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26 WTR? What the Race 28  Battle of the Egos:

There is Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself


32  Reverse the Curse:

No Longer Can We Be “Silent” About Heart Disease

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Editor’s Top Picks

7  Food:

Cooking With Chef Ora

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Q&A With Mia


Fashion: 3 Must Haves for a Rainy Day

Beauty: The Cost of Beauty Unmasked

14  Spirituality: Forgiveness the Key to Freedom


16  Relationships:

3 Reasons Love May Not Be Enough

18  Effective Parenting:

Parental Involvement in Education

22 Finance:

The Importance of Creating A Will

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40zROCK / Editor's Letter

How does beauty empower you? As a woman now in my forties, I believe beauty empowers us through knowing that beauty is not just about outer appearance, but inner beauty as well. This also includes the journey we as women take to become our most beautiful self...mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Quite some time ago, I realized I had a gift for fashion and a desire to help other women make their own personal fashion statement.  I believe that through fashion, women are able to boost their confidence based on their own unique form of self-expression.  While in my 40'z, I have been blessed by overwhelming reactions to my own sense of style, youthful appearance and positive spirit. The idea of celebrating the remarkableness of women particularly in their 40'z inspired me to give birth to 40'z ROCK, a movement that encourages women to embrace their own personal statements and to also celebrate their age, life, health and community.  40'z Rock encompasses women who are Doctors, Executives, Judges, Educators, Mothers and Housewives, who seek to promote the highest standard of inner/outer beauty and strength. Helping other women empower themselves by embracing their own beauty, in turn empowers me.   When I Rock, You Rock and Together we Rock!

Sandra A. Wyckoff Editor-in-Chief

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40zROCK Sandra Wyckoff Editor-in-Chief

Assistant Managing Editor

Entertainment Editors

Art Director


Samantha Reeves Fisher Rhonda M. Anderson Kim Evans Lawson Michelle Wade Ann Inez Hardell Emile Brown (page 4) Kevin Jeffries SMG ( pages 25) Point and Click Photgraphy (pages 36, 38)

Contributing Writers in this Issue Tiffiny E. Dixon - Fashion Essentials: 3 Must-Haves For A Rainy Day Empowerment Stylist Seamlessly merging sophistication & fun, Tiffiny founded ME Optimized (MEO) a NYC based womens empowerment agency, helping women use their personal style as an empowerment tool. Often garnering tears & cheers at her entertaining and inspiring Style Empowerment Workshop's & Bus Shopping Tours, Dixon encourages women to combine their personality & life goals to create a signature style. Tezzie Gilbert - WTR? / what the race / Owner / President at The Branding Style, The Branding Style develop campaigns that cater strictly to the patients and the practice. Their marketing initiatives have been tried and proven by other medical offices. Some of those traditional and Interactive marketing services. Kimberly Hand - The Cost of Beauty Unmasked Owner at GlammGirl Dynasty LLC, This is a place for women who are living fabulously over 40. A place where we talk about how to live our healthiest lives, balance family & career and maintain our unique image & style all while having the time and energy to do it all. When Kimberly figures it all out, you will be the first to know. Cheri Alphonse Hayes, ED.S. - Parental Involvement in Education Keeping true to her roots, Cheri is a patriot and a die-hard lover of the island of St. Lucia. She keeps her cultural origins and ancestral foundation alive through language (creole), dialect, events and travel. She nurtures and cares for children through mentoring and teaching. She is employed by the Department of Defense Education Activity, Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools at US Army Base Fort Stewart, Georgia. Danielle Johnson - Reverse the Curse: No Longer Can We Be "Silent" About Heart Disease Graduate of Hampton University with a Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences. She is currently employed with Bristol Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals as a Senior Diabetes Specialty representative. Danielle has also worked in other therapeutic areas such as: Urology, Cardiovascular, and Oncology.

Stephanie D. McKenzie - 3 Reasons Love May Not Be Enough Award-winning marketer, college educator, certified coach, author, and agent of ridiculously undeniable, life-altering change, "Coach Steph" brings more than two decades of business and marketing expertise to crafting strategies that make your relationships work for you. Currently, Coach Steph is the Coaching Director for The Relationship Firm, a WhatTheLove Company. The Relationship Firm is dedicated to fixing all relationship...even yours! For more information on this adventure, visit, Jeneé Pierre - Battle of the Egos: The Only Thing to Fear is Fear Itself Owner of The Woman's Earth, The Woman’s Earth is a boutique spa and wellness center offering holistic services of massage, yoga, facial and meditation. TWE aims to empower women by challenging them through our values to rise above any internal road blocks that would keep them from fulfilling their purpose by encouraging the nurturing of self both physically and spiritually. The Woman’s Earth Values: Work, Elevate, Awaken, Renew, Teach, Heal. Wendie Rice - Forgiveness: The Key to Freedom Graduate of Clark Atlanta University with a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communications. Rice has worked in the fields of marketing/sales, public relations and travel throughout her career. In 2009 Wendie felt God's call on her life to encourage and heal others through the sharing of Christ. In 2010 she was commissioned as a Christian Lay Counselor in Atlanta where she works primarily with women, and also mentors at-risk youth across the city. Tammy Smithers - The Importance of Creating a Will MBA Financial Services Professional / New York Life Insurance Company her financial practice focuses on creating estate, business succession, investment, retirement solutions, college funding, and financial planning for my individual clients and their businesses. Her mission is to help her clients achieve financial security and financial independence by building long-term personal relationships based upon integrity and trust. Mia Wright - Q&A With Mia As founder of Metamorphosis, Inc., an organization that encompasses the life changing Metamorphosis Women’s Conference. Mia is a powerful inspirational speaker, who encourages others with uplifting messages, relevant life stories and life skills that apply in both the faith based and industry sectors. She is also a sought after national motivational speaker, women’s conference presenter, and corporate work / faith / life balance coach.







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New Crest 3D White Glamorous White Toothpaste Get a brighter, whiter smile. It shines to brighten after just 1 brushing and removes up to 90% of surface stains for a head-turning white in just 5 days.

 Black Woman Redefined Published author, Sophia A. Nelson provides a solution to the stronghold question of why 70% of black professional women are unmarried.


Cooking With Chef Ora The weather is changing all

over the world. There is snow

Here is a light and healthy recipe that

part of the breast to form a pocket. In a

you can pair with a salad and a nice glass

bowl combined the apricots, pecans, 2

of white wine to pull out your sexy.

tbs of apple juice, oil, rosemary, pepper

falling, rain storming, the wind

Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s go with pulling out her sexy.

blowing and ice forming. These elements of weather can either make a 40z rocker feel blue or it can pull out her sexy.

