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Laurel Way Playgroup Planned Purposeful Play

Every Child Deserves the Best Possible Start!

Our Aims and Objectives Dear Parents/Carers, Thank you for your interest in Laurel Way Playgroup. We are registered with Ofsted to take children from 2-5 years of age but this is dependent on staff ratios and the development level of your child/ children. Places for the Under 3’s are therefore discretionary. Our curriculum is based on the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (2012). The EYFS sets the standards which help us ensure that children learn and develop well and they are kept healthy and safe. The EYFS also promotes teaching and learning to ensure children’s “school readiness” and gives children the broad range of knowledge and skills that provide the right foundation for good future progress through school and life We as a group believe that “through good quality play children learn to listen, concentrate, persist, create, discriminate, cooperate and to deal with materials, situations and other people. These are all attributes necessary for learning both now and in the future. It has been substantiated, “that too early an approach to formal learning disadvantages many children and turns them off schooling to such an extent that they may become failures and drop outs in adolescence.” It is well to remember that a happy and secure childhood is the most valuable thing that we can give our children. It will determine to a large extent the outcomes for our adult lives. Please take the time to visit our website. We are pleased to welcome prospective parents and children and to show you our happy school.

✽ T  o provide opportunities for the children to play, to talk, to experiment, to investigate, to develop mathematical understanding and to develop intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. ✽ T  o give the children support to make them feel good about themselves and the choices they make so that their sense of identity and self worth is reinforced and supported. ✽ T  o offer children first hand experiences using a variety of materials and to develop their natural curiosity in the world around them. ✽ To develop a “can do” attitude towards learning. ✽ To  enable children to have fun and enjoy their time with us. ✽ To  provide a curriculum based on the Early Years Foundation Stage. ✽ To give children choices. ✽ To observe, support and extend learning. ✽ To encourage negotiation—adults with children, children with adults and children with children.

Susan Farber, BS Education Head Teacher (020) 8445-7514 ✽

Early Years Foundation Stage Principals: •E  very child is unique. •C  hildren learn through positive relationships. •C  hildren develop well in enabling environments. •C  hildren learn in different ways.

EYFS Areas of Learning •P  ersonal, Social & Emotional •C  ommunication & Language •P  hysical Development • Literacy • Mathematics •U  nderstanding the World •E  xpressive Arts & Design

Our Classroom

Extra Activities

The classroom is large, bright and aesthetically arranged for the children’s comfort, security and enjoyment. The activities are arranged within easy reach of even the smallest children. Children work at tables and on mats on the floor where they are most comfortable. They have free access to the outside play area in all weathers.

Include Stretch & Grow, Spanish, school trips, cooking club and gardening club.

Our approach is child centered in that they work uninterrupted; choosing the activities that interest them. They are encouraged to manipulate, explore and discover.

Our Activities ✽ A  rts and crafts include painting, drawing, collage and junk modeling and experimenting with different techniques using different mediums and tools.

Observations, Assessment & Planning Observations and records are kept which enable us to assess every child’s level of development in relation to the Development Matters Statements in the EYFS. Each child is assessed every term. Parents work together with their child’s key person as next steps are noted. We have a monthly newsletter, which informs parents about what we will be doing, important dates and any other information.

✽ I nterest tables to stimulate awareness and interest and to substantiate topics as they arise.

A “Transition Report” which is forwarded to the child’s infant school is prepared during the Summer Term when parent meetings are held. Meetings with teachers can be arranged by appointment at any time.

✽ A  ctivities which encourage children to use their bodies in a variety of ways.


✽ Books, stories and listening activities. ✽ Imaginative and role play. ✽ Discussions and sharing. ✽ Sand, water, dough and clay. ✽ Cooking and gardening. ✽ Manipulative toys, games and puzzles. ✽ C  onstruction including wood working, building apparatus of many shapes and sizes.

Schedules are flexible and we offer the option of an Early Bird session, morning session, Lunch Bunch and an afternoon session. We have 3 terms and 38 weeks in total. Early Bird: 8:15-8:45 AM session: 8:45-11:45* Lunch Bunch 11:45-12:30 PM session: 12-3 * Children who attend the morning session must attend all 5 days.

(020) 8445-7514 ✽

“The nursery provides a safe and nurturing environment which encourages learning through considered play and interaction with the other children. It has a brilliant, large, outdoor space and fantastic activity areas.” —Kate N. (Parent)

General Information

We are registered with Ofsted. Our report is available online using our website or

✽ P  rospective parents are welcome to visit. An appointment is necessary. Children should be involved.

✽ A  ll fees passed to any member of staff must be in an envelope.

✽ I nvoices are given/sent/emailed at the beginning of each term. Payment is due at the beginning of each term, week or month as agreed.

✽ U  niforms are to be worn Monday-Thursday. Sweatshirts, T-shirts and caps are available to order.

✽ P  ayment can be received in cash/cheque/BAC. We also accept work based vouchers.

Admissions and Enrolment

✽ C  hildren who are 3/4 at the beginning of the term in which they begin are eligible for the free entitlement of 15 hours per week. An additional fee of £7 per session will made each term to enable us to provide additional activities, trips, and snacks, etc. ✽ C  hargeable fees are £8 per hour from 15-30 hours or for children not eligable for funding. ✽ F  ees are not subject to adjustment due to absences, closure days i.e. snow, parent meetings. ✽ F  ees can be paid weekly/monthly and overdue fees are subject to a service charge of 5%.

“Stephanie was very happy and secure at Laurel Way and we felt

On receipt of a completed Enrolment Form and a £30 enrolment fee, your child’s name will be added to our waiting list for entrance into the nursery. This is a non refundable administrative fee and does not guarantee placement.

this playgroup had

At the beginning of the term prior to entrance an offer of a place will be sent. This will include a registration form. This form must be completed and returned with a copy of your child’s birth certificate.


Upon receipt and by return of post, information about our “drop in” sessions and our settling in policy is sent. Our drop in sessions introduce your and your child/children to the nursery. More information can be found on the reverse side of the Enrolment Form.

Policies We have available a comprehensive book of our policies. It may be read during “drop in” sessions or it can be downloaded from our web site at Some policies are displayed on the Parent’s Notice Board.

(020) 8445-7514 ✽

the edge on the various others that we had seen because the staff are incredibly dedicated and have a very rich understanding of young children.” —Melanie C. (Parent)

“My children thoroughly enjoyed their time at Laurel Way Playgroup. I liked the way they were encouraged to learn through play, work as a team and respect each other, but were still treated as individuals with differing needs and interests by the fantastic and well led team of staff.” —Neeta B. (Parent)

Laurel Way Playgroup Nansen Village 21 Woodside Avenue London N12 8AQ (020) 8445-7514


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