u e ra angoon are e pe ially deli iou ere, and e li e o dip em in e old and pi y mu ard au e e egg roll are a la i , made rom ra i a peanu u er air e igna ure di e are grea , u e ure o eep an eye ou or ne i em , a ey ange up eir menu a ouple ime a year pen on u am p m , ri Sa am pm, Sun a m p m $–$$ L D WIFI K

CLASSIC ROCK COFFEE 1900 W. Sunset St., Springfield, 417-881-7625, classicrockcoffee.com; 535 W. Walnut St., Springfield, 417-771-5143, classicrockcoffeedowntown.com. i o ee op o er e pre o drin i ro n roll in pired name ry e S ee mo ion la e i o ola e and aramel and a amd and ee e pu pa ry rea a po e o ar your day pen on ed , a m pm u, am pm ri , a m midnig Sa , a m midnig Sun , am p m $ B L D V M WIFI



Several 417-land locations, lucyschinesefood.com. on mi e a e i en om o pe ial a ge you an en ree, a ide and ried ri e or an in redi le pri e e li e e ee and our i en ere u i you d ra er ea ome ing mega pi y an ome ing ried, order e o i en ll a e you rea ing or your a er gla i e ery i e our ary y lo a ion and ea on $ L D

124 Park Central Square, Springfield, 417-866-6645, thecoffeeethic.com. ry e ingle origin o ee, re ed one up a a ime, or any o e rea i e and deli iou ea onal drin e appu ino i an a i ruly one o e e e e e er ad , and e op al o er e ine, ra eer on dra and a mall ele ion o uali y li uor e lo e e o led la e oo e ood game ere i rong oo, i loaded oa meal, re ly a ed mu n and o er drool or y are pen on Sa , a m p m $ WIFI




ARCHITECT COFFEE 1604 E. Republic Road, Springfield, 417-771-5030, architectcoffeeco.com. i n agram i o ee op on Springfield ou ide o er a rig and o y a mo p ere i arm drin and ear y ood, o oo e rea a urri o are ellar and o filling e lo e e ea onal drin a ange e ery o o en, e pe ially en ey o er ome er ion o a re re ing e pre o oni So good pen on ri , a m p m Sa , a m p m $ B L M WIFI

B2 CAFE 2804 E. Battlefield Road, Springfield, 417-883-5748, go2b2.com. i po er e up deli iou o ee drin along i re moo ie and ui e plu a mall menu o eal y are n e morning, ry omemade granola or lun , oo e rom ui e, oup , alad and more pen on ri , am p m Sa , a m p m Sun , a m p m $ B L WIFI

BIG MOMMA’S COFFEE & ESPRESSO BAR 217 E. Commercial St., Springfield, 417-865-9911; bigmommascoffee.com i po o er o ee, e pre o

COLLECTIVE COFFEE SHOP 2353 State Highway 248, Branson, 417-676-0803, facebook.com/collectivecoffeeshop. Colle i e Co ee S op i e e ond lo a ion o in age Pari Co ee op i ou po o er pe ial y la e , loo e lea ea and uni ue o ee drin l oug Colle i e Co ee S op i lo a ed i in a ur , i i open o e pu li oppo i e o ur our pen on ri , a m p m Sa Sun , a m p m $ WIFI

COUNTRY GIRLS ESPRESSO 3650 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, 417-887-7777, facebook.com/countrygirlsespresso. ide rom all o e deli iou o ee drin , e real mu ry i em ere i e au en i Cu an and i , er ed pre ed on Cu an read Coun ry Girl igna ure i i Ca e Con e e i alded mil e al o lo e e gua a pa ry, a uge rea a o le an and i filled i dele a le, ropi al ee ne pen on Sa , a m p m $ B L D WIFI K

DANCING MULE COFFEE COMPANY 1945 S. Glenstone Ave., Springfield, 417-883-5114, dancingmulecoffee.com e mo a are grea ere o ola ey u no oo ee an ing ule al o doe




DINING GUIDE a really good au en i appu ino a made u rig ry e Peanu u er andango rappe i you re in e mood or ome ing a li le more un y, and i you re on e run, ing roug e dri e ru pen on ri , a m p m Sa , a m p m Sun , a m p m $ B WIFI

EURASIA COFFEE & TEA CULTURE CAFE 445 E. Commercial St., 417-720-1949, culturecstreet. com i o ee roa er i a mi ion al o er e ome a y are in i Cul ure Ca e n addi ion o are ully ra ed up o o ee and ur i o ee , ere a eggie aan i made i i pea ma , arro and pi led onion i one o our a ori e lun e e lo e orderig a la e and adding ro e a er and oney pen on Sa , a m p m Sun , a m p m $ B L D M WIFI

KINGDOM COFFEE 211 S. Market Ave., Suite 100, Springfield, 417-3501234; 2896 S. Lone Pine Ave., Springfield; kingdomsgf. com. e o ee menu ea ure all your a ori e la i e pre o drin , li e appu ino , ma ia o , mo a and more e lo e e la i or ado e mo , and e no oo ee and uper reamy i ed ma a la e i ruly deli iou or a more u an ial i e, ry e nion i ui mo ed a on, o egg , arp eddar ee e and er pre er e on a u ermil i ui pen daily, a m p m $ B L D WIFI

MUDHOUSE COFFEE 323 South Ave. Suite B, Springfield, 417-832-1720, mudhousecoffee.com. e o ee i al ay an a i ere, and ud ou e al o o er a ide arie y o loo e lea ea e mu n ere are uge and deli iou ma e ure you ry e one i errie i our a ori e pen on Sa , a m p m Sun , am p m $ B L D WIFI

THE PRESS COFFEE & JUICE BAR 2710 S Glenstone Ave, Springfield, 417-771-5950. i ole ood a e o er organi di e i ingredi en rom lo al mar e endor ui e are organi and old pre ed e real dra ere i e e i an orean u ion menu, ea uring gogi na o , im i ried ri e and ree a o pen on Sa , a m p.m. $ B L D WIFI

ROOTS COFFEE BAR 1645 W. Republic Road, Springfield, 417-877-6889, facebook.com/rootscoffeebar. Gra a up o oe on e go or ay a ile and order a rea a and i a i er a ile o ee op e ure no o mi e Sma ro n a ried egg, ee e and a ro n and i opped i au age, ou e made ri e or pe an mo ed oulder a on and er ed on a po a o un er popular menu i em in lude rea a urri o and e pen ue ri , a m p m Sa Sun , a m p m $ B L D WIFI