Cut a horizontal slit into the thickest

and garlic salt. Stuff mixture into pocket PAN SEARED APRICOT STUFFED TURKEY BREAST

and secure opening with a pre soaked


skillet on med hi heat, spray pan with

1 boneless, skinless breast of turkey

cooking oil. Place stuffed turkey breast

toothpick or wooden skewer. Place a

/2 cup diced dried apricots

into hot skillet and cover. Cook each side


/4 cup toasted pecans

15 min until golden brown and internal

3 tbs apple juice divided

temp is 165.


1 tbs vegetable oil /4 tsp of dried rosemary


/2 tsp of garlic salt


/4 tsp of black pepper


1tbs of Dijon mustard

Combined the mustard and remain-

ing apple juice. Brush the mustard mixture over the turkey breast. Once done let it rest for 10 min slightly covered before slicing. ď&#x20AC;ś




40zROCK / Q&A With Mia

Let's Get It (W)right! Mia inspires people to embrace spiritual change and live fulfilling lives. She answers these 3 important questions.

Q What do you think the biggest obstacle that threatens relationships? Especially between people that have high-powered careers such as yours?

A Relationships are often complicated and every couple seems to have their share of difficulties or things that pull on time, finance and affections. When we add to this mix two demanding careers, this can bring additional stressors into a relationship. Career pursuits, job demands, travel, and just the "day to day" of getting work done, can consume personal time. It is important that quality time is planned for and maintained in a relationship. Setting boundaries for work, scheduling personal and couple time is imperative to maintain a happy relationship. Compassion and understanding are also needed when those periods of "busyness" seem to overlap onto personal time. Always keep in mind that it won't always be like this. Sometimes short term dedications are needed for long term progress.

Q Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s your mantra? A The main thing that I live by entails embracing the changes of life. While there are some things that we do not

?'s / 8



necessarily like or prefer, we must believe that everything happens for a reason. When we learn to embrace the season of change and anticipate better things to come, we have a greater peace in our life. Romans 8:28 reminds us that all things work together for our good. "Live, learn from, and move beyond difficulties. Life is full of changes - Embrace it. Ignite it. And be inspired to live a life full of purpose."

Q Why do you think it's so hard for successful women to find a man?

A I think that many women limit their ideal of a man that will compliment her life and lifestyle. Yes, there are some real rats out there who prey on vulnerable women (the Bible calls them "creeps and silly women", 2 Timothy 3:6 example) but there are some God fearing men who want to be with a woman who can respect and love him and they offer no less in return. Many successful women feel that a man will be insecure with her level of success. There are plenty of men who want to celebrate his lady's success and not feel less than a man when he's with her. It's important how we position ourselves outside of work. We may be a

Mia Wright Co-Paster & Motivational Speaker

top level executive at work, but realize that at home, you are a wife, a mother, or whatever. The CEO hat remains at the job. Find new outlets to meet people. Look for people with whom you have things in common, and people to whom you are physically attracted (sorry, they can't all look like Morris Chestnut). Be with someone who treats you with respect. Be yourself and never lower your standards. ď&#x20AC;ś

 you have some life pressing questions you need to get answers to? Ask Mia and get it (W)right! Do Email: / /



V EN U E THE FOUNTAIN OF PRAISE 13950 Hillcroft Street, Houston, Texas, 77085


w w w. m y m e t a m o r p h o s i s . o r g






A Journey to Safe & Healthy Skin Care by Kimberly Handy

What would you do if someone told you that your favorite skin care or body care product contained toxic chemicals that could possibly be linked to cancer, hormone disruption or birth defects? What would you do if you found out your lipstick or mascara contained lead and your favorite nail polish was loaded with formaldehyde? Would you be in disbelief? I know I was. Two years ago I was on social media and came across a conversation about toxic chemicals in makeup and skin care products. I couldn’t believe it. I immediately chimed in on the conversation and began to ask questions. My interest was piqued and I began my own research. To say I was shocked at what I found is an understatement. I went through the products I had at home and read the ingredients. I couldn’t pronounce any of the ingredients accept for the first which was usually water. I also noticed that all of my makeup, even my toothpaste, deodorant and my every day beauty products were loaded with ingredients I couldn’t pronounce and - there were so many of them. I began to question the beauty industry and wonder how it was being regulated. I asked myself, “Isn’t someone supposed to ensure all of our products are safe before they are made available to the public?” How could this happen? Well, to my surprise, this has been an on-going issue for over 70 years!




What did I discover? The truth about what I found could shock you. I learned that beauty care products are among the least regulated on the market. Current laws used to regulate the industry date back to 1938. Under these

All is not lost and there is hope. Fortunately there is good news and hope on the horizon. Here’s why. The Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Act of 2013 (H.R. 1385) was introduced in March 2013. This act is

laws the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can’t require cosmetics companies to conduct safety assessments or require product recalls. Cosmetic products and ingredients do not require FDA approval before they go on the market. The companies and manufacturers are solely responsible for its products safety. The FDA does not regulate the ingredients in cosmetics or body care products like they do with food and drugs, which they explain in further detail on www.fda. gov. They rely on the industry brands to self-regulate and take voluntary actions against themselves if a product should be recalled. I don’t know about you but what multi-million dollar beauty company do you know who would take such action against themselves and go public with recalling any of their products? The website additionally states that in order for the FDAs legal authority over cosmetics to change, it would require Congress to change the law. With all of that being said, what exactly does the FDA currently have the authority to do as it relates to the beauty industry? Primarily, they provide a clear definition as to what a “cosmetic” product is and specific guidelines as to how products should be labeled and packaged.

designed to give the FDA authority to ensure these industry products are free of harmful ingredients and that all of the ingredients are fully disclosed. This new legislation, once passed will affect everyone including the consumer. If you haven’t noticed there is a movement taking place and consumers are becoming more aware, concerned and educated about unsafe chemicals present in the products we use every day. Brands are taking notice and some are even taking the initiative to make significant changes without waiting on legislation. We are starting to see more brands advertise no parabens, no sulfates, no synthetic fragrances, all natural, organic, vegan and even kosher. I applaud these brands. This shift allows the consumer to have safer alternatives. Surprisingly, or maybe not, Canada and Europe have much stricter regulations. The European Laws were revised in 2003 and as a result banned over 1300 products while the USA only banned 11. This revision meant companies were no longer allowed to sell products that contained chemicals linked to cancer, reproductive disruption or birth defects. The Canadian government even has a cosmetic ingredient “hot list”

that includes prohibited ingredients or ingredients used in concentrations less than 3% - 5% such as formaldehyde, alpha-hydroxy acids, keratin, camphor and talc to name a few. Many chemicals and ingredients used in the USA in high concentrations or without warning labels are strictly regulated in Canadian and European markets. What do we do now? My hope and intent is to create a dialogue among women and to give you the facts you need to make important decisions about the toxins we expose ourselves to every day. Did you know that women especially, apply on average between 10 - 15 different products to our skin and hair each day as a part of our morning routine or beauty regimen? Think about it - cleanser, moisturizer, toner, scrub, mask, eye cream, foundation, concealer, lip color or gloss, lip liner, mascara, eye liner, rouge, eye shadow, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, body wash, body cream, shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, hair spray, hair oil, styling gel, perfume, nail color, body powder, sunscreens, etc.

