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Lesbian authors of the 20th century

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fe\/'e\njck[ ContentsISSUE 53 News Essential Arts & Leisure Head2Head: Pride special Brighton Pride 09 guide London scene South scene Classifieds & Recruitment Community Nosh

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New national gay talent contest launches A new gay talent competition is launching this month. Queer As Talent, a brand new contest, aims to search nationwide for the UK’s hottest LGBT talent – whether it be singers, circus performers, actors or anything. “Queer As Talent is a national talent quest open to all members of the LGBT community and their families,” says Tony V, a London-based businessman who’s masterminding the venture. “We’re hoping to find the best of the best in the nation and provide an opportunity for our community to get up and be proud.” Tony says that since he moved to the UK with his partner Graeme two years ago he’s been hooked on primetime TV shows such as Britain’s Got Talent, American Idol and X Factor, and thinks it’s time a similar contest was launched aimed specifically for gay people. “Only a small amount of participants on existing shows are openly gay,” Tony observes. “And even these are sometimes ridiculed, laughed at or totally embarrassed. I thought it would be great to put on a competition where anyone with a burning passion for performance – whatever their talent, and whether they’re gay, lesbian, trans, bisexual, bears, drag queens, whatever – can take part, be themselves and show off their uniqueness and diversity.” “I believe that there are many, many talented members of the LGBT community that have parents that don’t think they will get anywhere with their talent because they are ‘queer’. It’s time to show them and the UK what they have.” The competition launches this month with a website,, where early-bird hopefuls can register their interest and keep up to date with progress. The main Queer As Talent live auditions are scheduled to start in October at ten major gay and gay-friendly venues around the country, taking in Brighton, Bristol, Bournemouth, London, Manchester, Liverpool, Torquay, Newcastle, Reading and possibly Scotland and Northern Ireland. The full list will be announced in the September issue of one80news’s sister publication, 3SIXTY magazine, which is the official supporter of Queer As Talent. After the October try-outs, the heat finals will take place in November, again in all ten towns and cities. During December the chosen semi finalists get to take a break and brush up on their act before the semi finals back in their selected cities in January, before the finals in London, at a major venue to be announced soon. The finalists and the winner will then embark on a national tour. A panel of three will judge as each participant performs, made up of Tony V (we hear he’s a bit of a grumpy git, not unlike Mr Simon Cowell) and two as yet unnamed people (rumour has it a very well-known drag artiste is about to sign on the dotted line – more details soon). “We’re looking for people who can shock and surprise us with their talent,” Tony continues. “I’ve even cried with laughter at some of the acts that have appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. I would love to see a family act, of gay parents with straight kids or visa versa and show the world their wonderful diverse family.” Tony is keen to stress that although the contest is called Queer As Talent, everyone is welcome to enter. The winner, we’re told, will receive a very substantial cash prize, and the chance to shine at venues around the country alongside the other finalists. Tickets will be on sale to at all venues at all shows, however there may be an age limit to enter the licensed premises, so check the Queer as Talent website ( as the venues become public. To enter, visit

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fe\/'e\nj Attack at ‘Gay Olympics’ THREE MEN TAKING part in the World Outgames in Copenhagen have been hospitalised after an apparent anti-gay attack. The men, from Sweden, Norway and the UK – received hospital treatment after they were kicked and punched, police said. The World Outgames – dubbed the “Gay Olympics” by some – takes place in Copenhagen this week. Organisers hoped that the games will help show the world that Denmark is one of the most progressive and open minded countries in the world, and give hope to LGBT people in countries where homosexuality is still illegal. “We are trying to build a bridge between the LGBT community and the rest of the city,” the director of the event, Uffe Elbæk says. “Our inten-

tion is to make this a celebration and a signal to the rest of the world that this is a tolerant city that we are proud of.” The contest opened on Saturday 27 July with a glitzy opening ceremony in the Danish capital. Soon after, early on Sunday morning, two men were arrested for the brutal attack. Just more than 5,500 participants have registered at the Outgames headquarters this week, far fewer than the 15,000 expected initially. The competition takes place over nine days, and will include 38 sports, including wrestling, football, swimming and dancing tournaments . The numbers, and incidents, has led to a lack of support from ministers and the press in Denmark so far. The event continues until Saturday 2 August.

More boys asking for advice about sexuality than ever More boys than ever before are calling ChildLine with concerns about their sexuality. The number has more than trebled over the last five years, with many concerned about coming out. Sexuality is now the sixth biggest reason for boys to call the charity. Many of the calls are reportedly coming from teenage boys in the 16-18 age group. Although the total number of boys calling the line has doubled, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) says calls about sexuality have still risen proportionately to more than three times the amount five years ago.

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Everett on Bisexual Byron Page

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Should anti-gay protests be Shop allowed? 3SIXTY 10 Page e 11


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Lesbian authors of the 20th century

WIN! A week’s worth of underwear!

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fe\/'Yi`^_kfe Issue 53 • Wed 29 July - Thurs 13 August





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BTN Listings Aug 09 indd 1

28/7/09 11:42:43

Boy George ‘shunned’ TROUBLED POP SINGER BOY George has been shunned by the Hare Krishna movement because of his sexuality. The star (pictured above) had hoped of becoming a full member of the movement – which is most well known for the Hare Krishna chant, which aims to create a higher level of consciousness – but was told that he must marry a woman to be welcomed into the fold. The International Society for Krishna Consciousness says it accepts gay people, but they have to be celibate or get married to a woman and have Krishna-following children. The Hare Krishna movement claims that sex and desire are ‘not conducive to a spiritual existence’ and one should only have sex in order to reproduce. Due to Boy George’s recent prison-term for falsely imprisoning a rent boy, it is thought he couldn’t feasibly claim celibacy. He is said to be “pretty upset” by his rejection.

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fe\/'Y`k\j Men-only jail for trans woman

Gay cops father son via sister

A TRANS WOMAN SERVING life in prison for manslaughter has been told she can’t have gender reassignment surgery. The woman, known only as ‘Prisoner A’, has been refused treatment by doctors who insist she must live full-time as a female for a ‘significant amount of time’ before they will operate. But the woman is currently being held in a menonly prison, meaning she is not allowed to wear women’s clothing, and only permitted to apply a ‘subtle’ amount of make up. She says she is “desperate” to complete gender reassignment surgery, especially as she has already developed breasts following hormone treatment. Her solicitor, Phillipa Kaufman also described her as “a woman trapped inside a man’s body”. Authorities are also refusing to move her to a women-only jail. ‘Prisoner A’ claims the actions are a violation of her human rights and is making further appeals to a court. She is serving time for the strangulation of her boyfriend and the attempted rape of a shop assistant.

TWO MALE POLICE OFFICERS are celebrating the birth of their baby son following a successful surrogacy involving one of the men’s sisters. Special Constable Steven Ponder, 28, and Constable Ivan Sigston, 48, who live in Southampton, were able to have the baby after Ponder’s sister, Lorna Bradbury, 31, offered to carry the baby for them. William Campbell Ponder-Sigston was born in Worthing, Sussex, last month. “They are over the moon and they cannot thank Lorna enough for what she has done,” a family friend told the Sun newspaper. “I am sure many people will not approve but William will be brought up with much love.” Although Sigston is the biological father of the child, the couple must formally adopt the baby as only the mother’s name appears on the birth certificate.

UK Black Pride

Bible bashing A CHURCH-APPROVED ART exhibition that invited people to write their own messages in the bible has backfired spectacularly. The interactive art installation, which ran with the slogan, “If you feel you have been excluded from the Bible, please write your way back into it”, aimed to “reclaim the Bible as a sacred text”. But the first people to view in at the gallery in Scotland wrote abusive and obscene messages on it. One contributor wrote on the first page of the Book of Genesis: “I am Bi, Female & Proud. I want no god who is disappointed in this.” Another simply wrote “f*** the Bible”. The church is now condemning the exhibit.

XXX Factor rant

THE FOURTH ANNUAL UK Black Pride takes place in London in August. The event, which is taking place on August 15th in Regents Park College, is said by organisers to be a place where different LGBT and ethnic groups can “foster a sense of pride in our identities”. British pop singer Beverley Knight is booked to headline the festival, which will also include “some of Britain’s hottest DJs, dance acts, and performers”. It will also offer market stalls, family areas, information points and food stalls. Organisers describe UK Black Pride as “a celebration of African, Asian, Caribbean, Middle Eastern and Latin American LGBT people in Britain”.

Military timing

X Factor girlband The Dolly Rockers are being accused of ruining Thanet Pride by insulting the audience. The group, which failed to make the live finals in the 2006 competition, reportedly burst onto the stage at the ‘family’ event, swearing and asking if anyone was ‘pissed’. The girls then allegedly asked if the boys in the front row were looking up their skirts. Organisers say they wanted the event to be family-oriented and inclusive as possible, so there were lots of children present.

THE IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM has announced a major event to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the lifting of the ban on gays and lesbians serving in the British Armed Forces. The Manchester building of the multi-branch museum will hold a Cultural Pride event to explore the role of the LGBT community in the military. It was illegal for any gay person to serve in the British military until 2000, when the European Court of Human Rights overturned the ban. The anniversary is in January 2010 and the events are scheduled for August to coincide with Manchester Pride.

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fe\/'e\njJflk_:fXjk one80home news

New advice for drug users New TV channel for launched in time for pride gay couples launches THE GAY CIVIL PARTNERSHIPS company Pink Weddings is launching a TV channel aimed specifically at same-sex couples. The company, which has been hosting the Pink Wedding Shows for six years across the UK, says that the initiative will be the UK’s first dedicated channel for gay partners. “We are constantly seeking new ways to let same-sex couples know the unique and different ways they can show their love and commitment,” says Pink Weddings founder Gino Meriano. “It will also go further to breakdown stereotypes and build a more inclusive society. I am very excited about the launch and a chance to finally have a channel that is the voice for same sex couples, their families and friends”. The channel will aim to offer a wide range of high quality productions from real-life documentaries, movies, topical news from around the world, valued ideas and actual weddings with couples in the UK and beyond. “It has been an amazing 2009 so far, with the launch of the designer civil partnership show hosted at the Andaz Hotel London, our book Civil Partnership - a guide to the perfect day and now TogetherTV”, says Meriano.

A NEW CAMPAIGN TO provide gay people with clear advice about drug and alcohol use is being launched in Brighton. The ‘Party Hard? Play Safe!’ campaign, jointly run by Pubwatch, Spectrum, Pride in Brighton & Hove, THT, CRI and NHS Brighton & Hove, offers new resources for LGBT recreational drug and alcohol users “Research shows that patterns of recreational drug and alcohol use are different for LGBT people giving rise to specific information and support needs” said Spectrum’s Arthur Law. “The campaign pools the knowledge of different agencies to help people to plan to have a great time, set their own limits, get tips on safety and where to get help if it’s needed”. The website acts as an information portal linking mainstream and community resources. The campaign also includes a series of postcards with info on cocaine, ecstasy, GHB, ketamine and poppers, as well as posters for LGBT scene venues and community settings. “We’re really pleased with the initial responses, and welcome all feedback”, said Penny Ashby of CRI’s Health Promotion Team. “We want to ensure that future work is relevant and

results in LGBT people feeling more confident that services available in Brighton & Hove are inclusive AND effective in meeting their needs”. Spectrum’s Drug & Alcohol Working Group has supported the partnership approach. The group has also helped plan a pilot LGBT Safe Space project by Hove YMCA and St John’s Ambulance at Preston Park and the Street Party at Pride. Hove YMCA’s Gemma Doughty said: “We’re planning to have an area in the park and also Dorset Gardens on the Sunday where people can get help if things go wrong. It builds on our weekly evening project in West Street which we are testing out at Pride”. ‘’THT fully supports this campaign”, said Marc Tweed, THT’s Health Promotion Outreach Manager. “Outreach workers will be at Pride events offering advice on staying safe and providing free condoms’’. Pride organisers also welcomed the initiative: “Pride is delighted to be the launch pad for the campaign”, said Pride Trustee Kath Browne. “We look forward to working year round with partners to ensure ongoing messaging…have a great party, look after yourself and each other”.

