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Issue 45 • Friday 27 March - Thursday 9 April 2009


PENGUIN PICKET Outcry at extremist group’s plan to protest at London school

GAY RIGHTS activists are condemning God Hates Fags, the notorious anti-gay American extremist organisation which is pressing ahead with plans to protest outside an East London school this Friday. The group, also known as the Westboro Baptist Church, has targeted George Tomlinson School after it staged a week of special classes designed to educate pupils about gay relationships, including a story about two male penguins falling in love and a retelling of Romeo and Juliet entitled Romeo and Julian. Parents who withdrew their children from the lessons are currently facing action from Waltham Forest Council. A news release on the church’s website announces that the protest will take place outside the “fag-infested” school. The statement reads: “God Hates Fags! & Fag Enablers. Ergo, God hates the UK and the Tom-

linson School fag tyranny, where conscientious parents face religious persecution for withdrawing their children from lessons on lying fag so-called history.” While group founder Fred Phelps is not expected to attend following a recent Home Office ban on his entering the country, it is feared other members of the group will travel to the UK to picket the school. A spokesperson for the UK Border Agency said: “We continue to oppose the entry to the UK of individuals where we believe their presence is not conducive to the public good.” Derek Munn, Director of Public Affairs for gay rights group Stonewall, was quick to lambast the protest: “Such ludicrous and hateful views will find no support in Britain,” he told one80news. “If they find their way to our shores, we’re certain they won’t be welcomed.” The protest is due to take place on Fri 27 Mar at 2pm.

An earlier protest in the US. Pic © AP Photo/The Morning Journal, Paul M Walsh



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New venue set in 20 acre country club Free entry Cabaret every week Private car park for 200 cars Superb sound system Fantastic laser & light show Pub priced drinks 8pm - 2am

EVERY SATURDAY A20 Sidcup by pass Chislehurst, Kent. BR7 6HL TEL: 020 8309 1012

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Wrist slap for BBC over Will Young jibe

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Moyles: “Hostile and pejorative”

THE BBC is in hot water with media watchdog Ofcom after it was found to be in breach of the Broadcasting Code. The regulator ruled that comments made by Radio 1 breakfast DJ Chris Moyles about Will Young could have been construed by listeners to be “hostile and pejorative”. During his show on Tues 20 Jan Moyles broadcast spoofs of Young’s hits Evergreen and Leave Right Now, changing the lyrics to “I’m here, it’s Will’s birthday and as the years go by I get more very gay. When you saw me years ago you didn’t know, but now I’m the gayest fella you probably know.” While Ofcom’s findings accepted that Moyles’s comments were not intended to

Hate law bill sparks debate A BILL OUTLAWING inflammatory expressions of homophobia is stronger after a House of Commons vote removed an amendment allowing for “discussion or criticism” of sexual practices. The news has met with a mixed response however, with some quarters arguing that the removal of the amendment, a cross-party effort led by Labour’s David Taylor, threatens the concept of free speech and may lead to prosecutions of entertainers making “gay” jokes. Speaking to the Daily Mail, gay actor Christopher Biggins said: “Showbiz, camp theatrics and dazzling wit helped to pave the way for gay rights. They should be cherished, not suppressed. It is bitterly ironic that, in the name of tolerance, the government should be marching towards

Tues -Thurs lunch & dinner, Friday lunch & Sunday dinner. Available now until March 31st 2009.

T & C apply

than someone who tries to make homophobia cool, in a way that racism isn’t.” Ofcom’s ruling states that the corporation must now “take particular care to avoid potentially discriminatory treatment or language directed against sections of society. This is particularlty important in programmes which children are likely to listen to.” The BBC has yet to announce what, if any, action will be taken against Moyles.

Will Young

THT calls for addiction action

such a culture of intolerance.” Shadow Justice Secretary Dominic Grieve also spoke of his support for the amendment, saying that “We cannot have a working democracy without the underpinning of freedom of speech, which also requires the tolerance of the opinions of individuals who we may think are either bonkers or which we dislike.” The government remains adamant that the removal of the loophole will mean more protection for the LGBT community, and that the law would be used in a reasonable manner. Justice minister Bridget Prentice said that people voicing concerns about sexual behaviour “do not need to fear that they will be caught by the criminal law.” The amendment was defeated by 328 votes to 174.

Munch Crunch Menu - £12 pp (3 course satirical menu) Terre à Verre Menu - £30 (Tapas, Chips and Wine Carafe for Two)

be homophobic, his use of “an effeminate and high pitched voice” was thought to re-inforce anti-gay stereotypes. It also noted that, with a high proportion of young listeners, the broadcast could have encouraged children to engage in homophobic bullying. “It’s about time maverick homophobic DJs like Chris Moyles were reined in by the BBC. Stonewall research has found gay lives are five times more likely to be portrayed in negative terms than positive ones on the BBC,” says Derek Munn, Stonewall’s Director of Public Affairs. “Lesbian and gay taxpayers deserve better value for money for their licence fees. And young people deserve a better role model

MUCH MORE needs to be done to help gay men who are addicted to drugs or alcohol, according to the Terrence Higgins Trust. Wasted Opportunities, a new study into what services are available, found that existing services are poorly equipped to help gay men who have a problematic relationship with drugs or alcohol. “The report confirms that problematic drug and alcohol use is very common among gay and bisexual men,” said Peter Weatherburn, the director of Sigma Research, who carried out the survey. “One in six gay men is concerned about their use of alcohol and/or other drugs, with alcohol causing more concern than all the other drugs put together.” Furthermore, researchers found that the substance abuse was down to problems with self-

identity as gay men, with many reporting conflicting feelings about their sexuality or nervousness about how they were perceived on the gay scene. Since honest communication and understanding plays a vital role in dealing with alcohol and drug-related problems, it was felt that gay or gay-friendly services were needed. “It’s clear from these findings that a lot of gay men who have a problem with drugs or alcohol could benefit from more dedicated support services,” said Marc Thompson, deputy head of health promotion for THT. “We hope that by introducing services that are more tailored to gay men, we would see an increase in the numbers of men getting the help they need.”

Terre à Terre, 71 East Street, Brighton, BN1 1HQ

t: 01273729051


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fe\/'e\nj one80home news

Long live love 3SIXTY, THE national gay lifestyle magazine, is launching its Summer of Love with a nationwide search to find Britain’s longest-running gay couple - with some fantastic prizes for the winning pair. “We know that there are lots of gay couples out there that have been in incredibly long lasting relationships,” says

3SIXTY publisher Tony V. “We want to prove that gay couples enjoy long, happy relationships in exactly the same way that straight people do. And in a culture that is often accused of focussing on youth, we decided we’d highlight gay couples whose partnerships have stood the test of time.”

All couples from the LGBT community are eligible to enter the competition, and the eventual winners will be the entrants who can prove they’ve been together the longest. Prizes for the winning pair include an weekend in Brighton’s luxurious MyHotel, a case of wine from Pink Elephant, a three course dinner for two at the Pitcher and Piano restaurant, a commemorative CD featuring audio by the couple and a £500 voucher from bespoke jeweller Michael Rose. One of the most exciting parts of the prize is a fifteen minute professionally produced and recorded radio programme by Faux Show. The show will record your story, present it in a real news story-style documentary and

Arise, Sir Nick

No protection in gay domestic violence

TERRENCE HIGGINS TRUST chief Nick Partridge had a date with the Queen last week, picking up his knighthood at Buckingham Palace. Sir Nick was awarded the honour for his services to healthcare. He joined THT in 1985, becoming its Chief Executive in 1991. “I’m absolutely delighted. This is great recognition of the pioneering work of Te r r e n c e Higgins Trust,” said Par tr idge. “I’m very pr ivileged to be honoured in this way.”

A MAN ACCUSED of murdering his ex-boyfriend by setting him on fire, if found guilty, would still escape being listed on the planned abusive partners register because he and the victim were the same sex. The loophole means that “those in same sex relationships will remain at risk of attack from their partner,” according to gay domestic violence charity, Broken Rainbow. Nadim Kurrimbukus, 25, of Heath Road, Hounslow is accused of dousing 23-year-old Charlie Davis with petrol and setting him on fire in a tragic act of revenge after the couple split up. Kurrimbuks and his friend Yusuf Dulloo, 27, of Ashton Gardens, Hounslow

are alleged to have superglued Davis’s front door shut and lain in wait for him to return home. “Policies tackling domestic violence are welcome, but they persistently exclude samesex domestic violence,” says Rita Hirani, Consultant CEO of Broken Rainbow. “We still get reports of the wrong person being arrested because of stereotypical views on samesex relationships.” Research carried out by the charity shows that one in four gay people will at some stage become victims of domestic violence. Despite this, the group claims many LGBT people won’t report the abuse for fear of not being believed or because they will out themselves if they do so.

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Issue 45 • Friday 27 March - Thursday 9 April 2009


MOWED DOWN? Council stand-off: tidy grass versus help for homeless gay teens


COUNCILLORS ARE AT WAR over whether a new scheme to help get homeless gay kids off the street is needed in Brighton. The proposals, passed at a meeting last week despite Tory opposition, would see housing staff trained by LGBT homelessness charity, The Albert Kennedy Trust. For the plans to become policy they must still be ratified by the Conservative Cabinet Member for Housing. Green Councillor Bill Randall put forward the motion after claiming a previous budget meeting had turned down the plans because the Tories wanted to spend the money on cutting grass. Housing Cabinet Member Maria Caulfield defended that decision stating that all housing staff are already trained by Allsorts, a local LGBT youth charity.

“Allsorts is a very good organisation but it’s not a specialist housing organisation” says Randall. “The Albert Kennedy Trust is a niche service that provides a very important, specialist, resource that will complement what other groups are doing”. Councillor Randall went on to claim that he had no idea why Conservative members oppose the plans. “Rather than bring in another service provider we want to provide services that are sustainable” says Councillor Dee Simmons, Conservative Member for Equality. “We’re providing a new LGBT housing strategy and LGBT housing officer that is probably costing a lot more than the proposals.” A 2002 study by the University of Brighton showed the extent of homelessness in the city, with nearly a fifth of gay men having, at some stage, traded sex for a roof over their head.


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include vox-pops comments from friends and family. If you’d like to enter, or would like to nominate someone you know, see the April issue of 3SIXTY magazine, out now at venues across the UK.

watch BRIGHTON FRINGE, the third largest arts festival in the world, kicks off on Sat 2 May. This year’s event features more than 700 shows across 200 venues during its three week run. “This year’s fringe is the biggest ever and although we have got used to saying that in the last four years it is a particular achievement under the present economic circumstances,” says Nick Stockman, Executive Manager of the Fringe. “The fact that there are 700 events this year is a testament to the artistic drive and creativity of the participants, the attractive atmosphere that exists in Brighton and the hard work and determination of the Fringe staff. I must say how pleased I am with the new online box office system, completely revamped from last year. Sales are very strong through the web as people discover how quick and easy it is to book online and throughout the weeks to come we will be rolling out new features to help the customer including ‘Amazon’ style recommendations, an RSS feed and extra web pages for promoters to go into more detail about their shows.” The countdown commenced in spectacular style at the official launch event held on Brighton Pier earlier this month, where the Fringe programme was unveiled for the first time. See page 17 for pictures.

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fe\/'e\nj one80bitesize London


Call for action

Pride needs you

ANTI-GAY HATE crime needs a more co-ordinated police approach, according to a survey from the LGBT anti-violence group Galop and the Metropolitan Police. The report found that around half of people who reported an attack to a support organisation had not contacted the police, with one in five respondents citing fear of a negative response from police as the reason. Deborah Gold, Chief Executive of Galop said that the report, Filling in the Blanks “highlights the need for the police, local authorities and others in the London criminal justice system to provide a more consistent service across the capital.”

WOULD YOU like to get involved with Brighton and Hove Pride 2009? Organisers are inviting anyone who’d like to be a part of this year’s festival to a special event on Mon 6 Apr at the Queens Hotel (6pm-8pm), where attendees will be able to share their experiences and find out how the UK’s largest free Pride festival takes shape. If you’d like to come along contact the Pride office on 01273 775939 or email office@brightonpride. org. Pride is also looking for up to 200 volunteers to fill a variety of roles - find an application form at

Gaiety theatre MUSIC HALL, that very British form of entertainment, returns to Brighton with a bang this April, as Betty Swollocks presents an Easter Eggstravaganza at the Latest Music Bar on Sun 12 Apr. Promising a vintage blend of comedy, popular song and speciality acts, the evening will also see the unveiling of Betty’s latest incarnation, legend of the music halls Betty Love (below).

