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Schools and Non-Profits



Earn ongoing donations from participating businesses with complete accountability and transparency

Earn cash back rewards for everyday purchases when using your card during checkout at participating merchants.

Use our proprietary technology to lower advertising costs while increasing sales frequency and average ticket.



Because i Care

Publisher: Amy Michael

Creative Director: Phil Dellasega Sales Executive/Charity Liason: Shanda Logsdon

Springfield CARES is a monthly magazine that has been carefully developed with three goals in mind:

Graphic Design/Web Maintenance: Michelle DeWitt

1. Bring awareness of charitable foundations and the impact they make to our community.

Administrator: Cara Trask

2. Facilitate growth for local businesses by offering a print medium and

Advisory Panel Jeff Gossman Mary Valloni Peter Edwards, CIA Beverly Roberts Rhiannon Edwards Rebbecca Fenton COTA/L Gerry Catapang, PT, DPT Ken Childers Chris Shaefer Becky Overend Fran Moncada

We invite you to offer support to our charities and our caring supporters by frequenting the businesses in our pages and in our online directory.

online arena acknowledging charitable giving and encouraging continued support of these businesses. 3. Show we CARE by providing significant contributions to our affiliated charities. Which is why we have begun working as third party fundraisers in conjunction with American Cancer Society, CASA, Children’s Miracle Network and Big Brothers Big Sisters. We encourage you to visit our online directory to view our caring supporters in business, check out our online magazine, view videos, and get the latest on community events and fundraisers and downloadable forms.

Springfield &

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Table of Content s

“Submerging to New Heights” ............................4

ACS Transportation Assistance ...........................17

BBBS Meet the People Behind the Scenes............6

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“8 Steps to Empowerment”.................................8

Children’s Miracle Network Upcoming Events ...20

United Way Live United-Agencies & Services ....10

Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks ............23

Children’s Miracle Network - Dustin Reaves ......13

Children’s Miracle Network Past Events.............24

Paradise at Parlor End of Summer Bash .............14

CASA Sponsor Salute: Friend of A Child Donors ..26

ACS Breast Cancer Awareness Month ................16

“17 Years” .........................................................27

ACS “Choose You”.............................................17



by Sharna Rittmaster Saturday morning was the first dive. As we geared up I was feeling very sick. The cool water helped. Gordon was in front of me, Merissa on my left and Jason to my right. They all held onto me as we descended. We stopped at 15 ft to make sure everyone was “ok”. I started freaking out and I wanted to surface. My mind was racing and I wanted to surface. My feet won’t stay down, I can’t see anything. I was breathing too fast. Was this really what I wanted? The three of them refused to surface! After what felt like 5 minutes but probably only 30 seconds I thought, “come on you

Since I was a young child I have owned fish aquariums and have always had a great interest in the underwater world. How wonderful it is to be weightless and move around with such ease in beautiful surroundings. I thought it would be amazing to swim with the fish and so after my sister became a certified scuba diver, I decided that I should too. But it took me a decade to be ready; emotionally, mentally and physically. A few months ago I made the commitment to proceed in this life long dream with Midwest Aquatics, my local dive shop here in Overland Park. I signed up for the class and read the book. My sister consistently encouraged me and new dive friends who are staff instructors at the dive shop also gave support and help. But then it came to getting in the water with all the gear in the deep end of the pool. It may look easy but it is a bit scary to drop down to the bottom of the pool at 14 feet and rely on a mouthpiece to constantly give a supply of air. When it’s your first time, that’s a bit nerve racking. I did ok the first few times but at night I was having horrible dreams of drowning. I knew that after the pool practice, we were going to choose a weekend and go out on the lake for the open water test to obtain my certification. Midwest Aquatics owns a houseboat on Table Rock Lake.

can do this, focus” So most of the fear dissolved and I performed all my skills. Then we started descending to 22 ft to finish the dive. I still wasn’t comfortable with the buoyancy and I just wanted to wait. I was so unhappy and felt out of control. At 22 ft I panicked again and this time started hyperventilating. When you do that, the regulator feels like it’s shutting down and not supplying air. Which made me panic even more and point up. I wanted to surface NOW!! Again they wouldn’t let me. I was angry. I hadn’t had over 100 plus dives like them. I couldn’t breathe! I was going to drown and they didn’t care! Couldn’t they see I was in trouble!? But I wasn’t going to the surface, they kept me down there while I had a panic attack. Jason was holding my feet with his feet and

The week before fear was really settling in. I knew that fear can be conquered because I have done it before but this was stronger. I almost canceled but knew it would be a mistake. So we packed up and headed out to pick up one of my closest friends who would be onboard. On the boat were my instructor Gordon and his wife, my sister Merissa, two other students and a second instructor, Jason. I had never met Jason before; he was a last minute replacement for another who had been diving with us. So this change in staff added to my anxiety. But it turns out; he was exactly what I needed.


pretty fish, Merissa and Jason barely even touched me. I was controlling my own buoyancy and moving about the rocks to see all the fish. When we surfaced Merissa yelled that I was officially certified. People on the boat were cheering and they helped me out. I was done. I did it. I couldn’t believe it. It was such a relief. Then and even now weeks later, I was so lucky to have such amazing people onboard and underwater with me. All with their own strengths helping. But for me, I accomplished more than just becoming a certified diver, I conquered my fears and moved forward. I was so happy they were there to share it with me.

Merissa had me by her hand. Gordon kept asking if I was “ok”. I don’t know what happened but then I focused on my favorite place and the fun sea lions there. That I knew I just had to trust these people so I started to normalize my breathing and noticed that I wasn’t drowning. After the skills, we surfaced and I was shaking terribly but not from the cold. I didn’t like it. I didn’t like the weightlessness, the relying on the regulator for air and the feeling of no control over my body. The rest of the day I fought with myself about continuing. Everyone onboard knew I was considering quitting and they all told stories and offered words of encouragement. They were wonderful and so patient and I hope they know I was listening. Jason also told me that if I get back in that he has a handmade shark tooth necklace for me. The ultimate decision was mine and I knew that if I didn’t get back in the water, I never would and would that be something I could live with. When I hesitantly stated that I would go for my second dive, everyone onboard cheered which really embarrassed me. This dive was so much better, I performed my skills, I didn’t panic as much. I saw fish and Jason took pictures. As I cleaned up for dinner with my friend, I started to cry uncontrollably. All the emotions from the day came pouring out. I had had such a stressful day mentally and physically. I had almost quit. But I didn’t. And now I have an awesome shark tooth necklace from Jason, which will always be a memory to that day. Sunday was the day of my final dive before I was officially certified. This was the dive where I had fun. I relaxed. They didn’t hold onto me as tight and even at the end when we were playing with some


I have had Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was 2 years old, which has destroyed most every joint in my body. My knees do not bend, my arms do not straighten and I am barely 5 feet tall. It makes life difficult by presenting various challenges on a daily basis, emotionally and physically. I have fought with myself daily about not giving up and becoming a hermit. I came to the conclusion we have one life to live and we need to do the things we dream of while we can, otherwise we will live a life of constant regrets. A few years ago I snorkeled with a 16-foot whale shark. Earlier that year I took a ride on a Vespa. Approximately 9 years ago I flew in a biplane around San Diego. Accomplishing this scuba certification while being surrounded by so many supportive, wonderful and encouraging people was something so amazing to me. I still have not absorbed it. But I do know that, if I can do it, so can you.

ters. But if you talk to Jacob, he won’t tell you any of these things. Instead, he’ll tell you about the difference the organization can make for one child.

