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Issue 37 • Wednesday 3 December - Tuesday 16 December 2008












Sixteen year old boy in custody after a popular young gay man is brutally slayed: police appeal for witnesses

Slayed: David Cooper

POLICE ARE APPEALING to London’s gay community to help them piece together the final movements of a young gay man savagely beaten to death outside his home. Cops have charged a sixteen-yearold boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, with murder but are now looking for assistance from anyone who can provide further information. The victim, 28-year-old David Cooper, is known to have been out in Soho on the night of the murder, and visited the popular G-A-Y Bar on Old Compton Street. The alarm was raised later that evening when two men who claimed to be friends of Mr Cooper called the police. Mr Cooper’s beaten body was found at

his fourth floor flat in Calderwood Street, Woolwich on Wed 19 November. He was pronounced dead at the scene. “David was viciously assaulted and suffered serious head injuries,” said Detective Chief Inspector Clive Hays of the Metropolitan Police, the man leading the investigation. He is now appealing for help to establish a motive. Police suspect that Mr Cooper’s murder was an anti-gay attack, but need information from witnesses. “We know David Cooper met up with friends in the Old Compton Street area of Soho and we would like to speak with anyone who saw him that evening or the people he was with. He visited a number of venues including Comp-

ton’s, Village and G-A-Y bar from about 6:30pm that evening.” Anyone with information that could help police should call the incident room on 020 87214054. If you wish to remain anonymous please call the Galop Shoutline on 020 7704 2040 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Last movements: David was seen in G-A-Y Bar




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Editor’s Comment

Community challenge THE FIGHT to be treated equally, fairly and seriously is a crucial one. Sometimes, though, we are our own worst enemies. I’m prompted to say this due to the two court cases that have been making the news recently, both of which have brought some very private matters firmly into the public realm. In Brighton, the very notion of a gay ‘community’ has taken a severe battering following the trial involving rival bar owners (see court digest on this page). The verdict in the case is largely irrelevant to many in the community. The real damage done is to the reputation and standing of Brighton’s gay village. Its underbelly of huge egos and petty, bitter

rivalries has been exposed, and the gossipy headlines cast a light that obliterates the good work, communication and friendships that do exist. The Boy George case (see p4) however it turns out, will do much the same thing already the seedier elements of the story are splashed all over the tabloids, arming the homophobes with fuel for their anti-gay fires. Can a ‘community’ millions strong ever put aside their differences for the greater good? Is it time to drop the idea of a ‘gay community’ altogether? Perhaps there’s no definitive answer, but one thing is certain - every time stories like these surface the acceptance we deserve inches a little fur-

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“To help people with their choices, create unity within our community and to help people feel good about themselves.” Publishers

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Home news

‘THIVK’ about it THT volunteers spreading the word at Club Revenge in Brighton

GAY MEN unaware of their HIV status are being urged to get themselves tested. The Terrence Higgins Trust is launching a new campaign called THIVK You’re Still Negative? which asks gay men to consider if they might have HIV without realising it. Currently up to 10,000 gay men in Britain are estimated to have the virus without knowing it. “A lot of gay men who’ve had unprotected sex assume they’re still HIV negative,” says Marc Thompson of THT. “With around a quarter of gay men with HIV unaware they

Court digest

Historic IDAHO

AFTER MONTHS of waiting the legal stage was set for the trial of the owner of one of Brighton’s gay venues, The White Horse. After four days in court 48 year old Simon Thompson was acquitted of three counts of assault and one public order offence against another gay bar owner and her staff. It followed an incident at the gay awards ceremony The Golden Handbags at the Brighton Hilton Metropole in March. David Harvey watched the proceedings unfold... IT’S NOT OFTEN in the judicial system that campery fills the court room but with evidence from three gay bars owners about a gay awards ceremony which featured many of the cabaret circuit’s best it was inevitable that the serious business of criminal charges would be interspersed with a degree of gay flair. Offered up as prosecution evidence was video footage shot at the Golden Handbags on Sunday 23rd March 2008. The three magistrates moved forward with serious expressions to examine the video evidence as drag persona Stephanie Starlet sprang to life on screen, screeching “how fab” the night was going shortly before bodies started flying behind her. As the counsel for the defence unpicked who was who in the footage, his cross examination of prosecution witnesses was at times drowned out by the stunning number Maisie Trollette was belting out from the stage. The three magistrates just about kept up with who was who on each table as a list of camp names in-

cluding Bristol Crystal and Sugar rang through Court number 6. The magistrates heard three days of evidence from fourteen people about the incident at The Golden Handbags. It’s an annual awards ceremony devised by the local gay magazine GScene – cheekily nicknamed as the ‘Golden Hand Grenades’ by the Boy George Experience on stage in Legends not long after. And it was three long days of mostly serious evidence. Witnesses for the prosecution included a former leader of the council, the owner of the Zone Bar, her partner and two staff. Much time was spent investigating whether or not the accused had called her a “lesbian bitch” or a “leprechaun bitch”. The former meant a homophobic hate crime, the latter acceptable in the eyes of the law. For the defence, the witnesses included the accused himself, his partner, his business partner, two staff and the landlord of The Aquarium Theatre Bar who provided some much needed

are infected it’s a dangerous presumption. We hope this campaign will encourage men to think about their risk and consider getting tested so they know for sure.” The campaign will feature in the gay press, on condom packs, posters and scratchcards, and the team will also deliver the message in gay bars and clubs. Men who would like to talk to someone about their own risk can call THT Direct on 0845 12 21 200. For more information and details of testing clinics visit

theatre of his own. Asked if he had been drinking at the event he smiled at the magistrates and said: “Well, yes, I have to admit it, I’d had a few sherries,” stopping short of “my dear”. He went on, much to the delight of the public gallery, to explain: “Maisie was on stage singing my favourite Broadway Baby and someone egged me on to stand on a table and dance, I’d hardly got one leg on the table before I was dragged off by security.” Brighton’s Evening Argus lapped up the court drama with headlines like “Bust up at gay Oscars’”. Billboards on St James’s Street drove sales of the newspaper for three days as readers devoured every morsel. But in doing so, one might ask, has this whole affair done the gay community of Brighton any favours?

Brighton readers see page 1, London readers download at

HISTORY WILL be made in December when IDAHO, the committee behind the International Day Against Homophobia, (Sun May 17 2009) presents a declaration to the United Nations General Assembly. Representatives will present a declaration against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.This is the first time any such action has reached the UN, and the document has been signed by all twenty-seven EU countries. IDAHO hopes that other countries will follow suit following the presentation, which takes place between 15 and 20 Dec this year.

Mankind IN OUR ARTICLE on the charity Mankind in issue 36 we printed an incorrect contact number.The correct number to call is 01273 510447, or visit the charity’s website at The charity offers support to men who have experienced rape or sexual abuse, and they have recently launched a hard-hitting campaign to draw attention to this often underreported problem.



fe\/'e\nj Home news

Taking the piste 100 years Gay skiers left stranded as holiday company changes their travel plans without warning. GAY SKIERS have been left out in the cold after a gay holiday company unexpectedly changed the dates and location of its annual gay ski week.

Alternative Holidays has moved it from February to March and from Sestriere to Pila, in Italy, without warning. Gay skiers who had booked

Happier times: Alan Air (l) and friend on a previous gay ski week

time off from work and bought flights for the week are furious. Every year the company offers a complete gay ski package but then skiers make their own travel arrangements. “It’s my annual holiday and they’ve really let me down,” says PR consultant Alan Air from Carlisle, who’s been a regular client of the company since 2005. “We’ll now have to find a standard hotel for our trip, which is really not what we want at all as part of the fun is being in a large gay group – especially when I live in the wilds of the North in Carlisle.” one80news knows of at least four other skiers who had booked but are now left with no holiday. None have heard anything from the company. Alternative is linked to another well known gay holiday company, Man Around, though it’s not clear which owns which. The telephone number listed

Sentences cut Tan warning HIGH COURT judges who slashed the jail terms of three brothers who viciously murdered a London gay man have been slammed by gay rights group Stonewall. Thirty year old Mohamed Raheem died after a two hour ordeal in which Bound and gagged: he was gagged and tied Mohamed Raheem to his bed. Romanians Savu Abuculeisi, 32, Igor Irinel, 22 and Sorin Abuculesci, 34, were convicted in April of the brutal murder. The trio, originally ordered to serve between twenty-three and thirty years in prison for the killing, had their sentences cut by a total of eleven years after judges ruled that the original judge had placed too much emphasis on how the men had abused Mr Raheem’s trust. “Once again this decision casts a seed of suspicion that offences against gay people are not taken as seriously by the criminal justice system as other offences.” said Ben Summerskill, Chief Executive of Stonewall.