Appeal denied A CHRISTIAN registrar who refused to perform civil partnerships has been denied leave to appeal against being disciplined. Lillian Ladele, who originally won a tribunal against Islington Council for discrimination against her beliefs, was trying to appeal a later decision that the tribunal was wrong.

Pic © Edward Bagshaw at Ocean Colour Brighton Ltd. Kodak Express

An ab-fab auction Nightlife award SEXUAL HEALTH charity Terrence Higgins Trust is celebrating after a successful Lighthouse Gala Auction. The event, now in its thirteenth year, saw Tracey Emin, Nancy Dell’Olio and Yasmin Le Bon engaged in a fierce bidding war over a private recital by the acclaimed cellist Jamie Walton – eventually resolved when he agreed to offer two recitals. Over £250,000 was raised at the auction, held at Christies. “We’re delighted the auction was such a success,” says THT’s Director of Fundraising Debbie Holmes. “We’d like to thank everyone involved.”

CITY BOSSES are thrilled at the success of their Walking Challenge. The scheme, which aims to get people walking 10,000 paces a day, has so far seen more than 1500 locals claiming their free pedometer. If you would like one, email or email stating where and when you walk and why you’d like a pedometer and including your postal address.

Bowie’s Beacon AUDIO PLAYS host to Bowiesque on Sat 11 Apr. The seven-piece David Bowie tribute band, who re-create the Thin White Duke’s golden era of the late sixties to mid-seventies, will be raising funds for the HIV/AIDS charity the Sussex Beacon. With their very own ‘Bowie clone’ fronting the band, it’s often apparently hard to tell the tribute from the original. Decide for yourself and help raise funds for an extremely worthy cause.

Tracey Emin (l) with Queen WAG Nancy Dell’Olio. Pic © Piers Allardyce

Beat the crunch THE GAY BUSINESS Association is holding a workshop on how to beat the recession on Wed 15 April at the Andaz Hotel, Liverpool St, London. The meeting is open to everyone, and it aims to suggest ways of working smarter, reducing costs and maximising profits. Admission to the event is free, visit for more information.


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fe\/'community GEMS warm up winter Walk this gay THE GAY SCENE as a whole is often accused of neglecting the older generation - and it’s perhaps a fair criticism, as the more visible aspects of gay culture tend to focus on youth and clubbing. However, the Gay Elderly Men’s Society (GEMS) exists to provide a much-needed social network for this evergrowing section of the com-

Full toss

Celebrating five years of the Gay Sussex Walking Group

Gay cricket - the future!

WITH SPRING arriving in spectacular style, there’s never been a better time to stretch your legs and get out into the countryside – so why not join GAYSWAG, the Gay Sussex walking group, and turn exercise into a social occasion? The group celebrates its fifth birthday this month, and is always looking for new members to swell their ranks. “It’s hard to believe that we have been going for five years now,” says walk convener David Wiseman. “We totalled up the walks so far and discovered if you had done them all you would have walked from same distance as from Lands End to John O’Groats, but it’s not a route march- it’s a social thing mainly.” For details on upcoming walks and how to join GAYSWAG, visit the website - details below.

CONTINUING THE outdoors theme, it’s time to highlight Grace’s Cricket Club, the first and possibly only gay cricket club in the world. While both football and rugby enjoy significant gay support, cricket, despite being enjoyed by thousands of gay fans, still has something of a low profile in the LGBT community - something the club seeks to rectify. Founded in 1996, Grace’s plays around twenty-five games every season in and around London. Their home ground is Peter May Sports Centre, near Walthamstow in North East London - see the website for details of upcoming matches and how to join.



Gay Elderly Mens Society Tel 01273 737433

Gay Sussex Walking Group

Grace’s Cricket Club

The Gay Elderly Men’s Society provides a voice for an under-represented generation munity. The Society holds regular social events and outings, the most recent of which was A Winter’s Delight, a Winter Pride event held at Dorset Gardens Methodist Church. Attended by the Mayor of Brighton and Hove, Gary Peltzer Dunn - a longtime supporter of GEMS - the evening was a huge success, with a buffet, an art exhibition

(L-R): Brighton and Hove Mayor Garry Peltzer Dunn, Mrs Chip Peltzer Dunn, and Peter Otto of GEMS

from local painters including Peter Amos and a special concert by Greg Moore, who thrilled the audience with a well-chosen selection of favourites old and new, plus his own arrangement of The Killers’ Human. A delightful evening indeed, and one which proves that you can’t take the shine off these particular gems.

Greg Moore sings for his supper

Communityhelplines BRIGHTON & HOVE

QAccess 4 All LGBT disabled support group (01273) 721 211 QAllsorts Youth Project Tel: (01273) 721211 Email: uk QBLAGSS Brighton Lesbian & Gay Sports Society.0845 65 BLAGS QBrighton Bandits FC (01273) 6222273

QBrighton Bothways Group for the bi-sexual, bi-curious and their friends

QBrighton & Hove Disabled Dykes (01273) 204050 Email:

QBrighton & Hove LGBT Switchboard (01273) 204050 www.switchboard.

QBrighton LGBT Meditation Group 07789900568 QBrighton Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) Brighton URC Tel. (01273) 681101www.brightwavesmccbrighton.

QBrighton Ourstory Project (01273) 206655

QBrighton Women’s Centre 72 High St, Brighton. (01273) 698036. QCAB HIV Project (01273) 327474 QCheek To Cheek LGBT dance classes (01273) 604834 QClare Project (Transexual/ gender identity counselling 07776 232100 QClaude Nicol Centre - NHS Sexual Health Clinic Royal Sussex County Hospital, Eastern Rd (01273) 664721 QGAYSWAG - Gay Sussex Walking Group 0870 7605476 QGEMS Twice monthly meeting for those over 50 (01273) 737433 QLawson Unit - HIV Clinic Royal Sussex County Hospital, Eastern Rd (01273) 664722 QLesbian & Gay Advocacy Project Guidance with mental health problems (01273) 739847. QLesbian and Gay AA Meets every Sunday at 7.30pm Chapel Royal, North St, BN1 (01273) 203343. QLGBT Narcotics Anonymous Group (NA) Meets every Friday from 6pm 61 Ship Street, BN1 (01273) 604604. QMindout Guidance for LGBT with mental health problems.

(01273) 739847 QPride in Brighton & Hove For information or to volunteer call (01273) 775939

QRise (formerly The Women’s Refuge Project) domestic violence charity 01273 622822 QSpectrum LGBT community group (01273) 723123

QThe Sussex Beacon - HIV care centre. (01273) 694222

QTerrence Higgins Trust (THT) - sexual health/HIV charity. 61 Ship St, (01273) 764200

QTrans Swimming Trans swimming group every Monday 8.30pm Call 07867 741025 for venue details QUNISEX SEXUAL HEALTH PROMOTION University sexual health & drug/alcohol awareness service (01273) 678 641 QWarren Brown Unit Testing & treatment for sexual transmitted infections (01273) 461453. QWilde Clinic - Sexual Health Clinic for gay/bi men Weds: 6pm-9pm at the Lawson Unit. (01273) 664722


(0207) 7042040 QGay Asia Meets Group for gay/bisexual Asian and Oriental men QGaywise LGBT arts group

QAntidote Drug and alcohol support (0207) 4372523 www.

QGrace’s Cricket Club

QAlbert Kennedy Trust Supoort for young homeless LGBT people (0207) 831 6562

QBeau Belles Under 25 LGBT social group (0208) 4961530 beaubelles

QCara Life Spiritual support for those living with HIV (0207) 2436147 QCourage (GLB Christian organisation (01483) 301411

QDepression Alliance LGB Support Group (0845) 1232320 QDiversity Chamber Choir Singing social www.diversitychoir.

QEve Club Lesbian social (07890) 777464 QFamilies Together London Support for parents of LGBT kids (0208) 87442

Q4playsquash London Sports group QFreestyle Youth Under 25 group (0207) 0648383 www.

QGalop Community safety

QIrons Golf Society Gay golf group (07801) QKings Cross Steelers RFC Gay rugby team (07767) 232909 QLesbian and Gay Conservation Volunteers Environment group (0207) 2784294 QLGBT Consortium Parenting Group Support for parents of LGBT kids (0207) 0648383

Switchboard (0207) 8377324

QLondon Raiders Softball Club Mixed gay and lesbian softball club QLondon Transsexual Information Support & Social Group (0208) 3557413 email QMenzlink Gay male social group (0208) 5093898 QMetro Centre LGBT service provider (0208) 3055000 www.

QMosaic Youth Group Under 19 group 07931 336668 www.

QOctopus Gay social group (0208) 2702006

QLondon Bi Women’s Group

QPACE Counselling and advocacy (0207) 3595767 www.

QLondon Friend Counselling/bereavement service (0207) 78373337

QPink Therapy LGBT therapy organisation (0207) 4340367

QRomans AFC Football club

QLondon Frontrunners Gay and lesbian running group 07092 346340

QLondon Gay Men’s Chorus (0845) 8382059 QLondon Gay Symphony Orchestra 07963 853099 www.

QSoho Masses LGBT Catholics. (0208) 9860807 QStonewall Housing Housing advice for the LGBT community (0207) 3595767 www.

QThames Reach Housing Association (0208) 4631177

QLondon Lesbian and Gay

one80news community listings Free to non-profit organisations that offer help, advice or a service to the LGBT community. If you would like to add your listings to this page please send to one week prior to publication date.

Location, Location, Location. that’s smarterthinking

SONNET COURT, SHELLEY ROAD, WORTHING BN11 4BY A select collection of just 14 luxury two bedroom apartments with balconies†, offering 846 – 1272 sq ft, a secure gated basement car park plus the highest specification and finish for which Banner Homes is renowned, all just minutes from the beach.

Prices from £235,000.

Come and visit this stunning development today!

Selling agents: 01903 262620

Marketing Suite & Show Apartment open Thursday to Monday, 10.00am to 5.00pm. call 0845 899 0577. Photography shows Sonnet Court. †Available on selected plots only.

2 double bedroom flat in popular area of hove available immediately. £795

Superb 2 bedroom top floor apartment finished to a luxurious standard in brand new development. £1195

Very nice and well presented 1 bedroom flat bright and spacious and good standard bright and spacious and very good standard

Recently built contemporary three bedroom house with parking located behind Sussex Square close to Brighton and the Marina. £1250

Recently refurbished to an extremely high standard, a large ground floor on bedroom flat in an attractive period building located in the heart of Kemp Town Village

Well presented, large 4 bedroom semi detached house with 3 floors. £1350

2 bedroom ground floor flat in a great location in Hove close to shops and near to seafront.

Modern 2 bed with seperate study. Located in St.Jame’s Street a desirable and central location. £950

3/4 bedroom house with own private garden and good sized rooms, situated in Portslade. £1050

Good size 3 bedroom house with 2 reception rooms, and both front and back gardens.

Lovely 2 bedroom property in Kemp Town, close to seafront and St James Street.

Lovely sized 3 bedroom property in the Hanover area with good sized rooms and decor

Good sized one bedroom second floor east facing flat in an attractive well maintained period building. £625


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fe\/'essential arts & ents Electro-a-go-go

World of Baobab

A Madonna More of wishlist Morrison

Komedia in Brighton hosts its own mini-festival of electronica - synthtastic! NOEL COWARD, showing some astonishing prescience, once said “extraordinary how potent cheap music is” – a sentiment that most definitely applies to the electronic genre. Derided for not being “real” enough, (as if the presence of guitars is somehow enough to guarantee quality) music created on a keyboard has faced a long struggle to escape the ‘bedroom boffin’ image foisted upon it by rock critics. Yet if you think about it, electropop has given us some of the most affecting, enduring moments in the musical pantheon – Enola Gay by OMD, Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles and Ghosts by Japan, to name just a smattering. Katja Von Kassell Now, the first

Brighton Electrofest at Komedia seeks to redress the balance, with a host of performers gathering to celebrate the Fairlight era on Sat 4 Apr. Headlining the event is Speak and Spell, the acclaimed Depeche Mode tribute band, returning to Brighton after their acclaimed shows last year. They’ll be joined by 80s legends Oppenheimer Analysis, gothic synth-popsters Digitalis and Brighton’s very own electro duo This Mono Galaxy. Also on the bill is electronica’s answer to Marlene Dietrich - the fantastic Katja Von Kassell, with her Electro Weimar Cabaret. Plastikmann, one of the biggest stars in Germany’s electro scene, will keep the sounds coming between acts and also heads up the aftershow party from 11pm. See below for website details and ticket info.


