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When they need more help than you alone can provide it’s time to make the call to Integrity. HOME CARE & HOSPICE

Integrity’s skilled team provides the medical and nonmedical support they need to sustain independence in the comfort of home. “Our mission is to create a Christian-based environment in which we can identify and meet the home care needs of our clients and the career needs of our employees with unmatched skill, compassion, and integrity.” | 888.793.1795 OFFICES: Springfield, Osage Beach, Columbia, Independence, Gladstone, and Overland Park, KS

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C ongratulations ttoo oour ur A ward W inners Congratulations Award Winners V olunteer ooff tthe he Y ear Volunteer Year Charrie C harrie D Dixon ixon

1100 R ising Star Star A ward Rising Award Brooke B rooke A Ash sh

Winners W inners

1122 Board Board Member Member of of the the Year Year A ward Award Don D on G Garrett arrett Charley C harley & LLisa isa Sl lavens Slavens

1144 People’s People’s Choice Choice Award Award

Victoria V ictoria Q Queen ueen

Wish W ish I M May ay

16 1 6 iiCARE CARE PPackage ackage SSpringfield pringfield M Metro etro C CARES ARES M Magazine agazine

16 1 6 Sweetheart Sweetheart N Night ight Ambassadors A mbassadors ffor or Children Children

17 1 7 C Connect onnect to to a Career Career in in C Communications ommunications D Drury rury U University niversity

18 1 8 G Grounded rounded G Goals oals TThe he C enter ffor or N onprofit C ommunication Center Nonprofit Communication

20 2 0 FFoundation oundation O Offers ffers SSupport upport ffor or FFurthering urthering Education Education Foundation Foundation ffor or Springfield Springfifieeld PPublic ublic Sc Schools chhools

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22 2 2 B Become ecome a PPart art of of tthe he Business Business Resource Resource Guide Guide

Membership M embership Directory Directory Springfield S pringfield CARES CARES m members embers llisting isting

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Letters from Letters from the the editor editor and a nd p publisher ublisher

46 4 6 Games G ames FFun un Stuff Stuff

sstaff taff Amy Am y Michael Mic chael

29 2 9 TThe he IImpact mpact ooff Financial Financial SSupport upport O Onn SStudents tudents

30 3 0 Juanita Juanita Finds Finds H Hope ope TThrough hrough B BCFO CFO

FFoundation for SSpringfield pringfifieeld Public Public Sc chools oundation for Schools

31 3 1 TThe he O Ozark zark Piecemakers Piecemakers Q Quilt uilt G Guild uild

Breast Breast C Cancer ancer FFoundation oundation ooff the the Ozarks Ozarks


Kaitlyn JJaeger a aeger Editor

Matthew Ma tthew Ev Evans ans 32 3 2 FFirst irst FFriday riday C CARES ARES SSocial ocial

Director Dir rector o off Sales & Membership

SSpringfield pringfield Metro Metro CARES CARES Magazine Magazine

Phil Dellaseg Dellasega asega 33 3 3 M Meet eet LLunch unch B Buddies uddies Tad Tad & N Nicholas icholas

35 3 5 TThe he Grapevine Grapevine

Big B ig Brothers Brothers Big Big Sisters Siisters of of the the Ozarks Ozarks

34 3 4 National National Mentoring Mentoring Month Month Big B ig Brothers Brothers Big Big Sisters Siisters of of the the Ozarks Ozarks

LLocal ocal Nonprofit Nonprofit & Business Business N News ews

36 3 6 G Getting etting YYour our FFinances inances BBack ack on on TTrack raack Af fter tthe he H olidays After Holidays Consumer C onsumer Credit Credit Counseling Counseling Se Service ervice

Creative Cr reative D Director Dir rector ector

TTom om Mezzaca Mezzacapa zzacapa Graphic Gr raphic Design D

Michelle e DeW DeWitt itt Grraphic Design/ Graphic D Web W eb Maintenance Main ntenance

37 3 7 EEmpower mpower Y Your our LLife ife | U Use se Feminine Feminine Strengths Strengths

38 3 8 PPhyllis’ hyllis’ PPlace lace SSuit uit Yourself Yourself B Boutique outique FLiP FLiP

Women Women Connect Connect 4 Good Good

39 3 9 AH Huge uge Thank Thank Y You! ou! Women Women IInn Need Need of of tthe he Ozarks Ozarks

advisory a dviisory p panel anel 41 4 1 Resolve Resolve ttoo Make Make a Difference Difference This This Year Year American American Red Red Cross Cross

40 4 0 Event Event Coverage: Coverage: A Taste Taste of of V Victory ictory Victory Victory Trade Trade Sc School chool

42 4 2 TThe he Eagle Eagle Scout Scout D Difference ifference Ozark O zark Trails Trails Council, Council, Boy Boy Scouts Sccoouts of of America America

43 4 3 C Community ommunity PPartnership artnership O Open pen M iniature Golf Golf TTournament ournament Miniature Community C ommunity Partnership Partnership of of the the O Ozarks zarks

44 4 4 O Offering ffering N Non-routine on-routine V Vet et Assistance Dogs Need A ssistance to to D ogs iinn N eed

45 4 5 Y Young oung Jansen Jansen Benefits Benefits from from EEqui-Librium qui-Librium TTherapy herapy C enter Center

The The Killuminati Killuminati Foundation Foundation

Gerry Catapang atapang PT PT, T, DPT T, Ken Child Childers ders Peter Edwar Edwards wards CIA Rebbecca Rebbecc ca Fenton COT COTA/L TA/L A/L Jefff Goss Gossman Jef sman Becky Ov Overend verend Beverly Roberts R Chris Sha Shaefer aefer Cara TTrask rask Mary V Valloni alloni

Equi-Librium Equi-Librium TTherapy herapy C Center enter

our o ur mission mission CARES Magazine CARES Magazine iiss c committed ommitted to to p providing roviding o our ur n nonprofit onprofit community community with with a rresource esource tto o iinform nform a and nd e educate ducate the the p public ublic about about ttheir heir organizations. organizations. It It iiss our our goal goal to to create c reate awareness awareness of of c charitable haritable g giving iving in in the the a area rea as as w well ell a ass give give to to iindividuals ndividuals a and nd businesses b usinesses tthat hat sshow how tthey hey C CARE. ARE. © 2014 Springfield Metr Metro oC CARES Magazine. All rights reserved. reserved. Contents of this magazine may not be e rreproduced eproduced in any manner withoutt written consent fr from om the publisher. publishe er.


122 1 22 Park Central Squar Square e Springfield, MO 65806 417.869.4175

Membership Membe ership Dire Directory D ctorry American Red d Cross Cross Missouri Southern Miss souri Region Bypass 1545 N West West Bypass 6 Springfield, MO 65803 417-832-9500 www .redcross.orgg

Bass Pr Pro o Outdoor Outd door Fitness FFestival estival

1131 Boonville Springfield, MO 65802 417-523-0144 www

1410 N FFremont 1410 remont Ave A Springfield, MO 65802 6 417-862-9249 www

GYN Cancer Cancerss Alliance (GYNCA)

Boyy Scouts of America O il C Council Ozarkk TTrails rails Co ouncil

3023 S FFort, ort, Suite B Springfield, i fi ld MO 65807 417-869-2220 www

1616 S Eastgate Ave A Springfield, MO 65809 6 P 417.883.1636 xx233 www


519 E Cherry St Springfield, MO 65806 417-837-7700 www

The Humane Society

1039 W Nichols Springfield, MO 65802 6 417-864-4167 www

3161 W Norton Rd Springfield, MO 65803 417-833-2526 www

Children’s Mir Children’s Miracle racle Network

Isabel’ss House Isabel’

Community P Partnership a artner ship 330 N Jefferson Ave A Springfield, MO 65806 6 417-888-2020 www

,9=0*, , 9= 0 * ,

Harmony House

Breast Cancerr FFoundation Breast oundation of the Ozarks (BCFO)

3525 S National Ave A Suite 203 Springfield, MO 65807 6 417-269-5437 www .coxhealth.ccom/cmn


United W Way ay of the Ozarks

Foundation for Springfield Foundation bli Schools h l Public

Boys and Girlss Club

65:<4,9 65:<4,9 9,+0; 9 ,+0; 6<5:,305. 6 <5:,30 5 .