TANNING ADDICTS are putting themselves at risk by injecting an unlicensed drug, says a BBC investigation. Melanotan is a synthetic hormone which stimulates the body’s production of melanin, the pigment responsible for tanning. Despite being unlicensed anywhere in the world, the drug is readily available online and has even been found for sale in some gyms and beauty salons. Doctors are concerned that the long-term effects of the drug are completely unknown. Early trials in America have seen a rise in blood pressure in some test subjects. A spokesman for the British Skin Foundation advised people seeking a fix of colour to avoid Melanotan. “There are other ways to get a tan without the risks of using an unregulated product, so until it gets the all-clear for use on humans, stick to spray tans and self-tanning lotions instead” Anyone using the drug is advised to stop immediately and seek advice from their GP.

K_\M`iklXcE\njJkXe[ Interview

Arts & Ents


Caroline Nin

Sunset Boulevard

Win luxury!

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From the makers of The national gay lifestyle magazine

Issue 37 • Friday 28 November - Thursday 11 December 2008


THE OWNER of the White Horse pub, Simon Thompson (standing, centre) preparing to celebrate with friends after being cleared of assaulting another bar owner at the Hilton Metropole in March. Police were called after an incident at The Golden Handbags, an event devised by the local gay magazine GScene to give awards to gay bars and clubs. Mr Thompson was charged with assaulting Sharon Barr, the owner of The Zone and accused of assaulting her bar manager and one of her barmen. A further public order charge was brought against him for allegedly shouting abuse at Ms Barr, outside her venue on St James’s Street. After a four day trial, one assault charge was dropped and Mr Thompson was found not guilty of the rest by three Brighton magistrates. The Chair of the bench Neil Rose told Mr Thompson: “You can leave here without a stain on your character.” See page two for a court digest














Lucrative 2009 bar contract awarded to Brighton’s Wild Fruit THE COMPANY BEHIND Brighton’s well know club brand Wild Fruit has won a three year deal to run all of the bars at Brighton Pride in Preston Park The news comes after the shock revelations that Stagfleet, which owns Club Revenge, was told by Pride that it wasn’t financially up to scratch despite offering a hundred thousand pound bond. Stagfleet and Wild Fruit had run the bars together for the last three years. “As a local gay business and staunch long term supporter and fundraiser for Pride we are thrilled that Pride have granted the bars to us subject to contract,” said Paul Kemp, of Aeon Events which runs Wild Fruit. Pride trustees have defended their tender process as a “rigorous” and “open” after criticism

from Stagfleet which had co-tendered with Aeon Events. “Once we (Aeon Events) had met the criteria, we were advised (by Pride) that it would be fair and more flexible of us to submit several options for Pride to consider,” said Paul Kemp. “Running the bars at Pride is an enormous undertaking and until contracts have been signed we can’t comment on specific details.” Kemp’s company will operate the Wild Fruit bar but it has the option to sublet others like the cabaret and members bar. Anyone can apply but it will be Pride which will decide in order to be: “inclusive and to encourage other local businesses to operate on the park and be involved in Pride as in previous years,” according to Aeon Events.




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>fkXe\njjkfip6:Xccljfe'/.'-)'(*-'fi\dX`cljXk1 `e]f7fe\/'e\nj%Zf%lb

on Alternative’s website is a BT answer phone and the telephone at Man Around’s Camden office is no longer active. Man Around’s website reports that it is being updated. Last month Respect, a gay holiday company of many years standing, went under when a charter airline collapsed. Alan and his friends are now hoping to co-ordinate with other gay skiers who had prepared for a February trip. They want to organise a group to stay in one hotel to salvage something from the gay ski week fiasco. If you have booked or are planning to go contact him at

If you booked a holiday with Alternative let us know your opinion by emailing us at:

of Quentin

DECEMBER MARKS the 100th anniversary of the birth of Quentin Crisp, the writer, actor and self-proclaimed ‘last stately homo of England’. His life is being celebrated on Sat Dec 13 at the Southbank Centre, with an evening of talks, discussion, and performance. Among the guest speakers are Crisp’s biographers Paul Bailey and Andrew Barrow, Crisp’s great nephew Adrian Goycoolea and actor and friend Bette Bourne, who will perform an extract from the one-man show Resident Alien. One of the highlights of the evening is an exclusive showing of clips from the new ITV drama An Englishman in New York. Starring John Hurt, the film is a sequel to 1975’s groundbreaking The Naked Civil Servant, one of the first dramas to depict gay Quentin Crisp life in Britain.



fe\/'Y`k\j`q\ London


George in dock


BOY GEORGE is on trial, charged with false imprisonment. George, 46, is alleged to have chained a male escort to a wall in his home in Hackney in April this year. The star, whose real name is George O’Dowd, is appearing at Snaresbrook Crown Court. He denies the allegations.

SUSSEX POLICE are changing the way they record transphobic hate crime. From now on hate crime against someone because of their gender identity will be recorded separately to crime because of someone’s sexuality. “This is a sign of our commitment to protecting and serving Sussex’s trans community,” said LGBT Liaison Officer Nick Antjoule.

McKellen is ‘Fit’

Boy George

House diversity

STONEWALL’S ANTI-HOMOPHOBIC project, Fit, is set to receive a major boost with a big preChristmas fundraiser happening in Brighton on Thur Dec 4. X-Men and Lord of the Rings star Sir Ian McKellen is the star guest at the event, which also features writer Rikki Beadle Blair. Tickets cost £55 each and proceeds will go to raise money to make a DVD of the school theatre project available to every school in the country.

A NEW COMMITTEE charged with finding ways of making the House of Commons more diverse should include the LGBT community in their research, says Labour MP Harriet Harman. The Speaker’s Conference gathers seventeen MP’s and the Speaker of the House and will make recommendations on how best to reflect society in the Commons. Harman says that she hopes gay equality organisation Stonewall will “make an important contribution”.

Making history NEXT YEAR’S LGBT History Month is off to a flying start, with support from Education Minister Baroness Delyth Morgan. Speaking at the pre-launch event in a Hackney school earlier this month, the Baroness said that there should be “no dark corners” for homophobia in schools. LGBT History Month, which takes place next February, celebrates the lives and achievements of the gay community.

m`iklXcjkfi\nnn%a\i\dp$_fp\%Zfd i\Xcjkfi\1))Xj_`gjki\\kYi`^_kfeYe((X[ k1"++' ().*...)'.\1jXc\j7a\i\dp$_fp\%Zfd

Strong and safe WED 10 DEC sees the Brighton and Sussex Sexualities Network welcome Cindy Holmes to the University of Brighton. Creating Strong and Safe Queer Communities will discuss the challenges faced in education about violence in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer communities. Dr. Catherine Donovan will also discuss her research which compares samesex and heterosexual domestic violence.

LGBT needs U


Out of this world by Brighton’s leading jewellery designer

Sir Ian McKellen

Baroness Morgan (l) with Sue Sanders

Wireless London LONDON MAYOR Boris Johnson has revealed his vision for a wi-fi London in a bid to boost internet access for the underpriveliged. “Let’s look at ways that we can improve the infrastructure in this city so that there’s wi-fi access everywhere,” said Johnson. His comments echo those of PM Gordon Brown, who recently pledged to provide computer vouchers to children without access to the internet.

Brian bares all I’M A CELEBRITY star and former London Mayoral candidate Brian Paddick has added another talent to his CV: pin-up. The former Metropolitan Police Commander has been quick to strip off in the jungle, causing a few raised eyebrows from other contestants, including Esther Rantzen.

A NEW PROJECT by the Sussex LGBTU is looking for volunteers to help find out what kind of services young gay people in the area need and want. If you would like to share your views and help shape future services, contact Shelby Wigmore at

Star-bucks fizz

Protesters outside Starbucks PROTESTERS WILL mark the six month anniversary of their campaign to close down the Starbucks coffee shop on St James’s St with a major protest this weekend. “For six months, Starbucks has defied both planning law and the desires of local residents and traders,” says group spokesman Jon Barrenchea. “We can’t give up until the green giant is gone from our street.” The protest begins at 12pm on Sat 29 Nov.