Electrofest Komedia, 44-47 Gardner St Brighton, BN1 1UN Tel 01273 647100 Tickets £8 advance / £10 on door. Doors 3.30pm


Forthcoming release


FORMED IN Senegal in 1970, Orchestra Baobab is one of Africa’s most enduring and popular bands. Taking Afro-Cuban rhythms and blending them with influences as diverse as Congolese rumba and Creole melodies, this veteran collective has just released its latest album, Made in Dakar, which Uncut magazine hailed for its “spellbinding rhythms and relaxed late-night grooves”. Playing at the Brighton Dome Concert Hall on Fri 3 Apr, Orchestra Baobab’s performance caps an amazing winter season of world music in Brighton.

HERE WE GO: Madonna’s last release for Warners will be a Greatest Hits, due in September. Here’s what we want - a quadruple CD of every single, in their original forms. No remixes, no Q Sound, no dodgy edits. By all means airbrush the lady herself, but not history. Three new tracks, put some clothes on for the cover shot and call it UltraMadonna. Hello, biggest selling album of all time. Of course Madonna is a contrary old bird, so she’ll probably re-record everything with a depressed mandolin player from Romania just to piss us off. Will she never learn?

GRAVEL-VOICED, unshaven, unkempt-hair: it can only be James Morrison, aka the 21st century Joe Cocker. Despite being super-talented, photogenic and knowing his way around a catchy tune, the Morrison bandwagon looked decidely shaky last year. Until, that is, Broken Strings, the rather splendid duet with Nelly Furtado, took him to new chart heights and rescued parent album Songs For You, Truths For Me from its dumper-bound downward trajectory. Playing at the HMV Apollo on Mon 30 Mar and the Royal Albert Hall on Tues 31 Mar.

TalentSpotters Adam’s Pick: Fe-Nix PLEASE WELCOME the truly ghetto fabulous all girl RnB-cumdance four piece hailing from London: Fe-Nix. They’ve already got Jacko on board as a big fan and are soon to support N-Dubz on their UK sell out tour! On top of which, they’ve even been chosen to model Apple Bottom Jeans for 2009 (you may recall made famous by Flo Rida banging on about fur-trimmed boots). Already being hailed as the bad girls of pop, Fe-Nix bring a frankly refreshing eclectic blend of RnB, dance, garage and hip hop together to produce the utterly infectious Lady Baby. Rather reminiscent of the early noughties’ Mis-teeq but with the modern blend of Booty Luv, Lady Baby will be a sigh of relief to all those RnB lovers out there and looks set to whip up a few face-offs on the dancefloor, especially with the MC skills of the group rapper, Priceless. Despite more attitude, glamour and bling than you could shake a diamond encrusted magic stick at, Fe-Nix deliver sultry, sexy and sophisticated tones against a fantastic dance backing track. To get your fix of Fe-Nix, make sure you drag that booty down to Brighton’s Concorde 2, Sat 28 Mar, for a little bump and grind. fenixladies

Kayleigh’s Choice: The Screening THE SCREENING’S sound tumbles over you: like a collection of multi-textured materials, you thrash your way through their sound, enountering and being wrapped in the fold of each encompassing thread. First, the Buzzcocks/Clash-stained whites, replete with nostalgic cigarette burns, gig-sweat, and rock n roll glory; then slapped in the face by big, thick, woollen noise on songs like Diem, reminiscent of rowdy-ass bands like the Vines - forcefully dragging you along for their auditory rodeo; until you hit the soft, fresh cotton-contemporary soud that comes with their youth - refreshing and catchy. The Screening’s vintage and raw style is perforated with the energy and occasional pathos of those who look for more. (My favourite is 50 Stone Bundle of Fun). Look out for the Screening’s new 6 track EP, produced by Mark Needham (The Killers, Fleetwood Mac fame) on their Myspace page. They play London’s Club Fandango on Wed 22 Apr.

Talent Spotters is your guide to what’s a-cookin’ on the local music scene! This space is your treasure map to new and original musical bounty. If you’re in a local band then we’d love to hear from you at

TopTen itunes downloads 1 Noisettes - Don’t Upset the Rhythm 2 Lady Gaga - Poker Face 3 Flo Rida feat Ke$ha - Right Round 4 A.R. Rahman/Pussycat Dolls - Jai Ho! 5 Beyoncé - Halo 6 Taylor Swift - Love Story 7 Metro Station - Shake It 8 T.I. feat Justin Timberlake - Dead and Gone 9 Akon - Beautiful 10 Kelly Clarkson - My Life Would Suck Without U

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fe\/'essential arts & ents Upstairs, downstairs

Blow Over Estranged at the Dome days

Rent at the Old Market

Tom Hough dons his deerstalker and goes in search of The Stag... WHEN YOU HEAR the name Victoria which of the following do you think of? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

A Young Queen An Old Queen A London Railway Terminus The Gateway to Brighton The Gateway to London The home of something unique and remarkable on London’s gay scene

It is number 6 that warrants our attention at the moment for there is indeed something quite remarkable happening in Victoria. In a building of no particular architectural merit behind the Victoria Palace Theatre there is established The Stag, and it is fast achieving that almost impossible aspiration of being an exciting and welcoming gay space to all ages. The bar is large with seating should you require it, and enough friendly staff to serve you without being hustled or jostled or stared through because you don’t quite fit the young trendy good looking profile clientele that other (nameless) licensed premises do. (Oh yes I have suffered on that front). There is regular Minor Gods cabaret and joy of joys – Victoria’s Secret…garden where the rebels may smoke in a sheltered space under an outdoor heater should it be required. This has been the scene of many a ‘bonding’ moment. Now we come to the unique part. Above the Stag there is an excellent Fringe Theatre space and this, in the period of only a few months has been home to variety of gay themed plays. Named with a no nonsense approach “Above the Stag” it has already been the home of a variety of plays: provocative, political, funny, poignant; the immediacy of the theatre brings a sense of involvement that a larger space would deny you. Recently I saw an intense piece called The

Choir by renowned Australian playwright Errol Bray. Set in the confines of a boys’ dormitory in a State Orphanage, it explores the sense of containment and isolation and the ensuing intensity of relationships between young adolescents with the resulting power struggles as they compete for each others favours. Peter Bull, the Artistic Director of Shamelessboyz (who have made their home ‘Above the Stag’) and who is the producer of many of the shows, is determined to create a gay theatre space showcasing the best in gay themed and gay sensitive plays. “We have a central London Fringe Theatre,” he tells me. “It is comfortable where every seat is a good one and we are above a friendly gay pub which is open until late so there is often the opportunity to meet the cast! Why would I not back this venture?” It appears the theatre is already on the tour circuit. After a run at the New Wimbledon Studio (already nearly sold out by the way) the eagerly anticipated Proud moves into ‘Above the Stag.’ Written by John Stanley, it tells the story of Lewis, a 2012 boxing hopeful and Tom, a survivor of the Admiral Duncan bombing. For Tom it is all too real: he was there and whilst Lewis sees no reason to be ‘out and proud’ anymore, Tom begs to differ. The themes are diverse but the mood is humorous. It is already being hailed as a cockney Oscar Wilde. The playwright John Stanley has a good pedigree in television writing and he acknowledges the encouragement he received from Maureen Lipman. After Proud, Above the Stag plays host to the UK premiere of Minor Gods, written by the American playwright Charles Forbes and featuring the original New York cast. So with up and coming, compelling gay theatre, a friendly gay bar, meeting people in a smoking garden and a chat to the various attractive casts of the shows I can see myself spending a lot more time in Victoria.




BRIGHTON DOME’S outstanding season of dance continues this month with the return of the Richard Alston Dance Company. Celebrating forty years as one of the UK’s foremost choreographers, Alston presents two works: the exhilirating and energetic Blow Over, with music by Philip Glass and lyrics by Suzanne Vega and Paul Simon, and Movements From Petrushka. An enduring classic from Alston’s back catalogue, Petrushka is a bold, affecting piece set to Stravinsky’s own piano arrangements. Playing at the Dome Concert Hall on Tue 31 Mar and Wed 1 Apr.

SHOREDITCH’S COURTYARD Theatre presents the premiere of Jason Charles’s new play Estranged, running from Tue 7 Apr to Sun 3 May. Arriving on the heels of Charles’s previous successes Steam and Counterfeit Skin, Estranged deals with the tensions which emerge in the runup to a wedding. Sam is about to marry Sylvia, but when estranged relatives show up it’s only a matter of time before family secrets and long-hidden adolescent desires rear their heads. With themes of sexuality, conformity, family and desire, think of this as the anti-Mamma Mia - and another triumph for Charles.

ACT TOO, the amateur theatre company which has been thrilling audiences in the south-east since 1992, returns to the Old Market in Hove this month with its production of Rent. One of the most enduring and controversial musicals of recent times, Rent is an evisceral snapshot of the lives of a group of artists in New York’s Lower East Side. Relationships flourish, tensions arise and the spectre of AIDS lurks on every corner. Already a sell-out success on its earlier run in Brighton this year, don’t miss your chance to see this young, talented cast tackling Jonathan Larson’s era-defining rock musical.

Public domain David Hare’s terrific Gethsemane explores the underbelly of the political machine A SCANDAL that rocks the government is the subject at the heart of David Hare’s new play for the National Theatre, Gethsemane (for the lexically challenged - one80news included - Gethsemane has come to mean a place of great suffering or challenge). Coming to the Theatre Royal, Brighton from Tue 31 Mar, Green Wing and The Diary of Anne Frank star Tamsin Greig heads the ensemble cast in what is a searing and unforgettable dissection of the murky worlds of business, media and politics.

Pic © Catherine Ashmore



Above the Stag


15 Bressenden Place London SW1E 5DD Box Office 0844 478 0030 Proud: Tues 14 April – Sun 10 May Minor Gods: Tues 12 May - Sun 31 May Priscilla stars Oliver Thornton, Tony Sheldon and Jason Donovan

Theatre Royal, Brighton Tue 31 Mar - Sat 4 Apr

Priscilla stars Oliver Thornton, Tony Sheldon and Jason Donovan

Got an arts and entertainment event coming up? Let us know at:

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fe\/'essential arts & ents Virgins territory Tom Hewitson catches up with Wade Oates, guitarist of The Virgins, as he recovers in bed from a late night out. How did you guys meet? We met through mutual friends; Donald and me had met a bunch of times through his roommate. I then randomly switched apartments with Donald’s roommate, who wanted to live on his own, so that one day I was just living with Donald without his knowledge. How does it feel to be tipped as the next big thing? I don’t know, I feel like all the bands I like are called the next big thing, which is good because I want them to be successful. If anyone wants to call us the next big thing I’m more than happy for them to, its shocking more than anything I guess. I’ve got no interest in Grammys though. I hope I’m allowed to say that…I feel like anyone that wins a Grammy, I don’t want to be in that group, except for maybe Guns ‘n Roses. They’re cool. You’ve been compared to many bands, what’s the most flattering and what’s the least flattering ones you’ve been compared to? We’ve had some shitty ones for sure. The most flattering thing is when people say “oh, you’re doing something new and original” which you know all bands wish they were doing, even though, let’s be honest, nobody is. I’ll accept anything though, not too many bands offend me. I would hate to be compared to Rush, not that I hate Rush, but I think that Rush is the complete opposite of what we do. How has coming from New York affected your sound? We get that question a lot and I always give these weird, non-answers. I might go with, its really kind of because everyone in New

York listens to Hip-Hop and lives in Hip-Hop world. When we were kids, Hip-Hop was cool, it was fun and it was of such standard. Everyone listens to Lou Reed, you can’t find anyone that doesn’t. We’ve tried to keep that, our album is a bit like a Hip-Hop album, its all base and kicks. The groove of Hip-Hop and the groove of New York goes into our music. Everyone from New York always grooves. Even the Ramones grooved. What’s the difference between your American and European fans? I think you make luck, but I think that luck comes in tandem with a childhood dream. It was always what I saw myself doing. I spent many years pushing it out of the way, thinking I didn’t want to do it - battled with nerves - and it’s taken me a hell of along time to get to the point where it is OK again.You’re born a certain way, then everything tells you not to be that way, then you go back to being it anyway. Works on every level doesn’t it? How was it being featured in Gossip Girl? I don’t watch the show, I watched one episode and it wasn’t bad, I actually really liked it. When we were called about it we were under the impression that it was that show Gilmore Girls and we were like “ok, fine, who cares, no-one watches Gilmore Girls anymore”. I would watch the rest of the series if I had mono or something and I had it on DVD. Once I was really sick and the only DVD I had in the house was my mum’s copy of Sex and the City so I just lay on the couch and watched the whole season. If I watch anything long enough I start to like it, its like Stockholm Syndrome or something.