Equi-Librium Therapy Therapy Center

320 N Jefferson Ave Springfield, MO 65806 417-863-7700 www

3372 W Battlefield Battlefielld St Springfield, MO 65807 6 417-889-9136 www

Bridges for Youth Youth o

. . Box 670 6 PP.O. .O Republic, MO 65738 417-893-0086 0086 www

Leaders in Female Leaders Female Philanthr opy (FLiP) Philanthropy

Big g Br Brothers others Big B g Sisters Sisters ((BBBS) BBBS)

330 N Jefferson Ave A Springfield, MO 665806 417-862-3838 www

Republic Republi ic P Paw aw Pantry Pantry

900 N Benton Ave Springfield, MO 65802 417-873-7879 www 8710 E State Hwy AD Rogersville,, MO 65742 Rogersville 417-830-1409 www

Campbell pbell Ave 1935 South Camp Springfield, MO 665807 417-891-5334 www

Giving Help & Hope to Families Impacted by Breast Cancer

Drury Univer University sity

Consumer Cr Credit e edit Counseling Se ervice Service 1515 S Glenstonee Springfield, MO 65804 6 417-889-7474 www

Court Appointed Appoint pp ted Special Advocates ((CA ASA)) (CASA) 1111 S Glenstonee Ave Springfield, MO 65804 6 417-864-6202 www .casaswmo.oorg

Council of Chu Churches urches of the Ozarks 627 N Glenstone Ave Springfield, MO 65802 6 417-862-3586 www .ccozarks.orgg

Developmenta Developmental p al Center of the h Ozarks k 1545 E Pythian Springfield, MO 65802 6 417-892-0896 www

2750 W Bennett Springfield, MO 65802 417-865-CARE www

Killuminati FFoundation oundation www

Lost & FFound ound Grief Center 2840 E Chestnut Expressw Expressway, ayy, Suite C Springfield MO 65802 Springfield, 417-865-9998 www

March Mar ch of Dimes 1722 S Glenstone W110 Springfield, MO 65804 417-889-9397 www

National Multiple Sclerosis Society S i 1675-J East Seminole Springfield, MO 65804 417-882-8128 www

Ozarks Area Area Community Corporation i ((O (OACAC) Action Corpor ation ACAC) 215 S Barnes Ave Springfield, MO 65802 417-862-4314 www

Pregnancy Pr egnancy Care Care Center 1342 E Primrose Street Springfield, MO 65804-4224 www

320 N Jefferson fferson Ave Springfield, d, MO 65806 417-863-7700 7700 www

The Victim Victtim Center oonville Ave 819 N Boonville Springfield, ld, MO 65802 417-863-7273 7273 www

Victory V ictory Trade Trade School 1715 N Boonville oonville Springfield, d, MO 65803 417-864-2221 2221 www

Wish W ish I May M 1700 W. W. W Walnut alnut Springfield, d, MO 65806 417-844-6195 417-844-6 6195 www .wis i himay hi .org

Women W omen Connect4Good om/womenspk www www

Women W omen in Need (WIN) PP.O. .O. Box 4626 4 Springfield, d, MO 65808 417-234-7338 7338 www .wom

Youth Y outh th of of the th Ozarks O k Thrift Th ift Stor Storee ((YOTO) YOTO) 1731 N Glenstone Ave Springfield, d, MO 65803 417-890-7283 7283 www

The following persons orr businesses have The sponsored our members: W Women omen Speak, William H Darr Darr,r,, TTom om Slaight, TTom om & Judy Jowett and Southwestern W Womens omens Health H

Letter from the Editor Hello Springfield and Happy New Year! We hope you all had a great time ringing in the New Year. If you hadn’t heard, on December 30th, we held the Inaugural Eve of the Eve Masquerade Ball at University Plaza. A good time was held by all as we celebrated and recognized many of our CARES members and area supporters. We would like to personally thank everyone for coming out to our event and those who continually support Springfield Metro CARES. We wouldn’t have been able to successfully put on this event or produce a magazine each month without each and every one of you. As we begin 2014, we are excited for what the future holds. New members, more events, and continued growth are just a few of the many things we have to look forward to. In this month’s issue, we are excited to welcome Bass Pro Outdoor Fitness Festival as a new member. We also have event coverage of Victory Trade School’s Taste of Victory, which celebrated the accomplishments of the Class of 2013. You’ll also notice that we’ve added a new section to CARES called “The Power of One.” The inspirational stories found within this section highlight the impact one person can have within not only a nonprofit, but within the community as well. We hope you enjoy this month’s issue of CARES and wish you the best as you bring in the year. Sincerely,

Kaitlyn Jaeger Contributing Editor

Ron Penney

Letter from the Publisher

CFP®, ChFC® Private Wealth Advisor

Helping you create the future you envision.

Happy New Year, my friends, Happy New Year from all of us at CARES to all of you! It has been a tremendous year for us as we have added so many new nonprofits to our membership as well as hosting our very first signature event, The Eve of the Eve Masquerade Ball! As we continue into 2014 you can count on seeing more events to benefit our members in an effort to help them increase funding as well as increasing public awareness of the great work they do for our community. In addition to the new members and events we are also working to increase our reach in Springfield and the surrounding communities. If you're a business owner and would like to share our magazine with your visitors please email us: and we will add you to our distribution list.

Penney, Murray & Associates Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

1342-E East Kingsley Springfield, Missouri 65804

(417) 881-9200

Thank you readers, for your continued interest in all things nonprofit. Whether it is time, money or items, you have helped make a difference to someone. That's the Power of One. As we move into 2014, I hope you enjoy our articles highlighting the power one person can make. One person can make a difference! Many blessings,

Amy Michael Publisher

Licensed to provide service in the following states: AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, IA, IL IN, KS, MN, MO, MS, NE, NY, OK, PA, SD, TN, TX, VA, WA, WI, WY. Broker, investment and financial advisory services are made available through Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA and SIPC. Some products and services may not be available in all jurisdictions or to all clients. 130179MR0112


Introducing our new sections! . .. t r a t u o all ab

of arts, into a variety e m o h is usic, movSpringfield tography, m o h p s, g n ti its First cluding pain ment! With in a rt te n e r e ultiple ies, and oth atres, and m e th l ca lo , alk a nd , Friday Art W rich culture a s a h ld e ringfi nizations galleries, Sp es and orga ss e n si u b y n create an with so ma we had to s, rt a e th dedicated to r them. ction just fo se rt A t u o All Ab

furry friends As its name suggests, this section is for all of our loveable, furry friends. There are so many people and organizations that truly care about the welfare of Springfield’s animals and whether you’re a cat or dog person, this section is meant to provide advice and show you just how important our furry friends are.

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but can important, ry e v is y h meant to Living healt is section is Th . lt cu fi if d ve the often seem ps to impro ti l fu lp e h h wit asier provide you g healthy e in v li ke a m e a nd way you liv s. m than it see

let's get local

While the Get Involved section lets you know how you can help, the Let’s Get Local section educates and explains what Springfield’s nonprofits have been doing lately to help our community.


empowering women

Our community is full of strong, independent women whose actions inspire us to be better people everyday. This section is dedicated to those women. Through their words and the words of the nonprofits that support their cause, this section is meant to empower and give advice to the women of Springfield.

get involve d

Here at CA RES, we wo rk hand-in-h many non and with profit orga nizations th hard every a t work day to be tter our co However, th m munity. is wouldn’t be possible your suppo without rt. This sect ion is to let what’s goin YOU know g on in the world of no and how YO nprofits U can help.

nonprofit education

Springfield CARES works with so many nonprofit organizations that we can’t help but provide them with a section that not only educates the community on nonprofit work, but also provides nonprofits with helpful advice. This can vary from fundraising to community engagement and so much more.

outdoor giv ing

Whether it’s hot or cold out, there is something always fun going on outdoo section is rs . This for all you outdoorsme –women w n and ho love being activ helping the e AND community. There are se nonprofit o veral rganization s here in Sp that plan o ri n gfield utdoor activ ities for pe all ages thro ople of ughout the year and w to tell YOU e want about them here!

Springfield Metro CARES welcomes new member What is your mission? The Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Fitness Festival celebrates fitness, health and wellness, outdoor adventures, and wildlife conservation in the beauty of the Ozarks. Our goal is to help people get and stay active. What kind of volunteer opportunities do you offer? Each activity associated with our events has a call for volunteers. We utilize the skills of close to 1,000 volunteers throughout all of our events. People can help us make packets for runners, set up and take down events, serve the runners, walkers and bikers out on their courses, work at our finish line areas, provide community information, and more. How can someone get involved? Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ozarks coordinates most of our volunteer efforts. Contact Rebecca Moore at for more information. You may also contact our offices at Specifically, who/how do you help in the community? We are a series of not-for-profit events designed to help people get and stay active. We work with local training groups to help people accomplish their goals. We have several Official Charities who are the beneficiaries of our events: Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ozarks and the Ozark Greenways. In addition to our Official Charities, we have Partner Charities that use our events for their benefit; they can utilize our courses, food, finish line festivities and so forth while having people participate on their behalf. These charities change from year to year but our 2013 charities were Isabelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s House, Community Partnership of the Ozarks, OneSole Purpose, Girls on the Run SoleMates, and Champion Athletes of the Ozarks. Youth for Christ also ran with us in 2013 as an unofficial charity.

wanted to be around for her as she grew up- he needed to get healthy and trained for our 5K as he made other healthy changes in his life; the couple who run together all over the US as a way to grow together; the family that never used to be active but trained for the marathon relay as a way to share healthy time together; the local bank that values their employees enough to pay for their entry into our events for the past several years; the woman with a steel rod in her leg that was told she would never run and has now run with us every year; her energy and love of life are amazing If you could thank one person/business in the community that has shown that they CARE, who would it be and why? It would have to be Bass Pro Shops as they are the main sponsor of the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Fitness Festival. For years they have financially and personally supported the efforts of the Fitness Festival. Without the commitment of Bass Pro Shops Corporate Offices as well as our local Bass Pro Shops Store, we would not be able to accomplish our goals. Any upcoming events? We have our Rock4Kids Paint the Run on April 26th. Kids can choose one of four distances in this color run. Our fall events start in September and culminate in November with our Marathon Weekend, October 31November 1.

