June 2020 4-H Saskatchewan Monthly Update

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June 2020

e t a d p U y l h t n o M Exploring 4-H At Home

The Clairbank Multiple 4-H Club has been working on a community garden. They set up a work schedule to ensure everyone can be involved, but they are not gathering together. Photo from Facebook

We know you might be looking for ideas to do with your 4-H’ers while they are at home. We are working on weekly activities under each of the Leadership Development Pillars – Communications & Community Engagement, Science & Technology, Environment & Healthy Living and Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security. Weekly activities will be posted in the Facebook group “Exploring 4-H At Home” and PDF worksheets will be available on the 4-H website at www.4-h.sk.ca/4hathome. We encourage our membership to share the activities they have completed on social media, using the hashtag #exploring4hathome, as well as join the Facebook group. There are also extra activities, colouring sheets, activity sheets and ideas for contests and activities and other resources available. Make sure to contact you regional 4-H specialist if you are looking for other resources. Share your ideas and completed Exploring 4-H At Home activities on the group page! #exploring4hathome


In-Person 4-H Programming Suspended On June 5, 2020, it was announced that: District, Regional and Provincial Events: • ALL in person 4-H events and activities at the district, regional and provincial level must be suspended for the remainder of the membership year (until August 31, 2020) • This means that events like regional shows, public speaking competitions, summer camp, and judging will not be taking place in person this year, but some will be held in other ways.  • Person-to-person 4-H activities and events at these levels are not allowed and will not be covered by 4-H insurance coverage. Virtual events and meetings are allowed – these must follow 4-H policy. 4-H Club Activities • In Person Club Activities are currently suspended. • 4-H is considered a recreational activity. In the Government Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan, recreational activity are not allowed until Phase 4 (no date announced). No in person 4-H club activities are allowed until Phase 4 of the reopen plan. • Once Phase 4 begins, clubs may be able to begin to hold in person activities provided that meet restrictions set out by the Saskatchewan Health Authority, Government of Saskatchewan, 4-H Saskatchewan or 4-H Canada (eg. Size of gathering, safety precautions). The 4-H office will provide a checklist resource for Club Events prior to the start of Phase 4. We call on the 4-H family to proactively work to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 in our communities.  All 4-H’ers are expected to follow guidance from the provincial and federal government.   • Saskatchewan Health Authority: www.saskatchewan. ca/coronavirus       • Health Canada: www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/coronavirus-disease-covid-19.html   The Saskatchewan 4-H Council will continue to monitor government health information and the responses of other 4-H and youth organizations, as well as school divisions. We’ll Come Together, by Staying Apart, for our clubs, our communities, our country, and our world.      4-H PROGRAMMING UPDATE   LOCAL CLUB EVENTS  • CONTACT YOUR REGIONAL 4-H SPECIALIST WITH ANY CLUB QUESTIONS • In Person Club Activities are currently suspended. • No in person 4-H club activities are allowed until Phase 4 of the reopen plan. 4-H is considered a


recreational activity. In the Government Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan, recreational activity are not allowed until Phase 4 (no date announced). • Once Phase 4 begins, clubs may be able to begin to hold in person activities provided that meet restricts set out by the Saskatchewan Health Authority, Government of Saskatchewan, 4-H Saskatchewan or 4-H Canada. The 4-H office will provide a checklist resource for Club Events taking place in Phase 4. • they meet the restrictions and guidelines set out by the Saskatchewan Health Authority and Government of Saskatchewan (for example, social distancing measures and/or cleaning and disinfection procedures are in place, PPE is used where appropriate, and the limits to size of gatherings/numbers of participants are followed) • participation is voluntary and each participant has signed a waiver. • any additional 4-H guidelines/restrictions are followed. We will send out another communication piece to all families, with recommendations, restrictions in place during Phase 4, links to the Phase 4 information and more when they are able to be developed. • 2019/20 Achievement and Membership Completion • We recognize the hard work 4-H’ers dedicated to the program and are aware of the disruption this will cause to achievement and show season.  • 4-H Saskatchewan has prepared information and guidance for clubs to complete their 4-H year, albeit in a modified way. • 4-H Members have until August 31, 2020 to complete all member credit requirements. Remember to be compassionate and understanding of various personal situations and handle them case by case. Please consider making exceptions for the 2019-2020 club year due to restrictions of COVID-19.   4-H Members can complete their year early without penalty. • All clubs are able complete their projects as they see fit.  • Go to www.4-h.sk.ca/achievement-day for information about hosting virtual Achievement Days and reporting forms such as the Club Year End Reporting Form • For market animal projects • As no in person show & sales are being held this year, clubs and individual members are able to sell their animals as they see fit. • Suggestions for virtual show and sales and other options, please visit www.4-h.sk.ca/