Meet the People

Behind the Scenes

On the fourth Tuesday of every month, a group gathers at Metropolitan Grill. They greet

each other and shake hands, exchange their how-are-you’s, and discuss the weather— just like any other meeting, just like any other group. Except it’s not. This group is special. Chairs shuffle and everyone finds their place at a table, and then the agency staff and the Board of Directors settles in for the monthly Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ozarks’ Board meeting. The group is special because they have a passion for what they do. They don’t simply work nine to five jobs and leave their work at the office. They dedicate themselves to the mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters. They volunteer; they advocate; they make this community better for the kids who live in it. This month, Big Brothers Big Sisters would like to share with you a little more about some of the extraordinary individuals involved with the agency.

Jacob’s role with Big Brothers Big Sisters has evolved over the years. Jacob was a Little Brother when he was a child. His Big Brother would take him fishing and to his house to watch football games together. Jacob remembers that he and his Big Brother would stop at a convenience store near his house. His Big Brother would buy him a slushie and a pack of baseball cards, and this is one of Jacob’s best memories. “It really doesn’t take much,” said Jacob. “It doesn’t take any special skill or great act to discover the difference you can make for one kid.” When Jacob was an undergraduate at Mizzou, he decided it was time to give back, and he signed up to be a Big Brother. He wanted to do for a child what someone had done for him. Years later, Jacob moved from Columbia to Springfield, and signed up with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ozarks to be a Big Brother for a second time. Jacob and his Little spent time together hanging out and just having fun. After being matched for a while, Jacob’s Little’s mother died. Jacob and his wife went to the funeral to support his Little Brother. Instead of sitting with other family, friends, or teachers, his Little Brother would only sit with Jacob. “I think about that a lot,” said Jacob. “It was very impactful.” Today, Jacob is still in contact with his Little Brother. His Little is now attending Ozark Technical Community College, and every once in a while the two will get together to share lunch and catch up. Jacob said that he would give the same advice to both Littles and Bigs. “Just have fun, be yourself, and enjoy every minute of it.”

Meredith Schulte

Jacob Sappington

Jacob Sappington is President Elect on the Big Brothers Big Sisters Board of Directors.

He is a partner at Husch Blackwell LLP and was voted one of Springfield Business Journal’s “40 under 40” in 2006. In 2007 he won Missouri’s Big Brother of the Year Award, and in 2008 he won the James Sutliff Legacy Award from Big Brothers Big Sis-


Meredith Schulte has a long history with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Currently the School Mentor Coordinator, Meredith has also served the agency through both volunteering and serving a yearlong Americorps VISTA term. In college Meredith signed up to volunteer as an After School Mentor. “I was Bingham Thursdays,” said Meredith, referring to the school and day she volunteered at. That was just the beginning. Years later, as a full time Big Brothers Big Sisters staff, Meredith can rattle of the days and times of more than a dozen different volunteer sites. Having nearly 200 volunteers in the sitebased program, Meredith tries to know each one. If a volunteer calls the office, it’s typically Meredith who can say, “Yes, he’s on Henderson Mondays.” This year, Meredith decided that she wanted to have an even better relationship with her volunteers. When individuals signed up, she implemented a system to have each one’s picture taken. “I want to know who I’m talking to when I’m e-mailing or on the phone,” she said.

It is this attitude that has made Meredith such a vital part of the agency. Meredith started working for Big Brothers Big Sisters in August 2009 as the VISTA program assistant. VISTA, or Volunteers in Service to America, is a national program that gives individuals an opportunity to work with impoverished communities. After graduating from Missouri State University with a degree in Education, Meredith decided she wanted to spend time making a difference. She started looking for VISTA opportunities in different areas, and just happened to be in Springfield when Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ozarks called her for an interview.

He said the best advice he could give to Littles is, “Be your own person. Don’t submit to peer pressure.” Jim has not only impacted the agency through volunteering as a Big Brother, he has also served on the Board as a member, Secretary, President Elect, and President.

Janice Frederic

“I was just getting ready to leave town,” Meredith said. “Then I got the phone call. Judy, the Site-Based Department Director, wanted me to come in right then. My hair was still wet from the shower, but I headed straight to the office.” By lunch time, she had the position. Meredith’s role as VISTA Program Assistant lasted for a year. This September when the position concluded, Big Brothers Big Sisters asked Meredith to stay on as staff, as the School Mentor Coordinator. It’s clear to anyone who talks to Meredith that the Big Brothers Big Sisters’ mission is close to her heart. In August, Meredith started volunteering as a Big Sister. Each week she meets with her Little Sister, Sarah, and she loves this newest role in the agency.

Jim Robeson Like many other Board Members, Jim has served the agency in multiple capacities. Jim first learned about Big Brothers Big Sisters years ago when his wife served on the Board. Jim said he remembered her coming home and telling him about it. “She told me I would be a good Big Brother. I signed up right away,” he said. “My Little’s name was Chris,” he said. Jim and Chris were matched for a couple of years. Jim helped Chris make good choices and maintain a good attitude, though Chris was having trouble at home. His mom and brother had been struggling with overcoming drug and alcohol addictions. Chris lived with his grandma for a while, but his family trouble continued. Eventually, Chris left home to join the Armed Services. Jim told his Little Brother that if he ever needed anything or wanted to talk, that he just needed to call. Years later, Jim heard a knock on his door. He opened it to find Chris, all grown up, wanting to introduce his fiancé to Jim. The three went out to lunch to catch up. Chris told Jim the impact that he had on his life. He said that he was less apt to get in trouble because he made his choices by thinking, “What would Jim do?” Jim says his favorite thing about Big Brothers Big Sisters is “knowing what we do for these kids.” “I had a good relationship with my mom and dad,” said Jim. “That drives me to do what I do.” Like others, Jim wishes that more people would know that it doesn’t take much to be a “Big.” “Just hang out with someone and be someone they can depend on. It’s that simple.”