If you could work with any musician, who would it be? Probably Mick Jones from the Clash. I just went back to the Libertines album, which he produced, and I was just listening to how good their recordings are. The recordings of those songs are really good because he’s so cool. I keep saying cool because I’m delirious, I was out all night and I can’t think of anything better to say. That guy knows how to make good music. The Clash are still good.

The Virgins The Virgins is released on Mon 20 Apr on Atlantc Records

Music ReviewDJ Stewart T A.R. Rahman


Girls Aloud

Better Off As Two Single out 13 Apr

Untouchable Single out 27 Apr

featuring Pussycat Dolls Jai Ho Single out now

2009 IS definitely pop’s year. After working the clubs around the country for the past two years, and remixing some other great acts it is now Frankmusik’s time to step into the spotlight. This is a bouncy upbeat pop song which pretends to be nothing else, and that’s what makes it so good. With an array of remixes to back it up for the dance floor this certain to be a big hit.

THE FINAL single from Out Of Control sees the Girls taking a big risk. Untouchable is a fan favourite, and also in its full glory is nearly seven minutes long. Shave off several choruses and a whole verse, add a vocoder, and the true power of Xenomania’s productions still shines through. This caps a brilliant twelve months for the girls - look out for the amazing Bimbo Jones mix, it is epic!

DO YOU THINK PCD read one80news? (Nicole is never off the phone - Ed.) Maybe, because after the last review they’ve ditched their previous release to push this amazing track from the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack. The opening song from the film is taken to a new level with extra vocals. Who would have thought the Pussycat Dolls doing Bollywood could sound so good?

Forthcoming album releases Mon 30 Mar: Flo Rida: R.O.O.T.S. (Warner) PJ Harvey & John Parish: A Woman A Man Walked By (Universal/Island) Leonard Cohen: Live in London (Sony) Mon 6 Apr: Doves Kingdom of Rust (EMI) Various Artists: Now 72 (EMI) Yeah Yeah Yeah’s: It’s Blitz (Polydor) Eoghan Quigg (yikes! - Ed.): Eoghan Quigg (RCA)

STAR RUNNERS 20in (50cm) wide in stock from £19.75 per linear metre

Stockist for Crucial Trading-Alternative Flooring Co. Louis de Poortere Kersaint Cobb Forbo Nairn Wood Flooring

Peter Davey & Son Ltd Natural Flooring Centre


18 Sydney Street, Brighton BN1 4EN Freephone 0800 043 6512 ZZZGDYH\ÁRRULQJFRXNLQIR#GDYH\ÁRRULQJFRXN

   $ "!&! $&)#"$&"$&$#% "$ !&$&"'&""$% & ÂŁ149.99

Stylish brown weave garden set. Comprises of stacking armchairs, seat pads and side table.

Gas barbecue, comes with regulator, hose and bag. 4 colours available.









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Was: ÂŁ249.00




Garden Pride Garden Centre, Common Lane, Ditchling, West Sussex BN6 8TP

T: 01273 846844 E: W:

A new opportunity to improve your community The Sustainable Communities Act Have you got a good idea for improving your community? Have you ever been frustrated by legislation or red tape in terms of taking forward your idea? If so, the Sustainable Communities Act offers you and local councils the ideal opportunity to put your ideas direct to national Government and ask for change. What does the Sustainable Communities Act aim to do? It encourages local communities to come forward with ideas and proposals to promote the sustainability of their local area. ‘Sustainability’ is deďŹ ned very broadly in the Act, and therefore, can cover anything which could improve the economic, social, or environmental well-being of the area, or promote participation in civic or political activity. How can you get involved? Information about how to submit your idea can be found on the Council’s website at: www. or from the council on 01273 293944 or The deadline for submitting your idea to Brighton and Hove City Council is 4th May 2009.


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fe\/'essential arts & ents Books Peter Burton The Sixth Form by Tom Dolby THE SIXTH FORM, Tom Dolby’s second full-length work of fiction, is an entertaining addition to that perennially popular genre, the coming-of-age novel. Seventeen-year-old Ethan (Californian, highly intelligent, both parents academics, mother’s slowly dying from cancer) and Todd (also seventeen, a canny New Yorker, parents divorced, mother’s an enormously successful popular novelist) meet at a smart East Coast school and as they work toward college entrance become tentative friends. Geeky and somewhat introverted Ethan and cool and popular Todd eventually become close, though not as intimate as the burgeoningly gay Todd would like. A drunken kiss after a campus party almost wrecks their relationship thought it proves disruption rather than disaster. Ethan, however, becomes fatefully involved with Hannah, a thirty-six-year-old teacher of English at the school, a woman with a past that has so much damaged her that she teeters at the edge of seriously unbalanced. The novel follows a fraught year during which these three characters come together, interact and then go their separate ways perhaps a little wiser. Along the way there’s angst galore. The Sixth Form is a mostly gentle and reflective book about the pains of adolescence, developing emotions and explorations of sexuality and has much to recommend it.

The Sixth Form Out now (£9.99) published by Kensington/Turnaround

TV/DVD Niall McMurray Queens of British Pop BBC1 Wed 1 Apr 10.45pm TAKE A LOOK at the picture to your left. It’s a 1982 shot of Kate Bush, poised on the brink of a snog with a faintly disturbing looking gentleman. But what’s that in her mouth? Why, it’s a key! What on earth is going on? Readers, I’ll explain. Kate, in all her backcombed glory, is playing the role of Mrs Houdini, and concealed in her mouth is a key, which she will pass to her husband (Mr Houdini) via the medium of a kiss, which he will then use to extricate himself from all manner of padlocked shenanigans. You don’t get this kind of subtext in a Girls Aloud promo shot do you? Which is EXACTLY why the BBC has decided to produce a two part documentary in salute of Britain’s very best, and most eccentric lady pop stars. Kate, naturally, is one of them, and features alongside Dame Dusty of Springfield, Sandie Shaw, Siouxsie Sioux, Marianne Faithfull and, erm, Geri Halliwell. Well, there’s always a cuckoo in the nest, isn’t there?

Skins: Season 3 Out Mon 6 Apr I NEVER LIKE to admit when I’m wrong, but a few weeks ago on this very page I denounced the third season of Skins as having “disappeared up its own arse”. I now accept that this comment was entirely without merit and based solely upon a knee-jerk and frankly unprofessional reaction to an almost entirely new cast. In short, I missed Maxxie. However, time is a healer, and now I love the new Skins bunch more than the first lot. For a series aimed at an audience barely out of short trousers (is that what the kids are still wearing these days?), it seems to grab an awful lot of thirty-somethings, don’t you find? I’ve cried at least three times during this run, and my empathy for teenagers is now so strong that the next time one abuses me on the bus I’m going to give them money. Well done E4.

Men Who Love Men by Michael Marshall HENRY IS THIRTY-THREE and obsessed by age – his and that of any man he encounters. A sometime escort, he now manages a guesthouse in Providence, the primarily gay resort near to Boston. Fit and toned, he is desperate to meet Mr Right, The One, but his confidence is rocky and even though hunky guys constantly throw themselves in his path, he believes he won’t ever form a satisfactory relationship. He is a character choking on self-pity, drowning in an ocean of neurosis and a real pain in the arse. Men Who Love Men is the concluding volume of a romantic trilogy that commenced with The Men From the Boys and Where the Boys Are and it ties up the loose ends of the series’ main protagonists – Henry, Jeff (author of bestselling gay novels) and his longtime companion Lloyd, once a psychoanalyst but now co-owner of the guesthouse Henry manages. The trio’s relationship is tangled and not without ongoing problems which worsen when Jeff and Lloyd announce their impending marriage and Henry introduces into the ménage Luke, a beautiful but disturbed twenty-two-year-old with ambitions to outwrite Jeff. Essentially Mann’s novel is concerned with Henry’s neediness which, tsunami-like, appears to engulf the town and most of its available male residents. That the book has what many readers will consider a happy ending is unfortunate. This particular reader longed for the whole lot of them to meet an especially violent end.

Men Who Love Men Out now (£9.99) published by Kensington/Turnaround


FREE from your

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NancollasGreer worked very hard to provide a solution. I would recommend them to anyone who is in financial difficulties and who seeks a reasonable affordable solution to their debt problems

Tim from Brighton

We’ll help you find the right path to clear your debts


01903 206555

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Dan H.G.knows sex...

Computer love... ...or, How to Find a Boyfriend Online. Dan Harrop Griffiths spills the beans on finding love at 50Mbps. LOG ON, GET OFF. Getting sex these days is easier than ever before, with tons of ‘dating’ sites offering you the chance to show all you’ve got and tell all you want. “What you want, when you want it.” No strings sex on tap is one of the best parts of being gay,’ they say. And if you’re happy with that, good for you. But what if you want more than a quickie in some random’s flat in Streatham? Say, a connection that lasts longer than it takes to download a dodgy homemade porno clip on xtube? With such a rabid mix of offers from ‘XXL hung VGL’ guys, throbbing cock pics thrust at you in every direction, and porn star styled photos of guys just up the street flickering onto your screen every two seconds, it’s hard for even the most romantic of souls to resist cold hard sex. We are men after all... So here are a few guidelines for attracting a potential mate, to filter out the sex pests, and get a proper good ol’ fashioned date. Be honest with yourself. Are you happy with no strings sex, or do you really want something more meaningful? There are a lot of confused profiles out there, with words like; “I’m a genuine, caring, romantic guy, looking for a loving relationship,” accompanied by a close up picture of a cock. To a lesser extent, if your profile says ‘looking for: relationship, one-on-one sex, group sex,’ or if you say something like ‘holding out for Mr Right, but having fun in the mean time,’ people aren’t going to take your desire for a relationship that seriously. ‘Mr Right,’ very rarely appears fully formed. If you’re just shagging the guys you chat to rather than investing time to get to know them, you’ll never know what longer term potential they may be hiding. Maybe it’ll be the one in a million shag that turns into a lifelong love, but realistically, if you’ve met up for a shag, that’s usually the end of the relationship by the time you’ve both cum. Make yourself a bit harder to bed, and you’ll come across as sexier, more confident and more of a catch. Your life is not a porn movie. Sending and receiving close up pictures of your cock and arse may be horny when you’re doing it behind the comfort of a computer screen, but if and when you meet up for a date, things can be awkward. You’ve played your trump card already. When Romeo wooed Juliet, do you think she got her foof out and shouted down from the balcony,

‘fancy some of this darling?’ How about no? Treat the guys you chat to like real people. If you were out in a bar, you just wouldn’t go up to a potential partner and ask him how big his cock was, or ask him to get it out there and then, regardless of how confident you are. Although the internet can be a great way of overcoming awkward sexual questions and finding out if you’re sexually compatible or not, there’s a line that once crossed, makes it hard for any relationship to be about anything other than sex. OK, finding out that he’s hung is usually a plus point - nobody wants a boyfriend with a chipolata penis (unless that specifically what you’re into), but there are other cheeky, flirty ways to hint at the size of your package without full frontal pics and descriptions. Give yourself a bit of mystery, and with it you’ll have a heap more dignity and selfrespect too. Make it real. So now you’ve found someone you fancy – how long do you keep chatting online for? It can be lovely to dream over flattering holiday photos in cyberspace, but until you speak or meet its all just a safe, imagined fantasy. Wake up and make things ‘real’ as soon as possible with a phone call. You’ll soon find out if you actually have anything in common when talking in real time, if there’s any chemistry behind the screen, and if your Tarzan sounds like Jane. The longer you chat to someone online without talking or meeting face to face, the longer you’ll be building up a false, idealised image of what they’re really like in your head. When you do finally meet up, you’ll be disappointed to find out that who they really are is different to what you expected, creating a downer before you’ve even got started. Be sensible. The person you’re talking to might not be who they say they are at all. The pics could be fake, they could be in a relationship, or at worst a psycho. You should all be old enough and stupid enough to realise this by now, but it’s easy to get lost in the dream of your ideal man if he appears to have popped up. Trust your instincts – if someone keeps coming up with excuses not to talk or send pictures, there’s usually something up. Saying that, ‘the one’ may be just a few clicks away – so don’t give up!

Tony Vperspective

Love is...

