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fe\/'cfe[fe Issue 49 • Friday 29 May 2009


TROLLEYED Leading gay health charity warns that alcohol abuse will get worse unless action is taken now

URGENT ACTION IS NEEDED to prevent huge rises in alcohol abuse amongst gay men, a leading health charity is warning. The Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) says that unless there is an overhaul of current support services alcohol and drug abuse will continue to the system fails to help gay men effectively. “During the summer months, with Pride season in full swing, there are more opportunities for gay men to celebrate, have fun and enjoy a few drinks in the sun,” says Marc Thompson, Deputy Head of Health Promotion for Terrence Higgins Trust. “But drinking too much and taking recreational drugs can lead to people taking risks with their sexual health, which in turn increases the risk of them acquiring HIV or

other sexually transmitted infections.” THT says that existing services designed to support people who feel they have problems with alcohol are still poorly equipped to help the LGBT community. “The majority of gay and bisexual people say they would prefer any service they used to be gay-run or gay-friendly so that the service providers fully understand their situation,” Thompson continues. “As gay men’s use of alcohol and drugs is often tied in with their use of the gay bar and club scene, it was felt that existing services didn’t meet all their needs.” THT suggests that dedicated support services would benefit the LGBT community, combined with improved training for service

providers to deal with issues that affect the lives of gay people. “By introducing support that is more tailored to gay people, we will see an increase in the numbers of gay men getting the help they need,” Thompson adds. The NHS admits that work does need to be done to improve services for gay and bisexual men, but is keen to stress that plans are in place to implement better support. “The Terrence Higgins Trust report confirms what we already know about gay men alcohol use,” says Simon Scott, commissioner for mental health & substance misuse, NHS Brighton and Hove. “In 2006 we helped fund extensive research into the needs, views and experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual

Why are these girls holding hands in the street? Find out on page three...


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Everyone’s a winner Brighton Festival and Brighton Fringe Festival, the second largest annual event of its kind in Britain, concluded with a hot’n’sweaty awards ceremony at The Spiegeltent on May 25. THE WINNERS IN ALL fourteen categories were chosen from nominations submitted online by audiences and a panel of judges, many connected to the local media and including representatives of the gay press in the shape of 3SIXTY, one80news, who were media partners of the event, and GScene. Like all such events, the awards ceremony went on for far too long and the acts which surrounded the presentation (Trudi Styles and comedians Brian Mitchell and David Mountfield) should have been on stage for far less time. But audience enthusiasm was much in evidence as winners of the individual awards (sponsored by The Latest magazine) were announced. The winners of The Latest Awards, 2009, were Danny Alder in A Fistful of Snow (Best

Male Performer), Nicola Haydn in Janis (Best Female Performer), Lady Carol of the Noon (Best Music Event), the Brodowski Quartet (Best Classical Music Act), Copperdollar (Best Cabaret), The First Domino (Best Theatre Performance), The Haunted Moustache (Best Comedy Show), Hofesh Schechter, for The Art of Not Looking Back and Bangers and Mash (Best International Act), The Man Who Planted Trees (Best Children’s Event), Jon Savage and Jah Wobble In Conversation (Best Literature/Workshop Event), The Erpingham Camp (Best Outdoor Event), Upstairs at Three and Ten (Best venue), The Blind Tiger Club (Most Groundbreaking Act), Lynn Ruth Miller in Ageing is Amazing (Star of the Festival) and Fiona Fletcher of Fletch Productions (Outstanding Contribution to the Festival).

Lynn Ruth Miller

Health charity calls for improved alcohol support services for gay men cont from page 1 and transgender people who live, work, socialise or use services in Brighton and Hove. Alcohol use was highlighted as a problem by 36% of respondents and the local NHS has been building this into planning for services and information. “For example, we commission health trainers with specialist knowledge of gay men’s issues, including alcohol use, to work in the local community supporting people to make the changes they want to live healthier lives.” Statistics show that in 2009, around one in four adults in England are ‘hazardous’ drinkers and that gay and bisexual adults are more likely to smoke, drink alcohol and take drugs than heterosexuals. “Alcohol use is very common among gay and bisexual men,” says Peter Weatherburn, Director of Sigma Research, which carried out a survey about alcohol abuse with the Terrence Higgins Trust (THT). “One gay man in six (17 per cent) are concerned about their use of

alcohol and/or other drugs, with alcohol causing more concern than all the other drugs put together.” According to NHS statistics, more than 22,000 people die in the UK each year from alcoholrelated complications. “With alcohol-related harm costing the NHS in England £2.7 billion per year, it’s imperative that consumers are unitsavvy and it’s a good idea for people to keep track of exactly how many units they’re drinking - this is often the first step towards responsible drinking,” says Chris Sorek, CEO of The Drinkaware Trust, an independent charity that aims to reduce the UK’s drinking habits for the better. “Many people enjoy alcohol as part of a healthy lifestyle but drinking to excess can lead to serious illness. To reduce the number of people drinking to ‘hazardous’ levels it’s crucial that consumers know how alcohol affects them and can make educated decisions about how much they’re drinking.”

t: 0127372561 ‘Plot to Plate’ - £13.99 for 3 courses Working with Roedale allotments, local and artisan suppliers To deliver a fabulous fresh local menu.

Tues -Thurs lunch & dinner, Friday lunch & Sunday dinner. May 5th - June 26th. Terms & Conditions apply


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fe\/'e\njCfe[fe one80home news

Equality: it’s in your hands GAY COUPLES IN London are being urged to hold hands in public. The A Day In Hand campaign wants LGBT people to openly show their affection in a bid to change attitudes to same-sex love by improving visibility. The initiative was born in February, but was officially launched on IDAHO (International Day Against Homophobia) on 17 May. “Four months after it inception, A Day In Hand is already in more than 15 countries worldwide,� says campaign man David Watkins. “The message is starting to be featured on hundreds of blogs and websites, with events already being planned by many international organisations. I think I can say that same-sex hand holding is going to be big in 2010!� Dubbed ‘The silent revolution’, Watkins says that same-sex hand holding

(sshh), is unique as nothing needs to be said: “no war of words, no impassioned speeches, no organised rallies. Simply hold hands. This is not a pride, a rally or a protest. It’s about people leading their lives publicly, every day. This is not a campaign for couples only. It’s for anybody who has ever believed that love has no exceptions.� A Day In Hand is also asking straight people in the city to take part. “We believe that recruiting straight communities is essential in fighting for LGBT rights, as LGBT rights are human rights,� says Watkins. “We encourage straight people to walk publicly for a distance holding hands with someone of the same gender then talk/write about how it feels.� To find out more, visit the website at

This photo Š catsfive Above photo Š Mark Weeks

Stars out for HIV walk FORMER MIS-TEEQ SINGER Sabrina Washington is just one of the stars joining HIV charity Crusaid’s Walk for Life on Sunday 7 June. Now in its twentieth year, the 10k walk is Europe’s largest fundraising walk for HIV and AIDS. “It’s my pleasure to be taking part in Crusaid’s Walk for Life this year,� says Washington. “I have friends who have been affected HIV and AIDS and walking to raise money for such a good cause is my pleasure. Africa has a large population of people dying from this illness, which still has no cure, but it seems that because the situation doesn’t appear to be on our doorstep, we tend to push the fact that thousands of lives are being taken away daily, even here in the UK.� The event starts at Potters Field Park, near Tower Bridge at 10am and will snake through the iconic sites of London. If you would like to get involved in Crusaids Walk for Life, register for free at or by calling 0207 539 3892. For more information about Crusaid and the work that the charity does, visit www.

Sabrina Washington at Tower Bridge

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fe\/'Yi`^_kfe Issue 49 • Friday 29 May 2009



and 3SIXTY Magazine Ltd. *J@OKP Visit

URGENT ACTION IS NEEDED to prevent huge rises in alcohol abuse amongst gay men, a leading health charity is warning. The Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) says that unless there is an overhaul of current support services alcohol and drug abuse will continue to the system fails to help gay men effectively. “During the summer months, with Pride season in full swing, there are more opportunities for gay men to celebrate, have fun and enjoy a few drinks in the sun,� says Marc Thompson, Deputy Head of Health Promotion for Terrence Higgins Trust. “But drinking too much and taking recreational drugs can lead to people taking risks with their sexual health, which in turn increases the risk of them acquiring HIV or

other sexually transmitted infections.� THT says that existing services designed to support people who feel they have problems with alcohol are still poorly equipped to help the LGBT community. “The majority of gay and bisexual people say they would prefer any service they used to be gay-run or gay-friendly so that the service providers fully understand their situation,� Thompson continues. “As gay men’s use of alcohol and drugs is often tied in with their use of the gay bar and club scene, it was felt that existing services didn’t meet all their needs.� THT suggests that dedicated support services would benefit the LGBT community, combined with improved training for service

providers to deal with issues that affect the lives of gay people. “By introducing support that is more tailored to gay people, we will see an increase in the numbers of gay men getting the help they need,� Thompson adds. The NHS admits that work does need to be done to improve services for gay and bisexual men, but is keen to stress that plans are in place to implement better support. “The Terrence Higgins Trust report confirms what we already know about gay men alcohol use,� says Simon Scott, commissioner for mental health & substance misuse, NHS Brighton and Hove. “In 2006 we helped fund extensive research into the needs, views and experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual




Leading gay health charity warns that alcohol abuse will get worse unless action is taken now


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Why are these girls holding hands in the street? Find out on page three...













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fe\/'Y`k\j 20 min HIV tests Fry gives roast THE NHS IS LAUNCHING 20-minute HIV tests. The new faster test does not take a blood sample but uses an absorbent toothbrush to collect saliva samples from the mouth, which experts say is as effective as a blood test. “Approximately a third of people in the UK who are HIV positive are currently unaware of their condition,” says Merie Symonds, head of sexual health at the London NHS Trust. “There are still very real problems due to people who are not testing until they have become unwell as a result of undiagnosed HIV infection. Making testing for HIV quicker and easier is a real step towards getting people to test sooner.”

