November 2021 Monthly Update

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November 2021

Pictured above: a selec on of landmarks that lit up green across Canada for “Show Your 4-H Colours Day” on November 3

November is 4-H Month There is so much to celebrate this November! Wear your green and show off yoru 4-H spirit all month long. Your club could even set up a 4-H display in your community! November 3 was Show Your 4-H Colours Day - a na on wide celebra on of 4-H. You can check out #SY4HC on social media to see and share in the celebra ons. Limited edi on “Inspired to Lead” t-shirts are available from 4-H Canada. Shipping is free, thanks to support from AdFarm. Get your shirt and Show your 4-H Colours in style. Available at: In Saskatchewan, we also hold a special Sustainability Ini a ve during 4-H Month. This is an opportunity to rally the 4-H community together to make a posi ve impact on our clubs, our communi es and our country. This year we are doing a Sustainable Ac on Bingo Card. We have also launched a 4-H Month 50/50 Fundraiser with a jackpot prize of up to $25,000. The draw date is November 30. 1

4-H Saskatchewan Events & Opportuni es Please note: All planned in-person 4-H events could be changed to virtual events, depending on public health orders and the number of COVID-19 cases in the province. Please remember to con nue to check the COVID-19 Preparedness page, as there may be changes made to these programs

Clubs across the province will showcase their 4-H pride and put their 4-H spirit on display. Join this province-wide celebra on by building awareness of 4-H in your community and make sure to #showyour4hcolours on November 3 – Na onal 4-H Day! In November, join our movement, help us showcase the ability of 4-H’ers to do good in their communi es. This year, our goal is under the Environment & Healthy Living pillar! To make it a fun challenge, we will be holding an Environment & Healthy Living BINGO. Our goal is to hold at least 400 sustainble ac ons! The card is full of ac vi es you can do to promote and par cipate in sustainable ac vi es to make your community healthier and more environmentally friendly. You will have the opportunity send in photos with your card to showcase what you’ve done! Everyone who submits a completed BINGO card will be put into a draw. The winning card will get the opportunity to donate $100 to the charity of their choice.


Download your Sustainable Action Bingo Card at The 2021 Sustainability Ini a ve sponsor is:

Where: Nutrien Wonderhub, Saskatoon When: November 12, 2021 Cost: $20 All ages welcome. Join in the fun and dig in to Science at the Nutrien Wonderhub. We are excited to bring back 4-H Science Day for the 2021 year! 4-H Science Day was rescheduled to November 12, 2021 from October 8.

Where: North Event - Melfort, SK South Event - Gull Lake, SK When: November 13, 2021 Cost: $40 Volunteers, leaders, and members (13+). Start your 4-H year off with this day conference for volunteers, leaders and members (13+). Join us to meet new people, gain new ideas, and learn about a variety of 4-H topics with other 4-H’ers. This year, Leaderama will be a one-day event in two loca ons. Come out to Melfort or Gull Lake to gain new mo va on, new ideas and new inspira on to take back to your club. Join us to learn more on a variety of topics, including 4-H 101, Quickshops, Engaging Youth Voices and more!

This event will focus on the Science & Technology pillar, with exci ng science experiments. Full details and registra on forms are available on the 4-H website Event Calendar or by following this link: A endees will be the first to receive the new Crazy Circuits Science ac vity kit. This event is sponsored by Finning Canada COVID: Proof of Vaccina on or Nega ve Test Required, Masks required indoors

AGENDA 9:00 a.m. Registra on 9:30 a.m. News and Opportuni es 10:00 a.m. Quick Topics 11:00 a.m. Key Note Speaker 12:00 p.m. Lunch 1:00 p.m. Session One Leaders select from “4-H 101” and “Head, Heart, Hands and Club Health” 2:30 p.m. Nutri on Break 2:45 p.m. Session Two Leaders select from “Quickshop Quick View” and “Engaging Youth Voices” 3:15 p.m. Break 3:30 p.m. Share Fair 4:30 p.m. Evalua ons and Closing This event is supported by RBC and the SSCF COVID: Masks required indoors


December 1 or December 5 Free All Ages are Welcome Virtual

This is an opportunity to learn about execu ve roles and responsibili es with other 4-H’ers from across the province.