THE WORKSHOP AT FINLEY FARMS 840 Finley Farms Lane, Ozark, 417-210-6690, finleyfarmsmo.com. e or op i a o ee op and ga ering pa e e menu in lude la i o ee and ea o ering plu uper i ed uped up oa e a o ado oa i ully loaded and ully deli iou oo or and ra ed o ail , eer and ine a ell, and ome o e pa e or and on or op la e pen ue ed am pm, u am pm, ri Sa a m p m $ B L WIFI 102







J. PARRINO’S QUEEN CITY DELI 1647 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, 417-887-1148, queencitydeli.com. i po er e up pa a, oup , alad and ome uper deli iou and i e on mi e urne ee enderloin on garli read or e alian ee and i e order em e o ge plen y o lu iou u ou an go rong i e pa rami and i a in redi ly mea y piled ig u li e ey do i in e or Ci y deli pen on Sa , am pm $ LD

MO’ BEEF 405 W. Walnut St., Springfield, 417-771-5111. e o alian ee and i i e main ar a i iny do n o n Springfield and i op, u ere are lo o o er a y i em on e menu e ango er and i i a a ori e pen on u, am pm ri Sun , a m a m $ L D WIFI

THE SANDWICH SCENE 208 W. McDaniel St., Springfield, 417-685-9682, secretsandwichsgf.com. i li le po ar ed ou in ide S ee oy eig or ood ar and a no ound a ome o i o n on aniel S ree i po ling ome eriou ly good ammie on mi e ur ano, made i mo o por , ou e made errine, am, i and pi y giardiniera e ea all u i ra y good oo, and you ould eep an eye ou or ge em ile you an pe ial a are al ay rea i e and deli $ L D

THE SUB SHOP 1721 E. Seminole St., Springfield, 417-887-3804; 456 W. McDaniel St., Springfield, 417-831-8077. e ig er Pilo and i ome ully loaded i alami, pepperoni, ee e, anana pepper , le u e and u au e e ure o ry e and i pe ial al o no n a e e re and i e ey are al ay re a i e and deli i an on e ay ere, e au e e Su S op i a only Seminole S ree lo a ion open on ri , am pm e aniel S ree lo a ion open on ri , am pm $L

TROPICAL SMOOTHIE CAFÉ 3811 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield, 417-887-6600; 3645 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, 417-719-4486; 1971 E. Independence St., Springfield, 417-350-1273; tropicalsmoothiecafe.com. un e are lig and pre y guil ree Gra a ur ey a on ran and i or a rap nd o our e, don mi o e a y moo ie id ea ree on ee end pen on ri , a m p m Sa Sun , a m p m $ B L D WIFI K





ANDY’S FROZEN CUSTARD Multiple 417-land locations, eatandys.com. on mi e ro a ing ea onal opping our a er lo e e ey lime pie and la erry in e ummer, and e apple pie and pump in pie in e all ry e ar ur le undae a la i on o ion i aramel, o udge and oa y pe an r order your o n rea ion pen Sun u, am p m ri Sa , am midnig $

320 Park Central West, Springfield, 417-719-4119; 1111 E. Republic Road, Suite 164, Springfield, 417-7557574; wannahurts.com u ide e o opping o er e e uper deli iou doug nu , and ey are a aila le our a day in do n o n Springfield u omer a ori e i e maple a on ar, a uge, al y ee on o ion a i o o deli pen our $ B L D WIFI

PRAIRIE PIE 307 S. Jefferson Ave., Springfield, prairiepie.com. Prairie Pie ma e ellar all u er ru pie in a or a range rom la i o in en i e e arl Grey ream pie i our a ori e, i i o ola e gana e oa ed o om ru and pi a io garni u e ara mel apple pie i an ele a ed a e on a la i and i ui e popular oo S op y e ore ron or o er o ering a ell, u a a ory po pie , oo ie and ra y good ma ed po a oe pen ur Sun a m p m $–$$ L WIFI

SOCIETEA 1653 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, 417-720-4094, facebook.com/societea. u le ea i e name o e game a i au en i po ere e ma a mil ea and e ma a roll a e are o mu ry o ering e er you re a u le ea e eran or loo ing o ry ome ing ne , i i your pla e pen on u, am p m ri Sa , am p m Sun , am p.m. $ WIFI

ST. GEORGE’S DONUTS 3628 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, 417-881-7515; 3012 S. National Ave., Springfield, 417-882-1718; 1415 W. State Highway J, Ozark, 417-425-7885; stgeorgesdonuts.net. o o lu iou doug nu are made re daily ere e lo e e gla ed lue erry and e o o re o ola e a e donu pen daily, am p m a ional enue lo a ion lo ed Sunday ar lo a ion lo ed onday $ B





CASPER’S 601 W. Walnut St., Springfield, 417-866-9750. i lo al a ori e er e o er o ing o l o grea ili and a e o er yummy diner op ion li e urger and o dog on orge o order ome lu iou ili ee e rie ile you re ere no er yummy a ori e am, ean and orn read en you an ge i on pe ial pen on u, am p m ri Sa , am pm $ BLD K

DRUFF’S 331 Park Central East, Springfield; 417-719-1719, yumdruffs.com. ru ring gloriou ee ine o diner are i a menu o grilled ee e , oup and rea i e ide or a li le ea , ry e Good o or, made i eddar, ream ee e, a on and alape o, or a i y your ee oo i a nu ella and ra erry grilled ando i nu ru al o o er a ro u run and rea a menu pen ue ed , a m pm u Sa , a m p m Sun , a m p m $ L D

RED’S GIANT HAMBURG 2301 W. Sunshine St., Springfield. re i al o e ou e aple e original ed i rumored o e

DINING GUIDE e oun ry fir dri e roug re auran , i diner er e up a mu no algia a i doe la i urger p or e a ed ig griddle urger er ed i rie or onion ring , lurp on a mal or mil a e, or ry ou ome o e ne er glu en ree op ion C e ou e rea a menu i you re up early pen daily, am pm $ BLD K