Could you tell a short story of someone you have helped? Our stories are other peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s success stories: the young woman who ran for her dad because he had cancer and was on his fourth round of treatment- she ran to support him, thank him for his strength and let him know how much she loved him; the aunt who ran for her nephew who had been killed in a car accident- he had been a runner and running for him made her feel close to him; the woman who lost 170 pounds in three years and ran the half marathon as celebration and reaffirmation of her life changes; the dad who had a new baby and realized he 7

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Our business is building yours.

graphic design

Congratulations to our

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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The winners were selected by a panel of community members and were announced at the Inaugural Eve of the Eve Ball on December !"#$"%&'()*+'$,"-.#/#"'&"01*'&23).45 8 U 122 park central square U

springfield U missouri U 65806 U 417. 869. 4189 U U


Lost & Found Grief Center ./.#,%&' 3)&,!-:*' -+)&)#2' MNO*PPP' ,!' &">>!-,' 2-)./)#2' 1+()4).&' )#' !"-' 0!(("#),:8' @#' addition to the balloon release, Charrie has served at other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harrie is a phenomenal volunteer, a champion of Lost & !"#$%&'()&&)!#*'+#$'+',-".'+$/!0+,.'1!-'2-)./)#2'03)4$-.#' )#' ,3.' 56+-7&8' 9"-)#2' 3.-' :.+-&' !1' &.-/)0.' ;),3' <!&,' =' Found, Charrie has served in several volunteer roles. She 0"--.#,4:' &.-/.&' +&' +' 1+0)4),+,!-' ,;!' ,)(.&' +' (!#,3' )#' ,3.' >+-.#,' 2-).1' &">>!-,' 2-!">8' ?3.' ;!-7&' 3+#$&' !#' ;),3' ,3.' >+-.#,&' !1' ,3.' 03)4$-.#' ,3+,' ,3.' !-2+#)6+,)!#' &.-/.&' ,!' .#&"-.' ,3.:' +4&!' -.0.)/.' &">>!-,' $"-)#2' ,3.)-' 2-)./)#2' process. She is also quick to step up as a substitute coordi#+,!-*' 4.+$)#2' ,3.' .#,)-.' 2-!">' >-!0.&&' ;3.#' ,3.-.' )&' +#' absence. @#' +$$),)!#' ,!' ;!-7)#2' $)-.0,4:' ;),3' 1+()4).&*' A3+--).' 3+&' served as the committee chair for the 4th Annual Memorial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Rising Star Award Winner:

Community Partnership

!""#$% &'(% )'% *"++,-)./% 01!.-$!'()2% "3% .($% 451!#'6% '$-)"!% '"7)18% 9"!#$!:% ;($% $+<"=)$'% *046'% +)'')"-% "3% helping build resilient children, healthy families, and strong communities. She is on the front line every day, working with families who are many times in crisis, serving them with dignity and respect, no matter what their situation. &8.(",>(% '($% )'% "-8/% 1'#$=% ."% 9"!#% 9).()-% *046'% ?@% schools in Springfield, she is routinely called to many others in the school district because of her resourcefulness and compassion. She is known for getting things done and is considered an unsung hero of the organization. She quietly and productively does her job in such a professional and excellent way, without ever expecting recognition because her work is her mission.


Brooke is also an amazing representative within the community. She makes time to not only serve on numerous committees within CPO, but she also makes time to serve on numerous other committees within our community. From being instrumental in starting and coordinating the Ozarks Food Harvest Backpack Program, to implementing

the Lunch Buddy program at several Springfield Public Schools, Brooke's true positive impact can be seen through all those that she serves. Her dedication and commitment to her work, her family, and her faith shows through each day. No matter what, Brooke always has a kind word or uplifting story to provide to coworkers, friends, family, and the families she serves. Her positive, compassionate, and kind attitude shows in each task of every day. For that reason, Brooke Ash is the CARES A)')->%;.1!%"3%BC?D:

Presented By:

Nonprofit Leadership Award Winner:

Victory Trade School Due to her inclusive leadership style, the school continues to flourish. Victoria deeply values the input of her team of colleagues and empowers those around her to develop in the areas in which they lead – thus, causing the organization to become stronger.

As the founder and president of Victory Trade School, Victoria has invested over a decade of her life into activating the vision of VTS – “transformed lives impacting the community by education through social enterprise.” In !"#!$%!&' ()' *++,-' ./0#(&/1' %!213' 4!5!6("/32' .7 8' unique, hands-on model of education for nontraditional learners that included social enterprise, thus teaching her students to give back to the community. She planned, developed, and opened Victory Trade School and its 9(0/16'!3#!&"&/9!'6!1&3/32'61%(&1#(&/!9-'7:!';((<89'=!##6!-' and The Branch Bistro & Catering. She led VTS through accreditation with NCS-CASI, certification with the Missouri Department of Higher Education, through the Title IV process with the US Department of Education to accept Pell grants, and the Student Exchange Visitors Program to allow foreign students the opportunity to study at VTS. Years later, the school has evolved into an accredited post secondary institution of higher education with #>(' 9(0/16' !3#!&"&/9!9?' ./0#(&/189' 6!14!&9:/"' :19' 9!#' #:!' precedent for years of success – for both Victory Trade School and its graduates.

Outside of Victory Trade School, Victoria is active in the community, locally and nationally. In 2011, she accepted the national Hope and Effective Compassion Award from World Magazine on the behalf of Victory Trade School, and in 2012, Victoria was chosen as one of 10 Faces of Diversity by the National Restaurant Association. She also serves on the Missouri Coordinating Board of Higher Education Proprietary School Advisory Committee and the Editorial Review Board of Rescue Magazine. She is also the Senior Consultant for Social Enterprise for the Associsi s ation of Gospel Rescue Missions. Victoria has served as cutive b cut boa d forr tthe h Community the president o off tthe exec executive board nte in Pr P og o gra gr g ram ((CASP). ASP AS SP P S Alternative S Sentencing Program She is a g iie Betterment e Association, member of the N North Springfield gf Commercial Club, the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce, the American Culinary Foundation, and she has 9!&5!4'19'1'$!3#(&')(&'@&A&B'C3/5!&9/#B89'D($!3'E39"/&ing Student Enterprise. Perhaps most importantly, the once “at-risk” students who graduate from Victory Trade School often choose to “pay forward” their opportunity by attending local colleges, working in local businesses, and donating their time and talent into community causes. 7:A9-' ./0#(&/189' 6!14!&9:/"' /9' "&(4A0/32' 9!6)F9A))/0/!3#-' conscientious citizens. These attributes of leadership and community involvement have led Victoria Queen to become the 2013 CARES Nonprofit Leadership Award Recipient.

Presented By:



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

K"'#!7# !")*#;+<<'*(#<!%-*#(0&!><0#,!->"(''&+"<#+*#(!#&%+*'# %/%&'"'**#7!&#19=#%*#/'--#%*#.%G'#%"#+.6%4(#!"#(0'#4!..>"+(:# %&!>"2# 0+.?# !"# (&>-:# +*# %"# +"*6+&%(+!"# (!# %--# /0!# .''(# 0+.?#@+*#2'2+4%(+!"#(!#(0'#4!..>"+(:#%*#/'--#%*#0+*#*'&,+4'#(!# (0'# 19# 9!4+'(:# +*# &'.%&G%;-'?# O0+*# 'W4'6(+!"%-# /!&G# %*# %# ;!%&2# .'.;'&=# %*# /'--# %*# ;'+"<# %"# %4(+,'# ,!->"(''&# %"2# %2,!4%('# +"# (0'# 4!..>"+(:=# .%G'*# !"# $%&&'((# (0'# CDP_# 53[J9#B!%&2#1'.;'&#!7#(0'#X'%&?


Legacy Award Winner:

MO, serving on the school board, and running the Christian Associates Thrift Store. By the &'')*+?" ;4+-" 1%2-!" >5.@4!2" -#" #$%" /57-/" 7$-<#%." 5=" A-+#%." Seals and moved on to become the Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS). While at BBBS Lisa started the annual event which is now known to our community as Taste of the Ozarks. Starting with a small budget and serving a limited number of children, BBBS grew to serve over 1000 children annually in the Ozarks, expanding service to Branson, Joplin, & Monett; as well as engaging Missouri State 8!43%.+4#0" -!9" #$%" 75BB6!4#0" #$.562$" #$%" ;6!7$" C6994%+" program, After-School Mentoring, and bringing to the area the Amachi program (serving children with an incarcerated parent). After retiring from BBBS, Lisa launched and is currently the Executive Director of Wish I May, an organization providing Happy Birthdays for economically disadvantaged children in the community and she also serves on the board for Lost & Found Grief Center. Because of his involvement in athletics Charley and Lisa are /5!2D#4B%" +6<<5.#%.+" 5=" E4++56.4" F#-#%" 8!43%.+4#0" #$.562$" donations to multiple sports programs and local teams across the Ozarks, whether that be through sponsorships, new shoes, uniforms, or team dues. In addition, they support the arts through the Juanita K. Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts where Lisa currently serves on their board.