I encourage you to continue this con-

versation with your network, family, friends and even your enemies. Everyone needs to know about this so each one can make an educated decision as to what choices they have concerning safe, healthy skincare, cosmetics and body care products.

Stay fabulous - stay healthy! 





FASHION ESSENTIALS: (3) Must-Haves For A Rainy Day by Tiffany Dixon

Despite just about the entire month of February raining or having a high chance of rain, thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no reason to let slack on your style. The key to great style is anchored in the ability to dress in a manner that is appropriate, comfortable and well suited for the occasion & season. So, instead of wishing the rain would go away arm your wardrobe with 3 Rainy Day Style Must-Haves.








visible accessory will be your umbrella.

with an umbrella to keep the rain and

Its already gloomy out so why not lift

debris being tossed around by the high

8 Rainy Day Style DON’TS

your spirits by adding a pop of color to

winds out of your face.

1. No suede

Did you know ...

2. No leather that has not been treated with a protectant.

On a rainy day your most important and

your look with your umbrella.

A pair of light shade glasses work well

Did you know ...

Square Shaped Faces: should steer

The umbrella was invented at the turn

clear of square shaped glasses as they

of the 18th century making it easy for

highlight the angles in your face. Also

ladies to enjoy shopping and dining,

stay away from glasses with an accent

come rain or shine, since they could

color at the bottom of the lens; this will

finally venture out in “poor” weather.

draw attention to your chin. Look for

When Louis XIV allowed pioneer Jean

round frames as they will balance your

Marius to “label” his new invention with

facial angles.

his official mark, the umbrella became one of the first fashion accessories to be considered a brand. Marius is also credited with launching the first advertising campaign, which often included “celebrity” endorsements.



Walk confidently in the rain with your most important rain accessory. Keep your pants and your feet dry with a great

Oval Shaped Faces: Most frames look good on your face shape. However make sure you stick with frames that are NOT significantly larger than your features. Round Shaped Faces: Avoid small frames. Rectangular styles create the illusion of

3. No white t-shirts 4. No light denim jeans. They will show every single water splash stain. 5. No skirts or dresses that might fly up in the wind 6. No sundresses and unless you want to wear a soggy rain heavy mess.

a slimmer face.

7. No heels.

Heart Shaped Faces: Try a cat eye

8. No heavy makeup

frame to balance a narrow chin. Round frames in light colors will balance a wide forehead. 

pair of rain boots. Did you know... In the early 1800’s the 1st Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, asked his shoemaker to create a more durable version of the Hessian boot. The original Wellington boots were made of leather until 1852.






5 Steps to Forgiveness 1. Acknowledged the hurt. The hurt is real. Don’t try to hide it. 2. Recognize the grace and mercy you’ve been given. 3. Make a CHOICE to forgive and release the other person from owing you for the wrong. 4. Pray for the person. 5. Turn the hurt over to God. Allow Him to heal you of the anger, bitterness, pain, etc.




MATTHEW 5:44-45

person who hurt us is probably riding

...But I say to you, love your enemies,

off into the sunset without a care in the

bless those who curse you, do good

world, and we’re stuck with steam com-

to those who hate you, and pray for

ing from ourears, tense with rage, and

those who use you and persecute you,

a mind that can’t focus on anything but

that you may be sons of your Father in

the wrong that was done to us. “Yes, I’m

heaven;...“But God! Wait a minute...that

mad. Yes, I’m hurt...but I want to ride off

person really hurt me! He lied to me! She

into the sunset too!” The choice to do so

said nasty things behind my back! They

is quite frankly up to you. Many of us

stole from me! What about me!?” It’s true,

are walking time bombs with so much

people do a lot of bad things to us and

bottled up hurt, anger and bitterness

it’s so very hard to “let it go.” But God

from the years and years of people doing

tells us that we must forgive. Forgiveness

us wrong, saying things that rubbed

is not only for the other person but it’s

us the wrong way, not doing what we

also for us. Holding on to unforgiveness,

thought they should do. It’s no wonder

bitterness, resentment, and anger, truly

people may stay as far away from you as

only hurts ourselves even more. That

possible, because they can see that you’ll


Have the skin of your


'5($06 For the Appearance of Lines, Pores and Loss of Firmness .

For Brown Spots, Dullness and Sun Damage .

80% of how we age is within our control...but most of us seem to forget that this applies to 100% of our skin. Take anti-aging beyond the regimen today for younger-looking skin tomorrow. Tezzie Gilbert, Rodan and Fields Independent Consultant ▪ 832-800-3418 ▪

be ready to blow at any minute. Some of

His loving but just way) tells us that He

ple of forgiveness in our lives. “But it’s

us wear unforgiveness like a sign. We’re

must discipline us. We must remember

sooo hard!” Yes, it’s hard but that’s where

touchy, sensitive, negative,critical and

that we’re not so perfect either. Hasn’t

God can help you if you rely on Him.

just plain unhappy. This is why God in

there been times when we’ve been the

Forgiveness is not forgetting what’s been

His infinite wisdom warns us not to be

ones who did the wrong, who needed to

done, it’s not sucking it up, it’s not faking

unforgiving. God loves us and wants us

be forgiven? How terrible would that be

a smile. It’s a choice to release the other

to experience all of the peace, love, and

if the person who we asked for forgive-

person from owing you for the wrong.

joy that He has for us....and that we can

ness couldn’t bring themselves to accept

It’s a choice to say, “Yes I was hurt, but I

truly have for others. One of God’s great-

our sincere apologies? We’d feel pretty

no longer want to hang on to the hurt.

est commandment for us is to “ love our

bad, even though at some point we’d

I want to be free. For me to be free...I am

neighbors as we love ourselves.”

probably shrug our shoulders and run

choosing to free you.” No it’s no easy

off into the sunset. :). Again, the other

task. The negative emotions will not

MATTHEW 22:36-39.

person would still be stuck in their own

disappear overnight, but by choosing

When we harbor unforgiveness in our

prison of unforgiveness. Whether we’re

to forgive you agree to start the process

heart, there’s no way that we can do this.

the ones who need forgiving or needing

and God will certainly help you do the

Quite simply, unforgiveness is disobedi-

to forgive, let’s look at Jesus’ grace and

rest. Be blessed! 

ence. When we’re disobedient, God (in

mercy for all our sins as the prime exam-






R easons Love May Not Be Enough

With her special brand of Southern charm and relentless rockstar rhetoric Coach Steph brings a unique perspective to getting the life and love you deserve! Are…you…ready? Love seems to be the easy part. People are falling in and out of love every day, and most have no clue why. But there are others who, despite everything that is wrong with a “loving” relationship, have decided that love alone is the reason to stay–and mind you, some people are being treated really badly. While the thought of staying committed to the love you have for this person is admirable, and is right up there with enduring a marriage that is failing for the sake of your children…the truth is… love may not be enough, and here are a few reasons why.

