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YEARS #cheersto10years #10yearsandstillhere HERE WE ARE CELEBRATING 10 YEARS OF 3W MAGAZINE.

Here we are celebrating 10 years of 3W Magazine. It has been a labor of love and filled our heart’s desire – to help others and be self-employed, while allowing us to start our own families.

We founded 3W Magazine as a way to fulfill a need in our community – provide a comprehensive calendar of all the nonprofit event dates in Northwest Arkansas. In 10 years we’re not so much calendar coordinators anymore as we are event planners and consultants for community giving. We joke that we’ve morphed into life coaches, rather than publishers. Ten years ago we started the magazine with aspirations to build a better community, hence our tagline, inspiring a culture of giving. We thought we could do hard things and believed in ourselves – we’ve heard this is the first true secret of success. We kicked things off in the fall of 2008 right as the great recession hit. We made less than half the amount of money we thought we’d make, but still, it was a profit. It may not have been a perfect 10, but we believe our ideas have always been worth it. We’ve never had investors, just the two of us and a passion for giving back. We champion women who support other women because becoming a mom while building a business is hard. We started out as business partners and became best friends in the process. But we’re more than business partners; we’re family.

The Zanoff Family: Ramon, Willa, Leslie, Win The Yokley Family: Kasie, Crew, Colby, Chace

3W Magazine is published annually by High Heel Productions, LLC. Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited without prior written consent from 3W Magazine© 2018. All rights reserved. We at 3W Magazine make every effort to ensure the accuracy of event information. However, you should always call ahead and confirm the date and time. *Special thanks to Tesori and Fairlane Station *Page 19 Photo Credit: View of Walker Landing and lower pond from the overlook; photography by Dero Sanford. Courtesy of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, Arkansas.

We took a risk and weren’t afraid to work hard. We hold the titles not only of CEO, but custodian as well. Ten years with an entrepreneurial spirit is not about being the best; it’s about being better than you were yesterday. The true impact we’ve had hasn’t been with the product we’ve created or business we’ve built, but rather the relationships we’ve formed. We’ve worked 100-hour weeks for ourselves so that we don’t have to work 40 hours for anyone else. So who inspires us? You do. Who’s helped shape our community through their philanthropy? You have. So many people give their time and funds to Northwest Arkansas nonprofits and causes, and we are thankful for every single one of you. From founding philanthropists (read about them starting on page 19) to individuals who give back and make the future of this charitable region the best place to live and work, thank you for inspiring us. For 10 years we’ve traded off weekends with time spent at galas and growing our precious families. Thank you for supporting us from the beginning and allowing our dreams to come true. From our family to yours,


2018 3W Magazine  
2018 3W Magazine