This year the CARES Legacy Award recognizes Charley & Lisa Slavens; a couple who exemplify what it means to truly CARE in our community. Charley & Lisa have consistently given back for many years and when you look around you can see the impact they have made in the lives of thousands of people. !"#$%"&'()*+",$-./%0"1%2-!"+%.34!2"56."756!#.0"4!"#$%"8!4#%9" States Marines and worked his way up to the rank of Major. He was recognized in the Marines for his exceptional performances in fast pitch softball, where in 1973 he set the record of 660 strikeouts (including 12 no-hitters and one perfect game) and since active duty he has served as the Chair for the Marine Cryptologic Association. In 2003, he was inducted into the Maryland Fast Pitch Softball Hall of Fame; followed in 2007 with his induction into the Missouri ASA Hall of Fame.

G.5B" +<5.#+?" #$%" -.#+?" 7$4/9.%!*+" !%%9+?" -!9" +5" B-!0" 5#$%." great causes, Charley and Lisa Slavens have left a great mark on our community. Their giving nature and philanthropy continue to be great assets to our community and they are truly a living legacy for Springfield and the Ozarks. Going forward, this award will be named the Charley and Lisa Slavens Legacy Award. We thank them both for all that they have done and continue to do. Our community is a better place because of how much Charley & Lisa Slavens CARE!

Presented By:

!"#$%"&':)*+";4+-"+#-.#%9"$%."+%.347%"4!"#$%"!5!<.5=4#">5./9"10" beginning a support group for teen mothers in Reeds Spring, 13

!"#$"%&'"()#*!%+,"#-./01#2%")#3%#/#*-456#7"78"0#%02/9+:/3+%9#.!+,!#,%9)+)3"93';# 7""3)#3!"#9""1)#%<#3!"#,%77=9+3;#/91#&0%>+1")#/#>%+,"#3%#3!%)"#+9#9""1?#)&",+<+,/'';#3!"# &%&='/3+%9#3!";#)"0>"@## !+)#/./01#./)#1"3"07+9"1#8;#/9#%9'+9"#&%''#/)#."''#/)#"/,!#%02/9+:/3+%9()#A/,"8%%B#&"0<%07/9,"#<0%7#C,3#DE3!#3!0%=2!#F",#GE3!@


Enterprise Park Lanes

January 25th, 2014 5-8pm Super Bowling for Wish I May

$35/player, $150/team (5)

Tailgate Games!

PARTY ON! $250 For Sponsors, Which Includes A Team

Raffle Drawings & Bowling Contests

Canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t play but have a great prize to donate? Ready to sign up or need more information? Visit You may also email us at Sponsored By: Tom & Judy Jowett




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Looking for a way to go farther in your career?




The Master of Arts in Communication from Drury University offers three areas of emphasis to meet your professional needs: ล” /POQSPลฃU$PNNVOJDBUJPO ล” *OUFHSBUFE.BSLFUJOH$PNNVOJDBUJPOT ล” 0SHBOJ[BUJPOBM-FBEFSTIJQBOE$IBOHF 0ลขFSJOHFWFOJOHBOEPOMJOFDMBTTFT ZPVDBO DPNQMFUFZPVSHSBEVBUFEFHSFFPOZPVSTDIFEVMF ลŠJOBTMJUUMFBTPOFZFBS For more information, contact Dr. Curt Gilstrap at 417-873-4068 or


nonprofit education section sponsored by

Grounded Goals

by Dan Prater The Center for Nonprofit Communication at Drury University

January has always been a time for looking back to the past, and more importantly, looking forward to the future. It's a fresh start, a chance to be better.

behavior or in thinking-pattern will be resisted. "The brain is wired to seek rewards and avoid pain, including fear," Williams says. "When fear of failure creeps into the mind of the goal setter it commences a demotivator with a desire to return to known, comfortable behavior and thought patterns."

A 2013 report in the Washington Post says at least half of all Americans make a new year's resolution. Their goals typically center on healthâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; losing weight, exercising, and making better life choices.

In other words, it is much easier to do things the way we've always done them, even if those old ways are ineffective or outdated.

January is also a great time for organizations to reflect on the past year and look ahead to the upcoming year. Aiming to be better, healthier, and stronger is a goal for which every organization should strive. While well-known authors and trainers have popularized goal setting, there is strong evidence that most people and organizations fall short of achieving their goals. In fact, research shows that 80 percent of resolutions are broken within one year. There are many reasons goals and resolutions are never achieved. One reason is that goals often involve change, and change can be particularly difficult. Ray Williams, author of Breaking Bad Habits, says our brains are protective, and goals that require substantial change in 18

Another reason goals are not achieved is because they are often unrealistic or unattainableâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;cast in the image of perfection. And when goals are not reached, people have a sense of failure and disappointment, which further affects their ability to perform. So is the answer to forget making resolutions or setting goals? Not for most of us. John Norcross, a professor of Psychology at the University of Scranton, found that people and organizations that explicitly set goals are 10 times more likely to attain them than equally motivated people who do not. It's been said that he who aims at nothing hits it every time. Rather than make no goals for fear of failure or fear of change, I offer four broad, attainable goals that every organization should strive for in 2014:

nonprofit education fundraising & nonprofit support

1. Improve your organization's transparency and accountability Members of the community trust nonprofits to handle donations and to do the work that needs to be done. That trust is nurtured through acts of transparency and accountability, but is destroyed through acts of secrecy and deception. • Publish and distribute an annual report that includes important information such as year-end financial statement, major donors, board members, program successes, etc. Annual reports come in all shapes and sizes. Some are slick, full-color publications with impressive photography and graphic design. Budgetstrapped organizations can produce a much smaller, simpler document that communicates the essential elements. If necessary, it can be a simple one- or two-page black/white document or a PDF posted on your website. • Conduct a financial audit. Financial audits tell the world (including your stakeholders) you are serious about fiscal excellence and accountability. An examination of your records, accounts, and practices demonstrates to current and potential donors your commitment to managing contributions with care. Independent audits, those conducted by a CPA not affiliated with the organization, can be quite costly. An alternative for smaller organizations with tight budgets is to have a "remote audit," which means that the auditors conduct the audit without a site visit. Another growing trend is to have CPA/auditors provide a financial statement “review.” A review examines the financial statements but does not conduct an examination of the nonprofit’s internal controls.

2. Improve employee retention rates Retention has long been a major concern for nonprofit organizations. Employees' hours are long, the pay is small, and the pressure can be immense. Increasing employees' pay and benefits may not be an option. But there are cost-effective steps every organization can take to elevate employee morale. One of the easiest ways to improve employee retention is to create a workplace culture of understanding and compassion. Don't fall into the trap of treating your organization's clients with more dignity and respect than you show your own employees. Allow employees time off for important activities, and be flexible so they can attend to family issues and other personal needs.

And don't forget to remind your employees how much they mean to your organization. Those who feel valued and needed are much more likely to stay around than those who feel unappreciated.

3. Be a better listener Nonprofit organizations cannot function without the support of and input from the community. When we take time to listen to various voices throughout the community, we can learn how to be stronger and more effective. • Listen to the public: What do other nonprofit organizations in the community think about your work? How could you be a better partner? How does the general public feel about your organization's brand? Find out answers to these questions by conducting focus groups, online polls, and paper surveys. • Listen to your own people: Make sure you are asking your own employees, volunteers, and board members for their ideas and input on a regular basis. • Listen to experts: There is a lot to be learned from others. In addition to the mountain of information available on the Internet, read books, attend conferences and workshops, and meet with colleagues every chance you get. You are sure to gain some valuable information that can help your organization.

4. Make new community connections Many times, families receive help from multiple agencies; housing, food assistance, education, and medical. So it only makes sense that nonprofits work in partnership whenever possible. Make it a goal to form new connections with other organizations— even if your missions don't perfectly align. Meet their leaders, learn about their programs, and see if there is a way to collaborate rather than compete. There are many ways to lock arms with another organization. It might be possible to form an alliance, sharing administrative resources within the same building. Or maybe you could assist one another through trainings and staff support. Or it could be something as simple as having coffee once a month with other industry professionals to talk about common challenges and opportunities.


nonprofit education

nonprofit education section sponsored by

fundraising & nonprofit support

Foundation Offers Support for Furthering Education Through scholarships, students have the opportunity to thrive. For hundreds of graduating seniors in Springfield Public Schools the future is just around the corner. In fact, many students have already started planning for their higher education by applying for scholarships. The Foundation for Springfield Public Schools manages nearly 190 funds many of which are scholarships that benefit graduating seniors. Through this program, the Foundation provides opportunities for students to continue their education with support from scholarships. Scholarships benefit each public high school in Springfield and the Foundation works with school counselors to spread the word. In addition, each scholarship’s guidelines and application forms can be accessed on the Foundation’s website at Scholarship applications are turned into school counselors, not the Foundation office.