If the person that you love doesn’t respect you, then that is a problem. When your memories of this special person in your life are littered with thoughts of their cheating activities, their lies, and




Author of The Business of Dating

Coach Steph has been featured on

even their bad habits, and the negative effect that they have on you, this is not about whether you love them, this is now a question of whether you love yourself. Do you?,, yourtango.

REASON TWO: You may love them, but like them? Eh.

she facilitated a tele-seminar for

CONFESSION: I spent a long time with a person that I loved, but didn’t like. While some people will say that love is more important, like is the glue that holds things together. When I like you, it means that on a basic human level, I think you’re a nice person, a great guy or girl, and that you’re friend material. Being friend material, and having a friendship within a romantic relationship is optimal. REASON THREE: They do not love you the way you should be loved.

REASON ONE: Love is not synonymous with respect.

by Stephanie D. McKenzie

This is usually the problem that most people encounter when they love someone, but the relationship is not quite right. Just because someone claims to “love you,” that doesn’t mean that they know exactly what that means, or what it means to you. There are entire programs, like the 5 Love Languages, that try to show people what love language they actually speak. Some, like me, prioritizequality time, while others gifts or words of affirmation. If the relationship works, but something is a little off–this may be a

com, WVON Chicago, LATalk Radio, WSEV Los Angeles and in Shape Magazine, to name a few. Recently, relationship powerhouse,

place to start. However, if the relationship doesn’t work (this means that you spend morE time crying than smiling), then there is a bigger problem. It’s time to sit down, perhaps use my SWOT Analysis Tool, which is in The Business of Dating to figure out what is going on. (Click here to get the tool.) When someone doesn’t love you the way you deserve to be loved–with respect, friendship, honesty, giving (of their time, energy and emotions) and commitment–that is not something that should be ignored, nor is it something that will go away. It is a serious situation that requires a response. In conclusion, it just must be said that love is not enough for a relationship to survive and thrive. Sometimes we have to admit that and move on. However, whatever you decide, do what’s best for you, and be encouraged by the lessons this situation has taught you. There’s ALWAYS a lesson. 

As a company, we’re taking another leap forward — as we proudly

This is big.

join forces with Sotheby’s International Realty. Backed by the name and resources of this legendary firm, we’re ready to bring the world’s most qualified buyers to your doorstep. Now more than ever...

I want to be your Realtor. Martha Turner | Sotheby’s International Realty associates are regarded within the residential real estate industry as the best and the brightest. Broker Associate Manley Nolan, whose resume includes a long list of impressive business and academic achievements, is known as an award-winning sales and market entrepreneur who is self-directed, analytical, organized, and articulate with exceptional problem-solving and decision-making abilities. As a Realtor with Martha Turner | Sotheby’s International Realty, Manley is an excellent “fit.”

Manley began his real estate career with The Woodlands Operating Company, LP, as a custom-home sales agent in 1989. For fifteen highly-productive years, he collaborated with custom homebuilders, The Woodlands Company, and prospective home buyers to ensure construction plans met The Woodlands’ building standards and prospective buyers’ expectations. Manley sold more than $380 million and established a strong referral network which still rewards him with repeat and referral business.

In 2004, Manley joined a national residential real estate firm’s office in The Woodlands and specialized in the high-end market. He sold more than $120 million dollars in four years and was recognized as the office’s top producer every year. Manley chose to join Martha Turner Properties in 2009 where his already successful career achieved new heights.

Manley received a Bachelor of Arts degree in business

Contact me for all your Real Estate needs.


broker associate


administration form Antioch University, attended graduate level studies in administration at Central Michigan University, and received an Applied Arts and Science degree in real estate from North Harris County Community College. He also participated in professional development classes in the Jesse H. Jones School of Management and Executive Education at Rice University, specifically mergers & acquisitions and business valuation.

Welcome Home


Parental Involvement in EDUCATION by Cheri Alphonse Hayes, ED.S.

It’s half-way through the school year and the children have settled into their routines at school. Personalities have clashed, assignments are due and overdue. Referrals and commendations have been given. Athletes are in gear and cheerleaders are rooting their teams on. Most importantly, since the Open House, when you met your child’s teacher and learned of the teacher’s expectations and consequences for missed assignments and inappropriate behavior, have you been back?

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. W  hat is my child currently learning, studying, homework assignment or project?

determine your level of involvement in

2. Are the teacher’s and/or school’s goals aligned with my goals for my child’s academic success?

if not all functions at school. Now they

3. What are my child’s academic strengths and weaknesses? 4. Is my child a social butterfly, a bully or a loner? 5. Does the school have my most recent contact information?

These are just simple questions to

your child’s education. When s/he was in preschool, you probably attended most, are in elementary, junior high or high school, are you as involved? If you can honestly answer eight or more of these questions, you are on the right track and have a great handle on your child’s academic career. If you answered five to seven of these questions with great

6. When is the next school event? Is my presence required?

confidence, there are simple ways to be-

7. When does the School Advisory Committee meet?

ing the comfort of your home. Finally, if

8. The last School Board meeting I attended was on ______________?

are not alone. Across the nation, schools

9. My child’s favorite teacher is __________because _________?

ing active parental involvement groups

10. I support my child’s school’s PTA/PTO!

busy. Parents are shy. Parents don’t feel

Yes or No

come more involved, even without leavyou answered one to four questions, you are challenged every day in establishwithin their buildings. Parents are welcomed. Some parents believe it’s the school’s job to do it all.