INDIA CLAY OVEN & GRILL 2005 W. Highway 76 Country Blvd., Suite 209, Branson, 417-973-0044, indiaclayovenandgrill.com. ome to i yummy li le po on e ran on rip o indulge in ome a y ndian are e lo ed e ara i lam ender lam , ell pepper and onion in a pi y au e and e mu room aloo ma ar mu room , po a oe and pea imming in a reamy au e S op y or lun on riday and Sa urday o a e ad an age o e a y u e pen daily, am pm, p.m. $$ L D

TAJ MAHAL INDIAN RESTAURANT 1250 E. Republic Road, Springfield, 417-719-4573. ou an find all your ndian a ori e ere on e large menu ere i a arie y o naan read and i o, o good , many ype o urry and ri e di e and un de er li e ri e pudding and gula amun donu oa ed in yrup e are o e ed i e lam ro gan o and e i en al re i, and e indi ma ala an o ra di i a a ori e oo pen or lun and dinner daily $$ L D

ZAYKA INDIAN CUISINE 311 S. Jefferson Ave., Springfield, 417-351-4400, zaykaspringfield.com. ere a lo o lo e a ou i do n o n Springfield ndian re auran e ege a le orma, i en i a ma ala and malai o a are u a e o our a ori e di e you re ne o ndian ood, ry e pre e om o meal a ea ure a lo o di eren a or or de er , you an ea a o l o arm gula amun ee pa ry all pen or lun ue Sun , am p m open or dinner ue u, p m ri Sa , p m Sun , p m $ $$ L D M

ARCHIE’S ITALIAN EATERY 1410 E. Republic Rd., Springfield, 417-720-1763, archiesitalian.com. ere are di eren ype o e u ini on e menu plu a uild your o n op ion , along i la i alian di e on mi e ome made ee ey oa ed ra ioli Come a lun ime o ge re ly a ed pi a pen on Sa , am p.m. $$ L D K

AVANZARE, please see listing p. 94 BAMBINO’S CAFÉ 1141 E. Delmar St., Springfield, 417-862-9999; 2810-D E. Battlefield Road, Springfield, 417-881-4442; bambinoscafe.com. i li le alian ea ery er e ear y elping o a y alian are a on rea e an , a aila le a o land lo a ion e Poppa i a popular pa a di ome i penne pa a, alian au age, mu room and a pi y oma o ream au e e elmar lo a ion i grea or a meal al re o pen on Sa , am p m Sun , noon p m $ L D WIFI K

BELLACINO’S PIZZA & GRINDERS 4560 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield, 417-720-4414, bellacinos.com. ella ino i no n or i grinder an ee pea or u and i e u pi a, pa a and alad al o ma e an appearan e on e menu e an ai o ry e ou e pe ial, i i e alian grinder ey a e read and pi a doug rom ra e ery day ur a ori e pa a i e mu room ra ioli, i i o indulgen and o deli pen on ue , a m p m ed Sa am pm Sun , am pm $ L D K

BRUNO’S IL RISTORANTE, please see p. 94 DIGIACINTO ITALIAN RESTAURANT 2259 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield, 417-882-5166. egular ay you a e o ry e i en l redo and e pag e i and mea all , o igna ure di e l o ry e ee anneloni ll pa a di e ome i alad and re a ed read, and e P illy ee e ea and i e are in redi le ere oo pen ue Sa , p m $$ D K ☎

GILARDI’S, please see listing p. 94 THE HILL 600 E. Battlefield Road, Springfield, 417-920-8850, thehilldining.com. Come ungry o e ill, e ngel im all you an ea de ina ion o ering a ide ari e y o alian are in a fine dining a mo p ere ill up on plen y o pa a , ri o en pi a , oup , alad , repe and pe ial y de er a a ion dedi a ed o o e and o er mou a ering i em pen or lun on ri , am p m pen or dinner on u, p m ri , p m Sa , p m Sun , p m run er ed Sa Sun , a m p m $ $$ L D M WIFI ☎ or group o or more

NICOLA’S RISTORANTE, please see listing p. 96 NONNA’S ITALIAN CAFÉ 306 South Ave., Springfield, 417-831-1222, nonnascafe. net. Italian. e ea ood la agna i a mu ry di , and e pi y arra ia a la agna i ra y good ny ing i alian au age i a ure e e par i ularly lo e e dele a le o ola e or e and e ri and deli iou irami u Plu , e omemade ee e a e are al ay op no onna al o doe a Sunday run i regular menu i em rom a m – p m pen Sun u, a m p m ri Sa , am p m $$ LD KM☎

PASGHETTI’S 3129 W. 76th Country Blvd., Branson, 417-335-0690, bransonsbestrestaurant.com. ead o Pa ge i in ran on or a amily riendly a mo p ere and all your a ori e la i alian meri an aple e e al o eard e al redo au e i di ine ry e lemony i en pi a a or dinner, and ollo i up i a pla e o ee and u y irami u or de er pen daily, a m p m. $ $$ L D K M ☎


PASTA EXPRESS Multiple 417-land locations, pastaexpress.com e a ed mo a ioli i a a ori e, and i mo ered in gooey mel ed ee e e ou e alad i al o deli ere ma e ure you a or i i ee e and oma oe pen on Sa , am p m Sun , am p.m. $ L D WIFI K M







107 West Aldersgate Drive, Suites 1 and 2, Nixa, 417374-7291, eatpiccolo.com. en you re ra ing in dulgen alian are, Pi olo deli er i a range o piled ig pa a , pi a , ea and i en en ree S ar ing o i e al oa all , ui y mea all u ed i mo arella and fini ed i goa ee e and marinara pen ue u, p m ri , pm Sa , am p m Sun , am p m $–$$ L D WIFI ☎ M

2615 S. Glenstone Ave., Springfield, 417-881-7171, nakato.com. Per orman e yle i a i dining i a a a o i no n or nd ey are uper good a i li le en er ainmen a grea meal ll o e u i i op no ere a ell on mi e enny oll, a a ori e pen on ri , p m Sa , pm Sun , am pm, p m $$ L D


3938 S. Lone Pine Ave., Suite 100-B, Springfield, 417851-1707. n addi ion o a large arie y o u i roll , i menu al o oa rain o rig o ail and e en ype o ramen oup Come i riend o you an are and ample lo o roll pen Sun u, a m p m ri Sa , am p m $$ L D

