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fe\/'cfe[fe Issue 47 • Friday 1 May - Thursday 14 May 2009


FESTIVAL! Head for the seaside: the Brighton Festival and Fringe is here! Our pick of the best starts on page 7 SCENE GUIDE PAGES 18-22 - PETER BURTON ON BOOKS PAGE 13 - DR SATINDER ON SWINE FLU PAGE25

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A question of health Government Equality Bill : good, but needs to go further, says charity coalition A CHARITY COALITION is challenging makers of the government’s newly-published Equality Bill to close a loophole which they say allows discrimination against job-seekers with disabilities. The group, formed by sexual health charity Ter-

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Minister for Equality Harriet Harman

rence Higgins Trust (THT), mental health charity Rethink and the National Aids Trust (NAT), is calling for all health-related questions to banned until after a job offer has been made. Currently, employers are entitled to ask job applicants about health issues even if they have no relevance to the position. The situation means that people living with ‘invisible’ conditions such as HIV or mental illness are under pressure to disclose them, as not doing so means they could be fired if the condition is revealed at a later date. “If someone has a condition which won’t affect their ability to do a job there’s no reason it should be declared before an offer is made,” says Sir Nick Partridge, Chief Executive at THT. “Someone with HIV might be

the best candidate but could be turned down because an employer makes assumptions about their health. We want to see a level playing field, where someone with a stigmatised condition has an equal chance of getting a job. Employer decisions should be based on ability, not prejudice.” In the US and several EU member states, pre-interview health questions are against the law, and the coalition is callIng for an amendment to the Equality Bill to see similar legislation introduced in the UK. They claim such a move would close a discrimination loophole and mean that many more people living with HIV or mental illness would be able to find work. However, the Bill, which proposes a series of measures tackling social in-

equality, has been widely welcomed by LGBT organisations. “Lesbian, gay and bisexual people fund public services like everyone else. Yet all too often they receive second-class treatment from key services like healthcare and policing,” says Jonathan Finney, Stonewall’s Senior Parliamentary Officer. “The proposed equality duty would move us from dealing with discrimination after it occurs to proactively advancing equality. It offers the missing piece of the jigsaw for full legal protection for gay people in Britain.” The Equality Bill was unveiled by Minister for Equality Harriet Harman on Mon 27 Apr, the first step of what is likely to be a long journey through parliament.

Jimmy scoops THT prize Amazon sorry over blunder A YOUNG film-maker from Gloucestershire is celebrating after winning sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust’s Let’s Get Tested competion. Entrants were asked to make a short film about getting tested for HIV and other STIs, and Peter Kimball Evans’s film, Uh Oh Jimmy - a tongue in cheek parody of government public information films - won over the judges with its irreverent, informative and entertaining approach. “I can’t believe I’ve won the competition!” says Peter, a student of animation at the

A still from the winning film

University of the West of England in Bristol. “As soon as I heard about Let’s Get Tested, I knew I wanted to create a film that was informative but also fun. I’ve always loved the old black and white educational films, and thought it would be the perfect way to create a light hearted film about the importance of looking after your sexual health.” Bosses at THT were thrilled with the response to the competition. “It was launched because we wanted to change the perception amongst young people that getting a sexual health check is something scary and difficult - to being something that’s quick and easy,” says THT’s Chief Executive Sir Nick Partridge. “Peter’s film does this brilliantly.” Peter will receive a prize of £2000 and the opportunity to work with a top British director or producer. View his winning film at

THE GIANT ONLINE retailer Amazon has been forced to apologise after a series of bungles that meant all gay-related books were labelled as ‘adult’. Amazon previously charted all books based on sales figures until all gay books suddenly disappeared from the list. Challenged on the decision by authors and publishing houses, the company initially said that they had removed the gay books “in consideration of our entire customer base”. But after further outrage and investigation, Amazon appeared to backtrack, stating that the move had actually been an automated error. “This is an embarrassing and ham-fisted cataloguing error for a company that prides itself on offering complete selection,” said Patty Smith, director of corporate communications at Amazon. “Many books have now been fixed and we’re in the process of fix-

ing the remainder as quickly as possible, and we intend to implement new measures to make this kind of accident less likely to occur in the future.” Ms Smith also admitted that the error had had a global impact, with all gay-related titles being removed from the product search facility for some time. An array of authors including E.M. Forster, James Baldwin and John Barrowman saw their books disappear from sales rankings. John Barrowman’s book vanished from Amazon charts

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fe\/'e\nj one80home news

A Proud response

Jay Brown stars as Lewis

AS A companion piece to his recent story on the Admiral Duncan bombing (one80news issue 46), Tom Hough finds out how one playwright used his real-life experiences to create a new play. TEN YEARS ago, on the 30th April at 6.37pm inside the Admiral Duncan pub on Old Compton Street, Soho, a nail bomb exploded. It was the third attack by a neo-nazi who had previously targeted Brick Lane and Brixton. The explosion created a sense of outrage and shock within the gay community and prompted one young writer to respond by penning a screenplay that would change his life forever. At the time, John Stanley was working at a café in London Bridge and socialising regularly on Old Compton Street at the Admiral Duncan but on that particular Friday the hand of fate intervened. An unexpected phone call from his father that afternoon asking to meet for a drink elsewhere meant John changed his plans for the evening and avoided the devastating event entirely. When he realised how close he had come to being one of the victims of this attack, John set about writing a screenplay expressing how a group of fictional characters, who were previously unconnected, could have had their lives indelibly marked by the events of that day. The piece, enti-

tled 6:37, followed these characters’ lives through the hours leading up to the bombing and explored how one event could alter the course of a person’s very existence. To commemorate the 10th anniversary John has decided to revisit the Admiral Duncan bombing as the theme for his new stage play Proud, playing at Above the Stag until 10th May. When I saw the words ‘comedy’ and ‘Admiral Duncan bombing’ in the same sentence I was to say the least of it alarmed - but my fears were soon allayed. It is without doubt a comedy, and a good one, but for one of the characters there is a reference point to the bombing. The central couple – Lewis, an eighteen year old boxing hopeful for the 2012 Olympics and his older partner Tom, who ten years ago was in the pub, provide us with the enthusiasm of youth and the wisdom of an older man. The conflicts play out in the living room of Lewis’s mum, Rachel, desperately holding his birthday party together. The one-liners come thick and fast. Anna Lindup, who plays Rachel, has a wonderful sense of comedy

Various Voices marks Justin Fashanu day with ‘flash choir’ THE BANKS OF the Thames will echo with the sound of You’ll Never Walk Alone this Saturday (2 May) as the Various Voices festival marks Justin Fashanu Day. The day is designed to draw

attention to the issue of antigay discrimination in sport, and the ‘flash mob’ style choir will be performing on the terrace outside the Royal Festival Hall at 2.15pm. The performance follows a session on tackling homophobia in sport, which will include speeches from the FA, gay sports groups and leaders of the Justin Campaign, the group set up to fight anti-gay behaviour in the sporting world. The Various Voices festival kicks off on Fri 1 May with an open-air concert outside the Royal Festival Hall, and continues until Mon 4 May. More than 2000 singers from 60 LGBT choirs are taking part in the event, which features concerts, workshops and a range

of social activities. Visit the website to find out more.

Justin Fashanu

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Equality Bill

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Jamie Hakim on GHB

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fe\/'Yi`^_kfe Issue 47 • Friday 1 May - Thursday 14 May 2009



It’s here - one80’s pick of the Festival and Fringe starts on page 7 SCENE GUIDE PAGES 18-22 - PETER BURTON ON BOOKS PAGE 13 - DR SATINDER ON SWINE FLU PAGE25






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timing and not one laugh falls by the wayside. Shana Swash, as the gloriously lippy daughter Colleen provides an excellent foil for banter and insults. Into this already fraught scenario walks Mac, Lewis’s trainer – smarmily and unpleasantly played by Timothy Dodd, representing not only the homophobic world of boxing but also the hatred of some people towards homosexuality. The evening is hugely enjoyable and thought provoking because of its themes and its tight comedy playing. Lewis, the bombastic and convincing teenager (admirably played by Jay Brown) is looking forward and initially pays little heed to his partner’s desire to remember and honour the past. Nic Gilder, as Tom, sensitively conveys that his is not a morbid wallowing in the past but a genuine reflection of what it is to be gay and to be ‘Proud’ in the face of homophobia then – The Admiral Duncan bombing, and more relevantly, now - in the face of Lewis’s trainer Mac. This play is a relevant and timely reminder of what it is to be gay in the noughties.

Above the Stag Box Office 0844 478 0030


Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors

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fe\/'Y`k\j Blue Peter

Sundown cancels

HUMAN RIGHTS activist Peter Tatchell has been awarded the prestigious Blue Plaque.The plaques, which recognise achievement, are displayed on the homes of those they are awarded to. Residents living in the south London borough of Southwark voted on who should receive the award, which was announced by Southwark Council. “This is a big honour,” Mr Tatchell told reporters. “I am very grateful to the people who voted for me, especially since there were other notable, worthy and deserving nominees. I hope my receipt of this award will encourage others to campaign for human rights.”

BRIGHTON FRINGE organisers have announced the cancellation of most of the events scheduled to take place at the Sundown tent at St Peter’s Church. The tent, run by the organisers of the Beachdown Festival, was due to host a number of shows throughout May, many of which were of gay interest. “Due to unexpected costs as well as unforeseen circumstances imposed on the Sundown Show Bar site, we have regrettably had to cancel events scheduled for the Brighton Fringe Festival,” said a spokesperson for Sundown. “This does not affect the running of Beachdown Festival in August.” Some of the affected shows have found homes in other venues, while holders of tickets for cancelled shows will receive a full refund. For more information go to

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Barry says thanks Peter Tatchell with the Green Party’s Caroline Lucas

‘Gay cure’ protest MORE THAN 100 protesters turned out last week to picket a ‘gay cure’ conference organised in London by the evangelical Christian group Anglican Mainstream and CARE. The event included a session from American psychiatrist Joseph Nicolosi who claims to offer a ‘cure’ for homosexuality. “It was very heartening to see so many people taking part in this and showing those people that they can not just say and do what they want,” organiser Nicholas Chinardet told one80. “[showing] that we are here, happy with who we are and more importantly vigilant and not willing to be mistreated any longer. Nicolosi and his friends keeps talking about freedom of choice, but the real choice would be for his patients to be able to live out who they really are rather than feel forced to conform to the expectations of religious groups and other people willing to exploit their vulnerability who haven’t the first inkling of what it means to be gay.”

BRIGHTON CYCLIST Barry Whitford is celebrating after smashing his fundraising target on his sponsored bicycle ride from London to Paris. Raising funds for the HIV and AIDS charity the Sussex Beacon, Barry’s trip raised a whopping £1780 for the care centre. Speaking on his Just Giving webpage, Barry said: “What an amazing experience I have just had. Thanks to all of you who gave online and also to the enormous efforts of Steve at the Marine Tavern who has been very generous all the way. Next year is being planned and it will be very big!”

Barry Whitford

Fire killer guilty A MAN WHO set his ex-boyfriend on fire in a fit of rage has been found guilty of murder. Nadim Kurrimbukus, 25, of Hounslow, Middlesex, poured petrol over the head of Charlie Davies and set him alight outside his home in Templedene Avenue, Staines two months after their relationship ended. Mr Davies, 23, was badly burned and died in hospital almost two weeks after the attack, which occurred last summer. Mr Kurrimbukus was also found guilty of one count of arson, which related to an incident in which Mr Davies’ mother’s car was damaged before the attack. © Nicolas Chinardet

Play Zone rollout

35 Millers Road, Brighton BN1 5NP

SEXUAL HEALTH CHARITY the Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) is rolling out it’s ‘safe sex in gay venues’ message across the UK from this month. After a successful pilot in London and Brighton, THT is working to launch it’s ‘Play Zone: Code of Good Practice’ in venues in England and Wales. “The Code aims to raise awareness around sexual health and help to reduce the number of new STI and HIV infections,” said a spokesperson. “Saunas and other venues voluntarily participate in the Code giving a clear message that they recognise the importance of providing a safe, clean environment for customers and staff.”