Debt write off subject to creditors approval of an IVA. Your ability to obtain further credit may be affected

THIS ISSUE I am pleased to announce our Summer of Love competition, looking for the UK’s longest-lasting LGBT Couple. I would love you all to be involved in nominating your friends that may be up there in years and are a bit shy. We have organized some fantastic prizes and I can’t wait to hear from you all - see page 3 for details. So I thought I would kick start with my love story. I actually met my partner twenty-six years ago, but truth be told it took another twelve before we became lovers. I left Australia and went to America to live and then on my return, after a few lonely months, I decided to head out to sunny Sydney on Australia Day weekend and there he was, sitting at the bar with friends. I went up to him, said hi, had

some beverages with him, went home to his and never ever went back home to mine - fourteen years, two months and one day of marital bliss, working and living together 24/7. That is, until we moved to the UK where we have had to endure working apart - it was like losing an arm. Now we have started Marble Media Publishing we are back to living our lives together 24/7 - and we love it. Our life has had many turns and we live everyday to its fullest. We share the same clothes, he loves my cooking, I love his choice of wines. He loves scary movies, I hate screaming but watch them: I love watching Corrie, Emmerdale and Eastenders - he hates them but will sit through the endless hours of soaps. That’s Love.


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fe\/'voices Rose Colliscalendar girl

Shutting up shop

MARCH 29 2009

IT’S A DATE on the current calendar — but weeks and ran the shop single-handedly. In with good reason. This week sees the doors his spare time, he took part in the Stonewall close for the final time on an historic shop: New riots and was active in the Mattachine Society. York’s Oscar Wilde Bookshop, more than for- By 1973, the shop moved to bigger premises at 15 Christopher St, in the heart ty years after they first opened, of New York’s burgeoning gay making it the world’s longest-runvillage, a handbag’s throw away ning non-porn gay bookshop. from the Stonewall Bar. Rodwell It was opened on Mercer St died of cancer in 1993; thankfully, during Thanksgiving weekend in his historic archive has survived 1967 by gay activist Craig Rodand is accessible at the New York well, a man whose role in AmeriPublic Library. can queer history began when he A number of factors contributed ran away from hometown Chicato the bookshop’s demise: the go aged seventeen and moved post 9/11 effect on New York’s to Manhattan in 1957. Five years tourism; the rise of online booklater, he enjoyed a brief relationOlive Custance stores; mainstream outlets stockship with — who else? — the ing more LGBT titles; and youngthen closeted, and politically er generations not grasping the conservative, Harvey Milk. Rodwell worked as a bartender at the gay concept and importance of ‘buying gay’. OW’s resort Fire Island and used the money to open manager, Kim Brinster, said ruefully, but acthe Oscar Wilde Memorial Bookshop. For the curately, ‘Gay rights campaigns have worked first eighteen months, he put in seventy-hour too well…’

Denise Christieden’s pen

Minding the gap AS A FEMINIST and a woman in the workplace, I was recently invited to appear on BBC1’s Politics Show to put some questions to Britain’s top brass about how the recession will impact on women, and come up with a manifesto to address women’s equality issues – something that’s very high on the lesbian agenda too. First stop was the Institute of Directors (IOD) and how they would tackle the gender pay gap. At the moment women are currently being paid 17% less than men and part time women are getting paid a staggering 36% less than men. This brings me onto my first manifesto point: to have mandatory pay audits to highlight the gender pay gap. These pay audits would make employers look at what they are paying their staff and if there was any discrimination between men and women then they would have to address that. Next up was a meeting with Katherine Rake, the Director of the Fawcett’s Society. Fawcett is UK’s leading campaign for gender equality, and they run many campaigns to close the gender pay gap - the work they do is fantastic. I was then tasked to put the politicians on the spot: Westminster was the venue and Theresa May’s office was first port of call. My second manifesto point was to have fully paid maternity leave for fifty-two weeks: she looked at me as if I had two heads! In my opinion, the Tories couldn’t sign up to anything that would help the working class woman, but I’m always up for a challenge. Jo Swinson from the Lib Dems was on my interview list as well but you don’t get much change out of a tenner from her - she was nice and talked a lot, but didn’t say very much if you know what I mean. These interviews were all very well and I suppose I did get some points across - but it felt a bit like when you go on holiday and meet people: you

always promise to keep in touch but when you get back to the day job those promises soon disappear. So the whap, bang, wallop had to be the live interview on The Politics Show with Harriet Harman. No chance to be edited - this was it; probably the one and only time I will ever get to put some serious questions to the person that counts the most: twenty minutes on live TV in front of 1.4 million viewers to get her to agree in principle to my manifesto. If she did then I was sure that the media would quote her in future and use that to help my cause. So after putting all this pressure on myself you would have thought the least I could do was prepare myself properly with a good night’s sleep the night before. But no, I met a friend in Soho, and one bottle of wine led to two and one pub led to clubbing ‘til 4am. I was up in two hours time, live on the BBC, interviewing the Deputy Prime Minister and with a mouth that smelt like a brewery! Actually, though, it did Den at Ten me the world of good - because I was still intoxicated my confidence was through the roof. Instead of feeling any pressure I was feeling pretty pleased. Instead of feeling intimidated I was feeling invigorated. And do you know what? I think I pulled it off. I got all my points across, put her on the spot and even got some agreements. This was still a holiday but this time I might just keep in touch with my new mates - and for all the men reading this: you can be a man and a feminist. The only attribute you need to have is to believe in equality for all.

Denise Christie is a firefighter who works with her organisation to address the many issues women currently face in the fire and rescue service. She also campaigns for women’s equality within the workforce and highlights the many struggles women face throughout the world.


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fe\/'photos Taking a pier at the Fringe Brighton Pier was the venue for the official launch of the Brighton Festival Fringe on Thur Mar 19, and as well as a spot of bubbly and a delicious cone of chips, guests were treated to a sneak preview of just some of the 700 shows which will transform the city into the arts capital of the world during May.

=i`e^\<o\Zlk`m\DXeX^\iE`ZbJkfZbdXen`k_8c`jfe ]ifd_\X[c`e\jgfejfi=`ijk:Xg`kXc:fee\Zk

Al[`k_9i`^_kfeXe[?fm\Gi`[\ Xe[9\e8djk\i[Xd K_\m\ip^cXdfifljBXk\Dfii`jfe]ifd9i`^_kfe=\jk`mXc=i`e^\

ClZpJflk_\ie=D #Al[`k_9i`^_kfeXe[?fm\Gi`[\ #KXiXJflk_\ie=D Xe[ KiXZ\p?\cgXCfZXc:_`c[


M\i`kp8ikj:fleZ`c #AXd`\C`^_k_flj\ # 8c\oK_\8ikj:fleZ`c #C\n`j9i`^_kfe;fd\ ;\Yj9`^DXZ_`e\D\[`X Xe[KfYp9\XZ_[fne CfiiX`e\9fn\egi\j\ekj_\i9\[iffdClccXYp

8[Xd*J@OKP Xe[Afe\jpAl`Z\=D A\qq#AXd\jXe[DXkkGXjj`e^@kFe


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fe\/'scene Brighton venue listings 01 AMSTERDAM 11-12 Marine Pde BN2 Tel: (01273) 688 825 02 AQUARIUM 6 Steine Street BN2 Tel: (01273) 605 525 03 PO NA NA 75-79 East Street BN1 04 BEDFORD TAVERN 30 Western Street Hove Tel: (01273) 739 495 06 BRIGHT’n’BEAUTIFUL SAUNA 9 St Margarets Place BN1 Tel: (01273) 328 33 07 REFRESH SAUNA 11-12 Grand Pde BN2 Tel: (01273) 689 966 08 BRIGHTON TAVERN 100 Gloucester Rd BN1 Tel: (01273) 680365 37 BRIGHTON ROCKS 6 Rock Place BN2 (01273) 601 139 09 BULLDOG 31 St James Street BN2 Tel: (01273) 696 996 11 THE BRIGHTON COALITION 171 Kings Road Arches BN1 12 DYNAMITE BOOGALOO@KOMEDIA (MONTHLY) Gardner Street , North Laine. Tel: (01273) 647 101 13 CHARLES STREET 8 Marine Pde BN2 Tel: (01273) 624 091 14 DENMARK SAUNA 86 Denmark Villas Hove BN3 Tel: (01273) 723 733 15 DR BRIGHTON’S 16 Kings Road BN1 Tel: (01273) 328765 10 THE GROSVENOR 16 Western Street Tel: (01273) 770 712 16 THE ANGEL 5-6 Montpelier Road Hove BN1 Tel: (01273) 728 808 17 HQ (formerly the Harlequin) 43 Providence Place BN1 Tel: (01273) 620 630 18 LEGENDS BAR Ground Floor 31-32 Marine Pde BN2 Tel: (01273) 624 462 18 LEGENDS CLUB Basement 31-32 Marine Pde BN2 Tel: (01273) 624 462 28 H-BAR 16 Church Road, Hove. BN3 2FL Tel:(01273) 725 890 20 MARINE TAVERN 13 Broad Street BN2 Tel: (01273) 681 284. Noon-Midnight 22 MARLBOROUGH 4 Princes Street BN2 Tel: (01273) 570 028 12am-12pm 23 THE PV 161 Edward Street BN2 Tel: (01273) 687 090 24 QUEEN’S ARMS 7 George Street BN2 Tel: (01273) 696 873 25 QUEENSBURY ARMS Queensbury Mews BN1. Tel: (01273) 328 159. 26 REGENCY TAVERN 32-34 Russell Square BN1. Tel: (01273) 325 652 27 R-BAR 7 Marine Parade BN2 Tel: (01273) 608 133 29 REVENGE Old Steine BN2 Tel: (01273) 606 064 10.30pm-3am 30 STAR INN Manchester Street BN2 Tel: (01273) 601 450. 11am-11pm 32 VAVOOM 31 Old Steine BN1 Tel: (01273) 603 010 33 OM 5 Steine St BN1 Tel: (01273) 603 010 34 WILD FRUIT@TRU (monthly) 78 West St BN1 35 THE PRINCE ARTHUR 38 Dean Street, Brighton 36 THE ZONE 33 St James Street BN2 Tel: (01273) 682 249

Doctor Brighton’s


16-17 Kings Road, Brighton, BN1 1NE. 01273 208113

DOCTOR BRIGHTON’S IS BACK! Back to being mixed! Back to being banging! Back to being the place to be seen! • Relax in the refurbished pub by the sea as you listen and watch your choice of music on the new audio visual jukebox • Free game of pool with every round of drinks mid-week • Cocktails are back with mid-week special of 2 for £7

RE-LAUNCH PARTY - 7TH MARCH Red carpet event with FREE SHOTS, quest DJ playing all those much loved vocal funky house tunes and door whores galore.




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fe\/'scene London venue listings Soho venue listings 01 ADMIRAL DUNCAN 54 Old Compton Street Tel: (020) 7437 5300 02 DUKE OF WELLINGTON BAR 77 Wardour Street Tel: (020) 7439 1274 03 HEAVEN CLUB 77 Wardour Street Tel: (020) 7439 1274 04 THE EDGE 11 Soho Square W1D 3QE Tel: (020) 7439 1313 05 FIRST OUT 52 St Giles High Street WC2H 8LH Tel: (020) 7240 8042 06 THE STAR AT NIGHT 22 Great Chapel Street W1 8FR Tel: (020) 7494 2488 07 SWEATBOX SOHO 1-2 Ramillies Street W1F 7LN Tel: (020) 3214 6014 08 KING’S ARMS 23 Poland Street W1F 8QL Tel: (020) 7734 5907 09 THE SAUNABAR 29 Endell St WC2H 9BA Tel: (020) 7836 2236 10 BOX 32-34 Monmouth St WC2H 9HA Tel: (020) 7240 5828 11 G-A-Y BAR 30 Old Compton Street W1D 4UR Tel: (020) 7494 2756 12 BALANS SOHO 60 Old Compton Street W1D 4UG Tel (020) 7376 0115 13 79 CXR 79 Charing Cross Road WC2H 0NE Tel: (020) 7734 0769 14 COMPTONS OF SOHO 51-53 Old Compton Street Tel: (020) 7479 7961 15 GEISHA BAR 75 Charing Cross Road W1D 6HN Tel: (020) 7479 7961 16 VILLAGE 81 Wardour Street W1D 6QD Tel: (020) 7434 2124 17 THE SHADOW LOUNGE 5 Brewer Street W1F 0RF Tel: (020) 72877988 18 THE ENCLAVE 25-27 Brewer Street W1F 0RR Tel: (020) 7434 2911 19 KU BAR 30 Lisle Street WC2H 7BA Tel: (020) 7437 4303 20 TRASH PALACE 11 Wardour Street W1D 6PG Tel: (020) 7734 0522 21 BARCODE 3-4 Archer Street W1D 7AP Tel: (020) 7734 3342 22 RUPERT STREET Rupert Street Tel: (020) 7292 7141 23 THE YARD 57 Rupert Street Tel: (020) 7437 2652