THE GAY WRITER AND presenter Stephen Fry is criticising public anger over the MP expenses scandal. Fry told the Big Issue that the outcry is “Revolting”. He added: “Where do journalists get off trying to pretend that it’s somehow worse to fiddle your expenses if it’s the taxpayers’ money than if it’s Rupert Murdoch’s? It’s morally indefensible. “There’s nothing worse than the British in one of their fits of morality. It is a revolting sight because everyone just points a finger and blames others.”

Gay slur on TV A SENIOR CATHOLIC AIDE has insinuated on television that gay men are paedophiles. Father John Owen, an aide of the Archbishop of Cardiff, stated live on air that most of the [child abuse] offences are being committed by homosexuals”. He was immediately condemned by the Question Time audience, including by the director of Amnesty International Ireland Colm O’Gorman, who described Owen’s words as “ill-informed, ignorant, corrupt and dishonest”. Senior Catholics are distancing themselves from Owen’s comments.

Delay for L’pool Plans for the reshaping of Liverpool’s gay village have been delayed. The concept for the city’s gay quarter was to ban traffic from the ‘club zone’ and gentrify some areas, but despite plans being approved earlier this year any works will be put off until after the summer. The reason for the delay has not been released. “[The plans for] Eberle Street have already been agreed and should have happened,” said Liberal Party councillor Steve Radford, the city’s first openly gay politician. “Why can’t the council get its bollards up? There should be no reason for any delay.” It is hoped the developments would benefit gay bars such as The Navy Bar, Superstar Boudoir and The Lisbon as it would create a safe, pedestrianised area for evening bar-goers.

And finally... AS SUMMER WARMS up an inventive company has come up with a novel way of cooling strains and injuries. The Ice Bandage reduces swelling and pain within 10 minutes, claim the manufacturers, and keeps the area cool for up to two hours. “The Ice Bandage can be applied on all injuries that need cooling,” said a spokesperson. “ The bandage applies a constant and equal pressure which prevents blood from gathering and reduces the swelling at the site of the injury. And it doesn’t need refrigeration!” 2009: a space odyssey, ladies and gentlemen. Ice Bandage costs just £3.91 and is available from independent pharmacies nationwide. For further information, or to order online, visit www.

Gays ‘happier’ GAY COUPLES ARE MORE satisfied in their relationships than heterosexuals, according to new research. Researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign studied couples of the same sex and opposite sexes for three years and discovered that gay couples are happier due to better communication. “In gay relationships, couples tend to look at each other’s differences as something interesting that they want to understand more,” says Nick Warner, an experienced counsellor and clinical psychologist.

Cops fly flag FOUR POLICE FORCES displayed the gay rainbow flag outside their stations in May to mark the International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) on 17 May. Greater Manchester Police joined in, along with Cheshire Constabulary and Essex, and in Merseyside all 41 stations raised the rainbow flag. “We are determined to show our support for anyone who feels they have been targeted because of their individuality,” says Chief constable of Greater Manchester Police Peter Fahy. “There is still a great deal of prejudice out there.”

Chainsaw gang AN ANTI-GAY GANG armed with chainsaws is vowing to stamp out cottaging in woods. The group of ‘vigilantes’ is reportedly launching regular patrols of known cruising grounds used by some gay men and brandishing the weapons to discourage ‘immoral’ behaviour in the woods, in Derbyshire. The gang was formed after a man was reported to the police for allegedly flashing at a boy who was walking in the woods. “I’ve never been into the woods and I wouldn’t want to, but apparently the gay men make dens in there,” Resident Richard Glaves told the Matlock Mercury. “Some vigilantes have gone up with shotguns and chainsaws and dismantled the shelters.” The police are now increasing patrols in the forest to stop the cottaging as well as protecting gay men from the gang.

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fe\/'community london/brighton The city – but not as we know it. A VISITOR RETURNING TO Brighton after a few years drops into the new Visitor Information Centre at Brighton Station to enquire about any new major attractions. The helpful staff advise him to go and marvel at the restored West Pier and then he should go up the i360, to admire the amazing view. Next along to Hove to see the wonderful Frank Gehry Towers that replaced the old seedy King Alfred Centre. On the way he will pass the new bandstand, an excellent job, recreating one of the city’s finest attractions. Then hopping onto the seafront monorail which will whizz him along to the fantastic Marina, passing the new International ice rink which they say seats 5,000. How did they manage to get that building into that site, he will wonder. It’s on the derelict site of the lovely Art Deco Black Rock swimming pool, knocked down in the name of progress about 40 years ago. It’s at the Marina where he will see the real transformation, recalling the very tatty downat-heel entrance with those dirty graffiti’d tunnels, that awful multi-story car park and the dreadful ASDA, all long gone. The redesign of the harbour is a huge success with the two new bridges linking the entire site to the main promenade and the new tower blocks enhancing what was, let’s face it, a pretty boring seascape. Did he spot the new that very inventive use of the old Reading Room on the Kemp Town slopes, a tea room exactly where one was

needed. Why not a cocktail bar, he wonders. Of course the boys are still patrolling the area, making sure it’s as gay as it ever was. The newly restored Madeira lift, a really lovely Victorian treasure, is now back in fully working order. Finally a visit to the amazing new Falmer Stadium, offering great sporting facilities to the entire city as well as a home for Brighton & Hove Albion Football club. That really showed vision. The new look city centre is very successful - all that awful traffic now gone, the pedestrianised North Street and St James’s Street buzzing with shops, cafes and bars, business is obviously brisk, following Birmingham’s example. Our visitor is gay and needing a drink he drops into one of the new smart bars for a pint of real ale, noting that the Bulldog and the other old favourites are still there, still serving cold continental lagers. Oh, have you spotted a flaw in all that? No I wasn’t dreaming; everything mentioned has been planned and approved by the local authority and has been the subject of much public discussion but of course nothing has happened with any of these wonderful plans. Will it? Probably not. It is a surprise the Royal Pavilion was ever built. It certainly wouldn’t get either planning consent or even public approval today. We seem to live a world that resents change of any sort at all, so we leave so many hideous eyesores around our lovely home. It’s some-

what like having a beautiful face that is covered in spots; you know how to get rid of them, but actually, being frightened of anything new, we learned to love them. So let’s not change anything, as soon as there is any sort of plan to improve or enhance anywhere, there will immediately be a committee/pressure group against it. Frantic emails will be sent to everyone asking us to send petitions to No. 10. The Argus, our beloved tabloid, will jump on the bandwagon, and they love nothing more than stoking up outrage where none previously existed. No one is suggesting wholesale re-development of Brighton - just let’s get on with updating and improving. There are about ten different projects that have been suggested, discussed, examined, exhibitions mounted, meetings taken place and eventually approval gained and then nothing. Take a look at Birmingham, Liverpool, Paris or Barcelona, all major cities that have had the courage to take on the future, redesign, update and improve to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. What’s wrong with us? Does anybody know and if they do, what is the answer? I certainly don’t have one - I just despair. The Victorian poet, Samuel Rogers, observed that “Brighton is still very gay and full of balls”, that was in 1829; it hasn’t changed much one hundred and eighty years later. PS: Apologies, work has started on the bandstand and the football stadium and they promise work soon on the i360, I’m not holding my breath.

Brighton’s proposed seafront i360, which is (apparently) already being constructed

Unlike London, where new projects such as the Millennium Dome and the London Eye seem to happen with consummate ease, Brighton is caught up in red tape and objections. Roger Wheeler ponders what might have been and what may be.

Communityhelplines BRIGHTON & HOVE

QAccess 4 All LGBT disabled support group (01273) 721 211 QAllsorts Youth Project Tel: (01273) 721211 Email: uk QBLAGSS Brighton Lesbian & Gay Sports Society.0845 65 BLAGS QBrighton Bandits FC (01273) 6222273

QBrighton Bothways Group for the bi-sexual, bi-curious and their friends

QBrighton & Hove Disabled Dykes (01273) 204050 Email:

QBrighton & Hove LGBT Switchboard (01273) 204050 www.switchboard.

QBrighton LGBT Meditation Group 07789900568 QBrighton Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) Tel. (01273)

QBrighton Ourstory Project (01273) 206655

QBrighton Women’s Centre

72 High St, Brighton. (01273) 698036. QCAB HIV Project (01273) 327474 QCheek To Cheek LGBT dance classes (01273) 604834 QClare Project (Transexual/ gender identity counselling 07776 232100 QClaude Nicol Centre - NHS Sexual Health Clinic Royal Sussex County Hospital, Eastern Rd (01273) 664721 QGAYSWAG - Gay Sussex Walking Group 0870 7605476 QGEMS Group for mature gay men. Meets last Fri of the month at Dorset Gardens Methodist Church (01273) 884285 QLawson Unit - HIV Clinic Royal Sussex County Hospital, Eastern Rd (01273) 664722 QLesbian & Gay Advocacy Project Guidance with mental health problems (01273) 739847. QLesbian and Gay AA Meets every Sunday at 7.30pm Chapel Royal, North St, BN1 (01273) 203343. QLGBT Narcotics Anonymous Group (NA) Meets every Friday from 6pm 61 Ship Street, BN1 (01273) 604604. QMindout Guidance for LGBT

with mental health problems. (01273) 739847 QPride in Brighton & Hove For information or to volunteer call (01273) 775939

QRise (formerly The Women’s Refuge Project) domestic violence charity 01273 622822 QSpectrum LGBT community group (01273) 723123

QThe Sussex Beacon - HIV care centre. (01273) 694222

QTerrence Higgins Trust (THT) - sexual health/HIV charity. 61 Ship St, (01273) 764200

QTrans Swimming Trans swimming group every Monday 8.30pm Call 07867 741025 for venue details QUNISEX SEXUAL HEALTH PROMOTION University sexual health & drug/alcohol awareness service (01273) 678 641 QWarren Brown Unit Testing & treatment for STIs(01273) 461453. QWilde Clinic - Sexual Health Clinic for gay/bi men Weds: 6pm-9pm at the Lawson Unit. (01273) 664722


(0207) 7042040 QGay Asia Meets Group for gay/bisexual Asian and Oriental men QGaywise LGBT arts group

QAntidote Drug and alcohol support (0207) 4372523 www.

