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4-H PEI : A Family Guide

All photos in this guide property of 4-H PEI. Photo credits: Nina Linton Photography, Tom Stewart & Sara Gamble

Developed Summer 2005

Updated September 2016

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Welcome to 4-H! 4-H Facts 4-H PEI Organizational Structure 4-H Districts District Council 4-H Clubs The 4-H Leader Experience Volunteer Leader Screening Procedure Returning Leaders Parents 4-H Year at Glance Member Projects 4-H Further Education Standing Committees Provincial 4-H Staff & Contact Information PEI 4-H Council & Canadian 4-H Council Partners in Success Our Sponsors


What is 4-H



4-H is a powerful youth organization of choice on Prince Edward Island, focused on formal and informal learning which strengthens youth, families and communities.

4-H PEI is a family-oriented, community-based, youth organization which provides opportunities for developing leadership and life skills while promoting agriculture awareness.


The core values of 4-H PEI are to provide opportunities for young Islanders ages 6-21 to form community based, memberdriven clubs in order to pursue skills-based projects of their own choosing. Each year, clubs achieve success through completion of mandatory components including: member projects, communications, community service and agriculture awareness, through direct participation and support from family members and volunteer leaders. In doing so, the members develop the tools for positive mental, physical and social health.





6yrs - 8yrs

9yrs – 11yrs

12yrs – 14yrs

15yrs – 21yrs

4-H is open to ALL youth on PEI. There are four categories in the 4-H Program, based on age as of January 1st. 5

4-H Pledge

Four H’s

Are you wondering what the four H’s in 4-H stand for? They represent the core values of 4-H …

Head Leadership, Learning & Decision Making

Heart Relating, Caring & Self Confidence I Pledge My head to clearer thinking My heart to greater loyalty My hands to larger service My health to better living For my club, my community and my country

Hands Skills, Giving & Helping

Health Being & Living a Healthy Lifestyle

4-H Emblem


4-H is not new to PEI… The program actually began on the Island as the Boy’s and Girls’ Club in 1918 and the name was changed to 4-H in 1952. The program originated in Canada in 1913 in Roland, Manitoba. A 4-H Museum opened in Roland in 2013 to celebrate 4-H in Canada!

The new 4-H Clover was adopted in 2015. This was part of a Canada wide 4-H initiative to communicate the ongoing vibrancy and energy of our organization.


Clubs: Members & Leaders See Pages 12&13

District & District Council See Pages 10&11

4-H PEI Staff See Page 28

Board of Directors See Page 29

4-H PEI Trust See Page 29


Canada See Page 29 Values



Western Region Specialist Central Region Specialist Eastern Region Specialist

West Prince Summerside Charlottetown Montague Souris


Each 4-H PEI District is governed by its District Council, which includes all of the members and leaders from each of its clubs. The District Council is led by its Executive, which is elected at its Annual Meeting each Fall.. The

includes: * President * Vice President * Secretary * Treasurer * Committee Members

Districts coordinate yearly activities for the clubs in their areas, including workshops and special events.. More recently, Districts have also begun to offer “District Projects.” These are projects on a specific subject open to all 4-H members within a District. Sometimes, two Districts will work together to offer a “Joint District Project” in order to include all 4-Hers in a region who are interested in a particular topic area..


Acts as the chairperson at meetings‌. Responsible for ensuring that the meeting starts on time and runs smoothly. In the event of a tie during a vote at a meeting the President must break the tie. The President takes care of any issues that arise within the District with help from 4-H staff & the District Executive.

Vice President

An assistant to the President. Steps up in the event that the President is absent. Helps to keep meetings running smoothly.

Secretary Keep written or typed notes on all District activities. The secretary must write minutes at each meeting, which are then read at the next


Keeps an accurate account of all money collected and spent through the District. A report must be given at each meeting. The Treasurer also oversees District fundraisers & Club dues.

See page 26 & 27.

Committee Members 11

4-H Members attending the 2016 Citizenship Seminar in Ottawa and meeting the Prime Minister!

4-H Clubs are the "heartbeat" of our organization! Each club consists of at least five members who are guided by a team of volunteer leaders. Often these leaders are parents of other 4-H members in the club. A club will typically have one general meeting once a month, to plan activities. Members will also attend project meetings, which are held as often as needed., depending on the subject. As a part of the 4-H year, members also participate in a Communications Event, Community Project work, Agriculture Awareness, and fun club activities, such as swimming, Halloween parties, etc!

The Executive

Each club has an executive who will work together to accomplish goals that are set by the club and to ensure that the general meetings run smoothly. The club’s Executive generally consists of the following positions....


Acts as the chairperson at meetings. Responsible for ensuring that the meeting starts on time, that there is an agenda to follow (The OAL will help with this!) and work with volunteers to complete any business items.