At launch, TogetherTV will be available through a set top box and online, allowing people to view the channel anywhere around the world, from a laptop, TV to a mobile phone and iPod. Keep up to date with developments at




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fe\/'feature LADIES OF LETTERS, 1900-1920

Radclyffe Hall’s The Well of Loneliness

In the first of a series, Rose Collis documents the changing face of lesbian-oriented fiction through the twentieth-century. rejected Claudine then sets out to cause trouble for the two teachers, assisted by her enthusiastic class-mates. The book’s twin themes of school-based mischief and thwarted passion between female teacher and pupil were shared by the other major fictional work produced in this era, Regiment of Women. Clemence Dane CBE née Winifred Ashton (1888 - 1965) was, between the First and Second World Wars, Britain’s most influential, versatile and successful female writer — a highly prolific and popular English novelist, playwright, screenwriter, journalist, sculptor, painter, broadcaster, lecturer and pioneering feminist. Winifred’s education was spread across several establishments. In 1902, she spent a year at school in Dresden. While there, she became infatuated with one of her teachers, a Fraulein Haentzschel, who may have been the model for Regiment of Women’s charismatic central character, Clare Hartill. Whatever transpired between the two women, it appeared to be an ultimately negative experience for Dane, and one which obsessed her for many years. Her precise sexual orientation has been the subject of speculation for decades, especially given her close relationships with so many gay men and women — including Coward, Novello, Binkie Beaumont, Katherine Cornell and Violet Trefusis — and the fact that, for her entire life, she was supported personally and professionally by women who remained devoted to her. Regiment of Women, published in 1917, centred on the passionate friendship between assistant head Clare Hartill, ‘the Olympian to whom three fourths of the school said its prayers’ and a junior mistress, Alwynne Durand. When Alwynne has a nervous breakdown, she is sent to the country and there meets Roger Lumsden, who persuades her to give up Clare. On its publication, one critic, S Brodie Mais, said that Dane, with this book, ‘… had startled me more than any writer on education whose work I have ever read’, and declared it ‘an astounding novel to launch on the world as one’s initial effort.’ The TLS commented, ‘Reading of Clare Hartill, one thinks of all kinds of gruesome creatures, chiefly of the mousing cat and the vampire…yet Clemence Dane never allows us to forget the beauty and the attractiveness of her.’ Feminist academics’ opinion remains divided on Regiment of Women: Lillian Faderman said it was ‘the most noxious of the lesbian vampire novels… an interesting commentary on the extent to which love between women was already producing selfloathing…’ However, Alison Hennegan, in her introduction to the 1995 Virago reprint, said that ‘the enormous paradox of the book, planned as one of the great Awful Warnings of anti-lesbian literature, is that in it we have one of the most fascinatingly complex and subtly observed psychological portraits of a particular sort of homosexual woman.’ Hennegan also posited that Regiment of Women ‘established a pattern and a cast of characters which would exert a powerful influence over lesbian fiction for the next half-century.’ This fiction included Dusty Answer (1927) by Rosalind Lehmann, Devoted Ladies (1934) by Mollie Keane, Trio (1943) by Dorothy Baker and, most significantly, The Well of Loneliness (1928) by Radclyffe Hall who was inspired to write The Well of Loneliness after her partner, Una Troubridge, read Regiment of Women to her in December 1919.

Rose Collis’s second installment will appear in the next issue of one80news

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AS WE SLIDE TOWARDS the second decade of the 21st century, where our literary culture is awash with quality lesbian fiction, with ‘positive’ characters written by out lesbian authors, it’s perhaps a good time to reflect on what was available to women a hundred years ago. In the first two decades of the 20th century, fiction with ‘deviant’ or ‘inverted’ women characters were mostly coming from the pens of male authors, especially in France, Germany and England. But the two most significant and influential lesbian-themed works of fiction came from sexually ambivalent women — even if one of them appeared, on publication, to be male-originated. Claudine at School (Claudine à l’école) (1900) was credited to ‘Willy’ but was actually written by Sidonie Gabrielle Colette. In 1890, when she was 17, she met, and later married, the cunning and manipulative hack Henri Gautheir-Villiers. They moved to Paris and, for more than a decade, young Sidonie was kept in a kind of literary ‘slavery’. Thus, her first three books were published as his. The first Claudine book was followed by two sequels, Claudine à Paris (1901) and Claudine s’en va (1902) were scandalous successes and, spurred on by this, Colette (as she became) broke free from her tyrannical husband and established her own distinguished literary career. Based on her own experiences growing up in a Burgundy village, Claudine at School centred on the unconventional adventures of a fifteen year old girl, Presented like an intimate journal, the book chronicles the arrival of a new headmistress, Miss Sergent, and her assistant Miss Aimée Lanthenay, at the village school. Faster than you could say ‘see me later’, Claudine begins an affair with Miss Lanthenay; the liaison is soon discovered by Miss Sergent, who promptly persuades Miss Lanthenay to ditch her pupil and become her lover. The

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fe\/'essential arts & leisure Byron by Everett


Peter Burton previews actor Rupert Everett’s new Channel 4 documentary which looks at the life of bisexual Lord Byron - the first modern media celebrity. C4, Mon 3 August, 9pm (part two). GEORGE GORDON, LORD BYRON (1788-1827) was a bestselling poet, surpassingly handsome, whose outrageous private life made him the first modern media celebrity. Notoriously bisexual, Byron had spectacular emotional entanglements with women – including Lady Caroline Lamb (who sometimes disguised herself as a boy), Augusta Leigh (his half-sister) and Annabella Millbanke (whom he disastrously married) – and a variety of young men – including thirteen-year-old John Cresswell, son of a Brighton tradesman, John Edleston (his close companion at Cambridge) and Louka Chalandroutsanos, the fifteen-year-old youth who was with him or the last six months of his life until he died of fever in the Greek town of Missolonghi. It has been suggested that Byron’s closest relationships were with his Newfoundland dogs. Byron has been the subject of shelves of biographies and novels, films (played by such diverse actors as Dennis Price and Richard Chamberlain), plays on radio, stage and television, and at least one opera (by gay composer Virgil Thomson).

The poet’s famous travels in Europe are currently being recreated by the actor and writer (and somewhat Byronic character) Rupert Everett in C4’s two-partner The Scandalous Adventures of Lord Byron. “I admire Byron: he lived at a time when Britain, threatened by revolution and the Napoleonic Wars, was the closest it’s ever been to a police stage,” Everett told Radio Times. “He had terrific courage, and stuck his neck right out. He may have been bisexual, but I think he was really gay, preferring romantic relationships with blond boys.” Everett (pictured right) is fascinated by eccentric and creative gay men. He has already made a documentary about the Victorian explorer and polymath Sir Richard Francis Burton and is working on a project about the last years of Oscar Wilde. Byron makes a fitting subject for this trilogy. The second and concluding part of The Scandalous Adventures of Lord Byron follows the poet’s life after the furore over his incestuous relationship with Augusta Leigh forced him into exile from England and his subsequent wanderings which culminated in his death in Greece – aid-

ing the Greek resistance to their Turkish overlords, for which actions he remains a

Gay’s the Word London GAY’S THE WORD, hard by Euston Station, celebrated its thirtieth birthday at the beginning of the year. Not bad going for a business that has suffered from attack by HM Customs & Excise and downturns that have threatened closure. The shop is the last survivor of a trio of exclusively LGBT bookstores that but briefly flourished in Britain. Edinburgh’s West & Wilde and Brighton’s Out have both long since closed their doors and event the gay sections in such bookshop chains as Borders and Waterstones have steadily diminished over the years. And, of course, a lot of gay authors have successfully crossed over the great divide into the mainstream. Patrick Gale, for instance, Alan Hollinghurst, Armistead Maupin. “Very few people these days think of me as a gay author,” Gale, HarperCollins’ bestselling author in 2008, recently explained. “My audience now seems to be yummy mummies.” Jim MacSweeney, Manager of Gay’s the Word (pictured with Uli Lenart, assistant manager right), thinks it is now much more difficult to find the kind of LGBT stock for which he is looking. Exclusively gay publishers both here and in America have gone with he wind (Gay Men’s Press, Millivres Books, Gay Sunshine Press, for instance) and mainstream publishers are increasingly less interested in books which – as they see it – are of minority appeal. “Publishers are only interested in the quick buck,” MacSweeney points out, “authors who’ll make money for them or turn out to be the next wonderkid. But gay fiction is very different. When I’m going through publisher’s lists to see what’s forthcoming that I’ll want to stock, I’ll frequently find that there’s maybe only one of perhaps two titles of interest in any given list. “When Carroll & Graf in New York was sold, the new owners just cut the gay list. They’d published everything from E F Benson’s spook stories to Aiden Shaw’s My Undoing, all under editor Don Weis. He’s now moved to Alyson and the rumour is that Alyson’s now going to become more literary…

THE REPUTA- Untitled © Mapplethorpe Foundation TION OF THE American photographer Robert Mapplethorpe (he died, aged forty-three, from Aids-related illness in 1989) was firmly rooted in controversy and scandal. His masochistic selfportraits (including a notorious shot of him inserting the handle of a bullwhip into his anus) and studies of (particularly) male genitalia (most famously Man in a Polyester Suit, in which a large black penis protrudes from an open fly) caused him to be praised and damned, hailed and banned (even after his death, a retrospective was cancelled because of pressure from lobbyists). An exhibition of early Polaroid (instant) photographs is presently on show in Oxford. Robert Mapplethorpe: Polaroids is running until 13 September at Modern Art, Oxford. Tel: 07865 722733 or online at

A Streetcar Named Desire London

“Of course, there’s more stuff being published on the net, but it’s barely edited and whilst the author’s mothers and boyfriends might want to read it, not many others will… “But, that said, our shelves are groaning with books because we’ve got a great backlist. We keep things in stock and one of the great things about the bookstore is that if something doesn’t move in three months we don’t return it to the publisher. If there’s a reason to keep it in stock, that’s what we do. So, in a way, the sales of erotic fiction or a Spartacus Guide or a bestselling gay thriller subsidise the less successful but still important stock titles.” However, MacSweeney remains optimistic. Has the recession affected Gay’s the Word? “Sales for this quarter are up on the sales for the same quarter last year,” he confides, “so no, so far the recession hasn’t affected us.”

Gay’s the Word is at 66 Marchmont Street, London WC1N 1AB. Tel: 020 7278 7654 or

Deviants Hove

Throughout his highly creative but alcohol and drug-fuelled career the American playwright Tennessee Williams (1911-1983) was dogged by criticism from hostile straight reviewers who insisted that his female characters were really gay men in drag. The grossly insulting slur came about because Williams was notoriously homosexual and homosexuality was an important theme in such plays as A Streetcar Named Desire (Blanche DuBois has become unbalanced by the discovery that her young husband, a subsequent suicide, is gay); Cat on a Hot Tin

Roof and Suddenly Last Summer. A Streetcar Named Desire was first stage on Broadway in 1947, giving Marlon Brando a career-defining role as the brutish Stanley Kowalski, Blanche’s brother-in-law who finally tips her over the edge into insanity. Blanche is one of the greatest female roles in twentieth century drama and actresses ranging from Jessica Tandy and Vivien Leigh to Ann-Margaret and Claire Bloom have memorably interpreted her. Currently Rachel Weisz (she has already been a vivid Catherine Holly in a revival of Suddenly Last Summer) and Elliot Cowan are impersonating Blanche and Stanley in a revival directed by Rob Ashford A Streetcar Named Desire is at the Donmar Warehouse, 41 Earlham Street, London WC2 until 3 October. Tel: 0870 060624 or online at

DURING THE 1970S anthropomorphic china (eggcups, plates, cups, all with neatly shoe-clad feet) made a witty appearance on the nation’s dinner tables. These items were entirely charming in a Disneyish way (remember the all-singing, all-dancing dinner service in Beauty and the Beast?) and a long way from the utilitarian objects which have been transformed and are the focus of attention in an exhibition at the Hove Museum and art Gallery. Deviants features objects which are at once completely familiar and yet strangely disturbing.There is a glove with twenty-five fingers, a teapot (by potter Jill Crowley) that shakily stands on four stumpy legs, a jug (in the process of a nervous breakdown?) unwinding. The commonplace becomes freakish, the functional becomes distinctly dysfunctional. Deviants is at the Hove Museum and Art Gallery, New Church Road, Hove until 13 September. Visit www.hove.