Are you the new President, Vice-President, Secretary or Treasurer for your club? Are you thinking of running next year?

This program will be offered on December 1 and December 5 - same program, two chances to a end.

This is supported by Farm Credit Canada and the South Saskatchewan Community Founda on. Find more informa on on the 4-H website Events Calendar at

4-H Saskatchewan will be back at Agribi on this fall. From November 22 - 27 we will be at our booth in the Interna onal Trade Centre (near the barns). Stop by to say hi, meet the staff and ambassadors, chat about 4-H, win some 4-H swag, or par cipate in our Agribi on Scavenger Hunt. Hope to see you there!

COVID: Proof of Vaccina on or Nega ve Test Required, Masks required indoors


4-H Canada Ci zenship Congress May 3-8, 2022 | O awa, Ontario The 4-H Canada Ci zenship Congress will deepen your understanding of governance and public policy, nurture your communica on skills and expand your horizons as you discover Canada through the na on’s capital. Workshops will culminate with the annual debate, where you and your fellow members will construct insigh ul arguments and prac ce your skills of persuasion and public speaking. Ul mately you’ll learn more about Canada, its government and yourself. MEMBER OPPORTUNITY VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: • Age: 16-21 One Chaperone is needed. • Eligible: Ten (10) Delegates • Registra on Fee: $400 Applications available at COVID Informa on: All a endees must provide an

4-H Canada Leadership Summit a esta on of Full Vaccina on to register. April 22-24, 2022 | Halifax, NS This conference is an opportunity to explore a variety of programs and topics. Par cipants can expect to learn more about 4-H in other provinces, share best prac ces on everything from general club topics to boards to provincial policies, learn more about 4-H Canada programs, and have lots of fun. VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY • Eligible: Six (6) • Registra on Fee: $350

November 15 is the Last Chance to Apply! Youth Advisory Commi ee Posi on

Accep ng Applica ons For Saskatchewan Members un l November 15! Contact your Regional 4-H Specialist for Applica on. Do you have a passion for 4-H? Do you want to travel? Do you want to meet incredible people from all walks of life? Do you want to represent the youth of Saskatchewan on the na onal level? Apply for the 4-H Canada Youth Advisory Commi ee! The Youth Advisory Commi ee (YAC) is made up of one member from each province across the country, and assists 4-H Canada in areas such as programs, policies, conferences, communica ons, and marke ng. You will be placed in one of four working groups, and work with your other YAC members and 4-H Canada staff to deliver programs for our members. In the past, YAC members have had the opportunity to be a part of 4-H Canada programs and policies, travelled to Ontario for conferences, met 4-Hers from across the country, and even met the Prime Minister. YACs are chosen for a two-year term, with a possibility of a third year extension. If you’re over 18 years and a current or former Saskatchewan 4-H member, you’re eligible. Applica ons for the YAC posi on can be found on the 4-H Saskatchewan website. Deadline to apply is extended to November 15. You must be 18-25 years old and have at least two years of experience as a 4-H member. “My me on the Youth Advisory Commi ee provided opportuni es beyond my imagina on. The role allowed me to develop and master skills to make me a stronger spokesperson and leader in my everyday. Being the Saskatchewan YAC member, I was able to learn about 4-H on a na onal level by si ng on the 4-H Canada board of directors, as well as the marke ng and communica ons working group. I made friends from across Canada, I was an advocate for important topics and, most importantly, I got to represent an organiza on devoted to crea ng posi ve impacts on youth.” -Bre Rumpel, 4-H Saskatchewan YAC member