Like other staff, Janice has a passion for what she does. As Case Manager for the Community-Based department, Janice always has the agency’s needs at the forefront of her thought. She is always thinking of new ways the agency can improve, more avenues to show volunteer appreciation, and how we can better serve our kids. Janice started her position in 2007. Her career has been dedicated toward working with children. Prior to joining Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ozarks, Janice worked as the Johnson County Juvenile Center as a member of the Detention staff, at Boys and Girls Town of Missouri as a child care worker, and Presbyterian Children’s Services as a Foster Care Case Manager. After working for Big Brothers Big Sisters for a while, Janice decided she also wanted to volunteer. “I realized how powerful our mission was and became a Big Sister myself,” Janice said. “One of the best memories I have of my match is teaching her how to put gas in the car; she was fascinated by it! It’s the little things.” Janice puts everyone around her at ease. She sits down and colors pictures with the kids, knows all the right questions to ask to the parents, and always makes volunteers feel appreciated. Janice loves her position because it allows her to meet all of the children and volunteers that come through the Community-Based Department. She likes to see the impact that having a Big can have on a child. “It’s amazing how much a child changes in such a short time after meeting their Big,” said Janice. Children in the program often become more confident in themselves and happier in general. “Our Bigs need to pat themselves on their backs more often,” said Janice. In typical Janice fashion, she is always expressing her gratitude to those who help the agency. “Lives change every day because of the generosity of our community,” she said. “Springfield, you are making a difference!

Making a Difference Truly, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ozarks can only do all of the things it does, because the people involved care. From the volunteers, to the staff, to the donors, to the Board Members, none of it would be possible, if its mission were not at the center of so many hearts.

8 empowerment the

steps of

By Marlene Chism

Leadership Principles for Navigating Change Change, whether it is wanted or unwanted brings out our best and worst. The Stop Your Drama Methodology incorporates 8 principles and multiple tools for navigating change or reinventing any part of your life or business.

1. Clear the Fog

4. Reinvent and Realign

Where drama is, clarity is not. If you feel like you are shoveling coal

When your actions do not align with your values and beliefs you

in the boiler room instead of navigating the ship, then you have a

will experience an integrity gap. The integrity gap is when your de-

clarity issue. When you are clear, your decisions are easy and emo-

sires are in conflict. You have the power to reinvent a new you that

tions are steady. Clarity helps you handle the winds of change and

aligns with your values so that your life is congruent and you are not

life flows. First get clear about your values and vision. Everything

pulled in opposing directions.

flows from there.

5. Stop Relationship Drama

2. Identify the Gap

Where you struggle, you will find a relationship problem. Besides The distance between where you are

the relationship you have with yourself, there is the relationship

and where you want to be is the

you have with others. Then there is the relationship you have to the

gap. The bigger the gap, the more

situation, to your past, your imagined future, to time, money, food

potential for drama. If you can iden-

and everything else in your life. If you want immediate change,

tify those times when you are mov-

change your relationship to the area where you struggle.

ing faster than your resources

6. Master Your Energy

allow, or when what you want seems too far out

Down to the smallest unit, everything in the universe is energy. The

of reach, find a way to

five types of energy are physical, environmental, emotional, spiri-

shorten the gap, by

tual, and mental. Since even thoughts are energy, remember that

taking only the next

negative thoughts drain your energy and can contribute to illness.

right step. When

Slow down and make decisions from inspiration rather than from

you learn how to

desperation. Take charge of your energy by mastering your envi-

identify the gap,

ronment, your physical health, your emotions, spirituality and think-

you can shorten it


instead of suffering.

7. Release Resistance

3. Tell Yourself the Truth

what is. Before you can make any change you must quit fighting

Resistance is an energetic state in the form of non-acceptance to

Drama is often the result of

the current by blaming, excusing, and judging. Accept where you

undisciplined thinking, man-

are, then be willing to do what is required to make the shift.

ifesting as over-reaction to

8. Become a Creator

some imagined problem, re-

Instead of waiting for things to happen to you, initiate change. Be-

gret about the past, worry

come fully responsible for the contents of your life. Entertain the

about the future, or denial

possibility of what you want by asking, “What if.” Until you con-

about the present challenges.

sider another reality you cannot create a new one.

To stop your drama, learn how to separate fact from ings won’t change the facts,

Marlene Chism is a speaker, author, and founder of The Stop Your Drama Methodology, an 8-part empowerment system to help you increase clarity and improve productivity and personal effectiveness. March is Stop Your Drama Month. To get free “Stop Your Drama” resources, go to

but knowing the facts can

To contact Marlene directly call 1. 888.434.9085.

feeling. Knowing your feel-

change your feelings. Consciously changing your thoughts and feelings is the beginning of stepping into a new truth. 8


dayI won’t


By Cara Trask

“Its time to say goodbye to your mother, she probably won’t make

pacted my life greatly to be

it through surgery”

faced with the possibility of

Six children wrap their arms around her before she is rushed away

losing my mother. I remember sitting in her room, listening to her fa-

for immediate surgery.

vorite music box. I couldn’t have fully grasped the seriousness, but I still sat and cried for hours missing her.

There isn’t a human on earth who hasn’t had cancer cross their path in some way. It may be a friend, workmate, family member or your-

When I reflect back over what happened it helps me draw strength.

self, but we all deal with it on some level.

Life can be difficult sometimes. The economy isn’t the best, and the cost of living is insane. We all struggle sometimes even if we live com-

When I was six years old our family lost my grandmother to cancer.

fortably. We know for a fact there will be problems we face in our lives.

She was one of those ladies you felt the urge to hug. A pie baker and

The question is, “How will we face them and cope with them? Do we

a good snuggle, my brothers and sister tell me about her sometimes.

give in; succumb to the sadness or diffi-

Out of my own memory I remember her smile and her warmth. She loved every-

culty?” Let us be determined to fight no

one and wasn’t afraid to show it. Six

matter what, and draw strength from our

years later it would be my mother to get

friends and family. No matter the odds,

sick with cancer.

believe in yourself.

Like my grandmother, my mom was a

I wonder where I would be right now if

very dedicated woman. She gave of

my mother had not survived. She is by far

her time and energy, forgoing her own

the strongest woman I have ever met. She

needs to care for ours. That’s one reason

had a will to live, and she knew she had

I never noticed she was sick. She con-

a life where she was loved and needed.

tinued to work with my father, take care

The experience taught me to never let the

of her six kids and she never com-

things that have happened to me bring me down. It also taught me to be proac-


tive about my health. Early detection

The night she was rushed to the hospi-

saves lives. My grandmother would

tal was one we would never forget. The

surely be with us today if she had known,

words spoken at the beginning echoed

and my mother may have never en-

in our minds as we waited through the

dured so much suffering.

night. She did not have a good chance

It’s been 17 years since my mother was

of surviving.

rushed away to surgery. She beat the

Cancer had already taken my grand-

odds. Now everyday we get closer to

mother. Though I was only twelve, it im-

finding a cure. Let’s keep making strides!

BWfWd7ViSdVe &#) *#* ++(' 





Hands On for Seniors


is a United Way project made possible by a grant from the Green County Senior Citizens Tax Fund that helps seniors with minor home repairs and yard clean up if the senior is unable to physically and/or financially get the project done. All of these projects are done by community Volunteers.

WE DO United Way of the Ozarks is committed to increase the understanding of human needs and to mobilize resources to meet those needs. It’s a very simple mission statement…but it makes a big impact.

In the first year, Hands on for Seniors completed 130 projects representing 84 seniors.

In 2009 through 45 funded programs, United Way’s 23 partner agencies touched the lives of over 243,000 individuals in their 14 county service area; 117,000 of those were in Greene County alone.

Other partners with this project included Connections Handyman Services, (Council of Churches) and Southwest Missouri Office on Aging.