QGrace’s Cricket Club

QAlbert Kennedy Trust Supoort for young homeless LGBT people (0207) 831 6562

QBeau Belles Under 25 LGBT social group (0208) 4961530 beaubelles

QCara Life Spiritual support for those living with HIV (0207) 2436147 QCourage (GLB Christian organisation (01483) 301411

QDepression Alliance LGB Support Group (0845) 1232320 QDiversity Chamber Choir Singing social www.diversitychoir.

QEve Club Lesbian social (07890) 777464 QFamilies Together London Support for parents of LGBT kids (0208) 87442

Q4playsquash London Sports group QFreestyle Youth Under 25 group (0207) 0648383 www.

QGalop Community safety

QIrons Golf Society Gay golf group (07801) QKings Cross Steelers RFC Gay rugby team (07767) 232909 QLesbian and Gay Conservation Volunteers Environment group (0207) 2784294 QLGBT Consortium Parenting Group Support for parents of LGBT kids (0207) 0648383

Switchboard (0207) 8377324

QLondon Raiders Softball Club Mixed gay and lesbian softball club QLondon Transsexual Information Support & Social Group (0208) 3557413 email QMenzlink Gay male social group (0208) 5093898 QMetro Centre LGBT service provider (0208) 3055000 www.

QMosaic Youth Group Under 19 group 07931 336668 www.

QOctopus Gay social group (0208) 2702006

QLondon Bi Women’s Group

QPACE Counselling and advocacy (0207) 3595767 www.

QLondon Friend Counselling/bereavement service (0207) 78373337

QPink Therapy LGBT therapy organisation (0207) 4340367

QRomans AFC Football club

QLondon Frontrunners Gay and lesbian running group 07092 346340

QLondon Gay Men’s Chorus (0845) 8382059 QLondon Gay Symphony Orchestra 07963 853099 www.

QSoho Masses LGBT Catholics. (0208) 9860807 QStonewall Housing Housing advice for the LGBT community (0207) 3595767 www.

QThames Reach Housing Association (0208) 4631177

QLondon Lesbian and Gay

one80community listings Free to non-profit organisations that offer help, advice or a service to the LGBT community. If you would like to add your listings to this page please send to one week prior to publication date.

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fe\/'community south coast A multi-point triangle forms Walk da walk Bournemouth’s gay venues form new alliance in a bid to improve gay entertainment in the town

Fancy being in the Bourne Free parade?

BOURNEMOUTH IS GETTING INTO the community spirit big style from now on following the formation of the ‘Bournemouth Triangle’ alliance of six LGBT venues. A launch party will kick off the new gang of friends on Sunday 31 May with a six bar bar hop organised jointly by the venues in the Triangle. The alliance hopes that by working together they can offer enhanced entertainment to visitors and residents of the town, and create a more pleasing sense of community. The bar hop starts at The Branksome at 2pm with a free BBQ and goody bag before heading to the XChange, Sauna Bar, the new Minibar and 2930 Triangle where the fun continues. Rumour has it the Bournemouth University Rugby team are going, as well as herds of drag queens and, apparently, a white horse…!

HIV SUPPORT GROUP Body Positive Dorset is looking for people to join them in this year’s Bourne Free pride parade. The charity is offering anyone who can walks on stilts, juggle or perform any other circus-related activity to get in touch and help them add a bit of circus performance to their entry. Body Positive says it has a stall in The Triangle area, where this year’s events are taking place, so if you’re heading down for Bourne Free, pop over and say hey to the team. If you’re a bit circus-like (and we don’t mean you know all the words to Britney Spears’ Circus album), then get in touch via

Xchange Bar, MiniBar, 2930 The Triangle, Branksome Arms, Bakers Arms (Sauna Bar unavailble at time of photo)

Bourne Free’s Pride Parade

Communityhelplines Thursday from 1pm to 3pm 0845 6036 309. QGFC Bournemouth and Hampshire Gay football club.


QBody Positive Advice, practical support, counselling and information service for people affected by HIV.

QKiss n Make Up Bournemouth-based social group for TS/TVs, partners and admirers.

QBournemouth University LGBT Social and political student society. makeupdorset

QBreakout Youth Project Southampton-based project for people aged 13 to 25 identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

QShellybeans Gay authors workshop for budding writers. Meets third Thursday of every month at Springbourne Community Centre. Email:

QDorset ChillOut Informal group for LGBT people to meet, chat, network and make friends. Email:

QSouth Coast Bears Gay men’s social group for bears, cubs, their admirers and friends. Meets first Friday of every month in Bournemouth.

QDorset LAGLO Dorset Police Lesbian and Gay Liaison Officer 01202 269911. QDorset Lesbian and Gay Helpline Confidential help and support. Mon, Wed and Thur, 7.30pm - 9.30pm. 0845 388 3544. QDorset Mind Lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans support group. Meets at Over the Rainbow every

QOver the Rainbow Information, advice and support on general health, sexual health and coming out. STD screening service. 01202 257478.

QThe Dinner Ladies Social group for gay women living in the Southsea and Portsmouth areas.

trans Community Development. Thinking of starting up a group? Call Paul or Vicky on 01392 201012. QMetropolitan Community Church All inclusive, diversity embracing church. Every Sunday 11am, MCC, Hannington Road, Bournemouth BH7 6JT.

QLesbian and Gay Christian Movement Bi-weekly meeting in Southampton for religious discussion and social interaction. Every second Wednesday. 02380 581536. QLynx South West Lesbian, gay, bisexual and

QSpace Youth Project Group for young LGBT people. Meetings in Bournemouth, Poole and Weymouth.

QWestern Boys Group offering guidance and support for all female to male (FTM) identified people.

one80community listings Free to non-profit organisations that offer help, advice or a service to the LGBT community. If you would like to add your listings to this page please send to one week prior to publication date.














AT T H E H E A R T O F T H E G AY C O M M U N I T Y THE EDGE, COMPTON WALK, SOUTHAMPTON SO14 0BH TEL: 023 8036 6163 O P E N - T U E S D AY T O F R I D AY & S U N D AY 9 P M - 3 A M · S AT U R D AY 9 P M - 5 A M

e m a i l : i n f o @ t h eed g es o u t h am p t o n . c o m

www. t h eed g es o u t h am p t o n . co m

Page 9

fe\/'scene Jonny Mon the South Coast scene Bar Beyond, Bournemouth BAR BEYOND is the latest in a string of new venues to open in Bournemouth, continuing to build on Bournemouth’s increasingly popular gay village. It will be a venue with two personalities: a café-bar during the day, open from 8am and serving breakfasts, and a pre-club bar at night, open ‘til 2am. On Saturdays there will be live DJs playing electro house, and when the angle grinders perform on stage, there will be special drinks promos at the bar!

Xchange, Bournemouth THE XCHANGE IS open seven nights a week with extended opening hours at the weekends: open from 7:30pm – 4am on Friday and Saturday nights. Cabaret is every Friday night featuring Jo Frances on Fri 5, Maissie Trollette on Fri 12 and Cherry Bakewell on Fri 19. The show takes place at 11pm, followed by DJ Sheridan. VK Ice bottles are at the special price of £2.50! Also look out for the drinks game on Tuesday nights: roll a dice, if you get a six, you get a free shot! Xchange Bar, Bournemouth

The Branksome, Bournemouth EACH AND every Saturday night at The Branksome is disco night, with DJ Pride playing camp, cheese, boy bands, 80s and 90s. As the night progresses, he’ll build up the atmosphere with some commercial house and dance anthems, setting the scene for your The Branksome, Bournemouth big night out, before bringing the sound back to camp cheese. The Branksome is open ‘til 3am on Saturdays, an there are some great drinks deals including selcected bottles at four for £6, double up on mainline spirits for £1, and bottles of house wine for £4.95.

The Baker’s Arms, Bournemouth THURSDAYS AT The Baker’s are a fun and outrageous night out, with bingo hosted by fabulous drag queens. Sheila Takya and Pricilla, Queen of the Triangle, host the night and sing live, camping up the bingo to the highest level possible! Expect plenty of costume changes, and very small costumes: nothing is left to the imagination. Plus, you can grab a double house vodka or double scotch whiskey with miser The Baker’s Arms, Bournemouth for only £3!

2930 The Triangle, Bournemouth The London, Southampton THE FIRST FRIDAY of the month at 2930 The Triangle is Filth, a men only night with DJ SiCub (Circus) playing underground and dirty house. Held down in the newly improved basement area of the club, the next Filth event is on Fri 5 June from 11pm – late. Look out for the special credit crunch discount, half price entry with the Facebook invite! Search for 2930 The Triangle. Other highlights include dirty sexy Saturdays with DJs Adrian Dunbar, Kevin Brookes and Chris B. 2930 The Triangle, Bournemouth

FRESH FROM a fabulous fundraiser for IDAHO at which David and his team raised a whopping £1,000 for charity, The London Hotel bounces into June with cabaret in plentiful supply. Fri 5 is Cookie, Sat 6 is Jo’s Birthday Bash with a Las Vegas theme and cabaret from Pat Cruise, then Sun 7 is Wilma Fingerdoo. The following weekend sees the welcome return of Connie Conway to The London on Fri 12, and Jacquii Cann on Sat 13. Then Sun 14 is the big one with the very much in demand Boy George Experience making his only Southampton appearance of the month. The London, Southampton

The Edge, Southampton OVER THE NEXT ‘Nine to The Edge, Southampton Five’ weekend, from Fri 12 June to Sat 13 June, The Edge will give away £500 worth of cash prizes to some very lucky customers. On the Friday night, pick up a raffle ticket on entry to the club, and you could walk away better off than when you arrived! Five people will walk away with £100 in cash, and a further five will be given a complimentary bottle of Champagne. The club is open from 9pm right through ‘til 5am.

Mini Bar, Bournemouth The Mini Bar, Bournemouth

ONE OF the latest gay venues to open in Bournemouth’s gay triangle area, Mini Bar is a swish, stylish space in which to enjoy a drink. It’s also a speciality vodka bar, with over 50 fabulous varieties to choose from, so certainly worth a visit. The website is currently under construction, but be sure to check back for regular updates on events at Mini Bar.

THERE’S LOADS of entertainment on at The Boulevard. Every Wednesday is Dolly Partem’s cabaret show, and every Sunday is Pat Cruise. Other dates include cabaret from Lucinda Lashes on Fri 5, a performance from Diesel (male stripper) on Fri 12, and Lady James on Fri 19.