“This scholarship has really motivated me into becoming a better student in class and also a better man outside of class. Receiving the scholarship was amazing because it made me feel like someone really believed in me.” -2012 B.E.S.T. Scholarship recipient.

A Few Facts about Springfield Public Schools Graduates - There were 1,660 graduating seniors in Springfield Public Schools. - The Foundation awarded over 100 scholarships in 2012-2013. -Springfield Public Schools’ graduating seniors received nearly $200,000 in scholarships awards last year from the Foundation alone. The Foundation for Springfield Public Schools manages a number of scholarships to benefit students, here are just a few. -Ronald A. Neville Endowed Scholarship -Steve Smay Endowed Scholarship -Steward Wood Hall of Fame Scholarship

You Can Learn More @ Or call 417-523-0144 20

!""#$%&'()*+!",$-!.'#/ We are so pleased to present this month’s Business Resource Guide! The following guide includes several of the businesses that !"#$%&!'(&)$ *+,$!-"$%!..-/*+)0'$/!/1"!2+'$3)$!44("*/5$3!+,$ their time and special pricing and/or services. CARES is so thankful to have this opportunity to highlight these wonderful businesses as a part of our Business Resource Guide. We hope that this guide will lead you and the rest of the community to several local resources as well as provide support for these caring businesses. In this month’s issue, we’ve included information about this month’s upcoming events as well as information about several other local businesses. We hope you enjoy this month’s Business Resource Guide. The CARES Team


Interested in becoming a part of the Business Resource Guide?

The CARES Business Resource Guide is a place for local businesses and organizations to highlight who they are and advertise their services. These business and organization often work very closely with our communityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s nonprofits by offering both their time and special pricing and/or services. If you or someone else you know is interested in becoming a part of the CARES Business Resource Guide, please contact Matthew Evans at



!"#$%!&'()%"$*#%+'($%", Big Brothers Big Sisters is not your typical organization. We help children realize their potential and build their futures. We nurture children and strengthen communities, and we couldn’t do any of it without you. For more information on Mentoring please visit . -.)/0!1/2'3!%.!*14(!1'5'2-3pm

6,!*#%+'",)'3$.*%)1'7!%8)*'6.99$*"':*$.9 Sharing the Journey cancer Support Group is for patients in treatment, families and survivors. The support group focuses on coping techniques, communication skills, and current health information. Admission is free. For more information please call, 417-820-2588. -.)/0!1/2'3!%.!*14(!1'5'7-8am



-!#'7,# !"#$%&'(%)'%*"+$)"+$%!$!#,-%"$.%/$.%)&!%0"1"$2!%-'3% desire with Tai Chi. This unique form of body movement enhances relaxation, breath control, balance, and stress management. Come wearing comfortable clothing and invite your friends! No registration required amd admission is free. Ffor more information please call Mercy at 417-820-2588. >)0%)/0!1/2'3!%.!*14(!1'5'8:30-9:30am

?$+!'7&!//)/'<$*'7!%8)*'@!"#)%"/ Yoga promotes physical and mental well-being, using a combination of movements, poses, and breathing techniques to enhance relaxation, tone the body, and improve circulation. People of all ages and all abilities can enjoy -',"%"4%5"#)%'6%)&!+#%#!,31"#%/)$!44%#'3)+$!7%8.*+44+'$%+4% free. Please call Mercy at 417-820-2588 for more information.

Men of all ages with all types of cancer can join together for support and education. Admission is free. For more information please call Mercy at 417-820-2588.

There are no second chances when it comes to having the right insurance coverage. Make sure you get it right the first time with Baron Financial Group.

confidence noun


1. the feeling that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust 2. the state of feeling certain about the truth of something


1740 S. Glenstone Ave. | Suite R | Springfield, MO 65804

At Baron Financial Group we understand that life is full of unfortunate circumstances. Drive with “confidence” !"#$!%&'"()*+&*+,-'&#.+!& life happens. Craig R. Henley Insurance Specialist



-/%01&102+)&+%)3/4&5&102+)6#2"7 Learn meditation, relaxation, visualization, and other techniques. The group utilizes discussion, exercises, practice, and instruction. An orientation is recommended and can be scheduled by calling, 417-890-9238. Admission is free. 8&1"#%&'$)0+)*&+"&#').)2, 3, & 4pm

Brewery Tour Mother’s Brewing Company is hosting tours each Saturday this month. The tour is free, but it is provided on a !"#$%&'()$ !"#$"(!*($+,"-".$/0(,"($,!!-*($12$'-34#("$ before the tour begins. For more information visit their website at

class for 2014. You too can becoming a Court Appointed Special Advocate. Check out their website at: or call 864-6202 x 252 for more information. A2B,*&+"&#')GL

M!01/);40J!1)D240%&')E51#&N&J&+@& I,%=$+5$8&840,!$;(',3;)$J7-#($A0-:7#$,#$K7($I4##(!L5$ Palace returns for the 2013 holidays as thousands of H7-#($+4##(!L-("$L4##(!$0-=($0-*-3:$"3&HL,=("$,'-;$,3$ indoor rainforest sparking with hundreds of twinkling lights. For more information please call 417-332-2231 or visit !"#$%&''$()*+,-,.$!./0. A2B,;/F#"&#')O)).)10am-4pm

M22%#">>P$)Q#/&< 944):/&#)32"+%).)Thursday 4-8pm Saturday 8am-1pm

;&#</#$)-&#=/1)2>)1!/)?@&#=$ Farmers Market of the Ozarks combines farm fresh goodness, hand-crafted products, and local eateries, all in one location that is easily accessible to the Ozarks commu3-#5.$67&8$9&!$:!&%(!-(")$ 3;$43-<4($:-9#")$7,*($+!(,=9,"#$ and lunch, or enjoy some local music, all within the market’s laid back atmosphere under the only permanent farmers market pavilion in the Ozarks. The market accepts SNAP, debit and credit cards. A2B,*&+"&#')C).)8am-5pm

D240%&') #&0+)E5!0F01 Event is located at the Botanical Center atrium at 2400 6.$6%(3-%$-3$68!-3: (0;$>?.$@;'-""-&3$-"$ABCCD$A&!$ more information please visit botanical/index.html or call 417-891-1515. A2B,*&+"&#')GH

I24"+1//#) #&0+0+J)K4&$$/$ E3$F,34,!5)$G@6@$H-00$+(:-3$-#"$ !"#$*&043#((!$#!,-3-3:$ 24

K7($>&#7(!$B&,;$K7!&4:7$68!-3: (0;M$K7($B&4#($NN$ Exhibit. Come visit Route 66 where it was born! The History Museum on the Square will be hosting this exhibit Tuesday - Saturday. Admission is $5 adults, $3 children (2 and under Free) For more information call 417-8641976 or visit *&+"&#')C

;0#$1);#0%&')9#1)M&4= First Friday Art Walk offers original art, live music, art demonstrations, food, fun, and more in 27 participating venues. Also, as part of the Art Walk, enjoy Art Walk Live! Featuring art, live music, cocktail specials, and a shuttle from University Plaza Hotel to Tag Media downtown. *&+"&#')C).)

K93E8)9#1)82R0&4 Every month CARES will do a Charity Focus for First Friday Artwalk. This month we’ll be featuring Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks, Harmony House, and the A&43;,#-&3$9&!$68!-3: (0;$/4+0-%$6%7&&0".$F&-3$4"$,#$&4!$ &9 %($;&H3#&H3)$1OO$/,!=$G(3#!,0$6<4,!(.



To Start Event Planning for 2014


417 864 7333


333 South John Q. Hammons Parkway, Springfield, Missouri





Learn about and complete a living will and durable power of attorney for health care. Notary service will be provided. This class is hosted by Cox Hospitals and will be held at Meyer Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Hospital, Ozark Room. This class is free. To register or for more information please call 417-269-3616 or 1-888-3543618

The Jordan Valley Community Health Center is hosting a Table Cooking Class: Stone Soup Cooking. The event is free. If you have any question please call 417-864-1667.


3-!0&04-&5!,6&7&89:6/";&<-11!0/:" Smoking support group held by CoxHealth Surgery Cen!"#$%# &!#'%(#)$$"*#+&,-#."$/"01#."$2,(!-#!2!"3 &,%/# you need to quit smoking. Sessions are held every Tuesday so join in at anytime. This support group is free. For more information and other dates/times please call 417269-4847.


A-!?04/-$&=:;-04-$&B$:9&<:C&A-!?04&D:$04 This meeting will discuss chronic pain, diabetes, depression, and self care. Event will be held at the Fountain Plaza Room (enter on Jefferson Ave). To register please call 417-296-8817. January 9 | 5pm

3-4/"*&04-&3!0:"&!0&D-E6F1 This program is a free, monthly event where you have the $..$" 4%, 3# $#1!! # &!#5.",%/6!7(#531.&$%3*#8$"#1$"!# information call 417-864-6683. 25

!"#!$%&'( | 8am-4pm

!"#!$%&'' | 7:30pm



!"#$%&'#()*#+,-&'#,.#$,)/0,1&#2()(3"4")&5#6,0#4,0"# information and admission prices please call 417-8368974 or www. .