1932 W. Retail Lane, Ozark, 417-485-3838, salvatoresfresh.com. e menu ere i pa ed i andmade pa a a are re ly ra ed e ery day you re lu y, you mig e en a a glimp e o em ma ing e re pa a e menu al o oa e ery ing rom ried ar i o e o a u an one, plu urger , pi a and and i e pen ue Sa , am p m Sun , a m p m $–$$ L D



CRAFT SUSHI 251 E. Sunshine St., Suite 116, Springfield, 417-3195887, facebook.com/craftsushi. Cra Su i, you re in on rol o your meal a you u omi e your o n u i and po e o l nd e e par on rea e an ry a alad o l i marina ed o u, a paragu , mu room , alapeno , edamame and pi y a a i au e pen on Sa , a m p m $$ L D

HARUNO, please see listing p. 94



SAKURA 3230 S. National Ave., Springfield, 417-882-8000. ere a olid u i menu, and you an order a u i don uri o o really ge ome ang or your u e en o o e are pa ed i your oi e o en ree, Cali ornia roll, ri e, alad, mi o oup, rui , pring roll , eggie empura and i e ream pen ue Sun , am p m $$ L D WIFI M ☎


KAI, please see listing p. 95 KARAI RAMEN + HANDROLL 640 W. Republic Road, Suite 100, Springfield, 417-319-5225. i arai, o ner oung un, o aruno, ai and oriya, a e ramen eriou ly, and i o in er ood e na ed ramen i e eame noodle pina , ood ear mu room , ean prou , ea eed and prin led i lime i a ig lig e on a u i a ou e pe ial, a por u le i mu ard ar e ue au e pen on ri , am pm on u, p m Sa am p m ri Sa , pm $ L D MIJURI SUSHI & GRILL 2710 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield, 417-889-9593. All o e u i i op no , and e pri e are al ay rea ona le e arie y in lude ome ing or e ery u i a e ud Cu omer lo e e pi y ynami e roll ne o our a ori e i e imiply deli iou yel lo ail roll or an appe i er, order ome o e umai dumpling o are ey are deli iou pen on ri , am p m Sa , am pm on u, p m ri Sa , p m $$ L D M ☎ 104



RIAD’S BURGERS AND GYROS 400 South Ave., Springfield, 417-720-1018. e menu ea ure ome long lo edi erranean a ori e rom iad a ar pre iou re auran , li e e ama ing a a g anou Plu , you u an go rong i you order a gyro pen on u, am p m ri Sa , am p m $–$$ L D

VASKEN’S DELI 3200 Gretna Road, Suite D, Branson, 417-334-9182, vaskensdeli.com. e gyro are an a i ere a e ure you ge em i radi ional gyro mea , and don ip e a i i au e e are nu or e ee a erma oo, oug ma e or a uper deli iou and a i ying meal and a e ama ing i a ini pen on Sa , am p m Sun , am pm ended ummer our $ L D WIFI K



1440 W. Republic Road, Springfield, 417-890-1016, facebook.com/springfieldsushivillage. i o y u i po a a arm da e nig a mo p ere i erry lo om and plan around e ery orner ll e u i i re and a or ul, u ome u om rea ion pa un ingredien om o pen on u, am pm, p m ri , am pm, p m Sa , am p m $$ L D WIFI

1001 Branson Landing Blvd., Branson, 417-334-6052, cantinalaredo.com. Can ina aredo i a grea op ion i you re e ploring ran on and a e a an ering or e i an ood o a ed on ran on anding, i a a grea ie o e oun ain and a e aney omo pen Sun u, a m p m ri Sa , am p m $$


2925 Battlefield Road, Suite 105, Springfield, 417-3501006, catrinascantina.com. Ser ing au en i are a le di e and ull en ree oo or and ru ed gua amole a an e loaded up i i arron e grilled plain ain are a rea pen on u, a m p m ri Sa , am p m , Sun , noon p m $$ L D



HINODE JAPANESE STEAKHOUSE 4301 S. National Ave., Springfield, 417-877-1777. Come o ee e o a e i a i grill inode i no n or onder ul i a i meal i per e ly oo ed pro ein and all e e ra ri e, ir ry noodle , eggie and a lu iou ea ood au e nd don orge o ry ome ing rom e u i menu pen daily, am p m Sun u, p m ri Sa , p m $$ L D K M ☎

oug , i e lou ani o an orange pi ed por au age er ed i pi y e a dip pen on u, am p m ri Sa , am pm run er ed e e ond Sunday o ea mon , am p m $ L D ☎ WIFI K

4121 S. National Ave., Springfield, 417-886-2777, bawikbbq.com. a i orean ring an au en i orean dining e perien e o Springfield, ere you ll pay a a ee o or an all you an ea meal ou oo e mea your el on a le op grill e ure o ry eir o go lun op ion oo, in luding o l filled i ri e, noodle , eggie and e pro ein and au e o your oi e pen on u, p m ri Sa , p m Sun , p m $$ D

KORIYA 4121 S. Fremont Ave., Springfield, 417-882-0077. i po er e rea e your o n i im ap di e , and you an oo e e een i en, ee ulgogi, o u and rimp or your pro ein ne o our a ori e di e i e ap ae, made i lippery ir ried po a o ar noodle and lo o eggie pen on Sa , am pm $ L D

CESAR’S OLD MEXICO 2627 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, 17-881-8252. ndulge in au en i e i an ood a in redi ly rea ona le pri e e lo e e irria a o, i i filled i u ulen redded ee e arni a or a i al o e ellen uge and i u ed i a ory ar ni a , opped i mel ed ee e, oma oe , le u e and mayo and en and i ed e een a pillo y un eed e ay more pen on u, am p m ri Sa , am pm $ L D



2915 E. Battlefield Road, Springfield, 417-315-8745; 2150 W. Republic Road, Springfield, 417-720-1708, greatamericantaco.com. i po o er ou ide e o a o in a uge range o om ina ion mu ry i e a aiian a o i i en, e a ee e, grilled pineapple, ominy al a, ilan ro our ream and ili au e in a run y lue orn or illa pen Sun u, a m p m ri Sa , am pm $ L D

320 E. Walnut St., 417-597-3382, greekbelly.com. e lo e e ery ing e e a ed ere ry a a y por or i en gyro opped i reamy a i i, oma oe , onion and ren rie on a o pi a ur a ori e,

