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represents a form of revolution especially when considering its worldwide movement and organized tactics. In our eyes it reflects pure freedom. How did you guys feel when asked to be part of the TATS CRU? It was an honor for us to be part of such a legendary crew that includes not only writers such as BIO, NICER, TOTEM2 but also musicians such as Goldie, Fat Joe and Afrika Bambaataa... What changed in your lives, and your way of seeing and working with graffiti when you moved to New York? In 1997,our first visit to the big apple, we were fascinated by all the greatness New York has to offer. As many we were kind of brainwashed by media and had already positive and negative stereotypes in our membranes that led us to believe New York was reflecting all of the United States. But believe us the rest of the USA is even worse. As we got to stay longer those visions were more and more transforming. Not only had we witnessed all the injustice towards the so-called minorities (that’s how America calls the millions of non-Caucasians) by its government but also we became to realize that to understand the “why” we had to do our own community outreach. The way communities have to live in New York under constant and intense pressure in all aspects of life is just outrageous and wrong. We have ourselves lived under 3rd world country conditions in this city and

can truly state that this is not a first world country as it is portrayed over and over again in all genres of media outlets. Having studied those conditions to a good extent we see ourselves introducing and expressing those aspects more and more into our art. We have evolved into more critical artists where murals did not have to express any political emotion for example. So it is a conflict within ourselves when corporate companies approach us to do commercial work. Obviously we have to work and when personal work doesn’t sell as well as expected, then there is no other way than to except. Nevertheless we keep our integrity as artists and as human beings. Speaking of the graffiti scene in New York, we can only say that the good days are over once again. The train era passed away long time ago and after the late nineties not much has emerged since then. Considering the boom from the old days the quality and the quantity has stagnated. Other cities and countries have definitely topped New York’s Graffiti movement. But looking back at New York’s history we are certain that it will return once again. People have to consider that New York has been around for more than four decades. It is almost impossible to stay on top at all times. Fact is, writers get older, pursue their own professions, form families and simply said they loose interest. It’s up to a new generation to take it back to the streets... and not directly into the galleries. What are your inspirations to create a drawing? We have been asked this specific question so many times and it is never an easy one to explain. Inspira400ML 45

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8# Edição / issue 400ML Graffiti Mag

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