British Hairdressing Awards The stars came out to play at this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s British Hairdressing Awards, held at Londonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Grosvenor House Hotel. Hosted with typical vigour by Graham Norton and with entertainment from singer and TV presenter Mica Paris, the evening saw Londonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Akin Konizi crowned Hairdresser of the Year. Photos by Tom Lee.

Trevor Sorbie with friend

## !  

Host Graham Norton

Angelo Seminara from Trevor Sorbie and friend

A model from Hooker and Young

British Hairdresser of the Year Akin Konizi

Mens Hairdresser of the Year Jamie Stevens

Gary Hooker and Michael Young

Mica Paris entertains the crowd

! $ " %


from 7.00pm

Thursday 4th December until 8.30pm

    all day for Reward Card Customers

 mince pies and mulled wine

  St Peters and St James Hospice



Garden Pride Garden Centre, Common Lane, Ditchling, West Sussex BN6 8TP

T: 01273 846844 E:

The sky’s the limit. The new generation B 150 SE. Now available with a

typical 5.9% APR*.

Model B 150 SE with metallic paint On the road price £19,190 Customer deposit £2,999 Retailer deposit contribution** £662 Optional purchase payment† £9,550 Acceptance fee £180 Purchase activation fee† £95

Monthly payments 36 Total charge for credit £2,180 Amount of credit £15,529 Total amount payable by the customer†† £20,708 Total amount payable†† £21,370

Monthly payment* £219

Typical 5.9% APR





Your essential guide to the very best in live music

Wilkommen, bienvenue... Caroline Nin. Let the name roll around your tongue for a few seconds and you might find yourself thinking of dimly lit jazz clubs, Weimar Republic-era cabarets and perhaps the underbelly of music, full of hidden meaning. And you’d be right. Her name is a perfect fit with the music she makes, and one80news wanted to find out more... Share the Caroline Nin experience with us. It’s a journey through my own world, mysterious, funny and sad at the same time. My aim is to touch people and share with them what I have learned in my search of the 20th century cabaret culture. There are so many songs, so beautifully written, rich naughty or dramatic - I try to draw my audience into my understanding of those songs by delivering them in my own way.

What drives you to do this? What drives me is the adrenalin that I get as soon as I get on stage; some say it’s a near death feeling. I can relate to that although no-one really knows what the near death feeling is...I’ve asked friends to ask me how it feels the day I’m on my way and to record it....ooops!

Does your stage persona ever spill over into real life? Well, Caroline Nin is my stage persona! I wouldn’t go to the supermarket dressed in her, though it would be interesting - corsetted dress, 12cm high heels, full on make-up, smoky eyes!

Caroline Nin Komedia, Brighton,Mon 8 Dec

Royal Vauhall Tavern, London Tues 16 Dec

Swing votes

Will powers

Steel works

EMBARKING ON an all-toorare UK tour, Swing Out Sister play at the Bush Hall in London on Sat 13 Dec. The band has always ploughed their own lush furrow, inflected with warmth, jazz and soul, and in the twenty-two years since their debut hit Breakout they’ve released a string of gorgeous albums, the most recent being this year’s Beautiful Mess. SOS work best in intimate settings, so this gig should be something very special indeed.

IT MAY BE slightly early to call Will Young a survivor, but who would have betted on him still being huge seven years on from Pop Idol? Latest album Let It Go shows he’s still very much his own man musically and as an entertainer it sometimes feels as if Will has dropped In from a bygone age: a polite, gentlemanly superstar. Catch him on Thur 4 Dec at the Brighton Dome and on Fri 12 and Sat 13 Dec at the Roundhouse Theatre , London.

IN ITS CONTRIBUTIONS to music, Sheffield has always punched above its weight most famous recent exports the Arctic Monkeys continuing a tradition in many ways started by the three bands who feature on the Steel City tour. Playing at the Brighton Centre on Fri 5 Dec and London Hammersmith Apollo on the 8th, the tour features ABC, Heaven 17 and the Human League, with the latter in particular providing a brilliant pre-Christmas night out.

Welcome to our guide to what’s a-cookin’ on the local music scene! This space will be your treasure map to new and original musical bounty. If you’re in a local band then we’d love to hear from you at

Tom’s Pick: Iain Woods & The Psychologist WITH SO MANY unsigned bands belonging to the school of guitars and floppy haircuts, this band are a breath of fresh air. Listening to their melodic, twisted, dark, soulful brand of pop is like exploring a post-apocalyptic wasteland, where the bitter circumstances have warped almost everyone and everything beyond all recognition. The winner of this year’s Channel 4 Talent awards, Iain Woods has purposefully set out create catchy pop tunes. The stand out songs, When Particles Collide and 1994, instantly grab you, demanding that you listen to them again and again despite the growing sense of unease at what they may be doing to your mental state. This band are sure to be a hit with the cool alternative types, even if, perhaps the mainstream isn’t quite ready. Iain Woods & the Psychologist play at the Royal College of Art, London on Fri 19 Dec.

Kayleigh’s Choice: Paul Steel PAUL STEEL is who you should be listening to; that cake you want to keep eating. Paul’s voice is soft as chocolate; it saturates your inner sponge, that soft part inside. Sprinkled with 60’s LA magic and a slathering of the Beach Boys and Rufus Wainwright, you cannot shove your face full enough of his sugarpop-rock sound. Having just released new album Moon Rock on EMI Japan and with an animated film version of his previous album April & I being screened in Soho (dates TBC), Paul Steel is a musical Godzilla swimming straight for our shores. Watch out for the music video for new single In a Coma, which features a wealth of Brighton talent including Ralph Brown (Withnail & I, Aliens 3).

Who would be your dream duet partner? Catherine Deneuve - she is a myth, she is a beautiful, witty, cultured woman and even though she is not a singer at all, she has a beautiful voice. It would be a great honour.

What else have you got coming up? Australia and New Zealand are liking me a lot, I have a couple of world tours in both countries. I would love to have a season or two in theatres in London, and I also have a season of my Marlene Dietrich show scheduled in Paris on a beautiful boat on a canal!

Talent spotters



fe\/'\jj\ek`XcXikj\ekj Your essential guide to the very best in theatre and events

Strictly Sunset

Silence of the fans

An evening UK debut with Mozart for Fleming

HOW MANY times has your night at the movies been ruined by a reprobate with a comedy ringtone or the rusting of a thousand boiled sweet wrappers? Too many, right? Silent Cinema makes these annoyances a thing of the past, with wireless headphones meaning film fans can enjoy the show without the extra sound effects. The next screening is of It’s A Wonderful Life at London’s Andaz Hotel on Sun Dec 14. It’s cinema, but for grown-ups - with the helpful addition of a bar!

A MAGICAL EVENING is in store for lovers of classical music, as Mozart by Candlelight comes to the Brighton Dome on Thur 11 Dec and London’s Barbican Centre on Sun 28 Dec. Performed in full 18th-century costume in an evocative candlelit style setting, this enchanting event brings all the verve and virtuosity of Mozart to life. Including the Overture from Don Giovanni and Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, the concert promises to be unforgettable.

CELEBRATED LESBIAN author Anne Fleming will introduce her work to British audiences for the first time at Brighton’s Booklover’s Store on Thur 11th Dec at 6pm. Anne is the author of Anomaly, a novel about sisters growing up in the 1970s and 1980s, and Pool-Hopping and Other Stories, which was shortlisted for Canada’s top fiction prize. A new collection of stories, Gay Dwarves of America, will be published in 2009.

Shocking news: Craig Revel Horwood has a day job! one80news investigates. WHAT’S THIS? A revival of an Andrew LLoyd Weber musical, directed by Strictly Come Dancing’s Craig Revel Horwood and yet somehow being mounted without a televised search for the leading lady? That’s right - this particular production of Sunset Boulevard (which originally ran in the West End from 1993 for 1592 performance) is very much one for the times we live in: stripped down, intimate and direct, with actors and musicians often one and the same. The show is based on the classic 1950 film, which featured Gloria Swanson as Norma Desmond, a fading movie star with fantasies of making a comeback. Revel Horwood’s take on it certainly tests the mettle of Lord Lloyd Weber’s score, which reveals itself as one of his best when stripped of the pomp of a major orchestrated production. What Len, Bruno and Arlene will make of it is anyone’s guess!