From the classical period, the Mozart G Major Violin Concerto is upbeat, elegant, and virtuosic. For more 7).,04(&7,)#(8,%&#&!7'#"9")&#/0"'")&"*#8:#&!"#;/07)31"-*# Symphony Orchestra please call 417-864-6683.

!"#!$%&''&=&>? | 9-11am

@$00&@7%&A!2:4"<&B"2:$#C:48" Fly casting workshops are held on Saturday at Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World from 9:00-11:00am. All equipment is provided. Pre-registration is required and may be done in person at the Fly Shop or by calling 417-8877334 ex 4043. The class is free but class size is limited.



D,.&G8640&;$0940$ <.1=7(-#$>?#@$,#>97*")="#,.#?7'"('"A#2,97"#B0"47"0#(&# &!"#;/07)31"-*#C780(0:#D")&"05#>9")&#7'#6E>>#()*#,/")#&,# the public. Please RSVP by 1/10/13 as seating is limited. Come see what the buzz is all about when six gynecologic oncologists from around the country form a Rock-n-Roll band to raise awareness for â&#x20AC;&#x153;below the beltâ&#x20AC;? cancers and offer music as therapy to women everywhere! Please RSVP to Ashley at 417 869-2220 or

!"#!$%&'( | 9am-6pm

)*+,"*,&)-$.#/0 !"#$%&#'%(&)*#+,#")-!#.+/0!#0!"#1(2-+3"%*#4"/0"%#+,# 56%(/78"9&#(/3(0"2#)99#*+:/7#9")%/"%2#:6#0+#)7"#;<#=,#*+:# have any questions please call 417-862-9910 ext. 913 or visit !"#!$%&'1 | 7pm

23+-0&45!+"0/&2!"*,$&2!0+".&6+53/ Join GYNCA for a night of food, fun, entertainment, and -)2(/+#7)."2>#1+/?0#.(22#0!(2#)//:)9#"3"/0#0+#6%+3(&"# support to women facing a gynecologic cancer diagnosis in the Ozarks. Tickets are $50 per person. Exclusive VIP passes are invitation only and include a pre-event cocktail party with special live music and fantastic perks for $100 per person. Please contact Ashley at GYNCA with any questions, 417-869-2220 or via email Ashley@ !"#!$%&7' | 6:30-8pm

8#,,"&2+/%&9:#;,;,&2;#< Making music is one of the best ways to connect people. At the Queen City Ukulele Club, players both new and experienced, young and old enjoy meeting to share new tunes, plan performances, and learn ukulele songs. We meet each month on the third Tuesday of each month at ;@$A#)0#56%(/78"9&#B:2(-<#C&.(22(+/#(2#,%""<#'+%#.+%"# information call 417-881-1373 or email Anisa at anisa@ !"#$%&'()*+, #-.-/+. !"#!$%&7= | 5pm

>;!?.$&@&>;!+$ Come savor specially prepared tapas by some of Spring8"9&?2#8/"20#-!",2#D!(9"#9(20"/(/7#0+#.:2(-#6"%,+%."&#E*# 56%(/78"9&# 5*.6!+/*# .:2(-()/2<# F%+-""&2# ,%+.# 0!(2# "3"/0#E"/"80#0!"#56%(/78"9&GH%)/2+/#4!",2?#C22+-()0(+/# )/&#0!"#56%(/78"9&#5*.6!+/*<# !"#"3"/0#D(99#E"#!"9&#)0# University Plaza. For tickets & more info call: 417-8646683.

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s that time of year again, Matrix can help ease the pain of Tax Season! Call us at


=,!()+3!>308!>%2?!#3#103@%2+!%#!+,2!'1A!(663'#2%#;A!1(403))A!2(.! +,0&%6,+!B!C'%689338+

!!"#$%&%$'()!(#$!*'+%#,++!-(.!/0,1(0(2%3# !!/(403))!5,0&%6,+ !!7'%689338+!5,0&%6,+ !!:663'#2%#;!5,0&%6,+ !!*'+%#,++!<3#+')2(2%3#!5,0&%6,+

30 0 S Jeffe rson, Sui te 401 Sp r in gfie ld, M O 658 06 27

a y personally. I approach every situation

!"#!$%&'( | 10am

t !"#!$%&'9 | 6-8pm



Join American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters and students as we consider topics pertinent to our profession. This workshop will address ethical decision making for !"#$%&'$%()"*")()"+,'-."($/$*.%(+' $00'/!%+$1)"'(2)'345' Code of Professional Conduct and apply the codes to +*)/$6/'$%()"*")($%&'+/)%."$!+,'7!"'8!")'$%9!"8.($!%':$+$('

This event will be a potluck at the Asbury United Methc !1$+('B2C"/2'!%'DEFF'>,'B.8*G)00'H:)'$%'>*"$%&6)01' MO. Please RSVP for dinner or childcare by calling 417888-2020 or visit The event is held by Community Partnership of the Ozarks.

s are a very important !"#!$%&<= | 7-9pm


!"#!$%&'( | 5-8pm

5#.-$&627*!,82" The Westside Optimists & Wish I May are holding the Super ;! 0.(2!%'.('<%()"*"$+)'-."#'=.%)+'$%'>*"$%&6)01'?@,'A2)' prices are $35/per player and $150/per team of 5. Visit their website at www.westsideoptimist/org for more information. Sponsorship opportunities are also available.

B!I' >!C(2' J!+*$(.0' $00' G)' 2!+($%&' 5!&>)%+)' .(' (2)' Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Center Conference Room in the Turner Center (1000 E. Primrose Suite 130). This class is for preparing the family dog for the addition of a new pack member. Admission is $10, for more information please call 417KLMN=H5O,

AMERICAN DETECTION Specialists, s, Inc.

Nonprofit are a very important Nonprofits p part of our community. That being said we want to keep them prote protected and safe at a cost they can afford. Contact us for more information Con

"Security is something I take very ver personally. I approach every situation with an eye to life safety. It's no not so much the sales, but the morality of m what I do, that's important and matters to me." 28

THE POWER OF ONE The Impact of Financial Support on Students In philanthropy, we often talk about impact. When we think of impact, we often think in terms of the number of people who will be served when we make a gift, receive a gift, or volunteer our time. It feels good to know that every dollar is being stretched to reach more people and do more good in our community. And, it is important to know that your financial support will go a long way. Serving a large number of people is a great thing. Too often, we don’t think of our support in terms of the big impact it can have on one person. Not so much the power of one, but the power to one. The Foundation for Springfield Public Schools serves thousands of students, nearly 25,000, each year. The financial and volunteer support to the Foundation does go a long way and can make a difference in the lives of students for many years. But, when we stop and look at the impact we have on just one, one student or one teacher, we can truly see how the generosity of each person who gives can really touch the lives of the people we served. I’m going to introduce you to George. In 2008, George received a scholarship from the Foundation for Springfield Public Schools. He had big dreams from the time he was a boy in the Ukraine, about pursuing higher education. His older siblings had not gone to college, but George knew he wanted to. He was 12 years old when his family moved to the United States. He learned English quickly in order to keep up with the other kids in the honors classes he was taking. He always enjoyed math, art, and coming up with new ideas. And, in his junior year of high school, he knew he wanted to become an architect. “The thought of being able to create spaces that change the way people feel and experience the world thrilled me,” recalls George. George lost his father at the age of 13. His family had no money to send him to college, but he was determined not to

For more information, please contact us at:

Foundation for Springfield Public Schools 1131 Boonville Springfield, MO 417-523-0144 (P) 417-523-0040 (F) Jana Bachus, Executive Director Natalie Murdock, Development Director

give up on his dream. He began to apply for scholarships, and fortunately for George, he received the Foundation’s biggest scholarship for $10,000 a year. “If it wasn’t for this scholarship, there is absolutely no way I could have entered the architectural program at Drury University.” In a sense, George’s experience truly embodies the power and the impact of just one. But, it doesn’t end with one, it continues. Today, George is an architect at Sam A. Winn & Associates. He graduated from Drury University Magna Cum Laude. He followed his dream and will go on to make a great impact on many others. With one gift, from one person, we can impact thousands of students. We do this everyday through scholarships, classroom grants, and direct financial support to schools that provide educational opportunities for students. We can also impact one student. That impact, the difference in the life of just one, can be the greatest impact of all. Written by Natalie Murdock, Foundation for Springfield Public Schools.