Matter of Trust CAMPAIGNERS BATTLING to bring gay homeless youth charity the Albert Kennedy Trust to Brighton are vowing to continue their fight after proposals were thrown out of a City Council cabinet meeting for a third time. Despite being voted for by a majority of councillors, the £3000 grant was refused by the Conservative led cabinet. “It’s barely a drop in the ocean for a council that will spend more than £700 million on services this year,’ says Cllr Bill Randall, Green Party spokesperson for LGBT issues, “and the return for the LGBT community and the city would far outweigh the cost.” City officials claim that the council already has a clear strategy for LGBT housing, with a dedicated housing officer already in place.

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fe\/'community seeks In search of history Switchboard helpline volunteers Why two London LGBT charities are trying to unravel the mysteries of recent queer history A MAJOR PROJECT which will trace the changes in housing and policing for LGBT people in London over the last twenty-five years is underway thanks to a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. A joint project by GALOP, London’s LGBT hate crime charity, and Stonewall Housing, the capital’s LGBT housing and homelessness charity, the idea is to create a community resource (via a website) which will fill in the blanks created by more mainstream histories. If you were previously a client, member of staff or volunteer for either group, organisers are urging you to get in touch to share your memories and help create an oral history of the changes in the last quarter of a century. “The way that our community has been policed has changed monumentally over the last twenty-five years, and yet our communities can still experience hate crime, and can struggle to make their voices heard to the services which are there to serve them,” says Deborah Gold, Chief Executive of Galop. “This project will give our

communities a voice, and recognise and celebrate our progress, whilst helping to identify strategies for the work we still have to do.” Project Co-ordinator Mark Hutin is eagerly anticipating contributions. “We’re enormously excited about this project,” he says. “The project volunteers and I are really looking forward to meeting some of the people who have been involved with these two organisations - we think they’ll have some fascinating stories to tell. I really hope that people will get in touch with me and help make this project a success.” Contact Mark on 020 7704 6767 if you would like to get involved.

SINCE 1975 the Brighton and Hove LGBT Switchboard has been offering a vital service to the city’s LGBT population. Handling over 3000 calls a year, the organisation provides a listening ear to callers, as well as information and emotional support. Now the Switchboard is looking to swell the ranks of volunteers who keep the service alive and healthy. You will need to be able to demonstrate the experiences and personal qualities associated with listening and supporting people in a non-judgemental way, and be able to commit to the role requirements including training. They’re particularly looking for applications from women, people who identify as trans and LGBT people from the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) community as these groups are currently underrepresented. If you’re interested in what could be an extremely rewarding experience, contact the Switchboard’s Services and Development Manager, Natalie Woods on 01273 207050 or email brighton.

Stonewall Housing


Brighton & Hove LGBT Switchboard

Tel 020 7359 5767

Tel 020 7704 2040 01273 204050

Communityhelplines BRIGHTON & HOVE

QAccess 4 All LGBT disabled support group (01273) 721 211 QAllsorts Youth Project Tel: (01273) 721211 Email: uk QBLAGSS Brighton Lesbian & Gay Sports Society.0845 65 BLAGS QBrighton Bandits FC (01273) 6222273

QBrighton Bothways Group for the bi-sexual, bi-curious and their friends

QBrighton & Hove Disabled Dykes (01273) 204050 Email:

QBrighton & Hove LGBT Switchboard (01273) 204050 www.switchboard.

QBrighton LGBT Meditation Group 07789900568 QBrighton Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) Tel. (01273)

QBrighton Ourstory Project (01273) 206655

QBrighton Women’s Centre

72 High St, Brighton. (01273) 698036. QCAB HIV Project (01273) 327474 QCheek To Cheek LGBT dance classes (01273) 604834 QClare Project (Transexual/ gender identity counselling 07776 232100 QClaude Nicol Centre - NHS Sexual Health Clinic Royal Sussex County Hospital, Eastern Rd (01273) 664721 QGAYSWAG - Gay Sussex Walking Group 0870 7605476 QGEMS Group for mature gay men. Meets last Fri of the month at Dorset Gardens Methodist Church (01273) 884285 QLawson Unit - HIV Clinic Royal Sussex County Hospital, Eastern Rd (01273) 664722 QLesbian & Gay Advocacy Project Guidance with mental health problems (01273) 739847. QLesbian and Gay AA Meets every Sunday at 7.30pm Chapel Royal, North St, BN1 (01273) 203343. QLGBT Narcotics Anonymous Group (NA) Meets every Friday from 6pm 61 Ship Street, BN1 (01273) 604604. QMindout Guidance for LGBT

with mental health problems. (01273) 739847 QPride in Brighton & Hove For information or to volunteer call (01273) 775939

QRise (formerly The Women’s Refuge Project) domestic violence charity 01273 622822 QSpectrum LGBT community group (01273) 723123

QThe Sussex Beacon - HIV care centre. (01273) 694222

QTerrence Higgins Trust (THT) - sexual health/HIV charity. 61 Ship St, (01273) 764200

QTrans Swimming Trans swimming group every Monday 8.30pm Call 07867 741025 for venue details QUNISEX SEXUAL HEALTH PROMOTION University sexual health & drug/alcohol awareness service (01273) 678 641 QWarren Brown Unit Testing & treatment for STIs(01273) 461453. QWilde Clinic - Sexual Health Clinic for gay/bi men Weds: 6pm-9pm at the Lawson Unit. (01273) 664722


(0207) 7042040 QGay Asia Meets Group for gay/bisexual Asian and Oriental men QGaywise LGBT arts group

QAntidote Drug and alcohol support (0207) 4372523 www.

QGrace’s Cricket Club

QAlbert Kennedy Trust Supoort for young homeless LGBT people (0207) 831 6562

QBeau Belles Under 25 LGBT social group (0208) 4961530 beaubelles

QCara Life Spiritual support for those living with HIV (0207) 2436147 QCourage (GLB Christian organisation (01483) 301411

QDepression Alliance LGB Support Group (0845) 1232320 QDiversity Chamber Choir Singing social www.diversitychoir.

QEve Club Lesbian social (07890) 777464 QFamilies Together London Support for parents of LGBT kids (0208) 87442

Q4playsquash London Sports group QFreestyle Youth Under 25 group (0207) 0648383 www.

QGalop Community safety

QIrons Golf Society Gay golf group (07801) QKings Cross Steelers RFC Gay rugby team (07767) 232909 QLesbian and Gay Conservation Volunteers Environment group (0207) 2784294 QLGBT Consortium Parenting Group Support for parents of LGBT kids (0207) 0648383

Switchboard (0207) 8377324

QLondon Raiders Softball Club Mixed gay and lesbian softball club QLondon Transsexual Information Support & Social Group (0208) 3557413 email QMenzlink Gay male social group (0208) 5093898 QMetro Centre LGBT service provider (0208) 3055000 www.

QMosaic Youth Group Under 19 group 07931 336668 www.

QOctopus Gay social group (0208) 2702006

QLondon Bi Women’s Group

QPACE Counselling and advocacy (0207) 3595767 www.

QLondon Friend Counselling/bereavement service (0207) 78373337

QPink Therapy LGBT therapy organisation (0207) 4340367

QRomans AFC Football club

QLondon Frontrunners Gay and lesbian running group 07092 346340

QLondon Gay Men’s Chorus (0845) 8382059 QLondon Gay Symphony Orchestra 07963 853099 www.

QSoho Masses LGBT Catholics. (0208) 9860807 QStonewall Housing Housing advice for the LGBT community (0207) 3595767 www.

QThames Reach Housing Association (0208) 4631177

QLondon Lesbian and Gay

one80community listings Free to non-profit organisations that offer help, advice or a service to the LGBT community. If you would like to add your listings to this page please send to one week prior to publication date.






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Garden Pride Garden Centre, Common Lane, Ditchling, West Sussex BN6 8TP

T: 01273 846844 E: W:







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fe\/'brighton festival fringe guide

Supercalifringeilistic! OVER THE NEXT two pages one80 presents the pick of the very best of the Brighton Festival Fringe - an intoxicating mix of the familiar and the fresh, with absolutely every taste catered for. So whatever turns you on, dive in and get ready to experience the rich diversity of the Fringe!

Cabaret highlights

The Lady Boys of Bangok: 1-25 May RETURNING TO Brighton following their hugely successful season at last year’s Fringe, The Lady Boys of Bangkok take up residence at the Sabai Pavilion, Grand Parade (125 May, £10-£22). The exotic lovelies are touching down as part of their spectacular Mile High tour and are absolutely not to be missed! Over at Komedia, London’s Bourgeois and Maurice bring a divine touch of neo-cabaret to the city, with their outrageous mix of song, film footage and breathtaking costume changes (10 May, £12.50). Still on the Komedia tip, the Lovely Brothers present their anarchic take on cabaret - the watchwords here are Monty Python, Madness, the Mighty Boosh and Morrissey, so expect anarchy, absurdism and a lot of laughs (7 May, £5/£3). Fancy a night in but don’t want to miss out on a spot of cabaret? Then let Lorraine Bowen and her Bedroom Lullaby come to you (3 May25 May, £50). Wafting into your boudoir with a selection of soothing instruments and easy-listening favourites, Lorraine will sing you to sleep along with her wincyette-clad dancer! For those that like things a Green Tea Through bit cheesy, pitch your tent at the Gloryhole: 3 May the Marlborough Theatre for Cheesy Cabaret! Sex, Style & Stinky Socks (2 May, £8-10). On the menu is butch rockabilly, queer music hall, modern twists and, of course, a cheese board! The Marly is also home to Tiny Wallop’s Musical Extravaganza (17 May £6-£8). Join Madame JoJo, Morning Glory and, of course, Tiny Wallop for a night of singalong fun, billed as “the backstreet offspring of Moulin Rouge and Steptoe and Son”! Staying at the Marly, Electroplasm recreates a Victorian seance through the medium (geddit?) of music and theatre. Spacedog and Richard Wiseman are your hosts for this haunting event, which is apparently so good it prompted none other than Edar Allen Poe to return from the grave to describe it as “drop dead brilliant.” Comedy and vaudeville is the order of the day at Madame Geisha (3 May), as Lord Buxley and Professor Elemental invite you to Green Tea Through the Gloryhole. £10 buys you a drinking ticket or you can dine for £35. Ageing is Amazing, or so says Queenie the senile striper. Check out her outrageous nude parodies at Laughing Horse@The Quadrant (2 May-10 May, free).

Music highlights

Comedy highlights

The Rainbow Chorus presents Choral Propaganda at the Old Market (21 May, £8-10). This concert highlights the use of music as a tool of social change - so expect a rousing mix of protest anthems, gay Berlin cabaret and contemporary folk. Sticking with the choral theme, the Brighton and Hove (actually) Gay Men’s Chorus have put together a unique event for this year’s Fringe: Coming Out of Make Up sees the boys in concert with some very special guests as you’ve never seen them before - out of their frocks! David Raven (Maisie Trolette), Jason Sutton (Miss Jason), Scott Burey (Drag with No Name), Dave Lynn and Robert James (Lady James) will all join the boys for an evening of superb entertainment at St Andrews Church, Hove. (23 May, £10) The amazing Lea DeLaria puts in a welcome appearance at the Old Market in Hove (7 May, £12.50), showcasing the awe-inspiring breadth of her talents with her jazz trio and,

THOSE OF YOU on the hunt for the next big thing would do well to check out the Penny Dreadfuls, the Victorian sketch comedy troupe who are poised to break through to the mainstream in true League of Gentleman style. Winners of ‘Best Comedy’ at 2008’s Fringe, this brand new show from the three gentleman humorists is certain to sell The Penny Dreadfuls: out - book now! 2, 3, 23, 24 May (Upstairs at the Three and Ten, 2, 3, 23, 24 May, £9/£7). The same venue also sees a welcome return for the hugely funny Josie Long (22 May, £8/£6), who’s bringing a show of brand-new material to the Fringe. Long’s been very busy of late, writing for and appearing in E4’s Skins as well as popping up at comedy festivals around the globe. Komedia has a huge range of comedy events during the Fringe - highlights include Bent Double, Brighton’s long-running gay-friendly stand up night, hosted by Zoe Lyons (3 May, £10/£8), the Funny Women Awards (3 May, £5) and the Shitty Deal Puppet Theatre Company (21 May, £8/£6) - the latter of which features a crew of profane puppets guiding a stunned audience through the Complete History of the Arts - in fifty minutes flat! All-female comedy troupe the Comic Angels take on the problems of living a politically correct life in Ethnic the Musical at Laughing Horse@ the Quadrant (2, 3, 4, 5 May, £5/£4). There’s more all-girl comedy from Lady Garden at the Marlborough Theatre (10, 11, 12, 13 May, £5). Tipped as ones to watch by Time Out magazine, this critically acclaimed show features truly tasteless tourism and beat-boxing bridesmaids among its many highlights. Hit Radio Reverb presenters Brian and Jerry say ‘Up Yours’ to the Festival with three new editions of their show - expect special guests, chat, live music and loads of laughs. Catch them at Latest Music Bar (6, 13, 20 May, £5/£4). Cutting-edge comedy doesn’t get more visceral than Heresy Comedy’s Kill Your God. Satirising the extremes of religion and atheism, this is one of the most controversial shows at the Fringe, but it’s also one of the funniest. Get down to the Laughing Horse to hear the sound of a hundred jaws dropping (9, 10 May, Lady Garden: £5/£4). 10-13 May