achievement-day and read the “4-H Club Show And Sale” document • Market animal projects are asked to report how they sold their animals this year. You can find the Club Year End Market Animal Project Requirement” form at www.4-h.sk.ca/ achievement-day  • 2020/21 Membership Year • We are presently preparing for fall programming and club registration to be able to run as normal in September. The provincial 4-H office is monitoring the situation and encourages all 4-H’ers to look to official sources to do the same. As the situation continues to evolve, it is possible further postponement or restrictions could be required.   DISTRICT & REGIONAL EVENTS  • Regional and Provincial Public Speaking events will not be held in 2020. We congratulate all speakers that advanced from their clubs and districts, commend your hard work, and share your disappointment. We encourage you to share your speech on social media with the hashtag #4hSKspeech. • District Meetings scheduled before August 31 must be postponed or transitioned to a conference or video call. Contact your specialist for support hosting a conference or video call.  • Regional Judging Events have been cancelled, or are being moved to an online, virtual competition.  Please contact your regional judging committee for specific information regarding their program. Any known online judging competitions will be listed at www.4-h.sk.ca/ livestock  The provincial competition will be open to all who want to register. • Regional Shows have either moved to online show/sales or participating clubs are selling locally. Please contact your regional show for specific information regarding their program.  • If you are looking for information about how to buy from members, visit www.4-h.sk.ca/beef-resources.     PROVINCIAL PROGRAMS  • The Saskatchewan 4-H Council AGM will be moving to an online, digital meeting. • Regional Meetings will be held the first two weeks of July and the AGM meeting will be held in the following weeks. • AGM Voting Delegates will receive information to participate.   • Visitor delegates will receive a full refund. • The Hall of Fame celebration will be moved to another event in the fall. • Provincial 4-H Judging will be an online, digital, competition. There is no qualifying regional events – anyone is eligible to enter. More details will be released at a later

date. • 4-H Summer Camp will be held as a digital event in August. More information will be available soon. • 2020 Regional and Provincial 4-H Public Speaking will not be held.    • Equine Symposium is currently being held digitally. You can find more information at https://tockify.com/haroldthehare/detail/128/1591336800000 • 4-H Citizenship Day was held digitally. The resources are available www.4-h.sk.ca/4hathome • There is a new Communications Competition being held virtually. Information is available www.4-h.sk.ca/ contests • Fall in person events are still scheduled: • Science Day in Saskatoon on October 11 • Seniors Weekend in Saskatoon on November 20-22 • Leaderama is scheduled in person in Melfort and Moose Jaw on December 12, 2020. ADMINISTRATION  • The Saskatchewan 4-H Council office remains CLOSED to the public until further notice.   • 4-H Staff are still available to support you by phone or email. Please be aware staff are working remotely or have modified hours but will respond as soon as they are able.   • All store and achievement day orders will be processed by the office and mailed out. Please have patience, as there may be delays in receiving your packages.   MENTAL HEALTH RESOURCES: • This is an unprecedented situation and a trying time. Please take care of each other and yourselves. Leaders are encouraged to share resources for mental health and support in your clubs and your networks.      • Kids Help Phone offers professional counselling, information and referrals. You can phone, text or chat online. It’s confidential, free and available 24/7. • Call 1-800-668-6868    • Text CONNECT to 686868    • Chat online at kidshelpphone.ca    • HealthLine 811 -  mental health and addictions service continues to be available, providing 24/7 crisis support, advice to help manage a caller’s situation, information and connection to community resources.    • Farm Stress Line provides support for farmers and ranchers and is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. To get help, call 1-800-667-4442.   • 4-H Canada Mental Health Resources https://4-h-canada.ca/healthyliving/mentalhealth The most up-to-date information about programming is available at www.4-h.sk.ca/covid19preparedness


4-H Saskatchewan Events & Opportunities Please remember to continue to check the COVID-19 Preparedness page, as there may be changes made to these programs in the future.