107 W. Church St., Ozark, 417-485-8585; 12051 MO13, Kimberling City, iguanaroja.net. ere are deli iou


DINING GUIDE margari a a i li le ea ery don mi e one made i alape o i a a i a o mu un o drin pen ue u, am p m ri Sa , am p m $–$$ L D K

LA PALOMA 3014 E. Sunshine St., 417-719-4484, dinelapaloma. com; 1425 W. Battlefield St., Springfield, 417-8892985, thelapaloma.com. i po o er a uge range o e i an di e in luding fi a o , i are e ellen pen on u, am p m ri Sa , am p m Sun , am p m $–$$ LD

LOS CABOS MEXICAN GRILL & CANTINA 4109 S. National Ave., Springfield, 417-823-9114, facebook.com/loscabosspringfield. e ried a o ado and e i o Ci y a o pi o de gallo, onion , our ream, pepper a ee e and your mea o oi e are ro d a ori e e al o lo e e eggie a i a and e mango i en alad e al a ere i ellar pen on u, am p m ri Sa , am p m Sun , a m p m $ $$ L D K V

MARIA’S MEXICAN RESTAURANT 406 South Ave., Springfield, 417-831-9339; 4610 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield, 417-771-5031; mariasmexican.restaurant. on mi e ried a o ry e ue o de a ra, i i a goa ee e au e opped i ori o pen on u, am p m ri Sa , am p m Sun , noon p m $$ L D WIFI K

MEXICAN VILLA Multiple 417-land locations, mexicanvilla.net. i po i a a ori e among long ime Springfield lo al , and i i no n or i ee au e er ed i or illa ip l o popular i e San o n ilada S yle a uge urri o a i omple ely imming in red en ilada au e id lo e e i en finger our ary y lo a ion $ L D K

er e ma or a or in i e a o menu and e ui la o u ed o ail e re an o e Glo e ro er por elly a o, and e al ay a e o a e e e inger, e op ee ly pe ial a o e al o lo e e e uila and me al a ed o ail a pair o ell i o e a y a o pen on Sun , am p.m. $ L D

TINGA TACOS 308 W. McDaniel St., Springfield, 417-831-8007, tingatacossgf.com. i do n o n a o op i open la e linging ell o i ildly rea i e om ina ion e are par ial o e u u made i uper a or ul mar ina ed o u or e rui y Piggle i ui y por and fig am or a al y ee om ina ion pen ue ed , am pm u Sa , am am $LD

TORTILLERIA PERCHES 1601 W. Sunshine St., Springfield, 417-864-8195. i iny li le au en i e i an re auran ma e i o n or illa and ip re e ery day ry a e i an oda, a radi ional e i an oup or a amale en you i i on mi a o ue day and amale ur day pen ue ri , a m p m Sa , a m p m Sun , am pm $ B LD



TACO HABITAT 3325 S. Glenstone Ave., Springfield, 417-582-8226. a o a i a i ou ed in a u e li le uilding i an in i ing e ond oor pa io pa e or dining ou ide e re auran er e rea a , lun and dinner in e orm o a o , urri o , or a and more e ery day o e ee ou an dine in or pi up a meal roug e dri e roug ere al o a pre y pa iou ou door ea ing area pen daily a m pm $ B L D

TEAM TACO 1454 E. Cherry St., Springfield, teamtacosgf.com. e e ru y red uilding e your guiding ea on o a or pa ed a o , na o and ri e o l i iny a e


OCEAN ZEN, please see listing on p. 96


TASIA 4728 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield, 417-890-6789. Pan-Asian our ian ui ine are repre en ed on i re auran menu apane e, ai, orean and C ine e e re pring roll are grea ere, e pe ially i peanu au e e urry di e are al ay a good e pen daily am p m on Sa , p.m. $ L D K

PRIMA’S MEXICAN RESTAURANT 2101 W. Chesterfield Blvd., Springfield, 417-823-7180; 3662 S. Glenstone Ave., Springfield, 417-890-1212; 5557 N. 21st St., Ozark, 417-582-2776; primasmexicangrill.com. iner lo e e pollo a o ado, an oun e i en rea a grilled and opped i omemade ori o, i e ue o and oma oe ry e a ada a o ree o orn or illa filled i ea , ilan ro and onion and er ed i ri e, ean and a o ado pen on u, a m p m ri Sa , am p m Sun , am p m $–$$ L D WIFI

seasoning’s greetings


ARRIS’ PIZZA 1332 E. Republic Road, Springfield, 417-881-7260, arrispizzaonline.com. in ru pi a a e a Gree air a rri Pi a e ure o order e ena a pi a made i e a, pepperoni, oli e , mu room and green pepper i you an o ry one a ur i a or e ru e a i a grea appe i er, and i unli e ru e a e e ad o er pla e pen ue u, a m p m ri Sa , am p m Sun , am pm, p m $–$$ L D M

THE BIG SLICE 1450 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, 417-720-1928; 4126 S. Kansas Expy., Springfield, 417-720-4108; thebigslicespringfield.com. ou an ge ig e or yle ri o en pi a y e li e ere r uy a ole pie i you pre er, u ei er ay ma e ure o ry o e i en a on ran pi a e lo e e reamy pin a pi a oo, en e re in e mood or a i e pie e gigan i pepperoni are a onder ul opping oo pen daily, am p m $–$$ L D

GARBO’S PIZZERIA 2101 W. Chesterfield Blvd., Suite C101, Springfield, 417883-9010, garbospizzeria.com you lo e a loaded






oui yle pi a, ry e Grandio e r ry e a arian pi a or ome ing a li le di eren i i opped i Canadian a on and auer rau pen Sun u, am p m ri Sa , am pm $–$$ L D M

IMO’S PIZZA 600 S. Pickwick Ave., Springfield, 417-862-1222; 636 W. Republic Road, Springfield, 417-886-4667; imospizza.com. rue S oui yle original, mo er e pi a on ra er in ru i lo o pro el ee e e li e e a y elu e pi a u our a ori e i e imple om o o mu room and alian au age e ee y read i ridi ulou ly indulgen and o ered in a i layer o mel ed pro el ee e o lo a ion open daily, a m p m $–$$ L D