United Way’s mission is more relevant than ever before. Along with their 23 partner agencies and eight initiatives, they focus on six critical issue areas facing our community, issues which were identified through the Community Focus Report. Those issue areas are: • Access to Health Care – Concentrating on providing appropriate behavioral counseling and necessary medications for the underinsured • Healthy Families –Provides resources to build healthy lifestyles for families • Basic Needs/Self Sufficiency – Focusing on providing housing and economic education • Safe Neighborhoods – Concentrating on community safety and disaster relief • Successful Youth – Building strong character education with positive role models • Children At-Risk – Programs focused on those who cannot speak for themselves

This past August 1800 volunteers from 90 local businesses completed over 160 projects for United Way’s 23 partner agencies and 11 other non-profits, including four Springfield public schools. Volunteers from these businesses and organizations lend their skill and muscle to these agencies, so that hard-earned funds can stay in the agency programs where they can have the most impact and create a lasting difference.

Their goal, along with their 23 partner agencies is to create positive outcomes that have long-lasting change in the community and prevents problems from happening in the first place. United Way of the Ozarks is a locally governed agency with a volunteer board. All funds raised by United Way are reinvested into the community through recommendations of volunteers who serve on Community Investment panels. These panels review agencies budgets and each funded program’s outcomes to make sure that the funds are being used wisely and are creating a sustained positive-impact within our community.

The Partner Agencies of United Way of the Ozarks: American Red Cross, Greater Ozarks Chapter Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ozarks Boy Scouts of America, Ozarks Trails Council Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield Child Advocacy Center Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Developmental Center of the Ozarks (DCO) Family Violence Center Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland Habitat for Humanity Lutheran Family & Children’s Services

NAMI of Southwest Missouri Ozarks Counseling Center Ozarks Literacy Council Ozarks Regional YMCA RSVP The Arc of the Ozarks The Kitchen Medical & Dental Clinic The Salvations Army The Victim Center Underprivileged School Children’s Fund USO (United Service Organization) 10

UNITED WAY 2-1-1 is a confidential lifeline connecting those who need help with basic survival needs from health and human service agencies. It’s available 24/7 and at no cost to the caller. Dial 2-1-1 or 1.800.427.4626 or visit 2-1-1 is supported by Missouri Foundation for Health and United Way.

Volunteer Source is a web-based volunteer referral tool that will match volunteers with opportunities that are best suited to their interests and skills, while helping the organization find the best person for the volunteer opportunity. United Way of the Ozarks is very excited to provide this tool for agencies and organizations in our service area. Volunteer Source is designed to have the ability to help the organization provide a meaningful experience for the volunteer along with helping the agency communicate to volunteers more efficiently. To find out how your organization can benefit from Volunteer Source, contact United Way of the Ozarks.

Community Partnership is the community impact affiliate of United Way of the Ozarks. Their mission is to facilitate and promote the building of resilient children, healthy families and strong neighborhoods and communities through collaboration, programming and resource development. Community Partnership addresses critical issues and works on finding collaborative solutions for improving lives in 21 counties in southwest Missouri. Female Leaders in Philanthropy is women helping women. FLiP encourages women to become actively involved in their community. Through FLiP, women have the opportunity to give, advocate and volunteer for critical issues that affect the lives of women and children. In 2010, FLiP is focusing efforts on supporting the Ozarks Food Harvest Backpack Program in eight Springfield Public Schools and helping women who are in or re-entering the workplace and need assistance with work appropriate clothing, through the Suit Yourself Boutique


Skinz S kinz ffor or your your p phones! ho$14.95 n e s ! $

Benefiting B enefiting

iPhones • Androids • Select Blackberry Models Custom Backs • Photos • Logos & More

Survivor Survivo or

fZWe][`lUa2Y_S[^ Ua_

417-763-1508 4 17-763-1508


When Dustin Reaves was 2 years old, his parents noticed that he was acting strange. He could not keep food down and spiked a fever. His parents took him to the emergency room and the doctors ran several tests. Dustin was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. For the next two years, Dustin dealt with daily injections to combat his illness. Dustin’s mom said it would break her heart when she had to chase her two year old and hold him down in order to give him the shots that were keeping him alive. Dustin would often cry, asking “Why are you hurting me?”

Indoor In nndddoooooorr Soccer SSooocccccer cer er Session Se ssion ion on IV IV – N No November oveember Registration Registration Deadline Deadlin ine iiss Oct. Oct. 20th Teams Teams & individuals individuals for team team placement placement

Adult Ad duultt lleaggues u ues

In 2005, Children’s Miracle Network was able to assist Dustin’s family with purchasing an insulin pump, eliminating the need for daily injections. Dustin also has to travel to Columbia for regular check-ups and Children’s Miracle Network assists Dustin’s family with travel expenses.

Men’s Men’s A Men’s Men’s B Men’s C Men’s Men’s Men’s D Men’s Men en’s Over-30 Over-30 Women’s Women’s Co-Ed Co-Ed Recreational Recreationall & Competitive Competitive

Your support will ensure that Children’s Miracle Network will be able to continue to help families like Dustin’s.

$56 $565 56 65 p per er tteam/$65 eam/$65 5p per er ind individual ividual

Yoouuthh Leag You Yo Leagues guuess 3 – 12 1 yyear ear olds olds U13 – U14 High School Scho h ol Boys B ys Bo High High School Scho h ol Girls Girls High High School Scho oo o ol Co-Ed Co-Ed High $515 p per er tteam eam – 12 years years & younger yyo oun nger $565 p per School er tteam eam – U13 thru thru High High S chool $55 p per er individual individual

Instrruct Instructional u ional programs programs for for 4-7 4 7 yyear ear olds olds - $65ea $65ea child child d F For or more more information inf nffor ormation or to to register, register, visit visit o our ur website website sit ite w ww.lakecountr u ysoccer.orrg rg ““The Th p The laacce tto o get get yyour our kicks kiccks in Southwest Southwesstt Missouri!” Misso sssouri!” place L Lake ake C Country ountr y S Soccer occer 2334 2 4 E. P Py Pythian y thian D Drive rive S Springfield, pringfield,, MO M MO.. 65802 6 ph p ph: h: (417)-862-3211 1


Scott MacDonald and Shanda Logsdon

Back for a third year, Parlor 88’s annual fundraising event, Paradise at Parlor: End of Summer Bash, successfully raised over $3500.00 for the local organization, H.O.P.E. Sertoma. Each year, Parlor 88 partners up with the Ozark Mountain Parrot Heads, Midwest Family Radio, 417 Magazine, Cruzan Rum, and Wil Fischer to host a true-blue Margaritaville-style party and raise money for a local charity. Live music from Cruize Control sets the scene as over 1,000 party-goers soaked up what’s left of summer.

