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JEWELRY Jewels and gifts which tell a story

ONE There is a sign chiseled in the jewel, where the process is exclusive and special. Thinking positive thoughts, each finished jewel is stamped, where every jewel is unique, and each piece has its own soul and story. It is so simple; think of your wish, wear the jewel and very soon your wishes will become true.

WHISPERS OF FLOWERS Whispers of flowers are mysterious, they cannot be seen, heard or touched... they must be heard by the heart. Flowers are as different as their whispers. Listen and you will feel that the sky-blue, tiny Forget-me-not wishes bring true love and hope, the joyful Daisy - loyal love and the Peony - wealth and good health. Wear a jewel and remember to listen and hear the whispers of flowers.

JEWELS OF SUN Amber gathers within itself the Suns purifying and rejuvenation powers as well as the Earths absorption strength. These help to cleanse the human body in spirit and soul, converting negative energy to positive. This Sun stone protects the wearer from negative energy and reveals wisdom and knowledge. In the presence of amber, one will become creative, positive, accepting of change, be instilled with confidence and will help to follow ones dreams. Wear the Sun Jewel encouraging luck, good fortune and health. Allow all good things from within to permeate with radiance.

ASK FOR.. I ask for... jewels serves as a spool with thread, where your most secret desires lie. The thread shows the shortest way to your dreams and helps to remain on your path and achieve what you need most of all. There are simple messages from deep within us – use them as your guide for strength, clarity, love, energy, new beginnings, prosperity, harmony, wisdom and, most of all, health and protection.

MAKE A WISH You have an old cherished wish, a dream that you have been dreaming... And you truly wish your dreams to come true. For you to be... For you to have ... For you to do... All you need is just some tiny details. For all that to become true and for your life to turn wonderful. It is very simple – make a wish and put on the jewels.

3 KNOTS 3 WISHES Collection is inspired by joyful, sunny and colorful Brazil, where there is a 200 years old tradition - wearing silk bracelet- attract lady luck and good fortune. The ribbons were to be worn around the wrist or ankle, each of which had 3 knots for specific wishes. There is a belief that when the ribbons broke, the wishes came true. ‘3 knots 3 wishes’ jewels are created as coins, having ‘3 wind knots’ symbol the sea and the 3 wind knots, teamed with 15 colorful satin wristbands, bringing the power of a color.

WALK Art Nouveau Riga. Indian summer. Calm and sunny afternoon. Walk. The Riga Quite Centre saturated with Art Nouveau architecture pearls. Cup of aromatic drink in a lovely cafe. Besides good friend, loved ones and talks. Or just book. Deep peace and relaxation. Also this is Riga. What is your mood? Joy, peace, love, carelessness, enjoyment, friendship, happiness, success, freedom, fantasy, beauty, journey, secret, challenge...

SPIRIT ANIMAL Everyone has a spirit animal. Think of your spirit animal as a guardian spirit or spirit guide. Spirit animals carry meaning, wisdom, and power. Keep in mind that you are likely to develop or with which animal you have connection. Spirit animal jewelry will serve in your daily life and support your personal development and journey through life by connecting more deeply with the spirit of animals.

GODDESS Goddess jewellery symbolizes a woman's higher nature and beauty. There is strength, ingenuity, love and many other good features in each one of us. We are and can be successful and happy. Let’s wake the Goddess inside of us! Inspiration. When referring to Latvian mythology, we can find a Goddess (Mother) for almost everything or phenomenon of nature. (Goddess of winds, Goddess of the Seas, Goddess of the Forest, etc). The Goddess guarded, gave advice, guided us to the right path and was even harsh when it was needed. It is essential for women nowadays to support and inspire each other daughter, mother, friend, colleague, cousin, grandmother etc. We can be the Goddess for ourselves or part of the inspiration for others. The necklaces and bracelets have two pendants: goddess and animals or birds. On left side of pendant is written meaning of goddess

MOTIONS For a thousand years, the Baltic Sea pebbles have witnessed both calm water strokes and dizzying wave carousels, whose footprints have made them into one the most symbolic organic elements. As the time passes, rough rocks become amazingly elegant. From day to day, throughout the seasons, they remind that each change, no matter how hard, makes us grow stronger and more complete. The deep shades of grey and black sea pebbles are saturated with the ability to survive even the most terrifying of storms. The new silver ring collection is made out of these witnesses of the past, which will remind their owners that the struggles will pass and that they might even be a blessing. Such a ring will give strength to persevere and see the beauty in even the hardest parts of life. Because just like in the sea, also in your life the time will come when the seemingly infinite wave dances will turn into peacefully sunny scenery. Until then, though, the ring will bring patience and peace of mind for you and your beloved ones.