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fe\/'Interview PeoplePosing With both sculptor Antony Gormley and photographer Rankin involved in on-going projects focusing on members of the general public, one80 asked Brighton LGBT Community Safety Officer Eric Page how he came to be posing in Trafalgar Square. TURNER PRIZE-WINNING sculptor Antony Gormley, most famous for his iconographic statue ‘Angel of the North’, and photographer Rankin, best known for his portraits of film stars, pop idols and royalty, are both currently involved with projects which utilise as their subjects members of the general public. Rankin Live! is an exhibition that will change daily as the photographer shoots portraits of one-thousand Britons on-site at The Old Truman Brewery in London and hangs the results on the day. Each portrait will cost £50, with proceeds going to Oxfam. The exhibition will run from 31 July to 18 September. One and Other, Gormley’s project, began on 6 July when the first of twothousand-four-hundred people selected by computer from more than fourteen thousand applicants became part o the sculptors latest installation. Over the course of one hundred days, the selected individuals will each pose for sixty minutes on the empty Fourth Plinth in London’s Trafalgar Square. During that hour, each poser has to establish himself or herself as an art form which re-

flects an aspect of contemporary British society. There has already been a notable Brighton gay presence. On 22 July, Brighton-based artist Jason Hall, founder of the Justin Campaign against homophobia in football, donned the Justin Fashanu All-stars strip and climbed atop the plinth. “I wanted to use my hour on the plinth to highlight the fact that gay and bisexual men are equally passionate about both playing and supporting ‘the beautiful game’,” Hall declared, “whilst increasing awareness as to how absurd it is that there have been no other ‘out’ gay players since Justin Fashanu, who committed suicide on 2 May 1998.” Another gay participant in Gormley’s extravaganza is Eric Page, LGBT Community Safety Officer at the Brighton Partnership Community Safety Team and a regular columnist for local magazine GScene. How did he come to be involved? “I saw Gormley’s stuff in Kirkby, all those statues, whatever they were called, a hundred statues which I came

across quite by chance when I went to visit somebody in Liverpool and I really, really liked it and subscribed to one of his newsletters. When One and Other was announced, I signed up, but I didn’t think I’d ever get it. I signed up through my sister who lives on a tiny island in the Hebrides. I signed up through my mother who lives in a Welsh valley and I signed on from here in Brighton. I hoped I’d get through somehow, like Charlie and Chocolate Factory. If you keep trying, eventually you’ll get it. And oddly enough I was chosen for down here, so I’ll be representing myself rather than some fake Welsh queen or some Scottish islander – though I’ve got roots in both.” Eric’s appearance on the plinth was on 28 July. What was his gimmick to be? “I’d been watching some very gormless Gormley people auditioning in a very Big Brother kind of way and some very dull people who by being themselves became quite extraordinary,” he explains. “I prefer the people who are being themselves in all their banality or weirdness … I’m well aware that the

plinth is not a stage, it’s much higher than it looks and once you’re up there you’re very cut off from everybody and you’re not able to communicate with anybody. You’re exposed ad vulnerable, but without any of the attention you’d normally get from an audience. Realising that changed my mind about what I was going to do… “I decided to transgress my own boundaries and start off being very boring in a suit and then, bit-by-bit, change into full Las Vegas showgirl drag. I became Drag Queen Homo rather than Mr Passing Homo. I was feeling a but flat about it until I went to the guy who’d made the costumes and then I got really gay and excited because he’d made this fucking amazing outfit for me. It was transformative. I became this weird powerful monster. “He’d also made a kind of piss-take of the ‘Angel of the North’ – which I changed into after the drag. It’s a kind of mock Gormley, quite a good recreation, but yellow rather than brown… “It’s my intention to cycle through the various clichés of being a modern ho-







Eric Page on the plinth: “transgressing my own boundaries”


Please quote MAR360 when calling


mosexual.” However, underneath the glitter and the glamour, Eric Page highlighted THT’s Think campaign (the aim of which is to get more gay men thinking about getting tested for HIV) and Broken Rainbow, the charity that aids the LGBT victims of domestic violence.

Jason Hall wearing the Justin Fashanu All-stars strip in the Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern

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fe\/'head2head Should anti-gay religious groups be allowed to protest at gay pride events? by Revd. Sharon Ferguson, Chief Executive of the Lesbian & Gay Christian Movement Protesters at Brighton Pride 2007 ©

MY ANSWER TO THIS question may come people who turn up to celebrate who they are. as a surprise to many people as I do believe I am more concerned with the unseen damthat anti-gay religious groups should be al- age and abuse that takes place in Churches throughout the world towards LGBT people lowed to protest at gay Pride events. every week in the name of religion. The blaHowever, let me clarify my response. tantly homophoAs Chief Execubic comments tive for the Lesbimade by high an and Gay ChrisA few people standing on the side ranking clergy in tian Movement the established I spend a lot of lines will not stop the enjoyment denominations time campaigning of the thousands of people who creates far more for equality and hatred and profighting against turn up to celebrate who they are vides justification homophobia and for those who transphobia in the feel they have the Church. The basis of my argument is that we are all created in right to discriminate against LGBT people. As long as the protesters keep within the God’s image and God doesn’t make mistakes, therefore my sexuality was intended law, then they are welcome to exercise their and is as much a gift from God to be cel- rights and join us as we exercise ours. May God bless them all. ebrated as anyone else’s sexuality. I believe I have the right to express my opinion and attend as many functions as I can to put this belief forward. If I am to continue to have the right to claim equality and freedom of speech then I must also accept the same right for those who do not share my opinion or belief. This right, of course, has limits and must be exercised in a way that does not incite hatred or lead to a breach of the peace. Every year there is a contingent from the Christian Voice or some other religious fundamentalist group along the path of the London Pride parade, waving their banners and declaring the damnation of our souls. And every year, in the parade, LGCM, Metropolitan Community Church, Soho Masses, The Quakers and many other LGBT religious organisations march, proudly declaring that you can be both LGBT and Christian. The rainbow flag flies proudly above Trafalgar Square from the mast of St. Martin’s in the Field. Those marching far exceed those protesting. I hope that the protesters, by seeing not only the vast number of people who are Revd. Sharon Ferguson LGBT but also the increasing number who is the Chief Executive of LGCM, Oxford House, are LGBT and Christian will start to question Derbyshire Street, E2 6HG, tel: 02077391249, email: their own belief., web: A few people standing on the side lines will not stop the enjoyment of the thousands of


a new you

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fe\/'Brighton Pride 2009 Pride in Brighton and Hove 2009 Continues to PRESTON PARK

Pride beside the Seaside! Introduction to Brighton Pride by Geoff Bowden Trustee of Pride in Brighton and Hove Pride in Brighton & Hove’s carnival parade and main park event promises to be not only the best ever in Brighton and Hove, but in Europe too. A peek behind the scenes at the numerous workshops run by Same Sky Community Arts Group, where community groups and businesses are putting the finishing touches to floats and costumes, reveals that imaginations have run riot. The theme of Pride Beside the Seaside has inspired the creative spirits and the parade, which will have 55 floats – the maximum allowed - is bound to have a profusion of bathing belles and beaux, matelotes and mermaids, not to mention all those kiss-me-quick hats and much, much more. Apart from the parade, the summer festival week (25 July to 2 August) is expected to attract many thousands and, with more than 100 events in the run up to the carnival parade and immediately after the main event in the park, there is plenty to choose from. Whether your taste is for garden parties, the arts, drag shows, or five-aside-football tournaments, you should find something that’s up your street. Many of the community-run

START Brighton Pride 2009 Parade Map Map ©

events have only been made possible by support from Pride. Meanwhile, the majority of the local businesses taking part in the festival will be demonstrating their support for Pride by donating much-needed funds raised at their events towards the running of costs of Pride. It takes a cool £250,000 to put on the one-day event and if it is to remain free all those donations are really needed. On the park Pride will have up to 80 volunteers with collecting buckets – they are aiming to collect £40,000 on the day, so give generously. For many though the park event is the main focus – it is expected to attract more than 150,000. There will be 43 community stalls, 35 exhibitors and over 100 traders. Of course, the park event would be incomplete without all the bars and tents. You have a choice of 8 bars and all will be selling the same drinks at identical prices – all to ensure that no one is being ripped off. Whether your thing is to boogie the day away, line dance ‘til you drop, enjoy almost non-stop cabaret or simply chill out Pride has ensured that you will be catered for on the park.

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fe\/'venues PrestonPark map • The park is open from noon until 8pm • No glass is allowed on the park • The park is totally wheelchair accessible • There will be a sign language interpreter on all stages • St John Ambulance will provide first aid at the park • Brighton Pride costs more than £250,000 to put on, so please give ‘em some cash on the day via bucket collectors in the park • There are ‘safety spotters’, a safe space and medical attention available. • You’re not allowed to smoke inside the tents –it’s illegal. • You’re also not allowed to pee in any bushes – it’s illegal as well!

The big screen will form a new focal point for this year’s Pride. If you missed the fun of the parade or want to check out what your costume looked like then you will be able to see re-runs. There will also be cameras on the park, so there won’t be an excuse for missing a thing. Apart from regular information messages, there is a rumour as we go to press that you can post personal messages onto the screen – provided you make a small donation to Pride... The Barclays sponsored community village with more that 40 stalls is where you can catch up with local and national charities and community groups – head for the north east area of the park. There is a choice of eight bars on the park and Pride has ensured that they will be selling drinks at the same prices – so no chance of getting ripped off! Southern Water will be handing out free water throughout the day from various points around the park. To overcome the plague of freeloaders exploiting the crowd and peddling their own booze, Pride has pulled the rug from under them by sanctioning ‘official roaming traders’ on the park. They’ll be easy to spot and will always carry identity badges. For those who prefer sand to grass, then head for the beach, courtesy of Brighton Marina. Invitees can chill out on real sand under the shade of a typically British palm tree! If all that wasn’t enough, they’ll be some eye candy for the boys. Muscle boys in Union Jack swimwear will be soaping down vintage Mini cars and themselves and will be ready to pose with you for photographs. The Wild Fruit tent with a capacity for 5,000 dancers will be the place many will head for. There will be an all star DJ line up including some of the country’s best. If line dancing is more your thing then head for the Paul Wilde Line Dancing tent in the north east corner of the park. Bring your own Stetsons and chaps! The Women’s Performance tent in the north of the park hosted by Cat Harding, Julie Jepson, Yvo Luna and Nicky Mitchell who will be introducing some of the best women artists around, including Lianne Hall, Head Hearts, Andrea Kenny and the Cavalrys. If drag queens are your thing, then totter across to the Curiosity Cabaret Tent – there will be a virtual non-stop parade of wigs lacquered to within an inch of their lives, faux-haut couture and mascaraed talent for your delight. The black and ethnic minority community’s own Calabash tent continues to go from strength to strength. With the help of Pride, the City Council, Calabash will have some of the best music on the day with RnB, hip hop, old skool, ragga, reggae, Bollywood, funk, soul and disco. There will be two Pride Information Points on the park – one at the entrance to the market place, where you can shop till you drop, and the other close to the entrance of the Women’s tent on the north side. At the information points you will be able to pick lanyards with park maps and can buy Pride official merchandise. Have fun!


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fe\/'Brighton and Hove Pride 2009 Pride 2009The tents WILD FRUIT TENT LISTINGS TIME Noon 1pm 1.30 2.30 3.25 3.30 4.15 5.10 6.00 6.05 7.20-8.00

DJ/PERFORMER Queen Jo Jonny M Boy George Prok & Fitch PA Shena Jonny M & Oliver M Paul Heron Steve Pitron PA Katherine Ellis (Freemasons) Neil Duffie & Kate Wildblood Jon Byrne

WOMEN’S TENT LISTINGS TIME 2pm 2.05 2.25 2.40 2.45 3.05 3.30 3.55 4.15 4.35 4.40 5.10 5.35 6.00 6.10 6.35 6.50 7.00 7.25

PERFORMER Julie Jepson Melissa J Evans Maryanne Kerr Saski Beth Swain Molly’s Game Andrea Kenny Jess Gardham Invocal Pride People Al Start Band Lianne Hall Heads.Hearts Saski Nicky Mitchell Greymatter Nicky Mitchell Cherub Closing speech

CABARET TENT LISTINGS TIME 2pm 2.10 2.30 2.45 2.50 3.10 3.30 3.45 4pm 4.15 4.35 4.40 5pm 5.15 5.35 5.45 5.50 5.55 6.15 6.35 6.50 7.10 7.30

ARTISTES OPENING: Lady James Sally Vate James Bedford [A Boy Called James] HOST: Dame Margot Davina Sparkle All Mouth & No Trousers Jamie Watson Miss Jason Maisie Trollette Topping & Butch HOST: Betty Swollocks Sandra Jo Francis Rose Garden Pride Pride’s Got Talent Winner HOST: Connie Conway D.E. Experience Lola Lasagne Nicolette Street Dave Lynn Drag With No Name Pride Beside The Seaside Finale