What do you think? Remember,

children simply through Teachers Involve

the school does not have all your most

above all, YOU are your child’s first teach-

Parents in Schoolwork (http://www.csos.

recent updated contact information and

er and will always be. Before your child as a way

you do not have the contact information

entered the school building, there were

to build the home-school partnership and

of your child’s teacher(s), school, princi-

endless hours of reciting the alphabet,

keep parents involved. Furthermore, Dr.

pal, nurse, counselor, cafeteria manager,

counting, singing, reading books, talk-

Epstein, along other researchers, devel-

or librarian. You would be surprised to

ing, asking questions and many more ac-

oped the Keys to Successful Partnerships:

know how much these people really

tivities. These are all teachable moments

Six Types of Involvement to boost paren-

know about your child. An open flow of

that parents create every day without

tal involvement across the nation (http://

communication is the easiest way to get

realizing the power in their hands. As a

most current information about schools’

nation, academically, we are challenged!


current events and inform the school of

It’s time to step up and create a community of world-class learners who want to be successful and want great things in life for themselves and their communities.

Joyce L. Epstein, Ph.D. Director of

the Center on School, Family, and Community Partnerships and the National Network of Partnership Schools (NNPS), Principal Research Scientist, and Research Professor of Sociology at Johns

TYPE I - PARENTING: where everyone takes off their “labels” and collaborate to help parents cope as well as learn various approaches to parenting. Schools also are of parent of this type of involvement as they can serve as facilita-

your child’s needs. If an open-door policy is not an option at your child’s school, phone calls, emails, and text messaging may work. Bottom line, being “private” is not an option when it comes to your child’s education.

tors, mentors, or provide the space for

Type III – Volunteering: this two-way

workshops so local agencies can reach

street should be open at all times. You

all parents in the community.

do not always have to volunteer in your

Hopkins University encourages parents


and schools to collaborate in educating

is no room for open communication if

child’s classroom. Try other teachers, offices, and the cafeteria. Is there a better




The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.


way to get to know a teacher first-hand?

dren. Read with your child. Forget their

students, teachers, and parents within the

In fact, you may not be required to assist

age! Make it happen… The competition

school. The community refers to all stake-

during school hours. There may be take

among their peers and with students

holders who are working in the best interest

home projects you can complete in the

nationwide has to be challenged. Stu-

of the students’ and school’s success. This

evenings, right at home. There is not

dents do not feel this particular aspect of

opens the door to businesses and local

a school in existence that cannot use

rivalry until they apply for college admis-

agencies that are willing to partner with

additional hands, bodies, and/or brains.

sion, scholarships, awards, and grants. Be

schools to promote health, wealth, happi-

If your school tells you there are no

an advocate for your child and influence

ness, learning and success for all.

volunteer opportunities available in the

some decisions that are made at school

building, ask to volunteer in their district

with your involvement.

you a proud active parent who works

office. The opportunities are endless!

Type V – Decision-Making: stop talking

Type IV – Learning at Home: brings us

and put that energy into something pos-

back to being our child’s first teacher.

itive. Most parents have no idea when

Get involved with homework. Find out

decisions are being made at their child’s

the current standards your child is being

school, but feel the after effects and

introduced to at school. Dissect the cur-

wonder why they didn’t know. You don’t

riculum to get a better understanding of

know because you weren’t there! The

what exactly is being taught. Ask ques-

PTA/PTO is just one way to get involved

tions. Again, ask questions. We do not

in decision-making. Ask your administra-

have all the answers. Ask for help when

tor about School Advisory Council/Com-

it’s needed to help your child achieve

mittee, School Governance, and School

success. Schools can also create and

Board positions and meetings. Build

share learning opportunities for par-

strength in numbers and create a group

ents and children to complete at home.

of active parents who can represent you

Extend the classroom experience. Take

and your child’s school when needed.

your child on a field trip to enhance their learning. Some museums are free. Librar-

Type VI – Collaborating with the Com-

ies offer workshops for parents and chil-

munity: the community is not limited to

20 /


So, how’s report card looking? Are

towards the success of your child, school, and community? What will you do differently moving forward to achieve this? No one expects change to occur overnight. However, your mindset should be the first thing to adjust when making changes. Open your mind and know this is not just another task to overflow your plate. Understand it’s an effort towards progress that your child will be able to reap the rewards. 

Epstein, et. al. 2009. School, Family, and Community Partnerships: Your Handbook for Action, Third Edition. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press, Inc.



Financial Services Professional / New York Life Insurance Company / NYLIFE Securities, LLC / Member of FINRA/SIPC 250 Pehle Avenue, Suite 900 / Saddle Brook, New Jersey 07663 / O (201) 291-5476 / C (201) 212-1875

As the New Year approaches, getting

are three things that everyone should

conform to your wishes, or do what is

your financial house in order seems to

have. These are: 1) a Will, 2) Health Care

best for the people closest to you. And

be in high demand as millions of families

Directive or Living Will, and 3) Power of

your loved ones will likely have to hire an

look to make adjustments or simply

Attorney. Of the three, a will is one of

attorney and incur delays to determine

begin the goal setting process. Lately,

the most important documents you’ll

who will receive your assets.

I have been having discussions with

ever create in your lifetime. Your will

clients regarding their estate planning,

can clearly state who will be guardian

which includes the what-if’s in life.

of your minor children, who will inherit

Whether single or married, children

your assets, when they will inherit your

or no children, this is an extremely

assets, and any conditions that must be

important conversation to have with

met for them to receive your assets. Yet,

your significant other or the person you

according to a legal services website

have entrusted with the welfare of your, almost 50% of

minor children in the event something

Americans do not have a will.1

happens to you. A key person involved in

this type of planning should not only be

court does not have your instructions

your life insurance agent but also a Trust

to follow, and it has no way of knowing

and Estate attorney who knows the laws

how you mahave wanted to distribute

in your state.

your assets. The state where you lived

steps in and makes the decisions for you,

With a decade of experience dealing

If you die without a valid will, the

with matters of heart, I have come up

according to the distribution schedule

with must have’s especially for women of

set forth in its intestacy statutes.

a certain age. At this stage of life, there

22 /


The state’s decisions may or may not

FOUR COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS 1. My assets are so small that a will is not necessary. You are generally worth more than you think. Even if some possessions do not hold great monetary value, they could hold an enormous amount of sentimental value—and that’s something you can’t put a price on. Failing to indicate who receives these treasures in your will can cause friction among family members that lasts for decades 2. W  hen I die, my spouse will get all of my assets. Maybe, and maybe not. Any assets held jointly with right of survivorship automatically pass to the joint owner. And assets with a beneficiary designation, such as IRAs, life insurance, and annuities, pass as stated on the

beneficiary form. What happens when your surviving spouse dies? What happens if your beneficiary form is outdated? Will your children receive their share at too early an age? Does your spouse have the financial skill to manage the family wealth?

has the cash needed to pay expenses

will be much more difficult for your

at your death, such as funeral costs,

loved ones if you don’t have a will. To

debts, and estate taxes. Without liquid

ensure that your will is legally viable,

assets, the estate may be forced to sell

seek the services of a qualified attorney

assets—securities may have to be sold

to draft and refine it. 