GEO FEELIINGS Geographic coordinates are displayed using longitude and latitude in order to pinpoint an exact location on Earth. Each location has a number of meanings, feelings and memories associated with it. Send your specific coordinates if you already know them, or send the location name or address and we will find the precise coordinates for you. Coordinates will be engraved on personalized jewellery, with your choice of the meaning or the name of the place engraved on the opposite side of the pendant.

ANGEL’S SIGNATURE Everyone needs a guardian angel to believe in; an angel, who can inspire, bring love and strength. The angel will remind that each of us is unique in our own way, and will encourage to move on and overcome fear. Each of us can find a guardian angel, who will be along your side every day. In addition, gifting the angel jewelry to your friends will be a wonderful way to show care and support. On the jewels the four angels are depicted in a very simple manner by symbols known as sigils, which can be described as angels’ signatures. For centuries such sigils have been created on a mathematical grid, associated with the seven planets, as well as the connection between numbers and letters. In such a way, each of the stylized and modern angel symbols represents the angel’s characteristics and mission. Put on the jewelry and let your guardian angel bring even more love, inspiration and protection in your and your beloved ones’ lives!

GIVING THE SIGN The collection Giving the Sign will let the world know about the state of your soul and relationship status. Whether you are happy on your own, looking for someone or already have found the love of your life, this jewelry will help to thank the world for the chances already received and kindly ask for new adventures and opportunities. Lime hides its taste and color deep within, and is completely satisfied with this situation. The love fruit tomato will be a sign for others and the higher forces that you are open and ready for a new relationship. Cabbage, you are happily together, and your relationship is a source of joy and stability.

RUNES Since antiquity, people have used various attributes and signs to predict future and change the course of their lives. Runes are one the most antique signs, which were derived from the runic alphabet. Historical evidence suggest that runes have been used also by tribes which inhabited Latvia. The runic alphabet consists of 24 runes. Runes work as talismans, serving you as long as needed. The old talismans should be given to the elements of nature- thrown in the water, burnt in fire or buried underground. In order for for runes to work in your favor, you need to believe in their power, you have to be ready to experience revelations and your intentions have to sincere. Once you have a goal, and you approach the rune with dignity, it will do miracles for you!

EGYPTIAN HIEROGLYPHS Egyptian hieroglyphic alphabet is one of the most ancient writing systems. To this day these symbols carry powerful meanings and a somewhat mystical/magical feel. The symbols are stylized, simplistic, but also very descriptive. You can choose between the ancient powerful Egyptian symbols to protect, inspire and bring you prosperity. Moreover, pick any of the alphabet hieroglyphs to make personalized jewelry for yourself of your beloved ones. While the meaning may remain a secret to the rest of the world, you can be sure the ancient Egyptian signs will bring you very special charm, strength and protection.

3 wind knots mission & legend

3 WIND KNOTS mission is to inspire and motivate people all round the world to believe, follow and achieve their dreams.

The origins of our accessories are found in the legend "Three knots of Wind". After finishing his seamanship training, the apprentice was gifted from his master, a magical rope of three knots and its instructions for use. With this gift, you will be able to be the ruler of the seas and the winds. When you need wind, untie the first knot and a fair wind will blow. If the second knot is untied, a storm will blow, and will only stop by untieing the third knot. Wherever the captain went on the high seas, he was blessed with good weather, thanks to his rope of three knots. With the help of his magic rope, the captain conquered evil and married a princess.