Pride 2008a look back

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fe\/'street party Pride 2009what’s on... WEDNESDAY 29TH JULY Natural Nutrition Workshop @ Dorset Gardens Methodist Church Clare Project workshop, sharing some of the fundamental principles of nutrition & demonstrating how to prepare simple healthy meals. Time: 2pm-4.30pm Cost: £5 Pride’s Got Talent Final @ Queens Arms With guest judges. The winner gets £100 in cash, the Pride’s Got Talent Trophy & a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform at Pride. Donations to Pride Jell-O Wrestling @ Ghetto Well if we can go by the messiness caused by Chocolate wrestling…Jell-o wrestling is bound to be just as messy if not more. Time: 9pm–2am Cost: Free before 9pm/£3 after BLAGSS Bike Ride Meet at The Peace Statue for a leisurely ride to Devils Dyke, about 10 miles round trip. More info email: cycling@ Time: 6.30pm Cost: free Scene Celebrity Who’s Line Is It Anyway @ The Aquarium Hosted by Dame Margot. Time: 9pm Donations to Pride

THURSDAY 30TH JULY Pilates Workshop @ St George’s Church Clare Project workshop Pilates techniques for healthy posture and breathing. Time: 1pm-3pm Cost: £2 Supported by Pride BLAGSS Petanque @ Petanque Terrain near Meeting House Café Come and try Petanque. Lessons, coaching, and competition. Boules available. Time: 6.30pm Cost: £2 Supported by Pride Bright’n’Queer @ Latest Music Bar A top night of queer comedy Times: 7.30pm & 10pm Cost: £6 All proceeds to Pride

Girls on Top warm up @ R-Bar DJ Richard Jones whips you up to a pre-club frenzy. Cost: Door donations to Pride Quiz night @ The Star Weekly quiz night in aid of Pride with questions, prizes, free sarnies, booze, soft drinks and lots more! Time: 8pm Cost: £1 to enter, goes to Pride MindOut... for the laughs @ Komedia Hosted by Dolly Rocket & Cat Harding and featuring the chanteuse Miss Hope Springs, stand up trans boy Princess Eli Fleali, the hilarious Debra-Jayne Appleby, lovely poet Yvo Luna, Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus & guests! Time: 8pm Cost: £10/£8 concessions Mad Cow XL @ Charles Street More Mad Cow madness with cheap drinks all night. £1 on the door downstairs to Pride Cabaret Special @ Queens Arms Hosted by Betty Swollocks with at least 6 top acts from the scene gracing the stage. Open ‘til 12.30am. Time: 9pm Cost: Door donations to Pride Open mic Special @ The Marlborough Vote for the best act, 50p per vote. Donations to Pride DIRTY @ Ghetto DJ Miss Masters plays funky house tunes and mixed up dirty electric bass. Drinks deals. Time: 10pm–4am Cost: Free before 11pm/£2. All door profits to Pride Pre-Pride Pimms Garden Party @ Legends On the terrace with Pimms promos and free entry to The Basement Club. Time: Open til 5am Donations to Pride

Feel Good for Pride @ TC Parlour, Richmond Parade A well-being afternoon by the Clare Project to get you ready for this year’s Pride. Time: 2pm-5pm Cost: £2 Civil Partnership Open Day @ The Grand Supporting the Civil Partnership celebrations with a free glass of bubbly. Time: 4pm-7pm £5 prize draw to Pride Pride Golf Challenge @ Pyecombe Golf course/Waterhall Golf Course Different levels of golf, prizes & supper. See for more info. Cost: £40/£35/£20 Lady Bex Lounge Party @ R-Bar Lady Bex & Smiffy play urban pop & party favourites. Time: 7pm-2am Cost: £3 Open House @ The Marlborough DJ, learn belly dancing, raffle, pub promos & prizes. Donations to Pride Girl Friday 3 @ Latest Music Bar Nicky Mitchell; Greymatter; Andrea Kenny and The Cavalry; Al Start & band. Time: 8pm-1am Cost: £8/£6 concessions Cabaret @ Brighton Tavern Crystal D’Canter & Kelly Mild. Time: 8pm Donations to Pride Beach Party @ The Grosvenor Bar Beach theme, drinks offers and prizes for best dressed. Time: 5pm–3am 20p from all drinks to Pride Curiosity Clubbing @ Charles Street Club Trashy disco pop with DJ Ali. Time: 9pm ‘til late Cost: £5 £1 to Pride

FRIDAY 31ST JULY Special Guest DJs @ The Kings Arms Charlie and his team welcome some very special guest DJs to the King’s Arms playing the latest funky house. Cost: Free

Clare Project Chill Out @ TC Parlour, 23 Richmond Parade Friendly crowd. Refreshments & music. Time: 9pm-2am Cost: £2 Popstarz Superhero & Villains @ Ghetto Dress as your favourite superhero or villain and get in free. Indie DJs.

Time: 9.30pm–very late Cost: Free before 10pm/£3 £1 entry and from every promotional drink to Pride Terrace Party @ Legends Hosted by Dolly Rocket. Time: Open ‘til 5am Donations to Pride

SATURDAY 1ST AUGUST The Big Weekend @ The Bulldog Open all weekend, from Thursday – Tuesday, the Bulldog will be a hot party spot this Pride. There will be DJs, karaoke, music and more. www. Cost: Free Bear’s Bar @ The King’s Arms The official Bear’s Bar for Pride, The King’s Arms will be busy throughout with a street party and sound system outside. Guest DJs spin funky house inside Open ‘til 3am. Cost: Free Street Party @ Doctor Brighton’s The DB’s crew will be on hand making sure the party spirit stays alive late into the night. DJs Tony B & Miss Masters lay down the beats, with a street party outside. Cost: Free Party Time @ Vavoom Pride Saturday sees Vavoom on the Parade with their infamous float, on Preston Park with their tent, and on New Steine at the bar itself, which stays open right through Saturday night. Cost: Free Street Party @ The Marine Tavern One of Brighton’s cosiest and friendliest gay pubs holds a street party outside from 6pm – midnight, then stays Open ‘til 4am inside. Cost: Free Exhibition @ Preston Park Count Me In Too exhibition of the project’s work and findings of local LGBT life. Cost: free Street party @ The Marlborough Outdoor stage hosted by Lucy Checkley & Carren Olivacce. Acts: Zora, Kovakuk, Cleo Cutcher, Toni Krause, Sascha, Hannah Brackenbury and Coda Luna. Time: 5pm Cost: £8 adv w-end/£6 Donations to Pride

Wild Fruit terrace party @ Above Audio Post Pride park fun and flirting at the very glamorous, unique sun terrace and trendy with the most stunning views of the beach. Time: 6pm–11pm Door donations to Pride Beside the Seaside with Dynamite Boogaloo @ The Open House Cabaret antics, surprises, lewd and crude behaviour. Dolly Rocket, Boogaloo Stu and Dynamite Sal play party tunes & holiday anthems. Time: 7pm-2am Cost: £5 door donation All donations to Pride Kinky Baby @ R-Bar DJs Richard Hones & Holie play funky house. Time: 7pm-2am Cost: £5 Door and venue donation to Pride Terrace Party @ Legends Open all day plus free entry to The Basement Club. Time: 8pm-5am Donations to Pride Girl Action @ Grace of Brighton Exclusive champagne and cocktail party. Time: 8pm ‘til late Donations to Pride Fitladz @ G Lounge Fitladz return for a special sleazefest for men and boys complete with a maze, dark room and saucy frolics. Time: 8pm–5am Donations to Pride Girl Action after party @ The King and Queen Official girl’s tent after party with a Medieval rave. Disco, electro-pop, dance, house & techno. Time: 8pm-3.30am Cost: £13/£10 advance Donations to Pride The Caroline’s Pride Alternative After-Party @ The Caroline of Brunswick For a sleazier, punkier, rockier way to end your day. Time: 8pm-4am Cost: £free Donations to Pride

Keeping you

safe at pride “All people, regardless of sexual orientation or identity, deserve a safe and supportive environment in which to achieve their full potential” – Harvey Milk

Wishing you an enjoyable, safe and happy LGBT Pride Remember to look after yourselves & each other Always let your friends know where you are Charge your mobile the night before Drink lots of water and remember your sunscreen

If you experience homophobia, biphobia or transphobia then you can report it to the police, where your report will be taken seriously: Call 0845 60 70 999 In an emergency always dial 999 email: You can report in person, over the telephone, or via email directly or on someone else’s behalf.


20 - 22 August


Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Carl Davis

A celebration of the music of

Box Office:

5 - 9 August

020 7730 4500 Book online: Cadogan Hall, Sloane Terrace, London SW1X 9DQ


(two minutes from Sloane Square tube station)


Kim Criswell Graham Bickley Sarah Eyden

‘Blue Moon’, ‘The Lady is a Tramp’, ‘Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered’, ‘You Must Love Me’, ‘My Funny Valentine’ and many, many more.

Songs from West Side Story, On The Town, Candide and Wonderful Town

Page 18 ).


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BARS AND CLUBS '( K_\8djk\i[Xd9Xis(($()DXi`e\GXiX[\s'().*-///), ') K_\8hlXi`lds-Jk\`e\Jki\\ks'().*-',,), '* K_\9Xic\pDfns0)Jk>\fi^\ËjI[s'().*-/)),0 '+ 9i`^_kfeIfZbjs-IfZbGcXZ\s'().*-'((*0 ', K_\9i`^_kfeKXm\ies(''>cflZ\jk\iIfX[#s'().*-/'*-, '- K_\9lcc[f^s*(JkAXd\jËjJki\\ks'().*-0-00'. :_Xic\jJki\\ks/DXi`e\GXiX[\s'().*-)+'0( *0 :feZfi[\)sDX[\`iX;i`m\s'().*-.**(( '/ ;i9i`^_kfeËjs(-B`e^ËjIfX[s'().**)/.-, '0 K_\>ifjm\efis(-N\jk\ieJki\\ks'().*..'.() +( K_\?XeYlips/*Jk>\fi^\ËjIfX[s'().*-',./0 (' K_\DXi`e\KXm\ies(*9ifX[Jki\\ks'().*-/()/+ (( K_\DXicYfifl^_s+Gi`eZ\jJks'().*,.'')/ () ?\i\I\jkXliXek&9Xis/(JkAXd\jËjJks'().*-0*)((* K_\B`e^j8idjs,->\fi^\Jki\\ks9E)(IA (+ K_\Gi`eZ\8ik_lis*/;\XeJks'().*)'*+.) (, K_\Hl\\eËj8idjs.>\fi^\Jks'().*-0-/.* (- Hl\\ejYlip8idjsHl\\ejYlipD\njs'().**)/(,0 (. I$9Xis.DXi`e\GXiX[\sK1'().*-'/(** (/ K_\I\^\eZpKXm\ies*)$*+Iljj\ccJhlXi\s'().**),-,) (0 K_\JkXi@ees.&0DXeZ_\jk\iJki\\ks'().*-'(+,' )( K_\Qfe\s**JkAXd\jËjJks'().*-/))+0 )) MXmffds*(Fc[Jk\`e\s'().*-'*'(' )* K_\N_`k\?fij\s*':Xd\c]fi[Jki\\ks'().*-'*.)), C\^\e[j9XiXe[:clYs*($*+DXi`e\GXiX[\s'().*-)++-) ). >_\kkf9i`^_kfes()0JkAXd\jËjJki\\ks'().*-))+)+ ). K_\?lYs()0JkAXd\jËjJki\\k )/ I\m\e^\s*)$*+Fc[Jk\`e\s'().*-'-'-+snnn%i\m\e^\%Zf%lb )0 N`c[=il`k7Kilsnnn%n`c[]il`k%Zf%lb *' Fds,Jk\`e\Jki\\k *( ?fe\pZclYs)(+B`e^jIfX[8iZ_\jsnnn%k_\_fe\pZclY%Zf%lb *) K_\9i`^_kfe:fXc`k`fes(.(B`e^jIfX[8iZ_\js'().*.))).)

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HOTELS '( K_\8djk\i[Xd?fk\cs(($()DXi`e\GXiX[\s'().*-///), ), C\^\e[j?fk\cs*($*+DXi`e\GXiX[\s'().*-)++-) ,) ;iXb\j?fk\cs++DXi`e\GXiX[\s9E)(G<s'().*-0-0*+ ,* >\fi^\@Ms*+I\^\eZpJhlXi\s9E()=As'().**)((0,+ >lcc`m\iËj?fk\cs()XE\nJk\`e\s9E)(G9s'().*-0,+(, ,, ?fk\cLeXs,,$,-I\^\eZpJhlXi\s9E()==s'().*/)'+-+ ,- E\nJk\`e\?fk\cs('$((E\nJk\`e\s9E)(G9s'().*-/(,+,. Kfne_flj\?fk\cs()XI\^\eZpJhlXi\s9E()=>s'().*.))()* ,/ DX`jfeM`cc\?fk\cs(0E\nJk\`e\s9E)(G;s'().**-.,.-( :fjdfgfc`kXe_fk\cs)0$*(E\nJk\`e\jki\\ks'().*-/)+-( -) E\nDX[\`iX?fk\cs(0DXi`e\GXiX[\s'().*-0/**( /' IfpXc8cY`fes*,Fc[Jk\`e\s'().**)0)')

CAFES )- I\[IfXjk\isJkAXd\jËjJki\\ks'().*-)*)'' -, 9feX=ff[`\s)(JkAXd\jËjJki\\ks'().*-0/''. /) K\X:fjps*>\fi^\Jki\\ks'().*-..',, 0* JkXiYlZbjs((,Jk%AXd\jËjJki\\ks9E)(K?s'().*-)+(/.