BHAGMC: 23 May

arguably, the sharpest tongue in America. Best known as one half of McAlmont and Butler and most recently heard providing backing vocals for Welsh Diet Coke spokesperson Duffy, David McAlmont returns to the solo spotlight for a show at Fletch@St Andrews (18 May, £10/£12). He’ll be using his spellbinding voice to take the audience on a journey through some of the most iconic songs of the last century. Accompanied by pianist Natasha Panas, this promises to be one of the highlights of the Fringe music calendar. Former lead singer with Nouvelle Vaugue, Marina plays at the Parlure Spiegeltent and Garden (20 May, £7/£9). The French vocalist will showcase her very Parisian brand of ‘angel pop’ on tracks from her upcoming solo album, along with some Nouvelle Vague Lea DeLaria: classics. 7 May Bom-Bane’s: The Musical combines music and food to delicious effect, as Jane Bom-Bane and Nick Pynn plus in-house songstresses present original songs to a hungry audience at Bom-Bane’s Music Cafe (8, 9,15,16, 22, 23 May, £25/£20). Yum! More musical gastronomy is on offer at Momma Cherri’s Big House, with live jazz accompanying Momma’s ever popular soul food (2, 9, 16, 23, 30 May, £25).

Brighton Festival Fringe 2 - 25 May. Full listings and times at

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fe\/'brighton festival fringe guide

All the fun of the Fringe Madonna gets her kit off, Frida Kahlo gets her groove on and pop art arrives on a double decker bus - our pick of the best theatre, art and more!

Theatre highlights Frida Kahlo: Viva La Vida: 12-17 May

MARKING THE tenth anniversary of the Admiral Duncan bombing in Soho, The First Domino is a hard-hitting piece from playwright (and survivor of the attack) Jonthan Cash and director Faynia Williams. Secrets are revealed and reality blurs as audiences embark on what’s billed as a ‘terrifying journey’. (Latest Music Bar, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 May, £10/£8). Upstairs at the Three and Ten is once again home to a wide variety of theatre events during the Fringe. Highlights this year include Eurovision - set in Copenhagen in 1966, this touching comedy finds UK entrant Didi discovering that while her song may be uncomplicated, love certainly isn’t (4, 5, 6, 23 May, £10/£8). Outward Bound explores the outcome when a gay man and a Jewish woman spent the night together. Billed as ‘Vagina Monologues meets Brokeback Mountain’, which is certainly an intriguing concept (22, 23, 24 May, £9/£7). Frida Kahlo: Viva La Vida is an explosive portrait of Latin America’s greatest female painter (12, 13, 15, 17 May, £10/£8). There’s loads going on over at the Marlborough Theatre, with just one of the highlights being a cross-dressing production of Shakespeare’s the Taming of the Shrew (8, 9 May, £6/£4). The Hive@ the Brunswick is the venue for the fabulously titled What Would Helen Mirren Do? Susan is a long-serving supermarket checkout girl, but a training course in Wigan provides her with more than just a new role model (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 May, £7.50/£6). Celebrating women through the ages, Vavavavoom sees the Femme Fatales bring their burlesque extravaganza to the Old Market in Hove. Think Ziegfeld Follies meets Mrs Henderson Presents and you’ll be on the right track (22 May, £12.50/£10). An Evening with Gerry McCrudden does exactly what is says on the tin, with the traveller and former diplomat joined Vavavavoom: 22 May by singers and musicians for a night of anecdotal entertainment (Fletch@StAndrews, 18 May, £5). The imprisonment of suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst is brought vividly to life in Nourish. Staged in the atmospheric surroundings of the Old Police Cells Museum, this new piece from Squaremoon is compelling and dark. (12, 13, 14, 15, 16 May, £8/£6).

Art highlights

Nightlife highlights

A DOUBLE DECKER is the unusual venue for an exhibition of work by the legendary Sir Peter Blake. The bus will be parked on New Road on Sat 2 and 9 May. This is no ordinary routemaster though - it’s been completely re-fitted inside and include a bar, luxurious seating, plasma screens and state of the art technology. The top deck functions as a gallery, and many of Sir Peter’s iconic works will be on display - pop art fans would be mad to miss out. Peter Blake: It’s hard to believe, but 2009 marks 2 and 9 May the 30th anniversary of Madonna’s pre-fame foray into nude modelling. These infamous shots are on show throughout May at the Impure Art Gallery. Brighton artist Jamie McCartney unveils Design A Vagina at Brighton Body Casting. This controversial sculpture features contributions from two hundred women and is sure to be one of the Fringe’s biggest talking points! (1-3, 8-10, 15-17, 22-24, 29-31 May, free and by appointment).

SHAMELESS, BLAMELESS fun is the manifesto of Guilty Pleasures. Celebrating feelgood pop in all its ELO-ish and Carole Bayer Sager-ish glory, DJ Sean Rowley and friends have two nights at this year’s Fringe: Popstars and Rock (3 May, £12) and Heroes and Villains (24 May, £12) - dress accordingly! Get down to the Parlure Spiegeltent and Garden for some seriously cool-free tunes. Digital is home to Saints and Sinners (2 May, £12) - a themed spectacular with heaven and hell decor, burlesque devil divas, a soundtrack of funky house and dirty electro and even an ‘instant confessional’ - absolution guaranteed! It’s a secret but we’ll let you in on it - through a magic portal at Madame Geisha you’ll find the Secret Garden Party (24 May, £18). Details are very hush-hush, but an exceptionally good time is promised! Finally, keep your eyes peeled for details of the so-secretthe-venue-hasn’t-even-been-announced-yet Speakeasy from Brighton Playgroup. This prohibition style night of bourbon, gambling, jazz swing and dancing is certain to be the coolest night of the Fringe - if you can find it, you’ve made it!

Madonna: Impure Art Gallery throughout May

Event highlights STYLE IS the name of the game at the Brighton Fashion Weekend (Hilton Metropole Hotel 22-24 May). Brighton Frocks is a three day event full of fashion activities, inclduing catwalk shows (22nd - tickets required), a free fashion emporium (23rd and 24th), stalls, Barefoot Wine lounge, workshops, goodie bags and much more. Strap on the Manolo Blahniks and work that attitude! Foodies will be in seventh heaven at the Brighton Foodie Festival in Jubilee Square (16, 17 May, free entry). Top chefs including Aldo Zilli will be cooking their favourite dishes in the Chef’s Theatre (£6/£3), while other highlights include food and drink masterclasses and stalls from local producers. Brighton Foodie Festival: 22- 24 May

Tour highlights WRITER AND one80 contributor Rose Collis presents Walkie Talkie, a series of themed walks around Brighton. Her subjects this year are: the Women of Woodvale and Extra-Mural Cemetry, focussing on some of the notable women buried in the city’s ‘Victorian Valhalla’ - among them, famous relatives of Virginia Woolf, Lewis Carroll and Vita Sackville-West (Woodvale Lodge, 3, 24 May 2pm, £7.50). Joe Orton’s Brighton takes in the places and people linked to the infamous author of Entertaining Mr Sloane (Brighton Station front entrance, 10 May 2pm, £7.50). The Historic Gay Pubs Tour provides a fascinating tour of many of the town’s gay pubs, past and present (Brighton Station front entrance, 17 May 2pm, £7.50). Another tour running during the Fringe is Seaside Scandals, which goes for a tabloid approach to some of the seedier aspects of Brighton history - this one is adults only and strictly for the broadminded! (Royal Pavilion, 1, 7, 8, Rose Collis: talking the walk 15, 21, 22 May, £6)

Brighton Frocks: 22-24 May

Brighton Festival Fringe 2 - 25 May. Full listings and times at

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fe\/'essential arts & ents Festival fever

Alice in the Walled Garden

Breaking News

Brighton becomes the arts capital of the world during May as the 43rd Brighton Festival takes over the city with an inspiring and captivating programme of works. There just aren’t enough hours in the day, trust us! THIS YEAR’S festival is curated by Turner Prize winning artist Anish Kapoor, who will display two major new works. “Art somehow changes how we see the world,â€? he says. “Brighton has a very open spirit that encourages participation and that’s what we want for this festival.â€? Kapoor has certainly made good on this statement: this year’s Festival presents the most diverse, challenging and enjoyable events yet. His new works, Dismemberment of Jeanne d’Arc (daily, the Old Municipal Market) and Imagined Monochrome (Massage) (daily, the Basement, ÂŁ12 by appointment) form both the centrepieces of the

Festival and the perfect starting points for exploration. Other highlights include Breaking News: A ‘daily news show’ from German Collective Rimini Protokoll. This dose of ‘reality theatre’ beams TV news from all over the world while Rimini’s cast comment on and interact with the images. (7-9 May, Theatre Royal, ÂŁ5-ÂŁ18.50.) The Festival is famous for finding unusual venues for its events, and this year Brighton Pier becomes The Erpingham Camp - Joe Orton’s 1966 farce is a kind of Hi-De-Hi! from hell and this production from Hydrocracker includes a fish supper as part of the ticket price! (12, 13, 17, 20,

21, 22, 24 May, ÂŁ18.) Meanwhile, the Walled Garden at Preston Manor beomes Wonderland for an al fresco production of Alice in Wonderland (14-17 May, ÂŁ8.50/ÂŁ6/50.) The Mercury Prize winning Antony and the Johnsons brings the UK premiere of the Crying Light tour to the Concert Hall (21 May, ÂŁ27.50/ÂŁ20), while lovers of jazz are in for a treat with a double bill from the Dave Holland Quintet and the Andy Sheppard Quintet. (23 May, Concert Hall, ÂŁ22.50/ÂŁ18.50.) These are just a few of the Festival highlights - make sure you check out the website for full listings - details below.

The Erpingham Camp

Antony and the Johnsons

Anish Kapoor’s Dismemberment of Jeanne d’Arc

Brighton Festival 2 - 24 May. Full listings and times at

Got a

Bright Idea ?

rinting?? Need some p

Music ReviewNiall McMurray Little Boots

Pet Shop Boys

Kelly Clarkson

New in Town Single out 25 May

Did You See Me Coming? Single out 1 June

I Do Not Hook Up Single out 1 June

ISN’T IT GOOD when records leave you utterly stone cold on first listen? I dismissed this completely when I first heard it, smug that all the 2009 tastemakers were wrong and I was right. Then I listened again, decided it wasn’t that bad after all and before I knew it I’d had it on repeat all afternoon and was investigating how to get my hair braided a la Ms Boots. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the zeitgeist for you.

BIT OF AN odd choice for the second single from Yes, given that it’s already been handed out to millions of Mail on Sunday readers for precisely nought pence, but hey ho - there are enough remixes and b-sides to push it into the top twenty. Did You See Me Coming? is the PSBs at their poppiest, with guitar from the lovely Johnny Marr lending it a suitably jangly, summery feel. Super, and no mistake.

OOH, IS IT time for a new No Scrubs already? Kelly’s latest (penned by pop queen du jour Katy Perry) certainly delivers an effective slapdown to the male population. Over a somewhat exhausting three and a bit minutes, Ms Clarkson lets all her rage out and socks it to the boys who are just looking for a quick one-nighter. She’d make a useless gay man, I’ll tell you that for nothing.

1 *][QV 00 M[[KI 7VTa ZL[ Š!!! 