Vauxhall venue listings 01 HARD ON @ HIDDEN 100 Tinworth Street, SE11 5EQ 02 BARCODE VAUXHALL Arch 69, SE11 5AW. Tel: (020) 7582 4180 03 BEYOND @ AREA Albert Embankment, Arch 67-68, SE1 7TP 04 CHARIOTS VAUXHALL Albert Embankment, Arch 63-64. Tel: (020) 7247 5333 05 ROYAL VAUXHALL TAVERN 372 Kennington Lane, SE11 5HY. Tel: (020) 7820 1222 06 EAGLE 349 Kennington Lane, SE11 5QY Tel: (020) 7793 0903 07 THE HOIST South Lambeth Road, Arch 47B – 47C, SW8 1RH. Tel (020) 7735 9972 08 FIRE South Lambeth Road, SW8 1RT 09 SUPERCLUB COLOSSEUM 1 Nine Elms Lane, SW8. Tel (020) 7627 1283

West Londonvenues listings East Londonvenue listings THE ANGEL, 21 Church Street, Mill Meads Tel: 020 8555 1148 BJ’S WHITE SWAN, 556 Commercial Road, Limehouse Tel: 0207 780 9870 THE BLACK HORSE, 168 Mile End Road Tel: 020 7790 1684 CHARIOTS SHOREDITCH, 1 Fairchild Street 020 7247 5333 CHARLIE’S BAR, 124 Globe Road THE CORONET, 119 The Grove E ONE CLUB (Formerly The Black Horse), 168 Mile End Road Tel: 020 7790 1684 GHETTO OLD STREET, Ghetto 58 Old St Tel: 020 7287 3726 GEORGE AND DRAGON, 2 Hackney Road Tel: 020 7012 1100 THE JOINER’ ARMS, 116-118 Hackney Rd Tel: 020 7739 9854 THE OLD SHIP, 17 Barnes Street, Limehouse Tel: 0207 7790 4082

South London venue listings THE BANK, Flamingo Park, A20 Sidcup Bypasss Chislehurst, Kent, BR7 6HL Tel: 020 8309 1012 BIRD IN HAND, 291 Sydenham Road, Croydon, CR0, Tel: 020 8683 3104 BREWERY TAP, 78 Lingham Street, SW9, Tel: 020 7738 6683 CHARIOTS STREATHAM, 292 (rear of) Streatham High Rd, London SW16 6HG, Tel: 020 8696 0929 CHARIOTS WATERLOOO, 101 Lower Marsh, London. SE1 7AB, Tel: 020 7401 8484 THE CORONET THEATRE, 26-28 New Kent Road, LONDON SE1 6TJ, Tel: 020 7701 1500 GEORGE AND DRAGON, 2 Blackheath Hill, Greenwich, SE10, Tel: 020 8691 3764 KAZBAR, 50 Clapham High Street, London SW4, Tel: 0871 223 1154 THE STAG, 15 Bressendan Place, SW1, 020 7828 7287 PARK PLAZA COUNTY HALL HOTEL, 1 Addington Street SE1 7RY, Tel: 020 7034 4835 TWO-EIGHT-SIX, 286 Lewisham High Street, SE13, Tel: 0208 690 7648 TWO BREWERS, 114 Clapham High Street, London SW4, Tel: 020 7819 9539

GEORGE MUSIC BAR, 114 Twickenham Road, Isleworth, West London, Tel: 020 8560 1456 TED’S PLACE, 305A North End Road, London W14, Tel: 020 7385 9359 WEST 5, Pope’s Lane, Acton, W5 4NB, Tel: 020 8579 3266

North Londonvenues listings BLACK CAP, 171 Camden High Street, London NW1, Tel: 020 7485 0538 CENTRAL STATION, 37 Wharfedale Road, London N1, Tel: 020 7278 3294 THE GLASS BAR, 190 Euston Road, Regent’s Park, London NW1 2BN, Tel: 020 7387 6184 KING EDWARD VI, 25 Bromfield Street, London N1 OPZ, Tel: 020 7704 0745 KING WILLIAM IV, 77 Hampstead High Street, London NW3 1RE, Tel: 020 7435 5747 THE GREEN, 74 Upper Street, Angel N1, Tel: 020 7226 8895 KOKO, 1A Camden High Street, London NW17JE, 0870 4325527 THE OAK BAR, 79 Green Lanes, London N16 9BU, Tel: 020 7354 2791 REGULATION LTD. 17A St. Alban’s Place, Islington N1 0NX Tel: 020 7226 665 SCALA CLUB, 275-277 Pentonville Road, London N1, Tel: 020 7833 2022

Gay City Rollers

Gay City Rollers

George Music Bar

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fe\/'scene Vezin Brighton THE SUN HAS been shining over the pier recently and the seafront terraces have been buzzing with a pre-summer excitement that has been growing steadily over the past few weeks. Brighton life is good, people, and our lovely local venues have got some incredible treats lined up for us this fortnight…

The PV at the Jury’s Out WHY SPEND all your time at home playing the Wii, when you can get out there and put your skills into practice against the BLAGSS on Sun 29 March. The Queens of the Quizzes have another big one with an Easter twist on Weds 8 April, it’s free to enter with real prizes at the end! Otherwise check out the PV’s Saturday helpings of live performance from 5pm followed by live DJs ‘til late getting you ready for a big night out in Brightonia.

r-bar MIDWEEK SHENANIGANS can always be found at the r-bar, what with live DJs every night playing music for every taste and uber cheap drinks galore. It gets poptastic on Tuesdays then real funky on Thursdays where the buzzing pre-club bar warms everyone up for their big weekend. It has become a bit of a late night haunt too, as you can grab a breakfast after clubbing on Friday and Saturday (a breakfast will make you feel better in the morning as opposed to the bright idea of another tequila!) Their delicious roasts have become a firm fixture in many people’s Sunday afternoons, alongside the great variety of acoustic acts which now includes Carly Bryant and Nicolette Street.

Doctor Brighton’s IF BALEARIC VIBES are what helps your hangover, DB’s Café del Mar Chillout Sundays are just what the doctor ordered… The new team at DB’s offer a relaxed and friendly atmosphere every day of the week, with free pool and prescription cocktail specials. Saturday nights get buzzing with funky house pre-club DJs too!


IF YOU like cosy, traditional gay pubs, The White Horse will be right up your street. Serving up homecooked pub grub from Tuesday to Sunday with meals starting at £3.25. There are also loads of drinks promos on including house doubles and mixer at £2.50 from 7pm Monday to Wednesday. Plus on Fridays, take a chance with every round. Roll the dice, and if you get a double get the round again, for free!

Queen’s Arms

The Aquarium Theatre Bar CABARET IS in plentiful supply at The Aquarium over the next two weeks, including Davina Sparkle on Sun 29 March and the fabulous Cassidy Connors, straight from the West End production of Priscilla Queen of the Desert on Sun 5 April. There’s also a music bar every Monday, Josh Mills Music Night every Tuesday and Who Dares Sings every Thursday. Plenty to be getting on with.

129 St James’s Street



CHARLES STREET Bar serves up the usual weekly shenanigans with Curiosity Lite in the Club on Fri 27 March for those who love it pop and trashy to the max! Sat 28 March sees Notorius Party Slut return to the club, where anyone can be the DJ, you can play any tune you desire and win free drinks. Dolly Rocket hosts. Plus every Thursday Mad Cow goes extra-large with DJs Lil Alex and Leeroy spinning their unique blend of party hits. Downstairs in the bar on Sun 29 March Lady Imelda performs live alongside Connie Conway.

The Angel Bar ONE OF HOVE’S newest gay bars, the Angel features loads of entertainment to keep customers amused. Every Friday Trudi Styles performs her divatastic show, and Saturdays feature rotating nights including Spice on Sat 4 April. Midweek there are drinks promos, cocktails and student offers, and Mondays are available for private hire.

The White Horse

OOOH IT’S FINALLY almost time for the Revenge Superstar Weekender… The Freemasons and The Saturdays! More on the latter next time but get excited right now about legendary producers The Freemasons coming to the Girls on Top Maundy Thursday party upstairs on Thurs 9 April fresh from headlining Sydney Mardi Gras. On Sat 28 March it’s time to rock out with the Legends of Pop and Rock Kinky Special and Payday, the official Brighton Uni night, returns to Revenge on Tues 7 April.

THE QA hosts an Evening of Queervoyance and cabaret on Weds 8 April! Definitely a night with a difference, two LGBT mediums feature alongside cabaret from Spice. There’s more top quality cabaret entertainment throughout the week, including Auntie Robbie (Sat 28), Mandy Gap (Sun 29), Tammy Twinkle (Sat 4) and Karen Noble (Sun 5).

Charles Street Bar/Club

Elsewhere in wider Brightonia… HED KANDI – Nu Disco returns to the Honeyclub on Fri 27 March for their glittering residency, this time with a twist as the explore the new craze Nu Disco sound. Get your neon’s on and prepare for a night of seventies and eighties kitsch and dirty electronic beats! FLOORPLAY MOORPLAY - Although completely out of the norm for most gays, this night on Thurs 11 April is worth a mention due to it’s absolutely beautiful DJ line up. For the househeads all I need to say is: Mark Knight, Jason Herd, Prok & Fitch and more, yes all on the same night! Big Love xx Verity

ALL DAY EVERYDAY • The Hub Cocktail £3.00 • Fosters £2.40 • Kronenbourg £2.60 • Bottle of House Wine £9.00

• Double Whisky, Gin or Vodka + Splash £2.70 • 3 for 2 on shots • Selected shots £1.00 • Outside seating


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fe\/'scene Jonny Min London AFTER OUR first taste of proper sun this year, it’s clear that Sunshine really does affect people’s moods. When the sun’s out, people tend to go out more which is always a good thing. Nothing beats coming out of a club in the morning with clear blue skies overhead, so get those sunglasses ready and get out there!

Bear-friendly clubbing

Uber Q

ESTABLISHED VETERAN of the London club scene XXL prides itself on the friendly nature of the crowd, and the high quality of the music. Newcomer and Brighton boy Mike Mikalis rocked the socks off the club on his debut last month, with a fierce blend of electro house. XXL is open every Wednesday and every Saturday night with DJs Christian M, Mark Ames, Alex Logan, Leonardo Glovibes and Joe Egg across five arches. Look out for guest DJs on special events, including a welcome return of the Freemasons on Easter Sunday.

Hoxton Whores at Lovechild

Q Boy © Justino Esteves


EVERY TUESDAY at Two-8-Six, Lewisham, hot gay rapper Q Boy hosts a night of pop, soul, hip-hop, old skool, dance, electro and r’n’b. Q Boy’s tongue in cheek humour and refusal to shy away from issues of gay sexuality in his tracks have earned him legions of fans, reclaiming a genre typically associated with homophobia. There really aren’t many gay nights offering up this kind of diversity so give it a go! Doors open 8pm – 2am and entry is free!

INDUSTRI IS ONE of Vauxhall’s biggest midweek clubnights, supplying a loyal crowd with cutting-edge house every Thursday night. DJs Paul Heron and Brent Nicholls look after the tunes, with hostess Minty on the door making sure everyone feels welcome. Doors are open 9pm – 3am, with free entry all night. Plus, look out for special dates on the Easter bank holiday weekend.

FIRE’S LONG-RUNNING weekly Sunday nighter Orange hosts the afterparty for the big night at Lovechild, with special guest DJ Leomeo rocking the Lovechild Lounge. Residents The Sharp Boys, Paul Martin and Terry Bryan dish out large helping of turbo-charged house on the main floor, with David Jiminez and Gonzalo taking things harder in the Raw room. Watch out for VIP wristbands available from Lovechild!

Frat Party Industri © Laurence Conton

FRAT PARTY Is not just another indie-pop disco, rather a night of ‘campus-inspired’ chaos every Monday night at Ghetto. Think halls of residence gone bad, with boys in togas, girls in wet t-shirts and hideously cheap drinks. Music policy is pop, new indie rock, rave and anything else that the DJs find in their record bags. Doors open 10pm – late, entry is £2 all night. Love Child

Let me see you Work!

Love Orange Keep it in the Industri

ALEX ERFAN’S latest clubbing venture returns to Pacha on Sun 29 March after a successful launch party last month. Lovechild will feature production masters Hoxton Whores, spinning their trademark tech-house sound. Alex secured their first ever appearance in a gay club (at Fire in 2008) and they loved the crowd so much they wanted more! Residents including Brent Nicholls and Mattias are in support, with eye candy supplied by Chris Geary.