The Hampshire Boulevard, Portsmouth

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fe\/'essential arts & leisure Salvation armies Oh, Brother A war-ravaged planet ruled by mindless robots? It can only be Britain’s Got Talent Terminator: Salvation! CLEARLY, STAR TREK is the one to beat this summer, and although we’re mildly excited about the upcoming Terminator: Salvation, here at one80 towers we do have a concern or two. Firstly, can you do a Terminator movie without Arnie? Yes, he makes a fleeting appearance via the medium of CGI and body doubles, but it won’t be quite the same, will it? Secondly, can you make a Terminator movie with McG at the helm? This, remember, is the man who brought us the risible Charlie’s Angels movies. Can we really trust him to deliver the emotional punch that we now expect from our re-imaginings? On the bright side, Christian Bale is John Connor, which means that Edward Furlong isn’t (hooray!), and as long as it isn’t as mindnumbingly depressing as The Dark Knight it should provide a diverting couple of hours - if witnessing an orgy of fire and twisted metal is Katja Von Kassell your kind of thing, of course.

WELL, A picture of Davina McCall looking a bit pleased with herself can only mean one thing: that’s right, readers, Big Brother is back for a tenth series. It’s starting a bit late this year (rumour has it to avoid a catastrophic clash with the finals of Britain’s Got Talent) but we’re promised that this latest - and possibly penultimate - run will be the best yet. Oh, please. It’s high time we introduced EU style fishing quotas for this sort of thing: Britain’s stock of eccentrics is running dangerously low, and If action isn’t taken now by 2010 Britain could be peopled solely by ordinary, talentless folk. And then what would we watch, eh? Newsnight, that’s what.



Terminator: Salvation

Big Brother 10

Nationwide release from Wed 3 June

Channel 4, from Thur 4 Jun

Jo Brand Signings


Elton John

Paul Burston

PAUL BURSTON, EDITOR OF London listings magazine Time Out’s gay pages, has a flourishing second career as a novelist of what might be termed ‘prick lit.’ He has penned several novels – including Shameless, Star People and Lovers and Losers and is currently stomping up and down the country promoting his latest epic, The Gay Divorcee. A satisfying acerbic tale about forty-something Phil, comfortably-off owner of a bar in London’s Old Compton Street and about to enter a civil partnership with hunky but horrid Ashley, The Times rated The Gay Divorcee ‘a rollicking, steamy, witty saga steeped in love, sex and no small amount of cocaine’. Burston, who insists that ‘everything I write is moral’, will be reading from and signing copies of The Gay Divorcee at Prowler Soho (5-7 Brewer Street, London W1) on May 31 at 2pm; at Ghetto (129 St James’s Street, Brighton) on 8 June at 6:30pm; at Prowler (112-113 St James’s Street, Brighton) on 28 June at 2pm and at the House of Homosexual Culture at the London Literature Festival (Level Five Function Room, Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London SE1) on 9 July at 7:45pm.

The Gay Divorcee By Paul Burston. published by Sphere at £11.99




OFFICIALLY THE UK’s funniest woman and best ever panellist on QI, Jo Brand comes to Komedia in Brighton on Wed 3 Jun to read from her new book The More You Ignore Me.

BRONTE GOES to Bollywood in this brand new musical production of Wuthering Heights, playing at the Nuffield Theatre Southampton from Tues 2 to Sat 6 Jun.

DEAR OLD Elton John plays one of his huge open air concerts at Gloucestershire County Cricket Club in Bristol on Sat 13 Jun - some tickets still available.


Clive James




IF YOU’RE feeling dumbed down at the moment, smarten up by spending an evening with legendary wit Clive James: Tue 16 Jun at the Theatre Royal Brighton.

LAST CHANCE to grab a ticket for Beyoncé’s show at the O2 on Tues 9 June - likely to be your last chance to booty-shake with the queen of R&B this year...

FINALLY HITTING the road to prove their live chops, The Saturdays play Colston Hall in Bristol on Sun 14 Jun, Guild Hall in Southampton on Sun 21 Jun and Brighton Dome on Thur 25 June.

fe\/'interview Jim Bailey

Page 11

Jim Bailey as Judy Garland

Just an Illusion

To commemorate the fortieth anniversary of Judy Garland’s death on 21 June 1969, illusionist Jim Bailey is giving six concerts in London. Peter Burton wanted to know if the tragic star has completely taken over her impersonator. JIM BAILEY IS AN attractive and reflective man somewhere in his sixties. He is neither flamboyant nor egotistical. He doesn’t quite seem the type of man who could vividly recreate three of the legendary female performers of the twentieth century. But that’s what he does. That’s what he’s been doing for more than forty years. Bailey has received rave reviews for his portrayals of Judy Garland, Peggy Lee and Barbra Streisand. Almost certainly it is his Judy Garland that is the most admired (‘In what remains one of the most astonishing acts to ever tread the boards, Jim Bailey IS Judy Garland’ raved the San Francisco Chronicle. Jim Bailey ‘defies disbelief, uncanny and classy’ declared The Times. When did Bailey first start ‘doing’ Judy Garland? “She was the first one I did. Judy was the first illusion that I created and I found I had the voice to do it,” he says. “She’s part of my life, she’ll always be with me…” Yes, but how long has he been doing Judy? Bailey laughs. “About a week,” he says. “Many, many years,” he concedes. “We’re talking about thirty, thirtyfive years…” Why did he decide to create Judy as his first illusion? “I think she picked me,” he confesses. “I was at a party one night an everyone was doing imitations and things and for some reason - I do not know why – I found myself sitting on the floor and singing Over the Rainbow as if I was Judy. I hadn’t planned it. It was just a spur of the moment kind of thing. “Somebody said to me ‘My god, you sound just like Judy Garland.’ A couple of years later, I was struggling as a singer and a friend said I should consider working on that and somehow putting it into a performance. I said ‘You’ve got to be kidding.’ Then I started thinking about it and the seed was planted. “I thought that if I was going to do this, I would do it because I wanted to survive in show business. I knew that if I were going to do it, I had to go the whole way. I had to use make up, wigs. I had to look like her.” Fortuitously, a friend was working in a Los Angeles club that staged cabaret. He got Bailey a job and the chance to perform his newly created act. It was an immediate success. “I felt like Judy was a part of me,” Bailey acknowledges. “I felt I’d done something very special. So I continued doing it up until … today.” I believe Judy Garland saw you portraying her several times?

“One Friday, someone came backstage and told me Judy Garland was sitting ringside. I freaked out and I said ‘I can’t do this.’ I was a wreck, but at the last minute – when I didn’t have any time to dwell on it – I went out and the audience, knowing she was there, went wild … “At the end of the set, she came and got onto the stage with me. She put her arms around my neck and hugged me and whispered in my ear. ‘I never realised I was that pretty’ she said. She turned to the audience. ‘Well, tonight you got the two of us,’ she told them and then said to me ‘Let’s sing something… “After the song, the curtains closed and her mood changed immediately. She turned to me and said ‘I’m so lonely. Would you call me?’ and she repeated her ‘phone number over and over again. ‘Will you please call me?’ “We went into my dressing room and there were people there and she sat at my dressing table and told stories about MGM and Mickey Rooney which were hysterical. We sat there until three in the morning. “Before she left, she re-did her lips, talking at the same time, telling stories. She put the lipstick purse down and then she left. She forgot it. She forgot the lipstick brush and I still have it and it’s the same lipstick brush I use whenever I do Judy… “I did call her and I did go out to her house and I never saw the lady drunk, I never saw the lady out of it. She was almost – like – protective of me… “I remember once, in the middle of a conversation, she suddenly said ‘By the way, darling, when I do ‘The Man That Got Away’ I put my hands together this way’ and then sat down and started talking again. And I thought ‘Oh, my god, this woman is coaching me…” Why do you think she became such a gay icon? Bailey is silent for a while. “I think because of her life,” he begins, “because of the things she went through, her being used and abused. Gay people relate to that.” Does Bailey sometimes feel that he ahs been completely consumed by the sacred monster women – Garland, Lee and Streisand – he portrays? “Totally, yes.” He confirms. “When I’ve done my makeup and put on the wig, I’m gone. Everything changes. I’m Judy. And if I’m doing Barbra, I become Barbra and if it’s Peggy, I become Peggy and that’s what it’s all about.” So Jim Bailey’s act is something more than an illusion, it is almost an act of possession.

Jim Bailey as Judy Garland, the 40th Anniversary Concert Leicester Square Theatre, 6 Leicester Place, London, WC2 from June 9 to 14; tickets available from the Box Office (0844 847 2475) or online from

Doctor Brighton’s


16-17 Kings Road, Brighton, BN1 1NE. 01273 208113

COCKTAILS ARE BACK! Happy hour from 1pm-7pm Mon-Fri including: • Fosters £2.50 • Large Pinot Grigio £3.50 • Single smirnoff and mixer £2.50 • Flouncy Fridays with Ms masters on the decks from 9.30pm and free shots • Dj Tony B on Saturdays playing those funky house tunes for your pre club warm up. • Relax in the new outside area with amazing sea views





 Plus FREE Charcoal Briquettes and Fire lighters worth ÂŁ5.98!

  4  %"#( &-/4

While stocks last

While stocks last




 4  Portable gas barbecue, comes with FREE duffel bag and tool kit.








/% -+ % 3 "

Garden Pride Garden Centre, Common Lane, Ditchling, West Sussex BN6 8TP

T: 01273 846844 E: W:

(;&/8',1*)81&7,211,*+76 68%-(&772$9$,/$%,/,7< 7(506 &21',7,216$33/<








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fe\/'essential arts & ents Books Peter Burton Auslander by Paul Dowswell

The Children’s Hours

Edited by Richard Zimler and Rasa Sekulovic

Oh! Pere Lachaise by Jim Yates

PIOTR (LATER PETER) Bruck is an orphan of German extraction who has grown up in Poland and in 1941 is extracted from a Warsaw orphanage and taken into the family of a doctor of eugenics in Hitler’s Berlin. At first Peter is completely enthralled by his new situation, but gradually he becomes disenchanted with the Nazi ideology that is perpetually drummed into him and the rest of the population. He becomes involved with an anti-Nazi group and finds himself increasingly at risk. Paul Dowswell’s novel for teenagers is at once a gripping adventure story (there are even hints of Sally Bowles’s ‘divine decadance’) and a reminder of the horrors of an appalling regime that sprang out of one of Europe’s cultural centres. It is a timely reminder that it did happen and that it could happen again, that we should always be on our guard.