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We’ve got

Forthcoming album releases


Mon 4 May : Various ‘Artists’ : Eurovision Song Contest 2009 (EMI) Peaches: I Feel Cream (XL) Mon 11 May: Saint Etienne Foxbase Alpha (Deluxe Edition) (Commercial Marketing) Fri 15 May: Green Day 21st Century Breakdown (Mercury)

Marble Media Publishing’s

Fundraiser for the

GAY OLYMPIC WATER POLO TEAM Wed 17th June 2009 at 7pm With Celebrity Aussie Chef Tony V To be held at The New Madeira Hotel, Brighton

Tickets include: • Champagne and canapés on arrival • Sumptuous 3 course meal with wine • Fashion Parade starring the Water Polo Team • Auction • 5DƧ H • Topless Waiters Limited capacity Tickets £49pp Call

01273 570 570 to book and pay for your ticket

Celebrity Chef Tony V with The Gay Olympic Water Polo Team

Japanese haute cuisine

"Soseki, twinkling seductively underneath the Gherkin, is perfectly lovely, one of the most beautiful new restaurants I've visited in a long time: climb the open-tread stairs and you'll find magic." Marina O'Loughlin, The Metro Lunch Monday to Friday Midday - 2:30pm / Dinner Monday to Friday 6 – 10pm 20 Bury Street, 1F, London EC3A 5AX Tel: 020 7621 9211

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fe\/'essential arts & ents Books Peter Burton The Poisoning in the Pub by Simon Brett

The Triumph of Caesar

by Steven Saylor

The 19th Wife

by David Ebershoff

THE TENTH OF Simon Brett’s popular amateur sleuth series set in the not-so-sleepy Sussex seaside village of Fethering and featuring Carole and Jude, two retired women of a certain age, The Poisoning in the Pub is the mixture very much as before, tried and trusted and none the worse for that. Things kick off when food poisoning breaks out in the Crown and Anchor, the pub run by Ted, a sometime inamorata of Carole’s. Further incidents – bikers suddenly congregating in the bar, a television comedian whose act is more damaging than funny, hostile newspaper headlines and stories – culminate in a nasty murder and a distinctly downward swing in the venue’s fortunes. Convinced that there is more than coincidence at work, Carole and Jude begin to investigate and soon find themselves at odds with local Christian campaigners and corporate enterprise. The Poisoning in the Pub is a thoroughly English detective story, stuffed with delightfully eccentric characters and sometimes comic mishaps. Simon Brett spins his yarn with considerable skill and wit. Terrifically entertaining.

THE TRIUMPH of Caesar is the twelfth in Steven Saylor’s Roma sub Rosa series, built around the life of the investigator Gordianus the Finder and his large extended family. In his latest investigation, Gordianus has been asked by Calpurnia, the wife of Julius Caesar, to uncover a suspected plot against the life of her husband. Fears of an assassination attempt have been fostered by a wily Etruscan seer. Her predictions are all the more pertinent as Rome is overcrowded because of upcoming festivities celebrating Caesar’s defeat of the city state’s enemies across the Mediterranean world. Yet there are those who are discontent. Marc Antony and Caesar are barely speaking. Cleopatra’s rebellious sister Arsinoe could be a threat. The Egyptian queen is herself in Rome attempting to get Caesar to acknowledge the legitimacy of their son. Political and religious dissent is rife. Saylor cunningly marries careful historical research with his gift for storytelling, plot and characterisation. The Triumph of Caesar is a thoroughly satisfying historical mystery.

The Poisoning in the Pub

The Triumph of Caesar

The 19th Wife

Out now (£16.99) published by Macmillan

Out now (£6.99) published by Robinson

Out now (£7.99) published by Black Swan

TV Niall McMurray Eurovision Song Contest BBC1 Sat 16 May 8pm I DON’T KNOW about you, but I’m overwhelmingly excited about this year’s Eurovision Song Contest - mainly because it’s being staged in Moscow for the first time. And if there’s one thing that Russian television has taught us, it’s that they’re awfully good at radio. While I don’t expect hordes of bread-starved peasants to storm the venue, I’m still hoping for a lot of poorly translated jokes, broken satellite links and more voting confusion than ever before as bewildered Russian mathematicians attempt to cobble together telephone and jury votes. The potential for disaster is huge. As for the winner? The smart money is on the chappie pictured above, Alexander Rybak of Norway, he of the extremely scary eyebrows and shocking frightwig-style hair. Bless. Norway’s Alexander Rybak: he’s in love with a fairytale you know.

See the May edition of 3SIXTY magazine for the ultimate Eurovision guide. Out now!

Extreme Male Beauty Channel 4 Thur 7 May 10pm PRESENTING THE one80 press release translation service: ORIGINAL: “This brand new four-part series follows one man each week as he is re-branded and transformed from slovenly slob to perfect Adonis. Every part of his physique is scrutinised and sculpted in an attempt to create the perfect body. Journalist Tim Shaw also drops his ‘five-pints-a-night’ and ‘zero exercise’ lifestyle for a gruelling diet and exercise regime in an attempt to transform himself. He road-tests products and treatments and meets the men who have taken their quest for perfection to outrageous extremes.” TRANSLATION: “Let’s all have a laugh at the blokes who pump fat into their cocks, saline into their balls and wedge huge lumps of silicone through a slit in their armpits, thereby rendering themselves completely unattractive to all but the weirdest sections of the populace. We’ll pretend it’s a hard-hitting documentary but really we’re just pandering to the lowest common denominator, aren’t we?”

ANN ELIZA YOUNG was the nineteenth wife of Brigham Young (1801-1877), the second Prophet of the Mormon Church. In 1874 she became the subject of scandal and concern when she abandoned her marriage, wrote two books and became a vigorous campaigner against the sect’s practice of polygamy. Her story provides the main narrative thread of David Ebershoff’s epic The 19th Wife. Running parallel to the story of the historical Ann Eliza Young, Ebershoff tells the entirely imagined story of twenty year old Jordan. Gay and a former member of a present day polygamous sect which many years before split from the Mormon Church, he has returned to his Utah childhood home in an attempt to aid his mother BeckyLyn, herself a nineteenth wife, now accused of murdering her spouse. As a further counterpoint, Ebershoff traces the story of Jordan’s relationship with Tom, a fellow evictee from the sect, and Johnny, a young runaway. Without making too obvious a point, it is evident that Ebershoff sees the twin heterosexual relationships as damaging whilst the burgeoning between the two gay men is seen as sustaining. The 19th Wife is a beautifully written and thoughtful book that both engrosses and, ultimately, moves.

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fe\/'voices Dan H.G.knows sex...

Smile, though your heart is aching... “PEOPLE ARE SO miserable in London, I don’t know how you live there,” said my friend Vikki after a recent trip to the capital from Swansea. Although she had a good point (there are plenty of vile, miserable lumps in London), I tried to explain that under the gloomy surface, most people are just as friendly and chatty as they are anywhere else in the UK. So, why you look so sad? (sings our Cheryl), what can be done to end this culture of scowls, to eradicate ‘tube-face’ from the world of dating? Let’s kick off with the Tube, those microcosmic capsules deep under London where communication is shunned and the only voice you’re guaranteed to hear is a recorded one. Let’s boot big irrational fear number one into the path of a passing train – If someone starts talking to you, they are a lunatic. Probably not. If only there was a way of talking more on the Tube. The amount of times I’ve seen Mr-PotentiallyPerfect in the next carriage, or at times, rammed up cheek to cheek during rush-hour, close enough to feel his breath on my neck, though not been able to say anything for fear of being instantly sectioned, is just sickening. Why do we never see these people in a bar? They only seem to exist on the Northern Line at 8am, after which they warp into an alternative reality where everyone is stunningly attractive. And rule two of course: avoid eye-contact. Read your newspaper again and again and shield your face with it like Michael Jackson at a court hearing. This kind of behaviour really could not be less effective. Just think of all the heart-wrenching messages that appear in exactly those papers that are used to shield eye-contact and a friendly smile: “I see you at Clapham Common tube every day at 8.03am. I’m the guy with the salt & vinegar crisps, you’re always listening to Girls Aloud on your iPod.

Be mine?” Chance of success, zero. You’ve just become a rather creepy, ineffective stalker. Leaving the sound of the underground behind, this lack of smiling and eye-contact has oozed up to street level into the bars, clubs and streets. For some reason, a smile is seen as less masculine and less attractive, than a cold, hard scowl. We’re surrounded by them – how many smiley models, porn stars and ad campaigns have you seen? We’re told that a half-scowl/half-pout is the height of attractiveness and seductive prowess. We make fun of Mrs Beckham then do it ourselves. Although not usually to such an extreme… thank the Lord… The thing is, in terms of body language, this look says, “not interested, I don’t want to talk to you, I’m not in a good mood.” Some of you may say, what about playing hard to get? There’s just no time for that these days. You spot ‘Dream Man A’ in a bar, so you avoid eye-contact and stay stoney-faced, with the aim of him liking you more? He’ll probably not even notice you, and will soon vanish forever like those early morning hunks on the Northern Line. Not such a good move now eh? If you see someone you like, smile. It doesn’t have to be a full-on Maclean’s beam, just enough to say ‘hey, you look nice, come talk to me.’ If they smile back, you’re onto a winner, if they scowl, they’ve obviously been on the Tube too long. Or perhaps they haven’t noticed. Don’t stare smiling for minutes at a time, you’ll end up looking special needs, and/or off your face. But keep it up – smile, though your heart is aching. We live in a very busy, hectic world that often moves too fast for second chances. If you want my body, and you think I’m sexy, c’mon sugar let me know. And the best way to do that is with a smile. Look up from this wonderful publication, and give it a go, now.

Tony Vperspective

The first one hundred days IT HAS BEEN an amazing journey moving Marble Media Publishing forward, with a fantastic team of young talented people putting together three publications for you to enjoy. We kicked off with two launch parties, the first in Brighton and the second in London. A big thank you goes out to all our supporters and advertisers who came along – without you we wouldn’t be able to publish the great news, features and scene photos that let our readers know what’s going on around the country. My partner Graeme and I have been on the road travelling to Bristol and Bournemouth and are pleased to announce we will be launching one80 in both cities, which are currently great supporters of 3SIXTY magazine. Our editors and sales staff and designers are building both publications right alongside us. We have had some great responses to our Summer of Love competition, looking for the UK’s longest lasting gay couple, so don’t be shy - share your story! Also we’re very pleased to announce that we’re supporting the London

Orca water polo team in their bid to take part in the Gay Games in Cologne in 2010 with a fundraising dinner. For those that would love to taste some of the delicacies from my cook book, it’s a guaranteed night to remember with topless waiters, great food, a charity auction and a raffle, all in aid of the team! This month also sees the launch of www., a diverse online department store with everything from sunglasses to travel goods. My partner and I are so excited to lead such a great team, produce these great publications and be a part of the UK’s gay community. I would love to hear your comments on our new look publications, and no matter what you think, send it to me at Finally a big thank you to all our contributors, and also the co-sponsors of all our events both current and future - including the up coming Pink Party in Bristol, and pride parties around the country. Check out our new website,

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fe\/'voices Rose Colliscalendar girl

Court in the act

MAY 8 1979

JEREMY THORPE had always dreamed of this day. Amongst a tangled tale of lost National Inbecoming making political history, by becoming the Liberal Party’s first Prime Minister surance cards, letters about ‘bunnies’ and since David Lloyd George in 1916. On May the shooting of an innocent Great Dane, it all 8, 1979, Thorpe did write his own chapter of came down to a simple case of whose word political history — but it was of the nightmare would be believed: the apparently heterosexual, Oxford-educated former variety: he became the first leader of the Liberal Party, ever British political leader or a sexually-confused male to stand trial for conspiracy model with a history of mento murder. tal illnesses and failed relaHis unlikely co-defendants tionships. at the Old Bailey were carAgainst Thorpe’s defence pet dealer John Le Mesurier counsel, the wily George (not the Dad’s Army actor), Carman — and a more than fruit machine and pool table sympathetic judge, Mr Jusmagnate George Deakin Olive Custance tice Cantley — Scott and the and David Holmes, Thorpe’s best friend. Together, the four were accused prosecution witnesses didn’t stand a chance. of conspiring to hire amateur hitman Andrew Their evidence and personal credibility were Newton to kill Norman Scott, who claimed he torn to shreds. All four defendants were achad been the twice-married Thorpe’s lover for quitted. However, despite his triumphal dea number of years. This has always been de- meanour, it was the end of Jeremy Thorpe’s nied by Thorpe; Scott stands by his story to public life.