Staff Challenges This year, we will have social media challenges every two months for 4-H members to take part in! Make sure to pay attention to the 4-H Saskatchewan Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as somedays there might be random challenges popping up. Make sure to compete, as there will be prizes for individuals and clubs!

May/June Springing To Achievement It’s spring and with the new season comes Achievement Days! We want to see what your club does at Achievement Day, from showing cattle to presenting a display. Share your stories and videos on social media, using the hashtag #4hskachievementday.

Don’t forget to check future Monthly Updates and social media for other special challenges! Some months may have some exciting opportunities for your club to get involved.

Peavey Mart Barbecues are back! Peavey Mart is hosting “4-H Days” the week of August 17th! Local Peavey Mart stores will be doing a till fundraiser in support of 4-H Saskatchewan, with clovers for people to sign. The 10-day event will wrap up with store barbecues on Saturday, August 22. 4-H Saskatchewan is looking for clubs to volunteer to run the barbecues. It will be similar to previous year, where you must fill out the application form and turn it into the office. Peavey Mart gives you the supplies and your club will keep all the proceeds. The application form is available on the 4-H website. Deadline to apply is July 6, 2020.

Ag Awareness Initiative Program The Agriculture Awareness Initiative Program provides support to build awareness and trust in modern agriculture. The program is designed to help individuals and organizations tell the story of Saskatchewan agriculture. The AAIP is a proposal-based program for education and training, to engage producers in awareness efforts, as well as the development and delivery of tools, resources and communication materials to enhance the understanding of and truct in ag. To learn more about this grant funding program, visit the Government website at https://bit.ly/2XhhTfO Next deadline: June 1, 2020


4-H Lottery is a Great Club Fundraiser! Please note: Although the lottery tickets are still for sale, 4-H’ers cannot be selling them in person. Your club or district can get involved by selling tickets for the annual Saskatchewan 4-H Lottery! Participating clubs or districts receive 60 per cent of sales value of their completely sold books. All of the proceeds from the lottery support 4-H. The remaining 40 per cent of sales is invested into regional and provincial 4-H programs! Thank you to our Grand Prize Supporters, Yara Belle Plaine Inc. with A.E. Peacock students! Other prizes will include: • 1 – iPad Pro 128GB – donated by Cooperative Hail Insurance • 2 – $500 Advertising Vouchers – donated by The Western Producer • 1 – $1,000 CAA Travel Gift Card – donated by CAA Saskatchewan • 1 – iPad 6th Generation 32GB – donated by Staples • 1 – Patio Set and Table – donated by Lowe’s • 1 – $500 VIA Rail gift card – donated by VIA Rail

Garden Shed or Gazebo Made by the students at A.E. Peacock School, with material donated by Yara Belle Plaine Inc.

Tickets are $5 each and the 50/50 add-on is $2. Please note: you must buy a lottery ticket to purchase a 50/50 add-on. The draw will be made on August 21, 2020. Contact the 4-H Office to order your ticket books. Prizes may not be exactly as pictured. Lottery pending approved license. A new selling pledge form will be available on the fundraising page of the website. This is a great tool to allow 4-H clubs to continue selling their tickets without meeting people in person. On the form, write down the buyer’s name, contact information and how many tickets they want. After receiving payment electronically or by mailed cheque, you can mail them their tickets.