RESTAURANTS () ?\i\I\jkXliXek&9Xis/(JkAXd\jËjJks'().*-0*)(,0 :Xek\\es,)>Xi[e\iJki\\ks'().*-/+0)(

BRIGHTON PRIDE ST JAMES’S STREET PARTY 2009 This year, the St James’s Street party will be bigger and better than ever before, with more outside bars and more venue participation than recent years. Some of the best-known local DJs on the scene will be joined by a handful of production superstars, pumping out pre-

/. :_`cc`G`Zbc\s+)D\\k`e^?flj\CXe\s9E((?9s'().**)*/)+ ,) ;iXb\js++DXi`e\GXiX[\s9E)(G<s'().*-0-0*+ ,- E\nJk\`e\9`jkifs('$((E\nJk\`e\s9E)(G9s'().*-/(,+-' IfpXcPfibI\jkXliXeksFc[Jk\`e\s9E((E9s'().*.--.'' -* ?fm\KXe[ffi`s(.,:_liZ_IfX[s'().*)').0/ -- GXYcfjs*-J_`gJki\\ks'().*)'/()* -. 9Xc`9iXjj\i`\sB`e^jnXp:fliks=`ijk8m\el\s'().**)*/(' -/ Dfj_`Dfj_`sK_\Fgk`Zfes9Xik_fcfd\nJhs'().*.(0(0, -0 K\ii\XK\ii\s.(<XjkJks'().*.)0',( .' CXG`XqqXs.':_liZ_Jki\\k?fm\s'().*..(.*0 .0 K_\>\fi^\s,KiX]Xc^XiJki\\ks'().*-/(',, /-9Xc`9iXjj\i`\sB`e^jnXp:fliks=`ijkXm\el\s'().**)*/(' -+ 9\ccX9XiXe[I\jkXliXeks()'JkAXd\jËjJki\\ks'().*-)*+/, 0( Fb`$EXd`s-E\nIfX[s9E((L=s'().*..*... 0+ Fc„Fc„s)0$*(E\nJk\`e\s'().*-/)+-( 0, eXjqXi\jkXliXek$YXis))Jk%AXd\jËjJki\\ks9E)


At The Aquarium Thursday - Friday 4pm - 9pm Saturday 2pm - 9pm Sunday 2pm - 6pm

PERSONAL CARE .( .) .* .+ 0'

JgilZ\>iffd`e^s((>\fi^\Jki\\ks'().*-0-/0* <lZX[\ids+)>fc[jkfe\IfX[?fm\s'().*.(((+' JkAXd\jËjJki\\k9XiY\ijs(('Jk%AXd\jËjJks'().*/(/(/. K_\9XiY\i:Xes0XDXeZ_\jk\iJki\\ks'().*-)'-*. ?X`i)[Xp?X`iI\dfmXcs'.,//(/+)./



RETAIL AND SERVICES ., :Xi[fd\s+.XJkAXd\jËjJki\\ks'().*-0)0(.- Gifnc\is(()JkAXd\jËjJki\\ks'().*-/*-/' .. JkAXd\jËjJkE\njX^\ekjs)'JkAXd\jËjJki\\ks'().*-0.(0* ./ >i\\enff[j=cfi`jkjs00JkAXd\jËjJki\\ks'().*-'+.*/ /( ?l^fDfii`jKX`cfijs)(9i`^_kfeJhlXi\s',-'*(**,)+ /* >Xc\i`XKiXm\cs)>\fi^\Jki\\ks'().*-.--0/, D`Z_X\cIfj\A\n\cc\ips('Le`feJki\\ks'().*..0/', // AljkDFKjs.9\ccKfn\i@e[ljki`Xc<jkXk\s9E),ILs'().*-/+... /0 GfikjcX[\DFKjs(0$)'9Xj`eIfX[Efik_s9E+((E8s'().*+))''+ 0) K`Zbc\[s,0J_`gJki\\ks9E((8<s'().*.../))

recorded mixes to the party going masses from 6pm – midnight on Sat 29 Aug and midday – 6pm on Sun 30 Aug. Superstar house sensations the Freemasons and Bimbo Jones will be amongst those taking over the airwaves. St James’s Street and the surrounding gay village will be buzzing, as this is one of the biggest weekends of the year in gay Brighton!



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fe\/'Brighton and Hove Pride 2009 Pride 2009what’s on... Kinky Dangerous, Sunset to Sunrise @ Revenge 2 floors of pop & house. The Sharp Boys, Bimbo Jones, Dusty O, Dulcie Danger, Stuart T, Smiffy, Lady Bex, Jake Duval, Tony B & Lee Harris. Time: 8pm-10am Door and venue donation to Pride Curiosity Clubbing @ Hilton Metropole Night Club ‘Proper House’ Time: 9pm–late Cost: £8 B4 1am/more after £1 to Pride Pam Ann @ The Dome Welcome aboard, fasten your seat belts, stow your designer luggage & prepare for the flight of your life! Time: 9pm Cost: £17 Donations to Pride Women only Disco @ Babylon Lounge Free shot on entry, outside smoking area. Tickets: Time: 9pm-2am Cost: £6 £1 from entry to Pride Wigout Under The Sea @ Ghetto Underwater themed night… where pop music is religion and Britney is God! Amazing décor. Time: 9.30pm–very late Cost: Free before 10pm/£4 Door donation and £1 from promotional drinks to Pride Girlsworld @ The Ocean Rooms 3 floors and 3 music styles including Wish, Girls on Top and GaydarGirls. com. 10.30pm – 3.30am % of door take goes to Pride Wild Fruit @ Audio Two floors of fantastic partying plus the glamorous sun terrace. Steve Pitron, Guy Williams, Neil Duffie, Jeffrey Hinton, Kate Wildblood plus guests. Time: 10pm–5am Door donation to Pride Big Beach Party Weekend @ The

Amsterdam Hotel A big gay beach party! Brighton’s favourite hotel is getting ready to raise the roof and essential funds for Pride! Enjoy a great atmosphere & great music. Donations to Pride Mardi Gras @ Charles St Two music zones and smoking terrace with Jonny M, Lil Alex and Tom Logan. Time: Open til 5am Cost: Free before 10pm/£8 £1 to Pride Salvation @ Concorde 2 Top London club night. DJs Miswhite, Sharon O Love & guests. Live PA from Groove Armada’s Valerie M. Time: 10pm-4.30am % of door to Pride Trannyshack @ Rikitiks London’s most infamous tranny temple Trannyshack brings it’s very own brand of outrageous glamour to the seaside for this very special Brighton Pride date at the swishy and intimate Rikitik bar with the legendary Dusty ‘O’ and Tasty Tim. Time: 10.30pm–4am Door donation to Pride The Village Street Party @ St James St & Surrounding Areas The biggest street party in the City is back for another year. Revellers will once again be taking to the streets to continue the Pride celebrations around the Gay Village. All your favourite lesbian and gay bars and local businesses will be packed to the rafters and spilling out onto the streets. For more information visit Time: 6pm-midnight Donations from some venues to Pride Happy Pride! @ Brighton Tavern Open for 18 hours, start the day at 9am with a banger and bubbly breakfast then celebrate Pride at the BT. Time: From 9am Donations to Pride

SUNDAY 2ND AUGUST Wild Fruit & Matinee after hours @ Honeyclub Two heavyweight clubs join forces. 3 dance floors, 5 bars, a VIP area & sea view terrace. Paul Heron, Oliver M, Gonzalo, Jon Byrne, Neil Duffie, Jonny M, Kate Wildblood. www.aeonevents. Time: 3.30am–9am Door donation to Pride Kinky Trade @ Cuckoo Club DJs Nick Tcherniak & Lady Bianca. Details: Time: 8am–1pm Door donation to Pride BLAGSS Walk Meet Walpole Rd/Eastern Rd. Lunch in Rottingdean, Undercliff route return. Time: 11am Cost: Free Supported by Pride Richard’s Roasts @ 112 Church Street Delicious Pride Sunday roasts served midday – 8pm. See Pride Scene Celebrity Drop In @ The Aquarium From 3pm, catch some of your favourite scene celebrities popping in to the Aquarium to perform a song or two. Cost: Free Street party @ The Marlborough Styles, Mercedes Benz, Lucy Checkley & Cat present Hot Rocks, Oisin Hendrickse, Autumn Red, Dan Slears, Kovakuk, Paper Animals, Sascha & Ashdown Days. Time: From midday Cost: £8 adv w-end wristband/£3 Sunday Donations to Pride Street Party @ The Grosvenor Partial street closure. Followed by post Pride party. Time: midday-8pm The Village Street Party @ St James Street & Surrounding Areas

All your favourite bars and local businesses will be packed to the rafters. Time: midday-6pm Donations from some venues to Pride Exhibition @ Dorset Gardens Methodist Church Count me in Too exhibition of the project’s work and findings of local LGBT life Cost: Free Supported by Pride Cabaret Extravaganza @ R-Bar Over 30 acts incl. Drag With No Name, Pat Cruise, Lady Imelda, Davina Sparkle, Jamie Watson, Mark Inscoe, Kitty Monroe, Candi Rell and Fonda Cox. Time: 2pm-10pm Cost: Free entry Donations to Pride & Sussex Beacon Sunday Sundae @ Audio Kate Wildblood, Queen Jo, Richard Jones, Jeffrey Hinton & Freddie Thomas, free BBQ. Time: 3pm–11pm Door donation to Pride Pride Beside the Seaside Party @ The Bristol Bar Eleven DJs plus the gorgeous Osaro singing live. Time: Open ‘til-1am Free with donations and raffle to Pride Club Après @ Charles St 2 floors with The Après Boys. Time: 3pm-3am Cost: Free before 9pm downstairs. Club: £5 £1 to Pride Terrace Party @ Legends Cabaret with Lady Imelda at 3.15pm. Free entry to club. Time: Open ‘til 5am Donations to Pride Headphone Disco @ Revenge Roof Terrace Choose a DJ to dance to on your headphones. Free BBQ. Time: 6pm-10pm Cost: £5

Cabaret @ Queens Arms Lola Lasagne, Gilly B & JJ. Time: 6.30pm & 10.30pm Pam Ann @ The Dome Fasten your seat belt, stow your luggage & prepare for the flight of your life! Time: 8pm Cost: £17 Donations to Pride The Geekest Link Pride Special @ The Caroline of Brunswick Brighton’s only sci-fi & fantasy quiz night Time: 8:30pm Cost: £1 Donations to Pride 80s Backcomb Disaster @ Ghetto 80’s pop cheese & bad hair. Time: 10pm-very late Cost: £3 £1 & promo drinks to Pride Girls on Top Foam Party @ Revenge DJs Smiffy and Lady Bex. French Kiss upstairs with King K & Verity Mayes. Cost: £5 Door and donation to Pride Wild Fruit @ Tru The Freemasons, Nick Tcherniak, Dusty O, Tasty Tim, Jeffrey Hinton & Freddie Thomas on three dance floors. Time: 10pm–3am Door donation to Pride