Jamie Hakimactually

He’s the greatest chancer ONE NIGHT, in a disco – sadly not on the outskirts of ‘frisco but in the arse-end of south London - I was indeed cruising with my favourite gang when I spotted a fellow clubber neck a whole bottle of poppers. Just like that. He calmly took a tiny glass bottle from his pocket, unscrewed the top and chucked the contents down his throat. Now there’s someone with a serious drink problem I thought. I was half right as it turned out, for twenty minutes later he was being carried out on a stretcher in an apparent coma and I was witnessing for the very first time what happens when someone mixes alcohol with ooh just a little bit of Gina G. For it wasn’t good old fashioned ‘Eau de Clone’ in the bottle but it in fact contained a new fangled liquid club drug called, at the time, ‘Liquid E’ but these days more commonly known as GHB, Gina or just G to it’s misguided friends. Now, this all happened over ten years ago (you probably guessed as much by the Gina G song reference) and today Gamma Hydroxybutyrate, as boffins in white coats call it, is now a Class C drug and along with it’s legal sister GBL, are both fast becoming the club and sex drug of choice amongst many gay men. It’s also used as an industrial paint-stripper. Oh, and it unblocks drains. Yum. Users claim it makes them feel euphoric as well as leaving them almost painfully horny. So horny, said one regular user I spoke to, that whilst on G, he would happily “shag anyone and their ugly mate”. Charming. Less charming is the fact that just a capful of GHB mixed with any alcohol in your system can cause coma and even death. Just as disturbing is how this perceived sexual inhibition is leading the most normally careful of people to dive headfirst into bareback orgies with countless partners in just one session. I’ve no

doubt that G had its grubby little hand in many of the 3000 gay men diagnosed HIV+ in the UK during 2008. Recently, I was surfing around some of the public profiles of ‘friends of friends of friends’ on Facebook when I spotted some pictures showing a group of half naked men lying around on each other. Given the subject matter, I obviously couldn’t click on the album quick enough and I was pleased to see they showed about ten guys of all shapes, sizes and ages getting up to all sorts of male bonding. Thank you Facebook I thought. In one picture, I was amused to spot a guy I sortof-knew. You know the type of ‘friend’ you only ever see when you’re out on the scene, always greet each other with insincere hugs and kisses and don’t actually know his surname or where he lives or works. Now this guy was appearing in his pants on Facebook lying underneath another fella, both sporting suspiciously glassy-eyed looks and so when I bumped into him a few weeks later, I couldn’t help but mention the photos, much to his mocked embarrassment. Apparently they’d all met out clubbing whilst “G-ed up”, went back to some flat and ended up screwing each other non-stop for hours. “It was like one of those wild, bareback pornos,” he cooed. “Bareback….?” I said unable to hide my shock followed by sudden anger. “Yeah well you know, we were all too wasted on G to think about condoms,” he replied in a disturbingly matter-of-fact way. Disturbing because I know this guy has been HIV+ for several years and has always been quite up-front about the fact. My shock and anger? Well, dear readers, as the saying goes, you do the maths. Stay safe.



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The wild wild West! Go west young man (and woman), go west! As one80 prepares to launch a Bristol edition, we take a look at two upcoming events which are putting the city at the heart of British gay culture: the Pink Party and the Bristol Bear Fiesta.

Bristol’s West Village community and 3SIXTY Magazine are coming together to put on a street party on Saturday 6 June. The party will feature eight hours of entertainment

on the street including singers, live music and cabaret from midday through to 8pm, before refocusing into the Pineapple’s bar area where the festivities keep going ‘til midnight. The event will be held on St. George’s Road, both inside and outside the Pineapple, with The Queenshilling also putting on a bar and throwing a foam party on the Saturday night. “We really wanted to put on an event that would not only be a lot of fun, but that would help to pull the community together,” say Dominic and Dean, landlords of the Pineapple. “We want bring people back to where it all began.” The event features comedy, singing, food and drinks, all hosted by drag diva Tray La Trash with Mr D Arcy. Local and national talents participating include Electra Fence, Ruthie T, Rachel & Daniel, Lucinda Lashes & Eva La Diva, Echo, Saski, Lola Lasagne and vocal sensation Claudia Patrice.

3SIXTY is proud to be supporting the party, with goody bags and a stall, in association with Pussy and Pink Elephant Wines. Director of Marble Media, the new publishers of 3SIXTY Magazine, Tony V says, “Bristol’s gay community has always embraced 3SIXTY, and has welcomed us as the new publishers with open arms. We’ve had some great nights out there, and wanted to support something that would demonstrate the spirit of Bristol. We’re looking forward to supporting many more of these local events.” Other stalls on the day include a free margarita stall, a ‘Tribe’ stall, launching their brand new drink, a Police community stall, a BBQ and an ice cream stall.

Pink Party, Sat 6 June The Pineapple, 37 St. George’s Road, Bristol, BS1 5UU The Queenshilling, 9 Frogmore Street, Bristol, BS1 5NA

Bristol’s bears are in for a treat as some of the West’s leading bear brands come together to present the furriest gay gathering of the year. The Bristol Bear Fiesta 2009 takes place at many of the venues in The Old Market Village area, including a meet and greet at The Stag and Hounds, The Underbear Party from BBF and Come To Daddy, a massive Come To Daddy party at The Retreat, and the Bearwest party and barbeque on Sunday at The Old Castle Green. Plus there’s the Bristol Bear Bar, the city’s dedicated venue for furry types! There’s also chance to see the real bears at Bristol Zoo, and a Wet Fur party at The Village Sauna for the naughty bears and their admirers.

Bristol Bear Fiesta Fri 5 - Sun 7 Jun

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Brighton venue listings 01 AMSTERDAM 11-12 Marine Pde BN2 Tel: (01273) 688 825 02 AQUARIUM 6 Steine Street BN2 Tel: (01273) 605 525 03 PO NA NA 75-79 East Street BN1 04 BEDFORD TAVERN 30 Western Street Hove Tel: (01273) 739 495 06 BRIGHT’n’BEAUTIFUL SAUNA 9 St Margarets Place BN1 Tel: (01273) 328 33 07 REFRESH SAUNA 11-12 Grand Pde BN2 Tel: (01273) 689 966 08 BRIGHTON TAVERN 100 Gloucester Rd BN1 Tel: (01273) 680365 37 BRIGHTON ROCKS 6 Rock Place BN2 (01273) 601 139 09 BULLDOG 31 St James Street BN2 Tel: (01273) 696 996 11 THE BRIGHTON COALITION 171 Kings Road Arches BN1 12 DYNAMITE BOOGALOO@KOMEDIA (MONTHLY) Gardner Street , North Laine. Tel: (01273) 647 101 13 CHARLES STREET 8 Marine Pde BN2 Tel: (01273) 624 091 14 DENMARK SAUNA 86 Denmark Villas Hove BN3 Tel: (01273) 723 733 15 DR BRIGHTON’S 16 Kings Road BN1 Tel: (01273) 328765 10 THE GROSVENOR 16 Western Street Tel: (01273) 770 712 16 THE ANGEL 5-6 Montpelier Road Hove BN1 Tel: (01273) 728 808 17 HQ (formerly the Harlequin) 43 Providence Place BN1 Tel: (01273) 620 630 18 LEGENDS BAR Ground Floor 31-32 Marine Pde BN2 Tel: (01273) 624 462 18 LEGENDS CLUB Basement 31-32 Marine Pde BN2 Tel: (01273) 624 462 28 H-BAR 16 Church Road, Hove. BN3 2FL Tel:(01273) 725 890 20 MARINE TAVERN 13 Broad Street BN2 Tel: (01273) 681 284. Noon-Midnight 22 MARLBOROUGH 4 Princes Street BN2 Tel: (01273) 570 028 12am-12pm 23 THE PV 161 Edward Street BN2 Tel: (01273) 687 090 24 QUEEN’S ARMS 7 George Street BN2 Tel: (01273) 696 873 25 QUEENSBURY ARMS Queensbury Mews BN1. Tel: (01273) 328 159. 26 REGENCY TAVERN 32-34 Russell Square BN1. Tel: (01273) 325 652 27 R-BAR 7 Marine Parade BN2 Tel: (01273) 608 133 29 REVENGE Old Steine BN2 Tel: (01273) 606 064 10.30pm-3am 30 STAR INN Manchester Street BN2 Tel: (01273) 601 450. 11am-11pm 32 VAVOOM 31 Old Steine BN1 Tel: (01273) 603 010 33 OM 5 Steine St BN1 Tel: (01273) 603 010 34 WILD FRUIT@TRU (monthly) 78 West St BN1 35 THE PRINCE ARTHUR 38 Dean Street, Brighton 36 THE ZONE 33 St James Street BN2 Tel: (01273) 682 249



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Doctor Brighton’s


16-17 Kings Road, Brighton, BN1 1NE. 01273 208113

DOCTOR BRIGHTON’S IS BACK! Back to being mixed! Back to being banging! Back to being the place to be seen!

• Free game of pool with every round of drinks mid-week. 1pm - 7pm • Come and enjoy the new outside furniture right by the sea. • Friday 1st may is the launch of Ms Masters flouncy Fridays with DJ Ms Masters on the decks for her weekly residency from 9pm. • Come party every Saturday with DJ Tony B playing funky House from 9.30pm. • Bank Holiday Sunday special with Tony B playing from 9pm to get you ready for your Bank Holiday Sunday clubbing.

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fe\/'scene London venue listings Soho venue listings 01 ADMIRAL DUNCAN 54 Old Compton Street Tel: (020) 7437 5300 02 DUKE OF WELLINGTON BAR 77 Wardour Street Tel: (020) 7439 1274 03 HEAVEN CLUB 77 Wardour Street Tel: (020) 7439 1274 04 THE EDGE 11 Soho Square W1D 3QE Tel: (020) 7439 1313 05 FIRST OUT 52 St Giles High Street WC2H 8LH Tel: (020) 7240 8042 06 THE STAR AT NIGHT 22 Great Chapel Street W1 8FR Tel: (020) 7494 2488 07 SWEATBOX SOHO 1-2 Ramillies Street W1F 7LN Tel: (020) 3214 6014 08 KING’S ARMS 23 Poland Street W1F 8QL Tel: (020) 7734 5907 09 THE SAUNABAR 29 Endell St WC2H 9BA Tel: (020) 7836 2236 10 BOX 32-34 Monmouth St WC2H 9HA Tel: (020) 7240 5828 11 G-A-Y BAR 30 Old Compton Street W1D 4UR Tel: (020) 7494 2756 12 BALANS SOHO 60 Old Compton Street W1D 4UG Tel (020) 7376 0115 13 79 CXR 79 Charing Cross Road WC2H 0NE Tel: (020) 7734 0769 14 COMPTONS OF SOHO 51-53 Old Compton Street Tel: (020) 7479 7961 15 GEISHA BAR 75 Charing Cross Road W1D 6HN Tel: (020) 7479 7961 16 VILLAGE 81 Wardour Street W1D 6QD Tel: (020) 7434 2124 17 THE SHADOW LOUNGE 5 Brewer Street W1F 0RF Tel: (020) 72877988 18 THE ENCLAVE 25-27 Brewer Street W1F 0RR Tel: (020) 7434 2911 19 KU BAR 30 Lisle Street WC2H 7BA Tel: (020) 7437 4303 20 TRASH PALACE 11 Wardour Street W1D 6PG Tel: (020) 7734 0522 21 BARCODE 3-4 Archer Street W1D 7AP Tel: (020) 7734 3342 22 RUPERT STREET Rupert Street Tel: (020) 7292 7141 23 THE YARD 57 Rupert Street Tel: (020) 7437 2652

Vauxhall venue listings 01 HARD ON @ HIDDEN 100 Tinworth Street, SE11 5EQ 02 BARCODE VAUXHALL Arch 69, SE11 5AW. Tel: (020) 7582 4180 03 BEYOND @ AREA Albert Embankment, Arch 67-68, SE1 7TP 04 CHARIOTS VAUXHALL Albert Embankment, Arch 63-64. Tel: (020) 7247 5333 05 ROYAL VAUXHALL TAVERN 372 Kennington Lane, SE11 5HY. Tel: (020) 7820 1222 06 EAGLE 349 Kennington Lane, SE11 5QY Tel: (020) 7793 0903 07 THE HOIST South Lambeth Road, Arch 47B – 47C, SW8 1RH. Tel (020) 7735 9972 08 FIRE South Lambeth Road, SW8 1RT 09 SUPERCLUB COLOSSEUM 1 Nine Elms Lane, SW8. Tel (020) 7627 1283