THE CHILDREN’S HOURS comprises twenty-seven short stories about aspects of childhood from the well-known (Margaret Atwood, Nadime Gordimer, Eva Hoffman, Melvin Burgess, David Almond) and the not so well known. Amongst the most interesting are those by Burgess (‘Bunker’s Lane’ – about the sexual abuse of boys in a youth detention centre) and Almond, both distinguished writers of books for teenagers. Other stories of particular interest include John Sam Jones’s ‘Kiss and Tell’ – about a boy whose sexual fantasies about his schoolteacher unwittingly lead to disaster – and Patricia Volk’s ‘The Miami Dolphins’. Like all such collections, the stories vary in quality, but the finest are indeed memorable. All author royalties have been donated to Save the Children.

THE LIFE (especially the trials and imprisonment) of Oscar Wilde has inspired innumerable biographies, critical studies, plays, three films and several novels. Jim Yates’s philosophical Oh! Pere Lachaise (a whopping 518 pages) is the latest fictional recreation of Oscar Wilde – though here the author focuses on the ‘afterlife’ of the Irish dramatist (The Importance of Being Earnest) as his spirit pines in the Purgatory of the famous Parisian cemetery Pere Lachaise, wondering why he has not been allowed into Paradise. Amongst the companions with whom he debates his condition are other of this charismatic of burial place’s inhabitants, including Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf, Colette, Balzac and Proust. A discursive but diverting novel, Oh! Pere Lachaise offers a different slant on a man whose shadow and shame loomed large over the lives of British gay men for virtually all of the twentieth century.


The Children’s Hours: Stories of Childhood

Oh! Pere Lachaise: Oscar Wilde’s Purgatory

Out now (£10.99) published by Bloomsbury

Out now (£10.99) published by Arcadia Books

Out now (£7.99) published by Edition d’Amelie

TV Brothers and Sisters More4 Thursdays 10pm IF FACEBOOK STATUS updates are anything to go by, the Walker clan has a peculiar knack of making their devotees cry at least once per episode. This is a good thing. In a world where we remain stony faced at genuine suffering, it’s good to know that the overcooking of Sally Field’s pot roast can help us tap into our deepest emotional reserves. There is, of course, plenty more to Brothers and Sisters than that – aside from Desperate Housewives, it’s the sharpest, best-written show on American television, forever picking at the scabs of US culture and politics while simultaneously making us empathise with obscenely rich wine-growers - not a trick that Falcon Crest ever managed. It’s also well on the way to becoming a full-on thirtysomething reunion – see how many former cast members you can spot in the credits. You see? Drama, tears and a fun parlour game – how many shows give you all that?

Hope Springs BBC1 tbc (check listings) I MUST CONFESS I have a vested interest in Hope Springs – it’s filmed in Wanlockhead, the highest inhabited village in Scotland and scene of many a school-trip during my Scottish Boyhood. I can only imagine how thrilled the locals were to have actual celebrities in their midst – most of the year round it’s little more than a post office and an old tin mine. And it rains a lot. Anyway, I digress. In a slightly bizarre melding of Local Hero and Widows, a group of glamorous ex-cons hide out in the notvery-Scottish-name-now-is-it village of Hope Springs after a plan to escape to Barbados with £3 million goes tits up. Cue your classic fish out of water comedy-drama, no doubt filled with lots of cultural misunderstandings and arguments as our spoiled rich ladies discover that the nearest Clarins counter is a good fifty miles away. Sounds horrendous, frankly, but it’s got Alex Kingston from out of ER in it, so it can’t be all bad…


Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors

The friendly and efficient partners and staff at CCI can offer a full accountancy, audit and expert tax advice service For individuals and Companies locally and Nationally Bookkeeping, Payroll, Accounts, Audit, Returns We take your business personally and with care

Call us on

01273 502788 and ask for the New Business Manager

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fe\/'voices James Kirkup remebered

Poetic Justice? WHEN DENIS LEMON, Editor of Gay News, the successful gay publication that ran between 1972 and 1983, received a selection of unsolicited poems from the well-known poet James Kirkup he was excited. One of the attached poems concerned the discovery by Robinson Crusoe on the beach of his desert island of the corpse of Man Friday and his subsequent buggering of it. Although accepted, it was never published. The second poem was The Love That Dares to Speak Its Name, which suggested homosexual intimacy between the crucified Christ and one of the Roman soldiers at the site of execution. Publication in 1976 provoked an irate reader to send a copy of the poem to antipornography campaigner Mary Whitehouse, who then initiated a private prosecution for blasphemous libel, which landed Lemon and the newspaper in the dock at the Old Bailey in 1977. Expert testimony of the literary, sociological or theological qualities of the poem was disallowed and Lemon and Gay News were found guilty. Lemon’s was the first such conviction in fifty years, and he was fined £500 and sentenced to nine months imprisonment (suspended for eighteen months), subsequently quashed upon appeal. The prosecution of the poem became the subject of international attention and was (curiously) of inestimable value to Gay News. However, it did nothing for the reputation of the poet and he eventually and dishonorably disowned it. James Kirkup (who died aged ninety-one on 10 May 2009) was born in South Shields on 23 April 1918 and early in life decided he was an exceptional individual. He was quick, too, to recognise his homosexuality and penchant for make-up (utilising black show polish as eye makeup). And autobiographical sequence – All Only Child, Sorrows, Passions and Alarms, I, Of All People, A Poet Could Not But Be Gay, All Over: Memoirs of a misfit – particularly details his early years. In these books Kirkup’s tone of voice was waspish and there was a distinct intimation

that he was using autobiography as a means of exacting revenge, using it to settle old scores. Sometime friends complained about the way the poet laureate of blasphemy had distorted truth whilst rehearsing incidents that had involved them. He also believed he was possessed of an ‘evil eye’ which he would use to bring down misfortune upon those he considered enemies – and there were many of those. Flamboyant to the point of exhibitionistic, Kirkup had a strange duality of nature, in the parlance of a past generation, he could be described as flaunting his homosexuality while, at the same time, having an almost pathological resentment of any attraction which came his way. Like Lawrence of Arabia, he could be defined as ‘backing into the limelight’. Sometimes considering himself a prophet unhonoured and a staunch enemy of British narrowness, Kirkup turned his back on his native land in 1958. He spent more than thirty years teaching in Japan and lived for the last years of his life in Andorra. Although he produced a substantial body of work – volumes of poetry and autobiography, books stemming from his travels (These Horned Islands: A Journal of Japan, Tropic Temper: A Memoir of Malaya) and fiction for children, he earned his place in history with The Love That Dares to Speak Its Name – which, like so much prosecuted literature (Radclyffe Hall’s The Well of Loneliness), D H Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover), simply wasn’t very good.

Tony Vperspective

All change as we hit 50

35 Millers Road, Brighton BN1 5NP

AS WE PUBLISH ISSUE 49 of our newspaper, we’re pleased to announce that One80 now has a new look. Or, at least, will have. As Marble Media Publishing is growing things are changing for the better – we’re working hard to bring you a fresh and entertaining newspaper every issue, and we have big plans from the next issue, which will be our 50th edition of the title. And to help us take the newspaper to the next level, we’re happy to announce that the editor of our sister publication, the national lifestyle magazine 3SIXTY, has been appointed Editor-in-chief of all of our publications.

Along with a new team of assistants, Torsten Højer, who has edited 3SIXTY for two years, will introduce a new look title and our fabulous array of contributors from the next issue. But (STOP PRESS!) we can now reveal that Miss Betty Rival will be joining the team as our in-house Dragony Aunt. Ms Rival will answer all of your letters and sort out your love life. “Write to me petal and I’ll sort you out in no time,” she enthuses. Email ask@one80news. com to get in touch with her… And big congratulations to Torsten on his new position from all of the Marble Media team…

Page 16

fe\/'scene London venue listings Soho venue listings 01 ADMIRAL DUNCAN 54 Old Compton Street Tel: (020) 7437 5300 02 DUKE OF WELLINGTON BAR 77 Wardour Street Tel: (020) 7439 1274 03 HEAVEN CLUB 77 Wardour Street Tel: (020) 7439 1274 04 THE EDGE 11 Soho Square W1D 3QE Tel: (020) 7439 1313 05 FIRST OUT 52 St Giles High Street WC2H 8LH Tel: (020) 7240 8042 06 THE STAR AT NIGHT 22 Great Chapel Street W1 8FR Tel: (020) 7494 2488 07 SWEATBOX SOHO 1-2 Ramillies Street W1F 7LN Tel: (020) 3214 6014 08 KING’S ARMS 23 Poland Street W1F 8QL Tel: (020) 7734 5907 09 THE SAUNABAR 29 Endell St WC2H 9BA Tel: (020) 7836 2236 10 BOX 32-34 Monmouth St WC2H 9HA Tel: (020) 7240 5828 11 G-A-Y BAR 30 Old Compton Street W1D 4UR Tel: (020) 7494 2756 12 BALANS SOHO 60 Old Compton Street W1D 4UG Tel (020) 7376 0115 13 79 CXR 79 Charing Cross Road WC2H 0NE Tel: (020) 7734 0769 14 COMPTONS OF SOHO 51-53 Old Compton Street Tel: (020) 7479 7961 15 GEISHA BAR 75 Charing Cross Road W1D 6HN Tel: (020) 7479 7961 16 VILLAGE 81 Wardour Street W1D 6QD Tel: (020) 7434 2124 17 THE SHADOW LOUNGE 5 Brewer Street W1F 0RF Tel: (020) 72877988 18 THE ENCLAVE 25-27 Brewer Street W1F 0RR Tel: (020) 7434 2911 19 KU BAR 30 Lisle Street WC2H 7BA Tel: (020) 7437 4303 20 TRASH PALACE 11 Wardour Street W1D 6PG Tel: (020) 7734 0522 21 BARCODE 3-4 Archer Street W1D 7AP Tel: (020) 7734 3342 22 RUPERT STREET Rupert Street Tel: (020) 7292 7141 23 THE YARD 57 Rupert Street Tel: (020) 7437 2652