3. I can create a will on my own and save the legal costs. “Do-it-yourself” wills often do not contain all of the necessary components as required by state law. Anyone who might benefit from an invalidation of your will can contest it, and if the courts decide in his or her favor, your estate may have to pay for all legal costs. The few dollars you save now can cost your loved ones thousands of dollars later.

have to be liquidated at a discount. In


most instances, life insurance proceeds

to Die Without a Will,” May 6, 2012, Lisa Scherzer,

are paid income tax-free to your

The Exchange,

beneficiaries. If desired, life insurance


4. I don’t want my final wishes to be set in stone. I’ll create a will later in my life. The terms of a will can change as often as needed. Legal experts agree that you should reexamine your will periodically to make sure it is up-to-date. A will should receive a “checkup” whenever there is a substantial change in your life.

in a down market and other assets may

can be owned by a trust or a third party and also not be subject to estate taxes. DON’T WAIT UNTIL IT’S TOO LATE Creating a will forces each of us to come face-to-face with our own mortality— and dealing with death is difficult. But it

Yahoo! Finance, “Half of Americans with Kids Set

193140015.html. Disclaimer: Neither New York Life, nor its agents, provides tax, legal, or accounting advice. Please consult your own tax, legal, or accounting professional before making any decisions. I am licensed in multiple states and would be happy to offer a complimentary consultation.

HOW TO CREATE A WILL Drafting a will is difficult and is not an endeavor you want to tackle singlehandedly. It’s important that you call on the services of an estate-planning lawyer. A lawyer might help you:

 Determine what type of will you need  Make the right decisions as to how your assets should pass

 Change the terms of an existing will, if appropriate

 Save on estate taxes  Take advantage of estate planning opportunities people often overlook LIFE INSURANCE AND WILLS How does life insurance fit into the picture? Life insurance is a vehicle you can use to help make sure your estate 40ZROCK.COM




40z ROCK MS. NOVEMBER When I wake up, the sun smiles and says “Hey, Rene H. from Houston is up - it’s time to shine!” I’ve been on the planet 45 years and I am now tapping into all that life has to offer and my passion. I am a mother of two; I enjoying cooking, roller skating, bowling and I am an all-around “sports” fan. Styling hair is my passion and making people feel beautiful is my mission. I am the owner of Uptown Hair Studio and Boutique. We specialize in personal services and shopping. It is my mantra to help your beautiful inner beauty shine through your outer layer by styling for YOU! I’m happy to be apart of the 40’z Rock Organization. As an empowered woman, I think it’s our responsibility to empower, encourage, embrace and exalt other women. It’s our duty to refute the societal misnomer of importance of age and concentrate on the upliftment of a woman’s spirit. I Rock, You Rock, Together We ROCK! 

24 /







/ what the race / by Tezzie Gilbert

26 /


Did you know on average there are

ing someone of another nation but no

86 single men to every 100 single

where to be found when dealing with

women? I don’t know about you but it

those of our own culture? Is this loosely

seems like the men are winning. Which

based on comfort or our myths, facts

can be really unfortunate for us! If you

and lies that we have come to believe

think about it, the number exponentially

about our culture over the years?

decreases as you begin to pull out your

lists of non-negotiables and if you are

thing is certain you are putting your-

race intolerant than that number is basi-

self in a box and not opening yourself

cally cut in half.

to a type of love that has the ability to

enhance every aspect of your life.

What is “Race Intolerant”? Well, I am

No matter what the reason is, one

glad you asked…I hear many women

saying it today, “I refuse to date out-

a few things that will not change no

side my race.” To be race intolerant is to

matter who you date. There will still be

shelter yourself from individuals that

non-negotiables that you will have to

could help make your day, years and life

sort through, the honey moon period

enhanced. Dating outside of your race

will come and go, not everyone will like

has its benefits. Many people learn to

who you bring around and to keep the

appreciate art, food, music and receive a

relationship going it will take work from

complete culture infusion just from dat-

both parties. These in my opinion are

ing someone from another nationality.

universal standards in every relationship

that will not alter.

Here is a new flash, you can still live

Unbeknownst to many, there are

an ordinary and happy life being married

to someone outside of your race.

someone from another race is a challenge

as change is not easy for most. If you

Many women choose not to explore

Embracing the art of getting to know

outside of their race because of fear of

think about it, often times those things

the unknown. Will we have anything in

that don’t feel good at first end up being

common? Can I relate? What will our

the best for us in the end.

families think? What will the intimacy be

like? Will I have to conform to his way of

is one of the most magnificent feelings

life? Will I fit in? Will I be out his league?

you will ever experience in your life, but

embracing the rainbow of love that is ob-

So many questions that are asked

Nonetheless, being able to find love

within yourself but if you really want

tainable to you can make it all the better.

to be honest right now, these are the

same questions that you ask yourself but

and seeking love I invite you to give

quickly disregard when dating some-

someone else a shot. Challenge yourself

one within your own race. Why is it that

to be open to other men that are not like

standards are in effect when consider-

you and you may just surprise yourself.

Women in their 40z, if you are single




40z / FINANCE / news

BATTLE of the



FEAR ITSELF by Jeneé Pierre

Fear is the evil step sister of Peace, the beautiful sister who seizes the moment to be brilliant. Internal Peace does not exist with Fear present, as a matter of fact, Fear is irrelevant in the eyes of Peace and has no place in her home. Fear’s only purpose is to be healed and forced to face the reality that what may happen is nothing to defend against. Fear is the birth child of insecurities, stepping out of character, poor decision making, and a dreadful and painful start of self destruction in a situation. Fear prevents you from being you – the brilliant you. It is an element of stress that grows and poisons your confidence and healthy ego and internal beauty. It fuels your unhealthy ego and causes cloudy judgment of all things even with the most positive intent. You are not being your best you when you walk in Fear.

Your healthy ego is one that keeps you in balance and tells you when a situa-

tion is not good for you, gives you confidence on an interview, and helps you pick the right dress and shoes without needing to ask for approval because you are centered and in balance with who you are. Your healthy ego is one that lets you know that you deserve better from a friend or lover, she tells you when enough is enough because she reminds you of your Worth. Your healthy ego can’t be denied because she is your decision maker when you need to take another turn and start a new path…and most importantly you never regret the decisions that are motivated by her. Never.

