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Who are we? // We are a Software as a Service (SaaS) company, originating in the US. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Hays, giving us a true global reach in the Vendor Management and Contingent Workforce arena. What do we do? // We provide a cloud-based software application to customers around the world who want to effectively manage their contingent workforce supply chain and streamline their recruitment. The software provides managers knowledge analytics and real-time information for making better decisions which saves money and time. The software provides a single control point to manage cost, quality, and risk. If you want a platform that major companies are going live with in as little as a few days of online configuration you want powerfully simple 3 Story Software.





Temporary/ Permanent/Project Request



Management Information

Performance Reviews/ Tenure Alerts


POWERFUL. SIMPLE. /// What does Powerfully Simple mean? // Powerfully simple is our essence, our mission statement, our value system, and our guiding star all rolled into one. It drives everything we do. We strive daily to take the complexity out for the user whilst creating powerful engines to solve complex problems.


What makes our software so effective? // Firstly, it is comprehensive. We guide you through the journey of contingent workforce management, including the more complex project services and permanent recruitment found in applicant tracking systems. And we always do it in a simple, user-centric way. Secondly, it is global. It supports cross-border and inter-divisional requirements such as different tax, language, currency, rules, and preferences -- but with no added complexity. Lastly, we keep you mobile. Effective user interfaces and fingertip control of your real-time Management Information means you can use our system anywhere on anything, whether tablet, phone, or computer, via the cloud. If you can use a smartphone, you can use 3 Story Software. How will our software integrate with your systems and workflows? // These flexible products can be easily configured to suit your business, from the language you use to the workflows you deploy. Our configuration agility allows rapid vertical sector solutions to be derived without software development. Our configuration wizards are simple to use and don’t need an army of IT engineers to navigate. Our software can recognize your needs as a user. Management and operations don’t have time to learn new systems, so we talk to them in a language they understand and in a way they want. Finally, our simple web services are available throughout the end-to-end workflows and they integrate to your systems, whether billing, time, HR, purchasing, or requisition, including PSoft, SAP, and Oracle.




How will our software improve your business? // Gain control with configurable and flexible authorization rules and processes around requisition and milestone (or timesheet) approval. This can also be integrated with your purchase order (PO) system via our simple web service. Improve visibility from data to business intelligence, through real time insights from the powerful data-warehouse and user-centric tools. Dashboards and commonly used reports are made easier, and you can create your own bespoke reports on a self-service basis and then save them in your “favourites”. Keep a step ahead with our knowledge engine, we provide real answers to key management questions, in a language you understand that enables fundamental performance improvement. Real time decision support helping users challenge the status quo. Ask it “how do I save money?” and get an answer instantly based on your activities. Drive awareness through the Notification Centre, configurable by the user, to increase action orientated ouputs. PO busting, tenure management, visa expiries are just a few examples of the menu available throughout the lifecycle of the workflow. Manage Risk & Compliance set your standards and let the system take care of the rest. Realise Cost Savings through efficient use of benchmarking, service-level agreements, and rate cards. Our powerful procurement engine also helps you to take advantage of reverse auctioning, bid management, and even anonymous supply chain pricing. Streamline your back office through automating self-billing of suppliers and the flexible integration of traditional administration into your finance system. This allows you to further reduce costs and consultancy, giving you options around in-house or outsourced solutions. Raise Quality by seeing which suppliers deliver the best services. Our unique ”my PSL” functionality allows the hiring managers to choose from your pre-approved suppliers, access other ranked specialist supply chains, utilize the power of social networking, or even crowd source. Set up simple performance reports on contingent workers as part of your off-hire workflow. Facilitate your supply chain by identifying the best suppliers in the right locations from a ranked selection with consistent terms and conditions.


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