MASO PIZZA BAR 3653 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, 417-720-1047 a o Pi a ar i o ned y i ola Gilardi and lo a ed u a e door do n rom i o er re auran , i ola i oran e nd u li e a i ola , e ery ing on e menu i deli e an ai o ry op ion li e e i i e and S ine, alian S allion and ege arian riend ly oni a eal y pie e menu al o pan alad , panini, pa a, oup and more pen on Sa , p m lo e $$ D WIFI

MCSALTY’S PIZZA CAFÉ 1550 E. Battlefield Road, Springfield, 417-883-4324. main ay in Springfield, Sal y er e deli iou pi a and a een par o e Springfield land ape ore er e ear Pie i a a y upreme a loaded up i lo o opping ere are al o u and i e pen on u, am p m ri Sa , am p m $ L D WIFI M ☎

PAPPO’S PIZZERIA 221 E. Walnut St., Springfield, 417-866-1111; 900 E. Battlefield Road, Springfield, 417-306-9091; pappospizzeria.com. ry e pi y i en C olula pie opped i a mi ure o red au e and oli e oil, grilled i en marina ed in C olula au e, garli , mo arella ee e, red onion , ilan ro l o, e ure you ry e mea all e really li e e alad ere a ell pen on ed , am pm u Sa , am am Sun , a m p m $–$$ L D

THE PITCH PIZZA & PUB 2924 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, 417-368-0277. i a menu ull o pi a, pa a , alad , and i e and pu are and a iller eer ele ion, ere ome ing o plea e e eryone e lo e o uild our o n pi a i al redo au e and a on o mu room e auran open on Sa , am p m Sun , am pm pu open la er $ $ L D M WIFI K

PIZZA HOUSE 312 E. Commercial St., Springfield, 417-881-4073 i re auran a een a radi ion in Springfield or more an year , and e pi a ey er e i uper in and u in o uper iny pie e a la i a no o e mi ed and i a a ori e o li elong lo al ur a ori e ing ere any pi a a in lude a on pen ue u, am p m ri Sa , am pm $ L D WIFI






ANDY B’S TIKI BAR 433 Promenade Way, Branson, 417-213-8631, bransontikibar.com. ig ne or lo er o i land yle e and a ual angou po ndy i i ar a opened on ran on anding, and i an e en ion o Springfield ndy o l So ial ndy i i ar a a ie o a e aney omo, ere gue an order i i drin , eer and o er drin e re eying e Pin iller, e ar a e on a pain iller pen on Sa noon p m , Sun am pm $

THE CELLAR 507 W. Walnut St., Springfield, 417-351-2824, thecellar. springfieldbrewingco.com Crea ed y e eam e ind Springfield re ing Company and lo a ed u around e orner rom i , e Cellar i a a ual e ing or mall i e and rea i e o ail un on pop orn garni ed i re Parme an and ou e made por o ello er y ile you ip on a ra o ail and en oy a ro a ion o li e mu i pen ed Sun pm $D

CELLAR + PLATE 2916 S. Lone Pine Ave., Springfield, 417-894-2003, cellarandplate.com. S ar your meal i e ome o Gouda ip oma oe , garli , red pepper , papri a, almond and mo ed Gouda r ry e Spani mea all nd a you mig gue rom e name, e ine ele ion i onder ul pen ue u, p m ri , p m Sa , noon p m $ L D WIFI M V

CLEAR LOUNGE At Hilton Branson Convention Center, 200 E. Main St., Branson, 417-243-3433. u a ro e ree rom ran on anding a e il on ran on Con en ion Cen er i Clear ounge, a grea pla e o gra a o ail i riend i po i ome o a y ood, good mu i and un drin our ary open pm a press time. D



al ay deli iou Plu , e an ge enoug o e rie and re ly made po a o ip e i en rap are ano er long ime u omer a ori e a Gallo ay S a ion, and ere a rea on or i a la i i en open on u, am p m ri Sa , am p.m $ L D K

THE GOLDEN GIRL RUM CLUB 137 Park Central Square, Springfield, 417-425-5162, thegoldengirl.com. i i i ar lo a ed rig on e ou e orner o Par Cen ral S uare i a grea people a ing pa io pa e er e up and ra ed o ail and a made rom ra , e le i , in erna ionally in pired menu ry e ai i y ing or an unu ual i on a ar aple e ure o ry e a o , ramen and ar i an pi a pen ue Sa , p m a m $ L D WIFI

HARBELL’S GRILL & SPORTS BAR 315 Park Central West, Springfield, 417-862-0477 o o i em on e menu ere a e a ar e ue i and ea ure ee and mo y ar e ue au e on mi e uper mo y i en ing i a ey are no n or or one o e urger pen ue Sun , a m midnig , i en open un il p m ri Sa , am a m , i en open il p m Sun , am midnig , i en open il p m $ L D

J.O.B. PUBLIC HOUSE 319 E. Walnut St., Springfield, 417-831-1158. Curren ly a , you an find a mall menu filled i a ori e rom o e Grad S ool and menu e o po a e e ame o ner and om ined in e pa e during e pandemi ou an loo or i em li e e amou ly ra ea le pi a all and e ui y ull ide urger n oy em on e pa io pen on ri , a m a m Sa , noon a m $ L D

LINDBERG’S TAVERN 318 W. Commercial St., Springfield, 417-868-8900, lindbergsbar.com. orge a ou a i ar ood i oried a ering ole goe a o e and eyond i rea i e a e on ear y om or ood la i e urger are deli iou , u one ly e ery ing e e ried a een impre i e e pe ial are al ay eau i ully rea i e, and e Sunday run i one o e e around pen ue Sa , am am Sun , p m midnig $ L D M WIFI V


1742 S. Glenstone Ave., Springfield, 417-889-7120; 807 N. Main St., Nixa, 417-725-6803, coyotes4wings.com. i po i no n or i a or o i en ing , rom ommon u alo o une pe ed andoori pi e pen on u, a m midnig , i en un il p m ri , am a m , i en un il p m Sa , a m a m , i en un il p m Sun , a m pm, i en un il p m $ B L D WIFI K

1427 E. Cherry St., Suite B, Springfield, 417-351-3029, theroyalmusichall.com. i iny and do nrig eau i ul po er e o led o ail and finger ood li e arm oli e or ro emary and i er gla ed nu a er on en C re ri ion li , e pe o ee on o li e mu i oo pen ue ur p m ri Sa p m midnig $