Planning Virtual Achievement Days

The 4-H Staff have prepared some documents to help you with planning an alternative achievement day for your members. All of the suggestions are for you to take back to the club and decide how you would like to finish the 4-H year. As a club, you must determine what ACHIEVEMENT looks like in your club. Remember not all projects may look the exact same. However, the following requirements must be followedfor members to be considered having a complete 4-H year: • • • • •

Exhibit a completed record book Exhibit or demonstrate project work Participate in a public speaking activity Complete a questionnaire for each project taken Complete a 4-H general knowledge questionnaire

Clubs and members are encouraged to complete all the projects they registered for at the beginning of the year to the best of their ability. Members must be given all opportunities available to complete their project in accordance with Health Authority Social Distancing guidelines (including but not limited to social distancing and restricting/limiting gatherings). To find the Achievement Day Contingency Plan and the Club Show & Sale Contiengency Plan documents, please visit www.4-h.sk.ca/achievement-day. This page also includes other documents for Achievement Day you may be looking for, including Membership Certificates, Achievement Day Provincial Level Quizzes, Questionnaire Study Guide and more.


We’re Moving Our Events Online! We may not be able to hold some of our upcoming events in person this year, but we are excited to try a new, online format for our 4-H members and leaders.

Virtual Summer Camp We are bringing the summer camp experience into your own home! This year, we will be hosting a virtual, online summer camp. This event will take place online, with fun camp activities you can do at home, led by volunteer counsellors and 4-H staff. This event will be FREE and take place in August! Registration will be open to all 4-H members aged 9-14. We will have more information about how to sign up soon! Please visit the 4-H Saskatchewan website for more information in the coming weeks!

Online Provincial 4-H Judging Is 4-H judging one of our favourite activities? Provincial 4-H Judging is moving digital! We are working with our judging hosts to move this event online. This event will now be an open competition - this means you do not need to attend a regional competition to take part in it! The event will still take place in August. More details will be available in the coming weeks!

Project Showcase Calling all 4-H members! We want to see what you have been doing with your 4-H project! Take a 15 to 20 second video or some photos and send them to communications@4-h.sk.ca by June 8. It doesn’t matter what project you are in, we would love to see a quick demonstration of it! From Animal Projects and Archery, to Sewing, Outdoor Living and Crafts. Once we have received all your videos and photos, we will create a video showcase of our clubs and share it on social media!


Communications Competition This year, we will be hosting a virtual Communications Competition! There will be three categories: • Video • Presentation/Demonstration - In this category, you will write and film your own demonstration or presentation. You are able to use props and visual aids, which could include PowerPoint, physical items and more. It must be self-authored and original. • Performance Art - This category will allow you to perform a monologue or play. You can use props to help with the performance piece. This can be pieces written by other playerights. • Written • News/Essay - Write your own news article or essay, based around the topic. You will have to research and present in in proper format. • Short Story - Do you prefer wrting fiction over non-fiction? This category is for you! Write a short story around the topic. • Visual • Digital - Create a poster around the chosen topic, using digital means. You can use software such as Photoshop to creat your poster, as well as photographs, clip art, digital art and more. • Hand-drawn - Using traditional media, such as pencil, markers, crayons, paints,etc., you will create an original art piece around the topic. Topic for the competition will be “Head, Heart, Hands and Health in Action.” This is open to interpetation by each competitor. Each participant can have one entry into each category, or just enter into the category which interests you the most! It is open to all age categories - Cloverbud, Junior, Intermediate, Senior and Adult! Submissions must be received by August 21. More information will be available on the 4-H Saskatchewan website in the coming weeks!

Annual General Meeting The Saskatchewan 4-H Council AGM  will be moving to an online, digital meeting! We will be starting with hosting Regional Meetings in the first two weeks of July. The AGM meeting will be held in the following weeks, after all the Regional Meetings have been held. AGM Voting Deletgates will receive information on how to participate through email. Since it is moving online, all visitor delegates will receive a full refund.


Regional Updates North West Region

North East Region

Meet the Board of Directors

Meet the Board of Directors

Meet the Advisory Council

Meet the Advisory Council

North West Ambassadors

North East Ambassadors

Message to the North West

Message to the North East

Hi North West 4-H’ers!

Hello North East 4-Hers!