Vice President

An assistant to the President. Steps up in the event that the President is absent. Helps to keep meetings running smoothly and responsible for introducing guests.

Secretary Keeps written or typed notes on all club activities. Takes notes and prepares meeting Minutes, a written summary of what has been agreed by the club membership at each meeting.


Keeps an accurate account of all money collected and spent. A report must be given at each meeting.

Club Reporter

Lets the public know about club activities and events by writing a small report, taking photographs (when appropriate) and sending them to the 4-H Specialist. 13

The 4-H program wouldn't exist without our 4-H Leaders. These individuals - often parents of 4-H club members - take on the shared responsibility of leading activities which range from Skills or Livestock projects to Communications, Community Service or Fundraising activities. Clubs are busy throughout the year, so we encourage volunteers to create leadership teams to share the workload of various tasks.

* Overall Leader (OAL) * Project Leader

...are individuals with an established history in the program who oversee a club and provide guidance to both club members and members of the leadership team.

...are volunteers with an interest in a particular subject area (or two!) who are willing to ensure members have an opportunity to " " in a structured and supportive environment. It's not about being an expert - it's about being interested so sometimes, Project Leaders are learning the skill alongside their club members!

...are 4-H members ages 15-21 who have been a part of 4-H for a minimum of two years and are ready to share leadership responsibilities as part of the Junior Leader Project.


We do everything possible to ensure the safety and well-being of our members and adult leaders. It is our moral & legal responsibility to screen all volunteers to ensure the safety of 4-H youth, 4-H leaders and the 4-H organization as a whole. Before someone can become a 4-H leader they must successfully complete the 4-H PEI Volunteer Leader Screen Procedure. This includes a few important components: * Submitting a New Leader Application that indicates your previous volunteer experience and key areas of interest * Providing two personal references * Consenting to a Police Record Search and Vulnerable Sector Check * Attending a New Leader Information Session

Once each of the steps are completed the Provincial 4-H Leader Screening Committee will review your application package and you will receive notice when it has been approved. Then you’re ready to go!

Prospective new leaders will receive an application package from the club's Overall Leader or by contacting the Provincial 4-H Office at 902-368-4833.

Each Fall, all Returning Leaders are sent a Returning Leaders Form to complete and return to the Provincial office. Every five years they will also need to have a new Police Record Search and Vulnerable Sector Search conducted. 17

The success of 4-H depends on the time dedication parents and volunteers give to the program. We encourage families to be involved throughout the 4-H year by making every effort to keep everyone informed about club and District activities. Your interest and cooperation is a major factor in determining your child’s attitude towards 4-H activities. Encouraging and supporting your child through the program will help ensure they have the best experience possible. Parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to help share the workload by joining the club's leadership team. Your club's Overall Leader will provide information about volunteer opportunities so you can pick the activities that are the best fit for you and your schedule.

* Be supportive and encourage your child to learn and grow with all aspects of 4-H * Be keen, enthusiastic and willing to help in any way that you can. It helps to create the same attitude in the club member. * Help carry the load of the club leaders by volunteering your time * Become a 4-H leader and see what it can offer you, your children and other youth!

With your support and the effort of our dedicated volunteers and staff, your 4-H family member will be: * Encouraged to develop self-confidence, a sense of responsibility and a positive self-image in a safe and encouraging environment; * Provided with opportunities to learn new skills in a wide variety of subjects and to develop personal skills in communication, leadership, problem-solving and goal setting AND we hope you will enjoy meeting new friends, learning new skills and making a positive contribution to your community!


Each member is encouraged to make a verbal presentation in the form of either a prepared speech or demonstration. The member can choose a topic of their interest. Competitors are divided into classes by age. Winners from the club level move on to compete at the District and Provincial levels.

This project is the connection between 4-H and agriculture. Clubs generally complete some aspect of this project as a group effort. This helps to keep the 4-H movement connected to its roots and gives members a greater appreciation for the agriculture community.

In order for a 4-H member to complete their 4-H year there are mandatory requirements that must be completed for Achievement Day:

4–H members develop skills that they can use on a daily basis through the various projects offered.. (Flip to the next page for more details!)

One of the most valuable skills that anyone can learn is compassion for others. Through their participation in the Community Project, members (and leaders!) enjoy the shared experience of making a difference in the world around them.


Member Projects On PEI, 4-H members have over 40 exciting projects to choose from each year. It is mandatory to complete one project in order to complete the 4-H year. These include projects such as woodworking, rocketry, photography, along with traditional projects like large and small livestock, garden, foods, crafts and sewing. Each project has a Member’s Project Guide. There are also Leader Resource Manuals which are supplied to the project leader. Some local clubs develop their own projects based on the interests of their club members.