Ghetto © Laurence Conton

PATRICK LILLEY’S Work! continues to draw in crowds every week, packing out Heaven every Wednesday night. There are three rooms of music, including house, hip hop, r’n’b and bashment, with a diverse, mixed clientele in attendance. Doors are open 11pm – 4am, entry is £6 (but look out for concession gueslist spaces through facebook or online!)

Gay City Rollers WHAT COULD be more gay than a roller disco, complete with tranny DJs and muscle boys? Taking over the Renaissance Rooms in Vauxhall (the club used to host Muscle Mary night Action so is highly suitable) on Weds 1 April, Gay City Rollers features a soundtrack from Dusty O, Stewart Who, Ferraro and Rocca. Plus, dress in 80s glam and you’ll get a free glass of bubbly! www.Renaissancerooms.

Gay City Rollers

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fe\/'photos K_\Hl\\eËj8idj#9i`^_kfe












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fe\/'marketplace Brighton

Art Books

Roller Boots


Cezanne; Van gogh and Constable. Cezanne and Van Gogh like new. £1, Brighton. 07044 341 280

3 Pairs, 1 x size 7 and 2 x size 9. Very good condition. £8. 01273 701 258 / 07983 163 592 / garyrl@

Call to place your FREE advert in the new one80news Marketplace. Advert space is subject to availabilty. 08706 201 360

Golden Shoe Telephone

Nintendo Wii

also red sports car among others. All working as new. £25 each. 01273 390571 /

2 x hand controllers & charger plus accessory pack. £130 ono, Peacehaven. 01273 586043 /

Vauxhall Astra

Ford Mondeo

Van Envoy, 1700 DT, 52-Reg, 38,000 miles, MOT/Tax september, VGC, Economical, £2300ovno. 01732 367990 / 07900 860889

Estate. S Reg. Silver. Short Tax and MOT. Fair condition. £400 ono 07534 264311


LOST CATS Rescue, Rehoming, lost and found. Charity No. 1119083 Please call 01273 422721 if you would like to adopt a cat or make a donation.

Pedigree Labrador

Puppies chocolate, yellow, fox red and black. All at realistic prices. 07786 971944 01273 712501

Chrysler Neon

Reanult Scenic

Automatic, 2001, full service history, metalic blue, 2.0, alloys, full grey leather interior, electic windows and mirrors, 55K, aircon, cd player, cruise control, two previous owners. £999 quick sale. 01323 873320 / 07817 290308

1.9DCi Privalage, 2002, 79k, diesel Silver hatchback, e/twin sunroofs, 6 disc CD, e/windows, e/mirrors, half leather seats, alloys, 4 airbags, FSH, very good condition, alarm. MOT end of October. £2,300. 07782 151622 / 01273 550133


Website design service

Lava Lamps

Camping Gas

Sky Nokis

Sims Superstar


Professional web design service at very affordable price. Ideal for bars, shops and services. Call Charlie for a no obligation quote. 07985 589 658

orange clear working perfect silver casing, , £20 Brighton, 01273 390571

bottles £20 and £25. single cooker £10. camping light, , Brighton, 01273 390571

reciever works well with sky remote £50 oval black satellite disk sky / eutelsat, , Brighton, 01273 390571

on holiday, simcity 4, house party expansion pack £7 each hot date book, Brighton, 01273 390571

Nice selection selling part of a collection no timewasters from each, , £15, Brighton, 01273 390571

Restaurant reviewer for one80news

For Rent in Brighton

London and Brighton

£675.00 per month

£850.00 per month

£800.00 per month

Sales Executive

Recruiting a Distributor

Cromwell road, Hove, East Sussex. large 1 bed flat south facing lounge seperate fitted kitchen and bathroom near hove railway, shops and on bus route. Call Dan on 0845 873 8126

Stanford Avenue, Brighton, East Sussex. A lovely third floor flat in a great quality block in Stanford Avenue. 5 mins from town by bus, Call Dan on 0845 873 8126

Bedford Square, Brighton, East Sussex Private parking. New central heating has just been installed!!! Call Dan on 0845 873 8126

Marble Media Publishing is recruiting a Sales Executive (London and Brighton) Applications to: Tony V, Marble Media Publishing Ltd, 4 Steine St Brighton, BN2 1TE Tel 08706 201 360

Marble Media Publishing is recruiting a Distributor (London and Brighton) Applications to: Tony V, Marble Media Publishing Ltd, 4 Steine St Brighton, BN2 1TE Tel 08706 201 360

£700.00 per month

£650.00 per month

£1000.00 per month

£675.00 per month

£675.00 per month

Seafield Road, Hove, East Sussex Recently Converted 1 bedroom flat gas central heating modern fittings Call Dan on 0845 873 8126

Marine Parade, Basement Flat, Brighton. A huge basement flat situated on the seafront. rent includes council tax & water Opposite Hove seafront. Call Dan on 0845 873 8126

Roedale Road, Brighton, East Sussex. One bedroom flat in Hollingdean. Has great decor throughout and a nice little garden. Call Dan on 0845 873 8126

Hamilton Road, Brighton, East Sussex. A fantastic ground floor flat behind Brighton Station and very close to Preston Circus. Only one careful owner since a complete re-furb a year ago. 0845 873 8126

Food Critic Tony V will be pleased to do a review on your restaurant or pub Contact Tony V 08706 201 360

For Rent in Brighton

£750.00 per month Hollingbury Road, Brighton, East Sussex A lovely two bedroom flat in Hollingdean, great sized, cosy, and we’re gonna give it a complete repaint inside before the new tenancy. 0845 873 8126

Kings Road, Brighton, East Sussex A fabulous, large seafront flat with views of seafront - all mod cons - a great bit of business - come and get it quick 0845 873 8126

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fe\/'hub Mindmatters Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m a Drag addict: whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s your addiction? AS HUMAN BEINGS we will always move away from pain and towards pleasure. Our bodies release feel good drugs into our system whenever we have pleasurable experiences. This chemical effect compounds the pleasure and creates an addiction - cocaine works in a similar way, creating a build up of the same feel good drug in your body artificially! We are all addicted in some way to

something! The key question is, is your addiction harming you or your relationships with others? If the answer is yes to this question then itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s only a matter of time before itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s so painful you are forced to change anyway, so why not change now before itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s too late? What if you want to stop an addiction? The answer is to swap your addiction with something even more pleasurable. To give up completely is too painful, by swapping to something else that gets you excited you have a good chance of changing. Wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t it be amazing if you were addicted to exercise, how would you feel, how would people feel about you? Exercise, giving, love and growth - you can get addicted to them all. One hit and you want more! Go get addicted to something that fulfils you!

Just Jean Tel 0844 9910094 If you have a problem and you think Jean can help, email

Need help?

myhotelsreader offer


Enjoy a unique experience with myhotels and 3SIXTY

Dispelling the myths and lies of the fitness industry

3SIXTY, THE NATIONAL gay lifestyle magazine and sister publication of one80news, has teamed up with myhotels for a very special reader offer. Take advantage of the spe-

I HAVE NO time to eat well! Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve looked at time and training, now we look at your diet. I wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t lie, what you eat is eighty percent of the equation, which decides whether or not you will achieve your health and fitness goals.

cial rate of just ÂŁ149* for a standard double room at myhotel Bloomsbury, myhotel Chelsea and myhotel Brighton. Let the friendly and respectful staff take care of every detail in order to make sure your stay is tailor-made to your requirements - relaxed and memorable. Both myhotel Bloomsbury and myhotel Chelsea are Central London boutique hotels while myhotel Brighton is situated in the heart of the city close to the Pavilion Gardens. Just quote 3SIXTY when booking to take advantage of the offer.

Prepare your own food. Start preparing your own meals rather than eating out. This is easy during the work-week, but try to stick to it during weekends as much as possible too. Every day I take at least two containers of food to work with me at the gym. This way, I can control what Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m eating, and I

know whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in it. Stop hitting the petrol station or convenience store for crisps and sandwiches as these usually contain little nutrients and too much mayonnaise and butter. These are making you fat! Tupperware is excellent! Bring it on! Make dishes based around brown rice, wholemeal pasta or couscous and youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re on to a winner. Add protein as fish, chicken or turkey. Make sure your cupboards are well stocked at the weekend. In the evenings I make extra dinner, so I can have some the next day. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll save lots of money too!

*Valid only on weekends Friday to Sunday. This offer includes buffet breakfast and VAT in Brighton. Offer does not include VAT but does include buffet breakfast in London. Offer valid until 30 May 2009. Terms and condiitions apply.

Christian Vila Personal Training


Tel 07876 558850 Tel 0207 6372000 email

Got a

Bright Idea ?

rinting?? Need some p

1 *][QV 00 M[[KI 7VTa ZL[ Â&#x160;!!! 

Special â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Rock bottomâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; price for every one80news reader. Grab yourself a box of 100 full colour business cards for just ÂŁ9.99! Simply quote 360 when ordering your print to receive this special offer price. Cards are printed on premium white 250gsm sustainable forested (FSC approved) stock. With eye catching full colour to one side. For more detail or info on our full range of products check or call 01273 712520. *Offer expires 30-04-09

Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve got



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Need help?

GPtips “You have yet to see me shining:” Dr Satinder Kumar talks about beating the blues DO YOU OFTEN feel blue, down, panicky and under-confident? Medical research shows that LGBT people experience higher rates of clinical depression and anxiety than heterosexuals. Negative thoughts can seize the mind like a vice and we feel we have little control. So, why are we more likely to get depressed? All of us have had to deal with prejudice, with a society that is suspicious of LGBT people. No doubt our individual life experiences play a big part in determining our mental health. Depression paralyses, it makes us apprehensive and withdrawn. It stops us achieving our full potential, stops us from being who we are. Depressed people are often negative about their lives and the people around them. Depression is depression whatever your sexuality, but there are differences in how we express it. Gay men often turn to alcohol,

drugs and sex to escape the bad feelings - but these are not the solutions and in fact become problems themselves. The great news is that you can feel better. You don’t have to

Nicole Kidman as Virginia Woolf: a slave to depression just get by day to day. It doesn’t matter what or who you think “caused” your depression, treatments like the talking therapy CBT and antidepressants work, and if you have both the results are the best. Sometimes people

are frightened to take antidepressants because they think they are addictive and make you someone you’re not. This is a misunderstanding. Antidepressants act by boosting a natural chemical in the brain called serotonin, which helps us to feel more at ease and more positive. Increased serotonin levels increase our sense of well being, making negative feelings and thoughts less overwhelming. If you think you’re depressed the best thing to do is see your GP or Practice Nurse. Tell them how you feel and make sure you are totally frank. Write some things down before you go so that you don’t forget how your depression makes you feel. Most GPs today are thoroughly trained to manage depression. If you’re not satisfied ask to see another GP. The receptionists often know which GPs are best in managing psychological problems.



Adorable Archie needs you!

Kim Lummis investigates spring perils for pooches

ARCHIE IS nine months old, and a fun and happy chap who will provide a laugh a minute for his new owners. He is a real character and he has lots of energy. Archie is looking for an active home with owners who will continue with his training. Archie is a big fan of his canine friends, so he could live in a home with other dogs.

THE SUN IS shining, the bulbs are coming up, all is right with the world. It’s a great time of year, but as always there are a few things which can cause issues for your canine friends, and you for that matter. Bulbs – if you have a puppy or even an older dog who likes to dig and chew up plants, then it is vital to know what plants are dangerous. These include the good old daffodil bulb which has been known to cause severe vomiting and diarrhoea, trembling, convulsions and sometimes even death. For other poisonous plants have a look at our website. It’s not an exhaustive list but will help. www.barkbusters. Sheep – During lambing time is it VITAL that you keep your dog under control walking through fields of sheep. Preg-

The lovely Archie

Dr. Satinder Kumar


Have you got a question about health? Write and ask Satinder, a gay Brighton-based doctor. Whatever’s on your mind, he’s here to help. Send your questions to All queries will be treated in the strictest of confidence. No names will be used in any published articles.

Dogs and Cats Home Tel 020 7627 9234

nant ewes can abort their offspring if chased or otherwise worried by dogs. Farmers, with limited exceptions, may legally shoot on sight dogs that are threatening livestock. Birds - It is also important to consider ground nesting birds, who can be disturbed by naturally nosy dogs. Some of the ground nesters in our area are rare breeds who are particularly shy and likely to abandon their eggs. On Open Access land, dog owners are legally required to keep their dogs on a short fixed lead between March 1st and July 31st, specifically for reasons of lambing and ground nesting birds, and on a short fixed lead at all times when in the vicinity of livestock. Do a bit of research and remember the law and EVERYONE will be happy this Spring.