West Londonvenues listings East Londonvenue listings THE ANGEL, 21 Church Street, Mill Meads Tel: 020 8555 1148 BJ’S WHITE SWAN, 556 Commercial Road, Limehouse Tel: 0207 780 9870 THE BLACK HORSE, 168 Mile End Road Tel: 020 7790 1684 CHARIOTS SHOREDITCH, 1 Fairchild Street 020 7247 5333 CHARLIE’S BAR, 124 Globe Road THE CORONET, 119 The Grove E ONE CLUB (Formerly The Black Horse), 168 Mile End Road Tel: 020 7790 1684 GHETTO OLD STREET, Ghetto 58 Old St Tel: 020 7287 3726 GEORGE AND DRAGON, 2 Hackney Road Tel: 020 7012 1100 THE JOINER’ ARMS, 116-118 Hackney Rd Tel: 020 7739 9854 THE OLD SHIP, 17 Barnes Street, Limehouse Tel: 0207 7790 4082

South London venue listings THE BANK, Flamingo Park, A20 Sidcup Bypasss Chislehurst, Kent, BR7 6HL Tel: 020 8309 1012 BIRD IN HAND, 291 Sydenham Road, Croydon, CR0, Tel: 020 8683 3104 BREWERY TAP, 78 Lingham Street, SW9, Tel: 020 7738 6683 CHARIOTS STREATHAM, 292 (rear of) Streatham High Rd, London SW16 6HG, Tel: 020 8696 0929 CHARIOTS WATERLOOO, 101 Lower Marsh, London. SE1 7AB, Tel: 020 7401 8484 THE CORONET THEATRE, 26-28 New Kent Road, LONDON SE1 6TJ, Tel: 020 7701 1500 GEORGE AND DRAGON, 2 Blackheath Hill, Greenwich, SE10, Tel: 020 8691 3764 KAZBAR, 50 Clapham High Street, London SW4, Tel: 0871 223 1154 THE STAG, 15 Bressendan Place, SW1, 020 7828 7287 PARK PLAZA COUNTY HALL HOTEL, 1 Addington Street SE1 7RY, Tel: 020 7034 4835 TWO-EIGHT-SIX, 286 Lewisham High Street, SE13, Tel: 0208 690 7648 TWO BREWERS, 114 Clapham High Street, London SW4, Tel: 020 7819 9539

GEORGE MUSIC BAR, 114 Twickenham Road, Isleworth, West London, Tel: 020 8560 1456 TED’S PLACE, 305A North End Road, London W14, Tel: 020 7385 9359 WEST 5, Pope’s Lane, Acton, W5 4NB, Tel: 020 8579 3266

North Londonvenues listings BLACK CAP, 171 Camden High Street, London NW1, Tel: 020 7485 0538 CENTRAL STATION, 37 Wharfedale Road, London N1, Tel: 020 7278 3294 THE GLASS BAR, 190 Euston Road, Regent’s Park, London NW1 2BN, Tel: 020 7387 6184 KING EDWARD VI, 25 Bromfield Street, London N1 OPZ, Tel: 020 7704 0745 KING WILLIAM IV, 77 Hampstead High Street, London NW3 1RE, Tel: 020 7435 5747 THE GREEN, 74 Upper Street, Angel N1, Tel: 020 7226 8895 KOKO, 1A Camden High Street, London NW17JE, 0870 4325527 THE OAK BAR, 79 Green Lanes, London N16 9BU, Tel: 020 7354 2791 REGULATION LTD. 17A St. Alban’s Place, Islington N1 0NX Tel: 020 7226 665 SCALA CLUB, 275-277 Pentonville Road, London N1, Tel: 020 7833 2022

The Admiral Duncan

The Admiral Duncan

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Vezon the Brighton scene Vavoom

The Aquarium IT’S A BIG one for Vavoom as their fifth birthday approaches later in the month, but in the meantime head down there on Saturdays as they offer the perfect place for a drink whether it be pre-club, postclub, or indeed any time of the night. They celebrate the Bank Holiday on Sat 2 May with a mega marathon of a night, and on Sat 9 May they’re glamming it up for a superstar theme. Midweek shenanigans in the upstairs lounge include their regular Wednesday karaoke night and party music at the weekends.

Wild Fruit MAY BANK holiday season gets everyone in the swing for sumWildand Fruit mer of course Brighton clubbing institution Wild Fruit comes up with the goods! On Sun 3 May it’s The Wild Fruit Sex Saloon, so think cowboy hats, chaps, and well, very little else! The Wild Fruit residents are joined by international production superstars Prok & Fitch, with London’s Trannyshack in Bamboogy and urban grooves in the back room. Afterhours action comes courtesy of the Rebel Residents at Honeyclub from 3am.

THE TEAM AT The Aquarium Theatre Bar is putting on a workshop for those who feel underconfident about singing karaoke, or who want to improve their live perThe Aquarium formance skills. On Sat 15 May from 10am - 1pm this workshop covers vocal technique, mic technique and stage presence. Places are limited, so contact Ben on 01273 605525 if you’d like to get involved. Other nights include open mic and karaoke on Thursdays and Saturdays and live vocalist Janet December features every Friday. Special cabaret this fortnight is Dave Lynn on Sun 3 May and Diane James on Sun 10 May.

The Marlborough THE MARLBOROUGH CONTINUES to offer a wide range of weekly events as well as being the Brighton’s gay scene’s traditional theatre. Friday and Saturday nights see DJs take over the bar and theatre whilst Sundays are for relaxation, the only place in town where you can bring your dog for a roast after a stroll on the beach with the Marlborough Dog Walking Group. As evening draws in Sundays are the Marly’s Quiz Night. This friendly boozer really has something for everyone as Mondays are trans night, Tuesdays and Wednesdays offer traditional pub games nights with darts and pool, whilst Thursday is Open mic. Upcoming special events include Marlborough Motherf***er on Thursday 7 May: sheer queer decadence featuring the finest nu-gay celebutantes of London and Brighton. The Fringe Festival also finds a home in the theatre throughout May with a huge amount of exciting performances.

The Star Inn JOIN MARIA and her bears any night of the week for some good old fashioned pub fun, hearty pub lunches, happy hours and the big quiz every Thursday at 9pm. It’d be rude not to stop in for a drink on your way round gay Brighton at the weekend, or try their delicious roast dinners on Sunday nights. Also watch out for the pizza and beer night, coming soon for Fridays, and a Eurovision party on Sat 16 May. The Star inn

The Caledonian THE CALEDONIAN is a hidden gem, beneath the Marina West Hotel on the seafront, on the way down to Hove. Each week there is a fab line-up of events including karaoke every Friday and a piano bar every Saturday night. Plus, every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night is Bar 250, with pints, bottles and double house spirit and mixers at just £2.50 all day! The Caledonian is open from 5pm ‘til late on the weekends, and from 6pm during the week,

The Kings Arms BRIGHTON’S NEWEST men’s pub, The Kings Arms on George Street, is planned to open for Fri 1 May, with a host of great nights to cater for bears, cubs, otters and their admirers. Sat 2 May is the pre-party for the brand new men only night at Charles Street Club, Gladiator, and the weekend of Fri 8 May and Sat 9 May is the Brighton Bear, Cub and Otter Weekender. The official launch party weekend kicks off on Fri 15 May with guest DJs, a free buffet, CD giveaways and much more. www.kingsarmsbrighton.

Revenge REVENGE SUMMER season of events has just kicked off, and you can now check out Sound As A Pound every Tuesday night where most drinks are just £1 and you are in with a chance to win the door money! Something brand new for the scene is Altitude, a rave night of big dance tunes and high-energy remixes now upstairs from Lollipop every Friday night. Girls On Top gets a double helping of extra girly antics on the Bank Holiday Sundays, whilst LGBrighTon host Mr and Miss Gay Student Brighton at Payday 80s theme party on Tues 4 May, nicely finishing off their big weekend.


Sunday Sundae FINALLY! TERRACE action is back every week for the summer season as Sunday Sundae takes over Audio every Sunday from 6pm. The launch party was packed last week! There’s a free Barbeque and happy hour for early birds, plus a top roster of local DJs. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the sunshine with a Pimms in hand, or sample the expertly made cocktails.

r-bar THIS SEAFRONT bar is still offering all drinks at £1.99 every day of the week! On Thursdays it’s even cheaper and on Fridays you can win your next round free. You can also enjoy a wide range of entertainment every night of the week, such as Miss Jason’s Barmy Bingo (with a massive cash jackpot) on Sundays, as well as afternoon sessions from acoustic artists.

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fe\/'scene Jonny Mon the London scene Tonker, Vauxhall

Ku Bar, Soho TAKING OVER The Eagle in Vauxhall every Friday night, Tonker is fast becoming one of the most popular nights at the venue. Tonker’s brand is all about ‘booze, cruise and tunes’, so it’s quality music with a cruisey atmosphere. Guest DJs have included Wayne G, Alan X and Paul Coals, look out for special events like the Hustlaball pre-party on Fri 1 May and The Gay Rugby Union Party on Fri 22 May.

EVERY MONDAY at Ku Bar and Klub Lisle Street is Major Mondays, Ku Bar’s Student night. Hosted by DJ P (Wigout/Ghetto) and with guest DJs on many nights, it’s billed as a fun filled night of cheap drinks, hot boys, and great music. Plus, request a track on Facebook, and pick up a free shot when it gets played! Search for ‘Major Mondays’. Also look out for sexy May Pole dancing, Ku Bar style, over the May Day Bank Holiday weekend on Fri 1 May and Sat 2 May.

Matinee Bank Holiday, Vauxhall AFTER PACKING out Koko on the Easter Bank Holiday Sunday, Matinee London moves to a Sunday slot for their May parties. Back at Super Club Colloseum on Sun 3 May, Matinee features twelve hours of upfront house music, with a live PA from Clarence who is responsible for the massive club smash Shine On Me. DJs include Matinee All Stars Paul Heron, Guy Williams, Alessandro and Brent Nichols.

Matinee © Laurence Conton

Village Bar, Soho

The Yard Bar, Soho THE YARD IS determined to beat the credit crunch, offering happy hour prices all day, every day (except after 7pm on Friday and Saturday nights). This includes selected double spirits, draught pints, glasses of wine and bottled beer at only £2! Plus there are DJs every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, playing everything from classic disco to cutting edge house. You’ve never had it so good!

Rupert Street, Soho

THE PINK POODLE Club is a comedy cocktail party every Wednesday night at Village Bar. The team aims to showcase some of the best in up and coming talent, alongside award winning cabaret, surprise celebrity appearances, prizes and music. Door entry is £5 for members, and membership is available at the door for £2. Acts in May include Bethany Black, Luke Merideth, Marcel Lucont and Jan Jack on 13 May, Keith Platt, Joel Dommett and Sanderson Jones on 20 May, and the star of Channel Four’s Abnormally Funny People Liz Carr on 27 May.

RIGHT IN THE heart of Soho, Rupert Street is one of London’s best pre-club bars at night, with a warm café feel during the day. Saturday nights see some of London’s hottest new DJ talents hit the decks, with Lee Yeomans and Allesandro both taking spots. Plus, look out for Matinee pre-parties, with Matinee All-Star DJs funking up your night out.

The Two Brewers, Clapham

Barcode, Soho HOMOSOCIAL IS EVERY Thursday night at Barcode Soho with DJs Severino (Horse Meat Disco) and Ben Jamin’ playing classic disco, soul funk and house, with plenty of old favourites to lift your Thursday night. There’s also a happy hour from 4pm – 7pm, so make sure you take advantage of the cheap drinks.

THE LEFTFOOTERS ARE London’s gay and lesbian recreational football team, and they are celebrating the end of their season with a big party! The event takes place on Sun 10 May at The Two Brewers, with cabaret from Crystal Decanter, Kelly Mild, Lola Lasagne, Lady La Rue, Lady Imelda, Rose Garden and Kandi Kane, plus top tunes from DJ Chris Reardon.