Club Opportuni es Club and District Workshops There are several training opportuni es available to 4-H clubs and districts in a number of formats available from yoru Regional 4-H Specialist: Workshops • Available to clubs and districts • Can be in-person or virtual • Topics include Record Books, Parliamentary Procedure, Public Speaking, Judging and The 4-H Basics. • Clubs are limited to one Workshop per year. • If presented to a district (mul ple clubs), two workshops can be delivered Quickshops • Similar to Workshops (above) that Specialist gives, but are designed for an adult or Senior member in your club to facilitate. • Available to individual clubs • Topics include Record Books, Parliamentary Procedure, Public Speaking and Judging • Clubs are limited to one Quickshop per year.

4-H Saskatchewan Clothing Preorder

Club Execu ve Training • Available to Districts (mul ple clubs). Minimum 15 registrants required. • Training specifically for Execu ve members, General Leaders and Project Leaders on how to complete their du es • Is also open to members and leaders who have an avid interest in these posi ons but aren’t necessarily holding that posi on this year.

Beef and Light Horse Feedback Requested 4-H Saskatchewan is revising the Beef and Light Horse Project Unit Books and is looking for feedback from members, leaders, and families. Do you have sugges ons for improvement or ideas for ac vi es to include? Everyone is invited to send in their thoughts and feedback. Please submit your feedback by November 30 By following this link to the survey form

4-H Saskatchewan Ac vity Kits

We’re doing a 4-H Saskatchewan Clothing Preorder. We’re excited to offer new t-shirts, sweaters, and bunny-hugs with our fancy-script “Learn To Do By Doing” mo o. Check out the 4-H SK Clothing preorder (link on the 4-H website store) for all items and sizes and get your order in by November 30!

There are s ll 4-H Ac vity Kits available from 4-H Saskatchewan. These kits were created with support from the ECSF. We s ll have Cool Cuts, Community Treasure Hunt, Elevate Your Mood, and Ranchland (pictured) available. Order yours Watch out for three new kits coming this year: Crazy Circuits (sponsored by Finning), as well as Cropland and Plan ng on the Prairies supported by Cargill.


4-H Canada Opportuni es Dig Into Soil With the new Dig Into Soil Ac vity Book, you’ll receive everything you need for fun and hands-on ac vi es to explore healthy soils, compos ng, and climate change. The Dig Into Soil Ac vity Book is full of ac vi es, as well as all the informa on you’ll need to carry out a science experiments on soil health. It’s easy, free, and fun for everyone! Learn more and download your free Ac vity Book at dig-into-soil Unbox Your Mind The Unbox Your Mind kit from 4-H Canada is perfect for youth and their families to learn about mental health at home and for leaders to use with their clubs and who are looking for informa ve resources and skill-building ac vi es. Learn more and register to receive your FREE Ac vity Kit while quan at: My Plate and the Planet

es last

The new My Plate and the Planet Ac vity Book is filled with exci ng hands-on ac vi es for youth to explore the food we eat! This new resource from 4-H Canada is the final phase of the Healthy Living Ini a ve and provides youth with opportuni es to learn about food security in their communi es and around the world! The Ac vity Book can be used by youth individually, by families at home, or by 4-H clubs gathering virtually or in-person.

Download your copy today and learn more at

4-H Canada Science Fair The 4-H Canada Science Fair is an opportunity for you to explore, experiment, and discover! Through this program, 4-H youth plan, research, complete, and submit science fair projects, independently or as pairs, to be judged virtually, in the hopes of moving to our second round and ul mately to the Canada-Wide Science Fair. The 4-H Canada Science Fair is open to 4-H’ers in grades 7 to 12 or enrolled in CÉGEP. Registra on for the 2022 4-H Canada Science Fair opens Sept. 1, 2021, and closes Jan. 14, 2022. The three winners and their projects will be entered into the virtual Canada-Wide Science Fair, taking place May 16-20, 2022, where they will compete against the best and the brightest from across Canada! Visit:


Regional Updates North East Region

North West Region

Kalynne Mar n

Raeanne Pe fer

Office: 306-933-6723 Cell: 306-280-3755 Email:

Regional Directors

Regional Directors • • •

Cameron Choque e, District #22, Toon Town 4-H Club Becky Huber, District #24, Handel Mul ple 4-H Club Louise Sroka, District#35, Maidstone Gully Mul ple 4-H Club Note: one three year term and one one-year term are up for elec on in March

Office: 306-964-1544 Cell: 306-220-6315 Email:

• • • •

Mike Kirzinger, District #21, Viscount 4-H Beef Club Michell Heidecker, District #28, Three Lakes 4-H Beef Club Trena Hoffus-Preston, District #32, Whispering Pines 4-H Club Note: one three year term and one one-year term are up for elec on in March

Advisory Council Rep

Advisory Council Rep

North West Ambassadors

North East Ambassadors

(Vacant) - up for elec on at March AGM! • •

Leaders: Jeanelle W. and Kelly K. Members: Jessica D., Julie-Ann W. and Jessica W.

• •

Shayla Preston, District #32, Whispering Pines 4-H Club Leaders: Miranda H. and Amy M. Members: Kierra H., Katherine P., Makenzie O. and Kira W.

District Mee ngs

District Mee ngs

Message From Your Specialist

Message From Your Specialist

Please contact the 4-H office as soon as you set your district mee ng date. We will help to arrange any virtual mee ng, and we can let you know if there are any new clubs that you might need to invite as well! • District 33 - November 7 (Tenta ve) • District 36 - November 19 - 7:00 pm in Meadow Lake Hey North West!!

If you have any ques ons around registra on and club start up including running a workshop, please send me an email with the workshop you would like to do as a few dates that work for you! I want to be able to ensure that you are all as prepared as possible for the 2021/22 4-H year. Districts, please reach out to me with your mee ng dates as soon as possible! I want to ensure that I can a end as many of those as possible.

Kalynne 4-H Saskatchewan delegate to the 4-H Canada Youth Advisory Council (YAC): Bre Rumpel, District #37, Longlaketon Mul ple 4-H Club 8

Please contact the 4-H office as soon as you set your district mee ng date. We will help to arrange any virtual mee ng, and we can let you know if there are any new clubs that you might need to invite as well! • District 31- January 19 • District 32- November 16 in Prince Albert

Welcome to November! We would like to welcome some new 4-H families and 4-H clubs to the North East Region! We are happy to have you as a part of the 4-H family. 4-H is all about fun and learning, and we know that you will have plenty of opportuni es for both. I have some news for everyone. I am moving into a new posion within 4-H Saskatchewan, and therefore I will no longer be the North East Regional 4-H Specialist. I have absolutely loved working with the wonderful members and leaders in the North East. I will s ll be around to lend Raeanne a hand, and I know that you will welcome her to this role with great enthusiasm. Don’t be afraid to call me about your wild and wonderful ideas about 4-H, as you know that I love to chat about all things 4-H!


Welcome to your new Specialist

Raeanne Pe fer is joining the 4-H staff team as the North East Regional 4-H Specialist. Raeanne grew up in Strathmore, Alberta and is passionate about agriculture. She is a 4-H alumni and excited to get to meet people throughout the North East.

South West Region

South East Region

Kaitlyn Keller

Melodi Hawkesford-Lee

Office: 306-964-1545 Cell: 306-229-2064 Email:

Office: 306-787-1958 Cell: 306-529-5446 Email:

Regional Directors

Regional Directors

Advisory Council Rep

Advisory Council Rep

• • • • •

Stan Figley, District #40, Kyle Mul ple 4-H Club Alvin Pawlitza, District #11, Abbey-Lancer 4-H Beef Club Kylie Mackie, District #10, Reno Mul ple 4-H Club Note: one three year term up for elec on in March Kennedy MacNeil, District #8, Missouri Coteau 4-H Mul ple Club

South West Ambassadors

• •

Please contact the 4-H office as soon as you set your district mee ng date. We will help to arrange any virtual mee ng, and we can let you know if there are any new clubs that you might need to invite as well! • District 3/4 - November 17 - Zoom at 7:00 pm • District 16 – November 10 – Virtually

Message From Your Specialist Hello South Westers!