I am excited for the warmer weather and the sunshine that we have had lately, I could do without the wind though. I typically enjoy spending time outdoors with friends and family during this time and I am still trying to make it outside regularly. Although we aren’t able to do that with anyone outside of our houses quite yet, don’t forget to take time to relax and enjoy the benefits of the sun (while wearing sunscreen of course!).

I hope that you are all staying healthy, happy, and safe.

• Cameron Choquette, District #22, Toon Town 4-H Club • Annaleigh LeBruno, District #22, Saskatoon 4-H Beef Club • Clint Panter, District #33, Big River 4-H Multiple Club

• Summer Norman, District #22, Saskatoon 4-H Beef Club

• Leaders: Niki Panter, Stacey Zerebeski and Kelly Kuziw • Members: Ailie Thiemann, Brooklyn Trask and Makayla Smith

If you and your family are doing anything exciting this summer or you just want to share it with me, I want to hear about it! I would have seen most of you by now through regional shows or achievement days and I am sad that it has been so long since I’ve seen my favorite people! Whether it is learning a new skill, updating things around your home or just enjoying some down time, send me pictures and/or post them to my North West Facebook Page as I love staying up to date with everyone! As always, I am here and happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have, please phone me or send me an email and we can chat. I hope you all have a safe and fun summer and I can’t wait to see you all again soon! Kalynne Martin North West Regional 4-H Specialist


• Mike Kirzinger, District #21, Viscount 4-H Beef Club • Tara Malinowski, District #20, Wishart Multiple 4-H Club • Leslie Penner, District #27, Melfort Trail Blazers Light Horse 4-H Club • Becca Fitzsimmons, District #21, Viscount 4-H Beef Club

• Leaders: Charlene Fox, Trena Hoffus-Preston and Angie Letendre • Members: Iso Kinash, Abby Kirzinger and Danica Kiefer

With the 4-H year ending on a strange note, I hope that you are all keeping busy with things that make you happy. For me, that means trying new recipes, keeping my plants healthy, and lots of phone calls and video chats with friends and family. My favorite is a great facebook live bingo game that my friend’s brother puts on. However, I think my bingo card is broke because I never win anything! Once again, please feel free to share any pictures or videos you may have with me. I would love to see your completed 4-H projects! I have seen a few pictures so far, and it is wonderful to see all the hard work that members have put in over the past year. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime! Shelby Longworth North East Regional 4-H Specialist

Meet the 4-H Saskatchewan delegate to the 4-H Canada Youth Advisory Council (YAC): Brett Rumpel, District #37, Longlaketon Multiple 4-H Club

South West Region

South East Region

Meet the Board of Directors

Meet the Board of Directors

Meet the Advisory Council

Meet the Advisory Council

South West Ambassadors

South East Ambassadors

Message to the South West

Message to the South East

Hello SW 4-H’ers,

Hello South East 4-H’ers! I hope you are all hanging in there, despite the COVID-19 restrictions. I encourage you to continue learning to do by doing, no matter what circumstances you are in right now.

• Stan Figley, District #40, Kyle Multiple 4-H Club • Alvin Pawlitza, District #11, Abbey-Lancer 4-H Beef Club • Nora Schock, District #10, Maple Creek Multiple 4-H Club • Adrianna Simpson, District #8, Missouri Coteau Multiple

• Leaders: Stacey Hawkins and Chelsey Siemens • Members: Dylan Watt, Meghan Kerr and Lacey Bauer

I hope you are all well. Heading into June, I know many 4-H clubs are having virtual achievement days. I would love to attend so please invite me on Facebook or wherever you are holding your achievement day celebrations. Make sure to send in some pictures or short videos so we can help celebrate all members on finishing their 4-H year! This is a great time for members to become creative and maybe teach your leaders about some new technology and ways to connect with one another while staying physically apart. 4-H staff are here to help with ideas for project completion or fun activities to keep you all learning and being creative! Make sure to check out #exloring4hathome to see some fun activities and project ideas for the all level of 4-Hers. Kaitlyn Keller South West Regional 4-H Specialist

