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Boyfriends are infamous for forgetting important days. They'll forget anniversaries, think about nothing but food over Christmas (so you end up with a bottle of perfume and a candy cane) and if you didn't remind them how old you're getting, they'd probably forget your birthday too. You have an advantage though, when it comes to getting Gifts for Him, because you have a good memory, list-making abilities and an eye for a bargain; not to mention your natural empathy and sentimentality. However, if you're the sort of person who goes out shopping for birthday gifts and comes home with nine pairs of shoes and a handbag, you might want to shop online. Even if you're not suffering from a shoe addiction, you may still find it's better to buy Gifts for Him on the internet. Shopping online for Gifts for Him means you can budget better and find things you're looking for faster. Trudging through shops is never fun and you'll only be kept from his loving arms for a day, (or more!) and who wants that? According to recently published statistics more people are shopping online than ever, so there must be something in it. Hints and Tricks Boyfriends often need hints when it comes to getting gifts for you which can be as frustrating as it is depressing. Telling him the names of your favourite perfumes or that you really do prefer white gold while you're doing the ironing is a bit obvious. However, what he doesn't realise is that you struggle to think up gifts for him too! Not because you aren't beautiful, intelligent, considerate and creative. He just already has everything! And it's especially hard to find a present for the man who has everything. Console and computer games, cool shoes, nice aftershave, you name it he's already got it. It can be hard not to get materialistic when you're trying to think of gifts for him too, because you know he likes things that cost an arm and a leg or dumb gadgets you've never heard of. Also, there's no way you can afford to buy him a fancy laptop, a date with Scarlett Johansson (nor would you want to) or a lifetime supply of his favourite beer! The trick then, when it comes to getting gifts for him, is to play it cool. Consider this an opportunity to give him a token of your love rather than get him something useful or obvious. After all, your love is way better than a zombie computer game or TV series box set. Showing Him You Care Forget about how much you have to spend or how many things you'd like to get him that are just toys and meaningless. Think about how to show him that he's the most important man in your life.

Just because it's his birthday and not Valentine's Day that doesn't mean it can't be romantic. You could get him a personalised bottle of fine champagne and he could keep it as a single stem vase or reminder of how much you love him once the bubbly is gone. The champagne could be drunk on his birthday by the two of you to celebrate your man's birthday, or even be saved for another special occasion. Almost nothing is as luxurious or romantic as champagne. When it comes to getting Gifts for Him, think about how you'd like to be treated on your birthday. You'd probably like something to remember the day with like a piece of jewellery or a personalised item (Champagne bottle maybe?) something sweet like a box of your favourite chocolates and something a bit silly or fun? He's not so different. He just wants to have a good time and be around the people who care for him. So, sticking with the idea of romance, what about one of those experience gift days? It could be something really special to remember. If he's not scared of heights you could take a hot air balloon ride together. If he loves cars he could race around Silverstone on a Ferrari gift day while you and his friends cheer him on, or something else equally exciting. Just consider what he's most passionate about (other than you) and gifts for him will become obvious. If he has always wanted to pilot a space ship why not get him a flying lesson experience, it's not quite the same as orbiting planet earth or visiting far off solar systems but you can tell him he needs to practice in the earth's atmosphere before he takes to visiting all those other planets. Whatever you get it shouldn't end up sitting on a dusty shelf so it needs to be vibrant, exciting and show him how much you love him!

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