I hope that you all are enjoying the change in season. I love when the season changes and like to reflect on all the posive things that last season has given me. If you club would like to book a workshop these can be done in person and virtually, we are able to talk about Record books, Judging, public speaking and more! I am excited to help all clubs new and returning meet whatever goals they may have for the year!


Dylan Wa , District #9, Beechy Mul ple 4-H Club

South East Ambassadors

Leaders: Susan A., Paula B. and Jennifer W. Members: Madeline C., Emily S. and Tabatha B.

District Mee ngs

District Mee ngs

Brooklyn Trask, District #22, Saskatoon 4-H Beef Club

Glenn Gress, District #1, Browning Mul ple Club Jason Frey, District #41, Alameda 4-H Beef Club Bri any Stepp, District #7, Radville 4-H Beef Club Note: one three year term up for elec on in March

(Vacant) - up for elec on at March AGM! • •

Leaders: Stacey H., Robyn M. and Nora S. Members: Brynne L., Hanna L. and Makaila P.

Member Delegates to the Board of Directors:

• • • •

Please contact the 4-H office as soon as you set your district mee ng date. We will help to arrange any virtual mee ng, and we can let you know if there are any new clubs that you might need to invite as well! • District 7 Mee ng – Wednesday November 10, 2021 – 7:00 p.m. – Weyburn Ag Society • District 12 Mee ng – Wednesday November 17, 2021 – 7 p.m. – Gallagher Centre, Yorkton (tent. loca on) • District 13 Mee ng - Thursday November 18, 2021, 7pm - Virtual

Record Book Compe


We will be having a Regional record book compe on again this year, with the winners advancing to the Provincial level. Please send the top two winners per age category, per club in to the South East 4-H Office (515 Henderson Drive Regina SK S4N 5X1) by December 3, 2021. If you are interested in being a Record Book judge, please let me know!

Message From Your Specialist Hello South East 4-H’ers! I hope you are all gearing up for a new 4-H year. Hopefully we will see some changes from the past two years and be able to offer more of a tradi onal 4-H experience! If you have any ques ons or concerns this year, need a hand with registra on, or would like any of the above-men oned workshops, do not hesitate to reach out to me. I am here to help!



Board of Directors 4-H Saskatchewan is a project-based youth organiza on dedicated to the growth and development of our members, leaders, volunteers, and staff through our mo o:

Learn To Do By Doing

The role of the Board of Directors is to set direc on and policy of the 4-H program. They contribute to defining the organiza on’s Mission, Vision and Core Values and governing their fulfillment.


Cameron Choque e Becky Huber Bri any Stepp

NORTH WEST LEADER DELEGATES Cameron Choque e Becky Huber Louise Sroka

306-327-8460 (C) 306-948-7506 306-895-3117


The provincial office is made up of a dynamic staff team ready to serve our new and exis ng members, leaders and clubs throughout the province. The provincial office staff is happy to be of assistance, so please do not hesitate to contact us.


Phone: (306) 933-7727 Fax: (306) 933-7730 E-mail:


Address: 3830 Thatcher Avenue Saskatoon, SK. S7R 1A5


(306) 933-7729

Cera Youngson


(306) 933-6961


(306) 933-7348

Shelby Longworth

Sandra Hessdorfer


(306) 933-7728

Karrie Watson

Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m Closed on holidays


Note: some staff may be working remotely


(306) 933-7727

Shirley Wensley


(306) 933-7731 accoun

Sandi Sirois

(306) 933-6961 communica


REGIONAL 4 H SPECIALISTS Each region has a regional 4-H specialist available to support the members, leaders, and clubs in that region. Contact your regional 4-H specialist with ques ons, or if you require support. They are also happy to help with club start-ups, and offer workshops for clubs. NORTH WEST