Linda Thieman, Office Coordinator 29

THE POWER OF ONE Juanita Finds Hope Through BCFO

Giving Help & Hope to Families Impacted by Breast Cancer

Every individual that seeks assistance from Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks (BCFO) is invaluable to their friends, families, and the community. BCFO seeks to reduce the physical, financial, and emotional burdens of breast cancer, so individuals can experience hope and healing. Each story of how breast cancer has affected one’s life is different, and the hope that those individuals receive from BCFO can be life changing. This is Juanita’s story: Juanita has always been a person who takes care of others. Whether it is her foster kids, her four grandchildren, or her own disabled son, Juanita’s true passion has alwayas been caring for children. During her time as a foster parent, she cared for over 30 children. But when she discovered she had breast cancer in May 2012, she realized she was now the one who needed help. “The Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks came to my rescue,” states Juanita. After discovering that her health insurance would not cover her medical bills, Juanita didn’t know where to turn. Juanita’s doctor then referred her to Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks, where she learned about the services they were able to provide. BCFO helped to pay her taxes and house payments, provide a wig, and assist with gas money and car repairs so she could make the trips back and forth to treatment. “My experience with BCFO has been fantastic! I have always been very independent, and when I was unable to care for myself, BCFO was there for me. I could not have survived without them,” shares Juanita. After undergoing a lumpectomy, followed by radiation and chemotherapy, Juanita is currently in remission and happy to return to taking care of her family. Juanita made a pact with her sisters to live a long life, just as their mother did, who died at age 92. She is grateful for BCFO and says “Without BCFO’s help and support, I might not have been able to make it to 92.” She plans to lead and participate in a variety of cancer

fundraising projects in the community this coming year. “After having eight people in my family die from cancer, and after personally experiencing the disease, I want to do anything I can to help.” says Juanita. Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks is a resource for individuals and families in southwest Missouri and the four-state region impacted by breast cancer. BCFO provides: Financial assistance to those in treatment for breast cancer Emotional support through support groups and a mentoring program Free Mammogram Screening Program to promote early detection Educational programs focused on prevention and early detection Lymphedema Garment Program for the uninsured and under-insured

For more information about Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks’ programs and services, please call 417.862.3838 or visit 30

Sponsored By: Dr. Nancy O'Reilly

THE POWER OF ONE The Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Guild Since 1997, The Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Guild has been helping Harmony House, Family Violence Prevention Center, in a variety of ways. When Harmony House moved to its present location, the Quilt Guild volunteered to decorate a room in the new shelter. Afterwards, the Ozark Piecemakers decided to adopt Harmony House as an ongoing project. For over sixteen years, the Guild has generously given to the women and children who reside at Harmony House. In addition to cash donations, it provides in-kind donations throughout the year, such as personal care items. The group inquires of the donations coordinator what items are needed most, purchases them, and delivers the goods to Harmony House. The beautiful quilt work created by the Piecemakers during their meetings is generously shared at least twice a year with Harmony House residents. In addition, the Guild helps with life skills, by offering sewing classes. Christmas is a special time of sharing for the members of the Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Guild. The money raised by members at the Guild Christmas Party is matched by the organization and generally results in about $1,500 used for the survivors of domestic violence. And, instead of a gift exchange, members donate Christmas gifts to residents. From the money raised, Guild members are able to shop for specific gifts for the women and children of Harmony House. The Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Guild features Harmony House on their website, and comments, â&#x20AC;&#x153;As a Guild, it is rewarding to know that we are helping to make a difference in the lives of other women and children.â&#x20AC;? At Harmony House, we definitely agree that they do make a difference! When a resident receives a quilt made with the labor of love, detail, and compassion, they realize people in the community care about their circumstances and it provides encouragement for the women of Harmony House to make needed changes in their lives. Thank you, Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Guild, for all you have done through the years!

all about art section sponsored by

Springfield Metro CARES Magazine welcomes

& to the CARES office downtown for our First Friday CARES Social at Art Walk Drop in from 5:30 – 8:30pm and see how these organizations can help make your resolution to ‘make a difference’ a little easier to achieve! For more information contact Matthew Evans at


letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s get local section sponsored by

let's get local community focus

Meet Lunch Buddies Tad and Nicholas... as told by Big Brother Tad

In my experience as a police officer, I have had the unfortunate opportunity to deal with young men under negative circumstances many, many times. I soon realized that the common issue facing nearly all of them was the lack of a good mentor early in their lives. I decided the best way to have an impact was to become involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters and be that good mentor for someone in need. My first meeting with Nicholas was at his school through the Lunch Buddies program. He was very shy and quiet at first. In fact, he only said a few words during our first meeting and rarely made eye contact. I knew that Nicholas had been raised entirely by his mother and had some very negative experiences with adult males in the past. I also knew that he had behavior issues and getting to know him would be a challenge. After receiving a few one-word answers to several questions, I asked him about his favorite book (we were eating in the library). He immediately went to the shelf and picked up the Guinness Book of World Records. From there, we moved on to books about the universe, plants, and a variety of other science-relat-

Match Story

ed topics. It was quickly apparent that Nicholas was very intelligent despite his behavioral and social issues. I have been matched with Nicholas for over two years and I have seen significant changes in his personality. He is very happy to see me each time we visit and he actually starts conversations rather than only responding to questions. He has gone from being shy and reluctant to talk, to calling me a day or two before our weekly visit. He is always anxious to tell me about new things he has done on his interactive computer games and talk about his plans for the future. At this point, he plans to be a computer programmer when he grows up. I believe my relationship with Nicholas will significantly improve his social skills and allow him to better interact with society as he grows up. I think the time we spend together allows him to have a look at life outside of his small world and helps give him a better understanding of what he must do to succeed in life. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Tad


letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s get local section sponsored by

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ozarks Celebrates National Mentoring Month The Value of Mentoring At its most basic level, mentoring helps because it guarantees a young person that there is someone who cares about them. A child is not alone in dealing with day-to-day challenges. Think back. Did you know how to study for a test or make plans for college? Do you remember wanting your first car or looking for a part-time job? Simple things that seem easy or straightforward to you now may appear to be a complete mystery to a young person. Mentors (Bigs) provide their mentees (Littles) with an experienced friend who is there to help in any number of situations. Support for Education s-ENTORSHELPKEEPSTUDENTSINSCHOOL s 3TUDENTS WHO MEET REGULARLY WITH THEIR MENTORS are 52% less likely than their peers to skip a day of school and 37% less likely to skip a class (Public/Private Ventures study of Big Brothers Big Sisters). s -ENTORS HELP WITH HOMEWORK AND CAN IMPROVE their menteesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; academic skills. Support in Action s -ENTORS HELP IMPROVE A YOUNG PERSONgS . self-esteem. s!BOUTOFATEENAGERgSWAKINGHOURSARESPENT without companionship or supervision. s-ENTORSTEACHYOUNGPEOPLEHOWTORELATEWELLTO all kinds of people and help them strengthen communication skills. Support in the Workplace s -ENTORS HELP YOUNG PEOPLE SET CAREER GOALS AND start taking steps to realize them. s -ENTORS CAN USE THEIR PERSONAL CONTACTS TO HELP young people meet industry professionals, find internships, and locate job possibilities. s -ENTORS INTRODUCE YOUNG PEOPLE TO PROFESSIONAL resources and organizations they may not know.


s-ENTORSCANHELPTHEIRMENTEESLEARNHOWTOSEEK and keep jobs. What will you do? Are you ready to positively impact a child for the better, forever? For more information, contact Big Brothers Big Sisters of the OZARKSAT  ORVISIT

let's get local

community focus

The Grapevine The month of December was full of hustle and bustle throughout the nonprofit community. Here are just a few of the happenings from the holidays! DCO completed another very successful season of wrapping at their Gift Wrap Booth at the Battlefield Mall. Volunteers and shoppers alike celebrated their purchases for that special someone with ribbons and bows! Christmas “lights” were a popular item for gifts through Isabel’s House, which benefited their organization. In addition, they welcomed Stephanie Skornia as their new development manager. Stephanie comes from the ‘world of volunteer work’ at Cox South NICU cuddle therapy, Council of Churches-Safe to Sleep Department, and was the president of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton's Parish Council. Lost & Found Grief Center wrapped up their end of the year campaign and released two very moving PSA’s. Check out their Facebook page or catch them on TV to see these great pieces. Looking for a way to give back to charity and also help with your taxes? All gifts to 501(c)(3)’s are tax deductible; however, when you give $100 or more to CASA, Isabel’s House, or Pregnancy Care Center, you qualify for the Champion for Children Tax Credit (providing up to a 50% credit). This credit was passed in 2013 in honor of Senator Norma Champion and the work she did in Missouri for children. If you are interested in volunteering in our area, visit our website! We are the only place in the Ozarks where you can sign up and our members will contact you with opportunities that you might be interested in. Visit today to get your resolution to give back started for the New Year! If you would like someone or something highlighted in the Grapevine, contact Matthew Evans, Director of Membership and Sales, at

Job Openings... New Employees... Major Changes... or just Great News?!

Become a part of The Grapevine! Email and give us the inside scoop! We want to share your news!

A Taste of Peru! 234 E Commercial St. 417-868-8088

Kevin Stokes Field Manager 1901 S. Ventura, Ste. B-100 t ph 417.883.1551tfx 417.883.0820

Joe Robles Jr. Agent

1329 E Republic Road, Suite A Springfield, MO 65804-7219 Bus 417-882-4040 Fax 417-882-0999


let's get local

let’s get local section sponsored by

community focus

Getting Your Finances Back on Track after the Holidays With long dark hours, cold weather, and holiday bills rolling in, it's not surprising that many of us may feel a bit blue at this time of year. If you're experiencing the financial blues, there is plenty you can do to get your finances back on track and feeling better about the future.