MONDAY 3RD AUGUST Rebel afterhours @ Digital The filthiest, yet euphoric house. www. Time: 3am–extra late Door donations to Pride Studio 150 @ Charles St Disco, pop & £1.50 drinks Cost: £2 entry 50p to Pride End of Pride party @ Queens Arms Maisie Trollette & Miss Jason Time: 9pm Donations to Pride

what’s your talent? to enter, visit

Diversity, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in our nature The Environment Agency is once again proud to be attending Brighton Pride. In keeping with this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s theme of Pride Beside the Sea we are bringing the beach to Preston Park. We hope people will come along and visit us and have fun; but there is also a serious message we want to get across. Our Chairman, Lord Chris Smith said in a recent speech that WKHFOLPDWHFULVLVLVWKHPRVWVHULRXVWKHPRVWGLIĂ&#x20AC;FXOWDQGWKHPRVWLQWUDFWDEOHSUREOHPFXUUHQWO\IDFLQJXVDQGWKHFORFN is ticking faster. The governmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s latest UK climate change projections, state that sea levels around the UK are rising and will continue to rise. UK mean sea levels are likely to be half a metre higher by the end of the century, but could be higher. Even if all FRXQWULHVWDNHJOREDODFWLRQWRUHGXFHJUHHQKRXVHJDVHPLVVLRQVWKLVZRXOGGROLWWOHWRVORZWKHLQFUHDVHLQĂ RRGULVNIURP sea level rise for at least the next 50 years, because of the extremely slow pace that the oceans respond to increasing WHPSHUDWXUHV  5LVLQJ FRDVWDO ZDWHU OHYHOV FRXOG OHDG WR LQFUHDVHG HURVLRQ DQG LQFUHDVHG FRDVWDO Ă RRGLQJ LW SUHVHQWV serious challenges for maintaining roads, rail links and homes along the coast. The Health Protection Agency and DepartPHQWRI+HDOWKUHSRUWHGLQWKDWWKHLQFUHDVHGULVNRIĂ RRGLQJLVFRQVLGHUHGWREHRQHRIWKHPDMRUQHJDWLYHKHDOWK risks of climate change. Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets have been reducing and this could have a major impact on sea levels. In fact, the latest report suggests that the worst case could be sea levels rising by almost two metres by the end of the century. Brighton is fortunate as its geography means that sea level rise should have little immediate impact and we shouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t see the sea in Preston Park in this century. But other parts of the south coast are seeing changes. If we all take action to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions we could slow the rate of sea level rise, and potentially avoid the worst impacts. But, the science suggests that coastal change to some degree is inevitable. Low lying coastal FRPPXQLWLHVZLOOVHHDQLQFUHDVLQJULVNRIĂ RRGLQJDQGPXFKRIWKHIHDWXUHVZHHQMR\RQWKHFRDVWVXFKDVEHDFKHVDQG coastal habitats are increasingly vulnerable. There will be hard choices to make and the Environment Agency has a key role through our coastal overview to help facilitate that debate. We all need to work together to ensure the long term character of the coast that makes it attractive as a place to live, work and enjoy. ,Q(QJODQGDQG:DOHVWKH(QYLURQPHQW$JHQF\KDVSRZHUVWREXLOGXVHDQGNHHSLQJRRGZRUNLQJRUGHUĂ RRGGHIHQFHV DQGRWKHUPHDVXUHVWRSURWHFWSHRSOHSURSHUW\DQGODQG:HSURYLGHĂ RRGZDUQLQJVZRUNFORVHO\ZLWKWKHEOXHOLJKW VHUYLFHVDQGORFDODXWKRULWLHVDVSDUWRISODQQLQJIRUPDMRUĂ RRGLQJZHKHOSWRPDQDJHĂ RRGVLIWKH\KDSSHQDQGZHLQ Ă XHQFHGHFLVLRQVRQGHYHORSPHQWLQDUHDVRIĂ RRGDQGHURVLRQULVN,I\RXZRXOGOLNHWRĂ&#x20AC;QGRXWPRUHDERXWWKHLPSRUWDQW ZRUNZHGRWRUHGXFHĂ RRGULVNDQGSURWHFW\

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fe\/'London Scene London venue listings Soho venue listings 01 ADMIRAL DUNCAN 54 Old Compton Street Tel: (020) 7437 5300 02 DUKE OF WELLINGTON BAR 77 Wardour Street Tel: (020) 7439 1274 03 HEAVEN CLUB 77 Wardour Street Tel: (020) 7439 1274 04 THE EDGE 11 Soho Square W1D 3QE Tel: (020) 7439 1313 05 FIRST OUT 52 St Giles High Street WC2H 8LH Tel: (020) 7240 8042 06 THE STAR AT NIGHT 22 Great Chapel Street W1 8FR Tel: (020) 7494 2488 07 SWEATBOX SOHO 1-2 Ramillies Street W1F 7LN Tel: (020) 3214 6014 08 KING’S ARMS 23 Poland Street W1F 8QL Tel: (020) 7734 5907 09 THE SAUNABAR 29 Endell St WC2H 9BA Tel: (020) 7836 2236 10 BOX 32-34 Monmouth St WC2H 9HA Tel: (020) 7240 5828 11 G-A-Y BAR 30 Old Compton Street W1D 4UR Tel: (020) 7494 2756 12 BALANS SOHO 60 Old Compton Street W1D 4UG Tel (020) 7376 0115 13 79 CXR 79 Charing Cross Road WC2H 0NE Tel: (020) 7734 0769 14 COMPTONS OF SOHO 51-53 Old Compton Street Tel: (020) 7479 7961 15 GEISHA BAR 75 Charing Cross Road W1D 6HN Tel: (020) 7479 7961 16 VILLAGE 81 Wardour Street W1D 6QD Tel: (020) 7434 2124 17 THE SHADOW LOUNGE 5 Brewer Street W1F 0RF Tel: (020) 72877988 18 THE ENCLAVE 25-27 Brewer Street W1F 0RR Tel: (020) 7434 2911 19 KU BAR 30 Lisle Street WC2H 7BA Tel: (020) 7437 4303 24 KU BAR 2 25 Frith Street, W1D 5LB 20 TRASH PALACE 11 Wardour Street W1D 6PG Tel: (020) 7734 0522 21 BARCODE 3-4 Archer Street W1D 7AP Tel: (020) 7734 3342 22 RUPERT STREET Rupert Street Tel: (020) 7292 7141 23 THE YARD 57 Rupert Street Tel: (020) 7437 2652 24 PENDULUM 56 - 57 Frith Street, W1D 3JG Tel: (020) 7734 8300

Vauxhall venue listings 01 HARD ON @ HIDDEN 100 Tinworth Street, SE11 5EQ 02 BARCODE VAUXHALL Arch 69, SE11 5AW. Tel: (020) 7582 4180 03 BEYOND @ AREA Albert Embankment, Arch 67-68, SE1 7TP 04 CHARIOTS VAUXHALL Albert Embankment, Arch 63-64. Tel: (020) 7247 5333 05 ROYAL VAUXHALL TAVERN 372 Kennington Lane, SE11 5HY. Tel: (020) 7820 1222 06 EAGLE 349 Kennington Lane, SE11 5QY Tel: (020) 7793 0903 07 THE HOIST South Lambeth Road, Arch 47B – 47C, SW8 1RH. Tel (020) 7735 9972 08 FIRE South Lambeth Road, SW8 1RT 09 SUPERCLUB COLOSSEUM 1 Nine Elms Lane, SW8. Tel (020) 7627 1283

West Londonvenues listings East Londonvenue listings THE ANGEL, 21 Church Street, Mill Meads Tel: 020 8555 1148 BJ’S WHITE SWAN, 556 Commercial Road, Limehouse Tel: 0207 780 9870 THE BLACK HORSE, 168 Mile End Road Tel: 020 7790 1684 CHARIOTS SHOREDITCH, 1 Fairchild Street 020 7247 5333 CHARLIE’S BAR, 124 Globe Road THE CORONET, 119 The Grove E ONE CLUB (Formerly The Black Horse), 168 Mile End Road Tel: 020 7790 1684 GHETTO OLD STREET, Ghetto 58 Old St Tel: 020 7287 3726 GEORGE AND DRAGON, 2 Hackney Road Tel: 020 7012 1100 THE JOINER’S ARMS, 116-118 Hackney Rd Tel: 020 7739 9854 THE OLD SHIP, 17 Barnes Street, Limehouse Tel: 0207 7790 4082

South London venue listings BIRD IN HAND, 291 Sydenham Road, Croydon, CR0, Tel: 020 8683 3104 BREWERY TAP, 78 Lingham Street, SW9, Tel: 020 7738 6683 CHARIOTS STREATHAM, 292 (rear of) Streatham High Rd, London SW16 6HG, Tel: 020 8696 0929 CHARIOTS WATERLOO, 101 Lower Marsh, London. SE1 7AB, Tel: 020 7401 8484 THE CORONET THEATRE, 26-28 New Kent Road, LONDON SE1 6TJ, Tel: 020 7701 1500 GEORGE AND DRAGON, 2 Blackheath Hill, Greenwich, SE10, Tel: 020 8691 3764 ROSE AND CROWN, 1 Crooms Hill, Greenwich, SE10 8ER, Tel: 0208 858 0154 KAZBAR, 50 Clapham High Street, London SW4, Tel: 0871 223 1154 THE STAG, 15 Bressendan Place, SW1, 020 7828 7287 TWO-EIGHT-SIX, 286 Lewisham High Street, SE13, Tel: 0208 690 7648 TWO BREWERS, 114 Clapham High Street, London SW4, Tel: 020 7819 9539

GEORGE MUSIC BAR, 114 Twickenham Road, Isleworth, West London, Tel: 020 8560 1456 TED’S PLACE, 305A North End Road, London W14, Tel: 020 7385 9359 WEST 5, Pope’s Lane, Acton, W5 4NB, Tel: 020 8579 3266

North Londonvenues listings BLACK CAP, 171 Camden High Street, London NW1, Tel: 020 7485 0538 CENTRAL STATION, 37 Wharfedale Road, London N1, Tel: 020 7278 3294 THE GLASS BAR, 190 Euston Road, Regent’s Park, London NW1 2BN, Tel: 020 7387 6184 KING EDWARD VI, 25 Bromfield Street, London N1 OPZ, Tel: 020 7704 0745 KING WILLIAM IV, 77 Hampstead High Street, London NW3 1RE, Tel: 020 7435 5747 THE GREEN, 74 Upper Street, Angel N1, Tel: 020 7226 8895 KOKO, 1A Camden High Street, London NW17JE, 0870 4325527 THE OAK BAR, 79 Green Lanes, London N16 9BU, Tel: 020 7354 2791 REGULATION LTD. 17A St. Alban’s Place, Islington N1 0NX Tel: 020 7226 665 SCALA CLUB, 275-277 Pentonville Road, London N1, Tel: 020 7833 2022

The Rose and Crown

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fe\/'London Scene Jonny Mon the London scene The Rose and Crown, Greenwich ON SAT 15 AUG, The Rose and Crown will be overrun by fabulous drag queens, as the annual charity fundraising drag queen race takes place. Kicking off at 7.30pm, the race consists of 30 local and national drag contenders hurtling around the streets of Greenwich, followed by a big street party on Nevada Street from 8.30pm – 11pm, with a cabaret stage and entertainment. At 11pm, it’s off to the George and Dragon for the afterparty, right through to 4am. To sponsor a drag queen visit

The George and Dragon, Greenwich A FABULOUS LATE-NIGHT pub/club venue, the George and Dragon has loads of cabaret and entertainment throughout the week. Highlights include Kitty Monroe on Fri 7, Bette Rinse on Sat 8, Eva the Diva on Fri 14, and Brighton favourite Lola Lasagne on Sat 15. There’s also a very special bank holiday cabaret night planned for Mon 31 Aug, featuring the talents of Mandy Gap, Rose Garden, Sophie, Tiffany Wells, Ava La Putain, The Duchess and Kitty Monroe, all in one night!

The Rose and Crown

Ku Bar and Ku Klub WACKY ENTERTAINMENT, OUTRAGEOUS fun and great pop music beckon at Ku Bar Lisle Street each Wednesday, as Boogaloo Stu takes to the stage. Guest performers at Shinky Shonky in August include the fabulous ‘Fake Bush’ on Weds 19 Aug, one of the UK’s finest Kate Bush tribute acts with an affectionate comic twist. Gorgeous diva Katherine Ellis returns to the Ku Klub on Weds 26 Aug, fresh from a fabulous performance on the Ku Bar Pop Stage at London Pride.

Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Vauxhall A HUB OF AVANT garde cultural activity in Vauxhall, the RVT begins a month-long performance festival running right through to Fri 28 Aug. The RVT will run four different shows every weekday from 1 Aug at 6pm, 7:30pm, 9pm and 11pm, bringing the total number of distinctive performances to 100. Check the website for full line-ups. Texas Chainsaw Mascara, pictured below, perform on Thurs 11 Aug.

The George and Dragon

Bar Code, Soho

Central Station, King’s Cross

TRENDY AND POPULAR with a pre-club crowd, Bar Code Soho is continuing the run of late night summer parties with an extended license on Sat 7 Aug. DJs Saki and Mattias will lay down the latest funky beats, open right through to 3am (the usual closing time is 1am). There’s also a happy hour from 4pm – 7pm for those wanting to keep the purse strings tight.

POPCENTRAL TAKES PLACE every Friday night, with acts confirmed including hottie vocalist Jaymi (pic below) and female singer Melanie Grittiths on Fri 7 Aug, and David Christopher on Fri 14 Aug, all introduced by the fabulous Kelly Wilde. Cabaret highlights include Lady Imelda on Sat 8, and Wilma Fingadoo on Sat 22 Aug. Jaymi

The Black Cap, Camden Miss Jason

Backstage at the Ku Bar Stage, London Pride

Kazbar, Clapham ONE OF CLAPHAM’S premier gay watering holes will be transformed into a bustling casino on Sat 8 Aug, as the bar is overrun by magicians, drag queens and casino games. Hostess Glendora (of Trannyshack fame) will be making sure the dice run smoothly, with DJ Saint David on the decks supplying a mix of Ibiza dancefloor fillers and disco classics.