Kalynne Mar n

Office: 306-933-6723 Cell: 306-280-3755 Email:


Kaitlyn Keller

Office: 306-964-1545 Cell: 306-229-2064 Email:



Raeanne Pe fer

Office: 306-964-1544 Cell: 306-220-6315 Email:


Melodi Hawkesford-Lee

Office: 306-787-1958 Cell: 306-529-5446 Email:

Mike Kirzinger Michell Heidecker Trena Hoffus-Preston

306-944-4244 (H) 306-231-8783 306-930-2525

SOUTH WEST LEADER DELEGATES Stan Figley Alvin Pawlitza Kylie Mackie

306-375-2775 (H) 306-689-2597 (H) 306- 558-7144 (C)

SOUTH EAST LEADER DELEGATES Glenn Gress Jason Frey Bri any Stepp

306-487-3279 (H) 306-486-7230 306-861-4179 (H)

18 YEAR OLD MEMBER DELEGATES Dylan Wa Brooklyn Trask

306-859-7830 306-491-9902


306-946-3237 (W)


306-944-4244 (H)



Youth Advisory Council The Youth Advisory Council brings the opinions, ideas, and voice of youth 4-H members to the Saskatchewan 4-H Council.

REGIONAL MEMBER ADVISORS NW Vacant NE Shayla Coming soon! Preston Kennedy MacNeil Vacant


Bre Rumpel




306-859-7830 306-491-9902

Contact your Regional Representa ves if you would like to share your opinions, sugges ons, or concerns rela ng to the Saskatchewan 4-H Council’s policy, programming or direc on.

Calendar of 4-H Events Club Registra on

Nov. 15

Show Your 4-H Colours Day

Nov. 3


YAC Applica on - extended!

Nov. 15

Club Week

Nov. 1-7


Leader Travel Applica on - extended!

Nov. 15

Online Registra on Webinar - My4-H tour

Nov. 10 at 7:00 pm


Member Travel Applica on- extended

Nov. 15 Dec. 15

Science Day

Nov. 12

Saskatoon (Wonderhub)

AGM Chaperone

Leaderama - South

Nov. 13

Gull Lake

Hall of Fame Nomina on

Dec. 31

Leaderama - North

Nov. 13


Resolu on to AGM

Dec. 31 Jan. 14

Alumni Luncheon (at REUNITE Conven on)

Nov. 20


4-H Canada Science Fair

Agribi on (come see 4-H at our booth!)

Nov. 22 - 27


AGM Registra on

Feb. 1

Board Nomina on Deadline


AC Nomina on Deadline

Feb. 10

Club Execu ve Training (1 of 2)

Dec. 1


Club Execu ve Training (2 of 2)

Dec. 5


Beef Awareness Training

Dec. TBD


Prairieland Youth Leadership Conference

Feb 5-6 , 2022


Provincial Curling

Feb. 18-20


4-H Ski Day

Mar. 5 (tenta ve)

Four Loca ons


Mar 19-20


Provincial Public Speaking

April 9 or 16

Middle Lake

This new online pla orm allows 4-H families to register for your club and projects immediately and manage your own household profiles. As new features go live over 2021-2022, it will also be used to register for regional and provincial events, make and view your dona ons, and apply for opportuni es through the pla orm. To access: 1. Go to the 4-H website 2. Select “My 4-H” from the top menu to be taken to the site.

HELPFUL TIP: If it’s your first me on the My4-H site, visit “Registra on FAQ” under membership for a full Registra on Walkthrough guide and FAQ documents

Join us for a webinar on November 10 at 7:00 pm to get a tour around the new system and a step-by-step guide on how to register online. Webinar details: Join us on Zoom Call in by phone: 1 647 374 4685 Mee ng ID: 893 3775 4971 Passcode: 880090