Shelly Riley, Elizabeth Alier and Heather Pilmore

“We’re always excited for this event, and more importantly to raise money for a great cause,” stated Laura Head, Marketing and PR Director for Parlor 88. Owner Paul Sundy was on duty this year grilling ‘Cheeseburgers in Paradise’ as guests made their rounds through the silent auction and the various tiki bars serving cocktails like Paradise Punch. The Ozark Mountain Parrot Heads also took to the stage to head up the hula-hoop and horse racing contests that had the crowd cheering with laughter along with hosts from Q102.1 and STAR 92.9. H.O.P.E. Sertoma is a women's service group dedicated to raising funds and awareness for pediatric emergencies. H.O.P.E. hosts a variety of fundraisers and supports charities that have the goal of helping overcome pediatric emergencies, like The Hope Foundation. All funds H.O.P.E. raises help children right here in the Ozarks!


Tom Kelly and Liz Mantel, Kristin Lochner and Bob Nelson

Ashlee Marsh, Toni Hendricks, Michelle Flehmer

Adrienne and Brent McCoy

Ila Lamb

Rich Hursh, Linda Chastain, Steve Agnew

Larissa Johnson and Shannon Merced

Paul Sundy and Dave Henry

Kristina and JC Loveland

Jose Sepeda, Suzie Teaford, Jon, Amanda Hahn, Steve Foley 15

Doris Grevillius and Don McGuire

Krista and Jason Haymes

Nancy and Greg Ryan

Sam and Kennie Goff

American Cancer Society Encourages Women to Put Their Health First to Fight Breast Cancer and Celebrate More Birthdays Women Can Take Steps to Stay Well, Get Well, Find Cures and Fight Back As the nation marks the annual National Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, the American Cancer Society is encouraging women to choose to put their personal breast health first to stay well and reduce their risk of breast cancer. The Society is reminding women 40 and older about the importance of getting a mammogram and clinical breast exam every year to find breast cancer in its earliest, most treatable stage. In addition, the Society recommends that women ages 20 to 39 receive a clinical breast exam once every three years. The American Cancer Society also recommends magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for certain women at high risk. Women at moderate risk should talk with their doctors about the benefits and limitations of adding MRI screening to their yearly mammogram.

celebrate a birthday this year thanks to early detection and improved treatment.” Women can reduce their risk of breast cancer by taking additional steps to stay well by maintaining a healthy weight, eating a well-balanced diet, and engaging in physical activity 45 to 60 minutes on five or more days of the week. Also, limiting alcohol consumption can reduce breast cancer risk – one or more alcoholic beverages a day may increase risk. Another way the American Cancer Society is helping create more birthdays is to help women manage their breast cancer experience when and if they are diagnosed. The Society offers newly diagnosed women and those living with breast cancer a number of programs and services to help them get well. Among these is Reach to Recovery, which helps newly diagnosed patients cope with their breast cancer experience. Other programs and resources, like the Look Good…Feel Better program help breast cancer patients manage the physical side effects of treatment and the Hope Lodge offers patients free lodging for those receiving treatment far from home. The Society offers information to help make treatment decisions and access to its programs everyday around the clock through 1-800-227-2345 or

An estimated 3,880 new cases of invasive breast cancer are expected to occur among women in Missouri in 2010, and about 860 deaths are expected. While mammography is not perfect, getting a high-quality mammogram is currently the most effective way to detect cancer early because it can identify breast cancer before physical symptoms develop, when the disease is most treatable. Early-stage breast cancer typically produces no symptoms when the tumor is small and most treatable, so it is important that women follow recommended guidelines for finding breast cancer before symptoms develop. On average, mammography will detect about 80 to 90 percent of breast cancers in women without symptoms. Breast cancer survival rates are significantly higher when the cancer has not spread.

In addition to helping women stay well and get well, the American Cancer Society has a long history of commitment to finding cures for breast cancer. The Society has invested more than $418.7 million in breast cancer research grants since 1971, and has been an important part of nearly every major breast cancer research breakthrough of the past century, including the funding discoveries that led to the development of Tamoxifen and Herceptin, and promoting the use of mammography to screen for breast cancer. This fall, you can help create a world with less breast cancer and more birthdays by participating in American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer® event to raise funds and awareness to fight breast cancer. The event will be held on Saturday, October 16 at Jordan Valley Park. For more information, call 417447-1485 or visit

“As the Official Sponsor of Birthdays, the American Cancer Society wants women to see the real tangible benefits of choosing to put their health first,” said Brooke Street, director of health initiatives at the American Cancer Society. “Women can take action and put their personal breast health first to stay well, fight breast cancer and save lives. More than 2.5 million breast cancer survivors will

For more information about the American Cancer Society’s programs or other cancer-related information, call us anytime, day or night, at 1-800-227-2345 or visit


American Cancer Society Provides Transportation Assistance

The American Cancer Society Asks Women to Choose Themselves

An estimated 31,160 Missouri residents will learn that they have cancer this year. Because of advances in medical research, there will be cures for many. Getting to the cures, however, may be a problem.

How many women do you know who never seem to take time for themselves? They make sure their families eat healthy foods, but often find themselves eating on the run. They drive their kids to soccer and ballet practice, but don’t take time out for their own exercise. They follow up with family and friends about keeping doctor appointments, but find it challenging to find time to see their own doctors.

“One cancer patient requiring radiation therapy could need anywhere from 20 to 30 trips to treatment in six weeks,” said Brooke Street, regional director for the American Cancer Society. “A patient receiving chemotherapy might report for treatment weekly for up to a year. The American Cancer Society can offer help to these patients ensuring they make it to life-saving treatment.”

It’s no wonder women are busy: Women make 80 percent of the household buying decisions and 69 percent of the household health decisions. To put it another way, women are the CEOs of their households. The American Cancer Society has a message for these women: Choose you.

The Society’s transportation program provides the patient with a trained volunteer driver to chauffeur patients to and from treatment through the Road to Recovery Program. Volunteer drivers can choose to be reimbursed up to 14 cents a mile.

Choose You™ is the American Cancer Society’s new national movement that encourages women to put their health first and make healthy life-style choices to stay well and help prevent cancer. Choose You shines a light on a hidden issue – that 1 in 3 American women, 34 million in total, will get cancer in her lifetime. Choose You empowers women to make their own health a priority, and the American Cancer Society supports them with simple tools to eat right, be active, get regular health checks, quit smoking, and use sun protection.

The local American Cancer Society office is pleased to announce that the mileage requirement for the $50 fuel card has been lowered from 100 miles round trip to 60 miles round trip. This will allow for more people to be eligible for this fuel card and hopefully be able to complete their cancer related treatment. A patient Southern Missouri called the Society’s Patient Service Center for assistance after learning she had to travel over 200 miles round-trip, every three weeks for her chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Having lost her husband 18 months prior, not only was her income cut in half but she didn’t have a caregiver to help her to and from treatment. The Patient Service Center was able to supply her with a gas card, secure free lodging for the patient to allow her to complete her treatments, assist her with personal items, and share local resources to help offset the cost of travel and other incidental expenses. The patient called the Patient Service Center on her last day of treatment. She wanted to share her gratitude for all the assistance the American Cancer Society provided and felt she couldn’t have made it through treatment without our help.