Assess, Plan, Pay Some consumers have been avoiding their credit card statements and logging onto their bank accounts as the January financial blues set in. The first step in dealing with holiday expenses is to assess the amount. Open statements, log on to bank accounts, and balance the checkbook. This way you know exactly what you’re dealing with. Make a plan of how you will pay off your items. There is often a psychological strategy to repayment plans. Pay down the debt with the biggest interest rate, or select a small debt and pay it off. This gives a sense of accomplishment and can serve as motivation to finish getting rid of holiday bills.

Set Goals Most people spend extra during December, and the reality of expenditures start to set in with the new year. This may be the time for set some financial goals. The beginning of the year is a good time to review all of your costs to see if you can trim some of your expenses.

money you don’t have, consider bringing your lunch. Can you find time on the weekend to make a big crock-pot of soup or chili to enjoy for lunches or dinner? Keep a list of what you spend your money on. You can then decide what is important to you and what you can easily give up. You may be surprised to see how much you are spending in certain areas. Small amounts add up quickly.

Feel Sense of Accomplishment After weeks of gleeful holiday spending, now is the time to reassess your budget and set realistic financial goals for the year to come. Make sure your goals are attainable and relevant to your specific situation. You will feel great when you start seeing what you’ve accomplished.

Consumer Credit Counseling of Springfield, Missouri, Inc. (CCCS) is a local, not-for-profit organization that has been providing credit counseling to the southwest Missouri area since 1969. Policies and procedures are established by a local board of directors and it is fully-accredited as a credit counseling agency with certified financial professionals. Visit for more information.

Review your Expenses Review your telephone, cable, Internet, and utility costs. Are you paying too much for your home, mortgage, or life insurance? Can you reduce energy costs by turning down your thermostat or driving less? Can you car pool with a family member or neighbor to work or shop, or can you walk instead of driving some of the time? Can you cut back on your social or entertainment costs? If the daily stop for coffee and restaurant food is costing you Sponsored By: Guaranty Bank 36

Empower Your Life | Use Your Feminine Strengths “T

he most empowering resource we have is being a woman,” says Vanessa Halloum. She discovered that on one of the happiest days of her life, the day they laid her off as a VP of Marketing in the corporate universe. She had been using masculine principles in her work that were contrary to her feminine nature. This contradiction–between managing like a man and seeking spiritual development as a womancaused an imbalance that felt like she was living a double life. Now Vanessa helps other women learn how to harness their feminine strengths and become successful entrepreneurs while living happy and fulfilling lives. Her book, The 5 Feminine Power Virtues, has won multiple awards and was a finalist in the Women Issues Category of the 2012 Best Book Awards. Most of all, it teaches women what Vanessa learned about: how to use their natural gifts to pursue their passion.

Male Competition Versus Female Collaboration Dr. Nancy and Vanessa sat down to discuss how women and men differ in their approach to competition. “Women aren’t comfortable with head-to-head competition,” said Dr. Nancy, “because girls are taught to be nice and pretty.” Vanessa agreed and credited her husband with teaching her how to apply masculine forthrightness in business. She told a story about how her husband convinced her to ask for more money when applying for a new job. She tried it and, to her amazement, she got the higher salary.

“Women tend to hold back unless they are 100% sure of something, while men will forge ahead when they are even 10% certain. And,” Vanessa says, “men can be so positive in their assertions, they will convince everyone to believe them. However, women will eventually burn out if they use masculine energies in every-day activities. If we look at nature, there is a lot more collaboration than competition.” Vanessa pointed out how birds flying a pattern all know to turn left at the same time. Dr. Nancy agreed that being connected and using those connections to empower each other is our strongest feminine gift.

Listen And Learn More About The Feminine Essence To find out more about this conversation and Vanessa, join the 500,000 listeners worldwide and listen to Vanessa’s BlogTalk radio show, Feminine Soul. You can also check out her online magazine, “Feminine Soul Academy.” These tools will help you discover more about how your innate characteristics as a woman can be your greatest strengths.

Reprinted with permission from a podcast by

Dr. Nancy D. O’Reilly, Psy.D. Founder of WomenConnect4Good Foundation and Clinical Psychologist

Cl aim Your Power Ref ire Yo ur L ife visit for podcasts and blogs from Dr. Nancy. Find the courage to make positive change. 37

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Women in Need of the Ozarks thanks all the individuals and area businesses that supported our organization in 2013. We extend a special thanks to our new partners Reliable Chevrolet, Elite Mercedes and Infiniti of Springfield for their generous gift of a van that we were able to present to a deserving working woman. With the help of people such as Randall Hargis and Brent Singley of Reliable Chevrolet, as well as many others, we were able to help over 50 women and their families during their time of crisis.

Thank you for allowing us to continue with our mission.


Photos By: Skylar Brown & Miles Boyer


Resolve to Make a Difference This Yearr It’s that time of year again, the beginning of a new year. Following a season of thankfulness and giving back, most of us are beginning to think about what we would like to change in the year to come. However, if you’re like us, you have long given up on New Year’s resolutions. Too many years of declaring all of your grand intentions only to give up and sheepishly walk away in February, just lead to disappointment. Why are New Year’s resolutions so hard to keep? Simple: Change is hard. Most resolutions involve quitting something harmful, such as smoking or overeating. If these changes were easy to accomplish, we would

Give Blood One pint of blood is enough to save three lives. This is astounding. Make a resolution to save multiple lives this year. By donating blood every other month, this goal is easily achievable. Plus you get a reason to eat a cookie.

Become Certified or Increase Your Knowledge Knowledge is power. Become certified in CPR or other valuable skills, such as babysitting, disaster response, or first aid. Just one class and you’ve achieved your resolution! Again, you’re welcome to gloat amongst your loved ones (you earned it), and now they are counting on you!

Make a Plan

have quit long ago. Other resolutions involve beginning something that’ll make us better, such as exercising or making more money. Whatever the resolution, they are all hard to keep and often leave us frustrated. It takes a daily commitment and the patience to start over when needed. This season, I would like to urge you to make a resolution you can achieve. The Red Cross offers four very easy, relatively quick and painless resolutions.

Donate Funds An average of $0.91 for every dollar donated to the Red Cross is invested in humanitarian services and programs. In 2012, approximately 70,000 disasters were responded to, and more than 7 million people received disaster assistance internationally. Resolve to make a difference and donate money either one time or monthly, if possible. Feel proud when you easily achieve this resolution and feel free to gloat in front of everyone you know. You earned it.

The resolution I hope you never have to be thankful you kept, but urge you to make, is to make a plan. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate “survive the Zombie apocalypse” plan, but just a simple “what do we do if our family is separated during a disaster” kind of plan. Download our free Red Cross app and use it to talk with your kids about where to meet, pick a contact outside of town for everyone to call, and discuss with your friends and family the importance and the existence of the Red Cross “Safe and Well” site. Scan our handy dandy QR code on this page and learn more about the Red Cross apps, or visit us online at Now go forth and make resolutions!

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Offering non-routine vet assistance to dogs in need

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Young Jansen Benefits from Equi-Librium Therapy Center Anytime a doctor gives you a diagnosis letting you know something is “not right” with your child, it’s hard. I remember when the doctor told us that Jansen had been diagnosed with quadriplegic cerebral palsy. The emotions you go through are unexplainable. I knew that Jansen was going to require therapy of all kinds, and a lot of it. We did therapy often; so often that he began to not enjoy it anymore. The problem was, I knew Jansen’s tightness, weakness, and lack of core strength was not going to go away anytime soon. We had to figure out something that would really benefit him, yet still be fun, like a sport or one of our activities. When Jansen was two, we heard about Equi-Librium Therapy and its program utilizing hippotherapy strategies. Hippotherapy would allow Jansen to receive therapy with a licensed therapist on a horse. Of course, we had to try it, and to this day we are still going once a week while sessions are in. This program means so much to me because, as I mentioned before, I knew Jansen was going to require a lot of therapy. As a parent, it is great to know that after five years, your child still has a huge smile on his face while being pushed to use muscles he struggles to use. The therapy sessions last for about an hour. After getting his helmet and belt on, he gets to practice walking to the horse. Once he mounts the horse, he goes into a variety of different positions. The movement of the horse causes him to work even harder on balancing, while stretching and working on his range of motion. They play a variety of games with Jansen, such as throwing things or hanging a ring on a pole as the horse walks around it. Let’s not forget the speech therapy involved. Jansen runs out of breath very quickly, which makes getting a sentence out harder than it should be. But while on a horse, Jansen seems to have plenty to say, not to mention his singing! I don’t know if it is the excitement of being on a horse that makes him work so hard, but what I do know is, as a parent with a child who doesn’t get to do all the things other kids do, his smile amazes me; especially when watching him work to improve on all the things he used to cry about. I recommend Equi-Librium Therapy not only for the above reasons, but also because of the staff. You often find employees that do a job because they have to. The staff at Equi-Librium is there because it is where their heart is. They are truly passionate about not only the program, but each and every rider involved in the program. I am so thankful that we found this program while Jansen was young. He has benefitted so much and his accomplishments are truly life changing. 45



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