• Glenn Gress, District #1, Browning Multiple Club • Tammy Rumpel, District #37, Longlaketon Multiple 4-H Club • Brittany Stepp, District #7, Radville 4-H Beef Club

Grace Christensen, District #41, Alameda 4-H Beef Club

• Leaders: Susan Avramenko, Paula Beattie and Cherilyn Gress • Members: Jana Rumpel, Ashlyn Kormos and Jada Bjossa Brazeau

I, too, have been learning to do by doing, even while working from home and home-schooling my children.For example, I learned that my daughter’s attention span for school work is about 10 minutes – 15, tops. I learned that my son is great at cleaning his room in a pinch so he can play Xbox…just don’t look under his bed. I learned that you might have to do an impromptu video conference call for work, so if you are in your pajamas and haven’t brushed your hair or teeth yet, your coworkers will find out pretty darn quick! So no matter what you have been up to these days, don’t forget to ask yourself, “What can I learn from this?” You might be surprised at your answers! In the meantime, try to stay positive and hang in there! We’ll get through this! Melodi Hawkesford-Lee South East Regional 4-H Specialist •

Meet the 18-year-old Member Delegates to the Board of Directors: Kati Culbertson, District #41, Alida and Area 4-H Beef Club Emily Letendre, District #32, Spruce Home Multiple 4-H Club 9

4-H Canada Opportunities 4-H Canada Healthy Living Intiatives

Resources in this focus area will allow youth and leaders to achieve a state of well-being where they are able to properly care for their bodies and make choices that improve their overall health. In this resource, you will find tip sheets for both yourself as a 4-H leader, and for your 4-H members. You will find that these tip sheets complement each other and share important information that connect to all aspects of healthy living! Some of the resources include tip sheets for members and leaders, an activity guide and more! Learn more at 4-h-canada.ca/healthyliving/physicalhealth

Resources in this focus area will allow youth and leaders to achieve a state of well-being where they are able to reach their own potential and make positive contributions to their community. Ten tip sheets with important and usable information related to this focus area are available for downloading and printing. Five tip sheets are geared towards volunteer leaders and five are geared towards youth members.Learn more at 4-h-canada.ca/healthyliving/mentalhealth

Steeped in Soil Steeped in Soil encourages 4-H members to understand and appreciate the importance of healthy soils. Through the Steeped in Soil activities, 4-H clubs and their members get their hands dirty as they learn the nitty-gritty about soils, explore healthy soils with hands-on activities, and participate in science experiments. For the health and safety of the 4-H community during the COVID-19 outbreak, 4-H clubs are unable to meet in person. Instead of sending Steeped in Soil activity kits to clubs to use at their meetings, we’re sharing our Steeped in Soil resources for 4-H’ers to download and explore at home! You can find them at https://4-h-canada.ca/steepedinsoil


4-H Saskatchewan is a project-based youth organization dedicated to the growth and development of our members, leaders, volunteers, and staff through our motto:

Learn To Do By Doing

Board of Directors The role of the Board of Directors is to set direction and policy of the 4-H program. They contribute to defining the organization’s Mission, Vision and Core Values and governing their fulfillment.


Glenn Gress Tammy Rumpel Cameron Choquette

NORTH WEST LEADER DELEGATES Cameron Choquette Annaleigh LeBruno Clint Panter

306-327-8460 (C) 306-237-4377 (H) 306-469-7763 (H)

Mike Kirzinger Tara Malinowski Leslie Penner

306-944-4244 (H) 306-576-2003 (H) 306-873-5425 (H)

Stan Figley Alvin Pawlitza Nora Schock

306-375-2775 (H) 306-689-2597 (H) 306-662-2951 (H)

Glenn Gress Tammy Rumpel Brittany Stepp

306-487-3279 (H) 306-731-2429 (H) 306-861-4179 (H)

Emily Letendre Kati Culbertson

306-930-2543 (C) 306-452-7234 (H)


Provincial 4-H Office


The provincial office is made up of a dynamic staff team ready to serve our new and existing members, leaders and clubs throughout the province. The provincial office staff is happy to be of assistance, so please do not hesitate to contact us.