Through Choose You, the American Cancer Society provides information and resources to help women take care of themselves, so they can take better care of others. By choosing themselves and making their own health a priority, women will be better role models for others in their lives – and will help create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. At, women can sign a Choose You Commitment, an online pledge to help them reach their personal health goal, while also helping the American Cancer Society save lives.

In 2009, over 1,000 cancer patients in Southern Missouri used the American Cancer Society Transportation Program. Volunteers are an integral part of the American Cancer Society, and Road to Recovery is one of many ways that an individual can make a difference in the fight against cancer. “Road to Recovery volunteers arrange their own schedules, with some volunteering as little as one afternoon a month and others driving patients as often as twice a week,” Street noted. “If you have a car and some spare time, you can help someone keep a very important appointment.”

The Choose You movement is another way the American Cancer Society is empowering people to help create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. To learn more, visit Source: American Cancer Society Copyright 2010 American Cancer Society, Inc. All rights reserved.

For additional information about the Society’s transportation assistance or to volunteer as a driver, call Brooke Street at 417-447-1472. 17

















Calendar of Event s Tuesday























Oct ober 2010

19 9:00am: Rivendale - Rivendale 5K & 10K Run/Walk 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk Harrison Stadium Springfield, MO 10K: 9:00 am 5K: 9:15 am Fun Run: 10 am Kerri Duncan 417-864-7921 Benefiting children with learning disabilities and autism

8:30am: American Cancer Society - Relay for Life Run Down Cancer 5k Fun Run 7 Walk Community Blood Center of the Ozarks 220 W. Plainview Rd. Kyla Garner 417-343-1933

8:00am: Well Fed Neighbor - Well Fed Neighbor Alliance 5K Trail Run Sac River Trail Springfield, MO Angela Jenkins Taylor Horst

8:00am: Wildcat Sprint - Wildcat Sprint Duathlon and Sassafras 5k Run Rogersville H.S. 8225 E F.R.174 Rod Pennington 417-881-7595

October 16

7:00pm: Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks - Party at the Branson Landing October 9th, 7:00 - 9:00 pm at the Branson Landing Concert featuring Cruize Control, a Jimmy Buffett Cover Band. Seats available at the party for $10.

2:00pm: Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks - Christenson Transportation Ride Rally

9:00am: Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks - Fourth Annual Judy Westrich Memorial Golf Tournament ******Wear Pink****** Saturday, October 9, 2010 at the Springfield Golf and Country Club 3106 E. Valley Water Mill Springfield, MO 417-833-6821 2 Lady Scramble: Team Fee $110.00. This includes: Continental Breakfast, Box Lunch, Prizes for Flights, Cart Fee Shotgun start at 9:00 a.m. Deadline-October 1, 21010 Limited to 72 Participants. There will be several surprise fun holes to improve your score and drawings for great prizes-- so bring extra bucks to be a participant/winner in these events! Contact Carol Scott at 417-832-8664 for more information or to register.

8:00am: Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks - Last Chance Couples at Ledgestone Golf Course at StoneBridge Village. October 9-10 from 8:00am-4:00pm This is a 2-Day Couples Scramble. With many Men & Women's stores to choose from, Tanger Outlets becomes the focus of this golf event. Individually Tanger stores will provide a prize on each hole. The event will be flighted and all payout will be given in Tanger Outlet Gift Cards and can be used at any store in the Branson location. A portion of each entry will go to support Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks.

8:00am: Outdoor Fitness Festival - Bass Pro Outdoor Fitness Festival 50K/25K Trail Run Dogwood Canyon Lampe, MO Melissa Bondy 8915214

October 31

8:00pm: Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks - Ozark Fitness Centers "Breastfest" Saturday, October 30, 2010 8:00 -5:00 PM

8:00am: American Cancer Society - ACS Halloween Hustle 5K / 10K Marriott Hotel 3527 W. Kearney 2nd Fall Triple Crown Event (OMRR members can win random $25 gift cards by running this race)

October 30

10:30am: Big Brothers Big Sisters - Bass Pro Youth Cross Country Run October 23, 10:30a-2:30p, Springfield Underground Support Big Brothers Big Sisters by volunteering for this and other Outdoor Fitness Festival events!

8:00am: Run for the Orchard - Run for the Orchard 5K Run/Walk Kids' 1K Toddler .25K Benefiting-Willard Orchard Hills Elementary-Willard Children's Charitable Foundation Willard Orchard Hills Elementary Springfield, MO Courtney Sly

7:00am: Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks - Rock the Ribbon at Nathan P. Murphy's. Saturday, October 23, 2010 7:00 AM-11:30 PM

October 23

7:00am: Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks - Boobapalooza: Visit Alice 95.5 for more information.

October 22

7:00pm: Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks - Evangel University Volleyball Pink Out Night. Wear your pink and cheer on the Evangel University against William Jewell University at Evangel University' Ashcroft Center. Varsity game begins at 7:00 p.m.-9:00pm

October 19

10:00am: SSEPTA - Springfield Special Education Parent Teacher Association is pleased to announce that registration for the 4th Annual Resource Fair and Conference is now open. The registration form is on the Resource Fair page at the website The event is from 10-2 at a Springfield public school. Location to be determined soon.

For more details please visit and view our online calendar. If you have a charitable event coming up, please email us at

7:30am: St John's - St John's Sunshine Run 10K-5K-1 mile walk Hammons Field 5k-7:30am Mile-8:15am 10k 8:30am Andrea.Makoski@Mercy.Net 417-820-6111

October 9

10:00am: Lake Country Soccer - Lake Country Soccer 2010 Golf Tournament Rivercut Municipal Golf Course. Supporting Lake Country Soccer's Participant Scholarships, operations, and facility maintenance. Kelly Ross 417-862-3211

October 4

8:00am: Austin Edwards - Austin Edwards Memorial 5K Helping a family cope with their loss. Nixa H.S. Angela Keeter 417-350-7217

October 3

9:00am: Walk 4 Life - Walk 4 Life Pregnancy Care Centers 9th annual 5K Run/Walk for Life Jordon Valley Park 5k run 9 am 3mile walk 11am Vecthyna Vilayphone 877-0800 ext 334

8:45am: Springfield Urban Challenge - Springfield Urban Challenge Lake Springfield Kerry Gorman 417-891-1616

8:30am: Care to Learn - Drury-Care to Learn Panther Run benefiting Care to Learn 10K/5K 2Mile walk/run Drury University Sgf Mo. Myra Miller 417-849-0155

8:00am: Richard Clark Invitational - Richard Clark Invitational Presented by: Greater Springfield Sports Commission OMRR Community 5K/Youth 1m run Springfield Underground Division St. & Hwy 65

October 2

6:30pm: Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks - Murney Associates Realtors Presents the "Bond" together for BCFO's 10th Anniversary, Hooked on Diamonds Dance. October 1st at the University Plaza Convention Center at 6:30pm-11:30pm.

Attend the Premier Show! October 1, 2 & 3, 2010 Breakfast at 8:30 am each day, Friday and Saturday 8:30 am - 6 pm. Sunday 8:30 am - 4 pm. Missouri's Arts & Crafts Festival and a Whole Lot More! Visit historic Circle R Ranch's annual Barnyard Days! Over 150 exhibitors, handmade arts & crafts, music, and entertainment make Barnyard Days Missouri's Arts & Crafts Festival!