Exploring 4-H The Great Outdoors Creative Arts Foods & Entertaining Animal Projects Industrial Technologies Leadership For a more detailed list of the projects within each category, ask a 4-H Specialist or visit our website at 23

In addition to taking projects, 4-H members can participate and challenge themselves in many other events. For details and a complete listing of opportunities visit the website Here is a glimpse of some opportunities:

4-H members from Atlantic Canada learn dairy and beef management skills. Eastern Breeders’ Inc. has sponsored this training event for several years. Along with financial assistance, it provides the Atlantic event with highly qualified staff to ensure 4-H members learn the most current techniques in clipping, showing and herd management. The Showcase is held each June in Truro, Nova Scotia.

Each summer Junior 4-H members are guaranteed a unique experience at 4-H Camp that includes skills training, friendships and fun activities in an overnight setting! This is also an opportunity for senior 4-H members to step up as camp counselors!

Each September marks the annual 4-H Rural Youth Fair. This is the largest 4-H Show on PEI that gives ALL 4-H member across the Island an opportunity to showcase their achievements to the public. This all-day event includes livestock shows, handcraft & real skills project displays, friendly competitions, a turkey auction and more! This is a perfect opportunity for community members and potential members to come see what 4-H is all about!

4-H members and leaders can participate in a variety of skill specific and leadership conferences each year. Meeting people and having fun while developing self-confidence and team building skills is what it is all about!

4-H members can apply for travel opportunities across Canada, United States & beyond!

In the spring 4-H members, chosen from the District level, participate in the Provincial Public Speaking & Demonstration Competition. Intermediate & Senior members can apply to interview for National travel opportunities and scholarship awards. All winners are announced at end of the day. 25

Districts nominate leaders & senior members as representatives to participate on Standing Committees, serving as their voice in the development and direction of 4-H programs and activities.

Most Provincial Standing Committees meet two to six times throughout the year to discuss various topics that fall under their administration. A Provincial Staff member sits on each committee along with two representatives from each District. Committee members are voted in at District Annual General Meetings. For more information please ask a 4-H Staff Member.


Administrative Director Kelly Mullaly 902 368 4836

40 Enman Crescent P.O. Box 2000 Charlottetown, PE C1A 7N8

Office & Communications Coordinator Jena Banks 902 368 4833

40 Enman Crescent P.O. Box 2000 Charlottetown, PE C1A 7N8

Central Region Specialist Mary Jane MacPhee 902 368 4834

40 Enman Crescent P.O. Box 2000 Charlottetown, PE C1A 7N8

Eastern Region Specialist Katie MacCormack 902 687 7194

Access PEI—Souris 15 Green Street PO Box 550 Souris, PE, C0A 2B0

Western Region Specialist Jackie Harlow 902 836 0458

Kensington Post Office Room 203, PO Box 306 Kensington, PE, C0B 1M0

The PEI 4-H Council is composed of representatives from each of the five Districts. It acts on behalf of members and leaders in the province to give focus to the mission of 4-H PEI and to guide decision making on 4-H policies and implementation.

In 1987, the 4-H PEI Trust was established to provide additional funds for programs and services for the benefit of the 4-H movement, its members and leaders.

The Canadian 4-H Council supports 4-H in PEI by providing funding to the Provincial Council as well as travel and learning opportunities for members, leaders & staff. Toll free: 1-844-759-1013 29

The PEI Department of Agriculture and Fisheries helps to build a stronger agri-food sector by investing in the development and transfer of innovative technologies, retaining and attracting investment, developing markets, providing regulatory oversight, and effective risk management tools. The Department also helps enable rural PEI to build vibrant and resilient communities. The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries is a long-time supporter of the 4-H Program on PEI. It provides the 4-H PEI Council an operational grant as well as office space, printing and postage services Through grant programs it manages on behalf of its national partners, 4-H Canada directs funding to 4-H PEI on behalf of such organizations as:

Sponsor support is one of the key reasons why the 4-H Program effectively meets the needs of its members and adult volunteer leaders. Many thanks to our who gave more than $1500 a year to the PEI 4-H Council in 2015-2016

The 4-H PEI Trust has played a significant role in the success of the 4-H PEI Program over the last 25 years. Incorporated in 1987, the Trust’s main purpose is to provide funding for programs and services which are of benefit to the 4-H movement, its members and leaders, in addition to those funds provided by the PEI 4-H Council and current funding partners. The Trust solicits and receives donations from a wide variety of sources and invests the funds under the direction of a volunteer Board of Trustees. The principal amount of the donation remains intact, while only the interest is distributed each year. Since 1987, the 4-H Trust has contributed more than $50,000 to positive youth development on Prince Edward Island!


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