305 S. Market Ave., Springfield, 417-832-8277, springfieldbrewingco.com. ry e fi and ip paired i e eer a are re ed on i e l o deli iou are e urger and e ma and ee e i e mu i ue Sun i en open Sun , a m p m on ri , am p m Sa , a m p m ar lo e daily a p m $$ B L D WIFI K M V

505 Branson Landing Blvd., Branson, 417-239-3670, erniebiggs.com i piano ar er e up more an grea une e ran on anding lo a ion a a mall u yummy menu o gourme pu gru filled i app , and i e and pi a pen on Sa , p m a m Sun , p m midnig D WIFI M


ROCCO’S PIZZA & SUBS Multiple 417-land locations; roccospizzaandsubs.com. i alian ea ery pe iali e in e or yle pi a 106

a a any ody o een o e ea oa oon ing legi l o on e menu are o u , li e mea all or eggplan Parme an, plu alad , al one and a and ul o pa a en ree $–$$ L D

1281 E. Republic Road, Springfield, 417-881-9730. e lo e e a un Ca un urger i ig, ear y and


SWEET BOY’S NEIGHBORHOOD BAR 310 South Ave., Springfield, 417-719-4224, sweetboysbar.com. Come or pin all, a laid a a mo p ere and

DINING GUIDE a mall more li i a pm

u ery ell done o ail li or ome ing e de er , ry e ell oy, a ro en ri o ee a oy i e ream and i pen ed Sa lo e Sun noon lo e $

VANTAGE ROOFTOP LOUNGE & CONSERVATORY 260 E. McDaniel St., Springfield, 417-851-1768; rooftopvantage.com. i roo op ar a o el andi or a a rea a ing ie o do n o n Springfield and e en o er dining igloo in e in er o you an en oy e ene all year long e o ail are re re ingly rea i e and la i ally ell done, and e menu o area le and na ring e on ep o ar ood up e eral no e i i em li e du onfi a read and a i una po e pen ue ed pm midnig , ur Sa p m a m $$

VINO CELLARS WINE SHOP & LOUNGE 2137 W. Republic Road, Springfield, 417-773-1985; 15038 Business Highway 13, Branson West, 417773-1985, vcellars.com. Small pla e , na and apa ma e up e menu a i om or a le po Springfield open on u, am p m or la er ri Sa , am p m or la er ran on e open ue u, am p m or la er ri Sa , am p.m. or later $ L D WIFI

W.F. CODY’S 3138 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, 417-887-8083. e ee e urger are a pe ial y a i re auran , and ey are enormou on mi e am and ee e and i e , ano er u omer a ori e pen on Sa , am a m Sun , a m midnig i en open on u, am p m ri Sa , am p m Sun , am p m $ L D WIFI K M


CHAR STEAKHOUSE & OYSTER BAR, please see listing p. 94

ry aged prime ea are er ed in i re auran fine dining a mo p ere Side are deli iou oo pen Sun u, p m ri Sa , p m $$ D ☎

RERICO BRAZILIAN GRILL 3371 E. Montclair St., Springfield, 417-881-8882, rericogrill.com. re you a uge an o all ing mea y ry ind o mea or dinner, all li ed a le ide inner ome i ee oup, o roll and unlim i ed rip o e old ar i ing li e re ee e, pa a alad and more pen daily a a m Clo ing time varies seasonally $ L D WIFI K M ☎

SALTGRASS STEAKHOUSE 801 Branson Landing Blvd., Branson, 417-334-0325, saltgrass.com i po er e la i ea ou e are, u i a i o a Sou e o oy i ry e en er u file opped i au ed mu room , or e loaded ee e rie appe i er ey al o a e oun ry ried ea pen Sun u am pm, ri Sa am p m $$–$$$ L D ☎

WILDER’S STEAKHOUSE 1216 S. Main St., Joplin, 417-623-7230, wilderssteakhouse.com Come o oplin ilder S ea ou e o find ea in all i e and arie ie , all o i are er ified la ngu ee and ree o ormone and an i io i e re auran menu al o a a arie y o o er i em li e ea ood and i en pen on u, p m ri Sa , p m $$$ D ☎


BETH’S BAKE SHOPPE & TEA ROOM 1645-D W. Republic Road, Springfield, 417-866-5533, bethsbakeshoppe.com. ry a i en alad and i er ed on innamon rai in read nd e lo e e pina alad er ed i arm a on inaigre e, and e gigan i ou ou alad loaded i re eggie and e a ea room i open on Sa , a m p m a ery open am pm $L KM



935 N. Glenstone Ave., Springfield, 417-833-7818, doesspringfield.com. ou an go rong i a ea ere, e pe ially e one in ri eye r dine ami ly yle and are a per e ly oo ed pound por er ou e pen on u, am pm, p m ri , am pm, p m Sa , p m $$–$$$ L

211 E. Commercial St., Springfield, 417-886-7000, robinsvintagesuitcase.com. e daily pe ial and de er are e ar o i earoom and pa ry op on Commer ial S ree ui e , oup and de er are all grea pen on ri , am p m Sa , am p m a ery i open on ri , am p m Sa , a m p m $ L WIFI M


FLAME STEAKHOUSE, please see listing p. 94 JIMM’S STEAKHOUSE, please see listing p. 95 LEVEL 2 STEAKHOUSE, please see listing p. 95 OUTBACK STEAK & OYSTER BAR 1914 W. Highway 76, Branson, 417-334-6306, outbackbranson.com. ere are plen y o andou di e a i u ralian emed ea ou e and oy er ar u a er e and u , aged ea u ing Cer ified ere ord ee rai ed lo ally pen daily a am Clo ing ime arie ea onally $$ L D WIFI K

RED OAK STEAKHOUSE Downstream Casino Resort, 69300 E. Nee Road, Quapaw, Oklahoma, 1-888-396-7876, downstreamcasino.com.