Barnyard Days at Circle R Ranch, Neosho, MO.

8:30 am: Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks

October 1:

Oct ober Fundraising Event s by Date

UPCOMING EVENTS Dance Bear-A-Thon Dance Bear-a-thon will be held for the fourth time at Missouri State University. This event raises money for Children's Miracle Network of CoxHealth, and one hundred percent of those funds will stay local to benefit kids in the community. Dance Bear-A-Thon is committed to establishing a relationship between Children's Miracle Network of CoxHealth and Missouri State University. This event will promote children's health and happiness through student leadership and enjoyment, increasing involvement by the University community and laying the foundation for a future tradition.

What is Dance Bear-A-Thon? It is a 12 hour dance party with plenty of entertainment to boot. But don't think Dance Bear-A-Thon is exhausted dancers draped over each other. It's music, food, entertainment, excitement, and yes, even some tears. There are appearances by some of the CMN kids, giving students a living look at those they are helping, as well as videos throughout the night keeping everyone focused on the goal. This year there were 300+ students committed to dancing the night away. The brightest moment of the night/morning last year was the revealing of the total raised, this year topping $26,000. Here are a few comments from dancers: "Dance Bear-A-Thon guarantees each year that you will have the best night of your life. This is an understatement; nothing could be more enjoyable than getting together with friends and loved ones, staying up all night dancing and participating in a plethora of exciting activities, and raising money for kids who without us might not have the chance to grow up. Dance parties with your friends are always fun; dance parties celebrating the fact that you gave a child another chance is the best feeling in the world." -Andrew Sherwin "Honestly, what's not to love about getting your groove on, supporting an awesome charity like Children's Miracle Network, eating three full meals, playing video games, racing through a crazy obstacle course inflatable, enjoying fun hourly themes, partying with the Children's Miracle Network Miracle Kids, all while receiving community service! Now THAT'S a good time." - Joshua Snowden "I love Dance Bear-a-thon! Not only do you get to dance and have fun for twelve hours, you get to help save the lives of children. Seeing the kids dance and have fun makes you forget about how bad your feet are hurting!" - Kristen Marten

To support these college students as they Dance for a Difference visit


Children’s Miracle Network Sales Each month, Children’s Miracle Network hosts a variety of sales offering everything from handmade craft items and jewelry to hospital scrubs. A portion of all proceeds from these sales directly benefit Children’s Miracle Network of CoxHealth. For more information regarding these sales, please contact Crystal Conway at 417/269-1832. Dance Bear-A-Thon Fri. Oct. 8 & Sat. Oct. 9 Fri. 7:00 pm – Sat. 7:00 am Missouri State Campus 4th Annual Dance Marathon to benefit CMN. College students will pledge to stay up all night and dance in honor of CMN kids and to raise money for CMN.

Children’s Miracle Network Silent Auction Fri Oct 15th 7:00am-4:00pm Cox South Lobby Variety of items, Cardinals tickets, Hilton hotel stays, Royals tickets and much more to bid on!

North Scrub Sale Tues Oct 12th 7:00 am – 4:00 pm Fountain Plaza • Cox North Scrubs on Site scrubs for sale.

South Scrub Sale Tues Oct 19th and Weds Oct 20th Tues 7:00am-7:00pm Wed 7:00am-4:00pm Foster Auditorium • Cox South Scrubs on Site scrubs for sale. FDC Scrub Sale Tues Oct 26th 8:00 am – 3:00 pm Time Clock • FDC Scrubs on Site scrubs for sale.

7bÂa\]bO\SOagX]Pb]POZO\QSW\Rcab`geWbV \Obc`SPcbWbWaOU`SObe]`YW\US\dW`]\[S\b ESR]WbPSbbS` ESR]WbQZSO\S` A]QOZZca/\RYSS^g]c` S\dW`]\[S\bOaQZSO\ OabVWaOR UÊ>VOaS777/aaSaa[S\ba UÊA]WZEObS`1ZSO\c^a UÊBO\Y@S[]dOZa UÊ;]ZR7\a^SQbW]\a

Save the Date


Presented b y Price Cutter to benefit :

INDOOR / OUTDOOR DOOR SERVICES V • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Sun. Nov. 21, 2010 2:00-5:00 P.M. @ the Shrine Mosque

Tree Care & Removal Stump mp Removal Preventive eventive Maintenance Tree Hazard Assessments Lan ndscaping Gardens rdens Fences nces Clean Up & Hauling Hom me Maintenance Improvements provements Rep pairs Excavations cavations Lot Clearing g Water W ater Drainage Solutions

Firewood & Top Soil For Sale Free Wood Chips & Mulch

Sample beer from all over the world and taste some of Springf ieldÑ s finest f ood.


Tickets: $25 in advance $30 at the door





Giving Help & Hope to Families Impacted by Breast Cancer BCFO’s Commitment to the Need


BCFO is a resource for individuals and families in the southwest Missouri area who are impacted by breast cancer. Along with community education, mentoring programs and support groups, BCFO assists with free screening mammography and is the only local organization providing non-medical financial support to those facing hardship as a result of breast cancer. In the past ten years, BCFO has provided over $1 million in assistance to families across the Ozarks impacted by breast cancer. BCFO provides help in real and practical ways, from assistance with rent and utility bills for someone in treatment to school clothes for the children of families impacted by breast cancer. BCFO routinely provides short-term, non-medical financial assistance to residents of the southwest Missouri area who are in current financial treatment for breast cancer with demonstrated financial need. Since 2005, BCFO has provided free screening mammograms to the uninsured and underinsured through contracts with area hospitals. The goal of the Free Screening Mammogram Program is to reduce the burden of breast cancer on the community through a reduction in late diagnoses.

Glenstone License Office has moved to Grand & Glenstone Ave. Need


One in eight women will face a diagnosis of breast cancer at some point in life. While going through treatment, many face financial hardship from additional medical expenses and time away from work from treatment and treatment effects. For some women, this financial burden can mean choosing between going to treatment or going to work to ensure the bills are paid. The issue of uninsurance and underinsurance also impacts women in the southwest Missouri area. A simple screening mammogram can lead to early detection of breast cancer; however, one in three Missouri women over age 40 has not had a screening mammogram in the previous two years. For many women, the expense of an annual

NEW HOURS Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 6:30 pm Saturday: 8:00 am - 2:00 pm Last week of the month: M-F 7:30 am - 7:00 pm Ph: 417-831-2600 Fx: 417-831-2604 Toll Free: 877-473-2601 Operated by:

mammogram puts this life saving test out of reach.