Sunset Boulevard From Fri 5 December Comedy Theatre, London SW1 Tel 0870 060 6637

Sing to remember To mark World Aids Day, two special concerts to commemorate and celebrate. WORLD AIDS DAY takes place on Mon 1 Dec, and a whole host of events are planned around the country to highlight the ongoing fight against the disease. Two special events are being held in Brighton at St Mary’s Church in Kemptown. On Sun 30 Nov, the Aids Me-

morial Concert features performances from the Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus, the Rainbow Chorus, and recitals from pianist and singer Greg Moore and harpist Andrew Ballantyne. It promises to be a both rousing and elegiac evening, with all proceeds going to help those living

with Aids. On Mon Dec 1 the Brighton and Hove (actually) Gay Men’s Chorus will be performing at a special candlelit vigil in the church. The service will remember and honour those who have died and those who continue to be affected by HIV.

Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus

Andrew Ballantyne

The Rainbow Chorus

Greg Moore

World Aids Day Aids Memorial Concert - Sun 30 Nov 6pm Service of Remembrance & Hope - Mon 1 Dec 8pm St Mary’s Church, Rock St, Brighton BN2 1PR

Got an arts and entertainment event coming up? Let us know at:




fe\/'\jj\ek`XcXikj\ekj MUSIC REVIEW

Essential reviews and interviews - your critical guide to the fortnight

Time to Byrne

by DJ Stewart T

Jon Byrne with fellow DJ, Queen Joesphine

Leona Lewis Run Single out 1 Dec

Mickey Day meets Jon Byrne, the DJ taking the London and Brighton scenes by storm JON BYRNE is whipping up a storm in both London and Brighton club-land. A Brighton boy, but a London DJ at heart, with XXL, Ministry of Sound and Barcode already under his belt, he’s now changing the face of Brighton’s club scene with a dirtier sound and a growing fan-base. “For a long time, music became something to pose to rather than to have a good dance to,” says Jon. “I don’t like people bobbing along. I like to lift them up. I think that’s what clubbing is about. It’s about blowing off steam.” Like the dirty edgier music that he plays, there are no half measures. Jon’s fully focused on being the best, with a musical journey that began when he started play-

ing classical piano at sixteen. “I set my sights on Rachmaninoff’s 3rd piano concerto, only the first movement, but it’s 25 minutes long. People said, ‘you’ll never get there’ but I grafted and grafted and I did it, “ he recalls. “ It’s the same with DJ’ing. I spend hours trawling the internet for ‘that’ record. I want to be at the top of my game.” Jon achieved grade 8 in classical piano in two years and cites the death of a school-friend as his driving force. “He was an amazing rugby player and was lined up to play for Wasps when he finished school. He was in a motorbike accident and died. That was a great loss of talent. Something

just kind of snapped in me and I thought, ‘actually I’ve got this talent and I’m wasting it’. It was the catalyst for becoming a musician.” Byrne has had his own battles and once nearly decided to pack it all in. He makes no apologies for feeling that there is too much politics involved in DJ’ing. “Some people think I just turned up one day and had this career thrown in front of me,” he explains. “People have spent more time putting down my name than actually getting out there and doing their own work. I’ve had to go the police in certain cases. It’s been horrific. At times it’s been really painful and I’ve wanted to walk away from it all. I haven’t

and I’m glad. I took it personally to begin with, but it’s not about me. They don’t know anything about me.” As this gentle guy talks you can’t help but get caught up in his enthusiasm. There’s an energy about him that draws you in and makes you his special confidante. Listening to his set at Brighton’s Halloween Sunday Sundae Special, it’s the same energy that he gives to the crowd. Whilst dropping the first track, his infamous ‘wiggle’ infects the crowd. He winks and waves to the clubbers. A quick thumbs up and a broad grin as a guy beams at the DJ box. It’s as if everyone in the room is a personal

friend. Possibly for that hour, that set, they are. “I really do care about DJ’ing,” says Jon. ”Music is such a powerful tool. It’s a way to communicate without words, it’s certainly been a way for me to say things that I could never say. It’s very close to my heart. It’s in my blood.”

IT’S A CRIME that it has taken this long to release this after Leona’s world class performance on the X Factor. The original of this song was stunning to start with, but the new production with full orchestra and a gospel choir provide a spine tingling backdrop to Leona’s outstanding vocal. This is taken from the re-release of Spirit which also includes her last single Forgive Me.

Boyzone Better Single out 8 Dec

TV/DVD by Niall McMurray

BOOKS by Peter Burton

Screenwipe Dark Knight A Journey to Mount Athos by Francois Augerias BBC4 Tues 10.30pm

I LOVE Charlie Brooker, for many reasons - chief among them his marvellous Radio Times pastiche TV Go Home (long gone, but mothballed at - well worth a look). Brooker is the sole voice of reason operating within the television industry, though detractors of his highest profile projects Nathan Barley and Dead Set might choose to disagree - clearly it’s clearly a love/hate thing. Anyway, Screenwipe is a bit like TV Burp, only incredibly, incredibly acerbic, as Brooker delights in exposing the hypocrisies, short cuts and risible practices of our beloved telly. Thank goodness for BBC4, what with this and the colossal amount of nudity and swearing, it’s the TV equivalent of dancing on Mary Whitehouse’s grave.

Out Mon 8 Dec

NOW THAT we all have a little perspective on Heath Ledger’s death, it’s presumably safe to say a few bad things about The Dark Knight, don’t you think? Yes, Heath is marvellous as the Joker and probably thoroughly deserves the posthumous Oscar he’s going to get, but the film itself....yikes. I know it’s not called The Light Knight, but i’ve never seen a blockbuster quite so depressing - it’s like Seasonal Affective Disorder on celluloid. Christian Bale may well be a burning hunk o love, and he certainly looks great but I spent the entire movie wishing he’d suck a lozenge - what’s with the unintelligible growl? Maybe for the third outing the principals will all go on holiday to Spain, a la the Are You Being Served? movie. That would be good.

FRANCOIS AUGIERAS was born in upstate New York in 1925, son of a French mother of Polish origin and a French father, a well known pianist. After the early death of his father, mother and son return to France, settling in Paris. Augieras soon acquired a lifelong loathing of both the city (where he spent his first fourteen years) and his mother and he rapidly developed a habit of relentless wandering to such destinations as the then French colony of Algeria and the Greek religious community on Mount Athos. His writings, mostly highly autobiographical, attracted the attention and admiration of the Nobel Prize-winning writer Andre Gide (he described Augieras as ‘a bizarre delight’) but practically nothing has been translated and the autobiographical novel A Journey to Mount Athos has been published for the first time almost forty years after the author’s death in 1971. In a note to the distinguished biographer Jean Chalon, Augieras described the book as ‘This entirely initiatory and symbolic book…” But A Journey to Mount Athos is rather more than an entirely symbolic book about the search for and return to some kind of god, it is a book that stands in aline of descent from Voltaire’s Candide (the narrator is at times an innocent abroad) and Genet’s Our Lady of the Flowers (the narrator is open to any number of homosexual experiences ranging from decrepit monks to ravishing teenagers). There are also affinities with the writings of the Beats, most obviously Jack Kerouac. By no means an easy read, A Journey to Mount Athos is, however, a vivid evocation of both a place and a state of mind.

LIFTED FROM their Greatest Hits album, Better is Boyzone at their ballad-singing best. This wouldn’t sound out of place on a Take That album, which is no bad thing. The stripped down sound, laden with accoustic guitars fuses perfectly with the Dulcet Irish tones of lead vocalists Ronan and Stephen. Also keep an eye out for the video where Stephen finally gets partnered with a good looking man, rather than a girl!