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fe\/'photos Admiral Duncan, Soho

Comptons, Soho

Admiral Duncan, Soho Yard Bar/ The Loft, Soho

Duke of Wellington, Soho

The Marine Tavern, Brighton

Doctor Brightons, Brighton

Vavoom, Brighton

Ku Bar, Soho

Wild Fruit, Brighton

Rebel, Brighton

Freemasons at Revenge, Brighton

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fe\/'marketplace Brighton


Cezanne; Van gogh and Constable. Cezanne and Van Gogh like new. £1, Brighton. 07044 341 280





Published by James S. Virtue, London, 1863. In very good condition. £150. Call Tony on 07909 704 660 for more information

Call to place your FREE advert in the new one80 Marketplace. Advert space is subject to availability. 01273 570 570

Very old iMac. Currently not working but only due to no memory installed. Ideal for spares or upgrade it for first time user. email me for details. FREE to a good home!

Professional web design service available at very affordable rates. Perfect for bars, cafes and restaurants, full set-up provided. Call Charlie on 07985 589 658





Caring, compassionate, responsible young lady available evenings. In Brighton Rates £7.50 p/h Please call Kay on 07756 461 201 References provided upon request.

Responsible driver required for permanent delivery job, roughly 10 hrs per week. Call Johnny on 01273 570570 for more information.

4 years old, red & white. Full paperwork, chipped etc. Excellent temperament, Brighton £400, Hove 0770 475 9004. email



PS2 in great condition, with games including GTA San Andreas, memory card and controllers. £50, call 07740 948 675

Unwanted books from English Literature university course, including some literary classics such as Jane Austen and Wordsworth. 01273 703 812





Sony TV, good condition, black. 3 SCART sockets, comes with stand. Brighton. Call George on 07939 332 474. £250

Cast Iron, black and silver, 20kg dumbell set. Brighton, email thatsourjonny@, £20

Huge Unfurnished Double Bedroom. Amazing Central Location. £400 pcm. Available June 5th 2009. I am looking for some one to live with me and my two cats. Call me on 07756 461 201



£950.00 per month, 2 Bedroom, Apartment property Regency Square, Brighton, East Sussex Fully furnished Tel : 0845 873 8126

£414.00 per month, 1 Bedroom, Bedsit property Oriental Place, Brighton, Close to seafront, shops, resturants and busses. Rent Includes council tax and water. Tel : 0845 873 8126

£625.00 per month, 1 Bedroom, Flat property Surrey Street, Brighton, A great sized one bedroom flat UNFURNISHED Garden Tel : 0845 873 8126

£390.00 per month, 1 Bedroom, Bedsit property Seafield Road, Brighton, Good size room with own kitchen. Rent includes council tax, water and electrisity Tel : 0845 873 8126

£700 PW

£500 PW

£475 PW

£375 PW

£328 PW

£700 pw, 4 Bedrooms - 2 Bathrooms - 2 Reception rooms, one with mezzanine floor, downstairs w.c, large fully fitted kitchen. Call 07881 963 589

3 Bedrooms - 2 Bathrooms - 3 Reception rooms Amazing 3 double bedroom property on Ormeley Road, well presented with great character. Call 07881 963 589

4 Bedrooms - 1 Bathroom - 1 Reception room Beautifully presented 4 bedroom property on Byrne Road. This property consists of three double bedrooms one single bedroom. Call 07881 963 589

2 Bedrooms - 1 Bathroom - 2 Reception rooms Stunning two bedroom garden flat to rent in Oakmead Road, London. The property is an Edwardian maisonette on the ground floor. Call 07881 963 589

4 Bedrooms - 2 Bathrooms - 1 Reception room Delightful 4 / 5 bedroom house on Rogers Road, just off Garratt Lane in Tooting Broadway, with double glazing throughout. Call 07881 963 589


1.2 GLS, 2000(X), 5 door, 73,000 miles, SH, metallic green, low tax and insurance, £1350 Uckfield, 07899 727689 Price: £1350

N283AMK, 91000, saloon, petrol, silver, 5 door, MoT Apr 09, tax Apr 09, good condition, nsh, alarm/immobiliser, cd player, c/locking, drivers airbag, e/windows, p/steering, sunroof, £300 ono, Brighton, 07901 685 449 / 07901 685 449. £200




Spacious Double Bedroom Free off road parking Private Road Has to be seen £300PCM + Bills Contact Simon 07766 028 496 Tel : 0845 873 8126

£1517.00 per month, 5 Bedroom, Terraced property. Hawkhurst Road, Brighton, East SUssex This is high quality student house including landing, 5 bedrooms, seperate toilet, bathroom, lounge, kitchen, Tel : 0845 873 8126

1.8 CL 5dr *AUTOMATIC*, Hatchback, Green, 1996(N), 99000 miles, Central Locking, Power Steering, Electric Windows. Drives and Looks New. £1195.00, D&S Autos, Portslade, 01273 270157

Good quality Samsung Mobile Phone with 5 megapixel camera. Some surface damage, supplied with charger. £60. 01273 703 812

For Rent in Brighton




For Rent in Brighton


For Rent in London

LOVELY ONE BED FLAT in Greenwich SE10. £850 PCM small south facing patio. full central heating and off street parking included in rent. Available end May. Tel Simon 020 7091 7156

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fe\/'hub Mindmatters Energy=Wealth and Contribution2 WHY IS physical energy and exercise important? There is a direct relationship between how much you exercise and your own personal time, as less sleep is needed and life expectancy increases. Do you want more time in the short and long term? Energy or an early exit: the choice is yours! Your life is a balance of Physical Health, Emotions, Relationships, Social Network and your life’s Contribution and Wealth. Physical Health is the powerhouse behind an extraordinary life! There is a direct relationship between your physical health and your wealth and wellbeing. Here’s a suggestion; Make time for yourself for 30-40 minutes each morning. Walk, run, swim or gym - the important

thing is to oxygenate your blood stream which suppresses your appetite and raises your metabolism so you feel energised. It’s also a perfect time for you to program your subconscious for what you want achieve in the day ahead. Make it a MUST before anything else you do and set yourself some exciting fitness goals. Integrate your ‘body and mind tonic time’ into your daily life so that it’s painless and easily fits into your routine. It’s amazing how much time you can save in a day by feeling more energised and being more organised as you’re on top of your game - go on, step up to the challenge! What could you do with a couple of extra hours a day or couple of extra years? Have a great day!

Just Jean Tel 0844 9910094 If you have a problem and you think Jean can help, email

Need help?

TurningJapanese A taste of Japan comes to Brighton courtesy of Moshi Moshi BRIGHTON’S BARTHLOMEW Square is getting a makeover later this month, when it plays host to an authentic Japanese street festival. The brainchild of famed sushi restaurant Moshi Moshi in association wth the Brighton and Hove Japanese Club, the festival runs from Thur 28 to Sun 31 May. Visitors will be

treated to Japanese artists, street market stalls, a sahimi bar, yakitori barbecue, Asahi beer garden, Taiko drummers and more - and on Sat 30 May a mini-music festival takes over from 8pm, with Japanese electro rock bands Leveload, Natccu, Dragolgo and Hanjiro performing live in the square. Unmissable!

Fitcorner Dispelling the myths and lies of the fitness industry HIT THE GREAT outdoors! Wow! Just look at the weather! If you missed the boat in the New Year, this is the month to kick start your fitness regime. This issue I’m going to give you some tips to help you in your new fitness endeavours! 1. Get out there! We’ve got huge parks on our doorstep for long walks and running. The beach has its water sports opportunities and extensive cycle network from Rottingdean to Shoreham. Let’s not forget the glorious Sussex Downs up the road for great cycle rides and rambles. 2. Partner up with someone and take up something new! Join a new outdoor based club. Brighton Kettlebells (www. offer classes right on Hove beach most days. Try the exhilarating Fresh-X class by the guys at ZT (

3. No money? Credit crunch? Guess what? The outdoors is free! Start jogging along the seafront, buy a cheap bike and cycle every other day. Grab some mates and play some frisbee in your local park. 4. This is the best month to integrate fitness in to your life. Ditch the car and start cycling to work; this can burn up to an extra 300 calories per day! Walk instead of taking the tedious bus! Get out in your lunch breaks for energising strolls. See you on the beach!

Moshi Moshi

Christian Vila Personal Training

Opticon, the Lanes, Bartholomew Square Brighton BN1 1JS Tel 01273 719915

Tel 07876 558850

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Need help?

GPtips Pigs might not fly but their viruses certainly do! Dr Satinder Kumar on Swine Flu. NEVER WAS Kermit the Frog under more serious threat from Miss Piggy than now. Swine fever is the newest threat from animal “flu” viruses to humans. Of course this is not a new phenomenon…throughout human evolution viruses have passed from animals to humans and we have steadily developed immunity against them. Viruses are very “clever” in that they can change their genetic shape. A slight change and they give themselves new powers such as being able to jump from the animal they usually infect to humans and cause a more serious illness in their new victims. If the virus has been very clever it will have also acquired the power to pass from one human to another, which is exactly the situation with the current outbreak of

Swine flu. This new version of the virus escapes being killed by the body’s immune system because it is duped in to thinking it’s a totally new virus. Imagine you’ve had a make-over and your friends don’t recognise you and just

walk past …it’s a bit like that. One problem for scientists is accurately predicting how a virus might change its genetic shape in the future. Even if we could do this, we’d still be in the dark about how good that would make the virus at infecting humans and causing

a serious illness. Among pigs, Swine fever is not uncommon but it rarely kills them. In developed countries people who have developed Swine flu have not died from it. Only in Mexico have 150 people died, probably because there are a lot more people infected. So far there have been cases of Swine flu in humans in several countries across the globe, as far apart as Mexico and New Zealand, including two cases in Scotland. What can you do to reduce your chance of getting or passing on the virus? Personal and public hygiene is crucial - so cough or sneeze into tissues and throw them in bin. Wash your hands thoroughly before eating or drinking as viruses can live on surfaces for a while. If you do get flu symptoms contact your GP and stay at home off work.



He’s crazy like a fool....

Kim Lummis does some tough talking on ticks

WHAT ABOUT Daddy Cool? This eight year old wasn’t very happy when he came into the Home with the rest of his family so Cattery staff decided that he would prefer to stay in a room of his own. Since then, he has become much happier and settled into a daily routine. DC needs a calm and mature home with owners who have experience of rescue cats. He has been known to be a lap cat, and in the right home we believe that he will become a very loving addition to his new family.

LAST ISSUE I talked about how to get rid of fleas, this time it’s ticks! Firstly don’t feel daft if you haven’t got a clue what a tick looks like! Ticks hop onto the thinner hair areas of your dog like the face, ears or tummy when they go though long grass - and spring is a prime time. They bite into the skin and as they balloon up with blood they have a grey/white tag or bubble, which would be the bit you would notice. Eventually when they have had their fill, they will fall off. However as they can carry disease such as Lymes disease it is best to remove them. DO NOT ATTEMPT to remove them by hand or with tweezers as you may leave the head behind, causing infection. Also by squashing the blood sac the tick may

The lovely Daddy Cool

Dr. Satinder Kumar


Have you got a question about health? Write and ask Satinder, a gay Brighton-based doctor. Whatever’s on your mind, he’s here to help. Send your questions to All queries will be treated in the strictest of confidence. No names will be used in any published articles.

Dogs and Cats Home Tel 020 7627 9234

throw the toxins back into the host. Safer methods include, covering the little devil in Vaseline (they suffocate and fall off), using a remover such as a “Tick Twister”, or getting your vet to do it. Other people swear by a hot match or cigarette butt, but be really careful if you try this method. Check your dog regularly for ticks, particularly after walks in long grass and/or where livestock are grazing. And if you’re concerned and not sure whether what you are seeing is a tick – go to your vet.


Bark Busters Dog training and therapy service Tel 0808 1004071

Call NOW for a free consultation!

