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TEAM Faculty Advisors Prof. (Dr.) Pramod S. Joshi (HOD) Prof. (Mrs.) Pradnya Deshpande Prof. (Dr.) Hemant V. Joshi Dr. Jayant M. Gadgil

PSA Co-ordinators Deepak H. Patel Kiran G. Karande Kaustubh M. Khairnar

Magazine Editors, Designers & Illustrators Dhaval S. Harsora Shantanu B. Kulkarni Mayur S. Urhekar Prajakta V. Bhatane Yutika R. Badhe

Affinity & Confluence R 2012


he unswerving efforts of the faculty and students of the Polymer Engineering Department are displayed at various occasions. These efforts towards the overall personality build up are the reason that we students have an Affinity towards growth and success. 'Affinity' is a national level paper presentation competition, held annually in the department. This event establishes a competitive, yet healthy atmosphere for all the innovative minds that participate, along with those who organize. Affinity and Confluence is held every year in April. Last year too, it was held in the third week of April. It was a breakthrough for the final year students, who manage the event, from their final semester academics and projects. Whereas for the others, it was just a channel for the tension and pressure of submissions to flow out. All the students took part in the event enthusiastically and voluntarily. Groups were made and so were leaders, and everyone worked together as a team efficiently. The event consisted of various sub events, technical as well as non technical. Technical events consisted of paper presentation, product development, poster presentation . Non technical events were the most popular ones and were kept taking into consideration the interest of our generation. Joga Soccer, Movionics and Counter Strike were the highlights of the event. Paper Presentation is such an event that enhances the overall personality of the students. The participant has to work on in-depth knowledge, gather information, presentation as well as his communication skills. The participation that this event saw was enthralling. People from all over the country had come to present their papers, along with a few from our own college. A few papers were really innovative, and our judges seemed very happy with the effort all the participants put. A vast spread of topics was discussed, from advanced machinery to nanotechnology. There was no restriction to thought and this turned out to be a huge success. The poster making competition too was a brain racking experience for the participants, which also needed creativity. Students required study of the topic, general knowledge, creativity,




Polymerise Vol. III  

Vol.3 Published by PSA (MIT, Pune), Polymer Engg.

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