Pussycat Dolls I Hate This Part Single out 1 Dec

A Journey to Mount Athos (£12) is out now published by Pushkin Press

Club Life

by David Cantero

DAVID CANTERO is a Spanish illustrator whose specialist area is the strip cartoon and the comic book. Club Life, his themed collection of drawings, consists of highly stylised and highly romanticised full colour images of beautiful boys, generally scantily-clad or dressed in figure-hugging attire and set within night-life (cruising area as much as bar or club) situations. This is a book about the kind of sexual fantasy that was personified in the seventies and eighties by pop groups such as the Village People and is no no way a realistic reflection of gay nightlife (noisy and frustrating) as most of us know it. Club Life is a book to flick through with amusement in the store, but to then return to the shelves. It’s pretty, mildly diverting and ultimately pointless.

Club Life (£12.99) is out now, published by Bruno Gmunder/Turnaround

THE DOLLS take a more laid back feel for I Hate This Part, which perfectly straddles the line between down tempo and r&b groove - meaning it still fills dancefloors in the clubs, despite lacking the punch of previous releases. This is set to be another big hit for them, but please let the other girls sing too Nicole! Keep an eye out for the amazing Digital Dog & Moto Blanco club remixes too.



fe\/'jZ\e\^l`[\ jf_fm\el\c`jk`e^j 01 GHETTO 5-6 Falconberg Court W1D 3AB Tel: (020) 7287 3726 02 REVOLVER @ ASTORIA 157 Charing Cross Road Tel: (020) 7734 9592 03 POPSTARZ @ SIN 44 Charing Cross Road WC2H 0LB Tel: (020) 7240 1900 04 THE EDGE 11 Soho Square W1D 3QE Tel: (020) 7439 1313 05 FIRST OUT 52 St Giles High Street WC2H 8LH Tel: (020) 7240 8042 06 THE STAR AT NIGHT 22 Great Chapel Street W1 8FR Tel: (020) 7494 2488 07 SWEATBOX SOHO 1-2 Ramillies Street W1F 7LN Tel: (020) 3214 6014 08 KING’S ARMS 23 Poland Street W1F 8QL Tel: (020) 7734 5907 09 THE SAUNABAR 29 Endell St WC2H 9BA Tel: (020) 7836 2236 10 BOX 32-34 Monmouth St WC2H 9HA Tel: (020) 7240 5828 11 G-A-Y BAR 30 Old Compton Street W1D 4UR Tel: (020) 7494 2756 12 BALANS SOHO 60 Old Compton Street W1D 4UG Tel (020) 7376 0115 13 79 CXR 79 Charing Cross Road WC2H 0NE Tel: (020) 7734 0769 14 COMPTONS OF SOHO 51-53 Old Compton Street 15 GEISHA BAR 75 Charing Cross Road W1D 6HN Tel: (020) 7479 7961 16 VILLAGE 81 Wardour Street W1D 6QD Tel: (020) 7434 2124 17 THE SHADOW LOUNGE 5 Brewer Street W1F 0RF Tel: (020) 72877988 18 THE ENCLAVE 25-27 Brewer Street W1F 0RR Tel: (020) 7434 2911 19 KU BAR 30 Lisle Street WC2H 7BA Tel: (020) 7437 4303 20 TRASH PALACE 11 Wardour Street W1D 6PG Tel: (020) 7734 0522 21 BARCODE 3-4 Archer Street W1D 7AP Tel: (020) 7734 3342

mXlo_Xccm\el\c`jk`e^j 01 HARD ON @ HIDDEN 100 Tinworth Street, SE11 5EQ 02 BARCODE ALBERT EMBANKMENT Arch 69, SE11 5AW. Tel: (020) 7582 4180 03 BEYOND @ AREA Albert Embankment, Arch 67-68, SE1 7TP 04 CHARIOTS VAUXHALL Albert Embankment, Arch 63-64. Tel: (020) 7247 5333 05 ROYAL VAUXHALL TAVERN 372 Kennington Lane, SE11 5HY. Tel: (020) 7820 1222 06 EAGLE 349 Kennington Lane, SE11 5QY 07 THE HOIST South Lambeth Road, Arch 47B – 47C, SW8 1RH. Tel (020) 7735 9972 08 FIRE South Lambeth Road, SW8 1RT 09 SUPERCLUB COLOSSEUM 1 Nine Elms Lane, SW8. Tel (020) 7627 1283

Yi`^_kfem\el\c`jk`e^j 01 AMSTERDAM 11-12 Marine Pde BN2 Tel: (01273) 688 825 02 AQUARIUM 6 Steine Street BN2 Tel: (01273) 605 525 03 PO NA NA 75-79 East Street BN1 04 BEDFORD TAVERN 30 Western Street Hove Tel: (01273) 739 495 06 BRIGHT’n’BEAUTIFUL SAUNA 9 St Margarets Place BN1 Tel: (01273) 328 33 07 REFRESH SAUNA 11-12 Grand Pde BN2 Tel: (01273) 689 966 08 BRIGHTON TAVERN 100 Gloucester Rd BN1 Tel: (01273) 680365 37 BRIGHTON ROCKS 6 Rock Place BN2 (01273) 601 139 09 BULLDOG 31 St James Street BN2 Tel: (01273) 696 996 11 THE BRIGHTON COALITION 171 Kings Road Arches BN1 12 DYNAMITE BOOGALOO@KOMEDIA (MONTHLY) Gardner Street , North Laine. Tel: (01273) 647 101 13 CHARLES STREET 8 Marine Pde BN2 Tel: (01273) 624 091 14 DENMARK SAUNA 86 Denmark Villas Hove BN3 Tel: (01273) 723 733 15 DR BRIGHTON’S 16 Kings Road BN1 Tel: (01273) 328765 10 THE GROSVENOR 16 Western Street Tel: (01273) 770 712 16 THE ANGEL 5-6 Montpelier Road Hove BN1 Tel: (01273) 728 808 17 HQ (formerly the Harlequin) 43 Providence Place BN1 Tel: (01273) 620 630 18 LEGENDS BAR Ground Floor 31-32 Marine Pde BN2 Tel: (01273) 624 462 18 LEGENDS CLUB Basement 31-32 Marine Pde BN2 Tel: (01273) 624 462 28 H-BAR 16 Church Road, Hove. BN3 2FL Tel:(01273) 725 890 20 MARINE TAVERN 13 Broad Street BN2 Tel: (01273) 681 284. Noon-Midnight 22 MARLBOROUGH 4 Princes Street BN2 Tel: (01273) 570 028 12am-12pm 23 THE PV 161 Edward Street BN2 Tel: (01273) 687 090 24 QUEEN’S ARMS 7 George Street BN2 Tel: (01273) 696 873 25 QUEENSBURY ARMS Queensbury Mews BN1. Tel: (01273) 328 159. 26 REGENCY TAVERN 32-34 Russell Square BN1. Tel: (01273) 325 652 27 R-BAR 7 Marine Parade BN2 Tel: (01273) 608 133 29 REVENGE Old Steine BN2 Tel: (01273) 606 064 10.30pm-3am 30 STAR INN Manchester Street BN2 Tel: (01273) 601 450. 11am-11pm 32 VAVOOM 31 Old Steine BN1 Tel: (01273) 603 010 33 OM 5 Steine St BN1 Tel: (01273) 603 010 34 WILD FRUIT@TRU (monthly) 78 West St BN1 35 THE PRINCE ARTHUR 38 Dean Street, Brighton 36 THE ZONE 33 St James Street BN2 Tel: (01273) 682 249



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fe\/'jZ\e\^l`[\ Vez in Brighton The Christmas excitement is in full swing, I’ve had my tree up for weeks and have been drinking mulled wine almost daily. At the moment venues all over town are working hard to raise money for local Aids and HIV charities as World Aids Day is recognised on the 1st December, so make the effort, dress in red and donate for this worthy cause so close to our hearts.

Red Revenge


ONE OF REVENGE’S biggest fundraising events to date, The Red Weekend, gets well underway with four days of redthemed parties all in aid of The Sussex Beacon and THT. It all started at the Girls On Top Foam Party on the 27th. The second fundraising night is Red Lollipop where everyone is encouraged to dress up all in red, the club will be completely transformed for this one special weekend so dig out the red outfit, wear a ribbon or make a donation. KD Red is the big one on Saturday night, where some of the best local DJ talent team up to give you a night to remember, two floors of the best pop and upfront house music. Sunday sees something completely different, as the hairdressers of Brighton take over Revenge for a night of hair, music, fashion and charity. Hairdresser DJs, live hair shows and prizes. With loads more coming up, get yourself to

ANYONE WHO has walked past Vavoom on a weekend evening will know that it’s a pumping late night bar. Well now you should walk in! Friendly staff and great drinks deals, plus theme nights every Saturday evening and Kareoke in the lounge every Wednesday. There’s also the added bonus that you can chose what music to hear via the video jukebox!