Bark Busters Dog training and therapy service Tel 0808 1004071

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paintworks GAY PAINTER & DECORATOR •Competitive Rates •Interior / Exterior •Artexing / Coving •Quality & Reliability Guaranteed

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quad bikes • airsoft combat • off road 4x4 driving • ‘get dirty’ days corporate & xmas events • stag & hen parties • civil partnership events








cut out and keep - this saves money for all gay+lesbian holiday places under the sun + citybreaks

now booking IBIZA - it’s hot! GRAN CANARIA for sun-sand-sea-sex+sangria great choice + best value from the longest established gay + lesbian holiday company. click / call NOW! tel (01273) 676696 (after 11am) retail agent for A.T.O.L. 2 GEORGE STREET BRIGHTON BN2 1RH



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To advertise please call our sales team on 08706 201 360

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fe\/'e\nj ADVERTISERSâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;

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HOW TO ORDER YOUR COPY 142 page full colour cookbook • £20 inc post and packaging For a signed copy, please send a cheque payable to Planet Tonywood to: 4 Steine Street, Brighton, BN2 1TE. For credit card purchases please call 08706 201 360 or email Alternativly, direct from or ask your local book shop (Quote ISBN 9781434372840).

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fe\/'nosh Charlie’sreview

Tony V’sreview

Grill Paco

Friends Café

Calle Las Aulugas, No 10 San Augustin, Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

2-3 Barnard Close, Woolwich SE18 6JQ • Tel 020 8309 8844

SET IN THE affluent, leafy, beach suburb of San Augustin in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, five minutes from the hub of the Yumbo Centre, Grill Paco is beef heaven. We stumbled upon Grill Paco one evening, while trying to discover the nearest supermarket. The illuminated archway, crisp white tablecloths and beautifully ornate slate floors were instantly inviting. A quick look at the menu had us salivat-

ing. Fillet steak, veal ribs, grilled salmon…it was all here. Greeted by the M’aitre’d in his long waiter’s apron and camp smile we immediately felt welcome. The recommendation for the evening was the “Rosada (pink bream) grilled with langoustines and a creamy lemon sauce. This sounded so delicious that we forgot all about beef and both opted for it, deciding to start with the “Homemade Lobster Soup”. The soup arrived in little covered turines accompanied by the chef! This we learnt was not unusual but just another little personal touch to complete the dining experience! Piping hot, with a lovely creamy texture and real depth of flavour – the soup was delicious. Taking a break we sipped on a respectable bottle of “House White” and waited for our main. The bream was cooked to perfection, the sauce was moreish and the grilled langoustines a tasty ac-

companiment. Having enjoyed our food so much we vowed to return another night. So two nights later when we really fancied something meaty we headed back. Our very camp and thoroughly delightful M’aitre d greeted us like long lost friends and seated us in our own quiet spot...once again I opted for the “Lobster Soup” but Alan went for the Castilian Soup, a lovely concoction of roasted garlic and onion – a little bit salty though. For mains I decided on the “Beef Stroganoff” and Alan the “Veal Escalopes in a Port Sauce”. The portions were large and beautifully presented and sauces in both of these dishes were simply divine. The beef was tender, gorgeously melt in the mouth. We were in heaven. Mains at Grill Paco are around a respectable Euro 15 -17. On your next visit to Maspalomas take a little detour and visit this little gem, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

THIS WEEKEND some friends invited me over to Woolwich for the day, it was a quick trip on the DLR and we landed at the doorstep of Woolwich Arsenal. A village full of cultures, and an array of great bargains can be found at the huge markets by the gates, offering everything from food and fashion to home wares. However, before we started to scope the stores, we landed at The Friends Café on Barnard Close. This eighty seat café (with another twelve seats for Alfresco dining), earned and deserves it’s five stars from the local council for its cleanliness. And from me five stars for what I can announce as the best served English breakfast I have had - even compared to some of the UK’S best restaurants in hotels. The chefs offer you fourteen different set breakfast menus, offered all day as well as a buildyour-own breakfast with each item individually priced. Crucial-

ly, nothing is pre-cooked and reheated or refried or thrown in a deep fryer. Yes, truly London’s best breakfast, prepared for you to order, and presented to you as though one was dining with royalty, not slapped on a plate like a dog’s breakfast. So take the DLR to SE Lon-

don, hit the markets - be prepared to shop till you drop with some of the greatest priced, fashion boutiques and everything you need from shoes to designer sunglasses - and definitely make that stop at The Friends Café for London’s best Breakfast.

Charlie’s Kitchen recipes

Charlie’s beef Stroganoff

Call NOW for a chat with -HDQ

Oh my God! This warm weather is turning my thoughts to a nice piece of beef! Speaking of beef: this is one of my very favourite beef dishes. So simple to prepare and really delicious.

INGREDIENTS • 4 medium cut pieces fillet steak (best sirloin or rump will also substitute) • 1 large onion peeled and finely diced • 16 button mushrooms (finely sliced or whole depending on taste) • 1 tablespoon butter • 2 large tablespoons soured cream or thick Greek yoghurt • 2 large tablespoons dry sherry • Handful curly or flat leaf parsley with a squeeze of lemon juice • Salt and pepper to taste

METHOD • Place the butter in a large frying pan over a medium heat • Add the onion and sauté until the onion just begins to colour • Add the mushrooms and sauté for a further minute • Remove from the pan • Turn up the heat to high and in the remaining sizzling butter sear the steaks two at a time, 3-4 minutes each side • Remove from the pan and allow to rest on a dish for a couple of minutes • Meanwhile return the onions and mushrooms to the pan over a low heat • Add the sherry and simmer for a minute • Add the sliced steak and gently spoon over the sherry juices • Remove from the heat and gently stir in the sour cream TO SERVE • Sprinkle over the parsley and serve immediately with potato croquettes or herb rice. Enjoy!

Charlie runs Tasty Delish – modern, delicious food cooked in your own kitchen with menus tailor made to your individual requirements and budget. For a free quote on your private lunch, drinks party or dinner party contact Charlie on 07910 011097

Life a bitch! µ&UHGLW&UXQFK¶ getting you down? You need a coach! <RXU SDVWGRHVQRWGLFWDWH\RXU IXWXUH Let me help you map out a life plan to get what you want out of life! What could you do in a year, or a decade? Let me be your guide to an Extraordinary Life! Live life to the full can you afford not too? A trading name of office 0844-9910094 email


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Starswith Russell Grant 27 Mar - 8 Apr ARIES 21 March - 20 April Having a goal or deadline to work towards is vital for you now. To drift through the days with no momentum leaves you in the doldrums. Before starting anything new, tie up loose ends of the past. Write down all that needs to be done and work through the list. Your diligent efforts and attention to the fine detail of cash or career concerns will win your praise and attention and start to pay unexpected dividends in the very near future.

TAURUS 21 April - 21 May What’s happening behind the scenes and talked about in confidential whispers will bring some unexpected and unusual opportunities your way. Let your instinct guide you and you will easily sense who to trust and who might not be so reliable. You will gain most by forcing yourself to examine your feelings about certain emotive issues rooted in the past that need to be confronted and dealt with

I SAW YOU serving in R Bar on Sunday lunchtime - you have blonde hair, short, wearing a black shirt and you’re very sexy! Get in touch brightonguy2000

I SAW YOU, Starbucks in Hove on Friday 20th March - bookish type, glasses, reading Milan Kundera. Me - tall guy, next to you in queue. haircut.101

I SAW YOU in bed this morning, it’s still a joy to wake up next to you every day. Happy Birthday big boy! bigdave_459@hotmail. com

I SAW YOU, Brighton Fringe launch, you were taking photographs, i kept trying to get in shot! Any chance of a date? rubberband_girl

I SAW YOU. You saw me. We saw each other. We smiled. So how come we didn’t speak? Bulldog, Saturday night. You know who you are.

SEND YOUR I Saw You’s to isawyou@one80news. Include an email address that you’re happy to see printed in the paper. one80news accepts no responsibility for emails received as a result of publication.

GEMINI 22 May - 21 June You won’t hesitate to accept an invitation that means leaving familiar places for a wee while. A break from routine will do more than simply give you pleasure. You will also get a big buzz from the new friends you make while you’re on your travels. Having too much time on your hands only makes you feel uneasy and restless you need to be out and about, letting off steam and enjoying yourself now.


CANCER 22 June - 23 July

A power packed sense of purposeful determination will drive you ever onward in all everything you choose to do over the next few days. Stay alert and accept the fact the months ahead can bring success your way if you’re prepared to work for it. You might have to get on your soapbox and raise your voice to let people know you have a point of view and get them to pay attention.

LEO 24 July - 23 August Trust your instincts when it comes to financial matters and be prepared to make slow but steady progress rather than expecting to make an instant fortune. This is a time for gentle and unspectacular work that will only pay dividends in the days and weeks still to come. This is a good time to take a spur of the moment trip to somewhere scenic or, better still to see someone you’ve not seen for ages and ages.


VIRGO 24 August - 23 September Don’t refuse a request or turn down an invitation just because it comes without any warning. If someone expects a swift decision and this seems like an opportunity not to get backing and support for a plan or idea that’s just too good to be missed, say “Yes!” This is a good time to focus on making money, buying things for the home and checking the value of savings, investments and pensions.

LIBRA 24 September - 23 October Someone close has been attentive, considerate and helpful over the past few weeks. Now is the time to watch their mood more closely. But have they taken on more than they can handle, doing far too much and looking a little harassed as a result? This would be a good time to show a little caring compassion for friends and family who need your support, encouragement and well timed appropriate advice.

SCORPIO 24 October - 22 November You may have to tread softly over the next few days to keep your partner or another loved one happy. Think before you speak. With a little forethought and sensitivity you should sense what’s best left out of one to one conversations. You’d be very wise to steer clear of touchy topics and stick to safe subjects you know won’t upset or inflame anyone because things can quickly spiral out of control now.

SAGITTARIUS 23 November - 21 December In a group situation or professional setting your clever sense of humour will help turn a tense situation into a one that’s more relaxed and conducive to a team effort. Once you start, you’ll soon notice the difference your efforts have made. You mustn’t undervalue your time and talents. If someone asks you to take on extra duties make sure you get well paid for what you do.

CAPRICORN 22 December - 20 January

THE VIRGINS are the hottest thing to emerge from New York since the Strokes (see p10), and we have a very snazzy tshirt to give away to two lucky readers. Just tell us the answer to the following question to be in with a chance of winning. Who said “I always thought of losing my virginity as a career move”? a) Madonna b) Anne Widdecombe c) Joan Collins

To enter: 1) Email your answer to giving your name, address & telephone number. 2) Pop your answer on a postcard with contact details to one80news, 4 Steine Street, Brighton BN2 1TE. This prize is non-transferable and there is no cash alternative. Usual one80news conditions apply (available on request). The closing date for this competition is Wed entries is Fri 3 Apr 2009.

CONGRATULATIONS TO last issue’s competition winners! John Wade of London, Christina Harper of Brighton and Mark Fincher of Hove won Mother’s Day CDs.

Everything seems to be looking hunky-dory on the home front so it’s a good time for planning a little home entertainment. You get to reap the rewards of all your hard work by finding ways to turn a hobby into a money making venture. Your financial fortunes seem set to take a more secure and stable turn as you find new ways to boost your bank balance and make some wise savings and investments.

AQUARIUS 21 January - 19 February Someone you care for won’t have the courage or know how to deal with something that’s deeply upsetting them so you will have to do it for them. You will see how a wrong can be put right and you won’t hesitate to fight the battle on their behalf. It will be a good idea to get together with your favourite friends and relatives later in the week and catch up on all the news and gossip that’s doing the rounds.


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 Text a Psychic - Text BRI followed by your question to 86600. Each text reply costs £1.50, plus your usual network charge. Speak to one of Russell’s hand chosen Psychics - call 0906 539 0740. Calls cost £1.50/min from a BT Landline. Calls recorded 18+ RGA Po Box 322, WA15 8YL

PISCES 20 February - 20 March Personal or domestic money matters come up for review because other members of the family are getting to grips with important financial issues affecting you all so it shouldn’t be too tricky to get a new cash consensus that will benefit you all. You need to take the time to explain your ideas thoroughly if someone doesn’t understand and be prepared to explain things more than once.


Complete the grids so that every row, column, 3x3 box contain just the digits 1 to 9.

Complete the grids so that every row, column, 3x3 box contain just the digits 1 to 9. Number indicates total of dotted box


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