BCFO’s Care to the Need • • • • • • • • • •

Giving Help & Hope to Families Impacted by Breast Cancer

One decade ago, breast cancer survivor Mary Beth O’Reilly founded Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks (BCFO) to address the needs of local women impacted by breast cancer. After losing a 31-year-old friend, Kristen O’Brien Hardy, to a late breast cancer diagnosis, Mary Beth began working to ensure that resources be made available to local families so that women like Kristen could have some financial relief while going through treatment for breast cancer. The community has rallied behind this effort, driven by the promise that every donation stays local. BCFO has become

Located next to Jimmy John’s

a network of neighbors helping neighbors overcome breast cancer. 23


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Children's Orchard

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Animal Care Center

Join our Online Directory Monthly!!! 417-849-CARE (2273)


Only $

United Way of the Ozarks


PAST EVENT WRAP-UPS Credit Unions’ Golfing for Kids On Friday, September 10, area credit unions hosted the 14th annual “Golfing for Kids” golf tournament to benefit Children’s Miracle Network


CoxHealth raising more than

Miracle Treat Day


Thank you to the participating

More than 130 golfers participated to raise

area Dairy Queens, and to every-

funds for local children in need of medical

one that visited a Dairy Queen on

care. “Even with the slow economy this

August 5th and bought a Blizzard

year, golfers and area business’ still found

to benefit Children’s Miracle Net-

it in their hearts to contribute to this worth-

work! The day was a

while cause”, said Stacy Lipskoch, Vice-Pres-

huge success, and we

ident of the Springfield Chapter of Credit

couldn’t have done

Unions. A special thank you goes to all of

it without our sup-

the event organizers, volunteers, and

porters! We can’t


wait for next year!

Kiwanis Club of Ozark Empire 60th Annual Apple Sale Delivery Date October 27, 2010 Introducing our new Shoe Buddy Box (Only $25 Each)!


The Profit from one Shoe Buddy Box buys 2 new pairs of shoes for the underserved children of Springfield!



Also Available: Either Red or Golden Delicious. Full Case $50 1/2 Case $35

# ·& ·' ·

Thank you for y our support!




To order or to get more information... Go to Or call (417) 885-9191

! $ %



25,000 needy children have received a new pair of shoes over the last 60 years thanks to the financial support from our community.


! "#




$% &' '( " $ % )(* & **

& & &% & " & % '

! "" # $!$ % % &' &( ! &( &( # & $&& *%$*)





Sponsor Salute FOC Community Partner Alternative Opportunities, Inc. FOC Corporate Bronze Debbie & Jeffrey Berger Conco Terri & William McNeill FOC Grand Patron Mrs. Ann Gentry Ms. Shirley Henry FOC Patron Katie & Michael Meek Janice & Ron Penney Chris Shaefer FOC Benefactor Judy & Kim Doverspike Jennifer & Derek Fraley Great Southern Bank Judy & Jack Hadsall Linda & Danny Hyde Patty & Dr. Wade Jordan Nancy & Kelley McKenzie Dr. & Mrs. Chris Miller Tara & Tim Oetting Lorene Stone Tal & Rosalie O’Reilly Wooten Foundation

FOC Leadership Jennifer & Anthony Agnew Dr. Charlene Berquist Kerry & Brad Bodenhausen Betsy & Greg Burris Tricia & Dan Derges Ellen & Jay Eckersley First & Calvary Presbyterian Church Pamela & Kent Foster David Harrison Kelly & Paul Jones Jeanne & Michael Lins Christopher Mojonnier Mary Newman Angela Stephens Patrick Zimmer FOC Advocate Matthew Aug Pat Bergmann David Brigden Janette Clinton First Christian Church Jackie Harkrider Paul Henley Beverly Roberts-Jackson & Brent Jackson Lori Johnson Leslie Lingenfelser Courtney Swan Rosanna & Hoyt White


Friend of a Child Donors CASA of Southwest Missouri would like to thank those individuals in the Springfield community who have supported our mission of helping abused and neglected children through our Friend Of A Child Club. Child abuse and neglect is a community problem, touching all of us in one way or another. Funds donated through the Friend of a Child Club go toward recruiting, training and supporting community volunteers who speak up for the highest quality of care for children in the foster care system.


By David Grant Wright comforting place. A tranquil,

I am really supposed to count from the point of diagnosis, which would be February 1993. That is the official way to delineate a can-

happy place, and even if it

cer survivor. You count from the day you find out that you have can-

was only in my subconscious at the time, it was where I wanted to

cer. Kathy, the leader of my cancer support group at St. Jude says,

spend maybe my last afternoon.

"If you live through the day you find out, then you are a cancer sur-

And so I did. My Dad was off parking the car, and getting us some-

vivor." And she is right, of course. For some reason, I have never

thing to drink from the “Gag Shack.” Mom and I found a park

done it that way. I have always counted from the day of my biggest

bench with a good vantage point on the tree. She talked to me qui-

surgery, June 15, 1993.

etly while I tried to focus on what she was saying. My Dad eventu-

By June of that year, I had been in the hospital for a very long time,

ally joined us, and the three of us just sat there watching the

and then a day or two be-

children play on the broad

fore my big surgery they let

shoulders of that old tree.

me out for an afternoon.

It was all right there at that

Looking back, I think this

moment. Old, steady time-

might have been in case

less life with happy laughing

the surgery had gone bad

young life draped all over it.






The tree and the children.

through. Let Dave have a

The children and the tree.

nice final experience out-

And, of course, the two peo-

side the hospital. This never

ple that had given me life.

occurred to me at the time

And, of course, me.

but it seems kind of obvi-

It was all right there, and it

ous in retrospect.

was all good.

My Mom and Dad helped

June 15, 2010 makes 17

me to the rental car and we

years since that big surgery.

headed over to Balboa

17 years that I have counted

Park. This was my request. I

myself cancer free and a

had lived for the better part of 5 months in my various hospital

cancer survivor. 17 years with so many all good moments that I can't

rooms and I wanted some outside time. I think maybe Balboa Park

even count them. I am extremely healthy, now, and there is a pretty

came to mind, because that was the place that had originally

good prospect for 17 more years for me, and then 17 more..

brought me to San Diego. The Old Globe Theater is located within

I sincerely hope those years happen for me, but it doesn't really mat-

the park grounds, and acting there had been my introduction to

ter, because I learned something that day 17 years ago. That day

America's Finest City, as it is called. Also, the Park is right in the mid-

with my Mom and Dad, and the impending surgery, and the rental

dle of San Diego and it wouldn't be all that far a drive for us. (in case

car, and the “Gag Shack” and the park bench, and the laughing chil-

I got sick and needed to head back)

dren and the Tree of Life. I learned that it is all right here for us, all

Once we reached the park, I asked Mom and Dad to take me to the

the time, and it's all good.

"Tree of Life" as I called it then. (and still do) It's a huge Fig tree that sits in the park not far from the San Diego Junior Theater. It's actually located directly in front of a little fast food place we dubbed the "Gag Shack" back when I was acting at The Old Globe. When I say this tree is huge, I mean huge! Children have always loved to climb all over it, and it could, in those days, accommodate 5 to 25 of them at a time! Personally, I had always just liked being in this tree's presence. Back when I was healthy, I would take a book and read in its shade with my back up against its sprawling trunk. Or I would sit a little way across the park and just watch the wind in it's branches. It was a


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