The Zone THE ZONE is the place to hear fantastic live music from local cabaret artists. There’s loads on offer including ‘You Say We Play’ every Monday and easy listening sounds from the 1940’s to now every Tuesday. Now on every Wednesday David Rummelle takes over December’s Drageoke. The night to check out is Thursday’s Comedy and Film Zone, where your favourite film classics are musicals are played for you as you request them!


The Bulldog

THERE’S SOMETHING going on every night at the R-Bar. Live DJs, Miss Jason (Mondays) and acoustic acts (Sundays) mean there’s something for everyone. And everyone can surely appreciate the drinks deals, especially on a Thursday night where I’ll be behind the decks playing some extremely funky house (and also appreciating said drinks!) Friday nights sees Girls On Top DJ Smiffy at Tops and Bottoms, a night where you can win your next round free at the toss of a coin. It’s proven quite entertaining when your round consisted of jagerbombs! Top boy Jonny M plays every Saturday to warm you up perfectly for your big night out…. And on Sunday recover from it all with a hearty roast dinner (served til late) and live singers all afternoon including Charlie & Em and Andrea Kenny.

THE CREDIT crunch may be affecting some, but don’t worry, the Bulldog’s always there in your hour of need… any hour of need day or night actually. Most hours seem to be happy hour and with live DJs all weekend it is always the hub of party time on St James’s Street.

Brighton Tavern NESTLED IN the heart of the North Laines, The Brighton Tavern is a perfect traditional pub in which to while away the hours. A particular night of interest is games night on Tuesdays… definitely a winter pastime to get you in the festive swing. And if you’re down that end of town doing some late night shopping on a Thursday, stick your head in for a hot cider, mmm.

The PV at the Jury’s Out SATURDAY 29TH November is definitely a night to head to the PV for something completely different, as DJ Aquarius presides over the Pirate theme party with some rock, sexy pop and country. The girls are also offering some great drinks deals if you’ve got a PV loyalty card throughout the week. If you find yourself at a lose end and in need of a pint on a Saturday afternoon, the PV provide you with some live entertainment, as Chelle hosts live music throughout December from 4.30pm.

BRIGHTON’S ORIGINAL Red Party, Wild Fruit is at Tru on Sunday 7th December. This annual fundraising event is FREE before midnight! (But please make a donation on the door because it all goes straight to local HIV & Aids charities). Three rooms of pop, house and r’n’b await you so get your ribbons on and get down! Fruit is of course followed by Rebel at 2 One One. I remember the first Rebel party on this night at this venue 3 years ago. Things certainly have changed but Rebel remains the place to see the Monday morning sunrise to electro beats. The Aeon team have another party for us this fortnight, the lads will be happy on Saturday 29th as Monkey returns for a one-off party at the Brighton Coalition, and the boys behind the decks will be joined by guest Nick Tcherniak.

Queens Arms THE QUEENS Arms are raising money the cabaret way with a whole weekend of entertainment, all in aid of the Sussex Beacon. There are two mega drag marathons! On Sat 29 from 8.30pm and on World Aids Day Mon 1 Dec, the show starts at 9pm and features top local cabaret performers Lola Lasagne, Dave Lynn, Cassidy Connors, Jamie Watson, Jennie Castell, Connie Conway and Miss Jason. In addition to this they have top entertainment every day and some fantastic drinks wristbands on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays!

Brighton Rocks The Marlborough ANOTHER WELL kept secret of Brighton, tucked away down Rock Street, Brighton Rocks is a great place to spend some time sipping cocktails from their extensive list. You can even learn how to make your own every Monday! Live DJs play there every weekend and Sunday is roast day, so take a few steps off the strip to enjoy this cosy and cool cocktail bar.

DrunkenDunkertonOnionHooplasPorciniPuddingCranberryKraut Rip Me Out for Free Pink Fizz or Go Straight for 10% off food Valid for November & December 2008 ( Excluding Saturday)

Wildfruit Red Party

TARIK AND STYLES are building The Marlborough to be much more than a pub, it’s more of a community centre. A place where all can feel welcome anytime. Newly opened on the weekends, upstairs adds another element to the Marlborough experience, with live DJs in the evenings. The Marlborough Theatre offers great entertainment all the time, there’s loads coming up including theatre Steampunk Hidden Market on Saturday 6th December (3pm), a live act from Uncle Arthur on Sudnay 7th (8pm), and the Wittily Titled Improv Show on Wednesday 10th (9pm). My Tune of the Week is All About House Music (Milk & Sugar Global Mix) by Yves Murasca.

Terre à Terre, 71 East Street, Brighton, BN1 1HQ

t: 01273729051


fe\/'jZ\e\^l`[\ Jonny in London Two weeks have flown by and here we are again, with too much to mention! I’ve picked out some great stuff to look out for. If you think that you have something that would be of interest then just stick it in an email and send it to

The Last Discotec: World AIDS Day Party

Horse Meat Disco

ON SUN 30 Nov, Discotec and The End Nightclub present a special one-off event in support of The Terrence Higgins Trust. DJs include Lee Harris, Guy Williams and Jeffrey Hinton, with house in room one and r’n’b in room two. Entry is £10, with half that money going straight to THT, doors open 9pm.

EVERY SUNDAY evening at The Eagle, Vauxhall (formerly South Central), Horse Meat Disco offers up a slice of gay clubbing for just about anyone. The diverse crowd is made up of bears, club kids, drag queens, fashonistas: you name it, you’ll find it having a boogie on the Horse Meat dance floor.

Matinée Christmas Party SPANISH SUPER club Matinee is world-renowned for itsparties, and the London branch are no exception. Taking over Club Colloseum in Vauxhall on Sat 13 Dec, Matinee will put on a huge show, transforming the club into an ice castle. DJs include Oliver M, Pagano, and Paul Heron, doors 11:00pm - 9:00am.

Work! Girlz Special PATRICK LILLEY presents Work! Gay Girlz special at Heaven, Charing Cross. Room one is funky and electro house with DJs Big Jon and Dean Golden, and room two is r’n’b and Bashment with DJs Jeffrey Hinton and T Rex. Room 3 has been hijacked by the ladies, with DJ Miss Cup Cake, on the first Monday of every month. ŸCXli\eZ\:fekfe


Market EC1 A BRAND new clubbing experience, with a strong theme behind it comes to Fabric on Sun 7 Dec. The concept: recreating the range of sights, sounds and smells you might find in a marketplace. There’ll be art installations, performances and exciting visuals, on top of a fantastic soundtrack from superstar DJs Chus and Ceballo.

Comedy Camp LONDON’S ONLY mixed, gay and straight comedy club is every Tuesday evening at Barcode, Soho. Compéred by Simon Happily, Tues 9 Dec features Gina Yashere, Francesca Martinez, Robin Ince, Caroline Mabey. Door’s 7:30, starts 8:30. £10, or £8 for members.

Calling All Tribes EVERY WEDNESDAY evening at The Ghetto, Soho, the promoters of Nuke Them All and All You Can Eat, comes a new night aimed at pushing the boundaries of music, fashion and art. Each week you can expect ground-breaking music, amazing décor, and a very innovative approach to party production. £5/ £3. NUS, doors 9:00pm.

Rapido London IN THE last four years, Rapido has become Amsterdam’s top gay circuit party, regularly drawing in crowds of up to 2,500 people. On Sun 7 Dec it is launching in London, at Koko. With a awesome DJ line-up spinning cutting-edge house and fabulous décor, this is one party not to miss.

Wish’s Nativity Festivity WISH IS dreaming of a black Christmas, with evil shepherds and black sheep, and you can experience it too if you get on down to this uber-cool club night. Resident DJs Kath Harding and Kate Nunn will be joined by Guy Williams, and DJ Philly, who must be one of London’s hottest female DJs. The music policy is more forward thinking than most, with techno and minimal in the basement, and rock, pop, indie and electro in the lounge. Doors open 9pm, check for more information. Ÿ8ee\CXZ_\`e\i$Bl_e


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Support. le Michael was sexually abused by his unc child a As 10. to 5 s from age he never told anyone because he thought he wouldn’t be believed. Now he has someone to tell. If you, or anyone you know, has been us. affected by male sexual assault, contact

support for men who have been sexually abused

01273 510 447 PO Box 124, East Sussex BN9 9TQ

Individual Counselling • Couple Counselling • Therapeutic Groups



fe\/'c`]\jkpc\ London Gay Man tells it straight!