3 wind knots uniqueness

3 WIND KNOTS is handmade jewellery offered in limited editions of high quality and unique products. 3 wind knots each piece of jewellery has a particular story and meaning, which inspire, motivate and create positive feelings and emotions. Thus, they serve as talismans. The inspiration and ideas for the jewellery design stems from the nature of Latvia, its forests, meadows, the Baltic Sea, as well as its history and culture. Mostly the jewellery is made out materials that can be found in Latvia, for instance, silver, bronze, leather, linen, amber, and sea pebbles etc. The modern design of jewellery collections includes historic Baltic signs, goddesses, flowers, and animals. Many jewellery pieces contain amber and sea pebbles from the Baltic Sea. The products can be personalised to match the uniqueness of each person. The stories behind the jewellery inspire and radiate positive emotions. 3 wind knots offers jewellery for all women, men and children.

3 wind knots designer story

The creator and designer of 3 wind knots accessories is Sigita Truksane. Her passion is design and fashion. Sigita has two Master degrees in Business Administration and Human Resource Management. Sigita understood in her professional practice, that often we can reach our dreams and goals easier and faster if we have a specific item or talisman that has meaning for us which we value. This item reminds us about our dreams, inspires and motivates us to move forward and achieve them. With her professional experience and passion of art and design Sigita created brand 3 wind knots. Accessories that inspires us to reach our dreams and brings love, joy and many miracles in our life! 3 wind knots established in 2010.

3 wind knots products and process

tehnology and proccess

Due to 5 years of brand expierence there are 19 jewelery and 3 exclusive handbag collections created. All products- 100% handmade in Latvia. Main materials: sterling silver, gold plated sterling silver, bronze, leather.

3 wind knots markets , collaborations, nominations, awards, exibitions and events


Main markets: Latvia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Sweden, France, UK, Canada, USA, Germany, Spain, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia and Japan

COLLABORATION Successful cooperation with SAS/ AirBaltic.

COLLABORATION Successful collaboration obtaining EU Structural funds and investments from year 2010.


Nomination Latvia Export and Innovation award 2014

Nomination Latvian Design Award 2013

Nomination Latvian Design Award 2012

TOP 50 Latvian entrepreneurs who started business during economical crisis, Magazine “Ir nauda�, 2013 Design Sympathy of city of Ventspils, Riga Fashion Mood , May 2013, Ventspils, Latvia

EXHIBITIONS AND EVENTS In Bed with Designer, Singapore, March 2015 PR01 TRADE SHOW, Future Label, Seul, Korea, November 2014 In Bed with Designer, Taipei, Taiwan, October 2014

Kristina Goes West Trade event, Guernsey, UK, October 2014 Latvian Design days in Lithuania, Vilnius, Lithuania , September 2014 Latvian Design Trade show, Toronto, Canada, June 2014 Design days of Lithuania, Kaunas, Lithuania, May 2014

Lithuanian Fashion Bazzar, Vilnius, Lithuania, April 2014 Art, Living and Leisure, The Netherlands, March 2014 Kristina Goes West trade event, London, UK, March 2014 Trade Mission, Tallinn, Estonia, March 2014 Latvian Design days and Formex, Stockholm Sweden, January 2014 Design Isle, Riga, Latvia, October 2013


Latvian Design Days at Lexus Hoshigao, Nagoya Japan, June 2013 Trade Mission Osaka, Japan, May 2013 Design days of Lithuania, Vilnius and Kaunas, Lithuania, May 2013 Trade Mission, Helsinki, Finland, October 2012 Toubij, Lyon, France, September 2012 Design days of Lithuania, Vilnius and Kaunas, Lithuania, May 2012 Eclat de Mode – Bijorhca, Paris, France, June 2012 Latvian Design Month, Stockmann, Riga, Latvia, November 2011

Trade Mission, Stockholm, Sweden, August 2011 Interior Life Style Tokyo 2011, Tokyo, Japan, June 2011 Designed in Latvia, Riga, Latvia, November 2010

3 wind knots press insigt

3 wind knots ltd. Unijas 4/5-10, Riga LV 1084, Latvia

3 WIND KNOTS jewelry  

Jewels and gifts which tells a story

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