Vauxhall venue listings 01 HARD ON @ HIDDEN 100 Tinworth Street, SE11 5EQ 02 BARCODE VAUXHALL Arch 69, SE11 5AW. Tel: (020) 7582 4180 03 BEYOND @ AREA Albert Embankment, Arch 67-68, SE1 7TP 04 CHARIOTS VAUXHALL Albert Embankment, Arch 63-64. Tel: (020) 7247 5333 05 ROYAL VAUXHALL TAVERN 372 Kennington Lane, SE11 5HY. Tel: (020) 7820 1222 06 EAGLE 349 Kennington Lane, SE11 5QY Tel: (020) 7793 0903 07 THE HOIST South Lambeth Road, Arch 47B – 47C, SW8 1RH. Tel (020) 7735 9972 08 FIRE South Lambeth Road, SW8 1RT 09 SUPERCLUB COLOSSEUM 1 Nine Elms Lane, SW8. Tel (020) 7627 1283

West Londonvenues listings East Londonvenue listings THE ANGEL, 21 Church Street, Mill Meads Tel: 020 8555 1148 BJ’S WHITE SWAN, 556 Commercial Road, Limehouse Tel: 0207 780 9870 THE BLACK HORSE, 168 Mile End Road Tel: 020 7790 1684 CHARIOTS SHOREDITCH, 1 Fairchild Street 020 7247 5333 CHARLIE’S BAR, 124 Globe Road THE CORONET, 119 The Grove E ONE CLUB (Formerly The Black Horse), 168 Mile End Road Tel: 020 7790 1684 GHETTO OLD STREET, Ghetto 58 Old St Tel: 020 7287 3726 GEORGE AND DRAGON, 2 Hackney Road Tel: 020 7012 1100 THE JOINER’ ARMS, 116-118 Hackney Rd Tel: 020 7739 9854 THE OLD SHIP, 17 Barnes Street, Limehouse Tel: 0207 7790 4082

South London venue listings BIRD IN HAND, 291 Sydenham Road, Croydon, CR0, Tel: 020 8683 3104 BREWERY TAP, 78 Lingham Street, SW9, Tel: 020 7738 6683 CHARIOTS STREATHAM, 292 (rear of) Streatham High Rd, London SW16 6HG, Tel: 020 8696 0929 CHARIOTS WATERLOOO, 101 Lower Marsh, London. SE1 7AB, Tel: 020 7401 8484 THE CORONET THEATRE, 26-28 New Kent Road, LONDON SE1 6TJ, Tel: 020 7701 1500 GEORGE AND DRAGON, 2 Blackheath Hill, Greenwich, SE10, Tel: 020 8691 3764 KAZBAR, 50 Clapham High Street, London SW4, Tel: 0871 223 1154 THE STAG, 15 Bressendan Place, SW1, 020 7828 7287 PARK PLAZA COUNTY HALL HOTEL, 1 Addington Street SE1 7RY, Tel: 020 7034 4835 TWO-EIGHT-SIX, 286 Lewisham High Street, SE13, Tel: 0208 690 7648 TWO BREWERS, 114 Clapham High Street, London SW4, Tel: 020 7819 9539

GEORGE MUSIC BAR, 114 Twickenham Road, Isleworth, West London, Tel: 020 8560 1456 TED’S PLACE, 305A North End Road, London W14, Tel: 020 7385 9359 WEST 5, Pope’s Lane, Acton, W5 4NB, Tel: 020 8579 3266

North Londonvenues listings BLACK CAP, 171 Camden High Street, London NW1, Tel: 020 7485 0538 CENTRAL STATION, 37 Wharfedale Road, London N1, Tel: 020 7278 3294 THE GLASS BAR, 190 Euston Road, Regent’s Park, London NW1 2BN, Tel: 020 7387 6184 KING EDWARD VI, 25 Bromfield Street, London N1 OPZ, Tel: 020 7704 0745 KING WILLIAM IV, 77 Hampstead High Street, London NW3 1RE, Tel: 020 7435 5747 THE GREEN, 74 Upper Street, Angel N1, Tel: 020 7226 8895 KOKO, 1A Camden High Street, London NW17JE, 0870 4325527 THE OAK BAR, 79 Green Lanes, London N16 9BU, Tel: 020 7354 2791 REGULATION LTD. 17A St. Alban’s Place, Islington N1 0NX Tel: 020 7226 665 SCALA CLUB, 275-277 Pentonville Road, London N1, Tel: 020 7833 2022

Admiral Duncan

Admiral Duncan

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fe\/'scene Brighton & South Coast venue listings Bournemouthvenue listings 01 THE BAKERS ARMS 77 Commercial Road, 01202 555506 02 BAZAAR 103 Commercial Road, 01202 241 998 03 2930 THE TRIANGLE 30 The Triangle, 0845 474 3019, 04 THE BRANKSOME Commercial Road, 01202 552544 | 05 CIRCUS @ THE OPERA HOUSE 570 Christchurch Road, Boscombe. 01202 399922 06 OVER THE RAINBOW GAY MENS HEALTH PROJECT 01202 257478. 07 RUBYZ CABARET RESTAURANT West Hill Road, 08 SAUNABAR 4 Avenue Lane, 09 THE XCHANGE 4 The Triangle | 01202 294321 10 MINI BAR 109-111 Commercial Road | BH2 5RT 11 THE PATISSERIE ANGÉLIQUE 79 Poole Road, Westbourne, BH4 9BB. 12 BAR BEYOND 103 Commercial Road | BH2 5RT 13 WHITE TIGER 27 The Triangle | Bournemouth | BH2 5SE | 0845 496 6305 |

Brightonvenue listings

Eastbourne venue listings



THE HART 89 Cavendish Place 01323 643 151

. /



*, ))

venue listings HAMPSHIRE BOULEVARD 1 Hampshire Terrace Southsea 023 9229 7509

)+ )*



0 *-

(' * (,


Southamptonvenue listings 01 THE EDGE Compton Walk | 02380 366163 | 02 ISOBAR 100c St Mary’s Street | 023 8022 2028 | 03 THE PINK BROADWAY 79/80 East Street | 023 8023 8804 | 04 THE ENDEAVOUR 7 Simnel Street | 05 THE LONDON 2 Terminus Terrace | 023 8071 0652 |

*) )0

) ). (*

THE OLD VIC St Paul’s Road 023 9229 7013


*' (


), )-



01 AMSTERDAM 11-12 Marine Pde BN2 Tel: (01273) 688 825 02 AQUARIUM 6 Steine Street BN2 Tel: (01273) 605 525 03 PO NA NA 75-79 East Street BN1 04 BEDFORD TAVERN 30 Western Street Hove Tel: (01273) 739 495 06 BRIGHT’N’BEAUTIFUL SAUNA 9 St Margarets Place BN1 Tel: (01273) 328 33 07 REFRESH SAUNA 11-12 Grand Pde BN2 Tel: (01273) 689 966 08 BRIGHTON TAVERN 100 Gloucester Rd BN1 Tel: (01273) 680365 37 BRIGHTON ROCKS 6 Rock Place BN2 (01273) 601 139 09 BULLDOG 31 St James Street BN2 Tel: (01273) 696 996 11 THE BRIGHTON COALITION 171 Kings Road Arches BN1 12 DYNAMITE BOOGALOO@KOMEDIA Gardner Street , North Laine. Tel: (01273) 647 101 13 CHARLES STREET 8 Marine Pde BN2 Tel: (01273) 624 091 14 DENMARK SAUNA 86 Denmark Villas Hove BN3 Tel: (01273) 723 733 15 DR BRIGHTON’S 16 Kings Road BN1 Tel: (01273) 328765 10 THE GROSVENOR 16 Western Street Tel: (01273) 770 712 16 THE ANGEL 5-6 Montpelier Road Hove BN1 Tel: (01273) 728 808 17 HQ (formerly the Harlequin) 43 Providence Place BN1 Tel: (01273) 620 630 18 LEGENDS BAR Ground Floor 31-32 Marine Pde BN2 Tel: (01273) 624 462 18 LEGENDS CLUB Basement 31-32 Marine Pde BN2 Tel: (01273) 624 462 28 H-BAR 16 Church Road, Hove. BN3 2FL Tel:(01273) 725 890 20 MARINE TAVERN 13 Broad Street BN2 Tel: (01273) 681 284. Noon-Midnight 22 MARLBOROUGH 4 Princes Street BN2 Tel: (01273) 570 028 12am-12pm 23 THE KINGS ARMS 56 George St , BN2. Tel: 01273 681 573 24 QUEEN’S ARMS 7 George Street BN2 Tel: (01273) 696 873 25 QUEENSBURY ARMS Queensbury Mews BN1. Tel: (01273) 328 159. 26 REGENCY TAVERN 32-34 Russell Square BN1. Tel: (01273) 325 652 27 R-BAR 7 Marine Parade BN2 Tel: (01273) 608 133 29 REVENGE Old Steine BN2 Tel: (01273) 606 064 10.30pm-3am 30 STAR INN Manchester Street BN2 Tel: (01273) 601 450. 32 VAVOOM 31 Old Steine BN1 Tel: (01273) 603 010 33 OM 5 Steine St BN1 Tel: (01273) 603 010 34 WILD FRUIT@TRU (monthly) 78 West St BN1 35 THE PRINCE ARTHUR 38 Dean Street, Brighton 36 THE ZONE 33 St James Street BN2 Tel: (01273) 682 249

MARTHA’S 227 Commercial Road 023 9285 2951

The London Hotel Southampton

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Jonny Mon the Brighton scene Doctor Brighton’s

Girls On Top

IT’S SATURDAY NIGHT, and it’s time to get the party started! Doctor Brighton’s is one of the hottest venues in which to get your groove on, with Brighton legend DJ Tony B spinning top funky tunes every Saturday night from 9.30pm and Miss Masters every Friday night. A special date for the diary is Sat 13 June with the Organic Brighton pre-party: grab yourself a discount voucher for the big event.