GAY LONDONERS in need of a social secretary may just have had their prayers answered - a brand new website aims to help you plan every aspect of your life in the nation’s capital. London Gay Man is dedicated to serving the LGBT community in the city, offering a cornucopia of information, with everything from news, pub and club listings to restaurant reviews, shopping, dating and contacts for every kind of advice imaginable - from legal to sexual and

everything in between. Company head Clint Garnier (pictured above) explained the purpose of LGM to one80news. “London Gay Man truly is every gay man’s personal assistant,” he said. “We offer our visitors the opportunity to interactively engage with the website, keeping up-todate with the latest events, openings, launches and news in our country’s capital.” Check the site out for yourself at:

Take Pride A Unique in Christmas Approach

Heaven for Carluccio’s wine buffs Christmas

REAL OR FAKE? Whatever your opinion on Christmas trees, there’s no denying most of us will be putting one up over the next few weeks. To help you out, Garden Pride, West Sussex’s finest garden centre, is holding a special late night shopping event on Thur 4 Dec. As well as trees, there are gift ideas galore and the Sussex Chorus will perform to benefit local hospices.

INDIVIDUALITY IS HARD to maintain these days, with fashion stores all punting similar wares. The Unique Club is a different proposition entirely - YOU choose from a range of logos, positioned where YOU want, creating a true one-off piece. With a wide range of products, from short sleeved t-shirts to heavy-weight hooded tops, being part of this Club means not being one of the crowd!

SHOWCASING THE BEST in British wine, Booker’s Vineyard is hosting its Christmas wine-tasting on Sat 13 Dec. Anybody wanting advice on choosing wine for the festive season should go along, as the Bookers wine buffs will be on hand to help! Tours take place on the hour every hour between 10am and 4pm, with plenty opportunities to taste and stock up!

CARLUCCIO’S IS HOSTING a nationwide event on Thur 4 Dec to get shoppers truly into the festive spirit! From 6pm onwards you can enjoy a complimentary glass of mulled wine and some delicious canapés while browsing their fantastic range of gift ideas – with a 10% discount on any purchase. Head down to your nearest Carluccio’s caffe, warm those chilled bones and sort out your gift list at the same time!

Garden Pride

Unique Clothing

Bookers Vineyard


Bolney Wine Estate West Sussex RH17 5NB

Jubilee St, Brighton St Christopher’s Pl, Covent Garden Market Place, Islington

Common Lane, Ditchling BN6 8TP Tel 01273 846844

01273 687090

Wednesday 24th December Naughty Nicki’s Xmas Quiz! Twas the night before Christmas and not a creature was stirring except at The PV of course. Test your festive knowledge - do you know your reindeer from your elves? Open midday to midnight.

Christmas Day It’s Chrisssstmmmaasss! Merry Christmas as The PV opens for Xmas Lunch. Prebook your lunch for Turkey and all the trimmings. Open midday to 3pm.

Boxing Day Wii wish you a merry Christmas! Christmas isn’t over yet! The PV opens for Boxing Day fun! Mince pies, mulled wine & Nintendo Wii! Open 3pm to midnight.

New Year’s Eve The PV does NYE! Countdown with The PV at their legendary celebration. Favourite tunes, shots, fizz. £5 entry includes vodka jelly and fizz at midnight. Open til 4am.




Fat friends

Best Double GREAT WALKS friends trouble of London and Brighton

Adam and Edward

THINK TWICE before treating your cat or dog to a bumper Christmas dinner – that’s the advice from animal charity PDSA, who are launching a Pet Fit Club to curb the alarming levels of obsesity among Britain’s pets. It’s estimated that up to thirty percent of UK dogs are overweight or obese, a situation that the PDSA is looking to remedy. “The aim of PDSA Pet Fit Club is to encourage owners to think about the food and exercise they are giving their pets,” said the charity’s Sean Wensley. “Without knowing it you could be killing your pet with kindness.” As part the Club, seven dogs and one cat will compete in a one hundred day health and fitness regime – between them they will have to lose 74kg to be considered healthy. The eventual winner will receive a ‘pet-friendly’ holiday in Wales. None of the animals taking part were available for comment at the time of going to press.

ADAM Rees from Cardiff has just taken delivery of his adorable new chiuahuhau puppy Edward, and the proud dad couldn’t wait to show him off to one80news readers. Cute doesn’t begin to describe it! We want your pet pictures! If your best friend, be it a cat, dog, terrapin, hamster or python has a yearning for celebrity then send a photo of the two of you together to and we’ll print the best in every issue!

Ginge (top) and Louis GINGE AND LOUIS are on the look-out for a new pad! The three year old boys are affectionate and loving once they get to know people. Ginge is an adventurer and is always out and about, whilst Louis prefers his home comforts. They would be happy to be left for a working day as long as they can have access to a garden. If you think you fit the bill, contact Battersea Dogs and Cats Home on 020 76279234 or email

Battersea Park, London

Devil’s Dyke, near Brighton

NOW IN ITS 150th year, Battersea Park (south bank of the Thames, opposite Chelsea) has a rich history - the site was a popular duelling spot in the early 19th century, although these days you’re more likely to witness a spat between two terriers than you are any pistol action. The park is a dog-walker’s paradise, with routes galore, but a walk along the riverside will take you past the London Peace Pagoda, where early morning walkers may well see saffron-robed Buddhist monks, enhancing the tranquility with a gently beating drum as they walk.

THE FEARSOMELY NAMED Devil’s Dyke offers some of the most spectacular views in the UK. Legend has it the valley was the work of the Devil, whose fiendish plot to flood the churches of Sussex was foiled by an old woman - sounds very Scooby Doo to us. The site has been popular with Brightonians since Victorian times, once even housing a funfair. Now though, it’s a haven for all kinds of walkers who come for the excercise and commanding views over the South Downs and on a clear day, the Isle of Wight. It may be the Devil’s Dyke, but it’s a heavenly experience.






paintworks GAY PAINTER & DECORATOR •Competitive Rates •Interior / Exterior •Artexing / Coving •Quality & Reliability Guaranteed

HOME 01273 589329 MOBILE 07973 839214 over 15 years experience











ACCOMMODATION OFFERED Professional sought for share house in Kemptown. 8:K@FE8:K@M@K<J

quad bikes • airsoft combat • off road 4x4 driving • ‘get dirty’ days corporate & xmas events • stag & hen parties • civil partnership events


Close to the scene, sea and shops. Luxury house share, own bathroom. £600 pm inc. E-mail interest to:





Artwork by Lawrence


A place where everyone shines. We live in a vibrant and diverse city. The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community is an integral part of this energy. It’s our role as a council to confront discrimination and homophobia in all its forms. A key part of achieving this is ensuring we attract and retain a workforce that truly represents the community we serve. We’ve put in place a number of initiatives to help this happen including an LGBT Workers Forum, recruitment campaigns, a diversity mentoring programme and achieving StoneWall Diversity Champion membership.

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We are looking for a full time person, based in Brighton, to take responsibility for our financial processes. This is a great financial ‘all rounder’s’ role including Purchase/Sales Ledger, Bank Reconciliations, Payroll, monthly finance reports and credit control and financial planning. You will be responsible for processing all contractual arrangements with our advertisers and setting up credit scoring systems for new and existing clients. You will have an excellent knowledge of SAGE line 50 The successful candidate will have the necessary experience and/or qualifications to perform all of the above.

Please send your c.v. to We are an equal opportunities employer. NNN%*J@OKPD8>%:F%LB nnn%fe\/'e\n%Zf%lb

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Charlie’s Kitchen Recipes Oh my God! It’s not long till Christmas. Time to think about what to serve at my Christmas cocktail party! Here is a simple canapé recipe to serve with that Christmas bubbly to make your party a roaring success!