IT’S A BUSY couple of weeks at the Black Cap, with a jam-packed schedule of cabaret as per usual. Fri 7 Aug is Linda Van Cartier, Sat 8 is Miss Jason and Sun 9 is Maisie Trollette. Mrs Moore’s MMTV takes place every Weds in August, and Titti La Camp performs every Thurs throughout the month. Fri 14 Aug is Sandra, Sat 15 is Kelly Wilde, and Sun 16 is Maisie Trollette.

King Edward IV, North London THERE’S REGULAR ENTERTAINMENT at this North London boozer throughout August, including strippers on Thurs 6 (Cherokee) and Thurs 13 (Hard Throb), plus cabaret on Thurs 20 from Kitty Monroe and Drag With No Name on Thurs 27 Aug.

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fe\/'scene Bournemouthvenue listings 01 THE BAKERS ARMS 77 Commercial Road, 01202 555506 03 2930 THE TRIANGLE 30 The Triangle, 0845 474 3019, 04 THE BRANKSOME Commercial Road, 01202 552544 | 05 CIRCUS @ THE OPERA HOUSE 570 Christchurch Road, Boscombe. 01202 399922 06 OVER THE RAINBOW GAY MENS HEALTH PROJECT 01202 257478. 07 RUBYZ CABARET RESTAURANT West Hill Road, 08 SAUNABAR 4 Avenue Lane, 09 THE XCHANGE 4 The Triangle | 01202 294321 10 MINI BAR 109-111 Commercial Road | BH2 5RT 11 THE PATISSERIE ANGÉLIQUE 79 Poole Road, Westbourne, BH4 9BB. 12 BAR BEYOND 103 Commercial Road | BH2 5RT 13 WHITE TIGER 27 The Triangle | Bournemouth | BH2 5SE | 0845 496 6305 | 14 FUNCHAL BY NIGHT 158 Commercial Road, Bournemouth. BH2 5LU | 01202 318900

Martha’s and 227, Portsmouth CABARET TAKES PLACE AT Martha’s each and every Saturday night, with appearances for August including James Bedford on Sat 8, Kevin Cruise on Sat 15 and Lola Lasagne on Sat 22 Aug. There’s a special ladies night on Sun 23 Aug, with Jo Frances performing live. Entry is £3, from 5pm – 11.30pm: a great excuse for the ladies to have some fun!

The Old Vic, Portsmouth ON SUN 9 AUG, cabaret superstar Dave Lynn takes to the stage at The Old Vic, Portsmouth. With years of experience (I don’t think anyone knows how many!) since winning the Drag Idol competition at the Black Cap, Dave is one of the best-know drag performers of recent times. The Old Vic

Lola Lasagne

South Coast venue listings

The Hampshire Boulevard, Ptsmth HIGHLIGHTS OF THE CABARET calendar this month include Davina Sparkle, who will draw on her 14 years of experience to make this one hilarious show, on Fri 7 Aug. Fri 14 is the awardwinning Lizzy Drip, and Fri 21 is the very sexy stripper, College Boy.

Southamptonvenue listings 01 THE EDGE Compton Walk | 02380 366163 | 02 ISOBAR 100c St Mary’s Street | 023 8022 2028 | 03 THE PINK BROADWAY 79/80 East Street | 023 8023 8804 | 04 THE ENDEAVOUR 7 Simnel Street | 05 THE LONDON 2 Terminus Terrace | 023 8071 0652 |



venue listings

venue listings

THE HART 89 Cavendish Place 01323 643 151

HAMPSHIRE BOULEVARD 1 Hampshire Terrace, Southsea, 023 9229 7509 THE OLD VIC St Paul’s Road, 023 9229 7013 MARTHA’S 227 Commercial Road PO1 4BJ 023 9285 2951

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fe\/'scene The London Hotel, Southampton SOUTHAMPTON CABARET ARTIST Lucinda Lashes will celebrate her birthday at The London Hotel on Sat 15 Aug, with Miss Penny and Eva La Diva performing on the night. It’s sure to be a riotous night! Other hot hot picks for the month include Karl’s Pirate Birthday Party with Lucinda Lashes (performing this time!) on Fri 7 Aug, the wonderful Davina Sparkle on Fri 9, and Nicolette Street on Fri 14.

The Edge, Southampton SOUTHAMPTON’S EDGE BAR and Club is open six nights a week (and is available for private hire on Mondays, the only night they stay closed). Tuesdays are karaoke night, with local lady Lucinda Lashes, Wednesdays are Bar 150, with free entry before 10pm, Thursdays are R’n’B night with DJ Lisarah, Fridays are Flirt, Saturdays are Party Night, open from 9pm – 5am, and Sundays are Shuffle: you could win an iPod!

The Branksome, Bournemouth BARRY AND HIS TEAM at The Branksome are throwing a fundraiser for Bournemouth’s gay football team, GFC Bournemouth, on Sat 15 Aug from 5.30pm. The evening will follow a friendly match earlier in the day, with a raffle, player auction, and a “full monty” performance, which sounds pretty good!

The Edge

The Xchange, Bournemouth

The london Hotel

Bar Beyond, Bournemouth PHIL AND STEVEN AT Bar Beyond aim to bring a slice of London’s gay scene right to the heart of the Gay Triangle. Each weekend, top DJs take to the decks, spinning the latest funky house. DJ Charlie Sparx is on Fridays, whilst BPM on Saturdays features some red hot guests from London and further afield. Recent headline DJs have included MissWhite, Nathan6 and Lee Harris.

WITH BOURNEMOUTH BELLE Miss Jason making a welcome return to the South Coast city, The Xchange are laying on some great entertainment for the night. Miss Jason will perform every Thursday night from 10pm, with DJ Sheridan playing cheesy pop and party tunes after the show. Special drinks promos apply, and entry is free to Xchange members, all night!

The Baker’s Arms, Bournemouth NEW FOR AUGUST, THE Baker’s Arms hosts a night for bears, cubs, daddies and chubby chasers. The night will take place on Fri 7 Aug, and every first Friday of the month thereafter, from 8.30pm. There’s a free buffet, and special charity fundraising prize draw for attendees.


Friday 7th


Sunday 9th

Karls “PIRATE THEMED” Birthday Party With Lucinda Lashes

Saturday 8th DJ Tiny and His Guilty Pleasures Davina Sparkle

Friday 14th Nicolette Street

Saturday 15th Bens’ (AKA Lucinda) 30th Birthday Party With Miss Penny and Eva La Diva

Sunday 16th Connie Conway

Friday 21st Lizzy Drip

Saturday 22nd DJ Darren and His Guilty Pleasures

Sunday 23rd Dave Lynn

Bank Holiday Weekend Friday 28th Pat Cruise & Ricky Zalez

Saturday 29th Jo Frances & DJ Neil Sackley

Sunday 30th 4pm - Bona Bingo with the Twisted Sisters 9.30pm - Wilma Fingerdo

Monday 31st Carry on Cruising with Pats Karaoke







THE EDGE, COMPTON WALK, SOUTHAMPTON SO14 0BH TEL: 023 8036 6163 O P E N - T U E S D AY T O T H U R S D AY & S U N D AY 9 P M - 3 A M · F R I D AY & S AT U R D AY 9 P M - 5 A M

e m a i l : i n f o @ t h eed g es o u t h am p t o n . c o m

www. t h eed g es o u t h am p t o n . co m www.t

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To advertise please call our sales team on 08706 201 360


COLOURSCENE BUILDERS & DECORATORS • Kitchen • Bathrooms • Decorating • Prompt attention • Sensible quotations

• Conversions • Extensions • Patios • Refurbishment • Property Maintenance

Tel/Fax 01273 303360 • Mobile 07850 439460 ?<8CK?









cut out and keep - this saves money for all gay+lesbian holiday places under the sun + citybreaks

now booking IBIZA - it’s hot! GRAN CANARIA for sun-sand-sea-sex+sangria great choice + best value from the longest established gay + lesbian holiday company. click / call NOW! tel (01273) 676696 (after 11am) retail agent for A.T.O.L. 2 GEORGE STREET BRIGHTON BN2 1RH



HERE? Call

01273 570 570 and speak to our sales team







Harvey Goldsmith




Marina Dental


A New You




Barefoot Wine


Martello Beach


Bonnington Beach Hotel


New Priory Vets


Brighton and Hove Council


Ocean Dentalcare


Brighton Rocks


Patisserie Angelique


Broken Rainbow


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Queer as Talent

Chilli Pickle




Clic Sargant


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Cumberland Hotel


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Environment Agency Sponsorship Garden Pride

13-20 06


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To advertise please call our sales team on 01273 570 570

Artwork by Lawrence


A place where everyone shines. We live in a vibrant and diverse city. The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community is an integral part of this energy.

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Emily Bake r


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13 March







“YO CA U LE N’T LOVGISLAT E E” - Thursda y 26 March


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It’s our role as a council to confront discrimination and homophobia in all its forms. A key part of achieving this is ensuring we attract and retain a workforce that truly represents the community we serve. We’ve put in place a number of initiatives to help this happen including an LGBT Workers Forum, recruitment campaigns, a diversity mentoring programme and achieving StoneWall Diversity Champion membership.

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fe\/'community South Coast It’s good nowadays, isn’t it? Footie fundraiser

In the second of an occasional series, Roger Wheeler fulminates against the rude and the ridiculous... ALL I EVER DO IS COMPLAIN… Be it litter on the pavement, buggy blocked streets or chemically enhanced lager in gay pubs, I complain about it. I really hate it, but these days I find that I do nothing else but complain about bad service, bad manners, rude drivers, selfish parking, late trains and non-existent buses. The list of things that set me off is almost endless. If you don’t complain how will things ever improve? But the British can be very complacent. We simply accept poor standards, thinking that there’s no point in complaining as no one will care. This is the whole point. No one really cares anymore; I blame the ‘me generation’ of the 80s: what I want is more important than anything else and to hell with anyone else’s thoughts or opinions. That’s fine for the leaders of a totalitarian state, but we live in a ‘civilised’ society where we must give some thought to others. A young friend when asked if he was concerned about the thoughts and opinions of other people just said ‘Why?’ So pay attention at the back, I’m talking to you. Let’s take litter for example. We’ve all seen people drop stuff on the street. Cans, cigarette ends, bits of paper, food wrappers. Let’s not forget chewing gum (yuk) and empty soft drink bottles just left on the ground or even thrown out of cars. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to pick the litter up and hand it back saying, with a smile, ‘You dropped this’. The answer would invariably be ‘Don’t care, mate. I don’t want it, so I chucked it. What’s it

got to do with you?’ The answer is – it has everything to do with all of us – as who else is going to pick up all the garbage? Oh, yes, the council, of course - silly me. Who pays for that council worker to collect the rubbish? Why, we do, so everyone pays. I know that this is just a rant as it is a lost cause. For more than forty years the Keep Britain Tidy campaign has been spending a fortune on publicity urging us to take our litter home. We never will. ‘Don’t care – it’s not my problem’ is the usual answer. Have you noticed how it’s becoming more and more difficult to walk along the pavement these days undisturbed and uninterrupted? I refer to the great stroller menace. Those giant all-terrain multi-wheeled baby buggies which can take up an entire pavement, with their drivers completely oblivious to the inconvenience they are causing to other pedestrians. You don’t dare make a comment as all you will be rewarded with is a frosty stare and if they are chatting with another driver of one of these machines, you should cross the road, as for the time they need they own that section of the public highway. Is it me, am I the only gay man who enjoys a pint of beer, I mean real ale, none of this pale, freezing cold, tasteless chemically enhanced ‘lager’. There are hardly any gay bars or clubs these days that serve a decent beer. Why?

“Dunno, no demand”, we are usually told if we ask. And have you ever visited one of the gay shops, selling all sorts of exotic stuff that is supposed to get us all excited? The aloof looks from the staff would chill the most ardent shopper. And don’t even mention cyclists on pavements, people with huge backpacks, call centres with ‘menus’ bad even non-existent ‘customer service’, two words which should never appear in the same sentence. I could go on and go - and probably will.

The gay football team GFC Bournemouth and Hampshire is holding a fundraiser to raise much-needed money on Saturday 15 August. After a friendly between the team and the boys from Birmingham Blaze FC Bournemouth’s popular Branksome pub will be the host venue for the fundraiser, which kick off at 5:30pm and runs until ‘late’, offering a garden BBQ and, er, what’s billed as a ‘player auction’ and The Full Monty. What can this entail? Only one way to find out, guys.