SPRING CREEK TEA ROOM 107 S. Third St., Ozark, 417-582-1331. e omemade de er are o die or e ure o order em ui ly e ore ey run ou li e you mig an o order em e ore you order en ree on mi e eggie and i , e ra erry oup or e i en alad i pla e i opping a lun ime pen ue Sa , am pm $ L K

iou ai a e in a o y a mo p ere i a ady pa io ou a S ar your meal i e a o ado pring roll en dig in o e en ree i an order o deli iou urry noodle or a pi y urry op ion pen on u, am pm, p m ri Sa , am pm, p m Sun , noon pm, p.m. $–$$ L D K

THAI THAI CUISINE 1615 W. Highway 76, Branson, 417-334-9070, thaithaibranson.com. ai ai Cui ine o er really grea ai ood and a ee a e panang urry i deli iou , and i er ed on a li le ed o re pina pen on Sa , am pm, p m Sun am pm, p m $–$$ L D K

THAI EXPRESS 948 S. Glenstone Ave., Springfield, 417-865-0101. en you i i i riendly po , don mi e agi oodle, mango urry i en and ol ano rimp di e ey are all a y e green urry i deli iou , i a au e o di ine you mig u an o drin i pen on u, am p m ri , am pm Sa , am pm $L D

TONG’S THAI RESTAURANT 3454 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield, 417-889-5280. i po er e up a menu pa ed i a y ai a or , and e arn le u e rap are a long ime u omer a ori e e ried a a i your oi e o one o ong yummy au e i ano er an a e ull ar pen on ri , am pm on Sa , p.m. $–$$ L D WIFI ☎

THE WHEELHOUSE 1845 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, 417-430-0400, wheelhousefood.com. e pineapple ried ri e i a an a ori e a i ai e i an u ion po , u you re ally an go rong i any ing on e menu pen on u , a m p m ri Sa , a m p m Sun, am pm $B L D V


BAMBU 1338 E. Battlefield Road, Springfield, 417-881-9881. e p o i a pe ial y ere ou an add pi e, er , alape o and prou o u omi e i ur a ori e e all o e er and alape o i Srira a pen on u, am p m ri Sa , am p m Sun , a m p m $ L D WIFI K ☎

PHO KIM 3433-C S. Campbell Ave., Springfield, 417-883-9999, phokimspringfield.com. ere you an fill up on ie name e aple li e p o, pring roll , a n mi and i e and more a P o im e lo e e re pring roll oo pen on and ed Sa , am p m Sun , am p m $ L D WIFI


RAMA THAI CAFÉ 1129 E. Walnut St., Springfield, 417-865-3204. i re auran , lo a ed in ide a arming old ou e on i ori alnu S ree , ea ure a menu ull o deli

2640 E. 32nd St., Joplin, 417-627-9966. Come o i po o indulge in re pring roll , ermi elli noodle o l , and ig elping o p o i lo o re eg gie on e ide ou an al o order o a ea in e eral a or i opping li e apio a o a, o ee elly, egg pudding, popping o a and more pen on Sa am p m $ L D WIFI GC




THE LONGEST TABLE Help Give Hope’s The Longest Table event featured the culinary skills of Pat Duran, showcasing his four Springfield restaurants at the Barley House at Moon Town Crossing on September 2, 2021. Special celebrity guest Elizabeth Heiskell was also in attendance and told stories of public life balanced with living on a vegetable farm.

Thomas & Christi Meyer

Tim & Kim Reese

Nick & Courtney Burlison, Jessica & Jared Doty

Erika Warner, Bill & Dawn Hennessey, Jennifer Murray

Gisela Drake, Marie Wilson

Michael Brady, Elizabeth Heiskell

Georgia Mattern, Kanika Tomalin, Elizabeth Skidmore

Jessica Schultze, Jordan Schultze

Date September 2 Benefiting Organization Help Give Hope Location Moon Town Crossing Website helpgivehope.org

onsors Arris’ Pizza, FFO Home, Fuddruckers, Heart of America Beverage Company, Lloyds Cleaners, Miller & Associates CPAs and Advisors, CocaCola Ozarks Bottling Company, Pinnacle Sign Group, Premium Beverage Sales, Renegade Chemicals LLC, Ross Construction Group, SMC Packaging Group, Springfield Paper Company, Twin Oaks Country Club, Walmart, Bobby Allison, Benjamin F. Edwards/ Tim Reese, Rosalie Wooten, David O’Reilly, Mike Ingram, Mary Beth and Charlie O’Reilly, John Wyrsch, Regent Bank, Mercy, Kathy and Rod Loomer, Gorman-Scharpf Funeral Home, Taz & Tits, Great Southern Bank, Magers Management, Ozark Utility, Oak Star Bank



Photos by Ryan Kowlaski

Attire Dressy casual

ood Gcause. reat GTimes. PROMOTION




The City of Ozark

Welcomes You!

Christmas kicks off in Ozark on November 4th at the Historic Square in Downtown Ozark, Missouri.

Photos by Ryan Kowalski

Celebrate the season, shop locally, and walk the brand new streets and sidewalks of Downtown Ozark.


DINNER FOR LIFE Mary Jane & Gaet Martino

Bob & Debbie Williams, Nadine Ellman

Cindy Kopel, Noni Nichols

Tom Sansel, Beth Bedinghause, Matt Bedinghause

Dinner for Life is the annual fundraising event for LifeHouse Crisis Maternity Home, a project of Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri. Dinner for Life 2021 had attendees “Playing it Forward” while supporting the moms and babies of LifeHouse Crisis Maternity House. LifeHouse houses homeless pregnant women during their pregnancies and for one year after their babies are born in a safe, loving environment where they receive the resources, education and training needed to care for their child.

Date September 10 Benefiting Organization LifeHouse Crisis Maternity Home and AfterCare program Tom & Susy Barr

Craig & Kimberly Henley

Location White River Conference Center Website ccsomo.org

Photos by Bailey Wilhelm

Attire Dressy casual

Rick Cuba, Jeremy Rowland, Nikki Rowland, Maura Taylor

Susan Cargile, Michele Denning, David Pomerrenke, Patty Ashley-Hiscock Taylor 417MAG.COM • 417 MAGAZINE



Falling for Fall PHOTO BY LEEANN FINKE | @LEEANN.FINKE.PHOTOGRAPHY Leeann Finke is a concert and creative portrait photographer who loves to experience the outdoors with her boyfriend, Ryan. On their trips, she says she brings her camera and tries her hand at nature photography, which is outside her comfort zone. This particular image was taken in at Top of the Rock. “Ryan and I were there to celebrate my birthday,” she says. “I thought it would be fun to take some photos to document that adventure!” And in the process she captured some simply breathtaking fall color in the Ozarks. 112