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Ipad voice con’t from page 5 According to Dan McCool, Speech Language Pathologist and owner of Ozark Therapy Institute in Springfield, being a tactile learner with good fine motor and visual skills is a key factor to success with the Ipad, which is “not right for everyone, even if it is the coolest toy in town.” If it does turn out to be compatible with the xxxxx

January 2012

learner, the applications are vast. “Itʼs possible to replace textbooks with ereaders and ibooks which can be purchased or rented. There are even audio books available. They are in the early stages of development and sound a little robotic, but it will only get better from here.” McCool, who provides Ipad trainings for parents and clients, suggests the Ipad for the family or therapist to use as an articulation or language skills prompter, even if the person is unable to use the tool himself. He says verbal success is often achieved when the focus is taken off of the childʼs performance and directed instead on making the Ipad work. In the Williams home, life will be forever changed since their nonverbal daughter now has a voice. She consistently surprises the family with how much she knows and what she has learned. Recently, for the first time, Gabrielle wrote two

paragraphs for her teacher, which included a “thank you” to her teacher for helping her. And, this year Gabrielle was able to tell her parents what she wanted for Christmas; a stuffed dog. Of course; she already has the coolest toy in town!

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