Phone: (306) 933-7727 Fax: (306) 933-7730 E-mail: info@4-h.sk.ca


Address: 3830 Thatcher Avenue Saskatoon, SK. S7R 1A5 Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m Closed on holidays


(306) 933-7729 manager@4-h.sk.ca

Cera Youngson

COMMUNICATIONS Jodi Schellenberg

(306) 933-6961 communications@4-h.sk.ca


(306) 933-7728 4hservices@4-h.sk.ca

Karrie Watson


(306) 933-7727 frontdesk@4-h.sk.ca

Shirley Wensley


(306) 933-7731 accounting@4-h.sk.ca

Sandi Sirois


Shelby Corey

(306) 933-7348 development@4-h.sk.ca

REGIONAL 4-H SPECIALISTS Each region has a regional 4-H specialist available to support the members, leaders, and clubs in that region. Contact your regional 4-H specialist with questions, or if you require support. They are also happy to help with club start-ups, and offer workshops for clubs. NORTH WEST

Kalynne Martin

Office: 306-933-6723 Cell: 306-280-3755 Email: northwest@4-h.sk.ca


Kaitlyn Keller

Office: 306-964-1545 Cell: 306-229-2064 Email: southwest@4-h.sk.ca




306-689-2597 (H)

Tara Malinowski

306-576-2003 (H)


Youth Advisory Council The Youth Advisory Council brings the opinions, ideas, and voice of youth 4-H members to the Saskatchewan 4-H Council.

REGIONAL MEMBER ADVISORS NW Summer summer.norman58@ NE



Shelby Longworth


Office: 306-964-1544 Cell: 306-220-6315 Email: northeast@4-h.sk.ca


Melodi Hawkesford-Lee

Office: 306-787-1958 Cell: 306-529-5446 Email: southeast@4-h.sk.ca

306-946-3237 (W)

Norman Becca Fitzsimmons Adrianna Simpson Grace Christensen

gmail.com r.fitzs6317@gmail.com

alorittasimpson62@gmail. com

glchristensen.34@gmail. com



Emily Letendre Kati Culbertson

306-930-2543 (C) 306-452-7234 (H)


Contact your Regional Representatives if you would like to share your opinions, suggestions, or concerns relating to the Saskatchewan 4-H Council’s policy, programming or direction.


Calendar of 4-H Events Virtual Regional Meetings

1st 2 wks of July

Held virtually

Provindial Council Meeting

July or Aug (TBD)

Held virtually

Communications Competition


Held virtually

Online Provincial 4-H Judging

August (Date TBD)

Held virtually

Online 4-H Summer Camp

August (Date TBD)

Held virtually

Lottery Draw Date

Aug. 21


Peavey Mart Barbecues

Aug. 22

Multiple Locations

Science Day

Oct. 11


Seniors’ Weekend

Nov. 20-22



Dec. 12

Melfort & Moose Jaw

Deadlines Project Showcase Submission Member Travel Deadline

June 8 June 15

Communication Competition Entry

Aug 21

Club Registration

Nov. 15

Going Green Campaign The Board of Directors is going green – that is, if we can raise $3,000 in the month of June! If we hit our goal, the president of 4-H Saskatchewan, Glenn Gress, will dye his hair green. He has been growing it out all spring and we don’t want those luscious locks to go to waste, so show your support and donate now! Other Board of Directors members are starting to join him with this pledge, including Mike Kirzinger! Bonus: Every dollar donated through this page will count as an entry into the Great Canadian Giving Challenge, with a grand prize of $20,000! You could help us win this prize! All proceeds will go to The Saskatchewan 4-H Foundation to support 4-H across the province. Your donation will help youth throughout Saskatchewan to Learn To Do By Doing and to become the future leaders of our clubs, our communities, our country, and the world. (We heard Glenn may even shave a clover in the back of his green hair, so don’t wait and give now!) Donate now at https://www.canadahelps.org/en/gcgc/27686

www.4-h.sk.ca 12

4-H Saskatchewan