Spicy Roast Duck and Spiced Peach Pumpernickel INGREDIENTS • 2 large duck breasts • Tablespoon light soy sauce • Juice of 1 fresh lime • Tablespoon chilli sauce • 1/2 teaspoon Chinese five spice powder • Root of fresh ginger (peeled, finely sliced) • 100g fresh coriander (finely chopped) • 1 jar Waitrose spiced peach chutney • Salt and pepper to taste METHOD Marinate the duck breasts in the soy, lime, chilli sauce, five spice powder, salt and pepper for 10 minutes in the fridge • Place in a roasting tray and roast at 200 degrees centigrade for about 7 minutes • Meanwhile slice the pumpernickel bread into medium thick slices • Remove the crusts and cut into square bite size pieces. Toast the pieces on both sides under a hot grill • Remove the duck and slice thinly • Spread a little of the chutney on the pumpernickel, top with slices of roast duck TO SERVE • Finish with another dob of chutney and a generous sprinkling of coriander

Restaurant reviews

roast butternut squash option for the vegetarians. Or enjoy an individual shortcrust steak and ale pie. Prices from £5.95 – £6.95. We opted for the roast pork, which we were told had been cooked in two pints of cider! The pork was very tender and the gravy delicious, accompanied by a generous portion of potato, Yorkshire pudding and sautéed vegetables. It was a hearty plate of food! A selection of delicious, traditional English puddings is also on offer, including: sticky toffee, bread and butter and apple crumble. If you enjoy a modern, English pub serving, good old traditional, hearty English meals: visit 112 Church Street.

fe\/'YXZbgX^\j GREAT GAY LANDMARKS Benjamin Disraeli - Royal York Hotel, Old Steine, Brighton STATESMAN AND NOVELIST Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881) published his first novel, Vivien Grey, in 1826 and it proved an immediate sensation. Disraeli’s political career got off to a rather less auspicious start. He unsuccessfully fought four elections before entering Parliament for Maidstone in 1837, but by 1842 he was head of the ‘Young England’ group of young Tories. Unrewarded for his services by Prime Minister Robert Peel, Disraeli savagely attacked his leader, bringing about his downfall. It was during these turbulent political times that Disraeli published his most famous novels – Coningsby (1844) and Sybil (1846), but perhaps his most interesting novel had

originally appeared anonymously in 1832. Contarini Fleming first appeared in 1832, but it wasn’t

until the book was reissued in 1845 that Disraeli put his name to it. Carrying the revealing sub-title ‘A psychological romance’, Contarini Fleming is by far the queerest of the politician’s novels,

THIS AMAZING sunset seemed to captivate everyone in Brighton, judging by the number of people taking photographs of it. Thanks go to Steve Bowler, who took this one near the pier, capturing the amazing colours of a winter sun setting. If you’ve taken a striking shot, send it to us at We’ll print the best! Tom Hough

Brighton and Hove London

CHEF RICHARD’S objective at the newly refurbished 112 Church Street, is a return to simple traditional English food. That is “decent roasts, home made pies and lashings of my gravy with it’s ‘special ingredient’, that people rave about” , says Richard, a farmer’s son and one time tapestry renovator for the Duke of Westminster. The old ‘Black Horse’, has been tastefully renovated into a modern, stylish space with a secret beer garden for those brighter, Winter days. The day we visited the Sunday lunch menu included: lamb shanks with mash and red wine gravy, fish and chips, roast pork, beef, lamb and chicken and a respectable risotto or


Charlie runs Tasty Delish – modern, delicious food cooked in your own kitchen with menus tailor made to your individual requirements and budget. For a free quote on your private lunch, drinks party or dinner party contact Charlie on 07910 011097

Charlie Nyereyegona


CÔTE, NEWLY opened in Wardour St, has a delightfully buzzy atmosphere with friendly staff more than happy to talk knowledgeably about the menu. My companion opted to start with steak tartare and he declared it superb, deciding the ingredients were fresh and tasty. I had a delicious duck, chicken and pork liver terrine which was full of flavour. The main courses were a cassoulet – delicious but maybe slightly on the bland side and a fish parmentier; creamy, cheesy and gooey, to which I graciously gave my ‘yum yum’ award. All the above were washed down by a very quaffable Muscadet which helped us resist the extremely tempting deserts. This is the sort of place to return to again and again as it can provide you with a light, cheap meal or a little more if you want a treat.

112 Church Street


112 Church Street, Brighton BN1 1UD Tel 01273 606 864

124-126 Wardour St London W1F 0TY Tel 020 7287 280

many of which focus on dandified and/or effete young men who, in turn, reflect Disraeli’s own dandyism which has led to much speculation about his sexuality (he had married an older woman, the widow of a political colleague). Disraeli stayed at the Royal York Hotel in Brighton in 1840 and 1874. He eventually became Chancellor of the Exchequer (1866) and then Prime Minister (1868). After a catastrophic defeat for the Tories at the polls in 1880, Disraeli retired into private life, dying in 1881. He is remembered as a charismatic and wily politician, though his elegant novels should not be forgotten and in some respects his attractive young dandies prefigure Wilde’s Dorian Gray.

Stars with Russell Grant ?FIFJ:FG<J9P Aries - 21 March - 20 April

28 NOV - 11 DEC

Friends are keen to act on money spinning ideas; these plans are full of flaws so don’t get involved. Having confidence in your own common sense and sound judgement is the key to having a happy countdown to Christmas.

Taurus - 21 April - 21 May Christmas is coming and you’re happy to put yourself out for other people. The Season of Goodwill can help you bring some closure to a problem that’s been rumbling on for far too long so you can start 2009 on a positive note.



fe\/'YXZbgX^\j Competition Time

Gemini - 22 May - 21 June If a friend or partner belittles you or is showing you no respect you should let them know how you feel now. You need take control of these situations and circumstances that leave you feeling powerless and impotent.

Cancer - 22 June - 23 July Things that have gone wrong for you in the past are starting to improve and get better. You will be feeling cautiously optimistic. Even so you don’t want to get too excited in case it all goes wrong again..

Leo - 24 July - 23 August Someone’s arrogance tests your temper you but don’t let it show. The only way to deal with this is to calm down, be smart and work out a strategy that turns things to your advantage.

Virgo - 24 August - 23 September You will make a good go of anything you put your mind to now. Discuss your aims, goals and objectives in detail with a partner but don’t get bogged down in trivial detail that will only slow you down.

Libra - 24 September - 23 October Leave friends or colleagues to sort out their own squabbles and don’t get involved. Conflict between other people should not concern you. The last thing you want right now is to get into arguments that could be avoided.

Scorpio - 24 October - 22 November

Sagittarius - 23 November - 21 December New commitments could make you feel stifled in the future unless you fully understand what you’re taking on. You don’t particularly want to be tied to a group of people or team project that starts taking over your life. Now is the time to make your excuses and get out of it.


Aquarius - 21 January - 19 February You’re going through a strange time when nothing will turn out as expected and some weird experiences will catch you unawares. You and a partner are thinking as one; the more bizarre the ideas, the more in harmony you feel! Text a Psychic - Text BRI followed by your question to 86600. Each text reply costs £1.50, plus your usual network charge. Speak to one of Russell’s hand chosen Psychics - call 0906 539 0740. Calls cost £1.50/min from a BT Landline. Calls recorded 18+ RGA Po Box 322, WA15 8YL


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Pisces - 20 February - 20 March The more important something is to you, the harder it gets. Rather than allow obstacles to chip away at your confidence, tell yourself you will succeed! You will be totally on task and in an energetic problem solving mood.

Capricorn - 22 December - 20 January If you can handle the challenges that come your way over the next few weeks, you might feel you can handle anything. It is understandable if you feel a little tired - a change of scene will be just what the doctor ordered.

Quiz Time

2 Which country has just removed transvestitism from its register of diseases? 3 Which group will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at next year’s Brit Awards?

1 Who is the latest Simpsons character to be revealed to be gay?


Complete the grids so that every row, column, 3x3 box contain just the digits 1 to 9.

4 Whose fantasy involves an elevator and Take That’s Gary Barlow? AAnswers: 1 Duff Man; 2 Sweden; 3; Pet Shop Boys 4 John Barrowman

Deciding on new financial moves won’t be easy; you and your partner may have different ideas. Changes in your economic situation mean you are going to have to find new ways to cut down on expenses.

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one80news Issue 37 London Edition  

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