28 /





Your unhealthy ego guides you into confusion, indeci-

he is a low down and dirty dog (now that’s pretty bad). She

siveness, and making decisions with a negative attitude and

would lash out at him with every hurtful word she could mus-

a need to control. She is the victim and not the conqueror al-

ter through uncontrolled emotions and tears. She would even

ways reminding you that you have something to prove, need

go as far as to ask for understanding from the very man she

to be validated, and encourages you to throw things in the

just ridiculed “Why did you do this to me?” She would post his

faces of your enemies. She is very strong willed yet powerless

infidelities on her Facebook page anticipating every friend’s

because she drains you emotionally and mentally.

comment in her backing to offer her the false sense of comfort

Your unhealthy ego tears are reminders of the pain

her unhealthy ego feeds off of- because its draining nature

rather than a process of healing and a release of toxins like

needs this negative reinforcement. She would be a wreck, cry-

through a healthy ego cry. Take a woman who broke up with

ing and not able to focus at work. She would tell some friends

her boyfriend of six years because she found out he was cheat-

who would entertain the negative lashes at her ex while too

ing. How she broke up with him is directly relevant to who was

embarrassed to tell others who would denounce such actions

in the driver’s seat – her healthy ego or her unhealthy ego.

and call on her healthy ego to take charge. She would consid-

Her healthy ego would lead her into communicating to

er carrying out the Jazmine Sullivan ballad with a crow bar in

her future ex that she no longer wants to be in this relation-

her hand. She would not be real with herself – she would swell

ship and the commitment that was made between them was

with insecurities and doubt about her future – she would walk

violated – she knows her worth. The woman would tell her

in Fear. When we give permission to our unhealthy egos to

mother and close girlfriends as to ask for support through

guide us, it results in the pain just expanding and being fed by

this process of moving forward, not speaking badly about

the negative energy we allow to move through our situation.

her ex and spreading more toxic energy through her words.

We feel worse, the moments of what may seem to be winning

She would focus on her and her future and not the past and

ends up ultimately having us feel like we have lost something.

how wrong he was and how much of a dog he is. She would

We are left scared, abandoned and alone.

even go as far in seeing the lessons she has learned from her

relationship and commit to applying them to her life as a

we have all been there on some level in some form or fashion.

release in future relationships and not baggage that would

Some of us would just sing and enjoy the jamming ballad bust

inevitably block her own happiness. Her powerful approach to

your windows out your car and some of us….well we have

healing and moving forward would already send the message

the ugly scars to prove our participation in busting windows

that whoever this guy was; he’s lost a damn good thing. She

out of cars. But all of us have experienced the ugly scars of

would not need to validate this or feel the need to because

being lead by our unhealthy egos…whether it was physically

your healthy ego reminds you to focus solely on you, your

or emotionally. The root cause of the problem of allowing

needs, and replenishing your emotional resources so you

ourselves to be directed and supervised under the leadership

have the necessary tools to keep moving forward in a positive

of our unhealthy egos is walking in Fear.

direction. This approach does not suggest you are numb to

the pain that is caused from such a life changing event; rather,

does not control your life, your decisions and your interac-

it suggests that you are taking a stance of being powerful and

tions. During morning meditation, make agreements with

not powerless in your position while you heal. Her unhealthy

yourself that you will empower your healthy ego to lead you

ego would immediately take on the role of a victim. She

and guide you as you press forward to rise above fear and

would communicate to her future ex how awful he is, and that

walk in strength and peace. 

30 /


Does any of the above sound familiar? Of course it does,

Rise above fear by putting you first. Pray daily that fear




40z / FINANCE / news

REVERSE THE CURSE: No Longer Can We Be “Silent” About Heart Disease by Danielle Johnson

“When 15 years of age, of a heart attack right the neighborhood corner store. She

I was my mother died before my eyes coming out of was 46 years old.” My “sister-friend,

5am workout partner, and mother of four with a schedule like you wouldn’t believe” went on to share with me while we were on our favorite elliptical machines that her grandmother ALSO passed

around the same age, 46. In my mind, I instantly began to wonder if the women in her family were cursed!! Here you have two generations of women dying around the same age that she is now…

how could that be !?!?! And to make matters worse, they died of the same cause…


32 /


Now before I move forward with the story, it’s important

on about those great moments in time. Now, stop where you

to note that I’ve been a pharmaceutical representative for

are and think about never having the opportunity to experi-

12 years and sold in the cardiovascular market for several

ence those remarkable moments. For those of you who have

of those years, so I was very knowledgeable about the risks

daughters around this age, take a minute to think about your

factors associated with Heart Disease. Lisa began to rattle off

daughters right now who are traveling down one of those

the main culprits of this “silent killer” that stole the lives of her

roads and to suddenly have it snatched away from their grasp

grandmother and mother. They both had been smokers for

all because we lacked the knowledge to save them. That

decades, had disastrous diets, and don’t get me started on the

doesn’t have to be the story…we have a choice!

exercise regimen…simply non-existent.

provided by the American Heart Association, a whopping 47%

So, how do we prevent another beautiful woman from

According to the 2013 Updated Statistical Fact Sheet

becoming just another statistic? What can WE do differently as a

of African American women suffer from high blood pressure,

group to protect ourselves and our family from hurt and despair?

compared to 30% of Caucasian women and 28% of Mexican-

First thing, we MUST educate ourselves on what Heart Disease

American women. Research has also shown that 85% of

is and what we MUST do to lower our risks of developing this

medical visits by African-American women are due to high

devastating condition that is now the #1 killer of women.

blood pressure!! We can’t continue this trend…this is NOT an

area where we want to continue to be leaders of the pack!

Heart Disease, also known as heart and blood vessel

disease is defined by the American Heart Association as an

Let’s show our leadership by educating each other about the

umbrella phrase used to describe numerous problems related

signs and symptoms of hypertension and the necessary steps

to plaque buildup in the walls of the arteries, or atherosclerosis

to take in order to reduce the risks…are you with me???

(hardening of the arteries). Cholesterol plaques are the true

offenders of heart disease. The growth from this buildup of

are: higher rates of obesity among African-American women,

cholesterol over time slowly blocks blood flow to the heart and

higher rates of elevated cholesterol due to our diets, and lack

brain, therefore causing an individual to experience chest pain

of physical activity…just to name a few. These are all things

(angina), shortness of breath, heart attack, and other symp-

that are in your control, you just have to take action to do

toms…even stroke. Whew! Now that we have the basic knowl-

things differently!

edge of what heart disease is, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty

as to how to defend ourselves and love ones against it!!

you, consult your physician/dietician to create a meal plan

that will help you to achieve your ideal weight based on your

In order to emphasize just how serious of a threat this

Some of the contributing factors for the above disparities

If weight management has always been a challenge for

disease is to us as women, let me share a few statistics. Did

body type and health. Patients that are hypertensive should

you know that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of

eat plenty of fruits vegetables, whole grains, fish, poultry, nuts,

death in women 20 years of age and older!?!?! Just think back

legumes, and low-fat dairy. These foods are high in key nutri-

to what you were doing in your early 20s…the fun you were

ents such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, fiber, and pro-

having in college excited about the life you were preparing for

tein that are needed to help reduce/normalize blood pressure.

yourselves, the wonderful unions that had to come together

Again, consult your physician/dietician because they will be

and the hopes of building a family with the one you loved

able to provide you with more options/information on food

(and still love), the new careers that were forged, Sunday

choices and portion size, which is of the upmost importance.

brunch with your friends because your weekday schedule was

By creating an effective meal plan, you should be able to “kill

filled with activities for the kids, exotic places that some of

two birds with one stone.” Just by making better choices as

you traveled without a care in the world!! I could go on and

to WHAT you eat and HOW much of it you put into your body,




 you should see a reduction in your numbers, meaning the scale and the blood pressure cuff!