The µFUHGLWFUXQFK¶ getting you down? <RXQHHGDFRDFK <RXU SDVWGRHVQRWGLFWDWH\RXU IXWXUH Let me help you map out a life plan to rapidly achieve your goals! What could you do in a year, or a decade? Let me be your guide to an Extraordinary Life! Live life to the full can you afford not too? A trading name of office 0844-9910094 email


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To advertise please call our sales team on 08706 201 360


COLOURSCENE BUILDERS & DECORATORS â&#x20AC;˘ Conversions â&#x20AC;˘ Extensions â&#x20AC;˘ Patios â&#x20AC;˘ Refurbishment â&#x20AC;˘ Property Maintenance

â&#x20AC;˘ Kitchen â&#x20AC;˘ Bathrooms â&#x20AC;˘ Decorating â&#x20AC;˘ Prompt attention â&#x20AC;˘ Sensible quotations

Tel/Fax 01273 303360 â&#x20AC;˘ Mobile 07850 439460 ?<8CK?








cut out and keep - this saves money for all gay+lesbian holiday places under the sun + citybreaks

!    !                 




now booking IBIZA - itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hot! GRAN CANARIA for sun-sand-sea-sex+sangria great choice + best value from the longest established gay + lesbian holiday company. click / call NOW! tel (01273) 676696 (after 11am) retail agent for A.T.O.L. 2 GEORGE STREET BRIGHTON BN2 1RH


$       %        



HERE? Call

01273 570 570 and speak to our sales team

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To advertise please call our sales team on 01273 570 570

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Best selling recipe book by


HOW TO ORDER YOUR COPY 142 page full colour cookbook • £20 inc post and packaging For a signed copy, please send a cheque payable to Planet Tonywood to: 4 Steine Street, Brighton, BN2 1TE. For credit card purchases please call 08706 201 360 or email Alternativly, direct from or ask your local book shop (Quote ISBN 9781434372840).

Page 2929

fe\/'nosh Charlie’sreview


Tallula’s Tearoom and Restaurant

Taverna Knossos

9 Hampton Place, Brighton BN1 3DA • Tel 01273 710 529

Venetian harbour, Rethymno, Crete

MY LOCAL neighbourhood bistro has recently had a revamp, with a fresh coat of paint, a new chef and new menus. Tallula’s Tea Rooms has long been a favourite of mine. The only place in Brighton where I can get a decent “Rarebit” with or without poached eggs. Open for breakfast, lunch and teas, Tallula’s has plans to open soon in the evenings as well. A bright airy space, with a very warm atmosphere and a homely feel: this is a great place to unwind and enjoy fresh, home cooked food at rea-

sonable prices. Scottish owner, Pete, a lively and entertaining host, has long been famous for his breakfasts including: the “American” – (Homemade Pancakes with Maple Syrup and Bacon and Egg) and “Scottish with Lorne Sausage, Potato Scone, Black Pudding and Haggis”, salmon fishcakes and gorgeous cream teas. Now with the introduction of new chef, Rob (ex Harrys and The Real Eating Company, Pete has added a daily specials

board, salads and some moreish desserts. The new menu offers: starters of: “Homemade Chicken Liver Pate”, “Tomato and Lentil Soup”, salads such as “Prawn and Avocado”, “Beetroot and Feta” and a “Chicken Caesar”. For mains choose from: “Bangers and Mash”, “Lambs Liver and Bacon”, “Fish and Chips” and delicious homemade burgers. If you fancy a dessert, on offer are: Banana Split, Lemon Meringue Pie, and Chocolate Fudge Cake with Ice – Cream. Starters are around £4, mains £6-8 and desserts £3-4. Portions are very generous. Tallula’s also boasts the widest range of organic teas and coffees in Brighton. You can also enjoy a delicious Sunday lunch here for around £8. So next time you are on Western Road take a little detour up Hampton Place and visit Tallula’s for a home cooked treat. Pete and his team guarantee you a bonny welcome!

Charlie’s Kitchen recipes

Chicken Fricasee Charlie style! Oh my God! A French friend I haven’t seen in years has just rung me to say that he is in Brighton! I’ve only got about an hour to whip up something delicious. Sacre bleu!

INGREDIENTS • 4 chicken fillets per person • 8 large cup mushrooms (finely sliced) • 1/2 teaspoon flour • 2 tablespoons créme fraiche • 2 tablespoons dry sherry • 1/2 teaspoon dry oregano • Squeeze of lemon • 1/2 tablespoon olive oil • Salt and pepper to taste

METHOD • Dust the chicken fillets with flour, salt and pepper • Heat the olive oil in a frying pan and cook the fillets for 3 minutes on each side • Remove from the pan and set aside • Add the mushrooms to the chicken juices in the pan and cook for 30 seconds • Add the dry oregano and sherry and simmer for a minute • Remove from the heat and allow to cool for a couple of minutes • Add the chicken fillets and gently stir in the créme fraiche and mix in well with the sherry jus • Return to the stove and simmer for a further minute TO SERVE • Dish up on a bed of rice or creamy mashed potato or just a fresh green salad with hunks of crusty bread. Oooh la la…

Charlie runs Tasty Delish – modern, delicious food cooked in your own kitchen with menus tailor made to your individual requirements and budget. For a free quote on your private lunch, drinks party or dinner party contact Charlie on 07910 011097

WHEN I’M occasionally let out of the office, I like to skip over to Crete for a spot of relaxation, Greek-style. I nearly always make the beautiful harbour town of Rethymno my destination - a world away from most tourist destinations, the stunning Old Town is a mix of Greek, Venetian and Turkish influences. And while your Euro may not buy you quite as much as it once did, you can still enjoy some of the best food the island has to offer without break-

ing the bank. Nestling in the gorgeous Venetian harbour, Taverna Knossos is rightly famed in the town. Specialising in freshly caught seafood, family matriarch Mama Anna delivers a knock-out taste sensation every time. Whether it’s catch of the day, lobster or calamari, each dish revels in its own simplicity and inherent flavour, enhanced only by a handful of herbs and some lemon juice. It’s not all fish though - the saganaki (grilled

Greek cheese on a bed of roasted vegetables) is to die for, and the traditional Greek salad is quite simply the best I’ve ever tasted. Anna’s daughter Maria tends to the front of house, and has no qualms about telling you not to order something if she thinks the quality isn’t up to scratch - a refreshing change from the usual tourist traps. If you’re planning a visit to Crete this summer, make sure you drop in to Taverna Knossos - you won’t regret it, trust me!

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fe\/'back page

Starswith Russell Grant 1 May - 14 May ARIES 21 March - 20 April Energy levels are high. You may not feel like entering the Olympics but you can come out on top in any team events. A little competition can be a good thing; it gives you momentum, impetus and the dynamism to pull all the stops out to achieve your goals. In addition to feeling competitive you’re on a physical high so go for anything new and challenging that will push your mind and body to the limit. Your desire to win comes out in force.

TAURUS 21 April - 21 May Compromise will bring a new sense of harmony into your relationships. If you’re involved in a group or team effort, new agreements will help you make better progress. Within a partnership, you give each other strength enough to see through any troubled times ahead. Plans for improving your finances will gradually gain momentum but don’t trust unreliable people or this could backfire on you and harm your closest relationships..

I SAW YOU - we spoke on the step outside the Bulldog on Tuesday evening 14 April. You from Worthing, me a skinhead. We spoke about your garden. Fancy meeting for a drink? Ian cosmicorderingsystem@

I SAW YOU sitting in Red Roaster. You have beautiful blue eyes - you know who I am because you couldn’t stop looking at me.

I SAW YOU around Old Compton Street - Aussie accent, quite tall, auburn hair, big blue eyes, with female friend. Maybe Italian? Contact me, uncle1anthony@aol.

I SAW YOU at Sunday Sundae. You - blonde girl, white sunglasses - you took my breath away! redmenace20@yahoo.

I SAW YOU in Hudson and Bridges on Eastern Road, reading the Independent and having a bowl of soup. You’re delicious!

I SAW YOU at Leicester Square Tube in your gym gear. We both got off at Liverpool St. You ran up the escalator in front of me and disappeared! Get in touch please.

GEMINI 22 May - 21 June Events at the end of the month bring a whole new change of scene as you deal with unfamiliar and unexplored circumstances. Connected to these will be an increased sense of purpose and success will be seen through you taking on a leadership role. You will feel decidedly comfortable about taking charge of events and assuming a leadership role and why others will be more than happy to follow wherever you lead.


CANCER 22 June - 23 July

In group activities you are given a chance to air your opinions. You will be surprisingly candid about your feelings. People will sit up and take notice of what you have to say so be prepared to take the lead even if this takes you and the people around you into uncharted territory. You might get the urge to attend a community gathering or join forces with a campaigning group to changes things for the better in your workplace or neighbourhood.

LEO 24 July - 23 August A confrontation with someone in a position of power or authority could have deeper consequences than imagined. Get involved with other people’s problems and they’ll start taking over your life. Trying to save time by cutting corners makes you careless in your work and will create tension. It will be a good idea to concern yourself with your own affairs and leave others to sort themselves out while you focus on your own important cash or career concerns.

VIRGO 24 August - 23 September A strong desire to follow your intuition takes you away from familiar places. This might not meet with your partner’s approval. It’s time to face facts about your relationships. You need challenge and excitement. You’re at a stage of your life when new opportunities beckon. You will feel frustrated if the people around you don’t share your sense of adventure and aren’t prepared to boldly go wherever you might take them. Could they be right?

LIBRA 24 September - 23 October You will feel 100% better if you can make a break with your regular routines and do something completely different over the next few days. The rewards will be refreshing and revitalising. Some physical exertion will do you a power of good and make you feel even fitter. Your versatility can be shown to its full potential at work if you take on new challenges and by proving you can do more than people think your professional status will rise.

Competitiontime FANCY A musical night of passion, love and emotion, mixed with intrigue, twists and turns in love? The Sussex Symphony Orchestra is to present an evening of supremely popular and romantic music from the operatic works

The Sussex Symphony Orchestra

SCORPIO 24 October - 22 November A need to succeed determines how you manage your time. You will work best on your own and current tasks will be completed in half the time, once you find your own space. Currently you could do without any interference or “help” from the people around you. Money matters need patience and family affairs need diplomacy. In most areas you know you are right and eventually your nearest and dearest will admit that you know best!

SAGITTARIUS 23 November - 21 December Health, diet and medical matters capture your attention now. If you want to live a healthier lifestyle, do something about it now. You could change your whole life for the better with regular exercise, sensible eating habits and holistic living that will make you stronger emotionally and more able to cope with everyday stresses. This time of personal reform and total transformation can be used to your long term personal and professional advantage.

of Puccini, with international soloists Catrin Aur Davies and Andrew Rees, together with conductor Mark Andrew James. “This will be an evening of unashamed indulgence, where we will take a journey through some of the most beautiful and well loved music ever written,” explains Mark. “Favourite arias will include Your Tiny Hand is Frozen from La Boheme, to One Fine Day from Madame Butterfly and not forgetting Nessun Dorma from Turandot to

conclude the evening.” This is one of the penultimate concerts of the Brighton Festival Fringe on Saturday 23 May, 7.30pm at St Bartholomew’s Church, Ann Street, Brighton. We have 10 pairs of tickets to give away to the Gala – just answer this question: What opera features the aria Your Tiny Hand is Frozen? Send your answers to competition@brightonfestival by Wednesday, May 20.

CONGRATULATIONS TO last issue’s competition winner! Ron Anderson of Brighton won tickets to see Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at the Theatre Royal in Brighton.

CAPRICORN 22 December - 20 January


Joint financial or legal concerns that may have been postponed will now move forward with excellent results. Someone close might seem changeable or uncertain. You’re making some big decisions so they will feel a little unsettled if you don’t keep them up to speed. You must stay focused and on task because you’ve already made big decisions about where you want to go, what you want to do and what your long term aims are.

© Sudoku puzzle provided by

AQUARIUS 21 January - 19 February You need a change and you’re desperate to get out and about. Friends are not likely to have your energy so you may have to go and find some fun on your own then come back and enjoy telling everyone about it. The social scene could soon start to clash with work matters. You’re keen to get cracking on a number of projects now but don’t get too carried away. Start too many things now and you may pay the price in times to come.


PISCES 20 February - 20 March

There’s a lot of emphasis on things such as ideas and communication. You’re bubbling over with enthusiasm for projects you want to begin or continue. You might even come up with the solution to hassles and headaches you’ve been having difficulties with lately. You’ve been worrying rather a lot over nothing recently and all of a sudden you realise some things aren’t half so bad as you thought they were and you can start smiling again.

 Text a Psychic - Text BRI followed by your question to 86600. Each text reply costs £1.50, plus your usual network charge. Speak to one of Russell’s hand chosen Psychics - call 0906 539 0740. Calls cost £1.50/min from a BT Landline. Calls recorded 18+ RGA Po Box 322, WA15 8YL

Complete the grids so that every row, column, 3x3 box contain just the digits 1 to 9.

Complete the grids so that every row, column, 3x3 box contain just the digits 1 to 9. Number indicates total of dotted box


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