REVENGE’S STORMING lesbian night is celebrating its second birthday this month. How has two years slipped by so fast? Perhaps the sambuca shots and WKDs have helped. The theme is army, so think polished boots, camo vests and ripped up khakis, as corporal Lady Bex and sergeant Smiffy don’t take kindly to slackers. Expect the usual top mix of pop, r’n’b, dance and mash-ups from your fabulous girl DJs. Happy Birthday to Girls on Top!

Queen Jo at Dr. Brighotn’s

The Caledonian, Hove

DJ Nathan6

VETERAN OF SUNDAY night partying, Cash Queen, returns to Brighton on Sun 14 June with brand new DJs and a fully refurbished venue. Cuckoo Club, formerly Koo Klub (not a very inventive renaming process there, but the lush interior certainly makes up for it), has had a major facelift, with a brand new bar and second room upstairs. Matinee resident Nathan6 takes to the decks, with Wild Fruit DJs in support. Entry is only £3 with a voucher from Sunday Sundae.

Girls on Top at Revenge

King’s Arms

GREAT VALUE drinks and nightly entertainment beckons at the Caledonian, tucked beneath the Marina West Hotel in Hove. The Caledonian offers superb value for month with Bar 250 every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night: all bottles, pints and house doubles are only £2.50! Dave Lynn performs every Wednesday from 9.30pm, there’s karaoke on Fridays from Betty Swollocks and Robert, and Piano Bar with Roberta Slack is every Saturday. Dave Lynn

Cash Queen

THE KING’S ARMS is one of the newest pubs in the Brighton gay village, a welcome addition catering for the men’s market. Every Friday night is Booze and Cruz with DJ Bozzey Bear playing 80s, 90s and 00s pop music and every Saturday is the Bear Essential Mix with DJ Charlie playing funky house and pop remixes. There’s also a Nintendo Wii to play with every night! The boys from The Kings Arms

The Bulldog EVERYTHING IS EXTRA long at the Bulldog. The opening hours at weekends are extra long, from 11am Friday to 2am Monday, and the happy hours are extra long, 3pm – 7pm and 10pm – midnight Fridays, 10pm – midnight Saturdays and all day Sunday. The only thing that won’t be extra long is the bill, as the Bully’s prices are ridiculously cheap: at happy hour prices you can grab a double house spirit and mixer for a very cool price. Good fun at The bulldog

The Star Inn

The Star Inn

THURSDAYS AT the Star Inn mean only one thing: it’s Quiz of the Week! Join the Star team for a trivia-packed quiz, with free sandwiches at half time. What better way to reward all that hard work? Entry is £1, and during June all money raised from the quiz will be donated to the Brighton Aids memorial fund.

The Amsterdam THE AMSTERDAM begins a run of brand new Saturday theme parties from Sat 6 June, kicking off with a cowboys theme. Expect cute cowboys and sexy ranch hands from 8pm. Then Sat 13 June is a swimwear party: the Amsterdam will be transformed into a beach paradise with all of the bar staff in their beach gear.

Marine Tavern TUESDAY NIGHTS at the Marine Tavern are quiz night, brain drain at one of Brighton’s cosiest pubs. Whether you’re heading down with friends or going to socialise with Steve and his friendly team, head down for 9pm and settle in for the quiz with Nat.

The Marlborough THE MARLBOROUGH hosts a Sunday hang out every week, with traditional Sunday roasts and a dog walking group at midday. There’s also free pool all day, and a jamming session at 5pm: bring your instrument and jam with the Marlborough crew! Also on the horizon London’s Club Wotever hits the Marly on Fri 6 June with entertainment and DJs.

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fe\/'photos The London Hotel, Southampton

The London Hotel, Southampton

The London Hotel, Southampton The London Hotel, Southampton

The Edge, Southamopton

The London Hotel, Southampton

The Edge, Southamopton 2930 The Triangle, Bournemouth

2930 The Triangle, Bournemouth

Bakers Arms, Bournemouth

Bakers Arms, Bournemouth The Branksome, Bournemouth

The Branksome, Bournemouth

The Mini Bar, Bournemouth

Xchange, Bournemouth

Page 23

fe\/'photos Revenge, Brighton

The Bulldog, brighton

Wild Fruit at Tru, Brighton

Dr Brighton’s, Brighton

The Kings Arms, Brighton

Dr Brighton’s, Brighton

Doctor Brighton’s, Brighton

Vavoom, Brighton Comptons. Soho

The Duke of Wellington, Soho

Comptons. Soho

The Duke of Wellington, Soho

Yard Bar, Soho

Rupert Street, Soho

Village Bar, Soho

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fe\/'hub SubconsciousJust Jean DO YOU EVER make decisions to take a certain direction in life based on a gut feeling? Do you ever say one thing and do another? This is your subconscious at work, directing your decision making. The distractions of a busy modern life mean that most of us pay little attention to our subconscious mind. Life is easier if you don’t fight your subconscious urges - it’s usually for sound reasons, just look for the meaning behind them! Your subconscious manages and monitors millions of pieces of information every second, from the senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch as well as managing your bodily functions from movement to your heart beat. What, though, of the sixth sense? In Eastern cultures it is believed we have developed some extra sensory instinct or basic telepathy that allows us to communicate with each other

- and who knows what other resources are available to us? Most of this sensory information is deleted, leaving only a few chunks of information which you process consciously. So why not try and start to listen to your subconscious or instinct and look for the meaning behind some of your behaviour. Go with those hunches, gut feelings and nudges...and be guided by your subconscious and sixth sense...

Need help?

Exercising with hayfeverChristian Vila YESTERDAY I HAD a great day, you can’t beat training clients in the great outdoors! Despite these lovely conditions, two of my clients where suffering (more than usual under my watchful gaze!), with hayfever. If you get itchy eyes, sneeze frequently and have trouble breathing at this time of year, you’re probably part of the 2-3 million hay fever sufferers in the U.K. Do not fear, Christian is here to give you some tips to allow you to enjoy the summer months and exercise symptom free! • Don’t exercise outdoors in the morning or early evening when pollen counts are at their highest. Midday is best. • Keep an eye on weather forecasts and limit outdoor activity when pollen counts are high. • Exercise as close to the sea as possible. My sessions on the beach are far less sneezy than those in inland parks! • Take over the counter medicines immediately before exercising outside to prevent symptoms. • Try a spoonful of local honey, made by local bees which is reported to suppress symptoms. Most importantly get out there and enjoy! It may not last long!

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Need help?

Laying Sex BareDr Satinder Kumar TRACY EMIN’S confession on BBC Radio 4 was striking for its honesty: she tells of how during a four year stretch she only had sex twice and was left feeling ostracised from society. May be that’s not surprising given the pervasive idea in the media that our sex lives should be copious, passionate

and abandoned. Films, magazines, TV and the internet are saturated with images and ideas of what our sex lives should be. Sometimes it can seem that everybody else but you has an ideal sex life. Questionnaires on sex abound and act like confessionals, scrutinising what you do, who with and how often? The score you achieve lets you know if your sex lives measures up to a standard set by a sexpert! If statistics are to be believed then at least 10% (probably an underestimate), of couples have little or no sex. Among the LGBT community, lesbians it is claimed fare the worst. Lesbian bed death (LBD), a term coined by Pepper Schwart, refers to the disappearance of sex in lesbian relationships. Lesbians have less sex than any other type of couple, and they generally experience less sexual intimacy the longer the relationship lasts. A German study has shown that the female sex drive greatly diminishes once

she is in a secure relationship. If you believe psychological explanations, lesbian couples are expected to seek sex less frequently than heterosexual or gay couples. This follows from the idea that lesbians, like heterosexual females, are more discriminating and selective than males with regard to sex and sexual partners. Scientists focus on female hormones oestrogen and oxytocin as a cause of LBD. These hormones are swapped between women every time they kiss, hug and have sex. In this way each woman increases the amount in her own body and the effect is to reduce the sex drive. Whatever the truth about lesbian sex lives bed death we can be sure that all pairings are affected. So what can be done…fantasy sex dates, pornography and making time to keep the bedroom erotic. Assuming love and affection exists in your relationship then you can revive the sex….there is plenty of advice out there.

The rather delectable Sakis Rouvas, who represented Greece in this year’s Eurovision, helps us illustrate this article

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• Conversions • Extensions • Patios • Refurbishment • Property Maintenance

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cut out and keep - this saves money for all gay+lesbian holiday places under the sun + citybreaks

now booking IBIZA - it’s hot! GRAN CANARIA for sun-sand-sea-sex+sangria great choice + best value from the longest established gay + lesbian holiday company. click / call NOW! tel (01273) 676696 (after 11am) retail agent for A.T.O.L. 2 GEORGE STREET BRIGHTON BN2 1RH



JUST JEAN Tel 0844 9910094 If you have a problem and you think Jean can help, email mindmatters@



Dr. Satinder Kumar Have you got a question about health? Write and ask Satinder, a gay Brighton-based doctor.



Whatever’s on your mind, he’s here to help. Send your questions to ask@one80news. com All queries will be treated in the strictest of confidence. No names will be used in any published articles. :FEKI@9LKFIJË;<K8@CJ


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Lovely Flatshare in Hove Includes own double bedroom, free off-road parking in private road in Hove, spacious living room, home entertainment system, free broadband and phone. Must be seen! £350 per calendar month inc all bills and com charge. Available from 1st July Contact Simon on



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Bulldog Tavern

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CRI Sussed

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Cumberland Hotel

STH 32

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Dr Brightons


Environment Agency


Garden Pride


Happen Events


Lets Eat at Planet Tonywood Liberty Bodies


13 25

Ocean Dentalcare


Patisserie Angelique


Peter Davey and Son


Pink Elephant


Portslade MOT’s


Rendevous Casino





LDN 32

Swim Polo Fundraiser

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LND 03

New Madiera Hotel



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Live Nation


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STAR RUNNERS 20in (50cm) wide in stock from £19.75 per linear metre

Stockist for Crucial Trading-Alternative Flooring Co. Louis de Poortere Kersaint Cobb Forbo Nairn Wood Flooring

Peter Davey & Son Ltd Natural Flooring Centre


18 Sydney Street, Brighton BN1 4EN Freephone 0800 043 6512 ZZZGDYH\ÁRRULQJFRXNLQIR#GDYH\ÁRRULQJFRXN

fe\/'nosh Dinersin the Swim ??????????????