6 WAYS TO A HEALTHIER YOU 1. Commit to routine visits with your physician(s) and utilize that time to have a real dialogue about symptoms that may or may not seem like an issue to you. It’s important to follow medication guidelines as given by your physician. 2. If you’re a smoker, make every effort to quit…it will only help you.

To overcome the hurdle of physical “Inactivity”, you have

3. Incorporate at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise a day into your schedule such as brisk walking or an activity that you enjoy like dancing!

to be willing to shift your mindset…believe that the benefits of exercising outweigh the risks associated with not exercising, especially when you’re hypertensive. I know that going

4. Eat well balanced meals low in fat and cholesterol and plenty of fruits and vegetables.

to the gym can be a real deterrent for a number of reasons.

5. Routinely monitor your blood pressure to make sure that your numbers are in range.

For example, some women may feel like others are watching them, when to tell you the truth, they really aren’t, lol! Some

6. Reduce your stress levels. Make time for yourself. Take walks, rise early and meditate, read a book … anything that helps you to decompress.

women just aren’t comfortable with how the equipment works and are too embarrassed to ask for help. Others may feel like they can’t commit to going a set number of times a month to justify the expense. Whatever the reasons maybe for

is your #1 priority and by any means necessary, you will protect

not hitting the gym, we are still without excuse when it comes


to exercising. I’ll give you a few simple tips that will hopefully

help inspire you to get on the road to physical fitness if the

at all, hence the name, “Silent Killer”, there are still some com-

gym just isn’t your thing!

mon occurrences that are widely believed to be associated

Nowadays EVERYBODY has a smart phone and there are a

with the disease. If you are experiencing shortness of breath,

plethora of exercise apps that range from free to nominal costs

severe headaches, bleeding from the nose (Epistaxis), fatigue

that you can download and utilize in the comforts of your own

and sleepiness, feelings of confusion, ringing in the ears,

home. My girlfriend, Lisa and I like to use the 7 Minute Work-

vomiting, profuse sweating, and blurred vision, it’s extremely

out app. This app will help you ease into a daily routine that’s

important to consult your physician. Do not just disregard

manageable and not as intimidating because it’s only 7 minutes

them if they persist…seek treatment!

long, however you will feel the burn lol! It’s important to know

your limitations and work within them especially starting out.

cess to information regarding Heart Disease and any other dis-

Also, if you have cable television, there’s a Sport & Fitness chan-

ease/disorder is right at our fingertips. It’s up to us to reverse

nel that you can access 24/7 and again, participate from the

the curse of Heart Disease.

comforts of your own home! If you’re trying to minimize costs,

checkout some of the websites like Groupon and Living Social

so that each generation of women in our families are better

that offer boot camp packages and other group trainings and

prepared to tackle the health concerns that are simply a part

go with a friend or sign-up for classes like ZUUMBA that are

of their genetic makeup.

high energy and fun! These classes are offered at your local

recreation centers, churches, dance studios, etc…just take your

other from this dreadful disease. Let’s make the commitment

pick! Don’t forget, there’s always “never fail, good old” power

to ourselves to empower our grandmothers and mothers,

walking around your neighborhood or local high school track…

aunts and sisters, and friends whom we love to recognize the

it’s free of charge…and so are the stairs in your home if you

signs, to listen to our bodies, to make better choices so that

have them! There are still numerous options available to you

we won’t continue to be leaders in an unpopular race. Let’s

to enhance your physical activity. These are just a few to think

safeguard our hearts so that we can continue to love and be

about. It’s up to YOU to make the commitment that your health

around to be loved. We can longer be “Silent!” 

34 /


Because high blood pressure typically has no symptoms

We are so very fortunate to be living in a time where ac-

We have an obligation to discuss our family histories

We have the power and the knowledge to protect each

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women, causing 1 in 3 deaths each year. That’s approximately one woman every minute! Since the risk of cardio-vascular disease increases dramatically when a women enters her forties,she should be knowledgeable of the health risks that heart disease





measures to decrease their risks.

6 Tips to Prevent Heart Disease      

Quit Smoking Proper Nutrition and Diet Excercising and Losing Weight Managing Diabetes Lowering Your Blood Pressure Managing Stress

Is your heart right?

I Am My Sisterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Keeper (l to r): First Lady Yolanda Carroll Ford, First Lady Mia Wright, Founder of 40zRock Sandra Wyckoff & First Lady Tawanda Usher


In your 40z? Join and be a 40z ROCKER!

Dear Prospective 40z Rocker, When you turned 40, what was the first thing that came to your mind? Honestly… Was it something like, “It’s all down-hill from here or I can now live MY life?” Whether positive or negative, did you realize there are billions of women asking themselves those same questions around the world? Better yet, did you know there was an organization Founded in Houston, Texas that tailored to the needs of women in their 40’z? YES… An organization where you can share empowerment, support, and make positive changes in your community. Women from all walks of life, all beautiful hues and tones, sizes and shapes with a positive outlook on life. The organization is 40’z ROCK, Founded by Sandra Wyckoff; a woman of class, couture, and culture. When she refers to a woman who ROCKS, she is distinctly referring to You, a woman who has done the work on herself, and has reached a level of awareness and balance; mentally, physically, and spiritually. She believes that once a woman has tapped into these areas of her life, then she ROCKS! And when she ROCKS, she can ROCK the world.  We are looking for women who ROCK to join our movement.  Are you a Rocker? We think so. It takes A Rocker, To Know a Rocker! If you know you have what it takes and would like to Rock the World with us, please visit to find out how become part of this growing movement.

40z Rock Magazine  

Our mission is to encourage women to no longer center life around everyone else and start making a conscious effort to live a life that enco...

40z Rock Magazine  

Our mission is to encourage women to no longer center life around everyone else and start making a conscious effort to live a life that enco...