Communityhelplines SOUTH COAST

QBody Positive Advice, practical support, counselling and information service for people affected by HIV.

QBournemouth University LGBT Social and political student society.

QBreakout Youth Project Southampton-based project for people aged 13 to 25 identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

QThe Dinner Ladies Social group for gay women living in the Southsea and Portsmouth areas.

QDorset ChillOut Informal group for LGBT people to meet, chat, network and make friends. Email:

QLesbian and Gay Christian Movement Bi-weekly meeting in Southampton for religious discussion and social interaction. Every second Wednesday. 02380 581536. QLynx South West Lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans Community Development. Thinking of starting up a group? Call Paul or Vicky on 01392 201012. QMetropolitan Community Church All inclusive, diversity embracing church. Every Sunday 11am, MCC, Hannington Road, Bournemouth BH7 6JT.

QDorset LAGLO Dorset Police Lesbian and Gay Liaison Officer 01202 269911. QDorset Lesbian and Gay Helpline Confidential help and support. Mon, Wed and Thur, 7.30pm - 9.30pm. 0845 388 3544.

QDorset Mind Lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans support group. Meets at Over the Rainbow every Thursday from 1pm to 3pm 0845 6036 309. QGFC Bournemouth and Hampshire Gay football club.

QShellybeans Gay authors workshop for budding writers. Meets third Thursday of every month at Springbourne Community Centre. Email:

QSouth Coast Bears Gay men’s social group for bears, cubs, their admirers and friends. Meets first Friday of every month in Bournemouth.

QSpace Youth Project Group for young LGBT people. Meetings in Bournemouth, Poole and Weymouth.

QKiss n Make Up Bournemouth-based social group for TS/TVs, partners and admirers.

QOver the Rainbow Information, advice and support on general health, sexual health and coming out. STD screening service. 01202 257478.

QWestern Boys Group offering guidance and support for all female to male (FTM) identified people. makeupdorset

one80community listings Free to non-profit organisations that offer help, advice or a service to the LGBT community. If you would like to add your listings to this page please send to one week prior to publication date.

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fe\/'back page Competitiontime Starswith Russell Grant 31 July - 13 Aug ARIES

(Mar21/Apr20) You’ll feel better if you tackle the backlog of paperwork, official documents and other policies that are clamouring for your attention. Thinking about it but not doing anything only adds to the pressure. The longer you leave it the more time it’s going to take to get through it all. It’s important for you to take the initiative in all things now, once you set the ball rolling you will keep it in the air and end up the goal scoring hit of the zodiac.


(Apr21/May21) You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to which invitations to accept for getting out and about and enjoying life with friends and family. If a journey is involved you’re going to love it. A new partner or new friendships could drive you to exploring different paths and options. An older relative could get confrontational as August begins; don’t rise to the bait because a family argument is the last thing you need over the next few weeks.


(May22/June21) You will see your mental and physical energies becoming noticeably stronger and more potent. This will probably account for the new determined and concerted effort you’re making to tie up loose ends, clear the clutter and deal with all those tasks you’ve been putting off. New friendships can be formed through community and neighbourhood events so don’t turn down any invitations to meet new people and have a little fun.


CANCER (June22/July23) It is not always a good idea to wait for a partner or loved one’s approval before making new moves. Do you really need others to give you permission? In some cases two heads will be better than one but in others it is best to rely on your own sound common sense. You should take the initiative if you have a special skill, knowledge or talent and not wait for others to open doors or point you in the right direction.


(July24/Aug23) Hidden tensions are brought out into the open now. You need to tread carefully if the situation has come as some surprise. Although new and exciting projects are now under way, there may be uncertainty about the people involved or how you might get on in the future. You mustn’t feel forced to compromise your own principles to please a workmate, friend or relative. You don’t even have to explain your decisions if you don’t want to.


(Aug24/Sept23) Listen to your inner voice and start looking after your individual needs; what other people think doesn’t matter. You might feel conned by promises someone has been making. It is obvious now didn’t mean a word they said. Don’t make excuses for them, deal with them. You need to have loyal people that you can trust and rely on around you now and not put your faith in folk who will let you down if the going gets tough.


(Sept24/Oct23) Despite stiff competition, you will rise to a challenge and come through it with all flags flying even though you hadn’t expected it to go very well. You thrive on constant activity but guard against doing too much too quickly. Care and attention are the keys to success. Someone is starting to have a powerful influence on your life but is it a good thing? If they’re stopping you doing your own thing you’re becoming too dependent on the wrong person.

WIN! Seven days worth of BabyGod underwear! We’ve all been there: travelled to Brighton Pride, we’ve had the time of our lives, we’ve danced, we’ve stayed out too long, and we’ve crashed at a friend’s place (or indeed got lucky). Then we stay for the Sunday parties. Then we pull a sicky on Monday and decide to make a long weekend of it. Great stuff. But your underwear could be thrown at the wall and stick, right? What you need is seven pairs of beautifully designed, organic cotton briefs so no matter how long you party, you’re clean as a whistle. One80news is here to help: we’re giving our lucky readers the chance of winning seven days’ worth of BabyGod underwear. Yes, seven pairs. To be in with a chance of winning the lot, simply answer this question: In the UK, pants means underwear. In America, pants means: a) Trousers b) Hats c) Gloves

SCORPIO (Oct24/Nov22) Be proud of the progress you’ve made in any task or job that needed persistence and stamina to get this far. You have stuck to your guns through thick and thin and not given up when the going was tough. Now you are starting to reap the rewards for all your hard work and effort. There is someone around you now who hopes to benefit from all your energy and enterprise and they may try to steal your ideas and claim them as their own.


(Nov23/Dec21) Someone you hardly know might ask for your advice or opinion. This brings your attention something others have kept quiet about in the past. Now you know your dilemma is what to do next. Before you can help others you’d better give this issue some thought. This is not the best of times to make off the cuff decisions especially if people’s feelings of pride, jealousy and self-worth are involved in one way or another.

To enter: 1) Email your answer to giving your name, address & telephone number. 2) Pop your answer on a postcard with contact details to one80news, 4 Steine Street, Brighton BN2 1TE. This prize is non-transferable and there is no cash alternative. Usual one80news ltd conditions apply (available on request). Entrants must be 18 years old or above. The closing date for this competition is Mon 10 August 2009..


(Dec22/Jan20) A tidy environment is said to reflect a tidy mind; so you will be more than ready to clear any accumulated clutter in your home or working environment. Although a busy and sociable patch is promised, you aren’t quite ready to fall in with everything friends plan to do. You won’t be able to truly relax and chill out until you know you


© Sudoku puzzle provided by

have worked all the way through everything on your “To Do” list and you know you’re ahead of the game.


(Jan21/Feb19) Everyone deserves a treat now and again and you are no exception. Even if family and work responsibilities leave you with little or no time, you shouldn’t forget you have to take care of yourself too. Take time out to pamper yourself over the next few days. It is a good idea to take the opportunity to centre yourself and ask yourself some of those deep and soul searching questions about you, your future and the way you live your life.

PISCES (Feb20/Mar20) Your relaxed and laid back mood draws your attention to what others around you are doing. Someone needs a helping hand and you will be happy to volunteer. Something you’re involved in attracts the kind of attention that might set gossip’s tongues wagging. You’d be wise to think carefully about what you say and do as July draws to a close you never know what repercussions an innocent remark or gesture might bring. Text a Psychic - Text BRI followed by your question to 86600. Each text reply costs £1.50, plus your usual network charge. Speak to one of Russell’s hand chosen Psychics - call 0906 539 0740. Calls cost £1.50/min from a BT Landline. Calls recorded 18+ RGA Po Box 322, WA15 8YL

Complete the grids so that every row, column, 3x3 box contain just the digits 1 to 9.

Complete the grids so that every row, column, 3x3 box contain just the digits 1 to 9. Number indicates total of dotted box


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fe\/'nosh Tony V Bali BrasserieBrighton BORED OF CHINESE, INDIAN, and Thai? Has it ever crossed your mind to try Indonesian or Malaysian cuisine instead? If so, it’s worth trying out the truly splendid Bali Brasserie. Located on the border of Hove, a few minutes in a car from Brighton town centre, Bali Brasserie is a truly unique dining experience, once enjoyed by HRH Prince Charles. Family run, with Tanjit Calais at the helm, team Marble Media ventured down to Bali Brasserie on a blustery Monday night where we enjoyed a truly sumptuous three course meal, personally selected by those who know best: Tanjit and his team. As with any large group, there was the odd ‘special dietary requirement’ which proved to be no hassle whatsoever meaning everybody got a bit of exactly what they wanted. We began with a range of starters, including chicken and vegetable satays, Lumpia (a Bali Brassiere take on the famous spring roll) and Krupok Udang - a giant prawn cracker! This was followed by our main courses, including Ayam Kart, a Malaysian chicken curry, Rendang, a popular beef and coconut dish and Jkan Lemak - fish cooked in a lime, lemon and coconut sauce – this proved very popular amongst us all! Then, of course, there was the highly awaited dessert course. Whilst I and a colleague enjoyed the delights of a Passion Fruit Sorbet (which was incredible) many enjoyed the delectable chocolate mousse – to say they enjoyed it is an understatement, it barely touched the sides! All in all, Bali Brasserie is a unique dining experience! If you’re in Brighton for the weekend, or live in the city, make sure to check out this hidden gem and experience for yourself Indonesian and Malaysian cuisine. By Adam Pennington

DesperadosGreenwich FOR A HISTORICALLY ENGLISH part of south-east London, Greenwich has an abundance of Mexican restaurants (there are four in a small area, at our count) and one of the best is Desperados. Not only do we love the name, the restaurant bears a slogan stating that they strive for excellent service and great food or they will ‘shoot the cooks and hang the waitresses’. And I’m glad to report that after eating there, there was no need for gunfire or nooses as the staff excelled and kept their promises! With savvy waitresses and gorgeous bartenders, we had a pleasant evening filled with frozen Margaritas and Tex Mex tapas. After our fourth Margarita we began to indulge in a buffet set at our very own table - the best way to enjoy Mexican, just bring it on and all at once. Platters of food overtook the table filled with Nachos Grande, served with lashings of melted cheese that wasn’t stuck to the plate, guacamole, sour cream, we also enjoyed bbq ribs, roasted in smoked honey and bbq sauce, chicken satay, chorizo frito al vino, as spicy as the waiter. Gambas pil pil, king prawns sautéed in a garlic and hot Spanish pepper, some real home cooked chimichangas (these are deep fried tortillas and a vegetarian dish but you can have them filled with beef or chicken and a sizzling platter of sirloin steak). So, when you’re hungry and not driving, it’s a great place to fill up and have fun – and you won’t want to miss out on those Margaritas.

Charlie Brown’sEastbourne BEFORE HEADING FOR THE Hart in Eastbourne we decided to stop in at Charlie Brown’s Diner - an Americanstyle eatery that serves up a great feast of American homestyle cooking. The walls are plastered with yankee décor and they even have a resident model of New York’s Statue of Liberty. The eaterie is owned and operated by sisters Angela and Denise, who head wonderful staff and offer fantastic service. My choice was a goat’s cheese chicken served with sautéed potato and salad. The cheese smothers the chicken and melts in your mouth. My partner had the biggest piece of (you guessed it) Rib Eye Steak, served with chips, onion rings, and salad, and what seemed like endless side orders. The whole thing was accompanied by a wholesome helping of Budweiser and a few Margaritas – we certainly felt yankee doodle doo by the end of the night… For dessert we couldn’t go past the hot chocolate fudge cake with lashings of ice cream and cream and toffee and vanilla cheesecake. The average price for a main is £12 and desserts at £5. If you head there for a feed, make sure you say hi to the gals for us and tell them that you read all about them in one80news.

Bali Brasserie


Charlie Brown’s

Kingsway Court, First Avenue, Hove, BN3 2LR 01273 323810

33-35 Greenwich Church St, London. SE10 9BJ 020 8853 4880

54 Seaside Rd, Eastbourne, BN21 3PB 01323 726588

Pâtisserie Angelique is hosting the popular ‘Pink Sundays’ every Sunday in Westbourne.


Pink Sundays is being run to offer the gay community in Bournemouth something different from the usual gay venues. A more relaxed atmosphere where you and your friends can sit, chat and enjoy a French fancy or two! Toby and Philippe invite you to a chilled afternoon cream tea, cake or milkshake on their sun terrace. 79 Poole Road ~ Westbourne ~ Bournemouth ~ BH4 9BB





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