A FUNDRAISING DINNER for the London Orca Gay Olympic Water Polo team will be co-hosted by Marble Media Publishing (the company behind One80 and 3SIXTY) and the New Madeira Hotel on Wednesday, 17 June from 7pm. Aussie chef Tony V will be presenting some of the delicious food from his cookbook Let’s Eat at Planet Tonywood in which the various dishes are named for celebrities with whom he has worked or whom he admired. The evening will be compered by celebrity divas and the orcas will be acting as waiters. On arrival guests will be greeted with champagne and canapés before settling down to a scrumptious three course dinner plus wine. Starters will include Johnny Depp (king prawns serves in avocado), Judi Dench (layers of smoked salmon servied over avocado and with tzatziki sauce), Emma Thompson (baked filo pastry parcels stuffed with garlic butter) and Rick Springstien (grilled skewers of chicken basted with honey and soya sauce).

Menu Sta

Page 2929


King Pra Johnny Depp wns se rved in d salmo Judy Dench Avocado n se rved ove Fillo Pa ra stry fille d with veEmma Thomp vocado with ta so zki sau getable ce s baked n Dre a Scallop w Barrymor nd served gold s e en brow grilled in Chicke n Ga n Skew R ers grille ick Springs lic Butter teen d and b ased w ith hone y and so ya sauce Chicke n breast R uss stuffed with ha ell Crowe m and sundrie d toma nect to base Pork M Jonath ar d in apri edallion on Ros cot s filld w s ith apri Jason D cot and gin ger chu onavon tney Veal M arsala Salmon fillets b Elizabeth Ta ylor aked in w Audre hite wine and yH lemon Ju Seafoo epburn ice d Platte r Layers

Main courses will include Russell Crowe (chicken breasts stuffed with ham and sun-dried tomatoes and basted with apricot nectar), Jonathon Ross (pork medallions stuffed with apricot and ginger chutney), Jason Donovan (veal Marsala), Elizabeth Taylor (salmon fillets baked in white wine and lemon juice) and Audrey Hepburn (a seafood platter). The wittily-named desserts include Richard Gere (New York baked cheesecake), Bill Haley (tutti fruitti with a twist) and Mickey Mouse (a selection of cheeses). During the evening there will be an auction and a raffle (with an accommodation package donated by the New Madeira Hotel) to raise more funds, a wine tasting with wine provided by Pink Elephant wines and all guests will receive a goody bag to include products rom Pussy Beverages, Ice Bandages and others to be confirmed. For more information or to reserve tickets for this special event call 01273 570 570.




Richard rkBake Gere d Mickey Cheese Cake Mou Selectio n of che se eses Bil Tutti Fru l Haley itti with a twist

New Yo

New Madeira Hotel 19-23 Marine parade, Brighton Call 01273 570570 to book tickets

Funchal by NightBournemouth Part of the pleasure of eating and enjoying an evening out comes from the service that is provided. Funchal by Night on Bournemouth’s Commercial Road offers both excellence of service and quality of food as well as an impressive selection of wines. Husband and wife team Rui (the chef) and Marita (front of house) hail from Portugal and the cuisine they serve is naturally from their home country. We enjoyed a satisfying Portuguese cabernet as we perused the menu, settling for gambas squid as our starter. I must say that Rui certainly knows how to tenderise and serve this dish – cooked with lemon and garlic. We mopped up the toothsome juices with loads of good crusty bread. My partner chose his usual steak for his main course (I live in hope that maybe one day he’ll become more adventurous) but, let me assure you, we share – and I am happy to confess that his beef hache-

fee was beautifully tender, cooked to perfection in a mushroom cream sauce. I’d plumped for the grilled chicken skewer espadada large tender and juicy pieces of chicken breast on a long skewer presented on a bed of white rice and with a side order of seasonal vegetables. Dessert consisted of a delicious custard tart and cream pastries – all made on the premises and all very good for the figure. Who am I kidding? The reckoning for the whole evening (including aperitifs and wine) was just under £70. Marita and Rui had given us fine food an attentive service and we will be visiting them again soon.

Funchal by Night 158 Commercial Road, Bournemouth, Dorset BH2 5LU

01202 318900

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fe\/'back page Starswith Russell Grant 29 May - 11 June ARIES 21 March - 20 April Any type of work requiring meticulous attention to detail is exhausting you mentally because you feel your progress seems far too slow. It could be that you are spending too long on one minute aspect of a specific task and not seeing the full picture? You can keep your spirits up by taking regular breaks; better still push this work aside and return to it later with a fresh mind. Get out with friends in the evening and they’ll help you see the fun side of life.

TAURUS 21 April - 21 May Your mood is spiritual and you’re in touch with your intuition so time spent in the countryside or in the great outdoors helps you reconnect with nature. If you can spend time over the next few days with loved ones children or animals you will tune into your inner you and uncover some surprising things about yourself. You won’t be shocked when a strong hunch turns out to be bang on target and a personal comes true.

GEMINI 22 May - 21 June It’s not easy to keep your grumbles to yourself; it feels like you’re getting to do all the drudge work. You are starting to notice too how a certain person vanishes whenever the there are tricky or dirty jobs to be done and you’re beginning to feel like you are getting the thick end of the stick all the time. You need to be patient and gather some facts and figures before you make any demands or complaints to friends, relatives, employers or officialdom.



Win Queer as Folk Season 4! WHILE THE UK original of Queer as Folk lasted for just one series and a special, in America the remake ran for a full five seasons - taking Russell T Davies’s concept and running it with to create an arguably more affecting and involving show. Now you’ve got the chance to catch up with Brian, Justin, Michael, Lindsay, Melanie and the gang as the penultimate season is finally getting a British release! one80 has managed to get its sweaty palms on a copy of this fantastic four-disc box set (rated 18). To be in with a chance of winning, simply tell us the answer to the following easy question: Sharon Gless, who stars in the show as Debbie Novotny, spent much of the 1980s as one half of which crime-fighting television duo? a) Rocky and Bullwinkle b) Cagney and Lacey c) Dempsey and Makepeace

CANCER 22 June - 23 July

People have high expectations of you but you need the space to get back in touch with yourself again. Your quiet and contemplative frame of mind could take you to the sea or out in the country. Preferably you should find a place that’s quiet where you can be alone. Giving in to a desire for peace will be emotionally uplifting and why you should prepare yourself to learn something surprising about a situation that has intrigued you for quite some time.

LEO 24 July - 23 August Someone’s doing their utmost to get around you and you can feel yourself starting to yield. A lot of the action now centres on the home where entertainment is the main theme. This may be no specific reason for a celebration, just a desire to bring friends and neighbours together. Your partner won’t give up trying to persuade you to agree to their plans for the future and why you shouldn’t give in just for the sake of peace and quiet.

And the winner is... CONGRATULATIONS TO PAUL Andrews of Burgess Hill, West Sussex, who wins two tickets to see the lady herself Ms Britney Spears at the O2 in June. “Thank you so much,”said an excited Paul. “It’s my birthday next week so seeing Britney will round off a great period of birthday celebrations!” Well done Paul and happy birthday!

VIRGO 24 August - 23 September If you feel puzzled when things go wrong, stand back and get a better view of the whole picture. The hardest thing to understand is how other people keep changing their minds without realising or appreciating the confusion and inconvenience they’re continually causing. You will need to pay close attention to your financial position especially if larger than expected bills start to arrive that will need checking and double checking.

LIBRA 24 September - 23 October Wait until the end of the month to discuss what you really want out of your relationships. You’ve always been diplomatic and right now the stars further heighten your powers of compromise. You might have some bright ideas about how to improve your family or work situation;. An in depth conversation will bring some obscure issues to a head helping you understand some of the people around you better than you’ve ever done in the past.

SCORPIO 24 October - 22 November You might not like what a senior colleague asks of you but grumbling about it won’t bring you any respect. Your superiors have had to go through the same drill; look on it all as necessary to gain experience for the future and besides you can handle this standing on your head. Work related hang-ups continue throughout the month but it will be outsiders rather than colleagues who are the cause of your troubles later. Plan a relaxing weekend.

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SAGITTARIUS 23 November - 21 December

This prize is non-transferable and there is no cash alternative. Usual one80news ltd conditions apply (available on request). Entrants must be 18 years old or above. The closing date for this competition is Fri 12 June 2009.

If a relationship seems to be lacking in warmth these days, be the first one to show a little more affection. Just because you’ve drifted slightly apart doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be more loving towards one another. Be more forthcoming and tactile with hugs and kisses. You will be amazed at how quickly any dark stresses and deep seated tensions can be quickly eased by some simple and thoughtful words that comes straight from your heart.

CAPRICORN 22 December - 20 January Turn on the charm if you want to get around someone. Whether you’re trying to persuade them to support some unusual plans and notions or you’re hoping to get them to agree to future plans, be tactful. Give people time to think things through and they’ll come round. An older relative seems to be in a fretful frame of mind and why your quiet and calming presence is the best way to lay their fears and put a smile back on their face.

AQUARIUS 21 January - 19 February


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Before you can make any important decisions there are some facts you hadn’t considered that may be exposed. You are justified in feeling annoyed with someone you had trusted; the advice they’ve been giving seems to be more for their own benefit than yours. Attending to other people’s problems may mean putting your own concerns aside for a wee while. If you delay some personal business, you’ll be glad you had the foresight to hold back.



PISCES 20 February - 20 March Don’t give in if a friend, partner or family member is trying to persuade you to do something you don’t feel comfortable about. They need to explain why they think your involvement is so necessary; could there be cash or responsibility question here? That’s something you must find out for yourself. You are about to hear news or an announcement affecting your financial position that gives you something to cheer about and think about as well. Text a Psychic - Text BRI followed by your question to 86600. Each text reply costs £1.50, plus your usual network charge. Speak to one of Russell’s hand chosen Psychics - call 0906 539 0740. Calls cost £1.50/min from a BT Landline. Calls recorded 18+ RGA Po Box 322, WA15 8YL



Complete the grids so that every row, column, 3x3 box contain just the digits 1 to 9.

Complete the grids so that every row, column, 3x3 box contain just the digits 1 to 9. Number indicates total of dotted box

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